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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  June 13, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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jeff sessions in the spotlight and on the hot seat. what the indemnification's' attorney stone, the bombshell report that president trump may have considered firing the man leading that probe. you can see on the side of your screen what we're talking about at five at t six. thirty tonight. sessions facing all out grilling in front of the the senate intelligence committee. agreed to testify after former fbi director james comey last week and he asked it to be in public. i did not have any private
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recall any conversations with any russian officials ats the mayflower who he tevment i did not have any recollection of meeting or talking to the russian ambassador or any other russian officials. and there was a lot of talk as to did he mislead the senate which again he used to serve in that body during his confirmation hearing when he said he didn't interact with russia before but today he said it wasn't in that context. let's bring in fox5's tom fitzgerald to talk a little bit more about the testimony. at some point it got a little bit contentious between jeff session and some of those senators. it did, shawn and jim. this was really a remarkable performance today because in a lieutenant of respects jeff sessions did answer a lot of the questions people had, but on the other times he was either evasive or not answering questions. he never did actually invoke executive privilege, the right he has to not talk about things
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president of the united states. there's frustration present members the senate today as they tried to get details of what exactly it is you talked about with russian officials. at a time sessions tried to seam like these were pleg and the tries, chance meetings, nothing in department. however, when he was asked about the detailings of whether or not these meetingses affected the 2016 election at any point, that is when jeff sessions showed a different side of him that was not all that familiar to people who h have him up at the us senate. sessions grew emotional. he was combative and at one point directly talked about anybody who had been saying he had done anything leading up to the election that may have damaged the united states or affected the 12016 outcome. a suggestion that i participated in any collusion that i was aware of any collusion with the russian government to hurt this country, which i have served with honor
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integrity of our democratic process is an appalling and detestable lie. so taking a page out of the jim comey book there using the l word, lie, this wasn't the only action up here today, especially in the us senate. the assistant attorney general rod rosen steen, well, he was -- i was astonished to say he was also up on the hill today. he was supposed to be having a budget hearing. i can tell you this was not just a budget hearing, senators wanted to know what has been going on with the fact that there was this story in the last 24 hours that president trump may be considering firing the special counsel, robert musclier that rod rosen steen only appointed a couple of weeks ago. rosenstein said flat out today under the law he is the only person who could fire robert mueller and right now he
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says to even entertain that thought going further rosenstein said that he would not follow any orders to do that even if that order came directly from the president of the united states, donald trump. purpose of my appointment of special council mueller was to ensure that there would be public confidence in the outcome of that investigation and he now has responsibility for that and& i think that if there are any questions they should be directed to him and i know he's going to do the right thing, as i would, and defense the he integrity of that investigation you know, jim and shawn it's been interesting when robert mueller was first announced in this position he received widespread praise from both democrats and republicans. that seems to be shifting on the republican side right now, especially many trump support \he\es like neut grin rich the former speaker of the house and saying he has questions about he has aren't
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republicans into the investigation. the politics of this are starting to change a bit as the hearings today wrap up. all right, tom fitzgerald thank you for joining us. we want to bring in james coke yoas he's a former special counsel to former fbi robert mueller. how are you. >> very well, thank you. >> as a you see all of this going on, you sort of have the unique perspective on robert mueller, the man, having worked with hivment when he was tapped to lead this investigation, what was your reaction? >>my recollection is very positive. i think there's nobody -- very few people in government who have as much integrity and dedication to the mission as director mueller. let me ask you about the testimony you heard today from the attorney general jeff sessions. did you hear anything that stuck out to you as it might pertain to contradicting anything that james comey testified to? >> there are a few instances where he actually was very consistent with director comey. there are other times where he
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questions about what president trump said or did that we're not going to know what happened really contradicted director comey or was consistent with him. but i think for the most part two things happened. one was he very forcefully defended himself and when it came to the president's communications with him he very steadfastly said i'm in the going to go into that. i think what was unique about the testimony today as compared to james comey is this was a man who served in this very body up until the point when he was appointed attorney general. i think a lot of people said it was a little bit more measured, even tempered. it got a little passionate today. do you think he handled himself under pressure when it came to more intense lines of questioning. >> i think there were times when it got very tense watching for example,
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attorney sessions. it was like a heated deposition. a witness didn't want to always give yes or no questions and they got into it a little bit. at times it seems attorney sessionses enjoyed, and other times it seemed like he was not very happy. two different emotions going on with the attorney general. let me ask you quickly again, go become to your relationship with robert mueller. we recently heard that chris ruddy, also a friend of donald trump in an interview said that the president was considering firing robert mueller. the implication was there was because this investigation was partisan. based on what you know, is there anything that would make you think that this investigation would be partisan? >> no, not in the least. director mueller as i said at the top of the segment is one
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the most director public servants i've ever seen. you can disagree with some of his opinions or some of his techniques, but one of the things you can never disis degree with when it comes to director mueller is his love for this country and his dedication to the job. thank you for joining us tonight. in the meantime shawn alluded to this, up top, the president has considered firing robert mueller. his name is chris ruddy. he is the ceo of news max. deputy attorney rod rosenstein said today \he\e \see\seas no reason to fire mueller. house speaker ryan said he should let the special investigation continue. there were a lot of folks on both side of the aisle that said if that happened it would be detrimental. the reality is he was appointed by george w bush. he served under president obama he's really in d.c. a pole rising. when you look at t
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as it gets or really somebody who has worked in a non partisan base. the president hit the road he and disawrt he van contact went to wisconsin for a workplace development tour. after the president met with some leaders from wisconsin's biggest business they walked around and tried to talk about the different things that they could do to grow jobs in wisconsin. it was interesting, governor scott walker said we don't need trump to grow jobs here. back when the campaign was going on, things have certainly turned around. >> times have certainly changed there. the president had lunch with members of the congress. the president repeated his claims the affordable care act was in his words a disaster and also had some harsh words for democrats. obama care has been broken and it's been a broken promise. one after another americans were told
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liked your doctor, you'll keep your doctor. that was a lie they were told that if you liked your plan you'd keep your plan. that was a lie. keep in mind the congressional budget office maintains the replacement would still kick some 20 million people off their replacement plans over the next two years. did you know what today was? a. of course i do. >> it's primary election day in virginia. probably wouldn't guess by some of the images we've seen through the day. >> that's right. here's a live look in falls church, i believe as you can he see it looks absolutely empty like nothing is going out there. some analysts believe this primary going on right now in virginia could be a reven dumb on how voters feel about the current political climate. let's bring in political strategist sa team a amar a and cabot phillips. útha thank you. >> let's start with you cab objection to the form are you surprised when we see a
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place, i know we have 20 minutes left until the polls closed but we've seen the numbers all day today very small. >> i'm not surprised. it's definitely sad to see not as many people appreciating their right to go and vote in a primary race like this. the biggest take away -- i'm looking forward to seeing between per yellow and north a.m. you can't talk about this race without talking about how far to the left these canned dates had to go. north up was a shoe in, it draws north a.m. far to the left to try to appease the more democratic core voters. whichever one comes out on top they're going into the general with a far more left view than they had before. i'm interested to see who comes out on top. are they going to keep t
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left strain going? the primaries are about appealing to those constituencies and left and right and then you bring them together. a lot of people have said this is almost -- they're comparing this to hillary versus bernie sanders where you have ralph nor a.m. who is the establishment and tom per really who is more of the up start. what have you seen this n this race. >> i think that an over simplification. >> we always have to over simplify. i know what you're getting at. both north a.m. and both per really. north a.m. is currently lieutenant govern oxer per ellie was before a congressman. they're both sort of running and have run very strong socially engaged civil campaigns. i think it is interesting when i've talked to people on the ground, source ers telling me democratic
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absentee ballots have been very high this year, republicans have been low. when you look certainly on the republican side and as cabot says it's going too far to the left. you've got corey talking about bringing back the con fed as i. you have gillespie talking about agreeing with everything trump saisd. atime a letted me ask you, for the democrats who do you will the best choice to win when we get to the election after the primary? >> that's a. q. -- there was a washington post, an option of good good choices. p per yellow brings a lot of. i think that both of the either way at the end of the day would be very
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against like someboy like ed gillespie. cabot what's your pick for the republicans. >> on the democrats i'm going to pick per yellow pulls it out. on the republicans ed gillespie did unif i the party early on. he didn't go as far as to the right. corey stuart ran a diversified campaign. it definitely seemed gillespie unified the party early on than a i think that will serve him going forward. >> he learned the hard way not to win an election a couple years ago. it was close. thank you both. when we come back we're going to take a closer look at what voters are saying at home. we'll be right back.
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we have less than 14 minutes left to hit the polls in virginia and let's go back to what we show you some p
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one that was in alexandria today and that's where democratic candidate tomorrow per yellow was running. he's running against north a.m. corey stuart also the former rum p virginia campaign manager and also state senator frank wagner. a lot of people say that's likely going to be a two-man race between gill less i and stuart. fox5's ronica cleary live in northern virginia. ronica, save me. >>reporter: i'm here. whatever i can do to help you out, guys. we have been here for a few hours and it's been slow, a slow trickle of people in and out of this location in falls church. it's a little deceiving because this is also a community center i will tell you one gentleman who lives right across the street. he says he came out because he saw our report and he was deciding who to vote for on his way into the polling place after seeing our
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did ask a handful of people when did you decide who you were going to vote for today. take a listen. when did you decide who you were going to vote for? >> a week ago. also today. i think i decided when the program has gun to come in. it's been a while that you knew. >> yes. >> i was working on that just coming in. i decided i guess last night i so lied phid my decision after doing my final research. >> in the last couple of weeks. you heard one gentleman in there say that he was finalizing that decision on the way in. when he told me a little bit more about that i thought what he had to say really speaks to the state of politics, if you will. really in both parties h this idea of the establishment candidate versus the new candidate, the pop list candidate, if you will. listen to why he said he was on the fence. the person whoas
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running for governor reminds me of hillary clinton and that she was hey, you oh it to me and i've got all these things i've done for the party. you oh it to me. the answer is no, i don't. now, i'm not sure if you think you know who he was talking about. he was talking about ed gillespie and he told me that henned up voting for frank wagner on that way in when he was making that decision and that was his reason why most of the people were really not comfortable in getting into who they were voting for. he was willing to give us a little in sit into his decision making process. we'll stay on top of the results for you tonight if they are in all. sometimes the reasons are more fascinating than the answers themselves. >> that is true. >> when we come back tonight we're going to take a look at black female voters and where they fit in in this year's
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well cock back at at 630. women will place a key. republic ands will continue to dominate key offices. va mess a williams staff writer joins us tonight. i want to ask you you recently wrote an article and it was titled black women are working hard but we know our country is not work are for them. tell us a little bit about your article and what that report found. the report found that black women were doing everything, quote, unquote, right, if you will. they vote, political participation among the highest of all groups, education. the number of and the percentagest for bachelor's degrees is up compared to other groups and
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they work more than 60 percent of black women in the workforce but despite all of their efforts they still come in behind other groups with regard to earnings, with regard to reputation and political office and even if the businesses, they own the growth rate for black women owning businesses has been phenomenal, but the sales is not as high. so there's still a lot of work to be done. when you mention the business aspect it brings to fact every election cycle we hear a group of people that the politicians are trying to appear to. we hear about soccer moms, nascar dads. those are very relishes that people always don't think about. growing businesses, encouraging people to foster those businesses. you said people try to appeal to them. there's a sense among black women that nobody appeals to them, that they on their own say we got to do better for our community. w
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country better. i have to look out for my frmly, i got to do the right thing which is to go out and vote. as a matter of fact, a group of black elected officials and activists wrote a letter to the new chair of the democratic party saying stop taking us for granted. you've gone around the country talking to everybody, what about us? don't take for granted that we're going to show up and vote for the party. a lot of people has said that's been a problem with the democratic party for years there's a sense that they're going to attract african-american voters, they're going to attract the female vote and that's not a symbol. you have to find the right issues to address. >> indeed. i think the frustration for a lot of african-american people involved in the political pros, but particularly for women, the democrats take them for granted but unfortunatery they feel like the democratic party doesn't even try. this group is trying
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our power and leverage something to get something for our communities and for ourselves. >> vanessa williams, thanks so much for coming in. >> we appreciate it. thanks for inviting me. >> we'll be right back.
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(laughter) current qualified gm lessees can get this introductory lease on the all-new 2018 chevy equinox for around $249 a month. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. welcome back, former nba dennis robins is in north korea andless ' a lieutenant of questions of about what he is doing and whether the trump white house may have sent him there. to keep bringing sphorts north korea. he's made several visits here before. he sayses visiting as a private citizen is what he doing but believes president trump is happy about it. man appeared on trump's celebrity apprentice. he's like one of the one people who has met with both sides there. it's a strange dynamic, but dennis rodman has never been known for being conventional in any
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worm and who knows. maybe he will bring about piece between the two countries. stranger things have happened. that's a movie in itself. see you tonight.
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announcer: today on "tmz." harvey: cavs didn't just lose last night but lebron's legacy may be tarnished. van: according to game. >> the best player in the world is michael jordan. after that, it's kobe. evan: really good video of crazy stuff. the streets, people are going crazy. >> it's funny. when kevin durant takes a sip of beer and immediately spits it out. >> he doesn't drink. >> a lot of black people don't drink beer. van: a lot of black people don't drink beer? where the hell you hanging out? >> kourtney kardashian is in miami. she's putting on her pants. look at her heart-shaped butt. harvey: she's getting in the kelly: she's getting in the game in the fourth quarter. seriously. >> bow wow found himself in another internet controversy so he posts a video of 50 girls running after him. >> does


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