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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  June 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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kids. >> thanks for joining us tonight at 10:30. meanwhile, the news at 11 starts right now. this is fox5 local news at 11. >> right now at 11, a dangerous and deadly afternoon for people looking to escape the heat. what we're learning about the drownings and water rescues. and is this scorching heat getting to you? we've got relief in the forebut it may come in the form of some drenching thunderstorms on wednesday. find out why the national museum of african-american history and culture is now at the sent of a lawsuit. your news at 11 starts right now. all right, we need you to come look at your television screens right now. these are astounding pictures from london england, breaking news. this is incredible video of a masstive fire. we are told this is an apartment highrise. this fire broke out a
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hours ago. right now we know there are 200 firefighters on the scene fighting these flames the entire build ping is engulfed from the second floor all the way to the top. we do not know how this fire started. we're told this is a 24 story building. firefighters apparently are trying to keep their distance because of some fears that the building might collapse. right now we only know of two injuries. those injuries are for smoke inhalation. we don't know if there were residents in this building, if they were able to get out. keep in mind it is the middle l of the night right now in london. no word on how the fire started. we will bring you more information as it becomes available. in the meantime we begin here with two drowngs and two near drowningses as people tried to beat the sweltering heat. >> i'm tony perkins and i'm shawn yancy. those incidents happened in a span of 90
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minutes. marina maracco is here with the details. >>reporter: for 930 minutes montgomery county fire as well as ems handling some extremely dangerous calls. i'll show you a map here so you can see exactly where it happened. across the county, the first one at 5:00 happened near the howard county line at the rocky george reservoir. that is a confirmed drowning and then two near drownings, one at six:15 in the white oak area and the most recent call at 6:30 at potomac at a private rest defnlts the call started here at rocky george reservoir with wr a group of young adults were swimming. one man went under but never came up. they were already in the water running exercises when they were alerted and helped the montgomery county fire crews in the search. the body turned up about an hour after the search started. i think it's just human nature that folks will
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off and all that. even more reason for all of us that are caregivers and providers to keep an eye on especially young children. any time anyone is near water use extreme care and keep an eye out, especially young kids. >> and the calls continued here in montgomery county. at six. fifteen this evening in white oak a boy was swimming in the community pool he was found face down by a lifeguard who pulled him out. the child then transported to an area hospital in critical condition. just 15 minutes later another call, this one in potomac on coral drive, a woman in her early 20s pulled out from the bottom of a house pool in cardiac arrest. that woman also transported in extremely critical condition and all around an unfortunate turn of events and all three of these scenes re\plain\plane
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fox5 local news. >> more traj disclosures a two year old in fact died this morning at a home-based daycare the toddler apparently drowned while trying to cool off in an inflatable pool in the backyard investigatorsing trying to figure out exactly what happened. >> teisha lewis is live with the story. >>reporter: shawn, d.c. fire and ems arrived just a couple of minutes after that call went out over dispatch. we're told when they ray riefd here by staryns were performing cpr on this two year old boy herein side this home-based childcare center. what i can tell you is that they then say they continued to perform cpr on their way to the hospital and ultimately the child was pronounced dead at the hospital. neighbors in this capital hill east neighborhood say that this home-based daycare is highly sought off in this neighborhood. even though it just takes a split second less than two
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kitty pool for a kid to drown. i've known the childcare provider for a very long time. i've known her daughter for over 30 years. we went to school together from elementary through high school and she's actually the childcare provider that i wanted to care for my disawrt when my daughter was first born you can only imagine the disbelief fortive if i may and others in this neighborhood when they heard that a two year old boy died after a drowning here. i think it's so sad. it's an unfortunate incident that pped that. because she's such a good caregiver. she cares for the children as if they're her own which is why she comes highly recommended by those who know her in the neighborhood. it is confirmed that this is a license childcare home in the district. they are investigating the district. it's so unfortunate for her as well as the parents of tt
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easy thing to deal with. i'm shocked. i didn't expect that to happen. it should be full adult supervision. this neighbor didn't want to show his face on television, but said he saw police and investigators swarm the kiddie pool in the home's backyard. he's known the family here for decades. very nice people. i've known them for years. we've been around here for 30 or more years. >> and they've been here, too. >> yes. the office of the state superintendent of education which oversees home-based daycare centers e-mailed fox5 saying in part that their thoughts and prayers are with the family tonight. now, they are investigating what happened with police and child and family services. also more than 10 percent in pool-related deaths in young people reportedly happen in what's best known as kiddie pools. teisha lewis, fox5 a local news. >> w
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heat that wrapped our area up for the last day or so. we saw some record setting temperatues today. the summer cyst letter is not over. sue palka joins us on what more to expect. today was a rough one and that's for sure. we are in the record books not so much in reagan national. we got up to 95-degrees. dulles broke the record, bwi at 97 tied a record setback in the 1950s. the good news is i don't think we're going to be breaking records tomorrow and maybe we'll be about five, six, p degrees l cooler than we were today. was it still incredibly humid tonight and very warm. we still have a temperature of 84-degrees in the district. seventy-nine for dulles, frederick 79, frederick bugger 78 and soggy want to call your attention to is the incredible humidity. i is so oppressive tonight. when you see dewpoints at or about 70 it's nearly tropical feeling. annapolis 74. so really quite steamy tonight and that makes it el
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feels like it's 90 in the dists eighty-one for frederick, 79 for manassas and 89 for quantico. going forward our headline is we expect some thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. they could begin as early as 1:00. any storm that we see in the afternoon could feature some heavy rain. i'll have to keep an eye on the nats game the at 4:00. >> the virginia primary rlts results are in and tonight we know who will face off in the november gubinatorial race. projected winner republican ed gillespie will face ralph northam. he meet tom perriello progressives like bernie sanders and elizabeth warren backed perriello. the numbers show him narrowly squeaking by
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race for lieutenant governor democratic justin fairfax beat out ross i. she beats bryce reeves and general davis jr. >> the fairfax county substitute teacher is facing serious charges tonight. twenty-two year old and teeb and ray man is accused of trying to have seven with a student. police arrested him last night after they say he arrangedded to meet a young girl to have sex. >> the jury in the billion cosby sexual assault case has wrapped up a second day of deliberations without reaching a verdict. he's accused of drugging and sexually assaulting andrea constant back in 2004. today jurorses focus odd cosby's side of the story. they reviewed more than a dozen passages from his 2005 and 2006 depositions. they heard excerpts where cosby described giving constant quote three frien
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police those friends were pills those pills were been drism the jury also wanted to know what without her knowledge means in one of the charges against the comedian. they will resume deliberations at 9:00 tomorrow morning. mr. comey said that there were matters with respect to the recusal that were problematic and he couldn't talk about them. what are they? >> why don't you tell me. they are none, senator widen. there are none. i can tell you that for absolute certainty. this is a second innuendo being leaked out there about me and i don't appreciate it. >> talk about a heated exchange that wassor began widen facing off with jeff sessions today. here's what we learned from mr. sessions testimony. the attorney general was a detestable and appalling lie
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suggest that he participated in or was aware of any collusion between russia and the trump campaign. he also denied meeting with russian officialses at i mayflower hotel last year. he could not recall any private conversations. he also accused the fact that he participated in the firing of fbi director jaimtion comb. q. i a university of virginia student is back home after north korea release him from prison. find out why an advocacy group is suing the african-american me see up of history and culture. president trump called the mayor of a smally land town of virginia out of the blue. why, the mare will tell our jim lokay in the final five coming up in about 15 minutes.
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wree want to write you more disee tails on this breeking news story coming out of london take a look at your screen right now. these are live images of a masstive fire that has occurred at a highrise building in london. this fire started about three to four hours ago in what was the middle of the night there. these pictures you can see they're brighter than the ones we showed you before.
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is about four:15 in the morning i'm told right now in london. the building is in the process of being evacuated we are told. the entire building is engulfed in flames. there are a number of injuries now being reported. we don't know how many. it is a rather chaotic situation there. we are told that more than 200 firefighters are on the scene fighting the flames that go property second floor all the way to the top of that 24-story building. we are also told complicating this is the fact that there is some fear that this building could be weakened and could collapse, so some firefighters are having to keep a fair distance away from the billioning. again, this is an ongoing situation in london where it is about four:15 in the morning, a high race apartment building engulfed in flames. there are injuries. we'll bring you more information as it becomes available. the university of virginia student who
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korea for 17 months is back at a hospital in his hometown of cincinnati tonight. this is file forth age of him, he was medically evacuated after being in a coma for more than a year. he was convicted of crimes against the state and confessedd from his hotel. north korea claims the student contracted botch list many and was given a sleeping pill from which he never woke up. the museum of african-american history and culture is at the base of a law for violating its free speech. the lawsuit stems from an event in february where a prolife protest asked them to move across the area. there was no recess today for students at a prince william county elementary school not because of the hea
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yep, because maybe this creature. a neighbor spotted a large unidentified bear. one neighbor told us she's seen them before. these are black bears and the black bears you don't have to worry as much about. theer ' usually just looking for food. i mean, if you corner them or something i'm sure they're going to right to protect them. to be honest with you, my husband and i are photographers and i'm going to get my camera and go out looking around. by the way, if you happen to come across the bear, the national park service says don't run. instead stand tall and slowly put your hands in the air to show that you are a human. tony also has some good advice on that as well. >> put your hands in the air and waive them like you don't care. they always run like this. >> they do, you're right. they have that interesting
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>> it's still warm out. it feels warm in here right new. >> it's so warm out tonight, almost tropical without the beach. without the beach, the sun, the president obama trees. >> the dabbingries. >> and your umbrella. sorry about that guys, we're going to serve you up a cooler day tomorrow. not cool, less hot. how is that? >> do you have any tears? >> but i tell you it will come with the possibility of a couple thunderstorms as well. some of those could be around as early as noon or 1:00 and they will be loaded with moisture becaus it is so oppressively humid overnight there will be plenty of moisture in the atmosphere for any storms to produce pretty heavy rain. they'll be scattered around the area we do have aing trigger that is a cool front that will be moving through during the day and settling down to the south overnight. temperatures will return to
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83-degrees -- actually 84 is normal. we may be blow that, believe it or not, right around 82-degrees on thursday, which will feel fantastic. it does come a little bit of a price in that the late week is looking unsettled. chances for showers or thunderstorms in the peak heat of the day as a frontal boundary will be lurking nearby most of the rest of this week. let's get a check of where temperatures are head hed. the average high is 94. we were 95-degrees today. we do have a heatwave going on. maybe we touch 90 tomorrow. but that should be it for a little while we get a break from the intense heat on thursday at 82. friday not bad at eight p, but we start coming up again on sunday. the front down to our south is going to move on through and that will also bring with it some chances for showers and storms. today la guardia was 101-degrees, nubbing, new jersey, 99. we were 95, down
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you can see how warm new york still is. boston at 80. not a lot of relief just yet. but our front coming down should be able to help in that department. we will likely feel the relief much more widespread on thursday. -79d degrees as early as noon we could start to see some thunderstorms 86. by 5:00 90. while we still get the one more warm day as the evening, the morning is dry, noon hour not terrible but i'm going to pause this at 4:00, the nats are playing and you can see where there will be some showers and downpours in the vicinity. the brighter colors indicating the heavier. they're starting to push away seven, 8:00, not sounding the all clear after nine, 10:00. there will be the possibility of flash flooding because these storms will have a lot of rain and they'll be moving slowly. ou
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day forecast, in the weekend, a thunderstorm saturday. it's not quite so hot. sorry, dads, father's day looking a little bit steamy, 90-degrees and monday we keep the storm action going, monday looking delightful. don't go anywhere, much more of fox5 local news when we come back.
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welcome barks the redskins announced a major front office shakeup on the first day of mandatory minute i camp. the team says it is not filling the general manager vacancy. instead the team promoted doug williams to senior vice-president of player personnel. he will essentially be the front office. team president bruce alan says williams beat out a dozen candidates both inside and outside the organization for the senior front office job. i know a lot of time when guys giving t
11:25 pm
they say we're going to win the super bowl to win the fans over we got great fans already. we need to give them a winning season. williams has worked for the red kins for the past four years. williams lead td redskins to victory in super bowl t two earning mvp honors. >> congratulations to him. the amateur soccer club that's headquartered at a maryland liquor store, they don't practice, they don't train but, they rarely lose. chriss to fc were the the cinderella story. the tournament is opened by amateurs. chris toes had to play d.c. united. they came out strong. they scored the first goal to take a one-zero lead.
11:26 pm
united tied it up a few minutes later. chriss to hung in for most of the game but they eventually ran out of gas. united scored several times in the final minuteses, they won four-one. we just decided to push. it doesn't matter if you win h-one. they got two more at the end there. it's a great opportunity. we came here and tried our best. they may have lost to d.c. united but they meet another professional team to make it this far. >> and they survived the humidity. q. everybody lost 20 pounds i'll bet. it looks like they had a lot of fun. this is going to be something that they'll remember for a long time. jim lokay is coming up next with the final five. have a great night,
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here we go your final five on a tuesday night. the attorney general goes before congress. the senate flip-flops on allowing hallway interviews, the president works to win votes to repeal and replace abalm a care election day in virginia, but where was everyone. dennis rodman,ambassador to north correspond re, but not really. jeff sessions was on the hill giving testimony before the intelligence senate committee. this is all part of their investigation into the russian interference into the election. you'll remember that sessions recused himself from the whole russia investigation. that move came after we learned that he had met with russian officials but didn't disclose it during the confirmation hearings. today sessions defendedded himself. he denied he had any


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