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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  June 14, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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they may also be struggling with akathisia: a common side effect of some schizophrenia medications. learn more at >> today "fox news morning" london infeern owe 2 4 story building he interrupted in fire leaving unphone number of people trapped inside. >> president citizen shall lawsuit. nearly 200 democrats sue president trump for what they say she violation ever the constitution. >> results are in. we now know who will go head to head to fill the top political office in virginia. >> and live look outside. a brief cool down today. but we're also going to have to deal with scattered storms as well. all right. good morning to you thank you for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm holly morris. >> today is wednesday, june 14. michael thomas is talking ab
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just a bit. erin como has traffic. and but mike, let's get your headlines. >> headlines once again hot, more humid today versus yesterday and again later on this afternoon could be scattered thunderstorms. hey, erin. >> right now the roads are queue eliminate and we'll look at ongoing safe track work impacting orange line for metro commute next. >> thanks erin, mike, we'll check back in a few. if you are just getting up at 5 a.m. several breaking stories developed overnight. we'll begin with massive inferno at london apartment building. take a look. this is incredible video. almost all of the 24 story building engulfed in flames. fire can be seen shooting out owe of windows on nearly every floor. it broke out 1 a.m. london time and it's 10 in the morning there. officials say a number of people are dead. so far officials have not released any official death count. and we do know at least 50 people are hospitalizeed and some may be trapped
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eyewitnesses tell heartbreaking stories of people jumping from the tower and others tossing small children to rescuers below. i think it's shocking like because there were so many people inside for a long time it would just not see people and fire was coming from each side of the building and they were still inside. >> now, there are concerns that the charred building will collapse. london fire commissioner says the stability is monitored by engineers and firefighters inside that are working on some of the floors. we're continuing to monitor live pictures from london and we'll share updates as we get them. also breaking overnight american college student severing a 15 year prison sentence in north korea is back in the united states. he landed in ohio last night released in rare exchange with north core he a he's in a c coma. believed he's about that way more than a year after diagnosed with
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he was convicted for trying to steal a pop gran day sign from a hole tell. >> breaking news. d.c. police are looking for a killer from a man shot to death in northeast. reports of shooting in the 5 5800 block of field place came in after midnight. no word on a suspect. >> it's 5:0. developing at home trump is facing another lawsuit this time at the hand of hundreds of democrats. >> lawsuit expected to be filed today ales the president is illegally profiting from business empire and violating salary clause of the constitution. >> anjali hemphill live outside the trump hotel in original west with more, anjali. >> good morning, ladies, unprecedented. two days ago the president was hit with a lawsuit regarding real estate holdings specifically trump international hotel here in d.c.. now today a new lawsuit coming down with the support of almost 200 democratic lawmakers and it's
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democratic senator richard bloomen thal leading filing in federal district court and john conners jr. will lead legal effort in the house. according to advanced copy of complaint, there's a foreign emolument s clause in the constitution and that requires the president to get concept of congress before accepting gifts and trump emtire it alleges is incentive to give trump businesses special treatment and meanwhile back on monday the attorney general for maryland and d.c., they filed a lawsuits against the president seeking his tavrming returns, claiming trump's ownership of the trump international hotel in d.c. violates constitutional law. that specifically bars elected officials from severing gifts and personal payments. guys, so far 196 lawmakers have joined this effort and they're all democrats. it's really the first time this many lawmakers ever signed on to sue
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president. however at this time there's no republicans who support it that is the latest in north west. anjali hemphill, "fox5 local news". >> 5:04 now the virginia primary results are in and we know who will face off in november gubernatorial race. >> northam defeated governor tuesday. bernie sanders and elizabeth moore backed parielo. >> ed gillespie defeated cam pain manager cory stewart. travrping wagner finished third. >> democrat justin fairfax beat flat and rossy and he'll challenge jill vogel in november. all right. five minutes past the hoyer now. it's heavy outside, mike. >>
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again this morning that kind of -- it's like a july feel outside right now. it's mid summer heat and humidity in mid june. up stayed of mid jewel. >> and here's what we had outside today. temperatures warm. humidity is high. 79 degrees is your current number in d.c.. check out annapolis happening ton 0s from late last night. 76 over dulles and 75 westminster and 72 leonardtown and fredericksburg 1 for you. satellite and radar showing clouds south. mostly clear to start. sunshine to start the day and once again temperatures offer to a quick started and then later on this afternoon we'll get more clouds around the region and have betterchance of thunderstorms than we did yesterday. daytime high, 91. very, very humid today. wind out of west 5 to 10. scattered thunderstorms ru rumbling through. later this afternoon and we'll cool things down as we head toe tomorrow. full forecast on rest of week coming up. father's day weekend as well in a few
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erin como is back with tra traffic. >> coming up on 5:07 skipping roads and taking rails one of the final days of safe track surge 15. no train service orange line stadium armory shuttle service available. we have the following stations closed. new carlton, cheverly, d deemwood and minnesota avenue. they have express shuttle service available to connect with you the blue line to keep you moving. no other metro rail lines. delayed now. final safe track surge kicks in this weekend and impack the red line. if you have questions erin@fox d.c. on twitter right now. no problems at the split. once you get to the beltway great shape. 4 inbound is great shape. 295 problem free cruising along there. 66 gaipzville to 234 looking good and we're
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centerville. things 28 and chantilly looking good and problem free dulles and not seeing problems by reagan national or bwi if you try to make your way for early morning flight. topside of the beltway looking g any questions erin fox d.c. twitter let's keep you moving this muggy and hot morning. >> thank you, eastern. military leaders at the pentagon given a green light to do what they feel is best with troops in afghanistan. >> and the state of the democrats vowing to start a new political heart. >> a live look across the d. r. region and washington monument. today is flag day. 5:08, 78 degrees. back after this.
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>> happening right now at 5:09 a manhunt underway for a pair of escaped inmates in georgia. donny row and rky duebos broke through a caged gate an transport bus and shot and killed two guards before escaping with guns and inmates then carjacked a green honda civic and fled the scene. fugitives committed a burglary 25 miles north of why they escaped. row is considered life sentence rather serving
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sentence without parole for armed robbery and duebos ses also behind bars for armed robbery. >> the white house has given the green light for troops to go to afghanistan. james mattis said u.s. is not whipping in afghanistan. there's more that 8,000 u.s. troops through now. >> a company that coopens uld building for president trump is they partially own two building with the trump organization. one in new york and one in san francisco. they say it creates a conflict of interest. >> and discredited story from rolling stone about the university of virginia campus. they claimed a woman was gang raped at a fraternity house. the chapter sigh the the mag teen. they agreed to pay $1
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million to settle suit and will donate to groups that provide sexual assault awareness and victim cou counciling and prevention training. >> some of the brpy sanders supporters are ready to start their own party. they will wait until late summer. it documents plansp to host founding convention and circulate petitions to get on ballots as soon as the 2018 midterms. >> nasa had to scrap a second launch window from virginia and trying to release can sisters of chemicals about 100 miles up in the air which will create artificial clouds. nasa says it was too cloudy to create the vapor tracers in the sky. the space agency is trying to track particles as they move in space. >> coming up, the white house is said to change how they deal with cuba. >> and american airlines making decision about leg room on board flights. >> let's
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as we doe sun coming up barely outside this morning. live look. it is heavy out there. 78. 5:11, we'll talk warm and traffic on the other side. don't go anywhere. "fox news morning" coming right back. halo♪ halo♪ hi guys. it's great to be here. in the desert. at the mall. on the mountain. at school. at the beach. in the big easy. yeah yeah today i want to show you guys the next-gen chevy equinox. what do you think? that's pretty. pretty sexy. it looks aggressive. but not overbearing. it's not too big. not too small. seems like the perfect car for anybody. i would take it anywhere. she's a bad mama jama. (laughter) current qualified gm lessees can get this introductory lease on the all-new 2018 chevy equinox for around $249 a month.
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>> 5:15 here a look at stories we're fol for you. a number of people dead following a cat stoveic fire at a london apartment bui building. must have of the story en engulfed in flames. no official death count released and 350 people though were taken to hospitals. now this is a live look at the smoldering building now. eyewitnesses described several people jumping from the building to escape the flames. london fire commissioner says structural engineers are onsite checking on stability of building. right now it's safe enough for firefighters t
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inside on some floors. jury in the bill cosby sexual assault trial will be back this morning to start a third day of drib rations. during the twlooingt days jurors came back several times with questions. in one instance the jury asked for clarification on count three wanting to know what the phrase "without her knowledge meant" if convicted he faces ten years in prison. >> a bill making it easier to fire employees got to the desk. the bill passed similar version last week. president trump campaigned on fixing the system which for years has come under fire for mismanagement. >> considering change to the policy of cuba tightening trade and travel rules which former president obama put in place. change koz make it more difficult for americans to visit the island and u.s. companies to do business there. however trump administration is not expected
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sever tooiz with the some united company. >> a live look outside on this muggy wednesday morning. 78 already. temperatures lower. michael thomas talking about humidity coming back. oh, man. >> you can see the haze outside this morning. it feels heavy as you start the day in d.c., hot, humid and sticky already. thunderstorms will break the heat wave. later on chance of thunderstorms rumbling thr through. which brings in welcomed cooler air as well. 79 in d.c.. muggy outside. 0 for annapolis and baltimore 74. 60s west and feels better in winchester 64 this morning. call peeper waking up to temperatures of 69. dew points you'll notice high at 67 washington and look at 70s especially down south and east and once you get numbers up and above 65 you can really hearhe
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satellite and radar quiet to start the day. high, thin clouds out there. mostly clear do start. good amount of surprise for the morning hours before we cloud up towards the afte afternoon. there's a cold front across pennsylvania marches it north ward. i think norm ever city they stay in 80s today and as front gets closer and closer they pop storms into the afternoon hours. 11 a.m., sunshine out. there watch as we advance into the afternoon hours by 3:00 showers popping up and as we head towards that evening commute hours we watch for thunderstorm arch of itty around the region. "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast one more day at 91 and 80s next couple days and friday looks like a little bit of cloud cover and not a washout. i think we're still good for the zip trip. saturday, 87. sunday for the dads 91. looks like we get hot and humid again as we head through second half of the weekend. that's
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erin is back with traffic. >> 5:17 keeping eyes on everything. so far nice conditions just volume picking up now on 95 northbound through dale city and we'll let you know if that causes slow downs now. a 5 minute delay from stafford all the way up. once you cross the mixing goal 39 5 nice and quiet from alexandria and no problems arlington and good conditions pentagon and as well as 14 street bridge. same story on beltway. topside as you make your way outer loop past new hampshire avenue. you see congestion. not enough to cause slow downs and luckily we're crash free there. 50 inbound seeing volume pick up earlier than usual as you make your way 202 to 295. no major delays. increased volume outbound making your way to buoy. questions erin fox d.c. on twitter. back to you mature and he holly. >> 5:18 is the time let's look at stories you'reen gaming with most. >> wisdom martin back
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our realtime news tracker. >> accused of bilking state department out of millions in iraq. they're accused of allowing three subcarttors and police trained in iraq. those three men facing criminal charges for conspiracy to defraud. united states denies any wrong doing. >> tsa currently running vel teary program starting off in atlanta and denver. it's all individual got paerm. aviation expert and pilot peter agrees we should harness activity to improve travel. >> american air lines will not take away leg room. they were going to try cram seats or 737s. customer even team member feedback led to that decision. >> how about this twitter has a meltdown when you i
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sasha it's natasha. former first daughter turned 16 saturday one day before and we were shocked to discover her name is not sasha but natasha. a reporter said it was one year since she learned sasha realtime and hundreds responded by saying weaver been living a lie and they were shocked to the core. another witnesser said what is malia's new name, chelsea? >> and calfler lebron james said in most came interview he never played on the typed of team the golden state warriors talked t don't believe i don't believe we're a super team in cleveland and some people of course hateers are calling it iron any because he is inventor of super team the idea of athletes forming own team titles and i
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nonsense. are you listening? >> yes. >> back in the 90s charles barkley and scotty pip enjoined super team this is old news. shack, colby, carl malone, all joined lake others to form a super teex. back in the 830s. larry bird, dennis johnson, kevin mchail and robert parish this is non sense get over it people. you do what you do to win. >> i think you proved you're super old. >> or extremely knowledge annual. >> or super smart. >> sports avant that's what's it is. >> all right. >> 5:21 the time. coming up, federal health officials displaying introduction of photos nutrition labels. >> is it food. >> seriously people it's too early. >> i think that was supposed to be food. >> i can bare witness it did not say food i think at the was supposed to say food. >> what's on that prompter?
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suv we have a story. you really need to know. >> let's go to break and gather thoughts. 5:2 19 time and 78 degrees the time checking the script more closely maybe i need photo -- that's it photo headache. ♪
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>> back now 5:24. >> after a year of negotiations verizon 4.5 billion yahoo buyout is now complete. and marissa meyer is yahoo ceo is what that is supposed to say. marissa meyer is stepping down part of the deal is verizon renaming yahoo as altaba incorporatesed. the deal was announced last july. the deal was to assess the fallout from two data breaches yahoo
5:25 am
>> sears cust 400 full time jobs most which are at corporate office in illinois. they are closing hundreds of storms for helping stores. and included in 1.25 billion cost cutting plan unveiled earlier this year. >> food and drug administration delayed deadline for revamped food lines that enlarge kolry counts. the plan scheduled to go into effect vul jewel 26 next year will be pushed back. company with annual food sales of less than 10 million were given an extra to comply. that comes from trade group requests for new time. no new state is set. >> more that half mid sized suvs were found to have unsafe headlights. they did not light up the world far enough for up coming drivers and ago tested 3
5:26 am
received good ratings. 5:25 the time now. this is our transition day. right, mike? >> yes, it absolutely is. we'll be hot this afternoon but not as hot as the last couple days. lot of humidity. thunderstorms later today will help transition us to 80s as we head through rest of workweek after today. winds out of the norm and west at miles an hour and satellite and radar showing not too much going on and we will have sun to start the day and get temperatures off to quick start. more cloud will build in those afternoon hours. here's the planner for today. 8:00, 11 degrees. by 2:00 hit or miss shower or storm. 90. by 5:00, storms much more widespread. 86 degrees as we should see cooling as rain moves
5:27 am
we'll be become today that's for sure. >> airport erin is back with traffic. >> 5:26 taking a look at maps and seeing a lot of green on the road. problem free buoy to covtton and southern maryland as well looking good at 5 at 301 split. metro is on time except for safe track. questions airport fox d.c. on twitter back to you. >> coming up the nationals are planning a red, white and blue patriotic giveaway. >> we'll tell you one way we can help improve the lives most vulnerable citizens. >> a live look across the d.c. region good picture there of the capitol building this monday morning. "fox news morning" coming back after this after this
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>> london inferno 24 story apartment building erupts to massive fireball overnight levering unknown number of people trapped inside. >> presidential lawsuit nearly 200 democrats sue trump for what they say is violation of the constitution. >> live look outside a brief cool down
5:31 am
dealing with scattered thunderstorms as well. >> good morning to you. thank you for joining us m i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morris. >> today is wednesday, june 14. beautiful picture of the flags there. it's also flag day today. >> blow in the wind so that hopefully means a cool down. good morning, erin como she'll talk about roads and michael thomas a cool down. >> cool down and you'll notice more tomorrow than today. headed for 90s later this afternoon and could have thunderstorms rumbling through the evening rush hour. we'll time it for you. hey, erin. >> dry and quiet and looking at metro next. >> sounds good. 5:31 top story breaking news from london unknown number of people dead after a massive fire engulfed highrise apartment bidding incredible heartbreaking images all night long. the fire broke out before 1 a.m. london time. >> it's 10:30 in the morning as you can see this live
5:32 am
continues to burn and spolder and london fire commissioner won't confirm a number of dead yet because of size and complexity of the building. we know 50 people are hospitalized and eyewitness shows some jumping from the tower and other toling r tossing their young ones to the firefighters below. fire missioner says the building is stable enough at the moment to have firefighters working on fl floors. >> developing now. 5:32. president trump facing a lawsuit over his business empire. >> democrats are expected to file a federal lawsuit today alleged he is illegally profiting from his hotels. >> good morning, anklely. >> good morning guys another day another lawsuit for president trump's real ta
5:33 am
international hotel in d.c. and now a new lawsuit coming down with support of almost 200 lawmakers all democrats. it will be led by senator richard bloomen thal and representative john coners jr. will lead the house. there's a "foreign emolument s clause in the constitution that requires the president to get consent of congress before he can accept gifts" suit alleges trump umpire is insenttive in itself and back on monday the attorney general more maryland and d.c. filed a lawsuit against president trump seeking tax returns claiming president ownership of the trump international hotel right here in d. scrks violates constitutional law
5:34 am
from receiving gifts and personal payments. rights now there's no republican support. so far 196 lawmakers all democrats have joined that recent complaint which is more than any law maker ever to sign up to sue the president. that's the latest, anjali hemphill, "fox5 local news". >> the virginia primary results are in. we now know who will face off in the november gubernatorial race. >> we start on democratic side and win for ralph nor northam. northam and pierello will appear today. >> ed gillespie would na narrowly defoting prince william country by stewart. >> stewart did not cop seed last night and has not ruled
5:35 am
state senator wagner fin earned a distant third. >> democrat justin fairfax beat flat and rossy. he will challenge joe voguele nan november. she beat two. >> celebrating flag day the first 15,000 fans ages 21 and up who eptser nats park will get a free patriotic tank top. the fans can wear the tank tops and post picture on social media using the official #for the day which is 1 pursuit. we heard that before. that whole 1 pursuit thing. >> starting today until sunday all mattress forms in the d.c. area all items collected will be given to foster kids via non profit called casa or
5:36 am
d.c. all right. 5:35 now. and we could have boomers coming our way this afternoon right? >> probably. not like overly severe weather kind of bomb boomers. we have not had a single drop of miserable rain in d.c. >> we're almost to middle of the month. >> we could need the rain. anything we get will be welcomed to cool temps down a bit and get rid of hultty. we had record high around parts of region yesterday and satellite and radar showing not much going on now. high, thin clouds out there and hazy and muggy to start the day here. temperatures right now reagan national 79 sticky degrees. dulles 76. bwi 74 at had hour. the forecast over the next couple days today 90s. 91, scattered thunderstorms later this afternoon. tomorrow a dry but mix. clouds and sun. and cooler day. 85. we'll feel welcome again
5:37 am
yesterday. all right full 7 day coming up. let's head to erin airport for a look at traffic. >> 5:37 now orange line delays and we're also dealing with safe track work. as you make your way out there's a trash. and aside from that northbound 95 red ricksburg to aquia harbor about a ten minute delay. any questions erin@fox d.c. on twitter iser. >> a rose may still smell sweet does remaining it make it taste any better. you may be surprised. >> and maryland pharmacists are ordered to stop a drug to prevent overdose deaths.
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>> let's look outside at the moon shot. >> gorgeous. >> yes. >> 78. not bat out there right now at this the very moment at perdue, we take some unexpected extra steps to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. like putting oregano in their water. it has natural antioxidants and we don't have to use antibiotics in their diet. perdue. over 200 products no antibiotics ever. vo: delivering cleaner, reliable energy... creating jobs for our veterans... helping those in need save money on their energy bills. it takes 16,000 dominion energy employees doing the job. and now, dominion energy is investing $15 billion to build and upgrade our electric and natural gas infrastructure... creating jobs now and for the future. across virginia, we're building an economy
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elping power the companies that power our economy.
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at perdue, we take some unexpected extra steps to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. for example, thyme. it's part of our 100% veggie diet and helps support their immune system. perdue. over 200 products no antibiotics ever.
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>> more trouble for the maker of epipens after paying former ceo 98 million. shareholders are outraged advising firms of stockholder others to ought board members over the pay package. this comes after last year's couldn't versusy when the price of two epipens rose 4 400%. >> an annual survey measuring well-being of children is out. 89% of children in d.c. have health insurance highest percentage in country. maryland and virginia saved more insured children. rates grew between 2010 and 2015. maryland up. sir vir went have 93 to 95. >> maryland taking action to help people who may have overdosedment department of mental health and hygiene issued an order that has farm i es stocking miloxone.
5:42 am
larry hogan signed a law giving marylanders betser access to the drug. previously only people trained to administer the drug had access to the drug. >> well getting people to eat healthier was a goal. names of certain foods can impact a person's decision to eat it or not. they presented exotic and enticing names on the labeled if they wanted to that renamed and participate apt cleaned their face. people are attracted to better foods with simple names. >> green beaten is a green beaten is a green beaten. >> no matter how you look at it. >> and they're good. >> good more you. >> okay. >> coming up, new charges are being leveled in the flint michigan water crisis. >> and actor john pro lynn ta
5:43 am
>> there's the jefferson memorial on this wednesday. with a little desposito. >> i love this song. justin bieber does not know the words if you wanted to know. it was a big issue.
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♪♪ nobody knows what their future holds, but... in my future i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat, which raises my risk for heart failure. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. and i have a 42% chance of becoming obese. if i develop breast cancer, it's 39% more likely to kill me. i'm at higher risk for depression. i'm not likely to talk about my depression at all. and we all have a 30% chance of developing hypertension. no matter who we are, or where we're from, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. i may not have a say in the risks i face. but with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with,
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>> 5:45. mike is getting his groove on. this is a live look outside. fis and pleasant now. even though 78 degrees this early in the morning. >> i actually i love summer i love the weather. i didn't mind yesterday's h heat. >> no especially with the pools around the region. fantastic. all right. by the way, red sky in morning taylor say good morning. you know that saying. >> ruvr skies at night sa sailor's delight. >> we need to be worried. >> more bounce to the ounce invite michael thomas. >> let's do weather. reagan national 95 once again. second day in ray row able to do that the it was not a record. dulles 95 set a record. bwi 97 degrees. later today hot and humid. not
5:47 am
cold front slides through later this afternoon and brings you chance of thunderstorms. some of which could be on the strong side. best chance of stronger songs is ouj of d.c. and but we'll keep things upsetled with shower and thunderstorms temperature outside prm apartment and humid. 74 baltimore and quantico. some 60s out there west. win kleingtser 64. cumberland 68. mannasas 67. satellite and radar quite. we do have a cold front that is kind ever draped across central portions of pennsylvania marching its way southward later today. 2459 kicks up chance of thunderstorms. again here's the latest severe outlook for later this afternoon. that dark shading of green extends western portions of maryland to central virginia. that's marginal
5:48 am
weather. gustsy wind, large hail. one thing we have to watch with thunderstorms it will be slow movers. we could have flash flood around later this a there we are 3:30 popping showers and storms. probably more widespread into the early evening hours. we'll have to watch out. we're headed to late evening hours. clouds around and temperatures won't drop much add we head to the evening hours. partly cloudy, humid, scattered thunderstorms through the afternoon. tonight low of 69. cooler than we've been still muggy but 80s will be welcomed break from the 90s. not weekend humidity. 87 for saturday. father's day scattered storms and 91. maybe go to the pool what dad erin como this weekend. >> that sound good. it may be a little
5:49 am
baseball game. >> maybe. >> we have eye crash scene. westbound portion of dale drive currently blocked and we'll keep you updated on how that's impacking the scene there. let's switch for maps. 95 southbound crash at 32 glaze popping up and rubber neck delay on northbound side. 25 is better bet. also once get past the crash traffic 1 southbound look going all the way to the beltway. let's see if you can forward maps and show what you you're up against this morning. kharltion town pike route 9 if you head to leesburg you may get a aside from the that delays in stafford picking up. >> 5:49 is the time. new criminal charges are coming in the flint water crisis investigation. michigan state
5:50 am
general bill shoot plans to announce charges noon our t time. they will be names you recognize we're told. the man accused of on eping fire comet pizza norm west is apologizing. in rapped written letter he said his actions were foolish and reckless. back in march he blild today. >> and there's democrats o olding slaves there. 22-year-old teen was arrested monday night in res tin. police say he araiched to meet a young girl to have sex. abdel ray mon. >> center of a new lawsuit. california based pro-life group is suing museum for violating
5:51 am
february two activists with graphic pro live display outside the museum claim museum overrule asked them to move across the street. the group wants to return to the area to display signs and spread their message about the impact of abortion on the black community. >> time now is 5:5 12 let's look at stories you're engaging with most on social media. >> maureen is amazing and back with the real news time real tracker. >> uber ceo taking a leave of absence for hisier and his company. travis set he is hsh he said he wants to become a better leader. unprofessional conduct in those ranks comes after one of uber board members david bombederman resigned after making sexist joke during a meeting meant to challenge the culture towards women. >>
5:52 am
brian stevenson says it's crew sal to understanding racism. the site consists of audio stories and documentary. >> to toronto a woman's only spa is facing backlash. they are saying it's transphobia not allowing a transgender to book a massage. they'll be working on a new policy over the summer. so monday night golden states forward kevin durant was asked if he had a message for rihanna his response lover you girl but i got to do t. gots to do t. you understand me? this is not the first time he said love to rierie. >> if he had toic
5:53 am
person to maybey it would be sure her. >> ganz are speculating. she was last seen carrying two seats to a car. there was word she converted her mansion to deliver them to her home. we do not know if they arrived but beyonce is. >> is it nba champs. >> a million people give or take one or two are expected to show up. >> close friends of the warriors will show up. >> and how is this for a way back wednesday. actor josh brolin reviving his first role from the movie goonyes. he shared a show
5:54 am
attending 80 thooem house. >> he gets in most recognized from the goonyes. >> i love that. we're two days away from the next zip trip. we'll zip to ashburn virginia. come out on friday june 16 east hamilton plaza we'll be there 6 a.m. and stay through 11. i'll be there. tucker will be there. maureen will be there. and we would love it if you were there, too. capito >> time to say hel toe facebook fan of the day. lavern coleman brooks. she loves waking up to the "fox5" d.c. family. mike has the full weather report. >> this is my favorite ever. >> lavern i will be honest you need nor skiment. >> lavern says mike you get
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embrace the love, mike. >> all right. lavern i'm happy. >> keep tuning into "fox5" to be the fan of the day post your picture below the laverns. >> your hair is awesome by the say. good looking photo. >> give lavern something, something mike. >> give him a beat >> we have nothing tune in tomorrow. >> there you go♪ ♪ >> that's for you lavern. >> that's a little slow but for you lavern. >> you got what i need♪ >> okay. two heat waves later this afternoon and watching for thunderstorms through central virginia could be on the half earn side. i'll get you a better move tomorrow i promise. it will be -- hit and miss showers. better
5:56 am
88 if you head to nalts park it's hot and stky. can't rule out a thunderstorm coming through. it started. mib second half of the fame 91 degrees. one more time in the 0s. hot, steaky. scattered thunderstorms this afternoon. 80s thursday and friday and we'll hit it back up this weekend. erin como is back with traffic this morning. >> 5:56 i was busy complementing holly on her drug. i love it if you take metro in addition to safe track orpth line residual delays and also as we tweet at roads it's a photo of car on railroad tracks of met poll tap avenue intersection of emwood road car leaking fuel train has been stop. in montgomery coupley, 95 southbound crash at
5:57 am
dealing with charles town p pike. lot of delays popping up. questions erin fox d.c. on twitter. we'll have more in a few
5:58 am
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>> incid i believe images coming from london. flames racing up two dozen floors of apartment building. people trapped inside screaming for help and some jumping from windows to es escape. >> back here locally the president is about to be sued for second time this week. today's lawsuit will be filed by hundreds of democrats in coming gress. >> and a live look outside wednesday morning, june 14. can you believe it weather and traffic coming up for you on the fives at 6:05 good morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> in steve chenevey. to breaking news out of lo london. >> maureen umeh joins us with the high-rise up in flames. >> it's heartbreaking news from london raging fire r ripping through 24 particular apartment building. rights now unknown number of people are dead and more than 50 were take


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