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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  June 14, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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[ shots ] it's the feeling of helplessness when you have a baseball bat and a guy has a rifle. >> somebody in the dugout said get down and get close to the wall. and then we heard another round coming from the rifle. >> i still have shots being fired. victim down in the baseball field. >> he laid out there ten
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we could not get to them while there were shots. >> it has been an emotional day in washington. congressman steve scalise in critical condition. if you take a look at the map he was shot there on second base and dragged himself to the outfield as the gunman kept firing. >> as capital police exchanged gunfire the others took shelter in the dugout. people at the ymca next door heard the gunshots and sheltered in place. >> fox obtained this video moments after the shooter opened fire. it cap turtd chaos. this is video of emt taking scalise into the stretcher and they flew him to med star washington hospital center and underwent surgery shortly after he arrived. we have team coverage tonight. lauren demarco has reaction from the community and tisha lewis is monitoring social
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live at med star hospital sent wrer some victims are treated and kristin i hear the president made a surprise visit there tonight. >> reporter: that's right, shawn, president left not too long ago. he was here visiting scalise wife we're told. he tweeted out i don't know if you mentioned this scalise is in very tough shape but a true fighter all before sending well wishes and of course, a speedy recovery here. before i go into more detail about scalise's kinney want to tell you more about the victims involved in today's shooting. five people in total were rushed to the hospital. five people including 66-year-old suspected gunman james hodgkinson who diad cording to investigators. among those shot house majority whip steve scalise at med star washington. medics say the bullet traveled throug
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this point he'll need several more surgeries and a source close to the investigation said he was playing second base at the time and crawled to right field after the suspect gunman in this case shot him from third base. now former staffer mike micca was also shot. mat micca was shot in the chest and remains in critical condition. other victims special agent crystal grinner one of the two company toll police officers because shot in ankle and said to be in stable condition. congressional aid zachary bart was shot in the leg and expected to make full rec recovery. as far as the other capitol police officer agent bailey was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and has since been released. it's important to note according to investigators if it was not for two capitol police officers there while this was all unfolding, they believe that that situation could have turned out much differently and worse in this
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did. again the latest out of med star is that not only president trump leaving and scalise remaining in critical condition tonight and will require more surgeries going forward. keep it owe here on "fox5"with the very latest. we'll update you on his condition. reporting live at med star, kristin leon. fox news. >> certainly our thoughts are with steve scalise and his family at this time. >> meanwhile president trump left a short time ago and tweet wtd visit and just left hospital congressman steve scalise one of the truly great people in tough shape but is a real fighter, pray for steve. >> our team coverage continues tonight. a community walk was held. how people are coming together tonight, lauren. >> reporter: several events in fact tony and the message tonight is that hate is not welcome here in the del ray section of alexandria. community members coming out. now we're about a block and a half away from where the
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shooting occurred at simpson park. and this is as close as we can get. because this police perimeter remains in place and as i learned from a source it's possible the streets could be closed off until friday. many people who live around here awoke to hearing those shots fired. but instead of staying at home with the blinds drawn many of them coming out here tonight out to the streets to come together and show that they will not stand for something like this. >> this is our community and we are all a part of it re regardless of what our politics are or where we come from. >> what's going on in the community is coming togethers after violence and it's likely to tear us apart. >> reporter: hundreds of people turned out a mere 12 hours following the horrific shooting aimed at u.s. congress members. several community groups came together for 5 k wk
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and continued to a local pizza place donating part of profits to victims and families and big event on the main drag of mounlt vernon street. several hundred people gathered mayor and police chief spoke thanking first responders for heroic actions and everybody walked to a nearby church for a prayer. >> literally when we talk about courage under fire that's what happened this morning that the capitol hill police and then our alexandria proycht and fire ems and sheriff department courage under fire. we're deeply grateful. >> i've been in a lot of different places and different communities and when i saw today was impressive. impressive. and that's the team that serves you. >> if you cannot even go to a baseball field or dog park or go for a walk without fear of someone shooting you, because of your political beliefs, that's a serious
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we have different values and principles in a big diverse country like this and one thing we can strive for is toll ration. >> the event was put together through the facebook page where a group of local dog walkers walk their dogs near the baseball field ape spoke with organizer karen johnson. >> for ten summers we've been sharing the park with members of the congregational baseball team this is our way to let them know we supported them and look forward to having them back next year. >> we've all felt just this weight of sadness today. and i think everybody just wanted to come out and do something. >> what do you think about the turnout. >> it's great, it's del ray. this is del ray. we turn out for everything. it's a good community. members of several church groups also met tonight at george washington middle school for a prayer vigil and that pizza place i mentioned donating part of profits is
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lena's wood fire grill and tap on east braddock road and until 11 p.m. they'll seat people for din and drinks and 20% of profits willing go to victims of the shooting and families and i want to mention tony and shawn there is a dog who is missing because the owner or i guess it was a dog walker was walking the dog and several other dogs and had to climb underneath ever a car trying to get away from the gunfire. one of the dogs got away. pointer mix. 50 pounds, black with white spots. name is dave any and she's got tags on her with information. if you have seen that dog or have any information let me know on the social media pages or the dog itself will have information on its tags. that's the latest in del ray. back to you in the studio. >> fbi released this poster you see here seeking information about the shooter james hodgkinson and investigators believe the 66-year-old was living in his van near the baseball field since march. police sayod
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bellville, illinois where he previously ran a home inspection business and had several run ins with the law. earlier this eve shared update on what they though about the suspect. >> as for the subject and this is the only time i'll be referring to him by his name, this afternoon we release aid statement noting that the subject name was james hod hodgkinson, 66 years of age of bellville, illinois. he suck onlyed to injuries at the hospital. and d.c. medical examiner issued cause of death as multiple gun shot wounds to the torso. >> reaction to sooting on social media #alexandria remained number one trending on twitter for most of the d day. >> tisha lewis continues coverage. >> shawn, tony, millions viewed this dramatic video showing shooting unfol
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the harrowing footage has been seen across social media platforms shared countless times and yet another sichbt world we liver in and how quickly information is shared posted and tweeted via social media. many of the comments where are polarizing and focused on politics. golden diva one says i'm beyond orrified and shocked about the shooting today in alexandria. we'll have more for you in a little bit. here's the package. [ gun shots ] by now we heard the bullets flying from accused shooter james hod hodgkinson's gun. there no
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posted. >> trump is a trader and time to destroy itemp and company his page is removed and video of attack is going global. on our "fox5" facebook page alone 300,000 views and documenting for this cellphone footage showing alexandria shooting. noah nathan shot the video and shared us with. nearly 200 people shared our post and dozens commented. former law enforcement officer derrek parks said the footage helps more than hurts the investigation. >> any time we can get law enforcement can get video footage or actual photographer or anything of that nature to any circumstance substances it always helps the narrative of how things unfolded and it gives investigators an opportunities to go back and see what path of egress maybe the subject or respondentoo
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and how people fled it givers actually even after those scenarios it's usually a good training tool after what to do and what not do. so video footage although shouldn't be very first thing we think about when there's an actual situation going on but it's come tremendously helpful solving crimes. >> parks leads metropolitan parks service which employs more than 500 guards an or security personnel and trains law enforcement on social media trends. congressman robert kuin posted this picture on instagram as he and house democrats prayed for colleagues. it has gone viral for obvious reasons. >> and many turning to social media and how we can heal. alexandria and alexandria shoot ring the hash tags you can follow to find additional information and people wanting to come together and unify. tisha lewis, fox 5 local
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shooting out west. tonight four people are dead. >> ups employee opened fire on three co-workers and then turned the gun on himself. what police are saying about the attack. >> and then manslaughter charges were filed in the flint water crisis. we'll tell who you is facing felony charges tonight. caitlin. >> hi ther, shawn, some saw thunderstorms tonight and many of us including here in the district did not. we will all feel the relief when it comes to the heat with cooler and drier weather on top for thursday. i'll have the first look at forecast and let's check radar coming up when fox news at 10 returns coming up
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subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. sglav cross the country today there was another shooting ram page at a san francisco ups package delivery facility the gunman jim jury plan barged into the facility and killed three co-workers before turning gun on himself. two other ups employees were hurt. shooting prompted massive police response. the scene was described as complete chaos.
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shooting and president of ups northern california region called for prayers. >> i am most concerned about my employees to make sure that we have as many counselors that are needed onsite for all of their support. and if i could at this time, just ask all of you to please keep upsers in your prayers. >> the motive for the shooting is unclear. but investigators do not believe it is terror related. >> felony manslaughter charges were filed today at flint water crisis. attorneys for flint michigan say the charges are baseless. as part of the investigation in flint lead contaminated issues. charges stem for more than 0 cases of legionnaries disease including fate tallties believed to be linked to contaminated water. prosecutors say line knew about the outbreak and failed to tell the public which l
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to death of an 85-year-old man. >> things getting better outside. not as warm as it was last night at this time. >> that's true. it felt g we had some storms around the region, right, caitlin. >> not here in d.c. or inside the beltway. i agree with you both. i stepped outside a couple hours ago and it already feels better. relief is on the way. it got uncomfortable yesterday and today's high temperatures were not as high as monday and tuesday. compared to mid 90s we took 91 reagan today and 90 dulles and no record highs today and we should be on a downward trend beginning today and lasting through the next couple of days. temperatures outside right now. now it's warm, of course, air conditioners on to sleep comfortably. 08 washington. 79 frederick and 72 winc winchester. big difference today was we had a lot more humidity. that helped fuel some of those really soaking thunderstorms out there. and most of that has quieted down. it was a front stalled towards south which caused areas along the mountains to
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southern parts of virginia and saw stronger storms. for now that's quieting down. showers rich mopped and along the mountains and even soaking storm we had around gainsville in fairfax country kind of fallen apart there. you see last investigate tajs of that. if you were out in southern loudoun northwestern fairfax or northern stafford county you saw a good light show or decent rain. that's it for tonight really. low temperatures overnight. still mild. we'll fall back to 70 washington. mid 60s north and west and we'll wake up to some notably drier conditions out there. so, for thursday you're planning forecast it's not going to be too terrible there and we're not concerned about the heat. it's mild june afternoon though. 73 to start you off 8 a.m. and mostly cloudy skies through the day and 79 noon and there's a chance for isolated shower later in the afternoon and mainly west of town. so that is where we'll look for tomorrow and it doesn't look like a thunderstorm it looks like a shower with high temperatures there back to normal at 83 degrees.
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break from high heat after three days. actually no excuse me four i believe counting sunday and into the 90 s we'll see temperatures return to normal. but they'll be rising again as we head to weekend. turning unsettled we'll have details in the 7 day forecast a little after 10:30 shawn. >> thanks caitlin. >> familiar live dare devils sinking their teeth literally into a brand new thing. >> at niagara falls. details after the break
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>> all right. hey, everybody, look at this it's hard to tell what's going on. let me tell you. the wife of dare devil nick wu limit nda is gearing up to hang from her teeth purlly white from an air craft high above the niagara falls. she'll be temingerred as the chopper flies over niagara falls. it's the anniversary of her husband's tight rope walk over the fall. >> she'll be hanging from her teeth. >> she's married into the family right. you don't have to do that. >> maybe she z you didn't see her prenup. >> i don't know i'm making it up. >> i wish her the best. >> that's crazy. >> "fox 5 news" at 10:30 coming up next. >> hey, jim, sarah. >> team coverage continues at the shooting for the congressional baseball game. >> live at the scene and how the community is coming together after the attack. >> and latest on
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highrise fire break around this time last night out of london. we'll tell what you we're learning about the building smoke alarm system. but first caitlin. >> hey there, jim, it's been a hot start to the workweek. it's wednesday night, weekend is 48 hours out. we're looking forward to father's day weekend. how does the forecast look. does feature more heat. before we get hot we have more on the way tomorrow. "fox 5 news" at 10 returns after this
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>> right now at 10:30. >> a gunman target members of congress at practice for a charity baseball game. >> all of a sudden we heard a shot a really loud shot that everybody thought sounded like a gun and boom rapid succession after that. he had a rifle. i can not imagine him going there for any other reason than to try to kill as many
10:29 pm
>> i never thought i would go to practice and have to dodge bullets. >> the aftermath arrest tack. the 10:30 starts now. >> good evening i'm jim lo lokay. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> we begin with the shooting at the ball field where the republican team was practicing for tomorrow's congressional baseball game. >> the gunfire broke out in alexandria. steve scalise congressional staffer mark bart and crystal griper were shot and the gun man was killed by police. >> a community walk and vigil was held in alexandria. lauren demarco was live on how people are coming together tonight, lauren. >> well, jim, sarah, roads still blocked here. we're a block away from simpson base park where the baseball field is located and as you said, community members are coming out coming together and the message here is hate is not welcome. and they're coming out in droves to say
10:30 pm
stand for something like this. >> this is our community and we're all a part of it regardless f what our politics are or where we come from. >> what's going on in the community is coming together after violence which was likely meant to tear us apart. >> hundreds of people turned out a mere 12 hours following the horrific shooting aimed at u.s. coming gress members and several community groups came together for a 5 k walk and run and they continued to a local pizza place donating profits to victims and families and big event was right on the main drag of mounts vernon street. several hundred people gathered and mayor and police chief spoke thanking first responders for heroic actions and everybody walked to nearby church for a prayer. >> literally when we talk about courage under fire that's what happened this morning that the capitol hill
10:31 pm
police department and fire ems and sheriff department really courage under fire. we're deeply grateful. >> i've been in a lot of different plain places and communities and what i saw today was impressive and that's the team that serves you. >> if you cannot go to a baseball field or dog park or go for a walk without fear of someone shooting you because ever your political beliefs that's a serious problem. we have different values and principles and a big diverse country like this. one thing we can strive for is toll ration. mechanics of several local churches were meeting at george washington for a vigil there and the pizza place we were talking about east braddock road lena's wood fire pizza tap and they're on owi
10:32 pm
20% of their profits will be donated to victim and fam families. we want to learn more about the victims and their conditions. we'll head to "fox5" kristin lee own live at med star hospital center, kristin. >> reporter: good evening, lauren, president trump leaving here not too long ago. he was here at the hospital visiting scalise's wife while scalise remains in critical condition at the time. the president tweeting out not long ago in part, and i quote, scalise is in very tough shape but a true fighter" all this before stepping out well wishes and prayers for him and his family. and bri get into more detail about scalise i want to talk to you more about the victims involved in today's shooting. five people were rushed to the hospital including alleged gunman 66-year-old james hodgkinson who again broke fire at the baseball field. now among those shot like we mentioned
10:33 pm
whip steve scalise at med star washington. the bullet traveled through his pelvis which caused severe bleeding and that's the reason why he will be requiring more surgery going forward at this time. a source close to the investigation told "fox5" today that scalise was playing second base when the gunman was standing near third base and he shot scalise in the h hip. we're also told that scalise crawled to right field after being shot. former staffer mat micca was shot according to investigators. our source tell us today mat micca was shot in the test and remains in critical condition as well. as far as the other victims. special agent crystal ciper one of two capitol police officers was shot in hankle and said to be stable and zachary barth was shot in the leg and expected to be make a full recovery at the time and other capitol police officer there david bailey, he was also taken to the hospital
10:34 pm
since released and i want to make clear here that the alleged gunman hodgkinson was shot and killed by police and did die at the hospital as well. now it's also important to note here according to investigators if it was not for those two capitol police officers who were there while this was all unfolding they believe the situation could have tivrnd out differently. much differently and worse for that matter than it already had. the latest out of med star n now. scalise remains in critical condition tonight and will require more surgery as c cording to doctors. and so keep it right here "fox5" local any for the latest. of course we will bring you the latest going forward. for now reporting live at med star washington this evening, kristin leon, "fox5 local news". >> and developing tonight special council robert mue mueller's investigation into medaling in the 2016 election reportedly looked into whether prid
10:35 pm
obstructs sxwrustis. president previously said he received private assurances from fbi director james comey that he was not under investigation. and comey confirmed he provided those assurances under testimony last week. >> let's look at the weather now. hot days earlier this week. today was not bad. in the 80s. let's see if it heats back up. let's checking in with caitlin and get the latest, hey, caitlin. >> hey there, sauer sarah. it is amazing how upper 80s can feel compared to monday and tuesday. and that spurred thunderstorms mainly west and down south of washington although last hour we had a heavy thunderstorm over overville centerville area all activity coming to close after sunset hours. zooming in on the district no rain inside the beltway for the most part and shower over 6 6 fall ago part and it looks like it will be a qu
10:36 pm
chances through overnight and into the bulk of thursday. so this is caused by a front that moved from north to south where this morning and afternoon and pushed out a lot of heat and humidity which will be noticeable tomorrow. here's setup for thursday, not as hot and humid with the cold front draped off to the south. high temperatures new 80s. but low 80s. that's actually normal for mid june. mid 90s is not normal. for your thursday we have high pressure offshore. that will be pushing in more cloud cover and possibly shower or two and that looks toic mainly west of washington until we get to evening hours. we'll call for clouds and sunshine. temperatures back to normal. less humidity as well. high temperature washington of 83 tomorrow. only 78 in annapolis and 70s showing up along the mountains that's nice. 7 day forecast, 84 with moisture creeping back in tomorrow and friday and friday showers and thunderstorms likely and then saturday for the weekend also looks like we have showers and thunderstorms turning unsetsled yet again to start over the ek
10:37 pm
we're hot, 92. just isolated thunderstorm most of father's day is dry and hot. showers continue through monday and we finally dry out monday and temperatures in high 80s. sarah back to you. >> now up to date on massive apartment bulling fire in london. the death toll is expected to rise. investigators say at least twelve people died and more than 70 others hurt. you can see the flames en engulfing entire 24 story building last night. people inside at the time say fire alarms did not go off in the hall ways and stairs and say local authorities were notified about issues with the fire system. >> fire break out deposit break the glass but got the foam go out. and people are dying there. >> mayor also says questions need to be answered about how the tower block was built. a firm hired t
10:38 pm
last year said work met all required coats and regulation. >> no verdict in the bill cosby sex assault trial. jury sent home after 4 hours of deliberations. cosby gave a thumbs up as he showed up this morning in suburb urban philadelphia. during the lasting two days jur ors came back several times with questions. he's accused of drugging and assaulting andrea constand. if convicted he faces ten years in prison. >> after leading police on wild chase in" owe you're seeing it right, she's driving backwards in this video. at one point the driver pulls over and hit the police cruiser and crosses over the median then drives the wrong way up an entrance ramp. officer chased her for a short while and stopped the chase because of heavy traffic in the area. investigators caught her after she crashed her car. >> next at 10:30 planned changes to nutrition labels pushing back. >> what was supposed to chan
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on food and why it's been delayed. >> falling prices in the stores not getting shoppers through the doors. and despite a fall in consumer prices for the month department and electronic stores and gas stations seen the biggest drops. even with weak economic news the federal reserve deciding to raise interest rates by quarter% on wednesday. it's the third hike in last six months and policy makers say there could be one more rate increase later this year. the hype not dampening the d dow. index closing at another all time high. however the nasdaq and s&p 5 0 0 finished lower. looks like a lot of bad bosses out there. survey from consulting firm life meets work finds 56% of employees say they have toxic workplace leaders. this study defining toxic leader as a boss
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belittles subordinates and explosive outbursts or accepts credit for other's successes, that's business, i'm david asmond. asmond.
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>> the labels were supposed to make it easier to see how many calories and added sugars were in a product. original launch date was set for next month. >> and all right cancelled and delayed flights rising on thna
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and so are complaint. dot released new numbers to today. rate of cancelled flights doubled in april compared to same month in 2016. complaints rose to 70% although few millions of americans lodged provide te tests. also in april, of course, remember this video the passenger on board the united airline dragged offer to make room for crew members that suit since been settled. >> people will spend record amounts on father's day gifts this year. national retail federation spending is expected to be up one billion last year. rounding out the list gifts cards and dad friendly gad gadgets. colon and shaving supplies are more popular than home improvement flies. >> feels like we're always talking about record spending on father's day. >> maybe prices. >> keep going up that may be it. >> a new device to help save kids lives. >> and invepts tore is kid hims
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>> this attach todz the car seat and would detect if a child is left inside a car. andrew craft explains how it could save lives. >> summer months are upon us and heat can be dangerous. texas fifth grader bishop c curry came one idea to prevent car deaths in children. his concept is small box shape device that blows air through small fans and includes a sensor when it gets too hot which alerts parents and authorities to come to child's aid. he hopes to get a patent. >> when a baby died down the street i came up with the idea because it was on the news and everything. a san jose state university stu f
10:49 pm
nev has second high eingts hot death rate. a meteorologist who conducted study says average deems are not gone up and down and remain flat and cautioned hype of devices. >> devices are good but education and awareness programs have to keep going on. >> else in research shows since 199 there's about 712 hot car child deaths in the united states and twelve alone this year. and they even found when air temperatures reaches mid 80s surface temperature of steering wheel and dashboard with reach upwards 180 and 2 200. in las vegas, andrew craft, fox news. all right let's talk about what we have seen the last couple days. starting to taper off a little bit. >> we saw a lot of that a lot of hot cars. the second you get in the cars windows down. >> it's been hot. >> unusually hot
10:50 pm
tomorrow tours across the day today. we took the edge off the heat. humid. comfortable afternoon turned into dairy say a pleasant evening. dew points are dropping and turning less humid and by tomorrow down right refreshing with temperatures back to normal. liver look outside on this wednesday evening. your accuweather forecast showing a nice day ahead and nice change in weather pattern before it becomes unsettled again. straight to weather headlines. lots of thunderstorms around the area this afternoon. not within the beltway. they were far off west and down towards south and central virginia and those storms ending and mainly rain free as we go through the rest of the night. temperatures back to normal thursday low 80s and maybe 70s for highs. thunderstorms likely into the weekend. this looks likes unsettled one and hot one by sunday. so a very warm fathers day forecast and probably a lot high school nicer by the pool and peaches. we could have a warm one ah
10:51 pm
80 in washington. that is still warm. no doubt about it. but it's trying to cool off with at least cooler, drier air moving in north, northeast. 77 baltimore, 79 annapolis and 79 frederick and 77 martinsburg and 72 winchester and real cooler air is far off north. but it's there. 70 new york city and back down to low 60s boston, binghamton. cooler day in new england and new york city yain those conditions slowly infiltrate overnight here. we won't be that cool in washington tomorrow and we'll make progress. storm tracker radar quiet. earlier a couple hours ago a heavy thunderstorm. centerville, gainsville area across 66 dissipated and any of these storms showed little to no movement during the late afternoon early evening showers. we have a front that moved through across the day and it has been pressing all that moisture south and west. with you see the line of demarcation
10:52 pm
showers even though he wayne during the overnight hours. mostly cloudy. waking up to hazy sunshine. despite the fact it's cooler we'll see more clouds than unsun. more over cast day with showers creeping in late in the afternoon. again areas west and areas south of us. isolated shower could sneak into the beltway. this is 6 p.m. tomorrow. maybe a sprinkle or two. honestly i think it will be a mainly dry day yet again. planning forecast, tomorrow, mild, 73, 8 a.m., back to work and school and 79 by noon and couple of showers possible. mainly west of town and 83 for the high temperature tomorrow. today we hit 90 and the day before that 95. day before that was 95 too. definitely cooling off. approaching weekend we have front that is back down south and west now moving north east ward and coming back on a warm front showers and sticky weather. thunderstorms likely throughout the day friday and then will be likely again saturday. not a
10:53 pm
unsettled enough and enough humidity in the air we have thunderstorm charges for friday. 84. 7 day forecast showing weekend already looks warm 87 and humid and thunderstorms likely wednesday and much less likely throughout the day sunday. still isolated thunderstorms. it's hot, 92. showers and storms monday 88. timely dry weather as high pressure sets up 2us and wednesday. it looks comfortable with comfortably warm temperatures mid to upper 0s out there. not as hot tomorrow as temperature return to normal high of 83. decent day. that's the 7 day forecast sarah back to you. >> we could use a dose of cuteness after today. fire department in indiana rescued especially cute group of ducklings. this was a picture of them that shows several of them. they got stuck in storm drain yesterday. lucky for them that storm drain is located outside the fire department. firemen got to work and set
10:54 pm
those little ducklings free. >> we need something like that. >> "fox 5 news" at 11 coming up next. >> tony and shawn are here, high, guys. >> we're continuing to follow after math of today's shooting. >> shortly after the attack a congress woman says she received a threatening email applauding violence. concerns about security for lawmakers and turbulent times coming up. >> and this dog is missing because of the gunfire this morning. those stories plus the latest on victims and gunman coming up. up.
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>> "fox5" photo journalist caught up with some headed to today's national's game who says america's past time has a special way
10:58 pm
>> the shooting was real unfortunate, man, and hopefully people can come to the game and enjoy themselves. at the end of the day, man, we have to remember we have to lover each other, man, we're living in okay oting times. >> i think it goes back to us not hiding from these types of things we know that can happen anywhere, any time, i think it's important we get out and show people like that that we're not afraid. >> tomorrow's game will definitely help. everybody's been saying prayers and whatnot and giving thoughts out. >> these people represent us and they were taking time out of their lives to enjoy t themselves and enjoy some of what they do and you know for it to go down the bay it did it's sad and tragic. but hopefully they can enjoy this game and try to recover as a community. >> it was really close to home. we were in alexandria this morning. >> game tomorrow is a charity event. they'll raismany hundreds of thousands of dollars for
10:59 pm
it's well worth attending and continuing on. >> when you have events like we had today people can join together and say you know w what, we're not going to let this affect us we'll play that game tomorrow and get democrats and republicans together on the same field and you'll have your choice of which you prefer to win that game but hopefully we're all americans at the end of the day. and i think they may have even bigger crowd tomorrow. >> they're stilltic et cetera available. that's news the 10:30 tonight. >> news at 11 starts now. >> right now at 11:00, members of congress and their staff attacked on a baseball field. >> get out of here. get out of here. he just hol areerred and was firing multiple gunshots. >> gunman fired dozens of shots before the police killed him.
11:00 pm
going anywhere else. >> the latest details on victims to the gunman to affects on capitol hill. news starts now. >> thanks for joining us at 11 i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins. >> tonight we learned that president trump made unannounced visit to med star washington hospital september to visit with house ma'amty whip steve scalise. >> the congressman is in critical condition. he was among several hurt when a gunman opened fire in alexandria [ shots in the ]. >> the gunman arkd with a rifle shot lawmakers during coming gressal section of -- >> scalise was shot in the hip and is currently in critical condition. hospital officials say he will need additional surgery. capital police officer congressional aid


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