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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  June 15, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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field. some of washington's most powerful people running for cover. nearly 24 hours since shots ran out in alexandria we're learning new details about the gunman and new questions this morning about the tone of the political discourse in the nation. >> ahead at 6:00 an update on the victims of this horrific attack. the president and first lady visiting representative steve scalise in the hospital as he remains in critical condition. >> live look outside. promise of a new day. beautiful sunrise on this thursday morning. it's june 15th. weather and traffic coming up on the 5s at 6:05. good morning, i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm maureen umeh in for steve today. welcome to fox5 news morning. and first at 6:00 the city of alexandria coming together following the shooting at a congressional baseball practice. last night dozens of people gathered for community walk to honor the victims and spread a message of unity. >> meanwhile we're learning more about the man who opened fire at the neighborhood baseball field. melanie alnwick live now in alexandria with more on what we know about
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melanie. >> reporter: maureen and allison, the investigation is still very active this morning. and along monroe street, that is still blocked off. the field here and circled with crime tape and this is just really striking to be able to see it here this morning. we know that the gunman was aiming toward that dugout, toward the gate which was the only exit. members of congress who were able to escape this say they felt as if they were being hunted down. now, the fbi says it's looking into hodgkinson's social media presence and motives. investigators believe he had been living out of his car near the area of east monroe street in alexandria since march. we don't know why he left illinois. his facebook page says he worked as a home inspector. he was also active on anti-republican sites. the associated press reports he had prior arrests for resisting police and drunken driving in the 90's and an arrest for battery in 2006. his
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written in several times angry about republicans and tax policies. the shooting shocked people who had gotten to know him while he was here in alexandria. a neighborhood bar employee said he came in often, talked about real estate and the golf but never about politics or guns. and former alexandria mayor bill yule said he would see him at the ymca working on his laptop. >> it's my understanding that he did arrive this morning, wasn't in the y long, exited about 7 o'clock and the next they know you know folks heard gunfire. >> reporter: and the fbi is still actively looking for information on james hodgkinson's background. they've put out this flier with some of his personal information on it and they say that if anyone came into contact while he was here in alexandria or even back in illinois, really anywhere around the country, the fbi would like to hear from them. live in wallet, i'm melanie
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>> president donald trump paying his respects to congressman steve scalise. he and the first lady melania trump making an unannounced visit to medstar hospital last night. >> that's where scalise was taken. that's also where we find fox5's annie yu. he joins us live with more on scalise's condition. annie. >> reporter: well, maureen and allison, congressman steve scalise still has a long way to go on his road to recovery. as you mentioned, he remains in critical condition this morning at medstar washington letting us know that he was shot in the left hip and that bullet went through his pelvis fracturing bones and injuring internal organs and he suffered a lot of blood loss and he did have an immediate surgery but we're told that he will need more surgeries. here at medstar a lot of folks stopping by to send their well wishes. the president and first lady they made a spr
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with flowers to visit the house majority whip after he was shot during the baseball practice wednesday morning. the president calling scalise a true friend and patriot and the president tweeted this just after his visit to the hospital. he wrote just left hospital. congressman steve scalise one of the truly great people is in very tough shape but he's a real fighter. pray for steve. congressman scalise was shot at second base on the baseball field. a source close to the investigation tells fox5 that he crawled to right field as the shooter stood near third base firing dozens of gunshots. two capitol police officers who are part of scalise's security detail they returned fire wounding the shooter. the shooter james hodgkinson of belleville, illinois, died as a result of his injuries. let's get to some of the others that were shot yesterday. tyson foods lobbyist matt mika, he was shot multiple times. he remains in critical condition as well. congressional aide zachary barth he was shot in the beg, he is expected to make a full
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two capitol police officers who were also hurt, special agent crystal griner shot in the ankle said to be in stable condition, so good news there and then special agent david bailey was treated for minor injuries and released. the two capitol police officers being praised for their heroic actions. maureen and allison, they're being hailed as heroes because if it weren't for them, this situation could have been much, much worse but again, this morning, you have congressman scalise remaining in critical condition and if that changes, we'll, sure to update you. that's the very latest here from medstar washington, annie yu, fox5 local news. >> speaking of congressional -- the congressional baseball game will be held tonight as planned. it starts at 7:00 p.m. tickets are still available. expect increased security in and around nats park. the game is an annual tradition that began in
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>> ♪ >> developing overnight two maryland state troopers injured in a crash in prince george's county. they were responding to a call of a driver driving in the wrong direction on route four. one trooper rear-ended the other pushing the second trooper's car across the road down an embankment. both are taken to the hospital and are expected to survive s the driver was later arrested for driving under the influence. >> ♪ >> six minutes after the hour, 71 degrees. good morning, tucker barnes. >> good morning. >> did you get a haircut. >> i did. >> head looks smaller. >> just your imagination. >> just my imagination. >> let's do the forecast. we are -- you know what we're doing a little bit better today. >> okay. >> do you feel like it was little bit better. >> i felt like it was better yesterday. >> yeah, back in the mid 80's. 72 attrition fashion, 60's dulles. up in baltimore it's 68 degrees at bwi marshall. clouds early. we'll be in and out of the clouds today. we'll go with a partly sunny day. temperatures in the mid 80's. our front
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apart across the area but best we can tell is just to our south and went and that's going to hold our temperatures back a little bit today. there might be a shower or a storm that develops noon but it will be pretty isolated. best chance will be if you were in the mountains. 85 with partial sunshine; okay. >> okay. >> and there might be a shower.a shower. we have father's day weekend. >> sure did do. >> yeah. >> and we got a zip trip. >> sure do. >> in a couple of days. >> i'm kidding. [laughter] >> hey, erin how are the roads looking this morning. >> we have some big problems picking up on metro and the roads. want to show you this picture& from fairfax police. there's an active water main break scene closing fountain drive near bowman town road. it's actually closed the entire road way in reston fountain drive between baumann town road and baron cameron drive. skyfox is on the way. we'll let you know as soon as they get that und
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watch for wet roads surrounding fountain drive as well. if you're skipping the roads taking the rails we have a metro problem switch problem blue and orange line delays to largo town center. we have the ongoing orange line delays for the last day today of safe track surge 15. impacting the orange line. we have express shuttles available to the blue line but because of this problem factor in extra time. that's in addition right now to an earlier train malfunction at rhode island of a red line. especially residual delay to glenmont. seeing a few different metro lines with delays. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. we also have a a lot of volume picking up on our roads. we'll take a live look around the d.c. virginia maryland area with your next look at traffic. back to you. >> metro's safe track program is coming to an end. the final surge starts saturday. the line between shady grove and twinbrook will be shut down for nine days. buses will be able to transport riders to their defendant indications. for the past year metro has been conducting these surges to improve metro's
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>> next look at what dennis rodman has been up to during his latest trip to north korea. >> that london high-rise fire is still out. still a lot of questions as to how it started. also a look at the outpouring of support for the victims. we're back in just 30 seconds. >> ♪ for millions who suffer from schizophrenia a side effect of their medication... is something called "akathisia." it's time we took notice.
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>> ♪ >> we are back with new details about a deadly shooting at a ups facility in san francisco. this morning still no word on a motive after a driver for the company opened fire during a meeting at a warehouse there. he used an assault weapon to kill three coworkers before turning the gun on himself. the gunman had filed a grievance back in march complaining that he was being forced to work too much overtime. sources though say he suffered from mental health issues. >> over to london this morning that high-rise fire is finally out. so far at least 17 people are confirmed dead and that death toll is expected to rise. dogs will be used to search the rubble of the apartment building. investigators say it's still too earl to speculate on acorns the landlord of the apartment building is cooperating. the community is coming together to help those displaced and celebrity chef jamie oliver has offered free food for survivors at one of his restaurants. >> an update today about the condition of otto warmbier he's the university of virginia student
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north korea after spending 17 months in a prison there. he was set free on humanitarian grounds and returned home to cincinnati on tuesday night. his parents say he's in a coma and he's been in a coma for more than a year. they'll hold a news conference this morning followed by an update from the hospital that he's being treated at this afternoon. >> just hours after warmbier's release former nba star dennis rodman arrived in north korea and has been keeping a low profile. u.s. and north korean officials say rodman had nothing to do with the release of warmbier. on wednesday he met a woman's basketball team and gave a copy of president trump's book the art of the deal to the sports minister. he also visited the birthplace of that country's founder. not clear if he will meet with current leader kim jong un. >> it was another long day for the jury in the bill cosby sex assault trial. still no verdict. delberations set to get under way in the next couple of hours for the fourth straight day. the jury must reach a unanimous decision. >> ♪ >> 6:11 right now. major report out overnight. coming up, a possible turning point in
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>> and a live look outside as we head to break on this thursday morning. looking frlooking pretty good o. weather and traffic on the 5s. that's coming up next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ we're back with another big story we're following. a possible turning point in the russia probe. the president now reportedly under investigation. the washington post is reporting that special counselor robert muller's investigation is now examining whether president trump tried to obstruct justice. spokesperson for the president's personal lawyer said in a statement last night "the fbi leak of information regarding the president is outrageous inexcusable and inlegal." mueller is planning to interview the head of the national security and the director of national intelligence. >> 12 members of turkey's president security detail facing charges here in the u.s. they are accused of attacking protesters outside of the ambassador's residence when the president of turkey visited last month. police say arr
6:15 am
all of the suspects are believed to be in turkey and are wanted here in the u.s. >> a montgomery county judge set to hear arguments in overturning lee boyd malvo's six life sentences. now malvo of course convicted of capitol murder for his role in the 2002 sniper killings. he was just 17 years old at the time. malvo claims his life sentences have been rendered illegal by the u.s. supreme court's decision saying that mandatory life without parole sentence are unconstitutional for juveniles except in rare cases. the argument in the maryland case largely the same as in the virginia case. >> 6:15 on this thursday morning. looking outside pretty scene. nice day on tap. 71 degrees already. tucker barnes let's bring you into the foal with the details. >> nice such sunrise there. >> yes, it is. >> yte
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for the fourth day in a row. it does not look like we'll hit 90 today. temperatures top out in the 80. 72 now in washington, 72 in annapolis, 74, we're doing much better -- 64 down to the south in leonardtown 64 degrees. 69 fredericksburg. in a spot or two there's a little fog that's developed and that's the worst of the early morning forecast. you can see the clouds out there early and what we're looking at today is kind of partly sunny skies with temperatures expected to be in the mid 80's. our front is kind of hanging up here to our south and west and as it pushes -- what is really happening is it's falling apart but as it kind of pushes away from us we may see a few showers or storms develop along it later today. i think the best chance will be in the mountains off to our west for shower activity and our winds will be out of the east today. we'll keep conditions kind of partly sunny and again, a little bit closer to seasonable. our normal daytime high in the mid 80's and we'll
6:17 am
there's your forecast. couple showers across the area, a better chance in the mountains out to the west. as we lose the daytime heating we'll lose the shower chances late this afternoon and this evening. there we are at 7:30. overnight conditions quiet down. maybe a few showers or a thunderstorm tomorrow and then we'll keep the scattered showers or thunderstorms in the forecast both saturday and sunday afternoon for father's day. those temperatures do warm up this weekend, up near 90 by saturday and low 90's for the day on sunday. not a washout. you got week plans generally i think conditions are pretty nice around here. those are late day scattered storms. okay. all happiness and joy. how are roads this morning erin. >> 29 through 2815 minute delay. we have a big water main break out in weston. fairfax county police letting us know fountain drive closed
6:18 am
between bowman town road. skyfox should be there shortly. aside from that 95 northbound fredericksburg to stafford very heavy volume. average speeds checking in 16 miles per hour. right now it's about a 30 minute delay from fredericksburg through stafford. then we delay through dale city to the beltway. stop-and-go traffic again average speeds under 20 miles per hour. as you cross the occoquan so right now it's about a 45 minute delay from fredericksburg to the beltway so be prepared for that one. 270 southbound we have a lot of building volume down through clarksburg. down to about 31 miles per hour from that 70 through urbana and then you open up to 54 miles per hour in montgomery county. aside from that for the rest of your thursday morning commute volume picking up top of the beltway. we have a sw problem. make sure you check your metro schedule. blue and del
6:19 am
delays on the red line. normal service resumed at glenmont so that's good news. that's all in addition to the safe track impacting the orange line. this is the second to last safe track surge. the last one kicks in this weekend impacting the red line. back to you allison and maureen. >> it's national dump the pump day. according to the transit savings report two person household can save an average of $9,800 a year by down sizing to one car. >> 6:19. if you're worried about a more comfortable travel experience, coming up what you need to know the next time you book that flight. >> but first the wife of daredevil nik wallenda gearing up for a stunt over niagara falls. she'll be hanging from a helicopter by her teeth as the chopper flies over the falls. this stunt is planned for today which is also the fifth anniversary of her
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televised tight rope walk over niagara falls. good luck. ♪ ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer to take advantage of our midsommar sales event offer.
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>> ♪ >> back now with details about an update to facebook's safety check. first though, a check of the markets. joining us is hillary vaughn. hillary, are you in l.a. this morning? >> reporter: yes, i am, >> i love it when you join us so early, we really do appreciate. how we looking in the markets? >> reporter: well, yesterday the dow gained 46 points a bit of a recovery closing at 21,374. the nasdaq lost 25 and the s & p fell two closing at 200437. u.s. futures slightly down. tech stocks remain down and continue to drag on the dow. >> okay. let's talk about facebook. it seems like with all the new things that we do these days we have been talking a lot about ride sharing and uber but today we're back to social media. what are they doing now just for an added level of security? >> reporter: well, facebook has a safety check feature so
6:23 am
will send you an alert and you can let your friends and family know if you're safe or if you're not near the crisis and it doesn't apply to you but now they're adding new features. you can now hold a fundraiser so for example if you're involved in a hurricane and you have property damage, you can then ask your friends and family to donate and help you with your home and recover from some of that experience and so you can now host a fundraiser directly through the safety check feature. you can attach a personal note. not only letting people know you're safe but explaining where you are, how to get in and contact with you in case of an emergency. and the reason why they're doing this is not only to help users but also it helps them compete with sites like go fund me. >> right. >> reporter: in the manchester attack facebook had $450,000 raised via fundraisers, users donating to other users affected in the crisis. so, this is definitely something that users have been wanting on the site and have been doing already and now it's integrated into the safety check feature. >> all right. that's a little good news
6:24 am
there. let's end with something we talked about earlier this week was american airlines not going to take back our little leg room that we have because of, you know, passenger comfort and now "wall street journal" is out with just who already existing h has the best leg room. i was surprised by who came in first of u.s. carriers. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. this is important before booking summer travel. here's what you need to know. jetblue has the best leg room and best amenities in their seat. they have seat back entertainment in every seat and also wifi free on board for everyone. 32-inches of leg room is what you'll get with jetblue. southwest close, they have some planes with 32-inches, some planes with 31-inches but the worst is spirit and frontier, they're ranking in at 28 inches but those are those budget airlines. what about the big through united american, delta, they ranked 30-inches to 31-inches so they kind of fall in the middle between there
6:25 am
the most amenities in your seat jetblue is the way to go. >> jetblue, okay. i got to fly this summer is. i'll take on that. lauren have a good day. >> reporter: thanks. >> are you surprised by jetblue. >> i am. >> are you surprised by the other ones. >> no. i've flown those and i know. you're like this in the back seat. >> this airfare is amazing, i think i'll try it. >> if it sounds too good to be true, it always is. >> yeah. >> okay. >> my favorite is when you get the cheap flight and then you find out that if you don't want to sit in the middle seat -- >> additional $35. >> in the toilet row you got to pay an extra 60 bucks. >> man they got me. >> i just got had by an airline. >> extra bottle of water three dollars. >> i like to be by the toilet. >> you meet a lot of people 'cause they're in line all the time . >> [laughter] 72 in washington. winds out of the east at seven. we're waking up to clouds out there. little fog in spots. partly sunny thursday to look
6:26 am
i think we'll keep it dry locally. if you're in the mountains out to the west you have a chance of a few showers. our front from yesterday will bring us a little bit of relief in the form of daytime highs in the mid 80's is kind of falling apart across the area. bottom line mix of clouds and sun today, 85. better chance of a storm tomorrow afternoon. a few storms this weekend. that's not a washout weekend. >> good. >> just a few. >> all right. father's day looks okay. come on, do it for the dads, tuck. >> yeah, low 90's. >> all right, thanks. >> erin como checking in with you on the roads this morning. how are you? >> well, right now, maureen, 6:26, skyfox made their way out to reston. this is a look at the water main break that fairfax tweeted out a little bit ago. under control. that's good news. no longer gushing water. however fountain drive remains shut down between bowman town road and baron cameron drive. police barriers set up and they're working to get that work done so they can reopen the road. let's show you a look at the maps. i want to show you what it looked like a few hours ago. incredible scene there, just
6:27 am
geyser water main break gushing into the air. fountain drive remains shut down. we have an outer loop crash this morning after new hampshire avenue. that is causing additional delays to the normal congestion we're up against. 95 southbound sluggish ride down to the inner loop and then from route one over to georgia avenue it's about a 30 minute delay so watch out for that crash as well. also metro problems because of the switch problem outside stadium-armory we have silver line trains operating between wiehle-reston and eastern market. this weekend we have current orange line delays. red line safe track kicks in on saturday. we'll have the latest on that. keep it to fox5. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪
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♪ [doorbell] ♪ ♪ when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪
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>> welcome back at 6:30. live look in reston right now. this is fairfax county and you can see -- perhaps you can't see what you are looking at is the remnants of a water main break but that road is still being worked on. you can see there fountain drive is closed right now. erin will be along shortly along with tucker of course on the 5s with weather and traffic to help you get around this, see how big of an impact that's making. again welcome back. first at 6:30 the latest on the shooting at the congressional baseball practice yesterday. representative steve scalise remains in critical condition. president donald trump and first lady melania trump visited scalise at the hospital. a se
6:31 am
officer was injured. the gunman james t. hodgkinson from illinois was shot and killed by police. meanwhile the city of alexandria is coming together, they're holding a community walk -- or they did that last night to spread a message of unity. >> for 10 summers we've been sharing the park with members of the congressional baseball team and this was our way to let them know that we supported them and we look forward to having them back next year. >> the fbi is asking anyone who may have known or spoken with hodgkinson to give them a call. happening today in the district a show of support for the two d.c. police officers and ddot employee hit by a pickup truck in adams morgan. tonight three bars and restaurants will hold a be fundraiser for them. madame's organ also bistro and song bird music house will all take part. the event includes food, drinks, raffles. it goes from 6:00 to 10:00 this
6:32 am
line. security will be extra tight at nationals park for tonight's congressional baseball game this after the republican team was attacked during practice in alexandria yesterday. to honor louisiana represent steve scalise both teams will wear lsu gear tonight. the game starts at 7:00 tonight. tickets still available and the bullpen across from nats park will be opened before the game at 5:00 and in the wake of the shooting, to none more the victims one dollar of drinks sold will be donated to the boys and girls club of greater washington. at nat park not a good outing on the mound for tanner roark. he gave up seven runs and nine hits over five innings in last night's 13 to two loss to the braves before taking two of three this week atlanta had lost 23 of their 25 games in washington. nats head to new york today to take on the mets. orioles in chicago snapped a six game losing streak beating the when i say socks 10 to six. the g
6:33 am
after midnight because of a rain delay. that's how long it lasted. juan castillo hit a grand slam and drove in a career penguins fans flocking to downtown pittsburgh for the team's stanley cup victory parade and rally. they won back to back titles. city firms estimate half a million people turned out to celebrate. and today in the bay area the warriors will celebrate their nba championship with fans. today's parade starts at 10:00 a.m. fans started lining up along the parade route at 5:00 this morning. floyd weather coming out of retirement to face ufc star connor mcgregor. mayweather is the favorite. they will follow boxing rules. the retired -- mayweather re
6:34 am
winning all 49 of his pro fights. as for mcgregories a mixed martial arts fighter who has never been in a scheduled 12 round fight and part of the rules say he has to adhere to not kicking at all during the fight. >> second nature. he's going to kick him. >> he's going to want to kick. >> look at the smile on his face. i think that that tells the whole story. the money is on you mcgregor. i'm sorry. >> he's bigger. >> i got 25 cents on m mcgregor. >> coverage all day on fox spots. fox5 news from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. will air on wdca channel 20 on both nights. >> all right. >> serious about golf. >> yeah. i don't know what to make that of fight. >> do you think mayweather is going to win. >> he's never lost before. >> but he's 41. >> it's like apple oranges with the different rules. >> but
6:35 am
his feet. >> mcgregor is bigger, younger. >> i think floyd is in for a little bit of a you know what. >> a little edger. >> i think if there was a panel that knew less about this fight. >> i'm not an expert. >> you just think mcgregor is going to win because he looks a little crazy. >> i think his rhetoric is better. >> yeah. >> trash talking. >> basically. >> that's when you come in. >> it's true. he's got better tattoos that's for sure. >> uh-huh. >> 72 in washington. we'll be in the mid 80's later today t partly sunny conditions. we have a front that came through yesterday. it's bringing a little bit of relief. it still feels summery out there. i don't think we'll hit 90. we'll be as mentioned in the mid 80's with a mix of clouds and sun and there might be a shower or a storm that pops later today. best chances for that out to the west. 84. i think we're generally dry here in the city. and we'll talkbo
6:36 am
weather and father's day weekend. >> yes. >> coming up. >> yay! >> all righty much let's check in with erin como. not in the studio which means something is going on. uh-oh, erin, what's the problems on the roads this morning. >> i'll be honest i was researching the fight. >> are you really. >> i'm interested in it. >> who do you think will win. >> they said mayweather is the favorite to win. but i think it's anybody to win. >> i still do but i have 25 cents on mcgregor. >> 25 whole cents. >> i think it's going to be a knockout situation. i should be doing traffic right now but that's what i was doing. right now skyfox is over fairfax county where we had an earlier water main break that's under control now. as you can see fountain drive remains shut down by bowman tower drive between that that point and baron cameron. police on location. they need to get that repair. there's a bit of a pothole they need to repair as well. let's show you what else you're up against this morning. that was earlier. really impressive scene earlier this morning when it was still dark out at
6:37 am
initial water main break on fountain drive. outer loop crash after new hampshire. still dealing with delays from route one to georgia avenue. about a 90 minute slow down. bw parkway still looking pretty good on the northbound side. southbound side by powder mill road we have some usual congestion building and then metro its a handful of problems this morning. this is the last day of safe track slowing down the orange line. in addition to that we have a switch problem outside stadium-armory. silver line trains operating between rally rest and eastern market. blue and orange line trains additional delays because of that switch problem to largo town center. safe track surge 15 impacting the orange line wraps up today and then this weekend safe track surge 16 the last one starts impacting the red line with stations between shady grove and rockville closed. free shuttle service between shady grove and
6:38 am
we got you covered. we'll take a live look at some of your roads next. back to you maureen and allison. >> what was have been counting it down all week. we're one day away from our next zip trip on tomorrow we'll be in ashburn virginia. >> come out to one loudoun and east hampton plaza. the fox5 team will be there including tucktory, he's bright and early 6 o'clock. then holly and i will be there, too, sometime around 7 o'clock. we would love to see you so please come out and say hello. >> that is going to be awesome. >> uh-huh. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
6:39 am
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>> ♪ >> we are back now with what's trending on the web on this thursday morning. an adventure in paris turns spooky for two teens much after getting frost a maze they spent three days inside catacombs beneath paris. they were filled with bones of more than 6 million people. the boys were rescued and taken to the hospital and treated for hypothermia. today members of the supreme court will come together to officially welcome neil gorsuch to their ranks. although he was sworn in back in april, gorsuch will take part in a special sitting by the justices called an investiture. president trump may attend the ceremony. you know the rock on sign people use during concerts. gene simmons says he was the first person to use it and he recently filed an application with the u.s.
6:42 am
trademark office seeking to trademark the gesture. >> really, gene, really? >> he says he was first to use it commercially by him it was on november 14, 1974 which would have been during kiss' hotter than hell tour. gene simmons trying to get us to stop doing this. >> not going to happen. >> do we have to pay for it if we're going to do it. >> you know what i better not. >> better not. >> i think if you do it with a tongue that's officially gene simmons but without it you're okay. i'm going to call that. >> me, too. coming up we check in with kevin mccarthy live from l.a. plus dodge ball is back. is this the sign of a sequel? fox movie review is next.
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>> ♪ >> all right, welcome back to fox5 news morning. 6:45 is the time. looking at nats park where the congressional baseball game is kicking off at 7 o'clock tonight. a bipartisan show of support and unity in the wake of unfortunate tragedy yesterday, shooting there in alexandria but better days ahead. >> i want nats park to be rocking full to the brim. >> i don't know why there are tickets still available. let's sell out this park. it's make it happen. it's for a good cause. >> i'm glad they decided to keep it on. >> hi tucker. >> i'm going to go to weather but first i want to show a quick video and congratulate all of you.
6:46 am
[laughter] >> that are teachers and students. >> that's a teacher, right. >> that's a teacher. that's carmen tweeted me that video yesterday. he often sends me the memes. >> i love it. >> that could actually be a meme if you froze it. that's awesome. >> to all the students and teachers graduating. >> one more day montgomery county, one more day. >> one more day. i think -- wisdom is at a graduation this morning. >> he is, his daughter eighth grade. >> yay! congratulations. >> baby's growing. >> let's go to the fork. we are looking partly sunny and mid 80's today so a little cooler than yesterday. yesterday made day number four of 90 or better so it will be a little bit cooler today. still some humidity out there and temperatures this morning in the 60's off to the west. dulles 69 degrees. manassas 69. 68 gaithersburg. 72 in washington. 64 in leonardtown. all right, so, we're looking at partial sunshine. you see the clouds across the area and our front came through yesterday pushing off to the south and west. best cnc
6:47 am
thunderstorm today will be out to the west where that front is kind of hung up and we -- there's a possibility we could pop a shower here locally later today. but i don't think the chances are terribly high. i think most of our day will be kind of dry as our winds will be out of the east today as that area of high pressure will control our weather, at least do the best it can to control our weather. let's check out futurecast. futurecast loves the idea of a shower or two later today. but most of it will be, out to the west and we'll be kind of partly sunny this afternoon. there we are at 8 o'clock tonight and there's still some humidity across the area. i don't want to over oversell ty as a summery day. scattered storms saturday and sunday. >> she's not listening. >> she's not listening. >> scattered storm on sunday for father's day. >> you're really
6:48 am
professor thing too far. >> all right, let's do the meme. >> i have traffic first, hello. >> and here's erin with traffic. >> so impatient sometimes. i don't like bad traffic either tucker for the record. right now 395 northbound we have a crash in the express lanes. it's blocking the left shoulder, left lane right by the pentagon. please cause caution. slowing down the main lanes with a rubberneck delay and bailout traffic. from the beltway to the pentagon give yourself about 15 extra minutes right now. we'll show you what else you're up against this morning in laurel 197 a crash at route 198 fort meade road. this water main break is under control but i like to he should you the impressive picture from earlier. again you'll have to tea tour around that one out in reston this morning. and then as we look at the outer loop this moved over to the shoulder crash at new hampshire avenue but delays from route one to georgia avenue of about 30 mut
6:49 am
completely stacked from the icc down t the inner loop. and bw parkway north and southbound outside the beltway just has that usual volume surrounding powder mill road up to 32. and then as we take a look at metro, we have a switch problem outside stadium-armory. silver line train operating between wiehle-reston and eastern mor market. orange line and blue line delays to largo town center. this is the last safe track surge today. >> the last one. >> yeah, isn't that exciting. red line impacted next week. we'll keep you updated on that one. >> thanks erin. >> now it's time for the morning meme. >> ♪ >> uh-oh. the two songs at once. [laughter] >> we have combined them. >> remixes. >> all right. let's get going. time for your morning meme and we'll start with roy. >> oh, that's sad. hi, roy. >> me looking for a reason to get out of bed this morning. >> i can't --
6:50 am
>> we will that find you some sunshine, roy. >> i can't find it. >> hang in there, roy. >> yeah, it gets better. >> all right. in my veins blow the blood of dinosaurs, dinosaurs i tell you. >> you didn't say it right. >> in my veins blow the blood of dinosaurs, dinosaurs i tell you. >> that's really cute. >> there we go. >> all right . >> [laughter] >> my dog definitely gave me this look this morning. saw you petting the neighbor's dog. >> i saw it. >> want to tell me what that's all about? >> i'll wait . >> [laughter] i got nothing else to do and nobody's petting meg right - petting me right now. >> when you're at a party and you only know one person. >> i've been there
6:51 am
>> are you not kidding. youtube that person like they are -- >> and then you get in the awkward small talk. nobody likes that. >> looking around my goad, this party, okay. >> that's what the bar is for at the party. >> that's true. >> that's sad, though. >> you don't want to be the lone person at the bar not talking to any one. >> right, right. >> keep them coming. hashtag morning meme. >> that's another meme altogether. >> they were good. >> thank you. want to hear what's coming up on good day. >> i can't wait. >> okay, here we go. >> okay, time now is 6:51 on the good day show do a big show coming up. >> awesome dawson. we just made that up. it rhymes that way. gold medal gymnast turned advocate dominique dawes will be live with us on this really cool day for a reason why she's in d.c. >> i knowho
6:52 am
this is awesome. also on the show actor singer dmitry ya' mckinney will form live in the loft. >> i'm going to ask her why she's on the on real li housewives of atlanta. >> what drinking green smooth these for 21 days could do for your health. [laughter] >> we're like really? tell us more. >> all right. we are hitting the road for today's fox beat. >> kevin mccarthy joins us live from l.a. kev, what are you doing in la-la land? good morning. >> allison maureen good morning. how are you doing today. >> awesome. >> doing great. >> i wanted to say great coverage yesterday on the alexandria shooting. you guys did a phenomenal job. >> horrible story. >> i know. the coverage was incredible. you, bob and everybody involved, holly it was amazing. >> thanks kevin. >> thank you. >> i'm in los angeles, i'm out here for a movie called the house which is the
6:53 am
starring will ferrell and amy poehler. that movie, that's the film that had the story in regards to mariah carey. i believe we covered it probably in celebrity dish on our station where she was reportedly being a diva onset showing up four hours early for a reshoot where she was appearing as herself in the movie, so i want to find out more about that today, hopefully with the cast. but i saw the film last night. the story behind the film is pretty simple its a mom and dad who decide to open up a casino in their house to help pay for their daughter's college. it's pretty unrealistic but i'll have the movie review coming up soon but i'm sitting down with will ferrell and amy poehler both today. >> i got to be honest that little snippet we just showed looks so much better than the trailers which look pretty predictable. >> right, right. more from that coming up today. a lot of news happening right now in regards to entertainment. i don't know if you follow the bachelor,
6:54 am
paradise, bachelorette shows, obviously they're none abc thus but this story has been developing since monday now. corinnecorinne olympios speakint about the alleged sexual misconduct. the show has been suspended in filming so it's not filming currently. according to tmz bachelor in paradise was shut down because a field producer filed complaint in corinne seemed so drunk on the first day of filming she had know ability to consent to demario jackson's sexual moves in a swimming pool and producers nonetheless let it play out on film so that's according to tmz. now both of the people involved are speaking out. corinne is saying i'm a victim and i have spent the last week trying to make sense of what happened on the night of june 4th. although i have very little memory of that nig
6:55 am
i understand is why production on the show has been suspended. and a producer on the show has filed a complaint against the production. on the other side of this, demario jackson has responded as well saying it's unfortunate that my character and family has been assassinated this past week with false claims and malicious allegations and that was a statement given to e. so big question now is what happened. we'll find out. but this is a gigantic story in regards to the entertainment world. that show is huge so no one knows exactly what happened yet but those are the two statements that were released by both parties and we'll see what happens from there. >> such a sad situation. i hate that this is happening and the people involved, it's mind boggling that this could even happen. >> i agree. >> sad, sad. >> we'll catch up with you later today. we got more headlines to get to, a little lighter news. kev we'll see you a little later. >> sounds good. >> okay. >> all right. tucker, good morning. >> hey, good morning. 72 degrees, we're going to be in the mid 80's later today.
6:56 am
>> we good with that. >> we can do that. >> yes, we can. >> there might be a shower. i think best chance will be out to the west. here's your current conditions. winds out of the east at six. quick look at your satellite and radar. we do have some cloud cover out there early. what we had yesterday sap is afront that tried to come through. best we can tell it's just off to our south and west this morning. in the neighborhood there might be a shower out to the west a little later this afternoon but the real theme a little cooler and a little bit more comfortable than yesterday. 85 this afternoon. there's tur seven day. weekend forecast those are scattered storms. i think most of the weekend should be dry and the not looking bad for father's day although it will be on the hot side, low 90's, right, going to the baseball game? >> we might do the art museum instead if it rains. >> really? >> we're debating right now. >> okay. >> so, you know whatever wo works. >> we'll switch from weather and take a look at our maps right now. well, we wanted to show you skyfox but that obviously didn't work out so we're going to show you
6:57 am
carlos is typing on the map right now because he wants to show you the outer loop crash by new hampshire avenue but let's start here. so, 197 that's a crash that we have from skyfox we'll show you in our next report at 198. big police presence. this is causing slowdowns in laurel. aside from that water main break fountain drive closed as you make your way out even though that geyser is dissipated, the road still needs repairs. keep it to fox5 news morning. we're going to get you around 95 northbound caution in stafford as well.
6:58 am
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. [gunfire] >> ambush on the baseball field. some of washington's most powerful people running for cover. nearly 24 hours now since shots rang out in alexandria, we're learning new details about the gunman and new questions this morning about the tone of political discourse in our country. also, an update on the victims of this horrific attack. >> you know what, we're not going to let this affect us. we're going still play that game tomorrow. we're going to get democrats and republicans together on the same field. >> and the game goes on. the d.c. region rallying around the spirit of helping others instead of fighting over partisan politics. we're at nats park where tonight's congressional baseball game will be played


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