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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  June 16, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, breaking news. russia dealing potential death blow to isis the country claims it kill the terror groups top leader. us still unable to confirm those reports. president trump turning back the clock. today the white house will announce a revised cuba policy w'll tell was it means for the two countries. plus new details about the possible obstruction investigation the president calls a witch
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let's play ball! [ applause ] bipartisan baseball democrats and republicans bridging the gap in honor of an injured colleague. and fans turning out in mass to cheer them on. we'll have the highlights from the game and update on steve scalise's condition and show you the special guest who throughout the first pitch. >> we're taking this show on the road. we are live in ashburn this morning. >> in fact tucker is going to take flight. we'll celebrate the burgundy and gold. you do not want to miss a minute. good day at 9a starts right now. ♪ >> is that a fanny knew song as we take look at our zip trip right now? its is that what's going on. >> it's good to reinvent yourself every now and then. >> every blue moon. >> that's our zip trip. >> good day d.c. this is awesome
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so much fun. it is the perfect friday. the perfect way for us to start our weekend and continue our summer long series of zipping out to some of the best that the dmv has to offer. good today we are zip tripping ashburn virginia and one allow don't. oh my gosh this place is fantastic. if you're looking for food, you're looking for fun, you're looking for family, this is the place to be. >> speaking of you aren't kidding i actually found out this morning that i have family out here. >> do you. >> i'm not kidding. i going to introduce to someone very special that is part of my family. in this next hour. >> okay. >> i'm not kidding. i'm not kidding. also going to do the five must stops. >> we are. tucker is going to try something new. he's taking us to, um, new heights, if you will. >> that's a first for tucker. >> he hopes to. indeed. >> first responders friday coming out we'll celebrate. it's going to be a chock full zip trip as always. >> yes. >> tucker right now we see you're on the
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>> but we believe in you on this friday. that's why we always send you out to try. >> thank you, thank you. yeah, hey, so i'm in i fly in ashburn, and as you can see behind me, we've got somebody already skydiving this morning. i'm going to go in and get in the ring here in about half hour time and give eight try. it look like a lot of fun they've already got kids here. they've got a birthday party going on. so they are often and having a good morning. looks like a lot of fun. let's do the weather. we're looking at temps overnight fell back into the 60s now in the low 70s lots of clouds here in ashburn and loudoun county and lots of clouds through the area to start your day. guess what? we have a shower or thunderstorm in the forecast later today and this afternoon. so just keep that in mine a few showers around today and could be a strong thunderstorm this afternoon with daytime highs in the low to mid 80s. 74 now in washington. 69 up in gaithersburg. 75 quantico. here's your forecast for friday. and again we're looking at daytime highs in the low to mid 80s. more clouds
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look out for those storms late this afternoon. all right. guys that's the latest from i fly. coming up at 9:00 i'll give eight try. allison, annie, wisdom and erin. i'll toss it back you. [ applause ] >> they look like they're having so much fun. >> he's having so much fun and he still managed to get all of our names correct. >> he's a pro. >> he is a pro. >> a pro. >> yes. >> good job, tucker. >> take bow. >> we'll see how well he does after he's flying around that cylinder. >> he won't know any of us. >> he's nervous i can tell. 9:04. good day dc friday june 16th. tucker already giving the names i don't need to go over that again. but i will. erin como, allison seymour, annie yu, wisdom martin we're all here ready to roll. >> that's right. we've got news to get to first at 9:00 breaking news. a potential death blow to isis. russia says it has killed the leader of the terror group u.s. officials have not been able to confirm this report. abu bakr-al-baghdadi was reported killed back in may during an air strike on
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of islamic state leaders outside the terror group capital in serrie this is not it fiss death has been reported all the previous death claims were proven to be false. his whereabouts have always been a closely guarded secret. there's only he have been one public video appearance by him that was back in 2014. the other big story this morning, update on representative steve scalise. louisiana congressman shot during a ambush in alexandria earlier this week. >> the rem can lawmaker remain in the hospital this morning still in critical condition. doctos at med star washington hospital say this condition, though, while critical is up proving. but say he still has long way to go on his road to recovery. scalise was shot in the hip but hospital officials say that bullet traveled hurting some of his internal organs, also, bo bones. he will need a few more surgeries likely. >> scalise is in the hearts and mind of lawmakers as they took to the field during last night's congressional baseball game. before the first pitch
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aisle knelt in prayer and many of them wore hats representing louisiana state university in honor of congressman scalise and his home state. scalise was practicing for that game when he was shot. big turn out for the game almost 25,000 people showed up. >> i think this is a great th thing. sport brings people together so it's a wonderful way to start this process. >> democrats did within the game but in a moving home plate ceremony players handed over the trophy to their republican rivals asking that it be given to steve scalise. check this out the ceremonial first pitch thrown by capitol police officer david bailey injured but credited with taking down gunman james hodgkinson who later died. bailey was joined by baseball legend joe torry for the touching moment. beautiful. >> many really -- really everybody out there they were unanimous in saying that if not for those capitol police officers had knows the
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might have been very different and more tragic story today. >> right. from charity aspect they normally raise $600,000 they went well over that. well over that. i think about over million dollars. >> beautiful. >> really nice to see everyone come together last night for sure. now to the latest on the investigation into the shooting. fbi has recovered weapons used by the shooter 66-year-old james hodgkinson. >> now they're trying to piece together a motive for the at attack. fox5's melanie alnwick live in alexandria with the very latest. good morning, melanie. >> reporter: hey, good mor morning. i think once they get the crime tape all picked up still very active investigation here. we'll really get a sense of the extent of the crime scene i talked to a state trooper out here yesterday who said this is one of the largest in terms of the just the square footage area largest crime scenes that he has been on. we know that bullets went across the street. some also across the parking lot into the ymca you see where that command center truck is and that second line of crime tape. at
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investigators still going in and working this morning. that is where those two par parg lots the ymca parking lot and the simpson field parking lot are so really the focus of the attention. we also learned that the shooter apparently told his wife he was going to washington to work on taxes ton change the tax brackets. the fbi and atf spent another full day out at simpson stadium field in alexandria collecting and documenting evidence from wednesday's terrifying shooting. police believe james hodgkinson had his guns legally nine mill neither handgun and a rifle. they also check out the white van that he'd been living in since march. investigators confiscate add computer a camera and a cell phone and they continue to look into hodgkinson's social media interactions. his estranged wife spoke to the media yesterday. >> i just don't know what to tell you people. i had no idea this was going to happen, and i don't know what to say about it. i can't wrap my he
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>> reporter: sue you san hodgkinson said her husband sold almost all of his belongings earlier this year before coming to dc. he was also known while he was here in the area to frequent that ymca which is right next to simpson field. even talked to lady yesterday who said a woman ran into the ymca saying there was a shooter. everyone's first instinct was to run to the windows and look they saw the shooter with the gun and then an instructor wisely told them out to get down into the basement. definitely this is something that the community they want to see this crime scene wrapped up but i think it's something that is going to stay with them for quite sometime. live in alexandria i'm melanie alnwick fox5 local news. >> melanie, thank you very much. 9:09 time for the good day morning briefing and first up a policy shift concerning cuba. president trump is expected to announce the change today with the hopes of stopping the flow of u.s. cash to the cub
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the white house thinks american money spent on an island has been funneled to the communist government instead of the cuban people. president trump wants to create new restrictions on travel and some on business but you could still book flights and cruises to cuba with some restrictions. the president will make that announcement during a trip to miami. >> the president is also lashing out at the investigators probing his administration's alleged ties to russia. the president tweeted the o on-going probe was a witch hunt and called the actual investigators quote very bad and conflicted people. he also criticized authorities for not giving hillary clinton the same scrutiny. his statements claim the same day we learned vice-president mike pence hired a personal lawyer to represent him as the investigation intensifies. meanwhile another international policy change to tell you about the pentagon will apparently send almost 4,000 additional troops to afghanistan. this decision comes just days after the defense department was granted authority by the white house to send additional troops
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official announcement on the troop surge is expected to come next week. after more than 20 hours of deliberations, the jury decided bill cosby's fate set it was deadlocked. but the judge isn't taking that as an answer. we'll have the latest from the courtroom coming up a little later. first though we're heading back out to ashburn, virginia right now for a look at the five places you have to see during your next trip to the virginia suburb. we'll have that coming up right aft this break. time now 9:11. 9:11.
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♪ time right now 9:14. hey, there's a lot more to ashburn than redskins park. we know to right. >> of course. >> seeing it all morning. we'll see more. this morning we're getting a tour of all the town has to offer with our weekly edition of the five must stops. >> for details let's head back to holly and maureen at one loudoun. good morning, ladies. >> good morning. >> remember, moments ago i told you that i just diss covered that i have family. >> okay. >> in ashburn. >> you tell them your name. >> mike morris. >> mike tell them your daughter's name. >> holly.
9:15 am
i can even believe it. i didn't know after all these years. >> after all these years, the resemblance is uncanny. >> isn't it? >> see where i get my hair. >> i used to be blond. >> okay. mike came up to me and i obviously had -- wonderful name you pick your your daughter. >> real quickly tell us about this. >> i'm an insurance agent here in loudoun county and i ensure hearts farms and horses. >> so when this went up for auction, i had to buy it. >> had to have it. >> great tieing piece. >> dad -- >> i always want add horse. >> come out and go riding. >> before we do let's show them what we put to tape fort five must stops. when you come out here this is what you have to see. check this out. ♪ number five, the w and od trail escape from city traffic on the scenic paveed trail. it runs 45 miles between shirlington and percyville, virginia. run, bike or skate along the former road bed o
9:16 am
washington and old dominion railroad. you need a break or bite to eat stop at one of the restaurants or breweries along the trail. that brings us to number four. old ox brewery with outdoor patio right off the trail this family owned and operated business brews its own beer in the 30 barrel brew house. enjoy draft beer in the tasting room bite pint or even refillable growlers or keg. number three, the zone. there's no shortage of fun here. this venue has entertainment for the entire family. arcade games and bowling or watch a favorite sports team play on big screen tv's. don't forget to grab a bite to eat in the restaurant or take a seat at the bar for one of their signature drinks. number two, ban chi wreaks nature reserve loudoun county's only nature preserve is 725 acres of beauty. take a hike along one of the many scenic trails. you may even see the heard goats used to manage unwanted plants. number one where we are today. one loudoun
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everything you need is in one place. this mixed use community as restaurant, shops, entertainment and homes nearby. come enjoy one of the many events here on the downtown plaza. ♪ i told you. ashburn has so much to offer if you're thinking about making this home i think we got the person to help you find something, right holly. >> you can come to one loudoun because long and foster has an office here that's where pam jones happens to work. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much for coming out this morning. thanks for having me. >> this place is growing leaps and bounds, right. >> yes it is. people are flocking to ashburn. we understand why after being here. >> absolutely flocking to ashburn for sure. good all right. so every week we like to kind of focus on what your money will get you in the neighborhood that we're highlighting. so we'll start with chamber land terrace tell us about this property. >> chamber land terrace two bedroom condo in active add dull community it's about 1700 square feet. it has tons of windows.
9:18 am
it's a secure building with an elevator, upgraded kitchen and bath. it's really nice space for 30 309.9. that's 309.9 built back in 2005. >> right. >> what is the condo mark like out here. >> it's quite active. in fact prices are going up quick until condos because they are the lowest price point in the area. >> are there new ones being built as well. >> there are. >> there are. >> yes. >> you can go back and forth whether you want to get an old one updated get nor for your money and go with a new one. >> absolutely and pick everything. >> active another difficult community that's a big thing out here. >> that's a big thing out here more and more we're seeing people in the 55 plus range moving to ashburn. >> choosing this is where they want to make their destination in their golden years perhaps. >> absolutely. >> bryson mills circle what's this property like. colonial nice front porch about 2300 square feet on the market at 549.9 it was built in '95 so a lot of updates.
9:19 am
new baths, new carpet, new paint the it's really very pretty and it is win about a block of dominion trail elementary school. >> that's nice. >> easy to walk there. >> i always wonder in in these kind of communities because you have older neighborhoods and then you have new ones constantly popping up. do you see do people when they come out they, yes, i want the established or, no, i want something new. >> it's wide variety. in fact, a lot of times we can market a really nicely updated home as move in ready rather than wait for the new home. >> right, right. >> we also have lot of people who move up within the community, you know, buy the townhome then the single family then they go for the 900,000 new home. >> which brings us to the home on zula chase place. >> yes. >> zula chase place. maureen this was built for her daughter's name is zula. tell us about this property. >> it is really nice large home, four bedrooms, four and a half baths on little over half a
9:20 am
from the new metro station. 6100 square feet. nice theater room in the basement all the up grades, bells and whistles it's a really nice property. >> we have seen all demographics out here. young families, older people that are out here. how long do houses usually stay on the mark, how quick do people find something. >> it's really interesting. this year receive ranged from early in the year about 40 days on market. last month it was 30. that number will start to increase through the summer a little bit. but, yeah, usually between a month to month and a half we'll get a home that's priced well and in condition good sold in that time frame. >> i just found out my dad has a horse so i might be looking for a place with little property. >> okay. you can bring them. it's not here it's on the other side but the plantation. >> very good. >> it look like the buying is good if you want to relocate out here to ashburn. we've got more coming up later. back on in to the loft. thanks, holly. apprecate it.
9:21 am
coming up before empire, author andrea mayberry joins us live, she's going to talk about her new book. there was life before empire i think is what i'm trying to say. it looks back on her life as a single mom raising a star, of course, we know him as yaz the greatest hakeem on empire. >> first though another day of deliberations for the bill cosby jury. even though they say they're deadlocked plus two prisoners back in custody. thanks to a quick thinking citizen and later bryce harper breaking his own record we'll have details when we check what else is making headlines next. .
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>> we're having a deep discussion about tupac. and biggy. >> but today is all about tupac. it would have been his 46th birthday. >> 46 years old. yes. >> which is hard to believe. i remember exactly where i was when i heard that news. i was living in albany, new york i was driving to the see to take in a show. >> well. >> and i heard it on the radio. >> yup. unbelievable. i know, right. feels like yesterday. but it wasn't. 46 years today happy birthday tupac. >> i like this song we have in the background. >> throw them up for tupac. >> 9:24. it's time to get check what else is making headlines and first up, another day of jury deliberations. >> that's right wisdom 12 men and women deciding bill
9:25 am
fate will try again to reach unanimous decision today. the fifth day of deliberations yesterday the jury told the judge presiding over the sexual assault trial they were deadlocked. the judge told them get back to work. cosby charged with sexually assaulting a woman at his home in 2004 he faces a the least ten years in prison if convicted. in london, the death toll from the massive apartment fire in has risen to 30. queen elizabeth and prince william paid a visit to the site where community groups are gathering supplies for the victims. britain sun newspaper put on its cover the names and many pictures of 65 people missing and feared dead. prime minister terese is may nouned a full public inquiry into the fire. the nationwide manhunt for two georgia unmates a over after home inn vague and high speed chase in tennessee. the inmates crash during that chase then fled on foot and tried to steal another vehicle outside a home. but the homeowner heard them outside and hal them at gun point until police arrived to arrest them. the two men escape from a
9:26 am
shooting and killing two security guards. a preliminary investigation incredible video there. reveals a blame in that crashed during the us open yesterday may have experienced mechanical problems. it happened at erin hills golf course in wisconsin. the blimp was up taking aerial shots of the golf tournament but instead crashed into a nearby soy bean field. the pilot was the only passenger on the blimp. he wasn't seriously injured and taken to the hospital. finally, bryce harper well he's breaking even his own record. number 34 hit the hardest homerun of his career last night in new york. the 93 miles per hour fast ball left his bat at 116 miles per hour it took just 3.8 seconds to reach the seats but, you know, it didn't stay there. it was going so fast it ricocheted back on to the field. it was harper's hardest hit ball since espn started tracking the stats two years ago. he got 17 on the year. the nats
9:27 am
so good for the nats there. can i tell you something about homerun? >> i don't care if it goes thousand miles an hour or 50 miles an hour as long as it goes over and out. that's all i'm saying. >> you just want a traditional homerun. >> i don't about tracking how fast it goes, how high it goes just get out of the point. just like me three pointers much they all count for three. three-point lateral or half court it doesn't matter. >> the world according to wisdom martin. it all makes sense. >> all circles back to him. >> yes. tucker taking his new zip trip segment to new heights this morning literally coming up next, he's trying out i fly. you may have heard about this celebration of ashburn continues this morning. also going to check in with mike for look how hot the holiday weekend will get. ♪ ♪♪ fresh at 10a celebration for the fathers out there. tray chaney will join us live to perform his new single dedication to dad. and we want to see your shout outs
9:28 am
tweet us pictures with the #fox5dads. it is 9:27. hey i want to tweet a picture of my dad. >> let's do that during the break. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪♪ washed out, sometimes. washed up? never. l'oreal's new age perfect rosy tone moisturizer. increases cell renewal. boosts skin's rosy tone - instantly.
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♪ all right. welcome back. it is going to be tough to top last week when tucker broke out his best patrick swayze ghost impression with an elderly pottery maker in georgia. who could forget about this moment. >> it was classic. who could forget or who wants to forget? i want to forget. >> it's burned into the inside of my eye lids. >> it semi trended on twitter. >> people trying to -- make eight thing. >> create the moment. tucker is trend setter i got to see the pictures. >> no reenactment here. move on then but today tucker tries it taking things to whole another level. and he joins us now for details. he's live from i fly in ashburn. i spy tucker right now. >> allison, wait a minute. that pottery was really cute last week. >> it was really cute. >> yes. it was cute. hey, i am in i fly out here in ashburn this is really cool
9:32 am
103 do. >> um-hmm. >> tell mow your name again and your position here. >> trevor gibbs general manager i fly loudoun ashburn. >> so again, this is an opportunity to do indoor skydiving. we talked about it last hour about what takes place but i've done a training session. >> um-hmm. >> got on my cool outfit. >> yes, do you. what can i expect when i go in there. >> basically you'll be in there with one of our instructor ryan not going to jump or fall. lean into the wind. wind is already going to be going. >> how fast is the wind going. >> depend on the size of the person. it can vary. for you, say around 80, 85, 90 miles per hour. >> am i more likely to fly like an eagle or fall like a dodo bird. >> fly like an eagle every time. >> really? [ laughter ] >> some body types easier to float than other. >> it is -- yes and no it's a sport like anything else it's all about how you approach it if you stay nice and relaxed and calm and breathe of one flies great. >> my impression it's tech knee, right. >> this is not ride. it's a sport. we
9:33 am
your training wheels on let you go in there and fly on your h home. >> how many first timers are confident to do summer salt. >> not confident to do somersaults. we have return programs we have discounts if you come back and fly again. the idea to build you up where you can fly on your own. >> it's time for me to fly. wish me luck here. i had a big breakfast. let's hope this goes well. >> there you go. >> all right. goggles on. buckle you up. good? >> yes. look at that. >> they got him. >> we need to be -- we needed to the play by play. we can have hit equipment on in ther
9:34 am
>> higher and higher. >> i got to say the uniform suits him. >> it does. >> very fierce. >> now i think did he this a couple years ago, right. >> wasn't this a couple years ago. >> look at his face. [ laughter ] >> he kept falling that time. he kept hitting the net. so far so good. >> i think having the instructor in there to help keep him up is changing the game for him. let him go. >> the voice of god. tucker, you're hot, too. >> i read online that so apparently you can be as young as three. > really. >> and as old as or young i should say as 103. >> look at that he's really getting up there. can you imagine your toddler doing that. >> no. can you imagine your grandma, 103 doing it. >> imagine your o worker named wisdom doing this because the answer would be no. >> you wouldn't do this, wisdom. >> absolutely not. >> chop clap. >> he's doing good job. good job. >> lift off. >> it looks like beautiful ballet, doesn't it? aerial ballet. >> and now he's back
9:35 am
>> looks a little dizzy. >> i can't imagine you could be in there that long. >> good job. >> he's a pro at this. we'll hear how he feels in just a minute. first, though, weather time. >> we'll did a little weather and get back and see if tucker is over the trash can. live look outside. we got clouds that rolled in overnight they're sti sticking pretty thick out there for now if we break out in any sun it will destabilize things more for this afternoon. we are tracking a couple batch down towards charlottesville will try and move its way up over the potomac through the northern neck and across portions of the southern maryland. feign that does come across as very very light. there's another batch up about to enter the panhandle of maryland. once again another light little round of showers this morning. the afternoon when things could really start kicking up 74 in d.c. manassas 75. fredericksburg at 74. quantico 75 degrees right now as well. couple 60s out there. gaithersburg at 69. when i said couple i meant one. most of
9:36 am
the 70s a warm front stalled out just to our south and west that's your storm maker for later op this afternoon the east wind out ahead of it is bringing in all that cloud cover that's why we're cloudy this morning. again as that front makes its way into the region later on today, showers and thunderstorms are going to return. so do be prepared for that. here's your future cast 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. not too much. cloudy out there. we head into the afternoon storms starting to five up about four, 5:00 o'clock this evening. heavy round of severe weather later on this evening. we'll have to keep an eye on that maybe gusty winds a little bit of hail possible. keep your eye on that fox5 weather app. we'll get you through the day. 84 degrees your daytime high. scattered thunderstorms that it afternoon. 88 on saturday and 92 on sunday. pretty hot weekend for dad. all right. that's check of your forecast. guys, back to you on the couch. >> thank you very much, mike. i guess i take the heat for father' days weekend over the rain. >> for sure. >> most definitely. >> get some outside activities in maybe. 9:36. every zip trip let s
9:37 am
can find we like to take a moment and honor the men and women who risk it all to save others. it's a segment we call first responder friday and this morning holly is hanging out with the team from loudoun county fire and rescue. love the hat. >> thank you. erin i had two requirements when they said you're doing friday first responders i want helmet and i want to be on top of the fire truck. >> that's right. >> you know what i knew the two men that could make it happen. this is assistant chief keith john johnson and deputy chief of operations mike nellie. thank you so much. >> thanks for having us. >> we don't want to be regular stand on ground in front of the fire truck. >> we are way different. you guys are way awesome. give me a little overview of just loudoun county fire and rescue. >> loudoun county is a thriving combined fire and rescue system. we have 19 stations we're building our 20th station we're building 600 career and fire personnel and 800 operation al volunteer personnel great to be part of a great system that's growing at
9:38 am
continually growing i would think this place is developing just leaps and bounds people are moving out here which would mean we need more of you all continually, right? >> absolutely. we are always increasing -- we have three recruit schools in session this year to increase our career staff and always looking for volunteers to be part of the many volunteer companies in loudoun county. >> i want to give people a tour of th truck real quickly. i mean how often do you get to be on top of a fire truck, right? kind of show me what we're looking at. >> the guys are a little nervous they didn't clean the top that well they cleaned the sides and everything else this is the top of truck we are standing op tom water tank. there's water tank right here in front of us that has 750 false of water and foam tank that has 40 gallons of foam that's how we fill it up literally throw it in there the tank and the hose is right behind us. they had to clean that house. they had a fire last night they clean it on the way this morning so it would look good. >> we would and responsible if we didn't talk about summer safety when it comes to fires. so what do you want people to keep in in mind. >> summer brings a lot
9:39 am
does winter. pool and water seive tee one of things we want to get across always wear a coast guard approved flotation devices working around the water and boating safety. one of the we had last year a child on homemade swing. the rope broke and he fell off we had to get our technical rescue folks to rescue that person from that area. water safety a big thing for us much the other part of that is grilling safe tow. just like in the winter with fireplaces and wood stoves, summer brings upon grilling. we all do it in the evening although hot briquettes karl local briquettes that pellets we use are hot and they stay hot for over 24 hours. we had fire last week that was caused by a resident that took her grilling pal pellets and put them into a non approved device, plastic bucket and put them on her deck and burn the back of the house off. so again, keep them, soak them down. >> sure. >> keep them metal
9:40 am
15 feet away from the house or any combustible items. >> you have to tell me what's the best thing about loudoun county fire and rescue. >> it is absolutely the community we serve. i mean you can take look around where this place has gone over the last 20 years. these used to just be feels. a lot of farm fields and everybody coming in real sal very diverse and thriving community. it makes very nice place to be. >> you make a safe place to live. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> for the work that you do. appreciate it both of you. very much. >> thanks for crawling up here and letting old girl have a little fun an fire helmet. back to ya'll in the loft. >> thanks so much, holly. we appreciate it. we honor them as well in here. >> it may be father's day weekend but this morning we are celebrating a mom who rocks. coming up next the mom of empire star brashear gray joins us live to talk about her new book and, yes, that outfit is everything in the world. we'll talk about -- >> the shoes just the whole thing we need shoe cam and all of that. we'll talk about how
9:41 am
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that is a hot clip from the latest season of empire featuring performance by hakeem played by brashear gray. yaz the greatest gray. this morning we're learning more about how he became the greatest in the first place and it has to do a lot with a mom who rocks. andrea mayberry was once a single mom raising a child with attention difficulties, but they both persevered and now she is just as proud as she can be. she's also written a book about their journey called before empire. the true story of a single mother raising a star and this morning, she joins us in the loft with more. welcome to washington. >> thank you so much. thank you for having me here. >> it's a pleasure to meet you. >> thank you. >> when you see your son there and he is jamming, right? >> yes, ma'am. >> what goes through your mind when you watch empire. >> i'm so happy because i know where we started, and where he's going and where god is going to continue to take him. i'm just so h
9:45 am
to see him doing positive things. good right. right. right. it didn't have to be that way. >> no, it didn't. but the grace of god and me keeping him in prayer and praying every day and just being consistent in diligent in what i wanted him to do, you know, eat gotten through this. >> right. >> so i have the book in my hand here. i just even love the copy. the picture of you, you can just see how proud you are. and how, um, how your son is standing there looking out i just love it. >> thank you. >> i really do. thank you very much. >> how has your-changed in the years that empire has been on the air? >> it has changed because for one i have to -- i still work a full-time job. >> do you? >> yes, i been at my job for 17 years. 16 years. i went to my 15 year award ceremony last night. and just being, you know, secure and everything, um, that's the way it has changed. changed. he's still getting the things that he
9:46 am
don't leave as an adult. >> let's talk about that. reveal your son did grow up with the chal challenges adhd and he overcame those challenges. >> yes. >> tell us about that burn journey. >> i had to educate myself. educate myself first because i didn't understand when they told me what it was. i didn't know how to help him. so in order for me to do i had research and educate so i can educate everyone around him including the teachers because sometimes they looked at it as bad children and they get angry because they can't articulate what's going on inside of them because i was his mouth peace, i was his advocate, i was able to teach everyone around him and get him the property things he needed in order to maintain every day. >> makes you shed a tear for those kids who don't have advocate. >> this is why i'm speaking about it. because i want to that ties my foundation miss berry cares i want to help parents be better advocates for their childn
9:47 am
teach them about the education as spec of it. do you have rights. the children have rights and they're not always wrong. yeah. >> let me ask you about the industry because of course we know, and your son is joined us in here just such a nice young man. >> thank you. >> really was. >> thank you. >> tell us the challenges of breaking into the industry. did you know how to do this? i mean take us through that part of your story. >> well, i once again educated myself on the industry. i had group, um, early on that was assigned to missy elliot. >> he's rapper. >> he watched me go through that phase of it, and then he told me he wanted to be rapper and i didn't want him to be it took some time for me to realize that's what he really wanted to do, and once he was serious i really started to, um, you know get myself into educating myself on the industry more and just being there for him. i had to manage him because i fell as though that he needed me there so i managed him all the way up until second season of em
9:48 am
mentioned miss berry's cares. >> yes. >> it deals with getting kids into the industry especially with attention difficulties. >> yes. >> okay. >> because i'm here to inspire, educate and empower parents to once again educate yourself and what i did as a parent, um, because i didn't have anyone to always tell me what to do. >> andrea your road wasn't easy this book details some of your challenges. can you give us a brief synopsis about some of the things you go there. >> domestic violence. i was -- high child already brashear has a sister two years older than he is. and i got pregnant with him, and i was feeling like i was feeling -- failing as parent. because i knew that the relationship with bryshere's father wasn't going to work because he beat me and i talk about that in detail because i got through that, and understanding that i didn't have to be in that relationship because i had a child with him. that i can too get through that. >> so powerful
9:49 am
>> you're coming back to dc next for moms who rock, right. >> moms who rock tour is starting -- it's starting in philly first. july 16th but then i'm coming to d.c. july29th and i am going to empower, inspire parents, i'll going to be giving awards to parents in the community and some celebrity moms will be coming and i just want this to be a wonderful event we want to unite it's okay to have healthy relationships with women we want to unite and empower one another. yes, ma'am. >> all right. it has been honor to talk to you. we just love the show. we love your son. >> thank you. >> we love everything that you're doing today. >> thank you. >> ma'am. andrea mayberry is the mother of bryshere gray and the author of this before empire. >> yes. >> all right. erin, over to you. >> such powerful message. we thank you for being here today with us. >> thank you. >> well it is 9:49. coming up it's a taste of ashburn. maureen is hanging out with the team from copper wood tavern the second stop on our food tore out of loudoun county she's learning about the farm to table menu
9:50 am
patio. we'll be right back as we zip trip out in ashburn. ♪ ♪♪
9:51 am
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>> got the good music going. friday morning. >> yes. >> and we are zip tripping out in ashburn today. >> delicious food to go with this. >> my stomach is hungry for some breakfast an annie our favorite part of every zip trip obviously the food even if we're just living vicariously here in the stewed eighty seven you could bring some back for us. it's time for our second stop on the culinary tour of ashburn. let's send it back out to maureen. what you got? >> hey, can you smell what the chef is cooking? this is amazing out here. this is carper wood tavern exec testify chef james duke owe my gosh this looks amazing. >> thank you very much. >> you guys are doing locally sourced farm to table food here. it's beautiful to lock at. >> i'm sure amazing to taste. physical me about this restaurant. what are you guys doing. >> we focus on farm to table pretty much very ingredient driven. for example today we have 21 day dried rib eye, 32 ounces 2 pounds of
9:54 am
>> flintstones would be proud. >> yabba dab ba do. >> we have our duck breast pro ten hovy and fatty. much richer diet. jd will carve this up for us. temperature that we have on it. >> don't want to leave out jd fantastic sue chef here slicing and dicing and making it happen out here. we love that. >> excellent skills. what we'll do, we'll plate up these things and showcase how we serve them in the rest refront and taste them too. >> are you a new restaurant. >> we've been open in loudoun for about eight months now. fairly new. >> what's the reception? this is mott farm to table a lot of people are doing it what's bun the reception in loudoun county? >> very positive. source a lot of things locally from percyville, also from the shenandoah valley, and it's very much about the ingredients other than simply about more calories i don't want to leave out you're also doing seafood. >> these are oysters. we serve these every day. for happy hour one dollar each. and -- say that ain
9:55 am
>> one dollar each. every single day. >> one dollar for happy hour. >> okay. i'm sorry, go ahead. >> i was going do say, good thing about these they have medium to large size and they're actually the newest variety that rappahannock sells right now. what's your favorite thing on the menu while jd plates up what's your favorite thing on your menu. >> i like the tomahawk rib eye. jd plating a small orange sauce that. it's a play on duck ala orange. so this is actually in the style of ala orange. very classic. approachable. very simply treated and very beautiful plated you can see the glistening on the duck breast fully render the out. >> can i bring my family? >> absolutely. we're located on the corner of one loudoun downtown. >> we got 30 seconds left. put this together real quick. >> go ahead and move. >> this is our final minute making it happen. making it beautiful. you can see nice beautiful duck roast. >> okay.
9:56 am
>> 9 ounces right there. jd will finish off the tomahawk like assault base situation going on over here. >> oh, my gosh. >> okay. i've died and gone to heaven if you want to come to heaven with me, come here. okay? you got to do this. james duke, thank you so much. restaurant -- my pleasure. >> come out to ashburn loudoun county copper wood tavern you're doing mazing food. we cannot wait to taste it. we'll zen it back to you guys i hope you're jealous we're about to devour his whole thing right here. okay much that's a we're going to do thank you guys so much. >> our pleasure. thanks for having us. >> jd. >> no room for jealousy. just enjoy yourself out there. >> yes. have a nice breakfast in our honor, right. >> we have some stuff here. like there's cough drop and water. we're good. >> yeah. it's all good. >> you know what we do yes have. >> what. >> another hour to go. in fact coming up in that hour, we're going to talk about father's day with tray cheney he's got a new song dedicated to fathers. that's what we're going to do. >> inch chas are coming to twitter talk about that.
9:57 am
for jay-z i'm talking about big time. we'll let you know what it is. >> almost presidential you could say. >> almost. >> almost. that's a clever erin. >> thank you. >> ♪ how your clothes smell can say at lot about you. that's why new downy protect and refresh conditions fibers to lock out odors. so clothing odors don't do the talking for you. lock out odors with new downy protect and refresh.
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10:00 am
>> ♪ >> the most memorable moments only on good day. >> social media shakeup insta shocker about teens. plus obama gives jay-z a touching tribute. >> local superstar tray taney's performance dedicated to dads everywhere. send your pics to #fox5
10:01 am
>> redskins fans wait until you see who shows up at our zip trip around 10:30. >> touchdown. let's do this in three, two, one, good day at 10:00 a starts right now. >> ♪ [cheers and applause] >> all right. good day at 10:00 a coming your way. our final hour from ashburn and what an amazing zip trip it's been. >> oh, my goodness, one loudoun has been rocking all morning long. we have been meeting the most amazing people among which is my girl sophia. say hi. >> hi. >> i told her i would give her a special shout-out as she's a fox5 fan as are most of our fans out here this morning. you guys have been amazing. [cheers and applause]
10:02 am
>> your back up. >> that's a really cool -- it's so different, you know. you don't find that kind of thing everywhere. amazing. i guess i'm going to do -- taste some food here and the crowd has picked up since i left an hour ago. >> you can dance, go ahead. we prefer that you do. now we go. here we go. >> low, low, low, low. there we go. hey, listen we have big names this hour. you might have heard of this guy dug williams, newly named vice president of player personnel out at redskins park. he's going to join us. we'll talk everything burgundy and gold with him. >> yes we are. the five must stops we'll share that with you. when you come out here you'll need to know all the amazing things to do beyond one loudoun which is amazing in and of itself but there's lots more at a share with you. >> we have our hometown hero, hometown teams which are very impressive. >> junior reporter in a couple minutes. >> and we'll probably have another taste of loudo
10:03 am
ashburn i should say. >> i'm thinking we should drink our way out of this town. cheers. >> what else do i say to that? all right. so, let's do it, people. i want to see the moves. are you ready? three, two, one,. >> uh. >> we need some better music. [cheers and applause] >> got it? come on deejay. deejay what do you got? >> we're going to coordinate our dance moves but in the meantime we'll send it back in to you. >> okay, all right a needs a little work but i see where you're going. it's all good. it's friday. hey, thank you very much for staying with us. wisdom martin alongside allison annie and erin. >> and just a reminder father's day is this weekend so all morning as if we could forget right but all morning long we've been showing you pictures that you're sending us of the dedicated dads out there. so, if you want to honor the special dad in your life just tweet, oh, i love it, i love it. >> awww. >> yes, one of our elect
10:04 am
officials right there just tweeted an instagram picture with the #fox5 dad or twitter two. we'll show them on air coming up a little later. and we've got a real life shout-out for dad right erin. >> we do. i brought my dad to work with me today. hi, dad. >> mr. como. >> hi. [laughter] >> my goodness, one day he was like i think i'll have a daughter. and there you are. >> i was a surprise baby? >> you look just like your dad. >> i look a lot more like the como side of the family for sure. >> he spit you right out. >> mr. como give us the dirt on erin. >> you got any dirt. >> no dirt. very proud father. she's very good and thank you for inviting me to the studio this morning to see what you do all day. tough work, intense jobs you folks have. >> dad thanks for coming in. >> i know he looks like the fifth anchor in his suit today. looking sharp. >> dapper. 50eu8 picked out that tie just slowing throwing it out there. >> good job. >> 10:04 and that means it's time
10:05 am
headlines this morning. >> first up breaking news to tell you about president trump confirming he is under investigation. he made that announcement on twitter a little less than an hour ago. here it is. he also confirmed the investigation stems from his firing of former fbi director james comey. but he continued to call the ongoing probe a "witch hunt." doctors stay scalise has improved but they caution more surgeries may be needed. washington hospital center says the bullets damaged many bones and internal organs. tyson foods lobbyist matt mika is listed in serious condition which is an upgrade because he was in critical yesterday. officer crystal griner is in good condition and stable. the annual congressional game drew a record crowd of almost 25,000 people. just 36 hours after the gunman took aim at the gop team practice. democrats came out on top 11 to two but later gave the winning trophy to the gop to put in representativ s
10:06 am
scalise's office on behalf of the democrats. the game raised more than $1 million for local charities. very heartwarming. russia claims its military has killed the lead everier of isis. the claim came out around 3:00 0 so far though u.s. officials say they cannot confirm this. russia also says -- russia says al-baghdadi was killed in an air raid on may 28th. this is the not the first time al-baghdadi's death has been reported. all of the previous death claims were proven to be false. and today jury deliberations in the bill cosby sexual assault trial enters a fifth day. on thursday the jury told the judge they were deadlocked. the judge told them get back to work. cosby is charged with sexually assaulting a woman at his home in 2004. he faces at least 10 years in prison if guilty. and finally, for the third time in three years the warriors showing off their nba championship trophy with a victory parade through downtown oakland. the team rode buses along the
10:07 am
and coaches spoke to a crowd at a rally. steph curry and his wife and kids accompanied him on the bus and kevin durant's mom joined him as well. riding high. >> i love the shine the team brings i love that. >> and to have your family there. >> that's right. >> take a look at this. social media also going crazy over lebron james' new haircut. he post this on instagram video of him enjoying his new bald head and rapping along to some hip hop. this is just a new side to him. i never seen lebron take it to this level. >> if he's losing his hair anyway so why not. >> he looks so happy. >> definitely. >> he does look happy. >> liberated. care free. >> maybe he doesn't know that the playoffs aren't happening anymore. [laughter] >> what time is the game tonight. >> the beard with the bald that's a nice look. >> it is. >> for him. he embraced it. >> i can't believe you took a shot at lebron like
10:08 am
the playoffs are over. >> okay, calm down lebron it's all right. >> still in shock. >> i like when you make wisdom give the genuine belly laugh. good stuff. >> i do, too. that's the new lebron. honestly though i like to see when -- if a man wants to take the hair all the way down 'cause he's losing this and i'm not saying this because my husband did the same thing i like it when they embrace it. >> the more power to you. >> yes. >> allison whatever you want to say. [laughter] >> okay, let's head on out to ashburn once again. it's time for our hometown hero. holly and maureen take it away. >> hey, good morning, again to you guys. you know, in every community there are always a certain number of people making a difference in others' lives. so many today and today we want to highlight jennifer montgomery executive director of loudoun hunger relief. she joins us this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> jennifer what you're doing is amazing. it takes a special person to do good for others and thank you for all that you're
10:09 am
>> thank you. >> tell us about the loudoun county hunger relief. >> it's loudoun's largest food pantry. we provided food to 11,000 loudoun residents last year, 1.2 million pounds. so, it's certainly not just me. we have 350 active volunteers that make our organization go and tremendous support from the loudoun community. >> we were talking before we went on, it's not about just providing food. it's about providing the right food, right. >> right. >> and we talked about one loudoun here specifically they have an amazing farmer's market. >> yes. >> but fresh fruits and vegetables is also a big part of your mission. >> a lot of folks who come to our food pantry have diabetes and hypertension and things like that and so they need healthy foods just like all the rest of us, right, and so that's a really important part of our mission so we're lucky that in loudoun we have a lot of local farmers and farm markets that give us a lot of local produce. >> i'm sure they do it willingly. >> absolutely. >> you don't have to beg them and plead with them.
10:10 am
>> exactly. >> people want to help. >> there's a lot of great tax incentives for giving and donating. >> is that what we're seeing here the crock pot. >> absolutely. this is one of the many great produce items that we have. we have mangos, beans and cabbage and apples, all sorts of great stuff and our goal is to have this every day at the pantry so when you come no matter when you come you can always access fresh foods. >> go ahead. >> when they do come do they need to sign up or do you just show up. >> the only requirement that we have is that you live in loudoun. we feel like if you or your family needs assistance then we want to be able to give that to you without any bar. >> you have the people that are coming but like you said you don't do this alone. there has to be people with generous hearts and spirits. >> exactly. >> to be a part of that. with that a shout out to matt wave. matt is -- you said one of your best volunteers. he's a huge fox5 fan. he's been supporting us for years. if people do want to be a volunteer what's the
10:11 am
to go about it. >> call us or visit our web site loudoun or call us at the p pantry. we love groups, individuals. we always need food donations and certainly financial support as well. >> jennifer for everything you do i know it's a team effort but we want to honor you this morning for everything you do. >> thank you. >> today you are our hometown hero. we want to present to you this certificate. >> wow. >> and to go with that, i hope you have a very special spot to place this or hang it. >> thank you. >> but we hope that you will always remember us because you know what, we will always remember you and you all are certainly leaving your mark here in loudoun. >> the loudoun hunger relief the organization can use your& help so if you're watching go online and make the donations needed or just show up and give of your time. that in and of itself is a gift. >> absolutely. thanks so much and thanks for being here today. so exciting to have you in loudoun. >> it's our pleasure and we have a lot more to come within the hour. go ahead, shake the pom poms ladies 'cause
10:12 am
redskins coming up in just a matter of minutes. >> yes, we are. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. 10:11 is the time. twitter made that changes to its layout. users well they aren't thrilled about it because coming up we're going tow you what's new on twitter and why maybe down -- it may be time to put down those french fries. >> how dare you so. >> pick up some pizza instead. >> don't judge me, sir. >> and a little bit later jay-z's special shout-out from a former commander-in-chief. got a check on what's trending at 10:00 a next. >> first though let's check in with our junior reporter for a look at what else is coming up this hour. good morning. >> hi, i'm christie. today is fox5 zip trip junior reporter. coming up redskins legend doug williams and the redskins cheerleaders plus two championship teams from briarwood high school and cocktails. >> ♪
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
>> ♪ >> do it, annie. come on. >> okay. >> ♪ hail to the redskins ♪ >> we have been celebrating ashburn all morning long which you may know is also home to your washington redskins. so this morning we are getting ready for football season a little early fro
10:16 am
from the first ladies of football and burgundy and gold legend holly morris joining us now with a couple of the burgundy on gold's best. hey, holly. >> we were just talking about a few personnel decisions here, doug williams and i we were in a quick little huddle. congratulations on the promotion. >> thank you. >> so, i have to ask, do you think -- i mean, is that going to lead to the gm job? >> well, i think number one my job is to do the job that i have right now. >> right now. >> you do that job well, you don't know what happens but the most important thing is doing what i been tasked to do and that's what we going to do. >> would you like to be gm one day. >> i'm going to deal with the senior vice president of player personnel. >> staying in my lane. we have the honor of having jonathan allen out here early this morning and he seems like he's going to be a good addition to the team. >> no doubt about it. first round draft pick and all that is part of player personnel. we spend a lot of hours, a lot of time in the room looking at tape and looking at
10:17 am
we would hope jonathan allen will be there when it's time to pick. >> you have more feelers out there. what are you looking for? what does this team need in your opinion. >> number one i think we got a pretty solid football team but you always looking to upgrade and i think next year's draft is the most important thing for us to find out who is out there to fit in that will make as you better team for the future. >> you're not telling me it's a building year, though. >> not at all, not a building year. i think we got a pretty good football team. over the last two years i think we played well. we missed the playoffs last year. we thought we had an opportunity to go. i certainly think we got a team that can compete with the rest of the league and we actually looking to be able to be in the playoffs this year so it's not rebuilding. >> oh, good, because all redskins fans were just holding their breath as i ask that, right, because you know better than anyone the expectations of the redskins fans. they're high every year. and is that
10:18 am
added pressure that sometimes you just can't achieve. >> number one i think we have to take our hats off to the fans. we got the greatest fans in the world but i think it's also right that we try to give them what they should have and that's a winning football team and a chance to go to the super bowl and play and win. that's what it's all about. >> you got a lot of fans here obviously in loudoun. do you think that the redskins could ever have a football stadium or have a home here in virginia? >> well, you know what that question is too big for me. i got a few people above me that can answer that one. >> but you're the highest person i can get to right now so i'm asking you. >> but i'll take it back to the office. >> okay. put the bid in. i'm sure that a lot of people here would like for that to happen. so, i can't have you sit here and not ask you about super bowl 22. how many times a day do you relive that? >> it starts in the morning when you get up. i just glad that i got the mind to remember some of the things that happened on that sunday but y
10:19 am
go into the office -- when i go into the office, you know, i work for the redskins. it's hard not to imagine what it was like 30 some years ago. that was a magical moment. >> is there a moment from that day that just constantly lives. >> yes, it does and that's when i got hurt and i was able to get up and come back and finish the football game because if i hadn't gotten up, i never -- it never would have happened. >> spirit of a winner. spirit of a champion. >> without a doubt. >> what's the difference between football then and the nfl today. >> money . >> [laughter] >> no you know, i think the guys today are so much faster, so much bigger and so much specialized. football is so specialized today compared to when i played and when i played it was just knock 'em, roll 'em and now the coaches try to outdo other coaches. it's a chess match. >> it's a scientific skilled game. the defenses are complex, the offenses are complex its not just getting o
10:20 am
>> you got third down pass rusher, two down defensive lineman, you got third down back, you got so many nickel defense, dime defense, you got so many things today compared to yesterday year. >> you know what, did you go williams we know you're in high demand. we thank you for giving us a little bit of your time. >> certainly my pleasure to be here this morning. >> and the only people that are getting more looks than doug williams would be these two gorgeous ladies right here because the redskins cheerleaders have their own fans in and of themselves. good morning ladies. >> good morning. >> so, you guys go have a decent summer before we get to fall football season, right. >> yes. so, every summer the washington redskins cheerleaders host summer youth cheer and dance camps so we're here today to talk about those. the first camp we're hosting is the cheer camp. it's july 1st and 2nd for girls ages 10 through 17 at the pg sports and learning complex. we'll be working o
10:21 am
tumbling and spirit routines. >> okay. so, you got the summer camps. as far as just the first ladies of football what are you all doing else this summer. >> lots of practicing, training camps, promos like this one, so -- >> we also have two dance camps that we're offering, one is a youth camp and one is a theme camp. the youth camp ranging ages six to 11. between camp 12 to 17. both are three days held at fedex field its a really great and fun opportunity so if you're excited, we are excited for you. >> you know what would make me more excited, okay listen up, this is what's going to make me excited. we're all going to sing hail to the redskins. are you ready? one, two, three. >> ♪ hail to the redskins, hail victory. reds on the war path, fight for all d.c. back to you! >>ay
10:22 am
>> awesome. >> doug is going do what he did the first time which is take us back to the big show. >> take us back to the glory days. >> yeah. >> i got a chance to meet doug williams a long time in nashville when he was in town for joe gillam's funeral he was another quarterback who played in the nfl. nicest guy in the world. super nice. >> so nice to hear. >> great guy. >> but he's a warrior so let's get it done. >> he's a warrior. coming up next a dedication to dads. actor and singer tray cheney will join us with a new song celebrating fatherhood. >> post your pictures on twitter #dad. we love to see the family love there. >> ♪ ♪♪
10:23 am
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and multi-room dvr service for 2 years. all with a 2-year agreement. switch now at
10:25 am
>> ♪ [laughter] >> all right. yeah. i'm joined by my junior reporter. this is nate. nate tell me your name and your age and where you go to school and what's awesome about living out here in ashburn. >> my name's nick christie i'm 10 years old and i go to em rick elementary and probably one of the my favorite things to do here is just to see all the views you can see from the mountains as you hike. >> very beautiful, isn't it. >> uh-huh. >> so, are you out for the summer. >> i am. >> and you got some fun planned this summer? >> i do. >> okay,
10:26 am
to be a reporter? >> um, maybe. i don't really know. >> okay, that's okay. understandable. you might be interested in it. i'm going to hand the microphone over to you and let you ask me some questions. can you handle that. >> uh-huh. >> here you go. >> tucker what's your most favorite thing to do during the summer. you got to put the mic in my face. thanks. good question. i love to go swimming. i like going to the pool, right. i'm not very good at being in the sun a lot but i like to go swimming in the pool because it feels good, right. >> uh-huh. >> i also like to go to the beach. i don't get to go often because i have to go all the time. my advice go to the beach while you're a kid. what's your next question. >> um, what was your favorite thing you did as a kid? >> my favorite thing? well, this is going to sound five nerdy. snowstorms. when i was a kid i pretended like i was a weather forecaster and i would try tom forecast snowstorms and hurricanes and that kind of think so i would just really loved weather ever since i was a little guy.
10:27 am
>> okay. >> any other questions. >> that's it. >> really? >> yeah. >> no, you got to ask more questions. we got to use more time. >> okay. >> this is called ad libbing. ask me what my favorite food is. >> what's your favorite food. >> oh, i don't know. i like pizza. >> what's your favorite food. >> pizza. >> do you have any brothers and sisters. >> i have one. >> all right. is he or she nice to you. >> he is pretty nice to me. >> is he older or younger. >> older. >> yeah, do you kind of look up to him. >> yeah. >> yeah. what's his name. >> max. >> you want to say hi to him. >> hi, max. >> all right. that is your junior reporter. this is 98 everybody. 98 you di98 -- nate you did a gt job. who are we going to toss it inside to. >> allison. >> allison erin and annie. >> wisdom we forgot you. say that. >> we forgot you wisdom. >> okay, there you go. >> bad influence. [laughter] >> nate, you're amazing
10:28 am
>> great job. >> great questions. >> that is so cute. i love that junior reporter segment. >> and also wisdom. >> great job. >> thanks, tucker. >> aall right, pick up tucker's good habits not his bad ones. >> absolutely. >> we'll head back out to ashburn after the break for a special shout-out to the hometown's hometown teams and we have a lot to celebrate this morning. >> that's right. plus we're checking what's trending at 10:00 a this morning and right now i it's 10:28. we'll be right back after this short break. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
10:29 am
10:30 am
10:31 am
>> ♪ >> welcome back to ashburn and one loudoun where we are celebrating the community today. you know when you think about ashburn of course you think about skins park, you think sports and we're taking it down to the high school level where the brier woods varsity baseball and soccer team champions, state champions in their own right. we want to congratulate them with the coaches right here. we have jason miller who is the head coach here at brier woods high school varsity baseball team and francois bernard varsity coach for the soccer team. [cheers and applause] >> let's show some love. okay. you did something remarkable. state champs, that is no small feat. how did you do it? >> we did it with our senior class this year, they showed a great example on and off the
10:32 am
field and showed the younger class men how to behave at practice and showed them how to do hard work, ethics throughout the post season. >> and i know you've got to be so proud of this baseball team. >> yeah, they've come a long way. our seniors worked really hard they showed mental toughness through low points and through high points and that's why we were able to tough it out in the 14 inning game. >> what did it take? i imagine lots of practice but it's also ahead game. you've got to get their heads in the game. what did it take to bring you to this moment of saying, listen, we are state champs. >> just toughness, sticking together, working a-you know, through a lot of failure, a lot of down points kept on going, kept on working hard. >> okay. little problem technically but you're saying. >> just hard work and perseverance. you got take the highs with the high and the low with the low and just keep an even keel and keep working hard and that's what the guys did and they were able to achieve their goals. >> indeed you guys did achieve the goal in a big way. okay. so, when the guys, the season started, did you look at
10:33 am
point and say guys, we can get there. >> honestly, it was -- we lost 15 seniors last year, so we didn't know where we were going but once the season was halfway through i really felt like if we kept our composure and focus that we had a shot. >> and indeed you did, a shot that you took and you maaed it. real quick word did you think you could do it. >> yeah,. >> do you think you could do it. >> definitely. >> best part about being on the team. >> it was fun. >> and you. >> winning. >> winning. always a good thing. guys, i wish i could at a you can to every one of you good luck -- i should say congratulations. let's do a repeat next year. for those of you coming back good luck to you guys in the future but i'd like to give you this. i'm sorry i only have two hands, the hometown team, we want to award you with this, our hometown team award for all your hard work. thank you guys so much. cheer. [cheers and applause] they are stunned at the silence
10:34 am
plaque. congratulations for everything you've done. back inside to you guys. >> thanks, maureen. [cheers and applause] >> yes. let's hear it for the home team. it's time to check and see what's trending. >> first up twitter has now earned the nickname spongebob round pants. [laughter] >> that's because of the changes. have you noticed what's different. it's round now. your profile picture is showing up in a round circle as opposed to the square but a lot of people are upset about it. >> really. >> yes. in fact, over 30,000 people have tweeted about this complaining about the new changes. i can see why because you know on instagram it's rounds as well. less of you gets into that. >> that's true. >> little round circle. >> really? that's what we're upset about now. >> more of us. >> want to show your whole body. >> instead of a square we're worried about 'cause it's a circle 'cause it cuts off a little bit of us. >> change is hard to some people, whiz, change is hard.
10:35 am
of twitter that's been around for -- >> can you believe it. >> okay. >> all right. 10:34 is the time. next up, drop the fries, people, drop the fries. apparently they can be killing you. researchers analyzing more than 4,000 people ranging in age from their 40's through their 70's. they ate fried potatoes over an eight year period and during that time more than 200 people died. >> oh, wait a minute. some were 80 and they died after that time period? go ahead. >> allison allow me to keep on pontificating. >> i'm sorry. researchers found in those who ate any type of fried potatoes at least two to three times a week were twice as likely to die during the study period than those who did not eat any. study authors say factors like obesity, lack of exercise and high salt consumption may have that contributed to their deaths but further research is needed. >> the hash browns are like what, don't put us in this. >> how dare you. >> you're talking french fries not home fries. >> we
10:36 am
once a week. >> that's what they're called, home fries, home skillet. >> now we're just getting sleepy. >> i think so. more coffee. >> in all honesty you probably shouldn't eat them two or three times a week. >> everything in moderation. >> every sunday i want chick-fil-a and it's closed so that's one extra day i don't have french fries. >> the average american teenager has the same activity level as a 60-year-old. this is according to a shocking new study from johns hopkins. researchers tracked the movements o of hundreds of teenagers and they found that nearly 75 percent are not meeting the suggested guidelines for exercise. never mind the fact that schools have cut it out of the day and we're also overscheduled. of course they blame social media and all that. >> always. >> always on social media. >> i agree with the and social media is a problem. >> it is a problem. >> i shouldn't admit this but i see this napping my four-year-old, the ipad. >> annie. >> i kind of regret introducing the ipad to her at such a
10:37 am
>> she loves it. >> you have all these educational apps and i thought here draw the a. now she would rather sit on the sofa. yesterday i had to literally pick her up put her in the stroller san we're going to the playground child. >> she was like okay, let's go go. >> she wanted to sit in the ac on her ipad and she's four. >> this is what we're doing now. it's not just -- it's society right now. >> it's all of us. >> okay. >> you know you guys do know you have the power to shut that down, right? >> your kids don't get the ipad. >> oh, they have all the technology they can handle. >> in moderation. whenever i say so. >> when dad says so. >> the end. >> happy father's day. >> happy fat father's day. i won't be any gifts but it's all good. >> looks like the world loves a stiff drink. liquor makers sold more drinks from
10:38 am
love. alcoholic beverage sales took a dip. the numbers underscore a shift in tastes towards the hard stuff. >> i believe it. it's in vogue to drink whiskey and all this other stuff. >> and the fancy cocktails. >> right, exactly. okay. >> listen that this. sean carter better known as jay-z got a huge show of love from former president barack obama. yesterday jay-z became the first hip hop artist to be inducted into the song writers all of fame and mr. obama celebrated the honor. >> this is an old honor. >> jay and i are also fools for our daughters although he's going to have me beat once those twins show up. let's face it, we both have wife's who are significantly more popular than we are. >> jay-z did not attend the award ceremony in new york. instead he used twitter to share his acceptance speech and thanked many of his friends. in case you're wondering jay-z does not write rap songs h
10:39 am
mariah carey. >> not just rap songs. >> he does a lot. i also one of those true hip hop artists that goes into the booth and just free styles. >> but did he just reveal the sex of jay-z's twins? >> what did he say. >> he said basically. >> daughters. >> he said. >> no, he's got blue ivy. >> he goes we're both fools for our daughters or something to that effect but he's going have us beat when those two twins arrive. >> wait, wait, wait a minute. >> i didn't pick up on that. >> three versus if the two obama girls. >> i think that's what he was talking about the number. >> you don't think it's the sex of the kids. >> i think it was all numbers. >> you don't think one girl is involved in the twin pair. >> then they wouldn't be -- >> we got to wait 'cause she's due soon. >> i think he was talking about you have me beat because you have more kids. three to two. >> the world still waits then to see what the queen a delivering shortly. should be any day now, right? finally it was an epic sendoff to
10:40 am
childhood legend. i'm talking about adam west, my favorite batman and chris was very presumptuous to write that in as my favorite batman but because he's passed away i'm going with it. last night the. bat light shined brightly. if the mayor and the police chief turned on the bat signal in a touching tribute to the adam west. he died last weekend. he was 88 years old. >> aww. >> wisdom has his batman can you have links on. >> i didn't realize that. >> is that in honor. >> yes, it is. >> there's no cuff cam i was told, no hand -- >> it's all good. >> all right. >> 10:40 is the time right now. this next one is dedicated to dads because coming up actor and singer tray chaney
10:41 am
>> we want to see your father's day shoutouts. tweet or instagram your pics with the #fox5 dads. ads.
10:42 am
10:43 am
>> ♪ >> 10:43 is the time right now. our next guest is a frequent guest at fox5 best known for starring roles in hbo hits-like the wire and bounce tv's saints and sinners but
10:44 am
done a series of songs about the important role that fathers play in the lives of their children and now this morning he's live in the loft with the latest single in that series joining us now live to perform the song dedicated father please welcome tray chaney. >> ♪ >> ♪ fox5 all the dedicated fathers around the world put your hands up in the air right now. let's get it. yeah. definition of a dedicated father i thank god for the position it's a true honor. looking at my son in his eyes i remember when he first told me give him high-five. malachi was only two years old just turned 11 oh lord i must be getting old. time flies when you busy on your grind as a man supporting your family all the time. remember what we when we did the first video. fatherhood was the first masterpiece truly dope. it gave hope to the father around the globe. motivating fathers all o
10:45 am
the place, fists in the air fatherhood celebrate. motivating fathers all over the place, fists in the air fatherhood celebrate. dedicate, cele celebrate. each and every day on your grind provide your family at the drop of a dime. salute to my fellas who doing better we can make it through the storm no matter the weather. take a second think about it like this being there for your kid really makes a difference. thinking back when i first met your mother, you was eight years old just a little munchkin. you told me you ain't really know your real daddy. you might have seen him like four, five times you can tell you was hurt from the tears in your eyes. i'm thinking how can a man leave his little girl then i started reflecting we living in a crazy world. i don't care what you and the mother went through, bottom line step up these kids need you. i couldn't sit back and dwell upon the negative so high to
10:46 am
positive. as i took your mother's hand in marriage i made a vow to you don't ever call me your stepparent. you are mine and i'm going to make you shine fast forward you grown now again time flies. i was there for your prom and your graduation. moments in your life made me such a proud parent. the point i'm trying to make this this story i'm sharing to a father to a father make a difference. dedicate celebrate fatherhood celebrate. all the real men fathers can only relate. each and every day on your grind providing to your your family at the drop of a dime. salutes to my fellas who doing better. we can make it through the storm no matter the weather. take a second think about it like this. being there for your kid really makes a difference. only on good day d.c. fox5. what's up? [cheers and applause] >> tray chaney always good to see you, sir. >> oh, man. >> always good to see you. >> you know we going to have to start charging you to come in here. put you on the payroll. >> i know what's
10:47 am
>> thank you man. appreciate it. >> what inspired that song. >> i just wanted to create something in hip hop that was positive motivating for men fathers dads to continue to be those providers continue to set that great example for your fathers and your kids and just stay motivated. i created a dedicated father t-shirt line. you see my dedicated nation rocking it right now. this movement is just to continue to uplift and inspire and i even partnered up with fathers incorporated real dads read my friend ken -- after i leave fox5 i'm going to atlanta jump on a plane so we can do the fatherhood expo in atlanta. i'm just trying to uplift the community in hip hop. tray's is where the album the curriculum is that features dedicated father the love for you. i didn't forget about the ladies. i got dedicated mother. i got vanessa bell calaway tracy
10:48 am
dedicated mother but for the fathers which is perfect for this weekend. by the way happy father's day. >> i appreciate it. my daughter just -- i got to give her a shout-out. she just graduated. she's going to high school now. >> wow. >> i'm getting old. i appreciate the music. who you got. >> i got the homies with me. they can introduce themselves. >> we going to start on this end. i got the mike. go ahead. >> djd dues double girard mcneil rich cradle. >> we altogether. >> we got them together. >> what's in the suitcase? some money. >> um,. >> no -- >> i'm going to be honest with you. it's a shirt for you in the suitcase. >> that's all good then. >> okay. >> you a dedicated father. tray always a pleasure. thank you very much. >> sunday you know what i'm saying father's day day sole cafe i want my fans to come kick it with me. i love that restaurant. good food. just salute all the fads for father's day. this is emper
10:49 am
fox5 i only could have did it here on good day d.c. >> everybody right here is a father. >> yes. >> happy father's day fellas. >> yes, yes. >> happy father's day. >> yes, sir, yes, sir. tray chaney. happy father's day to everybody out there. >> we love it. thank you so much. >> we were jamming. >> we had a little dance routine and everything, that's right. >> 10:49 and coming up, cheers to the weekend. we're heading back out to ashburn next to raise a glass to another great zip trip. good day at 10:00 a will be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ fios built its 100% fiber optic network because we knew that everyone would need faster internet.
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>> ♪ >> 10:52. we brought my dad in to join us for our last segment for good day d.c. >> what a pleasure. >> you just bring that father energy and the warmth and the love that you have for your little girl. >> he has a great vibe. >> that's what i mean. >> a vibe that comes along with you as well. >> very encouraging. >> so, for today, honey, you're sharing. >> even now if i have any question problem issue i say hey d
10:53 am
>> i love it. >> we talk every day on the phone. >> he's like yeah, we do. >> yeah, we do. >> all right. well, we'll move on. 10:z our trip the ashburn it's almost over and we have been having a great trip out there and that means it's time for our favorite part, raising a glass to the weekend so let's head back out to the team because it's 5 o'clock somewhere and, hey, no better time for that than right now, right, tucker? >> you got that right. i mean typically we're cooking with como at this time but since we're out here in ashburn on our zip trip having a great time we thought we would wrap up the show with food and awesome drinks and i'm joined by ross. ross tell me where you work andtell me who this nice lady next to me. >> i'm ross from sense and this is pat my boss the owner. >> pat the boss what do you do. >> not the boss. >> the big boss. >> the big boss. >> she street you well. >> amazing. >> if she doesn't treat you well let me
10:54 am
>> ross tell me about your food and let's talk grits. >> one of our newest appetizers is pork and pineapple tart. pork sweet rad dish peanuts. >> right here. >> all right here. >> is that an appetizer. >> it's a one bite appetizer gets the palate ready for an amazing dinner. >> is that popular. >> really popular. >> usually just take one bite enjoy from there. >> do you dip it or just eat it like that. >> one bite. >> boom. >> easy. >> i love it. >> yes. next we have our neon platter. it is a meat platter. we have our grilled chicken saute. >> you're one of chefs. >> no, front of the house. >> you're front of the house. >> yes, sir. we have the guild pork. three sauces a sweet peanut curry, cucumbers red onions and jalapeños. >> i could eat that every day. >> tweet tamarin chilly and rise powder.
10:55 am
plate. >> yes. >> what's your post popular dish. >> sweet pork papaya sweet sausage onion. >> you have a big business. this is a popular area. >> within two years we've grown. it's amazing the community aspect how people have welcomed us. we're a little different but that's what sets us apart. >> are you guys serving something. >> we have a little food. >> look who we happen to run into. >> we thought we would bring in super bowl champion gary clark, played on the team with doug williams. [cheers and applause] [laughter] >> o talks drinks. >> today's drink is called did i know like one. one of the most popular, it's a blend of spice rum orange extract fish sauce and vanilla. >> fish sauce. >> amazing ingredient. >> no, no, no let me be the judge of this. >> let me finish. >> my bad. >> i'm
10:56 am
>> big muscles from shaking drinks. >> i can tell you that will right now. i would have stayed weigh from that guy. >> i love his food though. >> we got less than a minute so we got to keep it moving. >> all right. >> i need to be stiff. >> yes, sir. >> what? >> the drink. >> talk about the drink. [laughter] >> hello weekend. >> yeah, get those muscles working, whoo-hoo! >> all right. >> let tucker try it. >> all right, so this is called. >> we got 30 left. >> he's trying this drink. go ahead and try it. thank you to ashburn and one loudoun for hosting an amazing zip trip. [applause] >> you know what, the zip trip continues next week we're going to annapolis. it's going to be me, it's going to be tucker, it's going to be steve. come on out to manassas. >> amazing. >> how is it? >> it's good. >> ♪
10:57 am
i'm just going to go out and say we are all winning on this friday. >> bye guys. >> awww. >> happy father's day. introducing fios gigabit connection. superfast internet at an incredible price. with speeds up to 940 megs. that's 20x faster than most people have. and, it's just $79.99 a month online for 1 year. and only $5 more per month for the second year. get fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv,
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all with a 2-year agreement. switch now at
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>> live from new york city it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. >> now here's wendy! [ applause ] thank you very much for watching. my co-host, my studio audience. [ applause ]


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