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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  June 19, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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is he or isn't he? last week president trump tweeted he was under investigation for firing former fiber director james comey over the weekend his lawyer denied those claims during intense interview with chris wallace. >> we'll have more on that back and forth. and later, the beehive getting little bigger. internet running wild over the weeknd with reports beyonce' gave birth and last night her father confirm the news. we'll have all the latest from the top-secret special delivery. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ >> ut-oh might be the key in this case. it begs the interesting question should you be in charge of your own announcement when it comes to your kids being born? >> is it just the case that it's unwritten rule? >> when you're big as beyonce' i think it's like you're everybody. >> all right. >> everybody -- >> really? >> i think you should be in charge of that. >> i do, too. if you wait on that i think you should wait on it. >> ut-oh might be coming in. >> we'll discuss.
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for joining us for good day. it's 9:00 o'clock. monday june 19th i'm steve alonalong holly, maureen and er. wisdom is off today. >> how young is too young for a smart phone. voterrings could have a say in one state. one dad says it's time to legally ban the devices for some kids. and i think wisdom might be calling in for that segment. >> right. >> that might be a little -- >> wisdom might be part of the segment. >> reaction right there. >> we'll see how that turns out first though we have to talk about the weather, because a ton of heat and humidity from the weekend is sticking around. it could be the perfect recipe for some very severe storms that's later today. mike is in for tucker and he's joining us with a first check on that forecast. mike, anticipating a rough afternoon commute. >> yeah, evening commute unfortunately could be a rough one. hopefully everybody made it to work safe and sound this morning temperatures outside you got a feel of this if you stepped out this morning. hot and humid sticky, it's thick out there this morning. 81 degrees your current number.
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heat index at 84 degrees. winds remain gusty out of the south and west pick ago a lot of that heat and humidity from those gulf states and throwing it up in our direct. fuel for the fire later on this afternoon cold front heading in our direction will bring us beautiful weather coming up for tuesday and wednesday but we have to get through this afternoon first. as this cold front crosses the mountain into the hot and sticky air mass it's going to blow up into thunderstorm later on this evening. future cast showing a line thunderstorm developing off to the west of dc. latest runs of future cast have been trying to run a little quicker. by 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon we could be seeing the storms right over d.c. and baltimore. some of them could contain gusty winds and very very heavy rain. we're under a flash flood watch in d.c. starting at 3:00 o'clock this afternoon and then lasting until the storms make their way far enough east it's no longer a threat. 89 degrees your daytime high later on today. mix of clouds and sunshine through the morning. on this afternoon we'll be back with more weather coming up just a little
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weather on the horizon i pro promise. check it out. back to you guys. >> first at 9:00 get to breaking news from overseas from london this morning. latest aft large van plowed in a into a crowd of pedestrian. we know at least one person killed, several people hurt and one person is under arrest. there are still many unanswered questions this morning, though. we do know police are treating the case as a terror tack. >> right now extra police resources are being deployed all around london and police are urging calm. british prime minister terese say may says her taught are with the victims today in light of the incident she'll chair an emergency security cabinet session. >> london on alert after deadly incidents involve a vehicle hitting a crowd of pedestrians. >> one man as i said was pronounced dead at the scene. eight others are in hospital. and two more were treated at the scene. all the victims were from the muslim community. >> the scene unfolding near two mosques in north london pennsbury park neighbor as
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the mosque after midnight prayers during this the muslim holy month of ramadan. >> people in the mosque prior ramadan we don't need this. >> being mourning. i've never heard people scream and mourn of that nature. >> witnesses say the vehicle veered and hit people intentionally. >> eventually turned left with no indication, with no even -- suddenly it turned left and hit the people. >> police are investigating this as a terrorist incident and say they've arrested a 48-year-old man who was driving the vehicle involved. he's initially been taken to a hospital for a mental health val weighing. >> at this early stage of the investigation, no other suspects have been identified or reported to police. no matter what the motivation for this attack proves to be, we are keeping an open mind. >> meantime a number of uk muslim sleets are now calling the incident a hate crime against muslims and are calling for extra security
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>> ♪ new this morning, d.c. police investigators working right now to identify a body discover in the potomac river. body was found around 6:30 this morning. floating in small channel between roosevelt island and the virginia shore line. dc fire water rescue unit was first to respond. now, matter is in the hands of the police department. search for answers after a fairfax county teen is found murdered and police say they do believe it is a missing 17-year-old girl. pair fact county police say the teen navre hasan was reported missing 4:00 a.m. center after leaving a mosque just after early morning event with group of friends, neighbors tell us she wept to south lakes high school and was active in all dulles area muslim society teen events. the group was going to get a bite to eat before beginning their daily fast for ramadan. they were walking along dra drainsville road when a man in car drove up to them. there was an argument. a family friend tells fox5 the n
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a baseball bat. they all ran but she disap disappeared. there was a day long search with helicopter, k9 and rescue teams. at 3:00 p.m. the body of a female was found in a pond in sterling about ten minutes from where she was last seen. during the search an officer stopped a car that was driving suspiciously. 22-year-old darwin martinez torres was arrested as a suspect and later charged with her murder. he's due in court in fairfax win the hour. fairfax county police said that this morning they are not investigating this time as a hate crime. at tack is bringing up so many emotions for the mosque family. >> devastated, traumatized, in shock. but also thankful for the community itself because the community really pulled together to work with investigators to make this a swift and quick case. we do not know if the victim and suspect new each other or how this all began
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turn our focus to montgomery county. three men due in court today charged with murdering two high school seniors. their arrests over the weekend shedding light on why those seniors were gunned down. fox's bob barnard live in montgomery village with the latest. bob. >> reporter: it turns out this was pan al revenge killing. a double murder here on gallery court two week ago. now there are three suspects who are in custody all three charged with two counts of first degree murder and two counts of conspiracy to commit murder. the thee of them are there. jose yanez, 25. roger garcia, 19, and his older brother edgar garcia age 24. according to police, the man there on the left jose was it was his girlfriend who apparently had her i-pad stolen she is was walking down the street some months ago. and the rumor more had it that one of the murder victims was the suspect behind that robbery. and so those two teens who were killed were alleged
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as pay back for that earlier robbery. the victims shoddy in a engineer 17 and artem sober love 18 artem may have been in the car by chance much shoddy was apparently the one that the accused tillers were after lured into this neighborhood. one of them was shot ten times. the other four times. police found 30 bullet shell casings in this neighborhood. two teens shot in their car believed according to family members that they were coming here to this neighborhood to sell some graduation tickets. they were due to graduate from northwest high school. 19-year-old murder suspect roger garcia apparently a classmate according to the father of victim shoddy najar. he doesn't believe the story that his son and his son's friend were murdered because of an earlier robbery that his son was apparently caught up in. >> all the neighborhood will tell you how sweet shoddy is and this woman to come and say
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drag her, what a shame. you are a criminal as well as other three. i will stand for my boy. i love my boy. i have to be strong all the way until justice served. i am not going to back up, i will defend him until the day i die. >> reporter: the story is that as the robbery victim had i pad stolen she was holding on to it wasn't dogged down the street. again, the car that was identified and the rumor of the they have behind it was this shoddy. his car where he is and his friend were murdered on this street matching that description. we may learn more in court this afternoon. all three murder suspects due in court here in montgomery county, guys, at 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. >> bob barnard roaring this morning. all right. the morning briefing now and first up another busy day for president trump. he he's set to meet with the
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white house will host the first meetings of the president's american technology council. it will include the heads of top companies like amazon, apple, microsoft, mastercard, ibm and intel to work on upgrading the government's outdated it system. meanwhile, the son-in-law and senior white house adviser jared kushner again getting ready to head to the middle east to meet with israel' prime minister and the president of palestine. part of his effort to strike a piece deal between the two si sides. >> another question back here in washington is the president under investigation or is he not under investigation? some confusion about that this morning. in a tweet over the weekend the president suggested that he is under federal investigation. then a member of the president's personal legal team said he's not under investigation. in a contradictory and sometimes tense appearance on fox news sunday, jay set the president's tweet was specifically direct tad story in the washington post about the expanding probe into russia's election meddling. >> there's been no
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of any investigation, nothing has changed since james comey said the pregnant he had are you was not target or subject of a investigation. >> he's being investigated for taking the action that the attorney general and deputy attorney general recommended him to take by the agency who recommended the termination. >> what's the question? i mean you stated some facts. first of all you've now said he is being investigated after saying you didn't -- >> no. >> you just said, sir. >> he's not being investigated. >> he did say investigated. >> he did. >> working out the details. asked about the possibility that an investigation has developed and the president just doesn't know. he said i can't read people's minds. 9:11 is the time. let's get to the latest in that baseball field ambush shooting which critically wounded louisiana congressman steve scalise. this morning we actually have some good news to pass along. his condition has been up gr greated from critical to ser serious. house ma are the whip has been in the hospital since the gunman opened fire on the congressional baseball team last week. scalise was one of five people
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wednesday much since then he's had several surgery. the hospital says scalise is responsive and speak wig his family. at the seat scene of shooting in alexandria things getting back to normal now. field is set to reopen tonight. ceremony is planned at eugene simpson stadium park on east monroe avenue at 6:00 15 followed by a youth baseball all star game. time now is 9:12. seven u.s. sailors are dead after a high speed collision in open water. coming up next, what we now know about the accident how it could have happened as well brave americans who lost their lives. >> then later bill cosby still a free man after dutch declared a mistrial over the weekend but he is not off scott free. what could be next for the comedian and those sex assault charges. time right now is 9:12.
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mom: thanks for coming, it's right over here. tech: giving you a few more minutes for what matters most. take care! family: bye! kids singing: safelite® repair, safelite® replace. ♪ 9:15 right now on monday morning. let's check what else is making headlines this morning. first up, the deadly collision involving us navy destroyer. >> that's right. , steve bodies of the seven missing sailors have been found and identified. one of them 24-year-old xavier martin was from baltimore co county, maryland. and another fallen sailor 19-year-old dakota rigsby from palmyra, virginia. which is located right near charlottesville cargo ship three times the size of the u
9:16 am
fitzgerald and slammed into the navy ship in the middle of the night. knocking sailors out of their bunks. the seven sailors were found dead in flooded bunk rooms when divers were able to get into the spaces. the question now, what led up to this collision? still no response from the cargo ship's owner they are cooperating with the investigation. developing overnight from syria, the first time a u.s. aircraft has shot down syrian air force fighter jet after it dropped bombs near u.s. backed forces fighting against isis. the us has long said it would protect what it calls moderate syrian opposition forces and made good on that promise. the syrian military said its pilot was killed. developing out of london, pleases police say 79 people are now dead or missing following the massive high rise apartment fire. the 24 story apartment building went up in flames last wednesday morning. no official cause has been determined. but many people believe material known as cladding which cover the outside
9:17 am
helped spread the flames quickly. how about this? amazon ceo jeff bay sews $5 billion away from being the world's richest pe person. after surge in amazon stock following the company's deal to buy wholefoods that put an additional 1.8 billion in his wallet. amazon fork over 13 billion to buy wholefoods. experts say this could be a big game changer. eventually cutting into profits for other supermarket chains and food manufacturers. all right. this story, apparently many americans think we live in a willie wonka world. survey economicked by the national dairy council finds that 7% of americans believe chocolate milk comes from chocolate colored cows. as the washington post points out, okay, that number might seem small but that works out to 16 million citizens. 48% of adults surveyed admit to not being sure of where chocolate milk comes from
9:18 am
half -- >> is that for real. >> are people joking? is this survey accurate? it can't be real life. >> i'm hoping it's not accurate. if it's real life, then i'm really concerned about the intelligence level of some of the people walking around out there. >> lot of people think the earth is flat much that's a given. i don't know the percentage but there are fief want number of people. >> chocolate colored cows giving chocolate milk. >> were they not present that day in science class. >> that day they talk about the chocolate cows too parentally. >> #gooddaydc. let us know your thoughts on the issue. >> i'm curious. >> strawberry milk comes from strawberry cows. >> there's not pink cows out there. >> coming up later, video games helped millions of americans just let loose. but you know what they can also be therapeutic. now, they're being used to treat one of the most common mental health issues. we'll show you how. >> and later, jada pinkett smith not a fan of the new tupac movie. we'll tell you why and share her message to the actress who played her
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kevin live in london. ♪ ♪♪
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nexgard. the vet's #1 choice. ♪ 9:21. back on good day with fox5 exclusive from prince george's county. several school board members are calling for a state investigation now into what they say is widespread corruption school district. >> they claim fraudulent measures are being taken to boost high school graduation rates and push students through. fox5's lindsay watts op obtained a lte
9:22 am
members sent to maryland governor larry hogan. >> the letter makes some extremely serious claims saying students grades and credit accounts are being manipulate to do fraudulently boost the graduation rate in prince george's county. letter goes on to say, that whistleblowers at almost every level of the school system have quote clear and convincing evidence that prince george's county public schools have graduated hundreds of students who did not meet state graduation requirements. the letter signed by board members edward burroughs, david murray, rah heel la ahmed and joanne belong kerr they tell the governor they believe this goes to the highest level of the school system say it's been happening since present 14. soon after dr. kevin maxwell was appointed as ceo of the schools. maxwell made it top priority to beef the county graduation rate lagging behind the state average it looked like a success story with record numbers ann announcd earlier this year. spokeswoman told us this. i can confirm the governor's office is in receipt of
9:23 am
concerning, and they have been forwarded to the maryland state department of education. fox5 has spoken with numerous school employees about this issue who say the board members, their claims are correct. they say there's intense pressure to increase the graduation rate from the central office on to the principals and staff. take a listen. >> the staff knows exactly what's happening. so it's widespread. >> i had a student who failed the class, and they were like, well, you need to go and made sure she gets a d because she's been here every day. >> i think we're doing an injustice to the student, um, allowing them to graduate, um, when they know they didn't put in the effort, um, and so what are we teaching them? we're not teaching them consequences to their actions. >> fox 25 lindh day watts reached out to prince george's county schools on friday and she quickly got this statement from dr. maxwell. it says in part, i am aware that four board of education members
9:24 am
letter to the governor regarding prince george's county public schools. graduation -- their graduation rate. these claims are afront to the hard work of our teachers, administrators, students and parents over the last few years. i categorically deny any systematic effort to promote students who did not meet state graduation requirements. that's dr. kevin maxwell reaction to go the letter sent to governor hogan. >> that statement goes on to say the district has a lot to celebrate when it comes to accomplishments made and it says quote we welcome the maryland state department of education to fully explore the matter. >> lindsay is just getting started on this story. you'll want to see her full investigation tonight at 10:00. the story you'll only see here on fox5. if the allegations are true, i mean, it's incredibly troubling. you want to prepare kids to compete, not just locally but globally, and if this is happening, it's a disservice to everyone from the children, their parents on up. >> and you want to celebrate when they're successful. >> absolutely. >> we were good day d.c. was very much a part
9:25 am
celebration with prince george's county school. >> absolutely. >> when bob was on the bus riding with the teachers they were going from school to school celebrating their graduation rate. so, um, it's just an unfortunate situation. obviously if the allegations are true, then that is a huge problem yet if there are kids that are getting through and they are graduating, you know, you don't want their celeb celebrations to be marred either. >> it does something for the kids who are being -- who are truly successful. this is a stain for them as well just all around it's a mess, and once again prince george's county schools, listen, we've got to do better.t to do better. kids. it's not about the teachers. it's not about the preps or record. you have to do better for these kids. plain and simple. >> it's setting the kids up to fail if they're getting push out for qualifications to succeed post high school. >> yeah. i mean, okay. we'll wait to see what happens with that. lindsey watts her story airing tonight at 10:00 o'clock. >> bill cosby trial is over but the case is definitely not closed for good. coming up what's next for
9:26 am
judge declared a mistrial. >> first though mother nature taking an aim the the d.c. region. mike is going to be back with more on what could be a wet and messy drive home from work tonight. >> all right. coming up at the top of the hour fresh at the 10a beyonce' babies the lemonade singer finally gave birth over the weekend we think. we'll tell what we know about the twins so far. plus, mark wahlberg's wannabe moment. director ago video directing someone in that video we all know and love. >> who is the wannabe moment? kevin. >> it's kevin's. it's kevin. kevin and mark wahlberg making a video together. we'll talk about that and show you what happened and we'll also get update on that long delayed wall burgers opening in arlington. charisse joins us from showing off the campaign room last night real housewives of potomac. this morning she's sitting down with us here in the loft to talk about what to expect heading into the season finale all coming up at 10:00. right now it's 9:26. ♪
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♪ 9:29. talk a little sports right now. nationals continue their road trip today. pretty successful so far. they'll leave new york city and head down south to miami. taking on the marlins. tanner on the mound today. nats and mets game number four between the two teams yesterday wearing powder blew to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer got off to great start too. two runners in scoring commis
9:30 am
good money. that gives the nats one-zero lead. that was it for the offense. mets within five-one the nats took three out of four from the mets. we'll consider that a win overall. >> yup. >> one of the nats players big announce many coming from max scherzer and his wife erika over the weekend on twitter they revealed they're expecting a baby girl to be born in november. it will be the couple's first child. already have number 31 jersey all ready for her. so good luck to erika and max. >> i love that. >> newest member of their familiarly. >> so exciting. >> great father's day announce many for sure. >> absolutely. >> timely indeed. 9:30. let's turn to the final day for the us open. brian harmon was the solo leader to start the day. he struggled though in the back nine of the course. he double bogied on the 12th and then finish in a tie for second. that left the door open for brooks koepka. koepka finish 16 under par for the win that means he advertise rory mcilroy for the best
9:31 am
total score at a u.s. open. rory getting that score when it was played here at congre congressional. >> it was tough, if you're a golf purist you'll watch no matter what. >> yeah. >> turn around like this dustin johnson doesn't make the cut. rory mcilroy doesn't make the cut. >> tiger is not playing. >> tiger wasn't even there. >> and phil mickleson complain because of his daughter's graduation. so, yeah. >> who played. >> congratulations -- brooks koepka. >> he wouldn't. >> $2 million. so biggest pay day in golf. >> i was pulling for ricky fowler. i want him to get his first major. >> he had a great first couple of rounds. >> like the kiss of death. do you so well in the first couple of days you know, any w way. okay. he's the most decorated athlete of all time and he's considered the greatest swimmer to ever get in the water. but is michael phelps faster than a shark? what? >> we'll soon fine out as part of shark week on the discovery channel phelps will apparently race are
9:32 am
>> whose idea was this. >> i have so many questions. >> phelps versus shark kicks off july 23rd. how do you get a shark to race. >> i bet they probably -- i don't know. i don't know. >> they'll make it happen. >> i will say this. >> it's a great promotional. >> i don't think any human will ever be faster than shark. >> right. >> i'll tell what would make you swim faster if the shark is behind you. >> yeah. then you'll set a record. >> how do they get the shark on course. >> they probably have some sort of -- >> how is the shark swimming in lane? >> like the shark will swim something and then michael has to replicate it. maybe that's it. >> must have big to think whatever barrier they have. >> i don't think they're swimming at the same time. >> i say at the same time. they'll be in lanes and have chum and that's what they're going to do for the shark. >> olympic size pool. >> exactly. >> what great white is swimming in a pool. >> that's how they're going to do. >> can the great white do flip turns. >> exactly. >> he has a size advanta.
9:33 am
>> on the bright side i think we want to watch it. so -- there in line lies the genius of the discovery channel. >> i agree with holly. they'll time the segments and see how it goes. >> check in with mike thomas. see what's happening outside. waiting on the big one this afternoon. big storms rumbling eight on today. almost a began team other thing is a guarantee better weather on the other side of it. here's your headline for today day today. jet stream dip down across the midwest pushing eastward that's that stream of kind of fast moving air up above our heads. at the surface got a strong cold front pushing over the mountain as we speak. up ahead of it as you can feel the stepped outside this morning hot and sticky, humid. behind it, still warm but some drier air trying to push its way on into that humidity and that's combination is kind of what gives us the severe risk later on this afternoon. let's take look at your temperatures because there's factor in number one how warm it is. 81 degrees this time of the morning. it's ser
9:34 am
78 at gaithersburg. dulles 79 for frederick. 81 degrees this morning in west minster. here's a look at your satellite/radar. still relatively quiet. nothing too much happening yet. some thin clouds out there. some sunshine mixing in in places. you see the front though trying to scoot into the kind of left hand side of your picture there. there's that cold front sliding through the mountains. pennsylvania and west virginia at this hour. again doesn't look like much right now. but as it crosses into this hot and humid air mass things could blow up later on this afternoon. here's future cast at 1:30 showing the storms coming right across theism 81 corridor there we are right around 4:30 future cast trying to speed it up a little bit maybe we watch around 3:34 o'clock d.c. baltimore. after that could continue to get some showers on the back side but the severe threat is mostly as that initial wave comes across during the middle to late part of the afternoon today. biggest risks are going to be very gusty winds as these storms rumble on through and then plash flooding also a risk. hail tornadoes can't
9:35 am
out those aren't the big risk today. rain a big risk they went ahead and issued flash flood watch this will go into effect at 3:00 p.m. later on this afternoon. it will last through the evening hours at least until the storms calm down then paul that flash flood watch down. tears look at your forecast for the day today. wrap it up. 89 degrees for daytime high. feel much warmer than that like the 90's were all the humidity in place. mixture of clouds and sunshine through the morning hours. afternoon keep your eye on the sky. thunderstorms rumbling through continue through the early evening could have lingering showers into the late evening as well. temperatures start to drop overnight. what you'll really notice as we head into your day on tuesday, less humidity. very comfortable for your tuesday afternoon. 88 degrees. 87 degrees for first day of summer on wednesday. and then into your thursday and friday 9 90s come back into the picture definitely feel like summer here in the early june. guys. >> all right. that's a latest check of your forecast come back in the 10:00 o'clock hour. update you on the latest timing on storms and now i'll send it ov
9:36 am
>> thank you very much, mike. coming you on 9:36. we're all too familiar with the safetrack works goes on what feels like forever. this is supposed to be the last surge of safetrack work. 16 started on saturday. today is the first weekday impacted so want to remind everyone the red line will be if impacted by the latest work work through june 25th, and it's the red line this time. closed station shady grove and rockville. free shuttle buses available between showed gravy and 20 brooks to keep you moving much this morning we have a live look out at showed grove and shut buses are flowly freely factor in that extra time to hop on the bus if you want to keep it to the roads instead of the rail. 370, 355 your options up there and keep you posted oh and that one. if you have any questions about safetrack at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. like to keep everyone in the know. i'm more concerned about the roads and afternoon rain today. let's talk about this. aft week of deliberations the bill cosby jury still could not reach a decision so judge declared a mistrial, but case is not closed yet. fox's rick l
9:37 am
at what happened and what could come neck. >> reporter: bill cosby sex assault trial is over, but there is no verdict. the judge declaring a mistrial after the jury said they cannot reach a unanimous decision on any of the three charges again the comedin. they deliberated since monday evening for a total of more than 53 hours. longer than the trial self and a record for the montgomery county courthouse. >> power is the ability to define if he non mon. mr. cosby powers back. he's back. he's been restore. the jurors, they used their power to speak. >> reporter: cosby facing three counts of aggravated indecent assault stemming from 2004 encounter with andrea con stapp. she accuses him of drugging and molesting her at his home outside philadelphia. the 79-year-old comedian insists the incident was consensual. >> we came here looking for an acquittal but like that rolling stones song says "you don't always get what you want, sometimes you get what you need". >>
9:38 am
women accusing cosby of assault but her case is the only one resulting in criminal charges. reporters inside the courtroom watched constand hug her mother and supporters while cosby seemed unhappy when the mistrial was announced. while the defense says this is a victory for him, it's not over yet. >> we will evaluate and review our case. we will take a hard look at everything involved and then we will retry it. >> reporter: bill cosby remains free on $1 million bail. his retrial is expected sometime in the next 120 days. in norristown, pennsylvania, rick leventhal, fox news. >> in other closely watched trial very differnt out come here. a guilty verdict for the young woman who sent her suicidal boyfriend a barrage of text messages urging him to kill himself. the judge in the case says michelle carter's actions caused the death of 18-year-old conrad roy. carter was 17 when she sent those pointed texts. some mocking his efforts to delay his death. then as his suicide got underway
9:39 am
fear as the vehicle filled with carbon monoxide she spoke with him over the phone telling him quote get back in. michelle carter faces up to 20 years in prison sentenced on august 3rd. well 9:39 right now. cars three the new number one movie at the box office this weekend. kevin will be back with a break down next. >> plus jada pinkett smith not a fan of the new tupac movie. her message to the fans and the stars of all eyes on me. good day at 9a will be right back. ♪
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>> bobby hooks is that? >> that's jackson storm. >> he's one of the rookies. >> huh. thank you. i appreciate it. thank you very much. thank you. >> hey, jackson storm, right? great race today. >> thank you mr. mcqueen. you have no idea what a pleasure it is for me to finally meet you. >> oh, thanks. but -- [ laughter ] >> hang on. did you say meet or beat? >> i think you heard me. >> what? >> mcqueen -- >> storm considering we get pictures. >> let's get a picture. get a ton of pictures because champ here has been a roll pod del of mine for years now. and i mean a lot of years. right? i love this
9:43 am
i think i touched a nerve. >> all right. that's flip from disney' news cars three which raced to the top of the box office for father's day weekend. see what we did there. >> i see what you did there. to details kevin would appreciate that. let's see what else is making headlines in hollywood. kev joins us live from london. >> that was definitely a steve joke right there i have to say. good morning to you guys. >> what's going on in london this morning, kev? you're far away from the u.s. box office but i know you're still keeping tabs on it. >> i am. i've been in london since this weekend. covering transformers the last night the premier -- movie itself the interviews on were son at today i'm doing war of the plan at the time of the ipse q and a this morning for kate winslet for the mountain between us. you mentioned the box office, steve. this weekend was interesting thee films that have very well at the box office, car three did
9:44 am
number the first cars came film out in 2006 and made 60 million opening weekend. cars two did 66 million opening week in 2011. this only did 53. now it's still a lot of money obviously and i was reading some articles that these numbers really don't matter because of all the merchandising they'll make any ways in regards to the sales and the cars and the kids toys. but you know, it does show you that even though the ticket prices have increased, since 2006, that less people went and saw cars three this weekend. holly, i know you saw it. what did you it and your think? >> well, we actually -- we enjoyed it. i don't think it's as good as cars the original. but i think it's probably leaps and bounds better than cars two. and so that might have hurt cars three because cars two was so bad. [ laughter ] >> people didn't want -- didn't want to go to the third one eye but i think it's worth seeing we really enjoyed it. >> cars two was atrocious. it was absolutely terrible. it was sad because i loved the first cars so much. and i think you're right. i think people
9:45 am
wondering why are we making another 15 years later? the sequel wasn't good. what more can they do? but your son, did he like cars one and two or does he just love all three of them. >> he really likes cars the original. he like the original. he did like the third one but i think it's because it was his first i pick experience and he elli enjoyed the lounging chairs and popcorn being delivered to him. >> ooh. >> mom, this is how we need to watch movies. >> i got a text from holly with hayden loo looking completely comfortable in his chair watching cars three. it made me really happy. also wonder woman $40.7 million number number two that movie made 571 million record l worldwide so. massive hit for warner brothers and changing the game for d.c. comics films. but the other film of one is talking about all eyes on me which made $27 million. i know that we had two of the stars in studio also the producer. this movie made $27 million. now, that's
9:46 am
and the budget wasn't that huge for all eyes on me, but did you guys see the story about jada pinkett smith and 50-cent talking about how their negative feelings about the film. did you guys see this. >> yeah, it's been making the rounds. >> why don't you fill folks in about exactly what what being said. when cat gram graham was in studio she said jada like the film. >> jada went on a twitter rant on june 16th saying they are first tweet, forgive me relationship to pac is too precious for me and the sign all eyes to stand as truth. pac never read me that poem. i didn't know that poem existed it was his printed in his book. pac never said goodbye to me before leaving la he had to leave abruptly and it wasn't to pursue his career. she also said i've never been to any of his shows by his request we never had an argument back stage and the reimagining of my relationship to pac has been deeply hurtful. but then she took to twitter and then tweed
9:47 am
cat graham and the gentleman obviously make pac this is no fault of yours. thank you forebraining so much heart and spirit to your roles. and then so that was pretty interesting to hear her say those things. i'm curious what you guys think. we all know that movies take real life and they crunch it down to two hours and you can't make everything right. so what are your feelings on her, washington she's saying? >> i mean i think she had very personal relationship with him and probably was disappointed, but, you know, the one of the knocks i heard about this movie is that it didn't break any new ground, didn't tell anything you didn't know about tupac if you were already a fan. a lot of people are going into thinking i'm not going to learn anything new. >> right. >> i think jada -- she had very very specialist with him and she's feeling kind of way about this. >> yeah. the producer by the way has responded to this on tmzlt hutton one of the may producers of the movie he had said quote i'm kind of disappointed and hurt by the accusations it wasn't depicted or i can
9:48 am
said and he also said, quote but it all came from the truth and places of moments of her actual dialogue and ideas that pac actually had. so then he kind of -- said something nice about jada saying i wouldn't put anything in this film and everybody watching the film they'll tell you i wasn't -- i was very responsible with everyone. he's kind of -- essentially saying, listen, i'm sorry you feel this way, but i feel like we did the right thing. fifty-cent by the way, i don't know if you saw his instagram. we can't really show it on the air because a lot of curse words but he basically said, he called the movie trash, and then he made a reference to the scene where an i phone made an appearance in the film clearly iphone wasn't out at that time. i don't know. that to me is a little in it picky on the i phone thing but he called it trash. it's not really resonating well with audiences and people who were fans of pac. >> all right. >> creative license can always get you in trouble. >> right. >> it causes a little
9:49 am
controversy. >> the question is whether or not you maintain the truth. >> it's interesting. >> thanks, kev. >> see you at 10:30 with mark wahlberg. talk to you in an hour. >> sounds good. >> bye, guys. 9:48. videos game as mental health medicine we're scholl you how experts are using new software to help treat patients fighting depression. ♪ depression. ♪♪ dove proves it can stop daily hair damage before it happens ...with these roses. one is treated with dove. both are exposed to damaging heat. the rose without dove is dry and brittle. dove deeply nourishes and stops 90% of daily hair damage before it happens. is that ice cream? no, it's, uh, breyers gelato indulgences. you really wouldn't like it. it's got caramel and crunchy stuff. i like caramel and crunchy stuff.
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♪ eight minutes before the hour right now. there's no doubt video games help millions of americans just let loose, right? but they can also be therapeutic. this morning tom johnson from our sister station in orlando profiles the designers working on a game to help with one of the nation' most common mental hell issues. >> reporter: students here at the university of central florida's florida interactive entertainment academy have created all kinds of different games through the years. everything from sports to first person shooters and strategy games. but there's also a more serious category of games created around here called games for good. when they started work -- >> you good. >> on th
9:53 am
>> all hannah and jake's team had was this work from fiaa video game artists. >> it was something they really wanted to do to turn into a game. but they didn't know what to do. >> reporter: their team knew what they wanted to make after a few glances at this wizard of oz inspired art. a game for good. >> for a game around people who have depression so they can help them. >> they could understand better ways to communicate with them. >> reporter: a game who support the 15 million american adults who have depression called heart of tens after the tin man in oz. >> if he doesn't have a heart, then he might be depressed about not having a heart. >> reporter: the game puts in you tin man's world with virtual >> he's a local wizard. he taught me everything i know. >> you are in the tin man's house and you're standing next to him. >> are you a traveler? >> basic story you have to get to the emerald city but the yellow brick road is blocked by fallen trees. >> ut-oh. hello. >> reporter: the dep
9:54 am
help. >> i didn't hear anyone come in. >> players goal at the outset is oh, i just need to cheer up the tin man to get him to cut these trees out of the way. >> that's the best one. >> reporter: with each interaction you have choices you have to make. >> as you select the values, and communicate with the tin man he'll have a certain reaction that helps you. >> help hem. >> reporter: make correct choice. >> if you insist. >> reporter: tin man feels better. >> there we government there's a lot of directions you can take in the conversations. >> reporter: a wrong choice and he's less likely to help you out. >> to help him more than you're helping yourself is the goal hopefully. >> reporter: the game is also filled with little nods to the classic movie. >> there's a bunch of color. like you would see in the wizard of oz, and then as soon as you meet up with the tin man, it's all black and white. >> thanks. >> reporter: the better you help the tin man feel, the more color comes back. >> it's okay, buddy. >> reporter: the students worked with psychologists every step along their yellow brick road making sure they depict depression accurately and the
9:55 am
>> hope people support their friends and family who may have depression. >> reporter: up lifting goal from this virtual game for good. >> tom johnson. >> you're really great people. >> fox news. so i just want to be clear. so is the goal for you to play the game so that you learn how to help people that are depressed,. >> i think so. >> right. the game is not for someone that's depressed to help them feel better? >> i got the impression that one our friends was depressed we could play the game to learn how it feels to have depression. >> i took it before we did the story that playing this video game would help you feel better -- someone that was depressed. >> it will help if you do the video game and then maybe you understand them better. >> um-hmm. >> maybe that's where the help comes in. >> what you said first. >> right. >> help people better understand depression. >> correct f i'm depressed -- >> right. >> i'm not -- okay. >> all right. >> maybe it could help you understand your depression better if you're playing it,
9:56 am
too. >> we'll do some more research. >> hmm. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> hopefully this will make you go hmm. >> let's tell you boy this. beyonce' did she have those babies or what? her dad says so. >> that's way says watch did momma say? >> we'll find out. >> uh-huh. >> mark wahlberg's wannabe moment. >> did he really want it to be his moment or not. >> no. kevin did. we'll talk about it with kevin coming up at 10:30. >> real housewives of poe he tow mack charisse, she is here in the loft. she's going to dish about what's going on including take us inside her shall pain room. >> how fancy. >> did she bring champagne. >> i was just thinking that. we need to have champagne as we talk about the champagne room. >> that's only fitting. >> just an idea. >> 5:00 o'clock somewhere. >> exactly. in the meantime how about we have some coffee. >> let's do it. wash it down with that coffee time on good day d.c. if you're eyeing our our cool good day mugs we have a new dc dunkin' donuts mug to
9:57 am
for that great dunkin' donuts coffee. head to to our or facebook page. one lucky winner will be selected by random drawing. you only have until 11:00 o'clock. right now it's 9:57. we will be right back with more good day at ten al. >> i already had two cups of that coffee. >> that's not enough. >> put down that mug. >> need to go for third.
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♪ the most memorable moments only on good day at 10a. >> a big reveal on the real housewives of potomac. charisse jackson jordan takes us inside her champagne room. plus, what was her daughter doing hanging out with is a sasha obama. >> what in the world is going on here? kevin mccarthy
10:01 am
wahlberg an bunch of dudes trying to dance on a share case. we'll have more behind this viral video at 10a. >> of course we have at hottest topics. beyonce' and jay-z had their twins why they still in the hospital? ba madonna moving out of the country? and the idol reboot they better get that brings truck ready. cha-ching. let's do it in three, two, one. good day at 10a starts right now. ♪ >> those guys on the staircase look like they were celebrating national martini day. >> had they had a martini their dancing would have been a little better. >> i was a little nervous during the dancing. >> we'll learning about martinis on this national martini. not my favorite love it. >> i love dirty vodka martinis with stuffed olives. >> i'm not a huge fan but this guy here is about to make us all
10:02 am
convert. >> i'll do any martinis. >> my girl, yes. >> i didn't say i wouldn't try it. i said it might not be my favorite. >> let's go this way. >> in the meantime keeping an eye on this activity as well we got serious storms moving into the area. we'll check in with mime mike thomas. >> nasty ride home. >> erin right for the commute, too. that minot be a good thing for the afternoon commute on the ride home. we'll get you sorted out with everything in the next hour or so. thanks for staying it it us for the 10a. i'm tee, alongside holly and maureen, wisdom is off today so the lovely erin como is joining us. >> playing the role of wisdom martin. >> we need to talk about the weather because all that heat and humidity left over from the weekend perfect ingredients for strong summer storms and that's exactly what could be in store for later today. let's get the details from mike from for tucker and check on our forecast. so, mike, what's our time frame, when do we really need to make sure we have our eyes to the sky this afterno
10:03 am
>> time frame locally around d.c. and baltimore between 3:00 and 7:00 o'clock although with the latest runs of our models coming in it looks like towards the front end of that time frame. so i'd say any time after 2:30, 3:00 o'clock keep your eye on the sky even earlier than that if you live off to the west. here's the deal. we're under end hasn'ted risk of severe weather. what does that mean? basically five levels of these risks they put out. marginal, slight and enhanced moderate and high. we're kind of that middle level right now, which means severe weather later on this afternoon could be more organized than we typically see around here. could be some wind damage that's kind of the chief concern today gusty winds for some of these storms also a big concern will be flash flooding some of these storms will pack heavy heavy rainfall potentially local amounts upwards of 2-inches. large hail and tornadoes still possible not as likely this afternoon as other factors. satellite and radar showing that cold front you can see it clearly there moving its way through west virginia and threw pennsylvania. it's several hours away yet still but what i
10:04 am
running into this very humid and warm air mass that we have out ahead of it. 83 degrees in d.c. this hour. 84 for gaithersburg. dulles at 82. 82 for manassas. ahead of this front as it continues to approach, our temperatures won't make it up near 90 later this afternoon. we're going 89 here in d.c. 90 for manassas as well as fredericksburg. 85 for quantico. leonardtown 90 degrees as well. we'll run you threw future cast take you hour by hour and take a look at the rest of the week, too. we got good weather on the other side of all of this. more details coming up in about 10:23 in just a bit. guys, back to you. >> mike, thank you. time right now 10:04 that means it's time to check what else is making headlines think morning. err erin. >> yet another terror attack in london. one man is dead ten other people injured after they were run down by a van early this morning. it happened near two mosques in north don don enabled just as late night ramadan prayers were letting out. witnesses held the van driver until police got on scene and arrested him. that's what you're seeing her
10:05 am
all we know right now, about the driver, is that he is 48 years old. in fairfax county the man accused of killing a 17-year-old girl has made his first appearance this morning. 22-year-old darwin martinez torres has been ored to be he held -- to be held without bond. the victim was walking with friends after leaving their mosque early sunday morning. when police say torres proved hasan and others as they got into a dispute. torres allegedly got out of the car and assaulted hasan. her body was found yesterday afternoon. police tell us the killing is not being investigated as a hate crime at this time. now to the latest on the russia investigation. a member of president trauma pops outside legal team denies the president is under federal investigation in the on-going russia probe. the attorney appeared on several sunday morning talk shows to dispute a tweet by president trump this weekend in which he seemed to suggest he was under investigation. the attorney says the tweet was director at a story in the washington post
10:06 am
the probe into russian's election meddling. and happening today, the lincoln memorial reflecting pool it's set to reopen after a thorough cleaning. the pool was drained and treated for parasite in the water which was blamed for killing 80 ducks refilled over the weekend and national park service will continue to monitor that water quality. and finally, call her the twitter queen. katie perry roars to the head of the pack with 100 million twitter followers. a lot of followers. she beat out justin beiber, president trump and for you maureen taylor swift for the title. perry is the first person to hit that number now the most followed person on twitter and has tweeted just over 8500 times which isn't a lot compared should other twitter activity. she changed her biography to i know nothing. >> she seems to be going through a new time. >> i'm shocked she's the twitter queen. i would thought it kim kardashian or someone.
10:07 am
she's way back. quite a few people that have more than kim and the girl i won't say her name -- tay tay. >> she's got to be real close. >> she's close. >> she's up there. >> taylor and justin beiber are pretty close behind. >> i think about the money they make from having that reach 100 million people. any sponsor that wants to get their message out has to pay up. >> right. >> power. >> remember we talked about how that was a publicity stunt. she doesn't need it she's got a hundred million twitter followers. >> maybe that's what got her over a hundred million. maybe she was open about discussing her ex relationships. >> okay. >> don't kiss and tell. it's not nice. >> it's tacky. >> let's trend what's trending this morning. >> first up queen b and jay-z reportedly, reportedly welcomed their twins. tmz reports the babies a boy and a girl were born last monday in la hospital they've been in the hospital ever since. there were reports of increased security at the hospital last week you'll recall. while t
10:08 am
formal announcement beyonce''s father matthew knowles he's a friend to good day right here, he seemed to confirm the news. he tweeted "they're here!" this happen yesterday meanwhile her mother tina knowles took some heat from fans for not mentioning the birth in an instagram post yesterday. instead she said she was in new york for a friend's son's wedding. >> hmm. >> lay off of her. >> i know. >> if you're going to criticize one person for saying -- ma makg announcement don't criticize the other person for not doing it. >> she probably respected the announce many from her daughter. >> the next tuma ma shoe is in the loft we'll ask him if it was okay for him to put that out there. >> come on back, matt. >> he was a proud grandpa that couldn't help himself. jay-z a busy man. he's set to drop his new album 44 on june 30th tidal tweeted out a sneak peek with his late defendant track d tidal will release a highly anticipated film called
10:09 am
maher shall ali, lou pete today at a and danny glover. should there be an age limit on having a cell phone? colorado father thinks so the father of five has formed a non-profit called, parents underaged smart phones or paws. that look like bachelor in paradise which should should possibly be a pause on that group. he graft draft add state initiative would be the first state to establish a legal limit on small phones to children. it would be illegal for smart phone provider tousle smart phones to anyone under the age of 13 and require retailers to ask customers the age of the primary users of the smart phone and commit monthly reports to the department of revenue. initial violation would mean $500 fine and subsequent violations in that fine would double each time. the proposal
10:10 am
smart phones with internet access. points out that phones without internet access are okay if parents are usings them to keep in touch with their children. >> this is spending millions of dollars and you're going to get five hun doctor dollars back for the deal? right. >> it's up to parents to make sure that they're response al and they're kids are respo responsible. >> it's intrusive. >> gross governmental over reach. >> yes. >> it will go nowhere. >> here's the thing the kids that want to get their cell phones will still get their hands them rash less. >> i will say this. i think 13 is a fair age to have a cell phone with internet access for younger certainly if you want to give your child a cell phone to keep in touch with you. >> text talk. >> i understand what he's saying but the method of it all. >> the method is crazy. >> extreme lengths. right. >> yes. >> amaam ma flexing its retail muscles. it will be buy wholefoods a come after wholefoods announced board shake up a mid falling sales. wholefoods has more than four hun doctor stores nationwide many here in this area. of course the deal prompting some internet
10:11 am
like this one. >> this could be really farsighted strategic deal. jeff bay sews alexa could have made the accidental purchase of all time. amazon is buying wholefoods for 13.7 million. ma'am son i also spent $13 billion at wholefoods on seven organic avocados an red onion. >> do you understand about right. i've been there. you go to get the salad bar like $200 later, you're like what happened? >> right. you have five items. >> right. >> shop at target you go in for one thing. >> you're dropping three digits you can still use the sprays lane you know it's a prob em. >> i spent how much on vegetables that are going to go bad in two days. >> they are really good vegetables. >> really good vegetables. >> you get lured in because the produce section is so amazing. >> so colorful and so beautiful. >> i see the cheese section and olive bar i need these in my life. >> you're having a party you justify a 35 block of cheese. why not.
10:12 am
>> take the free samples. >> exactly. >> steve just hangs out there. >> got to do what you got to do. >> let me sample this wine. >> off sets the rest of the c cost. >> there you go. >> right. >> talk food all day. mark wahlberg also one of my number one crushes is back for all new transformers adventure were kevin met with them this weekend the spice girls is the hot topic. we'll show you why coming up later. >> could some drama be brewing between kelly and ryan already? plus madonna a soccer mom? >> hmm many. >> and janet jackson showing off her post baby weight less. we'll all the details coming up. we'll dish it up. celebrity dish on the other side. 10:12 is the time.
10:13 am
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10:15 am
♪ >> all right. 10:15. it's time to check our good day celebrity dish. and we actually are going to start with the bachelor in paradise. did he mario jackson was thrust in the spotlight when warner brothers announced it suspended production on the abc summer series bachelor in paradise a mid allegations of misconduct. now multiple sources later confirmed to the press that the alleged incident occurred between jackson and fellow contestant corrine olympus. jackson sin
10:16 am
believes video tapes will clear his client of sexual misconduct allegations. neither jackson nor his attorney have yet to see the footage of the alleged incident but told variety "i have requested the tapes and i'm hoping to see the tapes next week" the tapes are the real facts needed to vindicate damaris' name. she has also hired a lawyer. getting uglier by the moment. >> nasty. >> wonder what kelly ripa will say about this one. her new co-host ryan seacrest will sign a multi million dollar deal to host the abc reboot of fox iconic show american idol. tmz reporting cease getting between ten and $15 million. right? to host idol. >> i don't know where they came up with the money. katie perry is getting 25 mill. they're saying we have no more money in the kitty. they can come up between ten and 15 million for ryan. >> i thought the whole idea it was too expensive on foxed to any more it was
10:17 am
splash clearly -- >> i don't get it. >> what is going on. >> another person they may have to pay also. super star lionell ritchie is he saying hello to the reboot. >> idol sources say he's want the for the second seat right next to katie perry. the question is how much can producers afford to pay this guy if they're already backing up the brings truck for perry and seacrest? two dollars. >> yeah. >> he'll get more than two dollars. man, they are really banging on that show being a hit. >> i think the season has passed for that show. >> i'm with holly. i don't think -- this isn't seem like reboot at all. seems like a continuation of what it's always been. >> of what it was. >> we'll see. >> not our our network. we don't care. >> you need need to waist. stick right here on fox5. >> right. let's talk about madonna she's got the newest reinvention that may be the most jaw-dropping of all. >> what is this? >> soccer mom what? >> the pop icon is reportingedly moving to portuga
10:18 am
son in his efforts to become a foot bull star. that means soccer to us. her son david will join the junior squad. famous portuguese club. 58-year-old has apparently bought a mega mansion for 5 million right near lisbon. her two daughters that she just adopted will go to school there as well. her brother rocco will be in london with his dad guy ritchie. >> david must be really good. what is he like ten, 12? >> yeah. he must be talk about -- you know how people move their kids into a school district. >> exactly. >> moving to portugal. that's a big deal just for soccer. >> let's talk about janet jackson she's getting control full over divorce proceedings. tmz reporting janet was spotted leaving the royal courts of justice in london late last week. the new mom divorcing multi millionaire billionaire. they have little boy isa. he's just three months old. janet is back on tour late this mm
10:19 am
summer and will be in our area at the verizon center in november. and you know if you saw the picture coming out of court, she apparently has lost a lot of her baby wit 50 pounds in fact. of course she's getting ready to get back on tour. you know how janet is like the snap back queen. >> yeah. >> not a fan of that outfit but she's, um, she's working it out. go ahead, janet. >> um-hmm. doing it. >> tour will be here before you know it. >> right. >> good for her. >> finally let's take look at how some celebrities honored their fathers in their lives yesterday on father's day. first up tal talking about err earlier kim kardashian west posted to photos a tribute to her rapper hospital and father to their daughter north and son saint. kanye happy father's day and thanked him for being such a good dad to their babies. up next take a look at jessica biehl. a print to her husband justin timberlake thanking him for all he does and this love. she quoted
10:20 am
"you are so much cool". >> miley cyrus -- throw back action. >> posted epic photo of her day billy ray cyrus rocking a mall let with her in his arms. happy daddy's day to my number one dude. love you so much. >> last but shirt leslie not least, 13 month old boomer phelps posted this tribute to his instagram account with the caption, daddy day. looks like fatherhood is treated the most decorated olympian of all time very well. >> boomer is on instagram. >> parent he has his own instagram. >> how many followers does he have. >> don't ask. >> put us all to shame. >> more than what we have. we don't want to look. >> oh boomer. >> boomer phelps look it up. >> there you go. >> check oil out on the commercial break. >> wait, how many? >> he has 789,000. followers. i'm sorry, i meant to say he has more than all of us combine together. of one in this building put together. >> yeah. >> i have to chick out
10:21 am
pictures he's posting. >> drooly pictures. >> he's not even year. >> then months i think they s said. >> oh, 13 months. he's over a year then. >> goals. goals. clearly. >> squad goals. that's the dish. >> thank you. good dish. well it is 10:21 right now coming up a look inside charisse jackson jordan's newsham pain room. and the real scoop on her fight with karen on last night's episode. >> first severe weather is on the way this afternoon heads up there. all is good now. in just a few short hours everything might be changing. mike will be back with all those details for your evening commute and look ahead what else is on the seven day. we'll, back. 10:21. >> this is perfect song for my mood. ♪ should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event.
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should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event. >> 10:24 following breaking news from prince george's county right now. police outside of a business at capitol plaza. inside that business, an apparent robber or robbers who all got caught in the act. now they're hold up inside. it's believed the business is some sort of restaurant. we know both directions of annapolis rotor in front of capital plaza now closed. we'll share more information as we get it. that's the on-going scene right now in prince george's county. all right. 10:24. let's check in with mike thomas and thunder boomers that are heading our way. look likes we're -- >> maureen just mentioned we have a chance of stos
10:25 am
up later on this afternoon. 83 degrees your current number outside. humidity is thick out there. feels like 88 degrees. your current heat index. winds out of the south and west at 18 miles an hour. little gusty from time to time as we roll through these morning hours. all right there's your satellite/radar. nothing too much going on around d.c., baltimore at this hour but look off to the west as you see the panhandle of maryland, west virginia starting to see showers that's the initial push from the cold front. again, nothing too threatening out there right now but as the cold front continues to cross the mountains, spill into the hot and humid sticky air mass overhead here it will gather some strength. take a few future cast here get you through hour by hour. 1:30 p.m. those off to the west keep an eye on these storms they could contain gusty winds and very heavy rain as well. we continue to roll our way through the 4:00 o'clock hour now when future cast showing the storms right through downtown dc in baltimore. now even beyond that, we can still see some showers locally and maybe even a couple more rumbles of thunder that initial push of thunderstorms coming into the warm air mass it's going
10:26 am
for severe weather again later on this evening. potential for heavy rain but the severe weather threat will diminish by then. all right. flash flood watch up starting at 3:00 o'clock this afternoon and it will remain in effect until the storms clear the area here again some of these storms to put 2-inches of rain an hour. very heavy rain. take caution.aution. not cross it. we do not want to you end outpatient the news tonight. stay safe out there. 89 degrees your daytime high. after today much calmer, much nicer. 88 tomorrow but low humidity. 87 for the first day of summer on wednesday. then here comes summertime temps once again. 90s on that you ares fran day. work week unsettled but keep an eye on that. right now warm upper 80s saturday and sunday. >> that's latest on the forecast, guys. keep up to date on facebook and twitter all morning long. back to you on the couch. >> thanks, mike. >> thank you very much. 10:26 right now. from movies to music to burgers mark wahlberg can pretty much do it all. coming up next kevin joins
10:27 am
one-on-one with the transformers star i really wanted to see this. also going to explain how and why they ended up filming a spice girls remake with quite the elaborate dance moves. 10:26. good day at 9a will be right back. ♪ fios built its 100% fiber optic network because we knew
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♪ >> we have guests. >> what's the m
10:30 am
>> what the hell? he's a complete knuckle head. >> i'm awfully sorry about that. you see he thinks it's still the year 1914, something like that. >> late onset of, well, robot dementia. it's not pretty. >> i don't know what you smoking in that pipe, man, but what's going on here? are you dragging some transformer. >> somebody better start talking or i'm out of here. >> okay. bumblebee, we only met when i was a little boy in short pants. i must have been that tall. maybe taller or maybe shorter i can't remember. >> you know this guy? >> yeah. let's have a look at this thing please. very interesting. yes. >> that's clip from the latest trance performers movie the last knight the fifth movie in the franchise and sequel to 2014's age of extinction. now
10:31 am
franchise for the second and final time. and he's not the only one walking away. director michael bay says this will also be his last transformers movie. so i guess it's safe to say, they're pulling out all the stops with this one and i cannot wait to see it. kevin got a chance to see the new movie i'm a little jealous and sit down with the stars in the london over the weekend. he joins us live with all the details. i need to hear about that dance video, kev. >> erin the dance story is pretty crazy i'm in london for transformers also war the plan nest apes. i'm in between interviews right now i did sit down with mark wahlberg over the weekend and this is kind of crazy thing. what happened was a buddy of mine walked up to me in the hallway and said you know this is the same hotel that they shot the spice girls wannabe video at? and the staircase is right down the hallway. so i go in the interview room to interview mark wahlberg haven't couple of minutes before my interview starts i just kind of bring that up in conversation, and he tells me t
10:32 am
trying to get his friends to do the video all day long. i tell him i'll do the video and he's like okay. and so hour later goes by. eventually one of his buddies comes downstairs, gather five of your friends meet us at the stairs in five or ten minutes and we'll do the video. 20 minutes later, wahlberg came down and this is what happened. watch this. ♪ >> play back, action. play back. >> where is the play back. >> we have no music. >> are you doing sink live. >> ♪ if you want to be my love -- ♪ >> got it. >> ♪ >> yeah. >> all right. >> really really bad dance moves on my part. by the way to give a little behind the scenes, we only had one take. mark wahlberg was walking over to his interviews. that was all spontaneous.
10:33 am
it didn't play so we all sank. no one rehearsed those lyric. >> no. >> all new the words. >> because that song was so popular. it is kind of interesting to me to think how long ago that song came out. i still knew the chorus. i think everyone just knew that. >> i love that you played along. that was so fun. >> it was awesome. we were walking down the stairs to get to that part of the stairs the spice girls originally shot the video and wahlberg -- i've never seen him so serious in director mode. he was shooting on his phone. he posted on his twitter. props to him for playing around and doing that. >> he was getting angry. where is the play back? sing, kevin, sing. [ laughter ] >> makes me love mark wahlberg even more. >> the question how is the movie? you saw it. right. >> i'll be honest kevin i didn't understand that clip at all. >> yeah. i've seen the film. i'll review the movie on wednesday. the movie actually opens wednesday the clip you were seeing was anthony hopkins his character
10:34 am
with anneal element that wahlberg has to find to try and save the world. so listen you've seen the story a million times but that's basically what these transformers have been doing for the past ten years or so. but i did speak to him about his role in the film, the action scenes and also what they did. watch this. >> i reading crazy story that you got in this shape three weeks after you shot patriots day. how is that even possible? like i mean patriots day you said you want to do be a little different. talk about how you transitioned you have a scene where you take your shirt off. how is that possible? >> you got to do the work, man. i mean, michael when he saw me at the end patriots day, he was like, dude, what's going on? i prided myself on putting on a nice stomach and, um, you know, because that was right for the part but i said don't worry i'll get in shape. i get to exactly where i needed to be in three weeks. but i went from there and i just carried that routine out through the whole
10:35 am
months. >> to get to that shot. >> not drinking -- whatever the shot comes up. i mean i think by that time i started eating again because it was already towards the end. and i was getting ready to go in and to do daddy's home. but, um, you know one of those thing you just -- just part of the job. >> one thing i find interesting about film making and this something going on for years is product placement it always exists there's great moment in the movie you're hand add bud light. i'm curious an an actor when you do a moment like that in the movie are you aware that moment is supposed to be like a product placement and do you shoot it a certain way? are you told to hold it a certain way? i'm curious how that work. >> of course, yeah. these people are paying a lot of money to make sure their product is shown in the movie, and this is obviously a big ambitious and expensive film. so they take all the help they can get. and there wasn't a day that didn't go by i didn't try to get michael to put some type of wall burger promotion in there. product place many i said i had the hat on one day.
10:36 am
we're about to shoot and roll. i throw the hat on. i have a hat on in the scene. you couldn't -- couldn't blame me for trying, but, um, no, you know when it is. special vehicle or something. yeah. >> you mentioned wall burgers i'm in washington, d.c. last time i spoke with uh-uh said there was one opening in the -- going to open in the ballston area early 2017. what's going on? >> you know, it depends. we're dealing with west hollywood and the permits and all that stuff and the demo, you know, it's just a lot of moving parts. so, um, you know, it will be opening it's just a matter of when. we've now got i think upwards of 18 open. so we're moving. >> when it opens in d.c. will you come to the opening i always come to the opening. >> you got to stop by fox5 and come say hi to us. >> absolutely. >> hey, guys, i have to whisper now for the rest of my hit because i'm in a public area in hotel. i'm mott staying at the hotel so i can't, um, get into a room. so i have to kind of keep it on low key now. my apologies. >> that's all good.
10:37 am
to that visit to the good day loft. >> yes, please. >> make sure do you that. >> i will. wall burgers supposed to open in ballston in 2017 early 2017. hopefully once they get all that figure out, he can come and in studio he said it on camera. we have his word. i'll zen it to his publicist. >> hotel security is behind you about ready to ready escort you out. >> i'm going to get ejected here before my interview starts. >> there are a a bunch of people with their arms crossed ready for to you stop talking. >> a person sitting across from me is not happy with me now. >> kill them with kindness. >> mark wahlberg cooking with como. you can catch transformers the last night in theaters on wednesday. i cannot wait to see that movie. >> all right. season two of the real housewives of potomac is wrapping up not before we got a sneak peek inside charisse's newsham pain room. ooh la-la. few more fights between cast
10:38 am
look at her. i am loving this look. we'll get the real story behind the drama, the look everything coming up charisse joining us live in the lot of coming up at 10:37 right now. ♪ ♪ ♪
10:39 am
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you get amazing download speeds up to 940 megs, 20 times faster than most people have. and the price is amazing too for $79.99 a month online for the first year you'll get our fastest triple play with hbo included for 2 years. leave cable's slower internet speeds behind. so hurry up and switch to fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo and multi-room dvr service for two years all with a two year agreement. we told you yell earlier about breaking news in prince george's county. let's get back out there. some type of standoff with robbery suspect or suspects at capitol plaza hyattsville.
10:41 am
you fine out. >> reporter: it's right across the street from wal*mart. chicken and grill they've got swat team surrounding this place the streets are closed here. you have prince george's county police in protective positions. we don't know anything more in terms of numbers of hostages. whether this person is armed with gun or what have you. but apparently came out as a robbery at this chicken and grill stand alone restaurant here at 65th avenue and annapolis road. and you've got the tactical team from prince george's county now heading in. and so we're going to keep an eye on things. clearly a tense situation here but again we again know in terms of the numbers of employees or customers inside with the person who apparently went in there to rob the place got caught inside as police surrounded the business. and this thing now appears to be coming to a head fairly quickly here we just hope things turn out all right. >> bob do we know if there are any people inside there aside
10:42 am
robbers? >> reporter: we believe so. because we believe the business was open. so there would at least be some employees who at least initially were in there whether they may be were able to run at some point we're not sure. but just from the posture of the police here it appears to us like there is more than just the robber inside armed with what we're not sure. i will tell you that we're here in the corner of mcdonald's parking lot and people have been saying, you know, everybody in this whole area needs to get back, needs to get away. so we're probably closer maybe than we should be but we just wanted to get as close as we can to find out what's going on and give you guy as vantage point to see what's happening here. so but they're also -- it's weird, because the word is that it's at this chicken and grill, however, the way they are positioned there is a check cashing place across the way. >> right. >> across the parking
10:43 am
so it may be that that's where they're head to go, because every report wee got was this chicken and grill place but it may be in fact as we're l lookig how think thing is playing out it may in fact be the checked cashed business that is the one that they are more interested in than the chicken and grill which is all we've been hearing about all morning. >> right. it look to be serious situation indeed and bob we will check back with you as things continue to develop. thanks so much for filling us in. >> at this point. you bet, guys. >> meanwhile let's switch gears a little bit. check on in with maureen. >> toll 180 right here. ladies set aside the drama and shade for a night of cocktails, fun and the grand reveal of charisse's champagne room. check it out. >> ladies, are you ready for charisse's champagne room? >> yes. >> yes. >> all right. i can't wait to see it. >> so exciting. >> i c w
10:44 am
>> i better not be walking into a room with four walls and two bottles of champagne. like, it better be over the top. >> one thing i will just say, my therapist suggested that i do something for myself. and so i thought you know what, why not champagne room? >> i feel like stepping into this room is like stepping into a new phase of my life. this is a surprise for me. i'm going to make eight surprise. so i haven't seen it. not even the dogs can come in the room. >> here we go. >> whoo! >> i'm scared to go in. >> oh, my gosh. >> wow! >> oh, my gosh. >> wow! >> oh, yes. oh, my gosh. this is so sexy. >> charisse, this is gorgeous. this is phenomenal. >> charisse. >> i love it. >> every detail was exactly it
10:45 am
>> ♪ >> we have the crystal chandeliers. all of my champagnes. this room basically is my refuge. i love it. >> cannot take refuge in there too. make no mistake there will be no funny business in that champagne room. and for more otts refuge and all the other drama charisse joins us live life. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> taking my jaw off the ground. my gosh, it's gorgeous. >> i didn't think it was big deal when i was doing it the i just thought, you know, i'll do something for myself and i came up with champagne room. and everyone is like, oh, my god this is so major. it is? >> has it been the therapy you needed? >> probably not the right therapy because i find myself in there often. >> all the time. >> sipping. i don't know. might have to go see another therapist. >> okay. >> i'll come and hang out with you while we console each other. listen want to talk about the show and the drama. >> okay. >> you and karen, what is going on? here i thought you two were
10:46 am
on, what happened? >> i have no idea. it's like she just turned into this person and i never did anything to her. i don't know what caused it. maybe story line perhaps. i don't know. but i don't know. it's just weird. like she just doesn't like me. she still doesn't like in real life it's not not just the show. >> there seems to be some thing more personal there. did something transpire. for me i'm thinking, hmm, karen is not the high society lady that she was painting herself to be much she's being a little -- she's been little in the gutter if you will i hate to say that but that's what it feels like. >> i'm sorry that she's not living up to what's in her head, and, you know, things are happening not absolutely in her favor, you know, she's being -- she had to move and all this other stuff. and i don't know what's going on with her personal life, but clearly, she's having some issues with me and i'm just l like, whoa, you know. >> okay. so the season we've seen friendships sort of come together. we've seen them full
10:47 am
and getting towards the end of season two here. are you surprised by what's happened with this cast and c crew? a lot of you started out as friends and we've seen this splintering and seen issues come up has this surprised you? >> personally, it surprised me because like i was under attack for while. i'm like giselle, ashley and karen. what the heck? >> everybody gunning for you. >> radar on my head. the bulls eye, get charisse. kind of weird but i kind of like the attention actually. >> you know what the drama definitely great for tv because andy cohen is loving the season. fans are loving it. numbers going up. >> even wendy. >> i heard. yes, wendy loving it. you guys are doing something right bringing the real is what i say. >> definitely. little bit at my expense but it's okay. >> that's what we like. we like the drama. >> yeah. you guys went on trip. it wasn't -- did you think it was successful i thought this doesn't turn out to be the bonding that you wanted it to be. >> at the very end of it we kind
10:48 am
said karen didn't speak to me. it didn't work out that great. >> that's crazy. are you considering outside when filming coming -- >> she doesn't like me like in real life. in real time she hates me. >> she hates me. i don't know what i did. >> we have to get her in here to find out. >> we need therapy. >> maybe the champagne room. >> let's meet in the champagne room. >> and talk about it. >> discuss and get to the heart of what's happening. karen, if you're watching let's do this. >> let's do it karen. >> let's come together. one love i want to talk to you in our last minute about your lovely daughter and company she's been keeping. i like oh, my goodness her and sasha obama. >> i got in trouble just so you know. >> you did. >> i did. scaler did go to the sweet 16. she kept calling me and cease excited. oh, my god, they're right in front of me. oh, they're in love and all this. i'm excited for her. i'm like, wow i'm trying to live through her. i got little excited when she sent me the picture. they were not supposed to post pictures.
10:49 am
gone away like the next day. >> see vet service call you. >> no secret service didn't call me somebody reached out to my daughter, take it down, take it down! >> i was in, um, dominican republic i didn't have any internet i couldn't take it down. as soon as i got back to miami i took it down. >> everybody else had it it went viral. i felt so bad. but she's a beautiful girl. >> so schuyler won't be invited to minor parties. >> i shop shell. she loves her. >> i'll be in in the doghouse again. i was trying get this behind me. you have to work that out. invite the obamas over to the champagne room. have you film the reunion show jet. >> this is my reunion hair. >> i'm loving it. >> you like it. >> cleopatra has nothing on you babe. >> trying to do something different. here it is. >> we want to talk talk about the reunion the neck time. >> absolutely. >> you can catch the real house weiss of potomac every sunday
10:50 am
bravo. the ladies bringing the heat. so much drama every week. charisse you look amazing. i'm serious about that champagne room. >> what's your go to champagne. >> ashburn, i watch you every morning. >> zip trip. >> come to potomac. what's your go to champagne. >> my go to? >> i do 52. that's my -- >> that's how you roll. >> that's should you she rolls. >> i'm just putting this out it wasn't really karen that told to you post that picture, was it? >> i know, right. oh, karen. [ laughter ] >> i had no idea how they were trying to protect her privacy. >> it makes sense. >> i thought it was beautiful picture. >> you were just a proud mom. >> girl, safe water, drink more champagne. >> charisse has a champagne room and now we have a march keen teeny room. a little corner of our loft right now. we'll celebrate ■nationalmartini day with an early lunch from blt steaks. we will be right back.
10:51 am
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>> time to get into the good day cafe ordering a march teen 19 seems simple enough when the bar tent asks for specification you have no idea what you want. unless you're a pro.
10:54 am
next couple of minutes. bls steak notice a good martini is barra mount to celebrate national martini day james martin is here, kevin bartender is here as well celebrating the secrets to ordering the great martini let's do a little role playing. i'll be my customer. i come up to the bar. hello, i'd like a martini. >> vodka origin, sir. >> what do you recommend. >> i like gin. gin goes really well in ma march 1019 with a good amount of vermouth. >> s that all i need to know. >> let's go gin. >> gin. what else do i need to know. >> you tend ask up or around the rock i like the martini up it doesn't dilute the martino too much. >> up means no ice. >> no ice. >> first question do i want vodka origin. >> i need to know do i want the ice not want the ice. advantage to one of the other one pure, not pure. >> some people say on the rock keep it colder longer. keep it up march martini glass keeps it delighted. >> if you
10:55 am
chilled glass. >> chilled glass keeps the drink colder. >> what's your recommendation? i prefer a wet gin martini. >> what is that we do bl steak twos of gin to 1 ounce of vermouth. >> okay. >> which gives eight good botanicals in the gin play good with the botannical in the vermouth. >> let me again play the rolly uneducated consumer of this alcohol. what is err noon basically like a wine -- advanced wine. >> fortified wine with herbs and different spices. >> that's going to give the flavor. >> more flavor, yes. gin is basically vodka with a added botannicallings. adds more flavor to it as well. >> seems like martini is giant glass of straight alcohol. >> the original martini was half vermouth half spirit. over the years it's gone drier and
10:56 am
>> dirty martini, what is the difference and garnishes? dirty martini comes with olive juice and garnish with olives or blue cheese olives which i prefer. >> so that's just going to break down again give a little more flavor to the alcoholic content. erin come on over here. erin is a fan of dirty martini. >> i'm so excited. >> it looks different than that. >> i thought you'd never ask. >> this is the gin martini with gin i think especially with the spring 44 gin it has lemon peel one of the botanicals. >> i'll try that. have about 30 seconds left. let me try and erin i'll let him -- >> come on over. >> what are we chop liver. >> it's friday night right now everybody is like making the rounds here. >> don't worry. >> dirty martinis for everybody. >> yay! >> mike thomas, can i see your id sir. >> i brought my id. [ laughter ] >> mike is preparing for the store. you need cocktails as well watch out between after 4:00 o'clock the best chance for storms
10:57 am
>> thanks to the crew for blt steaks. >> look at holly. >> i may be a changed person after this. >> cheers! >> cheers, everybody.
10:58 am
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