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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  June 19, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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winds and driving rain did to one local neighborhood. an ap parent road rage murder. she loved everybody. you can ask anybody. she love everybody. new details about the death of a northern virginia teenager and why her family believed she was targeted. and failing the grade . accusations of widespread corruption in prince george's county schools. asking the teacher t to change the grade. tonight teachers and parents are speaking out about a story you saw first on fox5. your news starts now. we have a developing story off the top, the national weather service has confirmed that a tornado made a maryland neighborhood this afternoon. i'm sarah simmons in for shawn and i'm tony perkins. fox5's marina maracco went to get a look at the damage and joins us now. here on the ground it's all consistent with tornado watch naddic activity. you see
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of the way of debris and damage you'll see just how bad the damage is here in four corners. you'll see all the caved in roof . this is one of two homes condemned here tonight. the side wall there appears to be off its foundation and two of the family members inside that home at the time of the tornado were actually transported to an area hospital they were so shaken up following everything that happened here this afternoon. you'll see out here crews still working to try and remove the debris and try and fix up as best they can this home which for the at least tonight and probably tomorrow will remain vacant without any of the family members being let back in. let's look at some of the video from earlier this afternoon. you'll see a block away, a very similar scene, another house also condemned, the damage pretty severe out there as well. at least a dozen vehicles damagedded in this neighborhood. debris flying
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we spoke to one neighbor, her house thankfully intact. here's how she recalls how this all happened. all of a sudden i heard this loud wind and then over my head, and our bedrooms are all on this side we could hear crashing. i could hear branches falling and i worried that these big trees were going to come through the roof one day , but i can't believe they didn't. they just put branches all over the neighborhood and moved our trampoline across the backyard and wrapped it around a tree and somehow we're fine and it doesn't seem to be like any leaks in the house. we had a number of lightening strikes, a restaurant in bethesda, a house in north potomac. most of it was bethesda silver springs area and of course some heavy raifnlt i don't think we had any water rescues or anything like that. and you'll see crews here
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remain likely into the early morning hours. again, the national weather service confirming an ef0 tornado in four corners maryland. crews were out here for quite sometime earlier t this evening. no longer in the dark. the red cross also out here. they'll be helping families that have been displaced because of the tornado . marina maracco, fox5 local news. >> and great job, mar reap actioner she's been out there all evening, but the national weather service didn't confirm that it was a tornado until nine :45. the damage very disis continuingtive and that's what you can see in the area of four corners. there was no warning for this earlier this afternoon but if it caught you off guard, well, us too because there wasn't a tornado warning. however, it whats a small brief spinup, that being said, wippedz were sustained at 730 miles an hour and luckily no injuries on site. that was the only tornado report but there were wind
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and including along the belt beltway back into central portion of virginia. a lot of cleaning up that will be done into tomorrow. a much quieter tuesday forecast is expected. i'll have all the details and your seven day forecast coming up in just a bit. tony. >> new details are emerging about the death of this teenage girl from reston. police are reiterating the muslim teen's murder was not a hate crime. instead, investigators say it was a road rage incident that turned deadly. we're also learning the accused killer may have been here illegally. fox5 's teisha lewis is live from fairfax with the story. >>reporter: tone initial immigration and customs enforcement did issue a detainer for 22 year old dar within torres tonight. he's likely here in the country illegally. we do know that calls have been coming in here to the fairfax county police headquarters from across the globe inquiring about this tragedy that many initially thought was a hate
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enough evidence to support that even though 17 year old nab raised tonight's father tells us that he still believes daughter was target. do you still believe that this was, if in fact, a hate crime? >> this is what i believe, you know. many people in the street , why he run behind the muslim ladies and this lady, you know, she have, i mean, long dress and the clot for everybody know this kiddies muslim. we went back to this reston neighborhood that 17 year old na bra hassan a called home and spoke with her father. we're told he hasn't slept since his daughter ts death. one he insists was motivated by hate for muslims, despite police indicating otherwise. you believe your daughter was target ed because she's a young muslim woman. >> yes. that's what i believe. i don't care what the police say >> no evidenceas
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recovered that shows this was a hate crime. nothing indicates that that this was motivated by race or by religion. nabra hassan was walking here with a group of teenagers early sunday morning in herndon. some were on bikes. they had just attend ed an evening event at a nearby mosque. police say 22 year older sterling resident dar within tornado watchest encountered the teens while he he was driving. an argument between torres and one of the teenage boys occurred. it appears the suspect became oh encouraged over this traffic argument. torres drove his car to the road as the group scatter ed. he caught up with them with a baseball. he began chasing the teens. he caught nabra hassan raised tonight, her bod which was recovered in a pond on sunday a
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crime is crime. if he's foreigner. if he's born here, the crime is crime. >> torres is an elsa va door. they have probably causes ' re moveable from the united states. for mack hassan it's too late. >> i want to see him. i want to look into his eye and ask him why you do this to my daughter? >> today an autopsy revealed that nab ra did die from blunt force trauma to the up upper body. a vij it is schedule for thursday at 6:30. in the meantime the area muslim society where nabra had attended an event before the incident is trying to give the response to the police sometime tomorrow. teisha lewis, fox 35 local news in montgomery county a judge denied bond today forth three men accused of killing two northwest high school teens.
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seeking pay back for a robbery allegedly carried out by one of the victims shotty in a czar. court documents claimed in a czar sold and used marijuana and was involved in a drug related robbery last december that involved the girlfriend of one of the suspects. in a czar's parents deny the claims. >> i know who my son is, a lot of people know who my son is my son as a good record. he's ans noant boy. they were each shot multiple times on june 5, the night before the teens were set to graduate from northwest high school. the suspects are due in court july 14. >> now to a story you saw first on fox5. a new scandal is rock ing prince george's county schools. there are allegations of fraud from the top down, all in an effort to boost graduat
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rates. tonight we are hearing from teachers and staff who claim they were told to push students through no matter what fox5's lindsay watts broke this story tonight and joins us with more. >> the prince george's county schools ceo says the board members claims in their letter politically motivated. since our story aired last night other board members have written their own letter completely dismissing the claims of fraud. meanwhile teachers and parents we spoke to say there is a real problem in the school system and they want it exposed. the record high numbers have been reason to celebrate in prince george's county. music, pom-poms and party buses earlier this year as school's ceo dr. kevin maxwell made surprise stops at high schools with graduation rates over 90 percent. when max maxwell came up to our school with an entourage to celebrate our high graduation rates we all held with laughter because we knew tha
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fraudulent. >> most of the counselors laugh at it because we know that it's not real. >> the teachers and guidance counselor we spoke to wanted their identities concealed for fear of retaliation. they work at different high schools, but tell the same story. they were banking everything on graduation rates and things of that nature so there's incredible pressure coming from the central office onto all of the principals of all the schools to push kids through whether they've really earned the credits or not. it comes down from the county, it comes down to the principles that come down to the staff. it's what are you going to do to make sure that they pass rather than what you going to make sure that they learn. >> boosting the graduation rate has been a top priority for dr. maxwell. prince george's county had been lagging behind the state average before making
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headlines. we love to share good news and threes a celebration going on in prince george's county. along with the spike in graduates there have been some procedural changes. for example, students will get a minimum of 50 percent for making a good faith effort on an assign many or assessment. as long as 50 percent of the work is done, which makes no glens we're told that's just the beginning. >> asking the teacher to change the grade. i seen them just change the grade. >> this guidance counselor says they are principal told her to contact the teachers of failing seniors. e-mail them all and tell them change the grades, whether it was a 30 or a 350. change it all to passing. >> fox5 obtained an e-mail from a guidance counselor and assistant principal at duval high school. it says blow a list of our seniors who need one last intervention with y
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assistance. it goes onto ask for last minute rub a jeanie in a bottle assistance listing the names of 141 seniors and their teachers. this was sent about a month before graduation. the graduation rate for last year, 92.39 percent, one of the highest graduation rates in prince george's county. due duval, one of the schools where dr. maxwell was celebrating the high graduation rate. >> my question is how is this happening? >> it's also where this mom has an 11th grader. she says she learned he was faig a class with a 29 percent. she talked to the teacher and she had nothing else to justify a higher grade. the guidance quowns lor for that grade said do not worry he will pass with a 65. her son indeed passed the class and he's very aware of why. sthe accident challenge him and say you need to give more with thats may. you need to study a little bit. what for they're going to pass úme anyway.
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problem. does he know the material? no idea. many i going to be tasked to teach him that over the summer? i've already begun that process. >> we reached out last week to dr. maxwell, he declined our request for an interview, but provided a statement. he called the board members' letter politically motivate and said these claims are a claim to the hard work of administrators, students and parents over the last few years. i categorically deny any systemic effort. he go es onto say we welcome the maryland state department of education to fully explore this matter. school board chair and ate other board members wrote their own letter saying they're shocked and dismayed by the allegations. the claim that folks are pushing students out is false. we're pushing our students to be the best that
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clear and compelling evidence from legitimate authorities about this we're anxious to see it. have they referenced the letter have you asked for the letter that they've referenced. >> we have not asked them for any reference. we've gone to our administration and say we want to make sure everything we've told them is correct and there is slument no systemic corruption going on and we're confident that they'll give us that information. i believe that we will be vindicated in this. staff we talked to say for them it's politics. it's about their steuns and what's next for them when they leave high school. they're not learn ing a good work ethic. they're pretty t much being led to believe that entitlement is the norman it's not. when they go to college or if they go to college they're going to be in a great deficit because they didn't learn that content information. and so i feel like we're setting them up to fail. and another twist to the
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we found out that the state department of education already conducted an investigation into fraudulent grade changing after an anonymous tivment according to a report an investigator talked to dr. maxwell and then closed the case. we're going to be posting that full report for you on our website, >> sarah and tony back to you. up next, what youtube is doing now to find extremist who use their web sit. the bombshell announcement that amazon is look ing to buy hole foods. what does this mean for the future of grocery shopping. the internet goes nuts after hearing jared kushner speak. we're going to hear the reaction tonight at 11: 30.
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developing tonight, europe is dealing with two more terror attacks, one in london the other paris. a driver rammed his vehicle in applies convey. the car was packed with explosives that were set off by the crash. authorities tried to rescue the driver but he died at the scene no one else was hurt. an attack outside a mosque in london is now being investigated as
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terrorist attack and a hate crime. forty-seven year old dar withins on born was driving the van that plowed into pedestrians leaving a mosque in a community center. the attack happened just after midnight leaving one person dead and at least ten others injured. british police are now out in full force urging citizens to remain calm. youtube is fighting terrorism by making extremist content harder to find . it's taking a tougher stance on videos that are not in direct violation of their policies and cannot be taken off line. users will not be able to make money off their views. a warning will also play with the videos. youtube says 400 hours of video content is uploaded every minute. that's about a century's worth of video every day and a half making it impossible for youtube to track content in realtime. a.m. done 's proposed purchase of whole foods may affect how you buy groceries. anal lieses expect grocery stores to lower prices on some items and improve
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compete with whole foods. the proposed merger may also lead to more online grocery shopping. the grocery industry accounts for 600 bilion-dollar of transactions and revenue, correct. >> correct. >> he commerce only represents one to two percent of that. for the nose part none of us are buy ing our groceries online. by 2025 it's going to account for 25 percent of that. but what jeff bay owes is creating the infrastructure neil for what's to come later on. we might even see acquisitions of bigger grocery chains just because he's creating the infrastructure for grocery. it's not sure what changes are in store for the two companies. they're in the say ing much at this h point about their plans. >> big new nts business world there. >> yep. >> big news here, too. we had an actual tornado during these storms. we did, yes. i was confirmed by the national weather service. they sent a survey team out this evening. usually they wait until the next day
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there was a path indicative of a tornado damage in montgomery county and in fact they confirmed a tornado in the four corners much silver springs. a very active monies coming to a close along with the confirmed tornado, numerous wind damage reports across the area out ahead of a cold fronted that came through earlier today. that cold front will deliver us some more comfortable weather tomorrow. take a look at these great pictures that we love getting late at night. this one sent to sue palka from fredericksburg, virginia. the disubl rainbow after the storms have passed. you always get the rainbow pictures and the glorious sunsets behind the severe weather. it's like nature is giving you a reward after a busy monday afternoon. tomorrow, warm, but less humid. it will be a perfect pool day. radar here just showing the showers from this front that kind of got hung up over the eastern shore. most of that has come to
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county, st. mary's showers. the actual movement of the front has been slowly south and eastward or at least all the showers and thunderstorms that were out ahead of the front pushing off the eastern seaboard ending in& new york, philadelphia and in delaware. the actual front is moving through central parts of pennsylvania right now where you see the secondary band of of showers. it's bringing some light rain showers to extreme western maryland but i don't think that makes it past the mountains. we should see pretty quiet conditions tonight. eighty-nine was the high at reagan. ninety-one at bwi. that was before the rain came through. it's still pretty muggy out there. seven t at dulles. behind that front tomorrow sunshine starts you off . high pressure biltsdz in. it will be dry, a lot less humid , but it will still be very warm in the afternoon. temperatures will rise into the 830s under bright sunshine. it's a perfect pool day for the kids, but the uv index
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reaching its peak daylight as we approach the first day of summer on wednesday. mild 72 to start you off. we become less humid in the afternoon. eighty-four, 87, a little bit above normal for this time of year, but pretty much right on target for june. eighty-seven wednesday, a little bit warmer thursday, 92. some beautiful weather and then the humidity increases friday with the chance of a thunderstorm. golf moisture may be kicking in this weekend spawn ing some thunderstorms. we'll keep you posted on that. fox5 news at 11 will be right back after h this.
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it bit one man's hand. he is okay. he took him to an alligator farm although it's not clear where the alligator came from. where is the swamp or body of water. stay with us, jim lokay is coming up next with the final five. all right. see you tomorrow.
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>> everybody, it's monday, your final five tonight. democrats holding the floor over healthcare. number two, donald trump bragging to panama about the panama canal as his press secretary may get a new role. taking to healing in alexandria after the shooting last week. an attack ad tries to link an ad with violence and jared kushner really does have a voice. we start with the action going on right now in the senate. democrats are doing something they call holding the floor and sticking around uil


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