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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  June 21, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> what we can do together by building a grass roots movement for a government works for people. at 6:00, a big announcement from prince george's county executive rushern baker. an outpouring of support as a murdered muslim teen to be laid to rest. but was this a hate crime or road rage >> live look outside on wednesday, june 21 it's. sun coming up and it is indeed the first official day of summer. we're going to talk weather and traffic coming up at 6:05. good morning to you, i'm holly morris >> i'm steve chenevey. a lot of news developed while you were sleeping. first up, prince george's county executive rushern baker announces he's running for govern of maryland. overnight. baker released this add. he joins three other declared democrats hoping to challenge larry hogan. another big story, we have
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founder travis kalanick has res resigned. he had been on indefinitely leave and following the death of his mother in a boating accidet. in statement to the "new york times." kalanick said the move will allow the ride sharing company to go back to building itself rather than become distracted by yet another fight. the state of georgia remains red following a nail biting special congressional criminal case, republican karen handel beat out democrat john ossoff to become the next member of congress. the seat will once again be up for grabs in a year and a half. president busy on twitter sending out congratulations to handel and ralph norman who won south carolina. fifth district's fired up this tweet, special elections are over and those that want to make america great again are five and 0, all the fake news qualifies 0. 6:01 breaking news. a deadlyho
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midnight in northeast. annie yu live from that scene with the details, annie, good morning. >> good morning to you, steve and holly. dc police got that nine call just after midnight. so for six hours now, you have both dc police detectives as well as forensics units out here at the scene processing the scene still at this hour. we know that a woman was shot and killed and this is the 700 block of 51 street northeast. next to the house of praise church, it's unclear whether police have the gunman in custody. but this video is from earlier this morning when we arrived. we can't get beyond the crime tape, i can tell you much focus has been back there in a unit beyond the minivans. there's a staircase that leads into an apartment been taped off. the shooting happened inside an apartment but police have not confirmed the information. the area under renovation we see equipment, debris and materials of some sort. they do also have surveillance cameras on the site and looks
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direction. however, police can't tell us whether there's footage available of what happened or not. but again, we're talking hours out here, police processing we have more detectives arriving now that we have daylight. hopefully we'll get more information and bring you the latest. that's the latest here from northeast dc, annie yu fox 5 local news. northern virginia, funeral services for murdered 17-year-old muslim girl will be held today >> comes as her family says they are confident in the police investigation despite growing backlash her death is not being investigated as a hate crime >> melanie alnick live with the last. >> reporter: that backlash coming more from people outside the community than those here locally. even though mosque leaders continue to press law enforcement to consider all motives. it's going to be a very somber day here at the all dulles area muslim society in what would normally be a week of celebration with the end of ramadan coming so close, instead, they're gettingea
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sister, nabra hassanen. her death has brought many together. here in dupont circle one of many vigils honoring her memory and her wish to love everybody. police have no evidence that hate was a motive in her murder, the assault has made some in the muslim community fearful at her mosque grief is starting to set in. >> nabra was bright, beautiful young lady. that was violated, killed, a loving child, a sister, niece, a friend, a vibrant youth of our community. we're all in shock. we're all in pain. we're all missing her. >> reporter: nabra's family addressed the media one last time
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for burial. hired have faith that law enforcement will fully investigate circumstances. it was early sunday morning, when 22-year-old darwin torres struck her with a baseball bat after getting into a traffic argument with a group of taevenls they were attending prayer services after heading back to the mosque. the prosecutor's office has not ruled out the possibility of hate crime charges if the evidence leads in that direction and that could mean enhanced penalties if martinez torres is convicted. the further is at 1:30 then there will be a burial after that. the opportunity for the youth in this community and for nabra's friends to come together at a vigil they've planned themselves in rest in. live in sterling, melanie alnwick. fox 5 local news it's 6:05. we'll keep a close eye on tropical storm cindyac
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expected to make land fall. late night. alabama's govern issued a state of emergency, louisiana's national guard moving in on flood prone areas. look who's back. good to see you >> thank you. >> welcome back. and we're celebrating the first official day of summer today. >> you guys have a party early >> we always do, but a little mr. this morning >> first day summer arrived a couple hours ago. feeling summery. and there it, summer officially begins. here we go, reagan national 71. 60's dulles, 65 up in baltimore. 69. we'll get a nice day, summery day, upper 80's to 90's, cloudiness to the south and east. few showers along the beaches. we'll wake up with plenty sunshine and par
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sunny day. there could be a shower if you're watching to our north. kind of southern pins pens northern maryland make it a shower later. for rest of us, warm day, upper 80's to 90, nice afternoon. cindy, the remnants of will be joining us later this week, i'll give you the timing when it might impact our region >> hopefully not the zip trip >> i'll give you a hint. might be on the zip trip. erin >> 6:07. tracking the roads and rails and we have problems right now in prince george's county. 223 wood yard road closed at richardson serious crash ivestigation, skyfox on the way, you can see east and westbound super backed up. use the secondaries to get around that. east of branch avenue. also if you're skipping the roads taking the rails. a track problem outside federal center southwest, orange blue and silver delays, impacting the red line, shady grove closed but
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bus service is available. we take wide view and you can see congestion starting to build in the usual spots in college park, the outer loop to connecticut avenue five-minute slow down, let's take a look at the congestion on 295. you can see all the brake lights you can see at a crawl about a five-minute delay. northbound side looking good. the mainland completely backed up. hov and express lanes looking good. it's only about a four-minute slowdown, 270, 66 eastbound starting to build volume, wise past manassas. breaking news coming out of buckingham palace. prince phillip in the hospital. it is national selfie day and so we're celebrating that along with the first day of summer with your selfie
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here's a few already that have come in this morning and note they're all watching fox 5. yes >> erin right there behind them >> love it. share it with us, use the #summer selfie. 6:08 is our time right now.
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. 6:10, breaking news from buckingham palace, prince phillip has been admitted to a hospital and will not be attending the queen's speech. phillip was admitted as a precautionary measure, he's in good spirits. prince phillip is 96 and recently said he was stepping down from public events, he has suffered heart ailments in the past p out belgium, securitd after a man blew up an explosive device at a central station. bell engine authorities shot and killed the suspect. his bomb belt was searched this morning officials revealed the attack is of moroccan nashnalty and was not wanted for terrorist attacks. the city of london on edge, and uneasy following a wave of recent terror attacks. three have taken place in the last three months. the most recent attack this week when man ran down a
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muslims leaving a mosque. that followed another horrific tragedy. the grenfell tower fire that killed 79 people. these events have really shown the best of london it's just like after 911 in america in new york, you know, people came out and we saw the great, we saw the best of people after the worst of people. and communities have really come forward. muslim residents say they're feeling grateful for the support from fellow londoners. white house are considering a travel ban to north korea after the death of otto warmbier who was released in a coma. rex tillerson has been weighing a move for months. warmbier's case cause of death still a mystery. a coroner did perform an external examination on the 22-year-old's body of however, his family said they do not want an autopsy. a vigil was held at the university of virginia, where he was a student supposed to
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jared kushner traveling to the mideast today. the president's son-in-law and chief advisor hopes to lay the ground work for a peace deal between israel and palestinians. the chances of a significant breakthrough a hard sell. the president is set to travel to iowa to draw attention to have a minutes in high tech agriculture. he will be joined by sonny put you due and commerce secretary. and tonight he plans to hold a campaign style rally in the city. uber's ceo is resigning. this morning lots of sunshine out there as we head to break on wednesday morning, it's early but i believe it's the longest day of the year, first day of summer. weather and traffic on the 5s coming up next, it is now 6:13.
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. our co anchor give us a review oh of u2. did you go >> great show. >> you do the weather, i'm going to talk to him >> what was the best song i want to know >> any one of them. right? >> ok. ok, i'll choose that one. longest day of year, let's do it. first day of summer, 14 hours, 53 minutes, sunrise a lot light out there early, 5:43, 8:36, tomorrow, we lose three seconds of daylight. today is longest day of the year and starting tomorrow, we start our trek back towards the winter months, slowly. 71 now in washington. it's still nice and mild here,
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north, dulles is 65. 63 in frederick. 72 in leonardtown. 70 in fredericksberg. should be nice for us, upper 80's to about 90, plenty of sunshine, there is this fronts few day ago. still bringing rain showers across extreme southern maryland f you're at the beaches several hours with cloudiness and shower, the rest of us kind of a partly to mostly sunny day. a little piece of energy will drop down into the region and give us cloudiness and if you're north and west, hagerstown to southern pennsylvania might get showers, our third storm of the season cindy tropical storm cindy, it will be the rain, up to a foot across parts of louisiana, mississippi, alabama even parts of florida and the remnants carefully. that's where it's
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by early saturday morning and the track takes it just south of our region, it's likely that we're going to go see rain showers with remnants of cindy and a front by friday, and into the day on saturday. we could have pretty good rain around here, keep that in mind. that's our next time frame for rain perhaps thunderstorms. still little early to call whether we'll arrive for the zip trip, maybe later going to annapolis, most of the temperatures stay in the 80's, it will be dry for the most part this afternoon. first day of summer. erin >> yes, sir. >> i hear we're going to give out pop cycles. >> i don't know where we're going yet. skyfox is over 223 wood yard road out in prince george's county. serious crash investigation closing both directions. traffic it has to detour around causing a
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allow for extra time if you take wood yard road in the clinton area, live look from skyfox, let's show you what else you're up against this morning, metro delays and other delays on the roads, right now, the orange, blue and silver line is slow because of a signal problem. also safetrack closing shady grove and rockville on the red line, shuttle bus available between shady grove and twinbrook brook and the wide view, 295 slow, let's take a look at the cameras, outer loop jambs 95 over to georgia avenue. this as you make your way down 70 pat 109 congestion building about a 15 be minute delay. it's 6:19, today is one week since a gunman ambush add baseball practice in alexandria at 10:00. the fbi will hold a news conference to share findings of its investigation into the shooting and we're going to string that on our fox 5 dc facebook page. steve scalise, capitol police officer crystal
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remain hospitalized. the eugene stadium park officially remained open. the first responders were celebrated they threw out the first pitch before the little league games. scalise is still in serious condition, as we reported. still recovering from his injury >> based on know gave a shout-out to steve scalise and said he hopes he recovers soon. bar bee's boyfriend ken is getting a make over and we'll that i can next. >> it's been awhile. >> we want you to share your selfies with us. today happens to be national selfie day. so make sure you use the #fox 5 summer selfie and we'll share great selfies just like these.
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. 6:22. ceo of uber, we'll check the markets joining us, lauren simonetti. who ruined everything for us, by not hitting record highs >> nice intro. >> good morning. so, the reason equities were down, the dow fell 61, the nasa fell 50. big reason was energy oil prices just falling off a cliff there. continuing to fall. they're down 20% from a recent high. $43 a barrel this is great for drivers as gas prices go lower but a problem for the energy stocks, particularly along the gulf coast, the companies that try to operate there. how low are prices going to go? they could go under 40. that would be a huge deal, and essentially, that might make a lot of drillers state side say we can't drill because we can't make a profit. motorists
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uber, we talked about the ceo stepping down, it's not just the ceo, who running this company these days >> good question. former ag eric holler put out a report of cultural changes that he thinks uber needs to implement. there's a lot of oversight among the leadership team but who is the leadership team, the coo and the cfo are also out. who's running the company? my feeling is you're going to go see a woman as the ceo because of the sexual harassment and discrimination against the company, the guys with real skin in the game, essentially said, kalanick, you can't stay. you just can't, it looks bad. he will be on the boards of directors, however. >> uber might start tipping, we'll get to that. let's save that one for another day. keep that in your back pocket. amazon
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the old retailer experience for everybody >> they killed the grocery stores, now the retailers. the dressing room amazon is bringing into your home. they have a program, if you're a prime member, you order at least three items, they send them to you in a box, you have a week to try them on. if you keep them, you can get 20 ten and 20% off. phone like them, you put them back in the box, drop them off and amazon comes and picks them up for you. are you kidding me? how do retailers compete with this >> ken has new out fits and apparently likes them all. >> ken got 15 new looks. i mean, he is totally styling. so matel gave bar being a make over and approved the sales. now they're doing it with ken, you got surfer ken with the man button and the aviator glasses and hawaii
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which ken do you think you would be. >> is ken -- probably flannel ken. i don't think just a total joe rel relaxed grunge ken. is ken a big seller >> compared to bar bee, no, they had a at all bar bee, a curvy, and she got a make over and increased sales so maybe ken will be a big seller. i call this a mid life crisis >> that is very true. hipster middle age hipster ken >> they're all great >> the one in the corn rows crack me up >> got to go. we'll talk to you tomorrow. >> bye >> is there a market for 15 different kens? >> all right. follow that. >> 71 degrees, can't get over the amazon news. try on cloth
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want to keep them. revolutionary. >> crazy. how much daylight do we get >> 14 hours, 53 minutes. >> think how productive we can be. >> let's go to maps. they tell me to hurry. 71 now >> welcome back. >> partly sunny, near 90. we're looking at a quiet afternoon but summery. remnants of cindy, friday and saturday. >> he gets cranky when his vacation is over. >> i understand that >> i know your jealous that i get the joy of handing out pop sickles. >> wood yard road did reopen. earlier serious crash investigation had things shutdown, now traffic is flowing, i anticipate that delay should ease, the orange, blue and silver lynn delayed in addition to safetrack.
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keep it to fox 5 coming up.
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♪ ♪ welcome back, to fox 5, 6:30 is our time. beautiful look on wednesday, first official day of summer and it will feel like it. right now, london's prince phillip will not attend queen elizabeth's address to perform the today. this is a
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the queen is due to address parliament for our annual speech at any moment. 96-year-old has been admitted to the hospital as a precaution to treat an infection. he recently announced he was stepping down from public events. major announcement in the race for maryland's next govern, prince george's county executive rushern baker is running for the spot. he released this add on his new campaign website. baker joins three other declared democrats hoping to challenge republican larry hogan next year. we are following breaking news out of the district. where police a investigating a deadly shooting in northeast. police say a woman was shot and killed after midnight. it happened in the 700 block of 51 it's street, police haven't said anything yet about any suspects they may be looking for. today, the muslim teen murdered in northern virginia will be laid to rest. police say 17-year-old nabra hassanen was assaulted twice before being killed. her accused killer,
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torres remain behind bars, despite criticism that police are not considering her death a hate crime. nabra's family said they have confidence in the investigation a virginia woman at the center of an immigration debate is no longer in the u.s. this morning, nonprofit group said lily cruz mendez was deport to do el salvador, she was deported after voluntarily checking in with the ice office. the deportation is despite a pardon from terry mcauliffe. happening the american civil liberty union in dc will hold a press conference where they will address the protest and violence that erupted on inauguration today, more than 200 people detained. the aclu claims some law enforcement may have i have noted demonstrators rights. the press conference is at noon at the aclu offices. a s
6:33 am
on capitol hill today, parents and children dressed as super heros will join democratic lawmakers to oppose the repeal of the healthcare act. the group will call on congress to quote, save our health care. comes one day before senate republicans are due to unveil their version of a healthcare repeal bill. now, to a fox 5 exclusive and a warning about a dangerous side effect of temporary tattoos. a virginia family says during a recent trip to virginia beach, they let their 5-year-old son get a black henna tattoo. you see the picture. the ink caused the boys skin to become red and itchy. the doctor said it may have used dye named ppd. >> i never heard of that. the first time i heard about it was when i started using the raised skin, i went right on to google and its everywhere
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leaf. ♪ ♪. threats get to the morning miami 6:33. washington nationals let's get to dusty baker decided to keep rendone out of the starting lineup. when you have a team this good, you can get away with it. having a guy miss a game or two, bryce harper singled off. washington up 5-1, filling in foreign don't, sending zimmerman home and daniel murphy with a big blast. his 12th homer of the year. they win 12-3. manning mac hato have yourself a night. tried to make up for a slow start in one game. here's the stat line, four for four, four rbis, orioles came backing end cleveland's six-game winning streak with a tie
6:35 am
three-run in the fifth, 6-5. warn taps said when he dies he will donate his brain to the concussion organization. he's a seven-time pro baller retired in 2008 after 13 season, he said football affected his memory. the line man was inducted in the hall of fame. his hometown atlanta hawks, atlanta traded dwight howard to the charlotte horn nets. we saw a lot of him in the playoffs. charlotte sending two players in 41 it's pick in tomorrow's draft to atlanta. last year, he signed a $70 million deal for three years with atlanta had a disappointing season. here's the interesting part. he was on twitter hosting a twitter chat about trades in the nba. when he found out >> he was notified that he was traded >> no. espn tweeted that
6:36 am
he didn't see the tweet. other followers of his told him he was traded while he was hosting a chat about trades. so he found out >> dwight howard is like your friend that's got like a new girlfriend every week. i can never keep track of where he is. >> he's in charlotte now >> probably not going to the playoffs. >> i think they will hope he helps. we'll see. >> all right. meanwhile, high. happy first day of summer be 71 in washington, we are officially yep, six hours into summertime. sun is up at 5:43, upper 80's to about 90. 71 now in washington, lots of 60's out there. still feeling nice and warm again the sun up early. hoping warm things up. we got a weak system off to the north and west. few clouds back in central pennsylvania dropping down to our region. bringing us cloudiness, if you're north and west,
6:37 am
pennsylvania maybe an afternoon shower, rest should be dry and again, summery with high temperatures upper 80's to about 90, and humidity as well. nothing too extreme. today and tomorrow looks good. get rain by friday and saturday. ever heard of tropical storm cindy? remnants by the weekend >> we've been working the first couple days this week, so we know. >> good morning. good morning, 6:37. take a looking at the roads. crowded on prince william parkway, dale city, big slow downs in place, let's take a look at the maps, 66 on the eastbound side, from 234 to the beltway, that's a 35 minute ride in the yellow zone should turn red within the next 20 minutes or so, dale city to the beltway is a 30-minute trip. and 395 about a ten minute delay from the beltway to 14th street bridge. maryland 270 southbound from urban in a to the
6:38 am
take you 37 minutes. outer loop 95 to the 270 spur over a 20-minute delay. outer loop by pennsylvania avenue look. metro a problem outside federal center southwest. >> free shuttle service available between shady growing and twin brook. all of the metro rail lines on time. keep you updated if anything else pops up. keep it to fox 5 news morning, we'll be right back. we'll
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. welcome back to fox 5 news morning on a wednesday morning. 6:41 is our time right now. and can someone confirm to me if we're on the air on that matter? all right. very good. obviously we're having a little bit of technical difficulties. we're figuring things out. but if you're listening i'll go ahead and tell you what's trending on this wednesday morning.
6:42 am
and i'm going to look down here and read and tell you some of the news coming in. we apologize for what's going on right now. but adele is offering up support following the devastating fire in london last week. the grammy award winning singer dropping into the fire station to meet some of the firefighters who helped battle the deadly fire. the london fire brigade posted pictures of her. you can go to her facebook page if you want to see those pictures. she had tea and cake with the heros, adele, of course is a london native and the firefighters held a minute of silence. >> much appreciated >> and a boost in spirit, which i'm sure everybody needs at this point having tough times in london right now. marco rubio is embracing a seemingly awkward moment. a photography captured a moment of him going in for a hug with ivanka trump. he's going in for the hug with
6:43 am
ivanka trump on twitter and choked that the team is investigating the alleged failed hug. they're assuring everyone that rubio is a quote excellent hugger. >> finally, taking a dip caught on camera, a rare sighting. hikers take a look at this. spotted what appears to be a great horned owl swimming in a lake out west. swimming in a canyon in lake pow out west. i have never seen that. that is amazing, obviously seeing an owl swim is unusual. owls are not able to fly while swimming. so they have to dry out their feathers before taking flight. my question is do they get out of the water and shake like dogs? did the owl have
6:44 am
perhaps they swim more than you think. >> sad news coming from hollywood ans so scar winning actor calling it quits, who announced his retirement? fox beat coming up next at 6:43. as i reach 99 i offer you a little advice: every second of life adds up. so make sure they're filled with the good stuff. ( not the have-to-do's, but the love-to-do's. tickle, and be tickled. play a little. dance alot. enjoy your home. the loving. the living. discover the hive smart home and do more of what you love. hive. let's get living
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tropical storm cindy will impact us in a couple of days, meang
6:47 am
>> we might get enhanced rains. so flooding might be a concern by the end of the week. >> let's talk about today. >> first day of summer, started off about six hours ago. and it's going to start off nice and beautiful around here, should be he close to a perfect summer afternoon, on the warm side, upper 80's but not expecting rain showers and we'll hold off as the remnants start to move in, heat and humidity start tomorrow, unsettled conditions that's dependant on the eventually path of cindy and how it combines with a cold front and tracking the tropics which are busy this time of year, we've had brett and now is cindy and he we'll take a look at cindy coming up. 72 in washington, 72 quantico, 60's north and west for the first morning of summer, dulles 65, leonardtown 72, cloud cover off to the south and east you can see the cloud cover hanging at the
6:48 am
things will be improving with rain showers will b improving. north and west, a little bit of cloudiness, a piece of energy up into pennsylvania, as that drops down this afternoon, we'll have a few clouds around and just want to throw out we might see a shower pop up, it will be kind of northern maryland southern pennsylvania, most of us should be dry. most of us will be dry with highs about 90. there's cindy, maximum winds 60 miles per hour, winds are not the real concern, it's the rain, a slow mover, up to a foot of rain forecast for parts of louisiana, mississippi, alabama even parts of florida. then the track takes it kind of up through tennessee and eventually just south of us by this weekend and as the remnants of cindy get here and combine way cold front, we could have enhanced rains by friday and saturday. just keep that time frame in mind, next chance for rain around here friday into
6:49 am
saturday. depending on the path and how strong cindy remains, we could have pretty good rathers by friday afternoon and friday night. 92 tomorrow and there's your rain showers. we got memes coming up >> 6:49, weather into traffic, road problems and things clearing up. skyfox through the beltway by pennsylvania avenue. beautiful sunshine and light traffic. that's a pleasant view to start off. let's switch it over and show you what else. we have slow zones for metro. keep in mind the orange, blue and silver residual delays from an earlier. things get back to normal. closed stations to the red line because of safetrack, that is the shady grove and rockville stations, shuttle bus service is available replaces rails between shady grove and twin brook and back to roads you can see typical
6:50 am
the beltway, 66 out by 234. it's at a crawl. about a 30 minutes delay from 234 to the beltway and that's because of a whole lot of congestion. 95 northbound looks the same way through stafford as well as dale city and from urban in a to the beltway. no major crashes right now, a whole lot of people trying to get around this wednesday morning. thanks, guys. yesterday flew across the country and was only halfway here, when i got to dulles took me another four hours to get home. >> that's brutal especially during rush >> and you hate sitting in traffic. make you say >> i loved it. >> i sat in the back. i heard this nice gentleman's whole life story >> you had a driver. >> uber driver. >> i was bad for him that i was driving. it's all gone. >> did you get your champagne and
6:51 am
>> your doctor mike french fries, eating french fries will kill you. >> what are you talking about >> we all had the same reaction. finally makes sense. they gave you your decaf >> no room for decaf in my life. >> that looked, when you make the mistake of talking back to your mother for the first time. not good idea. >> bad choice. >> we're going to wrap it up with the things i do to get a treat around here. that poor dog looks not happy >> i'm not, that picture makes me a little uncomfortable. just saying >> you notice how there are silence >> he had nothing to contribute to that >>
6:52 am
pliving. >> #morning meme. >> speaking of making a living, earn and tucker will be working later they're hitting the road to celebrate the first day of summer, plus national selfie day. >> take selfies with every person that you run into >> with popsicles. snap your selfie with us. tucker and i want to get in as many as possible >> here's what else is coming up. an eye opening look at life within terrorist groups. absolutely fascinating, journalist spent years getting inside of isis, al-qaeda, taliban, really good stuff. the latest transformer hits theaters today. he sits down to talk about it plus famil
6:53 am
their son, the brand new version of kendra and on top, plus the kevin mccarthy, the jet setter joining us, welcome back >> good to see you we don't have a lot of you time, daniel day lewis, oscar winner, quitting acting. i don't understand this. of but in statement yesterday, daniel day lewis spokes woman said, quote, daniel will no longer be working as an actor, he's immensely grateful to collaborators and audiences. this is a private decision that neither he nor his representatives will make further comment. he holds the record for the most wins by a best actor category at the academy awards. he wouldn't for lincoln, there will be blood and my left foot. his left movie will be released this december. it's directed by paul thomas
6:54 am
i'm interested to see why he's leaving. >> i think he's done it all >> he's going out on top >> he's 60 >> that's young >> enjoy life, i agree >> the story is nuts. i still don't fully understand it. untitled hahn solo film filmed since february, yet the directors have left the project. this happened yesterday, it was reportedly only about three weeks left of shooting. this is a tweet from when production started back in february, you can see miller and lord in the million. miller and lord said, quote, unfortunately our vision and process weren't aligned with the partners on the project. we normally aren't fans of the phrase creative differences. for once, this cliche is true. we're proud of the amazing and world class work of our cast and crew. producer kathleen kennedy sd
6:55 am
announced soon. according to an article in variety, they were said to have been fired. variety states that quote, a source said that while lord and miller were supposedly hired for the vision and distinctive brands of film making when it came to star warriors, production kennedy did not approve of the shooting style and process of interacting. interestingly enough, i sat down with wood di harrelson the day before this news broke. here's what he said about the film makers. >> what's your experience like with chris miller and phil lord >> i love that he is guys, i think they're amazing directors and doing a hell of a job with this movie >> is it blowing your mind being in a star wars film? is that crazy for you? >> i've been doing it now for almost four months. so i'm kind of gotten used to it but psyched to be part of it. >> the day before the news broke, he said they're doing a hell of a job, which is confusing to me. those film makers, if you're not
6:56 am
family with them, they did 21 jump street, 22 jump street, lego movie and meat balls. they're great film maker >> for a month into production >> something serious went down. >> they realized they were going in a different direction >> very strange to me. >> you know how it works. you got to answer to the person upstairs. hey, tuck >> hi, guys. look at the weather, only have a few seconds. temps in the upper 80's to about 90. wind south and west. there's a live look at satellite and radar. happy summer and it will feel like it this afternoon, 90, should be dry this afternoon, rain friday, saturday is remnants of cindy. you got in in trouble >> this is what happens when you go on vacation, too much catching up to do. very
6:57 am
through dale city, not looking so hot to the beltway and then a ten-minute delay on 395 northbound. gw pway looking good, urban in a to the beltway, 270 southbound and the outer loop, 95 to the spur. keep to it fox 5. we will have a look at the metro and i prom not to get you in trouble anymore, tucker. we'll be right back. you
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. this campaign is about all of us and what we can do together. by building a grass roots movement to the man that government works for people. >> a big announcement coming from prince george's county executive rushern baker >> an outpouring of support as a murdered muslim teen is set to be laid to rest. but outrage growing over whether this was a hate crime or road rage as police have indicated. tropical storm cindy gaining strength as it takes aim at the gulf coast and pretty likely will impact the region. we'll tell you when you need to keep an eye out. good morning, i'm maureen umeh in for allison. >> i'm steve chenevey. it is the first day of summer and it's looking glorious, 71 lovely degrees. >> let's get the quick check on weather and traffi


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