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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  June 21, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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routine procedures at a medical facility. lauren demarco is live tonight in largo maryland with the exclusive details. lauren? >> reporter: tony, shawn, this is frightening for these 23 people. who came here to the kaiser permanenta location, the largo medical facility in maryland. they had colonoscopies done in april. they have been contacted between yesterday and today, called by their doctors, let them know that a piece of equipment that was used during the colon oscopy was believed was not sterile or something went wrong in the sterilization process. they have they don't come back in for screening and the doctors mentioned risks such as hiv and hepatitis c. as you can see imagine, these people calling us really terrified. so we reached out to kaiser permanenta, we have updated information. they provided us a written statement which they describe that
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during the colonoscopy had a defect and that's what led to the issue, take a look at their statement, it reads in part, the scope in question was dis infected following the recommended protocols before use. however, after discovering the defect in conducting subsequent analysis, we determined that we cannot guarantee that the sterilization process was fully effective. again, some pretty frightening news there for anyone who had a colonoscopy here back in april and has received this call. kaiser said they're reaching out to all 23 people, sending them letters and reaching them over telephone to make sure they will come in. they say their physicians determined that the risk of getting an infection is relatively minimal but again, they want to be careful and have everybody come back in here. people we spoke with do not want to talk on camera. as you can imagine, very frightened and waiting to see
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they're telling us they're working to insure this never happens again and that, of course, safety is a top priority. that's latest here in largo, maryland. back to you. >> this is absolutely frightening. just to imagine being on the end of that phone call. is there any way for them to full proof this? >> reporter: that's what we've been asking. i've been talking with different medical professionals trying to get an answer on that. as of right now, i don't have great answer. sounds like what they're saying is there is a defect with the tool. and once they realized it and realized that sterilization process may be impacted, that they've reached out to everybody. i'm not quite sure how you can safeguard yourself against something like that. it's sort of a trust and it sounds like an mistake. but frightening for these 23 people. this happened back in april. what about anyone who is sexually active between
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then, partner whose probably also worried. >> i know medical tests can take some time. is kaiser permanent esaid how long they think it will be before those folks can get answers? >> reporter: i don't believe so. i literally you heard me kind of stumbling through. i received statement before coming on the air. i don't believe that it says when they will receive the test results. but it says they're having the people come in for screenings, i'm not sure exactly how long that will take. but i can believe that they will be, your honor, having this go through with a bit of urgency. >> thank you, we know you're going to keep working the story, we'll have much more on fox 5 local news at 10:00, 10:30 and 11:00. lauren demarco with the latest. tight knit community in restin is holding a vigil for nabra hassanen, the teenager killed last weekend walking home from a mosque. earlier today, family and friends gathered for her funeral. matt ackland is live in
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with the latest. matt? >> reporter: so many people are gathering here in restin for nabra hassanen to remember her, in fact if you take a look behind me you can see the crowd gathering lots of folks bringing flowers, balloons, the vigil should begin at around 6:30, there was a funeral earlier i want you to that i can at the video. there were so many people who showed up that some had to stand outside. our photographer on the scene estimated hundreds maybe over 1,000 people were at the service. many of them prayed before the hearse left the mosque. now, i want you to take you inside so you can see. this video provided to us by the adams center, we're told that some traveled from all over the area, even coming from as far away as north carolina. some
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the family >> we came here for, offering the prayer >> it's just a sad thing to have somebody so young, you know, at a time during a holy month, trying her best. having her last meal before starting the fast of the next day and to be, you know, cut down such a brutal manner. you know, it just hurts the heart. >> reporter: shawn and tony back live, it might be hard but there's a sign that said, remember nabra pray for unity and peace. it should begin around 6:30 be i've noticed a number of dignitaries, politicians, congress men, some fairfax county officials coming here it's going to be begin at 6:30, marina marraco is here. going to cover it for the
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have the latest. but we're told that there could have been about as many as 1,000 at the funeral. i'm looking down watching the entrance people are just pouring in for the service coming up tonight at 6:30 matt ackland fox 5 local news. one week into its investigation, the fbi says last wednesday's shooting at the republican congressional baseball practice in alexandria was not an act of domestic terrorism. agents say gunman james hodgkinson had the names of six members of congress on a piece of paper when he shot up eugene simpson stadium but wouldn't say which congress men or senators were named, nor would they call eight hit list. officials say hodgkinson had anger management issues but was not mentally ill. he fired more than 60 rounds from a rifle an 9 mm handgun before being shot dead. we asked the fbi whether what they've learnro
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could help prevent another attack. >> we're always vigilant as our state and local partners are with pro actively looking for these incidents through investigative techniques, we do the best we can every day to protect the citizens that live here. will continue to do that. the tim slater to say he was a 66-year-old home inspector from southern illinois and had 200 rounds of ammunition in a rented storage locker in virginia. hodgkinson shot four people in the last week's attack and two others were also injured. meanwhile, house majority whip steve scalise and lobbiest matt mika remain hospitalized. they say congressman scalise has been upgraded from serious to fair. he was shot in his left hip last wednesday, doctors say he's now beginning an extended period of healing and rehabilitation. you probably heard the name cindy a lot today. tropical storm right now
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coast making winds of about 60 miles per hour, cindy is expect to do make land fall late tonight or tomorrow morning. as much as 12 inches of rain is possible in some areas, alabama's govern issued a state of emergency. lewis's national guard is moving in into flood prone areas. meantime out west, another day of triple digits heat. temperatures topped 119 degrees in phoenix this week and about 117 in vegas. they broke a record high out there. what can we expect in our area? hopefully neither one of those situations. caitlin, let us know what we can expect. we're going to experience a little bit of both but the tempered down versions of both heat and a tropical storm. it will be warmer, temperatures into the 90's with heat index values possibly in the upper 90's, then the remnants of tropical storm cindy will be impacting us by friday. there's cindy right now, positioned in the gulf, expected to make land fall
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emergency room early morning morning, winds sustained at 50 mines, moving northwest at nine miles an hour. it will weaken into a tropical aggression before moving due northeast, cutting through with a tennessee valley then literally making a b line for washington. it will get caught up with a cold front and help push the moisture beginning mid-day friday and lasting threw saturday so we can have a period of heavy rain as it looks set locked and loaded this pattern of delivering the remnants of tropical storm cindy. watches and warnings are in the turquois color. that belong in the gulf coast from houston through new orleans and they've got heavy bands of rain moving through along with severe weather out ahead of the eye making land fall. we got thunder showers up by baltimore, moving quickly dropping south and east and should be affecting the baltimore metro within the next
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showers through eldersberg, the heat and humidity return on thursday, i'll have a look at those temperatures coming up in your seven-day forecast. shawn? >>. the head of prince george's county county is setting his sight on govern and not wasting time. rematch? dc mayor muriel bowser gets high marks from voters. what will that mean for a 2018 campaign?
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rushern baker announced he's running for governor of maryland. he joins three other declared democrats hoping to challenge republican larry hogan next year. the state of georgia remains red following a nail biting house special election, republican karen handle beat out john ossoff to
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next congress woman. it was the most expensive house race in u.s. history. the seat will once again be up for grabs in a year and a half during the 2018 mid term elections. take a closer look at all of this on 5at630. tweet us your thoughts right now using #5at630. look for your tweets on our political show coming up next. stay with the politics theme. in an election rematch against vincent gray in 2018, cork to the new "washington post" policy, 67% of voters approve of the job dc's mayor is doing, in a hypothetical three-way democratic mayoral primary, bowser has 50%, trailed by vincent gray. followed by attorney general carl racine. >> i think that she's doing best she can right now. we like to see more, especially for the folks native to washington, dc and i look forward to the continued progress >>
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communities and building these big high-rise apartments they need to re-do some community centers make a place for the people to be able to ride the dirt bikes. some things i just don't approve of what she's doing, for the most part, she gets a c. mayor bowser is expect issed to compete for a second term. she would be the first two-term mayor in the nation's capitol since anthony williams. uber ceo is officially out. what this means for the future of the ride sharing company. a former nfl hall of famer made a major announcement about his health. we'll break it down when we return.
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hi guys. it's great to be here. in the desert. at the mall. on the mountain. at school. at the beach. in the big easy. yeah yeah today i want to show you guys the next-gen chevy equinox. what do you think? that's pretty. pretty sexy. it looks aggressive. but not overbearing. it's not too big. not too small. seems like the perfect car for anybody. i would take it anywhere. she's a bad mama jama. (laughter) current qualified gm lessees can get this introductory lease on the all-new 2018 chevy equinox for around $249 a month. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. . a funeral was held for the must decide teenager murdered in northern virginia, 17-year-old nabra hassanen was assaulted twice before killed last weekend. a
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underway in restin at 6:30. the fbi is investigating the stabbing of an airport police officer as a possible act of terrorism. it happened this morning at bishop international airport in flint michigan. a suspect is in custody. the officer who was stabbed isn't stable condition. house majority whip steve scalise was upgraded from serious to fair. he's been in the hospital since a gunman opened fire on a gop congressional baseball team as they were practicing last week in alexandria. the gulf coast is bracing for tropical storm cindy. she's expected to make land fall late tonight or early tomorrow morning. some areas could see as much as 12 inches of rain. uber ceo travis kalanick resigned on the heels of a major overhaul within the company. it faced claims of sexual harassment and bullying, he helped start the ride share in 2009. will he remain on uber's
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>> nfl hall of famer warren stat plans to donate his brain to science when he died. he made the decision after reading quotes saying there's correlation between football and suicides, he played 13 years in the nfl every day he struggles with his memory. ♪ ♪. at the football game. no. baseball we're talking about softball. >> tonight is the congressional women's softball game. >> the congressional women will take on the media. fox 5 brody logan is live at watkins's wreck center with a preview of the big game. brody? >> reporter: it's a match-up as old as congress itself. members versus the media. but this match-up here is in its 9th year for a great cause, for the young survivors coalition, benefitting young women who survived breast cancer
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you to show you no animosity between members of congress and the media, not just members of congress, were he have a couple of presidents out here. abe lincoln, georgia washington. we have the racing presidents going to be taking part in this game, and this game is for a great cause. they've raised over $287,000. today loan before the event even kicks off. which is great. if anyone wants to come down, the $10, you get to see the media versus members of congress in this softball game. a couple bonus coaches, we have the highest paid women's softball player in the world. and elana dell don member of the washington mystics going to be a third base coach. you will not be able to miss the sign, she's like 6'7". tony and shawn. >> on ton and shaw
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blasted by music >> thank you, brody. we've breaking news. this is skyfox live images in olney maryland, police are on the scene of a serious accident that this happened in the 5200 block of olney late enville road. three cars involved. we understand one of the people was severely trapped in one of those vehicles, a landscaping truck carrying a trailer on the back apparently hit a car or some sort of an accident. we do know at least there is one injury, a medical helicopter headed to the scene, hopefully we will get more information to you and keep you posted on the latest information there. it is as far as our weather goes pleasant day. much like yesterday. >> very nice day. we had low humidity sunshine, beautiful first day of summer. that was great. warmer tomorrow, and those summer days getting hotter. but it will be getting
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house, we had a mix of sun and clouds seeing a lot of sunshine, we'll get straight to the weather headlines, a lot to talk about with tropical storm cindy along the gulf coast and remnants making a b line fort washington baltimore metro over the weekend. for tonight, we're looking at pretty mild conditions, temperatures falling back into the 60's and 70's. thunderstorms poised to move through baltimore, i'll show you that on radar in just a minute. but for thursday, more humid temperatures into the 90's, and then as we get to friday, showers and storms become likely because of the nature of tropical storm cindy's remnants moving northeast ward. heavy rain threat and thunderstorms exist through saturday. for tomorrow, with the high humidity and the hazy conditions a code orange alert has been issued. for those unhealthy, it is unhealthy for sensitive groups for he tomorrow due to the humidity in place. high temperatures today, 90, reagan 88. dulles 89. at bwi, certainly very warm but the humidity was
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that made it a little bit more comfortable. take a look at temperatures 88 baltimore, 86 in washington. 88 in frederick but 70 in westminster, they had a strong thunderstorm roll through and there it is on radar, this line of pretty well-developed showers and thunderstorms's heavy rain and wind gusting over 40 moved through places like westminster maryland and are headed through requirestown and approaching the baltimore beltway sliding through the city within the next ten, 15 minutes and looks like mainly north and east of washington. but our high scale model does show that even though there's showers and thunderstorms pushing to the baltimore area, perhaps a shower of the ones developing across west virginia could move through over the next couple hours. just a perhaps. we'll have to watch and see those showers in west virginia how they continue to move south and east ward. >> partly cloudy overnight. start off with sunshine tomorrow, low temperatures mainly in the 60's and 70's, 73 in dc, and your setup for tomorrow, it's going to be warm. we're south
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which means more humidity, like today, we'll see the temperatures jump to the 80's very quickly, and we should have high temperatures in the low 90's. but with more humidity heat index values more like in the mid 90's for all of us. 92 in washington, 87 in annapolis, 90 in quantico. let's talk about tropical storm cindy making land fall, as a tropical storm somewhere along texas. gulf coast states will see six to 12 inches, but the moisture riding along cold front stays enhanced through the kentucky, west virginia, even locally we can see a good one to three inches across the area, some spots, this model saying north and east of us, enhanced closer to the three inches of rain, know that the heavy rain threat exists from friday into saturday. seven-day forecast 89 on friday with showers and thunderstorms heaviest rain looks to be saturday before that front pushes all the moisture out. sunday is a nice day, then comfortable into next week, high temperatures only in
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that's a look at your seven-day forecast. fox 5 will be right back after this.
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♪ ♪. beyonce is talking about ring the alarm. >> do you get need when your alarm clock goes off >> a pittsburgh family has it pretty bad. their alarm clock is stuck in the wall and it's been there and ringing like that 13 years. how does a clock get stuck in the wall? it started 13 years ago when homeowner jerry lynn was trying to pass a tv hook-up wire through his living room wall. >> as i was laying down, all of a sudden i heard go thunk as it
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came loose. that's not a real problem. you know, it's still going to go off and it did. maybe three, four months it will run out of battery that was in september of 2004. it is still going off every day and during daylight savings time it goes off at ten minutes to 8:00 at night and during regular standard time it goes off at ten minutes to 7:00. apparently they're happy with it. not going in wall to take it out. been there 13 year, might as well keep it >> i'd go into that wall >> knock down the house.
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♪ ♪. it's wednesday, you know what that means? hump day. >> indeed. where is the camel >> president trump today claiming victory after the republican party triumph anded in the most expensive house race in u.s. history >> i have to start first of all by saying thank you. >> you did it, girl. >> and a special thanks to the president of the united states of america [cheers and applause] >> it was all the


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