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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  June 21, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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at a local facility may be exposed to hiv and other diseases and the problem a disturbing defect in the equipment. >> and saying good-bye to nabra. giant crowds gathered and mourned murdered muslim teenager and the investigation into her death. >> and inspiring moment. capitol police officer injured in the baseball practice shooting threw out the first pitch at the congressional women's softball game. your news starts now. >> off the top tonight a "fox5" exclusive nearly two dozen people may be at risk for hiv, hepatitis c and other life-threatening diseases all because of routine medical procedure. thanks for joining us i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins. >> what is to blame? dirty equipment. "fox5" lauren demarco has the story tonight, lauren. rjts tony, shawn, imagine getting the phone call from your doctor selling y t
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equipment used during your medical procedure two months ago was not properly disinfected and you need to be screened for diseases like hepatitis c and hiv. that's the case for 24 people in our area that had colon os copies at largo medical s sentner april and they're just now learning a scope louised in the procedure may not have been properly sterilized. fellow patients are weighing in tonight and we spoke with one woman who had a colonoscopy same location largo maryland in october and her daughter weighed in. >> it really upsets me that something like that would happen to people who come here trusting the doctors. >> it's unacceptable. and i pray that the people who were victimized by equipment not beinging sterilized will not be affected and their lives will be okay. >> i
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provided to "fox5" kaiser permanentee said the scope in we was disinfected following recommended protocols before use and however after discovering defect and conducting subsxwent analysis we can got guarantee the sterilization process was fully effective. statement goes ob to say kaiser physicians believe the risk of illness is minimal but two separate patients affected by this contacted us through family and friends. timer wanted to go on camera and i'm told they're terrified frightened for themz seam sexual partners. remember two months have gone by since procedures. we spoke with alan lipschultz with healthcare technology consulting how this could have been ainvoiceed and wlz there's anything patients can do to protect themselves. >> there's certifications out there in terms of joint commission and reviews that are done in through reputable sources
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and how an institution does. that doesn't prevent reputable institutions from having problems like this there's a lot of human factors going into the len cleaning of scope but the fact there's a defestr they're saying it's a defect is a complication nobody is expecting. was there adequate examination of the device beforehand to find the defect and that's the kind of thing they need to be doing and probably working with manufacturer of the device also to say how should this defect have about caught. >> he went on to say it's a risk you take with any medical facility and risk of not undergoing procedures out weighs risk of something like this happening. kaiser permanentee is making contact with all patients and, and, doctors will work closely to ensure any care they need. for now it's a matter of wait and see. the company says they're commitsed to ensuring this does not happen again, tony. new tonight at least one person is dead after a crash on the beltway in college
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on the beltway in college park. sky fox was over the scene of the two car accident fear kenilworth avenue after 8 this evening and one of the cars we're told flipped over pinning an occupant in the vehicle. that person was employee announced dead at the scene. two others were taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. >> this was very emotional day for neighborhoods in a tight knit community in restin virginia in honor of nabra hassan. the teenager was attacked and killed as she walked home from the mosque. they gathered for a final farewell at the ruin ral. live in restin with the la latest, mar each a. >> this was called a garageerring of love. this makeshift memorial has been left here at the restin community center. many that were with her were present tonight. earlier today her funeral
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thousands of mourners. and traveled all the way from other states to pay their final respect and large portion of those in attendance were forced to stand outside the ceremony because of the lack of space. here at the vigil at the restin community september are a large crowd present as wellen including students from south lake high school the school nabra attended at tonight's gathering versus from car an were read and aspects of the suspects condemned and one of two sisters came on stage and showed show of love and support sincep sunday's homicide. since there's there's questions surrounding the crime and how it's defined. and if nabra hassanan was sexually salted this is how the police chief responded. >> rep >> reporter: >> it's an active investigation and we're pursuing that possibility. we have to await forensic examination results and report of autopsy from
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not that took place. >> there is no evidence at this point in the investigation at all that this was hate motivated. i as law enforcement officer and especially chief of police have an onlyization to pursue justice. if there's any evidence that this is a hate crime i promise you we will prosecute to the fullest. and if anybody has information as witness of any hate in this event, please come forward. and between, i want to be clear. there is absolutely no evidence uncovered at this point in time that this is a hate crime. >> this gathering here today is represent the spirit of nabra. nabra was a very loving pe person. and she was ipt faith person. she has friends from jewish community and cuss yn tan community and generous and giving person. she bringener sdwroy people around her and that's this gaming
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her. >> this smiling is active charity and in my heart i r rulely believe nabra is sm smiling now because the entire world around us is reaping benefits of her charity. >> and despite quick arrest in this case the investigation remains open and you'll remember the morning of the homicide there were crime scenes sparing fairfax to loudoun county. we're learning fairfax county will take lied in prosecuting the case. live tonight in restin, marina marraco, "fox5 local news". >> developing in flint michigan tonight attack on police officers at airport airport there is being investigated as acts of terrorism. and police say the coon aidian suspect shouted god is great in arabic before stabbing an officer in the neck. and according to court documents the man asked the officer who took him down why that officer didn't kill him. investigators believe this was a loan wolf attack and not part of wider not. the officer hurt is in
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>> one week into its investigation the fbi says last week's shooting at the republican congressional baseball practice nis alexandria was not an act of domestic terry.. agents say gunman james hodgkin son had names of six members of coming gress on a piece of pain wher he shot up eugene simpson stadium but wouldn't say which congressmen or senators were claimed. they say he had anger management issues but was not mentally ill. he filed more than 60 rounds before capitol and alexandria police officers shot and killed him. we asked the fbi whether what they learned from the case can help prevent another? >> so we are always vigilant as state and local partners are with proactively looking for these types of incident through all types of investigative techniques. we dot best we can every day toe protect the citizens we have here and
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to do that. >> and two around of ammunition in rented storage lockner virginia. last week's attack wounded five people. >> in the meantime house majority whip steve scalise and lobbyist matt micca remain hospitalized and scalise surprise dated to fair condition. doctors say he's beginning extended period of healing and rehabilitation. capitol police officer crystal griper was hurt in last week's shooting just released from the, take a look: [ cheers and applause ]. >> big around after applause. and gralt attitude for cry crystal. >> crystal threw out the first pitch at watkins
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bipartisan women's team took on the wrestling. >> i think it was more serious than people thought and re3450eu79 us of two things members of congress are target and we need to do everything we can to make sure we're secure and families are secure and remind us these are the khingz we two where we come together and do it for awe really good cause. >> proceeds from today's game go to young survivor coalition and other breast cancer charities. great to see everybody coming together. up next bomb shell testimony on capitol hill and alarming any details about russia involvement in last year's election. >> also ahead a controversial police tactic is at center of lawsuit in wake of up august ration daypro tests. >> and dave shapel visited d.c. today. we'll tell what you he had to say during unveiling of the new ben's chili bowl mural. >> coming up tonight on final five. president trump
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>> you may recall this scene on up august ration day a group of protesters broke windows and set fire to a limousine. police charged more than 200 people about rioting and american civil lawyerties union filed a lawsuit against the district. d.c. police peter newsham and it's on behalf of four people charged. it claims unconstitutional arrests and peaceful demonstrator and use of excessive force and didn't eying people use of food and water. >> it limits how protest rz can leave the area and critics say it often results in unnecessary arrests ever bystanders.
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it requires clear dispersal so they have the opportunity to recreate to saferty. >> met repolice release aid statement saying all snaps of police officers use of force and allegations of misconduct will be fully investigated. >> there were more bomb shells on capitol hill testify about just how far russia went to metal in the election. here's the latest. >> tonight we're learning hackers not only targeted and russian government at direction of vladimir putin himself orchestrated attacks and purpose of our election. that is a fact plain and simple. >> former homeland security officer jay johnston say it attack
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metaled in the election. and failed to change the outcome. >> i have no evidence through cyber intrusions votes were altered or suppressed in some way? in a separate senate hearing dhs confirming russian ersers skavrm le voter database around the country. >> we have evidence of 21 states or election related systems in 21 states targetd she would not identify which states were compromised but aring ardz and illinois confirmed voter information was stolen. >> what are the dangers of manipulation of voter registration databases mr. speaker particularly if it is not apparent until election day. >> if voters are removed from registration database and then they show up on election day that will cause problems. >> for the second day in a row special council robert mueller on capitol hill is
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conflict of interest in any ongoing russian invest investigations. in washington, joe waldman fox news. >> ben's chilly bowl unveiled a new mural today feet touring faces of more than a dozen black americans that made contributions local lane nationally some of the faces include michelle and barack obama and d.c. congress woman eleanor holmes norriton and dig gregory and prince and mohamad alley and d.c. own comedian dave shapel. >> i used to come to ben's when i was shooting my first hbo special that i call k killing them softly and everybody said why did you call it killing them softly i said it is best shown washingtonians put out in a long time. soy just want to thank you guys and want to let you know i'm honored to be home and this means enormous amount to me and family. i'm proud of it much love everybody, man, long live d.c. >> i can't w
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and see it finisheded i was there for the start and they painted colors in and cant wait to see it all now. and public voted to choose the people and famous face on that mural on the side of ben's chilly bowl. >> great to see dave shapel in town, too. >> weather not bad again today. >> beat full summer afternoon. really, really nice. more humid and hot for tomorrow. tomorrow is dry. then all eyes focus on how tropical storm cindy will impact us which looks like hefty amount of rain beginning friday morning overnight to friday morning. kind of need the rain it's been dry june out here. >> really. >> no we had enough rain. >> i know i love that reaction. i try to be diplomatic like oh, you know it's not so bad. >> it really who needs that friday and saturday in the summer rights. >> not when everybody is h heading to the beach. yes cindy is expected to make land fall officially along the texas, louisiana border late tonight
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and outer rain bands were lashing the gulf coast all day long. heavy rain and severe weather across portions of texas, mississippi, alabama, western florida and flooding is the major concern with cindy. tropical storm force winds are issue with that storm making land fall but it is more about the heavy rain and flooding concerns with this storm. again impacting gulf coast already today. that will continue as cindy moves north ward and on shore within the next few hours. latest update as of 11 p.m. national hurricane center cindy has sustained winds 50 miles an hour moving north, norm west miles an hour and close to paging land fall around the texas, louisiana border. by 7 a.m. tomorrow morning on shore and quickly weakened to tropical depression and post tropical storm system. by friday morning moving due northeast crossing tennessee by late friday and moisture out ahead of it will get caught up within the mean flow of atmosphere. cold front coming on
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and that drags all that moisture to continue right into our direction moving north east over washington, new york, really all the major cities seeing frain this system. that will be enhanced from a cold front coming on through. here's what it looks like j jumping ahead to future cast. this is midnight heed heading into thursday. heavy rain across the gulf coast states and late thursday night heavy rain headed to portions of ohio and west virginia and from there early friday morning rain could be very heavy 8 a.m. with thunderstorms as well. they'll probably see two waves this one moisture ahead of it friday morning and probably break friday afternoon moisture up to pennsylvania heavy thunderstorms there and secondary waiver late friday night torlly saturday morning. so that is what all eyes are focused on headed to weekend. for tomorrow it is more heat and humidity and code orange quality alert is if effect tomorrow due to the high humidity temperatures outside now very mild, 81 washington, 75 annapolis. cooler towards north. 72
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and as you can see earlier thunderstorms long gone. moving through baltimore. partly cloudy skies out there now. low temperatures overnight. 73 washington. low 60s north and west and here is setup for thursday. high pressure still going to give with us sunshine. it will be hot with temperatures into the 90s and it will be humid. so high temperature of 92 is going to feel even warmer out there. and here's a look at for the beaches too, we're also looking for scattered thunderstorms expected saturday and into sunday. real quick let me show you 7 day forecast before we leave you guys and at least the weekend clears out by sunday. that is going to be the part of the weekend and really nice as we head to next week. temperatures below normal. that's a look at 7 day forecast. fox news at 11 is back after this
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this sdmrvr biggest hot bed more nba talent is here in the backyard
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prince george county has population of over 900,000 people law of nba says one player should be in the nba. after the draft we'll have 15 players in the leave. markle folk will go to 76ers. foltz will be number one overall pick. now he is landing with philly after years of tanking and they dub today process stacking top draft pick year after year and folk knows trust after process mantra. he's been using it for years. >> saying triingt the process, i didn't know about professional but me i got cut from jv. i didn't know trust the process until my
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going to college and i thought i could come one it at first. then i found out that i was pretty cool. >> rookie of the year. i have a high goal. i want to, mvp. i set goals high i want to put in a lot of work. >> go get' em young man. taking on marlins today. p scherzer had that early. no hitter through four ingz eight strikeouts and nats up un. scherzer still with no-no. gets dietrich with a strikeout and retired until trea turner cannot get it first hit of the game. he losses no-no then shutout. then the game scherzer gave up two runs in the 8th. >> good news from markle foltz local kid was cut from jv team as sophomore and now he's number one pick. >> good for him. >> remember your friends my name is tony. >> you have to tell him you're name. >> yes. >>
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>> uncle tony perkins. >> joke. >> jim lokay is up next with the final five. >> good night, everybody
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>> your final five tonight. moving along head with a campaign rally in iowa. leaves out a mention by the visit of uk. an he's getting support from bottle and company. and jared kushner notice middle east ultimate deal wore peace and russia hackers need state election systems and contracted hackers try to breach developeding mrshz. that's the final five. we start with the campaign style rally. the president thrilled the crowd and brought


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