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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  June 22, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ >> straight ahead breaking news. tropical storm cindy making landfall on the gulf coast earlier this morning. the slow-moving system packing a flooding threat for millions of people living down south. but we could feel the impact soon as tomorrow. >> seamlessly senseless crime. a 70-year-old murdered on her way home from a mosque. a community in mourning. questions about her death are making their way into the political arena. but
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positions, i just don't want a floor person. president trump going off script during campaign style rally in cedar rapids. what else he said that's raising eyebrows. senate leaders set to drop their version of the hell care bill but is there enough time for lawmakers to read it and under it before a vote? i'm melanie alnwick on capitol hill. >> later the billion dollar man. george clooney's request for the perfect tequila turned into major pay day for the hollywood star. we'll have all the details coming up as good day at 9a starts now. ♪ >> turn that request into serious cash. right? >> unreal. >> not bad way to start the new family. >> right. >> they just started four years ago. >> yeah. >> on whim as a joke. >> nice little turn around there. >> the fact he wasn't broke in the first place kind of helps. >> that's how he got started. >> money always makes money. >> major pay day for g
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clooney. thanks for being with us for good day. thursday, june 22 and. i'm steve chenevey alongside holly morris, maureen umeh and the wisdom narsin. >> another basketball star making prince george's county proud. markelle fultz could be the latest nba draft pick from the d.c. suburbs what he says about the possibility of playing in the city of brotherly love. >> i think that's awesome. i don't think the sixers would have made that trade if they weren't set on getting him. >> he's the guy at the topúever. >> what are they serving up in prince george's county. >> right. >> it's working. >> putting out power houses. nine at 9:00 we have to talk about this weather. right now it's all quiet. just the heat and humidity to deal with but that's all going to change tomorrow. hmm. >> the reason why is because of tropical storm cindy. probably heard us talk about it actually made landfall in southwest louisiana this morning. bringing rain along with the threat of flash flooding and tornadoes. cindy has weakened a little witness winds now more than 40 miles an hour while it's not the most powerful storm to hit the
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one depth a young ten-year-old boy vacationing on an alabama beach was killed when he was hit by a log that the storm surge ashore. forecasters some parts of louisiana, mississippi and alabama could see up to 15-inches of rain through thursday night. >> that storm's impact will be felt right here at home. of our forecast. the first chec- tuck. >> maureen look like we'll get rain around here starting tomorrow morning couple different waves rain through saturday. we're starting off warm and humid. 80 degrees this morning at 9:00 a.m. winds out of the south here at three. notice the heat index 84 degrees. code orange air quality today. expecting daytime highs back in the low 90s. how about 92 for our forecast high and plenty of humidity. all right. there's cindy for you off to the south and west. you can see the rain showers creeping up into the eastern tennessee and parts of the carolinas and we are expecting cindy or the remnants of cindy to team up with a cold front and give us
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i think by tomorrow morning we could have rain around for the morning commute and then perhaps another round tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening and again saturday morning. saturday morning probably the main event as the bulk of cindy's rains move on in with a cold front. all right. there's a look at friday and saturday and again the remnants of cindy tracking our region teaming up with a cold front. a couple rounds of rain potential physical we can get enough rain in here we can have flooding issues. more on that coming up. let's enjoy today first. as best you can much lots of water if you'll be outdoors. that heat index will be in the mid 90s think afternoon. 92 for your cast high. hot conditions. i don't think we'll get more rain today tomorrow and then again on saturday, guys, main rain event will occur around here. back to you. good thanks, tuck. paying close attention to to that. a lot of folks paying attention what's happening on capitol h hill. senate republicans expected to present a version of their health care bill
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>> melanie alnwick live on capitol hill with the details. mel? >> reporter: good morning. in other key points we've learned about repeal of the penalties for people who choose not to buy health insurance and that tax that was added on in order to pay for medicare expansion. both of those things were central to making the obama care financials work and lawmakers may not get to see all of the fine print before the measure comes up for vote. >> the senate republican version of the health care reform bill is expected to be more moderate than the house bill. cutting off the medicaid expansion slower and by providing more generous subsidies for low income people but sources familiar suggest it would be tougher than the house in slowing the growth of medicaid spending. >> for the past seven years, obama care has continued to hur the people we represent for the past seven years republicans have offered ideas for better way forward and soon we had finally have the chance to turn
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>> reporter: republicans from states where constituents are losing insurance options under obama care say the status quo is not sustainable. >> far too often i hear that high monthly premiums are squeezing pocketbooks, and that soaring out of costs like deductibilities and coach pays make coverage unaffordable. >> democrats a tabled tack the gop for lack of transparency and senate democratic leader chuck schumer has suggested if the senate gop plan were any good, republicans would be bragging about it. >> they'd be preaching it from the mountain tops. there would be a brass band down every main street in america. announcing this new legislation but, no, they're afraid to even whisper. whisper about their bill. they want it out in the open for as little time as possible. >> others accuse the gop of rushing it. >> ten days start to finish to rewrite the health care system of
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ten days on a measure that has not been disclosed to the republican senators not all of them. let alone the democratic senators let a lone the american people. >> reporter: veteran republicans are expressing concern about how this health care reform has been crafted. >> well i'd like to see vigorous debate and amendments on the floor of the senate. i would like to have been more involved in frankly what almost 91 of suss been involved in, that's shaping it. >> reporter: now we understand that the senate is going to get together today and discuss some of this discussion draft. it won't be the whole bill that's release dad. we don't even know if the entire bill is actually written yet. but we do know that some of those finer points will be posted online later today. cost is one of the things that lot of lawmakers want to hear before they get to a vote. we under the congressional budget office should have an estimate sometime next week early next week and
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leaders are pushing for vote before the july 4th recess. live on capitol hill. i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> thanks for breaking the down for us mel. let's check the morning briefing. >> first up, president trumpentp morning following a campaign style rally in iowa last night. the president touched on various topics from immigration agenda to health care reform. he also used the opportunity to revel in two republican victories and congressional house seat elections in both georgia and south carolina. but the rally is also raising eyebrows particularly regarding comments he made about his cabinet member picks which consist of several ceo's and billionaires. >> i love all people. rich or poor, but in those particular positions, i just don't want a poor person. >> another remark that stuck out. the president called for a law that would bar immigrants to the us from being on welfare for the first five years in the country. problem is that law is already been on the books for decades. meanwhile the president's
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working to restart middle east peace talks in separate meetings jared kushner sat down with israel polls prime hipster and palestinian president. the trip was an evident to keep the covering going rather than the launching of a new phase in the peace process. meeting comes as israel this week broke ground on a newest bank settlement to move that has infuriated the palestinians and has the united nations security council calling for hall to the settlement building on occupied palestinian land. federal investigators say airport attack in michigan may be an act of terrorism. canadian man allegedly stabbed a police officer at the flint airport while shouting god great in arabic much he's currently being interviewed by the fbi. >> when the subject wept up to the officer and stabbed him, he continued to exclaim allah and he made a statement something to the effect of you have killed people in syria, iraq and
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>> police in montreal searched the suspect's home a bond hearing is net for sex week. as for the victim he was ini initially listed in critical condition but has since imp improved. >> sentencing day for the man who plead guilty to weapons and assault charges after opening fire at dc pizza restaurant in northwest. >> name is edgar welsh he admitted to driving from north carolina to investigate a couldn't superior so theater about democrats harboring child sex slaves there. >> anjali hemphill is live with what welsh faces in court today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. today is the day when the man responsible for terrifying people at this popular pizza restaurant comment ping-pong will face a judge at 10:30 this morning to learn his sentence after immediating guilty back in march. he had war welch, tway years old, admitted to traveling to d.c. armed with an assault rival
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confrontation known as pizza gate. that's unfounded conspiracy theory that 11 the hillary clinton campaign was linked to a child sex trafficking ring that oped out of the basement of met pink upon the incident true national headlines when welsh showed up on a quiet sunday afternoon and opened fire, firing off at least once inside the restaurant. luckily hurting nobody. before this sentence hearing, though edgar welsh did summit a hand writ tepp letter to the federal judge seeking leniency in the letter he wrote in part "i am truly sorry for epp dangering the safety of any other bystander who's were present that day. unfortunately, i cannot change what i did. but i think i owe it to the families and community to apologize for my mistakes. now guys no word on what he may be facing, what the judge will pass down but that hearing is this morning at 10:30 in federal cot.
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it comes down. lats the latest here in northwest, guy, back to you in the studio. >> hanley hallie, thank you very much. let's get to story you sauce first here on fox5. lauer reason demarco breaking the news two dozen people in the area may be at risk for diseases like hiv and hepatitis c and other diseases as well what should have been a are you teen medical procedure. equipment used during colonoscopes in april was not properly disinfect now nearly two dozen people need to be creeped for diseases like hiv and pep tights c. in statement given to fox5 keyser, explains the scope in question was disinfect following the recommended protocols before its use. however discovering the detect and conducting subsequent analysis we determined we cannot guarantee the sterilization process was fully effective. they added their physicians believe the risk of further illness to these patient social security minimal and working to ma
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>> that's really disturbing that story. >> oh, my gosh. if you got notified -- >> it's hard enough to go to the doctor or the hospital and get the preventive treatments to begin with. something like this had keep people away. >> senseless murder leaves a family in shreds and the community wondering how it happened. we're looking at the potential politics surrounding the case. >> a morning from dentists. don't try this at home. those youtube videos that promise to save you time and money with at tooth remedies. could actually be doing way more hard than good. you're watching good day d.c.
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thousands turned to pay their final respects to a muslim killed over the weekend. funeral services for nabra showed up yesterday. many were forced to stand outside. police insisting her death stemmed from road rage and not a hate crime. there's still backlash how her case is being handled by police and covered in the metro. we spent with the metro area council for foreign relations for their take on the fallout.
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these kind of incidents are not given the kind of attention they deserve from law enforcement in terms of being classified with appropriate label, and especially this particular instance this was a young woman at the mosque. she wasn't doing anything wrong. she was -- wholly month of many ramadan she was with friends they were headed back to the mosque to pray and the way the circumstances under which she was brutally murdered has really shaken not only the adams mount empty in northern have a is but rowly muslims across the cou country. >> it's become politicized really because the alleged killer is an illegal immigrants and we've seen over and over again in the media there's been a call for illegals particularly who commit crimes to be dough poured. one thing we wanted to discuss in the segment we seem to not be hearing from these voices so rem about immigrants
9:18 am
crimes and support it. do you think there's boy yas in may here. >> i think it's very important to not paint the entire community with the same brush strong. muslim community shows what it's like to have one individual action or crime be reflective of the entire community. for an individual to be undocumented for that to be reflective of the entire immigrant community is evening is a grave mistake and we have to be very careful to not subscribe this individual's actions to all it immigrants. >> the man accused of killing nabra remain behind bars. >> fbi says the shooting at republican congressional baseball practice in alexandria was not an act of domestic terrorism. during press conference yesterday, investigators say gunman james hodgkinson acted alone. meanwhile congressman steve scalise's condition has been upgraded from serious to fair. there will be another blood drive today at the capitol for lawmakers in support of scalise and the others hurt in the
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female members of congress hit the diamond to take part in their own congressional softball game they took on the dc press core yesterday. the event had a record turn out. proceeds from the game going towards ray raising awareness for young women with breast cancer. crystal greiner one of the capital police members who was wounded on june 14th throughout the ceremonial first pitch. >> great to seat record crowds. everybody coming out to support the members of congress. it all goes to charity. nice show of support there. >> coming up another hollywood remake this time the civil war thriller the be guide. kevin sitting down with the director sophia copy pole la. >> let's check in with erin. >> new details about the bill cosby jury and why the case e ended in mistrial. d.c. mayor declaring a war on rats. how about a way to spell like your favorite summer day without getting sent to hr.
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making headlines next on good day at 9a.
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♪ we're hoping for it. there's look on the bottom of your screen what's coming up. it's 9:22. we want to check some of the other stories making headlines. >> good morning, erin. >> we begin with startling allegations of secret prisons abroad in yemen. those prisons reportedly hidden across southern
9:23 am
hundreds of terrorists linked to al-qaida. u.s. does interrogate suspect the terrorists in yemen but unaware of any abuse is happening while us forces are there. we're learning more about the disagreements between jurors in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. one of the jury roars who spoke exclusive toll abc news on condition of anonymity says two hold outing prevent add guilty verdict. after 52 hours of deliberations, ten of the 12 ju jurors agreed s bow was guilt on two counts of felon aggravated indecent assault. only one of those jurors believed he was guilty on third counsel. the judge declared a mistrial on saturday aft the jury deadlocked. >> mayor bowser will tackle pesky problem new plan to decrease the roden population in the city inn clouding solar trash cans and a texting program for residents to report rat sightings. the mayor will also announce a new grant program
9:24 am
allow up to 60 businesses to buy or lease trash chiropractors. the going to be busy travel day for the fourth of july weekend. in fact more americans will travel this july 4th than ever before. more than 44 million americans they're expected to travel at least 50 miles away from their home according to aaa. majority of americans are expected to drive to their destinations. and finally, well, nothing says summer like rose' deodorant. check this out. a company called native cosmetics has created a rows say wine scented deodorant the company is also selling mimosa and san sangria scented dieter . a box of all three costs 30 buck. that sounds pretty gross to me in my opinion. save your money. >> which one would you choose if you had to pick one, sangria, mim mows ma or rose'. >> i would choose the mimosa. citrus scent. >> if i'm sweating at
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i don't want to be smelling like booze. >> i don't weren't to be smelling people's arm pits at all. >> it seems like no brainer dentists now need to send a message don't tri to fix your own teeth based on videos you've seen on youtube. coming up next, we'll show you why. >> i'm okay with diy. >> just not there. >> not there. some places you node to go to the expert. first though tucker is back with a check what could be rainy start to the weekend want to expect when you head out tomorrow zip trip in annapolis. >> fresh at 10a meredith vieira new passion project former view host will join us live to talk about raising awareness about osteoporosis what sheesh thinks of the show she used to host n now. selma hayek starring new drama called beatrice at dinner. she'll join us live. prince march harry bombing a bombshell watch he admitted about the future of the british crown.
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how george clooney turn his request from the perfect tequila into a $5 million biehl. it's 9:25. we'll be right back.
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♪ all right. 9:28 is the time. d.c. region could soon be celebrating another nba star. the nba draft kicks off tonight in new york city and here locally turned into hot bed of talent we're calling it the hot
9:29 am
bed of hoop in this area. >> are you calling it. >> i just did. i just did. [ laughter ] >> i name it and claim it 15 players from prince george's county alone they're entering the nba draft and after this year's draft but the headline after tonight will likely this guy markelle fultz from upper marlboro is expected to be the number one overall pick to the 76ers and of course the most famous local nba star is kevin durant. the sixers actually traded up in the draft to likely get markelle fultz as for the garage he says he's ready to trust the process. >> you think kevin durant called him? >> probably -- >> i'm sure they talk. >> i doubt it not this time of the year because he was actually at the gym a couple of months ago. everybody has been talking about how he's the number one pick but his schedule is amazing. is crazy because everybody thinks -- >> he didn't have time to talk to kevin durant. >> kevin durant was in the process of
9:30 am
championship and he was busy partying and parading. >> i think they talk. >> i think they text. >> after the draft. >> maybe when they have the big party for durant. >> right. >> later this summer. >> he'll there be. >> celebrate the big win. >> a lot of basketball players. >> it's cool playing right up the road in philadelphia for family it's an easy trip to get up that and see him play. >> what did you call it. >> hot bed of hoops. ty law son, johnny dawkins back in the day. >> yeah. >> adrian danley. >> look at the nba right now the number of players. >> it's amazing. >> queen cook. >> yet we have, what, with the wizards? >> otto porter. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> it doesn't mean they'll within championship. i'm not knocking him. i'm knocking -- i wish we can keep that talent here to help the team. >> you don't want the wizards to have a lot row pick. >> no, we don't. >> exactly. >> stick what we have and build on it a little bit more. >> piece here and there. >> nationals get d
9:31 am
what a game it was for max scherzer yesterday. experienced the highs for eight innings. no hitter into the eighth inn inning and lost the game. marlins got to him for pair unend runs and that was all it took the nats only plated run one. that was the dagger the wild pitch. so the nats end up losing tw two-one. aj ellis broke up the no hitter in the eighth. they get the day off to get ready for weekend series against the reds. two afternoon games this weekend saturday and sunday. caps lost one of their key players. nate schmidt is guy who doesn't exactly light up the statistical sheet. but he is part of it. he's always there. >> integral. >> he's a good guy too. he'll head to las vegas now he was p pick up in the expansion draft. las vegas will have their first nhl hock company team. now they'll to have to pick up another
9:32 am
free agency. sources say the price was too high. so nate smith thanks your time in d.c. good luck in las vegas the. >> bing of dismantling. >> don't say it. >> everybody lost a player in the expanse draft. they would have lot of somebody. >> just didn't know who it would be. let's turn to tucker barnes and the weather because we're keeping our eye on cindy. not looking good for us. not as bad as the coast obviously. >> it looks rainy. not going to be dealing with tropical storm or hurricane. not today but friday and saturday. max by -- max scherzer eig eight-five. >> feels like he should have a better record. >> it feels like he should be better than that. >> he should be ten-two. in what would the problem be, tucker. >> we know what the problem is. i'm just looking for reason to talk. >> i know you were. hot and humid afternoon. yeah, we'll be in the low 90s today. maureen mentioned cindy we're not concerned with cindy today. this is two hoy day event. tomorrow we'll get remnants of cindy again on
9:33 am
when the bulk of the activity will come through. it's warm, it's humid 80 right now in washington. 79 quantico. fredericksburg is already 82 degrees. north and west you can see we're doing 70s dulles a jump 10 degrees the past couple of hours. now up to 79. 76 in hagerstown. there is a look at your satellite/radar. here we are up here and we're generally sunny filtered sunshine rot now. and we'll be in for a partly sunny day today. it will feel muggy out there daytime highs a few degrees than yesterday low 90s much we should remain dry later today. here's cindy remnants of it. off to the north and east. you can already see the rain showers in parts of tennessee and carolinas much that's the leading edge of it. the red box is a tornado watch box. you can seat banding taken place that the center of circulation right here into eastern texas western louisiana winds still 4t last look there. moving off to the north at 12. again, mostly a rain event up to a foot of rape expected across the south.
9:34 am
the remnants here of cindy will take it rye through the mid atlantic. just south of the washington area as we get into saturday and sunday. and there's as i showed you here on the satellite/radar a moment ago a lot of precipitation out ahead of it we'll be dealing with a couple rounds of potential rain here and as a cold presses down into the region late friday and saturday that's when the bulk of the rain showers are going to get in here there could be thunderstorm activity as well. future cast do a nice job showing that to you. i want to show you round number one tomorrow. of course we'll be out enjoying our zip trip in annapolis tomorrow it look like we'll have rain showers around much that's tonight at 8:00 o'clock if you're going out to sight you'll be type. warm and muggy later tonight. there we go. round number one of rain early tomorrow morning. that's at 7:00 a.m. some of the rain could be locally heavy. we shall get a break midday and see storms don't redevelop in the afternoon tomorrow after some daytime heating at 4:30 and then the bulk of cindy's rains get in here early saturday. there we are saturday mni
9:35 am
9am. if you have plans this weekend, the first par of the weekend the first part of saturday could be soaking wet potentially flooding that veer noise and we get heavy rains around here early sat saturday. how much rain he were looking at. potential al couple inches. we're in the purple about 3-inches of rain for parts of the area here forecast by some of our computer models through saturday night. the bulk of would arrive friday night and early saturday. mentee wet around here friday and saturday. we get it out of here and we get sunshine low humidity and fantastic conditions in here by sunday and monday. daytime highs low 80s. overnight lows in the 60s. no a lot of humidity. really beautiful weather here for the end of june as we get into early next week. a little touch and a got next couple of. you can type almost anything op youtube right including videos op how to fix your own teeth. dentists say don't try this at home.
9:36 am
people op leap say about saving time and money, you can actually be doing more harm than that. matt johnson has a warning about diy dentistry. but first we have a warning for you the viewers. parts of this story are a little graphic. >> reporter: the online videos promise to save you time and money. >> so here's a before and after of my gap. this is my gap before. and these are my teeth now. >> reporter: but the reality behind do it yourself braces can end up costing you more than you think. >> it's unkilled. it's dangerous we can lead to bone loss. gum disease. tooth loss. >> these graphic emmas providing how much damage items like rubber bands and hair accessories can cause. >> so we're just keep pulling until you feel like it's like pulling your teeth. >> reporter: doctor is an orth ton tift in beverly hills. >> the rogaine can
9:37 am
around and cause bone loss around the tooth. >> according to the american association of orthodontics, 13% of all new patients are seeking corrective help for do it yourself teeth straightening methods they found online. costly corrections can include too many row mace many, come surgery, and even extended treatment time to repair diy damage. still these warnings don't seem to scare everyone. >> nothing happened to me. i'm alive. >> reporter: landon crew elastic hair bands to close the gap between his teeth and posted a video about it that video has more than 318,000 times. >> some people are thankful that i posted this because it changed their lives. because they fixed their and stuff. >> the photographer decided he cop afford the braces much the style transformation has
9:38 am
hisself esteem as a performer. >> this industry is based op image. >> while andre is left styling witness results. -- >> dentists are doing what they can share the risks by posting their own online videos that now pop up in the same surge. close a gap or straighten your teeth yourself were the rick of infection to your teeth and gums including tooth loss. matt johnson, fox news. >> who in your right mind -- >> some things are better left to the experts. >> were you do your own surgery. >> intelligence level of those people i question. >> who sits in the room oy just saw this op youtube i'll this in my own mind. >> exactly. 328,000 people have watched just that one guy's video. that's crazy to me. >> somebody ever said i just watched youtube video let me try this on. don't do it. >> just say no. >> is it not amazing there are youtube videos for everything. >> oh
9:39 am
>> and multiple videos on the topic however crazy it is. >> common sense. let's use it. >> yes, please. 9:38 is the time. hollywood's late terry make hits the big screen this weekend this time it's the sophia copy pole la directed the be guiled. coming up next kevin sitting down with the director to talk about the version and clint eastwood's version of that mo movie. time right now 9:39. back in a moment fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. now with our new fios gigabit connection, you get amazing download speeds up to 940 megs, 20 times faster than most people have. and the price is amazing too for $79.99 a month online
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♪ it seems the enemy is not what we believe. i hope you like apple pie. >> is that my recipe. >> it is. >> i need rags. i need chloroform. go to the smoke house get the saw now. been me the anatomy. >> that's clip from the new movie the beguiled an adaptation the 1966 novel a remake of the 1971 version starring clint eastwood this time around colin farrell plays the injured union soldier hidden and taken hostage in a small all girls school in the south. sophia coppolla
9:43 am
nicole kidman starring movie and kevin got a chance to sit down with her and talk all about it. >> the fm maker did lost in translation, she's amazing -- diversion suicide, maria antoinette daughter of ford cop poll low one of the greatest directors of all times. >> so if he ya is actual until godfather three. but the movie itself it's incredibly well made film it looks like it's all done through natural lighting. the sound is really just all nature. bugs and birds and everything like that but the cool about this film it went to cannes fm festival she's the second woman to win director and the first in fief tow years. i spoke to her about why it's taken so long but also the idea of wonder woman success in hollywood. does she think she's seeing a morey surgeons of women and female film makers behind the camera. this is her talking about the film making first and then the
9:44 am
director award. watch this. >> i'm curious how much of this was natural lighting because it looked like all natural lighting to me he is especially with the candles. is that something you were going for and the look. >> our great sin in a ma graph we to a lot of prep so it liked like the real lighting at that time. >> you had limited to no score in the first two acts of the movie at one point this one particular bird chirp almost the score of that. i'm curious how -- how that was planned out. did you have to loop that? did you gap from ambien sound? >> well i wanted the story to be full of tension and feel like you're in that hot sunday and sound designer really worked with the sounds of the birds and the cicadas to make that at months four. >> it was really well done. >> thank you for noticing. >> i thought it was fantastic. i was reading about the washing scene. that's really really close up how you shoot that. i'm curious how many takes that was, was it reall
9:45 am
i was reading something about -- >> we didn't shoot it all day. out an apple box thing 94 them and i was embarrassed i had to tell nicole wash his inner thighs. it was embarrassing. she was -- she's such a pro. i was more embarrassed. she was fine with it and they had just filmed together. we wanted to -- some hasn't seen a man in so long and really close up of all, taking in his body and the difference between him and this lady's world. >> i think it's absolutely crazy only two women won best director at the cannes festival. >> it's hard to believe. >> ridiculous. with heff voce coming out wonder woman big success i'm curious are you seeing a difference now. are you seeing more female directors more female told stories and like what do we need to do to get around the idea these are directors? you know what i mean? >> yeah. i think it's so great that wonder woman was a big hit, because, you know, now studios will see that, you know female point of view is a valid thing to invest in business wise. so i'm
9:46 am
and hopefully this does well, too. >> when to happened at cannes we did stories on it it was such a big thing for because i was so happy to see you win. >> what was going through your mind when that happened? were you nervous? yeah, i wasn't actually. i had gone home. it was a big surprise and i was excited and thrilled that people were talking about the movie and i felt so much love from other women even like i walked to school and other women were like, yeah, congratulations. so it was really exciting. i had no idea that there had only been one woman before. >> couple things by the way the seep she's referring to about the nicole kidnap washing colin farrell they're in all girls school they haven't seen a man in long time in regards to having a man in their house. very like sexual sequence where she's washing him and it's very close up, it's very awkward. no
9:47 am
like the tension built in that scene. by the way one of the greatest scenes in lost in translation in the movie she directed there's a scene bill murray whispers something in scarlet johansson ear. >> i spoke to her about it. >> does she tell you what he supposedly said. >> such a tease. >> see how he does it. >> do not real me in. >> beguiled hits theaters fr friday. >> friday new york and la. next friday washington, d.c. >> 9:47 right now. coming up la indy band magic giant joins us live in the lot of they may be from la but there's a deaf d.c. connect. there's poll up story to something we brought i was decade ago. you want to see it. they're at the rock and recall -- it's coming up and what changed since the last time the lead singer was on fox5. yes, a full decade ago. rock and roll hotel is a big scene in dc. it's now 9:47.
9:48 am
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we want them to grow up stronger. ♪ awesome. take little trip down memory lane with our next segment. here's the back story.
9:51 am
band we'll talk to in a second. let's flashback first. 11 years ago. right here on fox5. we interviewed an at that time high school football player who had a little dream of becoming a pop star. let's take little trip down memory lane. we'll show it right now. ♪ >> most guys who do this don't do this. but austin business know is not like most guys. he's going to confidential to play football. but what he really wants to do is be a pop star. >> i am realistic. i want to be able to affect millions of lives and writing music making people cry or whatever the emotion is. >> now here's the thing. first of all dave feldman who did that story went off to california and is living in the bay area now. >> great. >> austin is right here with us now. welcome home, man. good to see you. >>
9:52 am
>> you changed your outfits. >> a little bit. >> you also ran off to california. but now you got success. you got the band now. man that overnight success 11 years later. right? >> exactly right. >> what have you been up to for the last decade. >> last decade is a lot to talk about but the last few years we've been together. >> been on the road. >> been on the road. we just released our first album about a month ago. >> which is really exciting. >> you've had super great success i know the streaming spotify we're talking millions of views, millions of listens so far. but i want to know, because -- >> we're playing d.c. 101 today. >> playing rock and roll hotel tonight the show folks can come out and see. congratulations much it's awesome things are coming together now. i know it tax lost effort to get to this point in this last decade, though, did you think, okay, maybe i do want to focus on something else or were you where you are now.getting to- >> taking accounting classes on the side? how did that go. >> how is that landscaping
9:53 am
>> he has tunnel vision. i'm very impressed working with him every day. he's laser focused to music. >> anything you want to do. >> is that true? >> and also the journey not the destination,. i've always wanted to do this. i had my heart set on it and such a joy to bible to be doing it. >> what's the feeling now that you have the album out and the full tour underway you've got something to show for all this hard work. >> his dreams are coming true. >> i feel like we're just getting going, you know. i feel like it's exciting we're doing lot of fun stuff and we're probably go to go europe this fall and japan and all these fun things. but i don't know. it's such a treat to be able to work with my best friends. put out music that we believe in. travel. see the world. meet incredible people that share their stories with us about how the music affected them. really nice. >> magic giant is the name of the band. you guys have been on the festival scene for some time now. so great to finally have that first album out
9:54 am
i think something that's really cool here you literally when you recorded this album you did it in a really cool unique kind of way. i mean you did a throw back on the '60s or '70s and loaded up the van went attenuated wilderness and put this together with a little solar spin on it, too. how did that process work out. >> we bought a shuttl bus we had this really awesome tour lined up and beautiful places at this festival. we ended up buying a shuttle bus and converted it to a solar powered recording studio. >> we power all of our gear with this bus much it's tollly silent. as long we have the sun we can make music. >> and so we would go out in beautiful mazes like utah and record in these like kind of crazy spaces where you don't really get these recordings. you dope really like go out and do these sort of thing. they're not rooms like studios it's out in the open. >> according inside of a red wood tree glenside the tree. >> inside the tree itself. >> not sitting in it like a couple of kids sitting in the tree. we were inside
9:55 am
>> it was it's about the size this room it sounds amazing. what recording studios want to create when they spend millions of dollars taking this spread they're trying to make a red wood tree. >> instead of lining the studio with wood -- >> exactly. >> just there. line ourselves with the tree. we pull the bus up to the tree, put all the microphones into it. it's silent. he that's where we made our record. >> at leave for here the song is silent. >> nature is kind of like the fourth member of the band,. >> we didn't say that. someone else. >> i tailage it. >> do you accept that? >> yeah. i accept it. >> great. >> album starts off with a song called jade and the first line of the song the bird forever and it flew away. >> there was a bird chirping in the roaring. we tried to take it out because it was a little on the nose. >> it was giving me chills at the time and listening
9:56 am
>> they're going to think we added birds. >> we distorted the birds and blended in there so the album is a mix of organic sounds we go on the road and some of the things we did in the studio. >> that was nature playing its role. >> exactly. >> rock and roll hotel tonight. going back to california to do some festivals. continue the tower. what's the big picture you got the a you will bum underway. immediately going to new music now, new concept, what's next. >> we're actually in the middle of planting forest with every album show at our live shows. >> if you come tonight at rock and roll hotel or any of the shows op tour, you buy an album and we partner with one free plant net and planting a tree for every ticket sold. >> are you still football fan. >> i like playing sports. i don't really watch -- >> keeping busy. >> all three reactions when you saw that old video from last years ago. >> whoo! >> i thought well, hair. >> i was sweating.
9:57 am
minutes of that story maybe we'll show you during the break. >> i don't know. >> we'll spare the viewers from the rest. thanks, man. >> thank you, man. >> welcome back home. >> appreciate it. >> good to see you again. good wishes with the show, the tour, the next album. rock and rope hotel on northeast dc. back over to you guys. >> thank you guys. love it. >> you know what we have coming up next. selma hayek period enough said. >> meredith viera, period, enough said. >> new stomach outing out about what you should do when you go op vacation. if you what happened the mug go upping what to do. go to our facebook page or hit us via or other social media mediums. hurry you have until 11:00 o'clock. we're out of time for the 9a. we're doing the 10a neck after this.
9:58 am
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10:01 am
♪ the must see moments only on good day at 10a. >> and boy are we bringing the star power. hollywood super star selma hayek joins to us dish about her new movie. >> also live with us talk show host meredith viera. she talks about a disease that affects million of people including her mom. >> did we just learn b and jay's twins. madonna has a new boy toy. the rich get richer. especially george clooney. we'll explain. let's do this in three, two, one, good day at 10a starts right now. ♪ like spin knee thing right here is going to go this
10:02 am
>> and then the green and the yellow and the red -- >> generally bad. >> right. >> generally bad. >> sweep up. >> none of this is good news. >> no. >> right. the question what's it going to do when it gets out of here and goes way up over there where we are? >> it's hell bit of good news because we don't live here. >> but -- >> that's not affecting us. for the people there it's bad. >> the reason we're saying this is because i have no idea what any of that means. >> no. [ laughter ] >> but it looks official. >> tucker will join us in a few minutes we most likely will get some rain at some point tomorrow because of that storm right there. unfortunately, it might come during the zip trip tomorrow. >> got your rain gear. >> we'll need it. >> we'll take our umbrellas and we hope the hearty yesterday of our good day viewers will be out to see us. >> i'll be there. >> we'll in annapolis tomorrow morning. we're here with you and so happen to be here. two minutes past 10:00 on this thursday morning. good day d.c. i'm steve alongside holly, maureen and wisdom. >> 10:02.
10:03 am
what's making headlines this morning. >> erin. >> that's right. first up talking about it earlier tropical storm cindy lakes landfall hits southwestern louisiana early this morning. while it was weakening a little, flooding remains a big concern. this storm has already been blamed for one death. ten-year-old boy vacationing on alabama beach was killed when he was hit by a dog the storm surge washed ashore. several weather, severe weather rather is expected from eastern texas to in order. remnants from cindy will hit our area later this week, and tucker will have much more on that and what we expect coming up later. an capitol hill this morning senate republicans are due to unveil draft verse of their health bill. another video has surfaced from the shooting of philandro castile. this time it shows his fiance'' fours-year-old daughter begging her mom to stay calm saying quote i don't want to you get
10:04 am
went on to tell her mother that she can keep her safe. she also said she was praying for a safe place with no more police and no more shottings and no more guns. overseas now, in bizarre circumstances that led to the death of a well-known french fitness blogger. row wega burger died from an exploding whipped cream dispenser it her in the chest so forcefully she went into cardiac arrest. finally, wake up! if you find your morning alarm clock annoying i find me annoying i have two of them we're here to help prove it could be a lot worse. a pennsylvania family is dealing with an alarm clock, get this, it's stuck in the wall of their home. it's been ringing like clock work for 13 years. the homeowner says the trouble began he tried to pass tv hook up wire that was his living room wall, accidentally knocked a clock inside an open air vent much the family says it's gotten used to it after all this time. they
10:05 am
there. we were talking about this earlier holly said she wanted what kind of batteries they have in that clock to keep the going all this time. i want to know how on saturday mornings it doesn't annoy them when they sleep in. >> 13 years. >> same battery. >> the owner thought it would run out after year. >> you would think. let's leave it there and see how long it goes. >> got to be energizer, right. >> or going. going and going and going. >> i node to see how loud it is. i need to see a video of that. >> they have a child that sneaks not wall and changes the bat battery. >> i'm going to go with that. >> i like the second idea. >> thanks erin. >> thanks guys. >> first up, steve, cool cash for clan knee george clooney will reportedly pocket more than $200 million after selling his tequila company cass sews amigos for $1 billion to grohl liquor company that owns johnny walker, guiness and captain morgan he started cass sews amigo in
10:06 am
with cindy crawford's husband he celebrated the deal with two shots of tequila. >> put your money back into the business. >> everyone every tasted casa amigos. >> i'm too busy trying to find friends to start tequila business. >> rows say. >> rows say all day. speaking of money, summer is here and time for vacation heading to the beach for piece of mind well rocking people's wallets. almost three fourths of americans have gone into more than $1,000 in debt to pay for a vacation. according to financial planning cog learn vest. the study surveyed 1,000 adults and one of the main reasons americans fall into vacation debt is because they didn't plan ahead. according to the study 55% of americans forget to even consider their vacation when laying out budget for that year. >> i don't believe that for second. >> yeah summertime. >> half of the people don't budget. don't say at some point this year i'm going to take vacation. >> i might need t
10:07 am
money for that. >> that's usually number one on the list. >> i forget forget vacation. >> you know summertime is co coming. it's it's already there. >> when you have a family you have to budget play tickets will bankrupt you. >> yeah. >> goodness. speaking of vacations the number one thing americans want to do on vacation is nothing. that's me. >> i believe that. >> that's me. almost three fourths of americans say resting and relaxing is very or he can treely important while they're on vacation. this is according to new study. >> we need add study for this? >> some people liking to to go on vacation. >> i'm one of those people -- >> you are. if i go on vacation with somebody, i tend to get in trouble because i'm more the adventure vacationer. >> me too. >> as pop testified to pick one spot and sit there for week much. >> that's me. >> i'll try it. >> the study also found that americans would rather chill somewhere else other than at home. >> yes. >> although plan a summer vacation nine 2% are going away and 8% making it starvation indication. more half of those po polled sas relaxing at home doesn't sun i
10:08 am
>> it's a waisted day off if i stay home. >> what happens when you stay home you'll end up doing work. moving stuff around. >> people still bother you the same. >> laundry. >> cooking whatever it is. go away. >> i will say like steve on vacation i can't just park it somewhere. i've going to see the sights. i got to see, tour the city. >> i can park it, too. >> park it and leave it. >> i liked to stuff, too. there are different kinds of vacations. feign i park it. >> if i go to the beach let me go on atv tour. >> me, too. >> let me go up to the bar. and then go back to my beach chair. >> me too, me too. good i go right to the chair kids play in the pool and go to the beach i'm sitting there the whole time. >> what do you do? do you read? >> read. have a conversation with my w wife. makes sure they're still a life p. >> i sleep. >> sleep. eat. >> good. >> my favorite thing to do op vacation,? >> whatnot get ready. >> yeah. >> not get ready. >> those shorts and t shirts and i got new sanls
10:09 am
much. i'll sorry. i said too much. >> he did get off his beach chair to go to the spa. >> next time i'll try the wisdom vacation. took it a step too far my fr friend. >> a royal bombshell if you think being king or queen is all of the luxury you seems you might want to think again. interview with newsweek magazine prince harry who will never be king suggested that no one in the royal family truly wants to rise to the thrown. maybe he will then. he says they view it as a duty, not a dream come true. as some may imagine. harry goes on to say the royals do it not for their own fame but for the quote greater good the people. the prince also spoke about the pain of losing his mother princess diane nan the horrific memory he has of walking her coffin at the age of 12 saying no child some have to go through that. >> i believe that totally. >> you know you have to do it. you don't have a say. >> talking behind him walking behind the casket that's one of those
10:10 am
you feel for that little boy. your mother just passed away. you're walking hyped her. it's very beaut filled. how? why? your heart breaks every time i see that. >> all eyes were on him and his brother. >> now that harry would be the one to say that about because he's the one that gets to do his own thing. you want to be harry. >> i'm he's fifth in line to the thrown now. >> you know what's funny i believe everything he says except for the fact that i have always believed that charles really wants to be king. >> i think at one point he did. but now he's like, you know what, i've had enough of this. >> i felt like he wanted it and his p.m. was like no. >> you're not ready, chuck. >> keep this on the one that's right. [ laughter ] >> 10:10 is the time. she's award winning journalist and tv host now meredith viera is pursuing a new passion raising awareness about osteoporosis she'll join us live on why it's a cause that's very personal. first, though, bay and jay's twins have arrived.
10:11 am
have some answers this morning. madonna has got new boy toy again. 92 trailer for the game of thrown. the internet can't get enough. 10:10 is the time. celebrity dish coming up next. ♪ at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event.
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♪ awful ever time i hear that. >> are you reading the words right now? >> ♪ >> i was trying to look it up on my phone. of course this is the smash of the summer. did he say poe cito continues its streak at number one. the biebs song notched more than 10 million total audience spins on saturday. >> wow. >> alone. >> that's pretty good. >> it is catchy. >> i really wish i can learn the words. >> if you read them a hundred times. >> yeah. >> how about we do a little celebrity dish. we do know about that. >> it seems that bee i don't know san it jay-z want the world to know exactly who the twins are and who they came from. reports this morning the new babies names have been leaked source told the celebrity website media take out the music power couple have named the twins sean and b
10:15 am
>> nope. >> you don't like it. >> there's no way. >> right. your first is blue ivy and then you go with sean and bee. >> mom and dad. why not? >> sean and bea. >> bee or bay. >> bea -- how would you say it. >> bea. >> i'd say bea. >> like bea. >> beatrice, bea. >> exactly. apparently in a nod to jay-z's given name sean and of course bea after the queen b herself the names though have not been confirmed. >> nope. >> here say. the twins join big sister blue ivy who's name beyonce' tries to trademark. her lawyers were back in court this week demand appeals board dismiss the op zig filed the by an owner of event planning company called blue ivy. >> interesting. >> why don't ya'll believe that's their names. >> sean carter, jr. >> i get it. >> i get it it just seems -- >> it seems so regular. >> seems so regular. i guess that's it. >> her name is beyonce'. >> and she has a daughter named blue. these
10:16 am
sean. bea. >> right. >> it's like gwyneth paltrow, apple and moses. >> see. >> yeah. >> talk about madonna being on the prowl again on tuesday it was reported madonna had dumped her boyfriend of more than a year we're talking about that 26-year-old model who's name has a bunch of letters and vowels and things in it. traded him out for 31 year old his name is kevin sampia. the 50-year-old pop icon impressed madonna keeping their friendship quiet and earning her trust. she liked how he didn't go running to the press after their first date. this all comes one day watched reported madonna was da dating e model. there you go. she was spotted out in la with the guy. >> can we put his picture up again. him being quiet isn't the only thing she like. come on this is a good looking man. >> is that common place you go out on one day and run to the press who you just went on a date with. >> if
10:17 am
the and you went out on date with a someone famous. >> you won't get a second. >> they're not always smart. >> kevin the other guy to me was more handsome. >> i would say neither of them are hard to look at. >> we're not kicking any of them out. madonna you're winning either >> when is madge not winning. >> christopher milan never been shy and he's clearly comfortable in his skin the rapper pulled a kim kardashian. >> oh. >> hello. and barred all for paper magazine in very not suitable for work picture spread. milan tells paper, i just feel like in our culture it's so at a boo for guy to show their bodies but okay for woman to do it. i just kind of wanted to break that. i think i have a nice body i think it's art. i just think that it should be celebrated like they celebrate women's bodies. >> um-hmm. >> there you go wisdom another shirt less man just for you on celebrity dish. >> do you remember when he came here to the lot of he was
10:18 am
of those scooter things. >> fully clothe. >> he was clothed. thank goodness. >> he came on that little scooter business. >> yeah, um-hmm. >> i shake my head, too, wisdom. >> gabbie -- you know who she is. she's an actress. >> on empire. >> on empire and she was in -- what's that other movie she was in. >> precious. >> precious much that's what i was thinking about. >> that's what she upon an oscar for. >> she was precious. she was on robin roberts podcast the other day and she was talking about she doesn't want any praise for dropping weight. she said it's the weirdest thing in the world when people compliment her for losing weight. you don't need to congratulate me on it. mind your own body. she considers the admiration to be so misogynistic. >> okay. >> the wait is over, wis. >> the wait is over. >> it's over. >> well, kind of. okay. games of thrones fans are getting a glimpse of new upcoming season hbo released new trailer for seven season. leaving fans excited for
10:19 am
jam packed with drama, cliff hangers you name it actually has hadmore than 20 million views on facebook alone. already. and yesterday hbo released 12 different posters for the new season. each featuring a different cat character season seven of the game of thrones debuts july 16th. >> missed that whole thing. >> i did, too. >> too late. seven seasons. >> kevin said 201719 when it ends. >> season eight. because they're taking season seven and break it up. splitting it. it will take time. >> this year, next year and next year. >> i've seen zero seasons. >> you have to catch up. >> i can't. i think collectively all four of us have seen -- you watch it in the beginning. >> i watched it in the beginning. >> i watched two episodes in the very beginning. >> maureen and i watched 91. >> your next vacation when you want something to do. >> exactly. >> when i'm chilling on the beach. >> on netflix and chill with that. it's 10:19. coming up later
10:20 am
selma hayek will join us live she has a brand new movie out it's called beatrice at dinner. you know kevin will again out. >> i'm sure he will. tucker is coming back witness impact tropical storm cindy could have on our weekend. it look like we'll be off to rainy start. we'll be back. 10:20 is your time. ♪ ♪♪
10:21 am
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♪ beautiful day here in the nation's capitol. it's hot, it's humid it's summertime in washington. not so beautiful down in the gulf right now. where they have a lot of activity due to cindy and the remnants thereof. which we're waiting to see if it will impact us this weekend or not. >> yup. >> tucker barnes talking about it. >> yeah you got it. in fact it does look like it will impact us in a of different ways starting late tonight early tomorrow round number one perhaps round number number two tomorrow afternoon round number three will, quick moving. good soaking rains overnight friday into early saturday looks like period of pretty good rains. 83 now in washington. let's concentrate on this afternoon first. and i just want to give you quick reminder hot and humid afternoon low 90s make sure that you've got plenty of water if you'll be working outdoors if you're going to take your dog for a walk this afternoon you'll feel it that heat index in the mid 90s and warranted code orange air quality advisory. not the best ofay
10:24 am
sort of typical summer afternoon with daytime highs in the 90s there's live look at satellite/radar. filtered cloudiness at this hour partly sunny start. we'll be parly sunny this afternoon. there could be a sprinkle or shower for parts of the area later today but the main event as far as the remnants of sin dough still tracking off to our south and west and there you can see our system and not terribly well organized but what it is doing is dropping very heavy rain across parts of georgia at this hour, tennessee back into louisiana and eastern texas there. that's the center of circulation still 40-mile per how about winds and when all is said and done down to our south and west up to foot of rain and we could be looking at a couple of inches of rain around here by saturday morning. so again a couple waves of rain showers moving through as the remnants of cindy team up with cold front which will be moving in from the north and west later friday and early saturday, and the cold front will sort of have the effect of squeezing out cindy's moisture across the mid atlantic around here over the next couple of days. so bottom line in the
10:25 am
tomorrow morning for that morning commute it look like we could have period of rain perhaps thunderstorm activity some of that could be heavy for that morning commute tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon if we get any sunshine at all do a few thunderstorms and then another round early saturday morning. again, when the whole system wraps up a couple of inches of rain potential for the dc area before we get sunshine back in the forecast. let me just sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday beautiful weather. daytime highs in the 80s no not a lot of humidity. overnight lows in the 60s hard to believe it will be june with forecast like that in the washington area. all right. guys that's the latest. 92, hot and humid this afternoon heat index in the mid 90s and we should dry later today. the rain will get in here early tomorrow morning. back to you. >> tucker i did want to ask real quickly for our zip trip correspondents that will be going out in the morning and faithful viewers that will come join us rain or shine are we talking like little bit of rain in the morning during the zip trip or we talking these two need to bring full out rain gear? >> we're talking about a period
10:26 am
>> ut-oh. >> early tomorrow morning maybe five, 6:00 a.m. and then steady rain but not a heavy rain between about seven and ten. >> um-hmm. >> there you go. it will be a good soaking rain. >> i heard rain pants. >> steve's hair will look great. >> hats for all. >> you got it. >> thanks, tuck. >> okay. meredith see area is award winning journalist and tv host now she's taking on new role raising awareness about the bone disease osteoporosis. and coming up next she's going to join us live with more on her new campaign and why it's such a personal cause. right now it's 10:26. you're watching good day at 10a. 0
10:27 am
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10:29 am
♪ me too. >> ♪ >> we got to find tequila and zen it to a big company. >> we want to be billionaire referencing clooney. >> erin como because the wisdom martin went out an a special secret shoot. >> super secret. >> he's so secretive. >> good to see you erin. >> thanks for having me. >> glad you're here. our neck guest is an emmy award winning veteran journalist and talk show host who has been the center stage of daytime tv for more than 20 years. she's hosted numerous talk shows. the view, the today show, she even hosted her own daytime show which was named after her. we're talking about the one and only meredith viera who is now taking on new role.
10:30 am
osteoporosis. the bone disease that affects millions of people including meredith's own mother and this morning, meredith joins us live to talk about her new role and why she's joining this fight. we shall note this interview is sponsored by radius health incorporated. good morning, meredith. it is so -- glad to see you this morning. >> thank you, holly. such a pleasure to be here. you mentioned my mom. she's passed away. so i'm doing this to honor her and all women actually to help educate them about osteoporosis when she was in her 60s she started to develop a hump, sort of that hump back, and none of us in the family put it together with osteoporosis. i just thought it was part of& the aging process to be hospital nest with you. >> right. >> then she fell. it was a trip down a step. low impact fall and ended up breaking her pelvis, and she said at the time she attribute it to just being clumsy. which is what often happens with women post menopausal women when they have a fall the
10:31 am
something they did. they don't realize that it is a sign of osteoporosis. so when i became post menopausal myself i went to my doctor for a general check up. he is the one who said i want to you get a bone density scan based on my family history i have osteopenia of the spine which puts me at greater risk of developing osteoporosis like my mom. i have been educating myself for years and radius health asked if i would pair up with them to help spread the word. i was thrilled to do it. one out of two post men mow pause sal women will suffer a fracture in her lifetime. that's a huge number. people don't talk about it it's partly because it's silent disease but also it's the stigma of, you know, the old aged disease. not me, i'm not old. so i wouldn't have fragile bones. well, quite frankly, um, you never know when it's going to happen. if you're post menopausal you should be talking about it because we're living longer and i want us to be as h
10:32 am
possible. >> yeah it sounds like one of those things peck put in that category of early detection being the care. at least if you're aware, right, you can go from there? >> well exactly. i mean it's important to have a dialogue with your doctor. that's why we are encouraging people to go to bone to educate themselves about it. talk to it with your friends. if your post menopausal you at a you can about it with your mom or your daughter. just begin the conversation. a lot of doctors don't even bring it up. so you should be the one be proactive and say, what about my bones? am i somebody who needs a scan f you're most penn nomos sal it should be on your list anyhow. in terms of a conversation to have about your health. >> speaking of bringing it up for decades you have been the one bringing up the tough questions. 14 time emmy winner as far as being a journalist and you're not in the news game any more. it's a crazy news cycle right now. do you ever miss it? >> yes and no. a part of me thinks it's very exciting time to be a
10:33 am
because there's so many going on but also sort of crazy town out there. just in general people talking over each other an lot of anger. and be lidge reasons and negativity. i worry that somewhere along the line the dialogue disappeared. >> it's interesting,. >> that concerns me. so, um, i think a large part of me is glad to be out fray right now. >> i hear you. i hear you. it's interesting you brought up the people talking over each other and we really seen news change and the view was kind of at the forefront of that in terms of encouraging people on tv to really give their opi opinions. i know we have it here our management wants us to give our opinions on our show good day. and there's a lot of shows hike that out there. do you think the view now it does even more than when you were there, do you think that's been a good shift? >> well, it depends on the show. i think sharing pins is not bad
10:34 am
goes along with it. and respect for the way other people feel. when you automatically discount somebody because you don't like say they're politic or their, um, their position on a particular topic, that's not a good thing. i think we can learn from each other. we have to learn from each ot other. this world is pretty small. and worry all on it and can't we just get along? i understand it sounds silly why can't we? but, you know, i love talking to people. and right now, my biggest discussion is over bone health and that's a pretty save one. i'm good there. as long as i can get people to discuss it, and be proactive and know, also, just cap this off, holly, that unlike when my mom was ill, there are so many treatments out there including one that was just approved boy the fda. so there are positive things happening when it comes to bone health. you just have to find that out. >> you know, you have had a dream career for many. and so i mean on this end you've been 60 minutes correspon
10:35 am
be millionaire. what in your career are you the most proud of? what job was the most fun? and was there everyone that you were kind of wish you didn't do? >> never won that i wished i hadn't done because every experience has been for me a wonderful one and i've been lucky to wear a lot of hats in the business. i don't think i have a favorite job. i love interviewing people. i love giving people an opportunity to have voice. i think that's the role of a journalist, that you're providing that voice for folks who wouldn't have it otherwise. and i like story telling. i'm awfully proud -- i love all three of my children but my middle guy gabe is followed in our footsteps my husband is a producer and he's a reporter out in seattle, and when he says that what makes him most happy is to sit down with somebody and listen to them, that warms my heart. >> absolutely. >> i think that's great. >> well thank you for all you've done and especially thank you for your campaign right now,
10:36 am
we really appreciate it and we appreciate you. >> oh, holly, thank you very much. bone >> got it. bone meredith, thank you so much. >> thank you. i think she's one of those people i would just like love to go to lunch with. >> um-hmm. >> talk to her about so many different things. >> pick her brain. her peck spec tiff. >> yeah. >> i think in her case something that makes her successful when do you do interviews and you're a genuine person to begin with, the person you're talking nose you're not talking to them but listening to them as well it makes it such a more successful interview and she's just nailed that throughout her career. >> you never go with your list of questions you go and have -- but you have to listen and your follow up has to be based on what they answer. >> it has to be a conversation. >> exactly. >> sometimes the best interviews turn down road you didn't for see happening. >> absolutely. let's head on over to maureen now. what do you got. >> good day dc going to the dogs. we're hanging with the team at the good stuff pet truck. coming up why it's making its way across the country with a special lesson
10:37 am
their humans and where you can find it in dc today. that's next. ♪ ♪♪
10:38 am
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they're magically delicious. ♪ all right. 10:39 our neck guest is stopping by more than 20 cities across america this spring and summer with some four legged friends by his side and he's doing it to help dog owners keep their fur babies healthy and epp
10:40 am
balanced life. maureen is out in the fox lot. maureen looks like you're having a party out there. >> i am having a party. had to change in my flip-flops to do it we're here at the good stuff pet truck like a rolling classroom for pets and humans and what it does, it teaches the pet owners how to maybe gauge their pets ideal weight, teach them things about positive reinforcement training. joining me is greg mcgonagle the brand manager and lynn from the d.c. dog training company all about dogs. i didn't get your name. what's your name. >> olivia. >> this is olivia joining us out here today. i want to start off. this truck we kind of talked a little bit what it's about. what exactly is the goal of the good stuff pet truck. >> what we're doing with the good stuff pet truck going around the country to promote good healthy pet nutrition, and how we're doing that with our new brand supreme source 100 grain free dog and cat food really trying to promote grain free food really good for the dogs and cats, their skin, their stomachs all sorts of stuff like that. as well as positive reinforcement dog training. >> what exactly is that? i know pe
10:41 am
want to spoil them and want them to be just the best they can be but how do you give positive reinforce many and what's that training all about. >> lynn would be the expert on that. >> which is why we brought you out here. i'll get down here with you. what is this positive reinforce many training all about. >> it's about teaching dogs what we want them to do. not just saying no. and saying i don't like that you're jumping on me. i don't like that you're chewing that and we teach them what to do instead. instead of jumping on friends when they come to visit we teach them not -- don't just jump but lay down and offer a sit and. so actually -- hey, hey. >> nettie and, um, myrtle and tinkerbell over here who are all up for adoption with local rescue called dc paws they're actually practicing positive reinforce many skills right now. >> right now. >> paying good attention offering nice sits and downs and trying to work in the face of distractions. >> because mike thomas just walk out here. i don't know what it is. these dogs are like -- >> they got really
10:42 am
>> you're giving them treats someone might say is that really good to keep giving them tricks because they do something they're supposed to do. >> we try to make sure we're portioning them i'm give them little itty bits of treats. it encourages them to kind of want to keep going and to keep working and figuring out what do they do to earn stuff. >> good a his head. >> we usery enforcers just like we pay people for, you know, a job well done give them little bonus. you can also use really good food to help train them as well and offer some rewards but praise and toys are also really good reinforce soars. >> when people stop by the truck what are they going to be learning or getting. >> we'll be at shaw dog park today from 4:00 to 7:00. ken 7,311th street northwest. lynn will be giving you some tips and tricks to help train your doing. also giving out different treats, giving out some water, portable water bowls similar to what we have out here all sorts of coupons to help you by supreme
10:43 am
food. bring your dog. if you got a cat bring cat any -- cull by and see us from four to seven. >> if i miss the truck where do i catch up with you. >> good stuff pet we'll be in baltimore next week. >> you've been all over the place. where have you been, where you going. >> our leg of the tour we started in knoxville, tennessee we went through alabama, geo georgia, carolinas, virginia, so we've been all over the place. so, yeah. >> man this is good deal much these are some of the best behaved pets i've ever seen. if this is any indication you need to catch up with the good stuff pet truck they'll be in shaw neighbor this afternoon. thank you guys for coming. thank you guys for being here as well. okay. with that i'll zen it back in to you. remember, good stuff pet truck. that's the only name you need to know if you want to get your pets in tip top shape and obeying your rules. [ laughter ] >> we might need that in the good day loft. i'm just saying. >> maureen, great stuff. i think tomorrow is bring your pet to work day. >> it is. >> bring your dog to work day for sure. >> bring your dog to work day. >> why just dogs. >> bring yourat
10:44 am
>> that doesn't seem fair. i don't think the cat would like being in the news studio i think sid mike's dog might like being here. >> i hope mike brings them tomorrow. >> you'll have to watch tomorrow and find out. in just a few minutes she was was invited but not welcome. we'll sit down with beatrice and dinner star sell ya hayek will join us for a sneak peek at her new indy drama next. ♪ ♪♪ at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event.
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♪ where you from? >> where you really from? i was born in mexico. >> cut. >> on the pacific. it was very beautiful. >> mexico is awesome. >> i love cancun. >> but now many hotels, times share a lot of crime i think. >> where are you from. >> laguna. we have houses and, elwell we're all
10:48 am
>> but where are you really f from? >> i was born in wohaka. >> no i was born in san diego. [ laughter ] >> do i know you? >> doug is famous. he's been on the news. he's a mogul. >> i have opinions and because i have money people listen. >> i don't know why i think i know you. >> maybe. every dance in vegas? [ laughter ] >> john lymph go kind of evil there. >> he's not the nicest person. >> that's a clip from beatrice at dinner tells the story of a massage therapist who attends a dinner party at the home of her wealthy client after her car breaks down. she may have a connection to one of guest you saw there played by john lithgow. beatrice is played as by oscar nominee selma hayek a
10:49 am
from london with more on the movie. selma, how you doing today? >> hello. had he low. i'm doing great. happy to be with you. >> thank you for being on the show. that clip obviously shows the tension between you and john lithgow's character and another scene that happens at the dinner table he says pretty rude things to you specifically like did you come into this country legally? it's a very awkward moment at the dinner table. know, when you, in your realyou- life, if someone spoke to you like that, how do you handle moments like that someone said that to you in real life? >> well, it depends. it's been said to many many times. it's still said to me sometimes. believe it or not. but, you know, what i love about beatrice and sometimes i've taken this road she doesn't really take it personal. she's not so, like, sensitive. she's sexual
10:50 am
with all these super well dressed people, very powerful, very successful people, and she's not intimidated by them, and she doesn't feel less either. she sees everyone the same, you know. and sometimes i am like that in real life, too. every once in awhile they get me and then -- then i -- they hear a piece of my mind. [ laughter ] >> sometimes very interesting. at the beginning she's just -- she's cool. not too sensitive. >> sal ma -- >> eventually. >> eventually i want to focus on the acting right now and getting a chance to do some of those scenes with john lithgow the two of you kind of go against each other. but it must have been fun to film that, though, with john lithgow knowing you guys are both at the top of your games going back and forth as acts. >> yeah. that was amazing. it was amazing
10:51 am
he's so, such a talented human being and i've been wanting to work with him for a long time, and he's so kind in real life, and i just feel very privileged to be with this group of people. also, connie. every single actor and the director and the writer, it was just nirvana for me. so much fun. and also, i love the film. i really -- sometimes i tell you oh, no, it's okay. it's kind of funny. this one i really think it's very special. it's very funny and sometimes it's thought provoking and sometimes i can even scare you in it. but what is amazing is how the director manages to keep it -- to keep the tension and entertaining throughout the whole film. in a very simple situation if you think about it. >> salma i've been watching your movies all my life. desperado
10:52 am
big robert rodriguez fan obviously you've played incredible roles in your career. you look at frieda obviously you were a paint. here you're a massage therapist. i'm curious, do you take things from your roles into your real life? did you pick up painting can you actually give massage like your character does in the movie? do you pick up these things? >> i'm actually great at the massage. [ laughter ] >> and i also sing in this mo movie. >> yes. >> and i have to learn how to play the guitar. very difficult. very painful on the fingers, and i don't think i can play that song again. i if -- you start playing the guitar. i was shocked. really i admire guitar players in a different level, but my husband is very happy about the massage. [ laughter ] >> you know what else? i can throw the knives. the other day it was a situation, you know, i taught
10:53 am
actually i can shoot. i can shoot -- i can still do my own superintendents because it have another movie coming out this summer, bodyguard. i'm too old now i don't think i'll be able to do my own stunts and yes. >> nice. >> you can do it. -- i couldn't move the next day, though. [ laughter ] >> that's all right. that was different. >> the guitar in this movie little different than the guitar cases in the rodriguez movie. >> nothing will ever top that shot of you and banderas dropping backwards off that roof. that shot is so awesome. >> it's awesome, but my hip still resent it. [ laughter ] >> now more than ever. >> thank you so much. >> as you get older you remember every sip gel stunt. >> i'm sure. good luck with this movie. good luck with the stunts in the new movie coming out this sent much it's a joy to talk to you. >> thank you. >> hope to talk to you again soon. thank you so much salma. same here guys good reminder
10:54 am
right now you can go check it out. >> i can't wait to see it. >> me too. >> i want to know what the connection is. >> while she says she's getting older she's not looking any older. >> she's reversing. >> 50 looks like she's 25. >> when i first ever saw her. this movie what struck me i want to see it commentary on the political climate today with immigration all of that. >> pan wall written in 2015. >> oh wow. >> written before obviously what's happened in the last, you know, 2016, 2017 it was written then but it's very -- >> particularly timely. >> timely. >> phils in one of the reviews on the trailer actually says one of the best films in the trump era. like it speaks -- it does speak on that but obviously there's that scene as i mentioned in the film she's sitting across from john lithgow and talking about coming to this country. he says did you come here legally? what a question to ask somebody it. >> happens which is again why -- it's happened to me. >> it still happens. >> if you don't like sitting
10:55 am
through three hour movies this is one is hour 20 minutes. >> hour 23. >> i hear this just in. breaking entertainment news. >> what's that? >> by the way, if you haven't seen desperado check it out. breaking entertainment news. yeterday we told you that the two film makers behind the hans solo film have left the project four months into production chris miller and philip lord. they are now being replaced by a little known director i think this guy indy film maker ron howard. who? >> what? >> that's going to be i was m i will say this i'm very bummed about chris miller and philip lord i'm upset they left the film. if you read into the story line a lot of reports on hollywood reporter and variety says they were fired because they clashed with the writer lawrence katz den also the producer kathleen kennedy apparently there were reshoots involved this is all speculative. >> wow. >> here's my question for to you look into i know you get to talk to celebs all the time. >> right. >> i was fortunate to get to talk to
10:56 am
he talked about when he does a movie he loves to have the time to research, do the deep dive, get everything. he spends a lot of time prepping those movies. will they delay this project. >> that's the thing. i think what you have here, i think they're still going to go for the 2018 release. i think it was four months no production i think a lot of principal photographer has been done, but as with rogue one and star wars they've had to reshoot scenes to fill in what kathleen kennedy and writers want. i wouldn't be surprised you do kind of have the best excuse in the world if you have to reschedule it. we had to switch directors. >> i don't think they will. >> if every was a movie director that was a jedi night ron howard can handle it. >> tomorrow our zip trip. >> tucker trying to find anywhere to fit in on this couch. >> get over here. >> we're a little worried about the weather. we'll be in annapolis from six to 11:00 down on city dock in annapolis. please come out. as long as it's not storming. >> yes. >> bring your umbrella because we'll have rain showers tomorrow morning. break tomorrow afternoon and some more rain later
10:57 am
afternoon. early saturday morning. remnants of cindy. 92 today. and we'll keep it dry this afternoon. so so cindy will be at the zip trip tomorrow. >> yes. [ laughter ]
10:58 am
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>> live from new york city it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: hi, it's the hot topics show. we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. >> now here's wendy! [ applause ] >> wendy: yeah. yeah. thank you very much. thanks for watching our show. [ applause ]


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