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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  June 22, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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been involved in an argument earlier management says it started here at this pool table at the black whiskey bar. several men were arguing and bar staff asked them to leave two went down the front stairs. the bar owner showed us this security video of a man who goes out the back door and grabs a bottle of bleach. he first walks down the rear stairs but then turns and heads in the direction of a ladder that leads to the roof. now, there's no video of the bleach being poured over, but a short time later, the man returns without the bleach bottle and leaves down those rear steps. black whiskey management compared time stamped video to cameras at another business and they say their video matches up with a liquid coming down onto the
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is it a of from trade its another bar there came running out to help the victim splashed by the bleach so they were down, they needed some help and so some of the employs came out to help h1 other point. it has been talked about because trade is a gay bar, that this possibly could be some kind of hate crime. police said over and over today they have no evidence of that, they do not believe this was a hate crime or at all directly related to the gay establishment down below t we did talk to police and they are asking anyone who may have witnessed this crime, they'd like to talk to them and just one more point. that video only shows the man picking up the bleach. it does not show anyone pouring it over because there were no cameras up there. and the owner of the whiskey bar says that at the time he showed this video, his windows were basically sealed. no one went to the windows so he says he believes someone went to the roof
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poured that bleach down on the guys there. they had to be taken to howard university hospital for treatment. live in logan circle, matt ackland fox5 local news. >> ♪ >> tropical storm cindy hit landfall. the storm hit southwestern louisiana today. >> its been weakening but flooding remains a big concern and gary mcgrady is here to see what kind of effect it has down there and any other residual effects. >> no longer a tropical storm. that was a change this morning early, early. as a matter of fact the hurricane center in longer issuing public statements on this storm but now we just wait for all the rain and all the rain down there. i want to show you basically where cindy is right now. down along the louisiana-texas coast. winds are 35 miles per hour. wind is not the problem. it's moving at 13 miles per hour p a lot of times these early season tropical storms will just get trapped down there and just drop train
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luckily for them that's not going to be the problem. they're still going to have rain, eight to 12-inches, some places more than a foot of rain and then the whole system will be moving up to the north and to the northeast and, yes, it is technically headed in our direction and it may just come across saturday morning here along the atlantic and really right across the district it's possible as a remnant low so that will actually bring in some pretty good amounts of rain. look at the rain now. you see the spin left from tropical storm cindy t obviously weakened basically just now down to kind of a depression. the remnant of what was tropical storm cindy t all that rain coming in and you can see the rain shield has moved up through the tennessee river valley up into the carolinas, parts of virginia and west virginia. yes, it is moving in our direction and we will that get some showers out of this overnight tonight. the heaviest of the rain is still down in the deep south, up through tennessee valley and as it moves in here, it looks like by the time it gets out of h
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it will have about one to two with local or locally more rainn that. it's all about the thunderstorms and those are hard to judge. more details on our immediate forecast this evening coming up in just a bit. guys. >> all right, well, it has been a big day on capitol hill. senate republicans unveil a draft version of their healthcare bill but it's already in danger of not passing. for weeks now the plan was negotiated behind closed doors. the talks were so secret many republican senators didn't even get to see it until today. more importantly though some republicans are already vowing to vote no. fox5's tom fitzgerald is lie on the hill tonight where a lot is riding on this senate version, tom. >> reporter: yeah, right about that sarah. he called the house version mean. senate republicans thought they had come up with that finally after weeks of trying but now just four republican senators are threatening to throw all of this off at
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rails. at the same time reality is overtaking the politics on all of this. anthem insurance company announcing they are pulling their obamacare plans from both indiana and wisconsin, the senate republican majority leader mitch mcconnell warning tonight if something isn't done soon obamacare's collapse is imminent and the it would be catastrophic for& the country. >> obamacare isn't working by nearly any measure it has failed and no amount of 11th hour reality denying oral buck passing by democrats is going to change the fact that more americans are going to get hurt unless we do something. >> reporter: now take a look at this. this was the scene inside the senate russell building today. when about 43 protesters got into that building, they tried to get into mitch mcconnell and some other senators' officers. the u.s. capitol police was on hand they pulled all of them out of the building as you can see there on that video. they were arrested and charged
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so, what's in this bill? well, we're told in the 200 page version of it that was out for the press that it ends the individual mandate of obamacare, it ends the obamacare taxes. it will not cut medicaid as quickly as the house version did. so, they will be now giving those tax credits that were part of obamacare, those will be based on income. no longer on your age. all the while rand paul and three other republican senators they are out tonight with a statement saying they cannot support this bill. right now they are a no because it does not cut costs enough and they say does not end obamacare. >> myself 13 other senators are releasing a statement as we speak and this statement will say that we cannot support the current bill. >> we're open to negotiation but we want the bill to look more like a repeal. we're afraid that when we read the bill, that
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looks like a reiteration or a keeping of obamacare. >> association the bottom line is this s-the republicans have their work cut out for them right now. as it is, if they had all the republicans in tow, they still only had two votes to spare to pass this with the vice president mike pence as a tie breaker. as it stands tonight they do not have the votes but that quartet of four republicans they say they are willing to listen, they are willing to talk and most importantly they are willing top negotiate. we're live on the hill tonight tom fitzgerald fox5 local news. >> all right, talk about a major bluff here. president trump is now admitting via twitter that he did not make and does not have any recording of his private conversations with former fbi director james comey. after comey was fired last month on the "new york times" released a report that revealed comey's accusations that trump asked him for loyalty. days later president trump tweetd that comey better hope er
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conversations before he starts leaking to the press. if the white house went more than a month without confirming or denying the existence of those tapes. we'll take a closer look at this and all the political headlines coming up at 5 at 6:30. tweet us your thoughts using #5at630 then look for your tweet on our political show. >> a man from virginia is being charged with espionage. skyfox over the scene as the fbi canvassed his home in loudoun county. he's accused of sharing top-secret information with china. >> kristyn leon, what can you tell us. >> reporter: right now we're still here in front of mallory's house and fbi agents have been here since 6 o'clock this morning. you can take a look and see their cars. we've seen k-9s searching the premises looking for any other evidence and information in they can use in this investigation. now, this is what we learned so far from neighbors in the area. we're
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very quiet man likes to keep to himself most of the time. he tells us his when i have is chinese. mallory appeared in federal court dar in ale -- today in al. if convicted prosecutors say they haven't ruled out asking for the death penalty. he traveled to china back in march and type conduct business there. mallory told agents that he thought the people he was communicating with at the time william with, on i quote, the people's republic of china think tank: investigators say during the interview they conducted with mallory they learned or they tell us that he may have misled them as far as sharing top-secret information with chinese intelligence officials of he's being accused of espionage. still a developing story learning more and more information as we speak so stay with us at the top of the 6 o'clock hour as well as later tonight on fox5 d.c. for
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leesburg this evening, kristyn leon, fox5 local news. >> question tonight. do guns and politics mix. a new survey asked voters just that and the results may be surprising. >> and you saw it first here on fox5. allegations of fraud and corruption in prince george's county schools. lindsey watts is following up tonight. >> ♪ >> sarah, for the first time the prince george's county school ceo is going to be speaking publically about allegations of grade fixing and other fraud to boost the graduation rate. he is going to be face to face with the board members who have accused him of corruption. more from this meeting in upper marlboro when we come back. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> now to an update on a story you saw first here on fox5. and that we continue to stay on top of. prince george's county school board members claim they have evidence that that hundreds of students graduated without meeting state requirements. >> now fox5 is digging deeper into that report. lindsey watts first broke the story. she has the latest on this developing situation. lindsey. >> reporter: jim and sarah a-the school board members and school ceo dr. kevin maxwell are about to meet here in executive session, so maxwell is going to be face to face with those board members
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are accusing him of corruption. we'd love to know the conversations happening behind these walls but we do have to wait until the public portion of the meeting and that's going to be starting at 7 o'clock tonight. for the first time maxwell is going to be speaking publically about the allegations of widespread corruption and fraud, that grades are being changed and records manipulated to push students through and increase the high school graduation rate. maxwell has continued to refuse our repeated requests for an interview but a school spokeswoman tells me he is going to be making extensive remarks tonight. as we've been reporting, four board members took this straight to the governor's office asking for state investigation. they say they have testified evidencehundreds of kids graduao did not earn their diploma. maxwell has denied this. he said those board members are playing politics and the majority of the school board has stood with maxwell and said they don'tel
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all of this has set the stage for a potential showdown at the meeting tonight. we talked to board members who are denying this and then one of those members who asked for a state corruption probe. listen. >> our colleagues decided to go -- so far afield of our system and make some pretty outrageous allegations without going through a process. we trust and believe in our students and our staff and believe that when all is said and done we'll find out that the students who graduated did so 'cause they worked hard and because they were supported well by their administrators. >> reporter: why do you think they would make the claims if they had no evidence? >> you'd have to ask them that question. >> reporter: was this politically motivated. >> absolutely not. this was educationally motived. motivated. if i hear reports that our students grades are being fraudulently manipulated, that doesn't have anything to do with politics, it has to do with how we're
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children. >> reporter: every day this week we have been asking the maryland state department of education if it will be investigating these very serious claims and neither the department a -- either the department hasn't made a decision about whether it will investigate or it's not saying. we've been in touch with governor hogan's office. [inaudible] the governor is out of the country through the end of the week but will be in touch when he returns. much more to come on this meeting tonight on fox5 at 10:00 and 11:00. live in upper marlboro lindsey lindseywatts. >> a new proposal would make the city the second in the nation to offer nonbinary gender options on licenses. if passed they could put f for female, m for male or x. and allen also support it.te- oregon passed a similar bill last week. california is considering
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similar measure. rush hour parking rules will change across much of the district. ddot is the reinstating standard parking limits. last year they extended the restrictions by 30 minutes in the morning and evening hours to help alleviate the impact of metro safe track program. that track work wraps up on sunday. >> ♪ >> all right. let's talk about the day we had out there. i would say certainly doesn't -- doesn't hold up to what we saw for the gink of the week. >> it's not our standard. >> it is not. >> we have high standards around here. >> yes, we do t gary mcgrady we have some rough stuff rolling in. >> e-mail me those standards. >> i'll get you on board. >> listen, we have some stuff to get through, all right, over the next 72 hours or so on then i'm telling you, guys, anybody's standards will be just delighted with what's going to happen towards the end of the weekend and into next week. it's going to be real, real nice. here's temperatures out there for you right now. look how hot. it is
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gaithersburg and it's 85 out there for dulles but this does not factor in the heat index. it doesn't factor in the humidity out there but watch what happens when i show you the heat index because temperatures feel a whole lot hotter o91 the feels-like temperature, lower 90's. quantico feels like 97 and fredericksburg feels like 96. that's the real deal down there, real hot, real muggy especially down to the south of us. satellite and radar, there's some rain coming in our direction. it looks like awful this for the most part is going to break up and dissipate before it gets here. some will come across -- some of this will come through tomorrow morning but it doesn't look like we have much of a chance of getting showers during the overnight hours, maybe by five, 6, 7 o'clock tomorrow morning but we are watching a few thunderstorms coming up from the north into the northwest. it does not look like these will be able to stay together and pack quite the punch that those storms did last night that moved across northern sections of maryland but we're still watching it. couple of thunderstorms, you
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a little bit as they come towards the upper elevations. i don't know if it will make it to hagerstown at the rate they're dissipating. 86 degrees, muggy through the evening hours and overnight. 9 o'clock 84 degrees and 11 o'clock we're 82 and again you add a few degrees here when you factor in all that humidity out there. several inches of rain possible with the remnants of cindy coming our way. we'll talk more about that in the full forecast in just a few minutes. guys. >> gary, thanks. well, rats, they are running the city apparently. the new plan by d.c.'s mayor to get rid of the problem pests. >> not that again. you were out there in the middle that of. >> yes, i was. >> let's check in with ronica see what she's working on tonight. >> reporter: hey, jim and sarah. a new poll finds out that a lot of people think the language politicians use contributes to violent events. we confront and get answers from two of the people who want
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language they use on the campaign trail coming. >> make sure they are tips that are legit. (202) 895-3000. or e-mail those tips, not to mc hammer but to
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>> do you believe the way people talk about politics contributes to violent events. >> new quinnipiac poll asked just that. fox5's political reporter ronica cleary is live with the look at the results and reaction from virginia lawmakers. ronica. >> reporter: hey, jim and sarah. well, you know, the issue of gun rights, where a candidate stands, it comes up before every election but now if the question has changed, especially in light of that gun -- that attack on that congressional baseball practice last week. a quinnipiac poll
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today asked about events like that, are they caused or affected by the language that we see in politics today. take a look at these numbers. does political rhetoric contribute to violent events? lok at this. 76 percent of you say yes, only 17 percent say no. well, i had a chance to catch up with ed gillespie today. he's the republican nominee for governor of virginia. this was after an event in manassas and i pointed to a tweet that he's got pinned to the top of his twitter profile. in it he says that his democratic opponent is the most extreme left wing candidate ever to run for governor in virginia. is a tweet like this part of the problem? take a listen to what he had to say. >> i think pointing out someone's policy differences is not part of the problem and the fact is governor northam
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>> to note someone has become a liberal and embraced left wing policies i don't question his motives in that regard. i just think he's wrong. when you're focused on issues and highlighting the policy differences, you know, that's -- that's civil discourse and i'm going to continue to focus on policies but those differences are significant. >> reporter: now, i reached out to the democratic nominee, ralph northam. he called the president a narcissistic maniac. look at this tweet he called gillespie the biggest gator in trump's swamp. i posed the same question to him. to be clear he's in southwestern virginia so he wasn't available for comment on camera but here's what his press secretary had to say in response to the question. she said as we just saw this month in the democratic primaries record breaking turnout virginia voters will turn in large numbers when you are able to capture
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attention and give voice to the issues that touch them in their daily lives. that's what worked for our lieutenant governor and he will continue to actively activy faced through november. so, if you think about each of them said they really stood by their comments and remarks saying that they're simply accurately describing their opponents. do you agree? you know i love to hear from you. way in. you can find me on facebook and twitter at ronica clear. >> a court date for the man arrested for having guns and ammunition at d.c.'s trump hotel. bryan moles pleaded not guilty to unlawful possession and transportation of a firearm. police arrested him last month. they found an assault tile rifle handgun and ammunition in his car in the hotel's garage. his next hearing is set for june 30th. >> a funeral was
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ottowarmbier. warmbier was sentenced to 15 years hard labor for stealing a prop propaganda poster. he returned to the united states with severe brain damage. >> the shooting happened last december at comet ping-pong on connecticut avenue northwest. welch admitted to driving from north carolina to investigate a conspiacy theory about democrats harboring child sex slaves at the shop. following his prison term welch will be placed on three years supervised release. he will also have to undergo a mental health evaluation. >> police may be closing in on a serial rapist in our area. >> after dna was found in a string of burglary. >> the latest information patients need to know after a medical mistake
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permanente location. >> first some concerns along florida beaches as tropical storm cindy moves inland. we're coming right back. you're watching fox5 news at 5:00. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 local news at 5:00. >> a local virginia man is being charged with espionage. today the fbi canvassed kevin mallory's home in loudoun county. he's accused of sharing top-secret information with china. he's self employed a consultant who speaks fluent chinese. he's also worked for several government agencies and defense contractors. >> meantime d.c. police are looking for a suspect in connection with an assault with a dangerous weapon. the weapon, bleach. it was poured on top of two victims at the
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bar. that man apparently was in an argument with two victims standing below. so far no arrests have been made. >> senate republicans rolled out a plan for rolling back the affordable care act. it may be in danger of not passing. four republican senators are publically opposing the gop's healthcare bill. the plan includes cuts to medicaid, eliminating text penalties on people without health insurance and getting rid of tax penalties for larger companies that don't offer health coverage. >> cindy made landfall bringing rain and the threat of flash flooding and tornadoes. >> cindy as weakened with winds near 40 miles per hour but while it's not the most momostpowerful storm to hit thea it has claimed one death. a 10-year-old boy was hit by a log. forecasters say some parts of louisiana mississippi and
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rain through thursday night. >> lauren blanchard has the latest from new orleans. >> reporter: in louisiana and along the gulf coast tropical storm cindy is leaving its mark. many residents along the gulf coast waking up to a third day of pounding rain, high winds and flash flooding. cindy making landfall early thursday morning in southwest louisiana. the storm's maximum sustained winds dipping to around 40 miles per hour as it moved inland. being downgraded to a tropical depression but it's still packing quite a punch. >> some of the water is coming in still. we got the storm out there. >> i'm concerned over the flooding that happens and the fact that -- to be able to transport to and from work is pretty much impossible. >> reporter: cindy is being felt all along the gulf coast from texas to florida and it's already being blamed for at least one death, a boy in
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alabama who was hit by a log during a storm surge. >> when the wave actually hit the timber, it rolled the timber up on top of the child. the child sustained very severe head injuries. >> reporter: more than 15-inches of rain falling in some coastal areas prompting voluntary evacuation orders but officials say most locals are staying put for now. >> ones in have vacation homes and live here full time, this is just another day for them. >> reporter: the rain is expected to gradually taper off over the weekend as cindy spreads north and east ahead of a cold front. in new orleans, lauren blanchard fox news. >> to another big story you saw here on fox5. our lauren demarco broke the news in nearly two dozen people in our area may be at risk for hiv hepatitis c and other diseases all because of a routine medical procedure. equipment used during colonoscopies at the kai
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permanente weren't properly disinfected. in a statement given to fox5, kaiser permanente explains "the scope in question was disinfected following the recommended protocols before its use. however, after discovering the defect in conducting subsequent analysis, we determined that we cannot guarantee that the sterilization process was fully effective ." keiser added that's physicians believe the risk of further illness to these patients is minimal and that it's working to make sure that this doesn't happen again. fox5 is in montgomery county where police need your help to identify a serial rapist. they used dna evidence left at the scenes to create a composite sketch of the suspect. police believe the same suspect may be responsible for sixsix burglaries and rapes r we spoke a victim by phone. she says she believe the suspect is
5:36 pm
dangerous. >> i don't believe he's stop until he's caught. whatever his emotion reasons may be, she hated his grandmother because she made him go to church or whatever but picking on little old ladies isn't fair. >> and if you recognize this suspect, you are urged to call police. >> we are learning -- >> ♪ we're learning about charges against a volunteer firefighter in prince george's county. states attorney's officers says eric smolenski was charged with soliciting prostitution. county fire officials say he's suspended until he's cleared of the charges. he's due back in court sometime next month. meanmeanwhile muriel bowser announcing a plan to decrease the rodent population the mayor encouraging people
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text 311 if you see any critters out there. >> every time. just another reason to bring back that video over and over again. >> sarah was in the middle of that last time. >> i would not. >> we're staying on top of the big stories tonight. >> here is what we are working on for 6 o'clock. matt. >> reporter: hi, sarah. police are investigating an assault with a deadly weapon. that weapon, bleach. it was poured down from the building onto two men standing on a sidewalk in logan circle. we'll have the very latest coming up tonight at 6:00. hi, gary. >> thanks a lot, matt. listen, vain on the way -- rain is on the way, until she gets here heat, humidity and a few thunderstorms. we'll be talking about that and a great end to the weekend. a lot to talk about. stay with us. the news as 5:00 continues. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> the first family will host their first congressional picnic tonight starting at 6 o'clock on the south lawn of the white house. vice president mike pence and his wife will join the first family and members of congress and their families for a bipartisan night of music food and fun. it includes racing boats in and a carousel and a performance by the u.s. marine orchestra. let's hope the weather hold out for there. >> i think it will. i don't know exactly the times but i think it will. >> about 6 o'clock i think is when it starts. >> i would pay anything to see president trump and nancy pelosi side by side on carousel together. that would be the healing this nation needs right now. >> or the laugh. >> camera out there if it does happen, you know, i think you probably have
5:42 pm
those pictures. >> keep an eye on that for 6:30 tonight. >> it's a little gray its a little gloomy, it's a little humid out there and that's changing. the actual temperature for just about everybody is in the upper 80's this evening. it's 87 degrees here. we had actually forecast temperatures to be a little bit warmer today in the lower 90's the reason we didn't get there, thank goodness, is because we didn't have much sunshine, okay, so we're 87 now, lots of middle 80's and upper 80's but when you factor in the humidity, the heat index value anywhere between about 90 and 97 degrees out there. the upper 90 feels-like temperature is down to the south of us. showers to the southwest. all indications are that these showers will not be able to make it near tact. could they make it here as a very spotty or slight chance of a few sprinkles out there? yes. we're also keeping an eye on these thunderstorms to the north and northwest of us. these have been
5:43 pm
pennsylvania, a little more sunshine up there and a little piece that of trying to come down into western maryland. i showed you earlier how it was just kind of dying as it was moving over into eastern sections of maryland so we don't have to worry about that i don't think either. it looks like those are trying to come across but don't want too make it. mostly cloudy to cloudy at 7 o'clock, still fairly warm out there, 86 degrees. 84 with mostly cloudy conditions at 9 o'clock and 11 o'clock pretty much the same, too. again, could there be a spotty shower late tonight and into the early hours of the overnight. yes. looks like everything should hold off until tomorrow morning. this is a little bit of the moisture associated with cindy, it's really just tropical moisture that came in earlier ahead of the storm. this is 8 o'clock tonight on futurecast. notice how initially it just kind of falls apart. 2:00 a.m. we still look to be fairly dry here. there could be a shower here or a shower there. i think most of what we get will be early tomorrow morning, five, six, 7, 8 o'clock, something like that and it looks like the heaviest
5:44 pm
to the north but i think we'll have a wet morning commute. now, look, friday tomorrow evening dry. but if we get enough sunshine, and i think we will and temperatures start to go up into the upper 80's and low 90's, there's the possibility that we could break into a couple of thunderstorms out here tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening but most of the rain still wants to hold off. now, this is the real true remnants of cindy coming through. late, late friday night into early, early saturday morning so this is the rain right here that's going to take us to one, two isolated areas maybe 3-inches of rain before it's all said and done but this is 7:00 a.m. saturday morning and it wants to get out of here pretty quickly and then as we get into sunday things look really, really nice so here's the remnants of cindy on saturday. that brings in all the rain and then we end up with much better conditions. seven-day forecast, look at this, 89 degrees tomorrow, 88 on saturday, 84. sunday looks nice. next week at least for a few days lower 80's for ice on
5:45 pm
so, really a nice treat for the first full week of summer around here. how's that look for you guys? you like that? >> i can approve that. >> i can approve. >> yeah. >> we co-sign. >> i'm going on vacation so what happens doesn't matter to me. i just want you to be happy. >> all right, thank you jim. tonight a life long dream is set to come true for one local basketball player. >> markelle fultz is set to be the number one pick in the nba draft and coming up brody logan shows us why his high school has become the biggest hot bed for nba talent in the entire country. >> ♪ >> blank
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♪ ♪
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>> big night in the nba. >> big night in the nba. big night for one local player. a local school and prince george's county, they produce more per capita
5:49 pm
than any other county in the nation. >> wow. >> after tonight they'll probably have about 15 players currently in the nba with only 900,000 people in the county total. they should maybe have like one maybe two. pretty crazy. >> pretty impressive. >> best one will be number one tonight coming from dematha high. they produced four topics. that's more than michigan arizona louisville and florida. these college teams are outmatched in producing top nba. latest stag to become a topic markelle fultz. fultz was only 5-foot nine his sophomore year of high school. he got cut from jv team. his senior year he wasn't even the washington post best player in the area as a high school senior. that went to anthony cowan of saint john's. fultz is at the top of everyone's draft list including the 76ers who have trusted the proce
5:50 pm
second number one overall pick in two years. markel has been trusting the process all along. >> trust the process because i didn't even know about philly but mee i got cut from jv staying at the same high school the big thing we used to say back home is trust the process not transferring schools so i didn't really know about on the saying trust the process with philly until my senior year going into college and when i started watching basketball i seen the tweets and all that about it. i thought i came up with it at first but then i found that out. rookie year i got a pretty high goal for myself coming in want to be the m.v.p. i set my goals high because i want to put in a lot of work. >> reporter: look at this list. going back to hall of famer adrian dantle kenny carr sixth in 1977. 1989 these are all dematha stags. the clippers danny ferry second over all. last dematha grab to go in the. not bad
5:51 pm
join tonight. all right. in golf you're supposed to drive from the tee and putt from the green but president trump mixed the two committing a major golf faux pas. driving his golf cart on the green. which is a no-no in golf circles. that said, it is his golf course. some say he can do what he wants. but that could hurt the green for anyone else who is paying to play them. membership initiation fees run upwards of $350,000 for the trump national course in new jersey. he did go and fist bump the person filming this at least. he wanted to make sure they were safe. so what do you think, should trump be driving on the green? i want people to tweet at me. jerk or no jerk. is this a jerk move or not a jerk move. >> we can talk about this later on tonight on the final five. >> this will be on the final five. >> it's a talker nonetheless. >> it is his golf course but it is a jerk move. just saying. >> it's both. >> thank you brody. >> that's my opinion. >> what's hot on the web tonight. cool
5:52 pm
he'll pocket more than $200 million after selling his tequila company casa migos. he sold it follow a local liquor company. clooney started casa migos on a whim because that's what people do. >> what are we looking at. >> i'm trying to figure out what was that video. [laughter] >> is that what you do after you've had the liquor? i mean, what is that? [laughter] >> i thought that was a nespresso ad. i was looking for danny devito. to celebrate he did two shots of tequila. >> seems beyoncé and jay-z have named their new twins in case you haven't heard. >> thank goodness. >> media takeout is reporting the names are sean and bae in a nod to jay-z's given name and bae after the queen bey herself. the names have not been confirmed so don't take that as gospel. >> uh-huh. >> all right. not to be outdone, somebody from a
5:53 pm
kanye west are having a third child via a surrogate. doctors instructed her it would be dangerous to endure another pregnancy. as soon as the news broke twitter went crazy. >> what's her name? he refuses to say the. that's what's hot on that on hob tonight. we'll be right back.
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>> the union that represents metro workers held a bizarre protests against wmata. it was mock funeral for the middle classwork force. the demonstration comes on the anniversary of the deadly fort totten class. it was complete with a wooden casket flowers and even someone delivering a eulogy. wow. the world of emojis is that expanding. >> 56 new characters have been approved by uni
5:57 pm
they include a t rex pretzel and range of people with different skin tones. companies like apple will not be able to make the new emojis until an ad support for something called unicode 10 program which i've been late at night wondering when are we going get past unicode nine. >> where are those new emojis. >> it gets top a point where there's way too many out there and it's not easy. you're trying to find the right emoji. >> i know. >> too much work. >> can we improve the search function for emojis. that would be nice. >> all right. >> thanks for watching fox5 news at 5:00. >> news at 6:00 begins right after this. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 local news at 6:00ly. >> right now at 6:00, an fbi raid in northern virginia. we're live with why dozens of agents swarmed the home.
5:58 pm
plus a disturbing incident at a popular d.c. bar. it began with an an argument and ended with an attack involving beach. do it yourself dentistry. sounds like a bad idea but dentists say people are trying it with terrible results. your news starts at 6:00. >> ♪ >> we begin tonight with a developing story. a local virginia man is facing espionage charges tonight thanks for joining us, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm shawn yancy. >> good evening, shawn and tony. fbi agents have been here since 6:00 this morning. as a matter of fact they're out here right now. i want to show you so you can take a closer look. there is a k-9. we're told that that k-9 is out here not only sniffing the premise but also this k-9 is responsible for sniffing out electr
5:59 pm
cell phones, any type of electronics that may be in this home that investigator coastal storm use for evidence. now, let's get into what we've learned about mallory according to neighbors. we're told mallory is very quiet and likes to keep to himself most of the time. neighbors made it clear that they really didn't a chance to know him and actually had no idea as far as what he did for a living in this case. now, he does have a wife and two kids and they say his wife is chinese. mallory appeared in federal court today in virginia. if convicted prosecutors want to emphasize that they have not ruled out asking for the death penalty here. today we also learned that he traveled to china back in march and the april tom conduct business there and mal retold agents in an interview that the people he thought he was communicating with were the people, and i quote from this group, the people's republic of china think tank. so, this is going on right now. as you can see it has been a long search this morning. four investigators here still on the scene at mallory's home
6:00 pm
ongoing investigation. what we've learned about mallory as far as what investigators have shared with us, investigators do tell us that mallory is a self employed consultant and he does speak fluent chinese. he also worked for government agencies as well as d defense contractors. stay with us. this is a developing story and we will have more coming up later tonight. for now reporting live in leesburg, kristen leone fox5 local news. >> fox5 is in the district where police are looking for a suspect in connection with an assault with a dangerous weapon. that weapon was bleach poured onto two victims. it started with a fight at a pool table. matt auckland is live along 14th street in logan circle with more. matt. >> reporter: hi, tony. authorities tonight are still hoping that someone may have witnessed this take place and they possibly could give officials a call. i'm going to step out of the way and tell you exactly what took


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