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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  June 22, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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ongoing investigation. what we've learned about mallory as far as what investigators have shared with us, investigators do tell us that mallory is a self employed consultant and he does speak fluent chinese. he also worked for government agencies as well as d defense contractors. stay with us. this is a developing story and we will have more coming up later tonight. for now reporting live in leesburg, kristen leone fox5 local news. >> fox5 is in the district where police are looking for a suspect in connection with an assault with a dangerous weapon. that weapon was bleach poured onto two victims. it started with a fight at a pool table. matt auckland is live along 14th street in logan circle with more. matt. >> reporter: hi, tony. authorities tonight are still hoping that someone may have witnessed this take place and they possibly could give officials a call. i'm going to step out of the way and tell you exactly what took
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focus in on that black building. two men were standing there just after midnight yesterday when bleach came pouring down from where you have. above. the owner of the bar believes someone went to the roof of the building and dumped the bleach on several men who had just been involved in an argument. management say it started at this pool table at the black whiskey bar. several men were arguing and bar staff asked them to leave p while two went down the front stairs the bar owner showed us this security video of a man who goes out the back door and grabs a bottle of bleach. he first walks down the rear stairs but then turns and heads in the direction of a ladder that leads to the roof. now, there's no video of the bleach being poured over but a short time later, the men returns without the bleach bottle and the leaves down those rear steps. black whiskey management
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compared timestamped video to cameras at another business downstairs and they say their video matches up with video of a liquid coming down onto the sidewalk. back out live now, there is another bar below, it's called trade, and we're told some of the employees came running out the victims when they were splashed with beach. those two men were taken to a mere nearby hospital. trade is a gay bar but police said over and over again there's no indication at all this was a hate crime or even gay related. also, one other point, the owner of the whiskey bar says that his windows right there on the second level were sealed. there were people standing there. he showed us video so he knows that the liquid wasn't poured from that area. he believes the guy went upstairs went on the roof and poured it over but wednesday again, tony, shawn, we should tell you that there's no video right now of the guy actually pouring
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authorities are asking for more information possibly someone was here around midnight last night, may have seen this. they want to hear from them right away. live in logan circle tonight, matt ackland fox5 local news. >> tropical storm cindy made landfall in southwestern louisiana early this morning. it pounded coastal areas with high winds heavy rain and flash flooding. well, cindy is now a tropical depression but still packing quite a bunch. let's bring in gary mcgrady now. gary, will we see some of the effects of the storm up here. >> i definitely think we will. it's going to be some really good rain, too, maybe one to 2 inches or even more than that. i'll show you coming up in just a second exactly what we're thinking in terms of how much rain. so, look, the weather service down -- the national hurricane center is really no longer issuing public statements here for what is now depression cindy. the winds continue to drop off as you would expect with any land falling system. winds are down to 25 miles per hour. wind is not the p
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obviously, you know, as cindy made landfall, it was tropical storm throughout the day today. a lot of rain down here through the parishes of louisiana southeastern texas as you might expect but all the rain is extending up into the tennessee river valley as well and this feed of moisture, you see it coming into the new orleans area there, south even louisiana and up into parts of alabama and southern mississippi. that will feed of moisture goes all the way down and touches basically down around the equator, so there's plenty of available moisture that's getting pulled into this storm and it's slowly moving. rain is the big problem. there will be some localized rain down there in its path maybe 12 to 15-inches of rain. in terms of how much rain through saturday night, look at northern sections of louisiana up into arkansas and as it interacts there on the higher elevations of arkansas then pulls out into the tennessee river valley, the ohio river valley and that's going to
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rain and it kind of moves in our direction as this remnant low pressure system. it looks like the heaviest rain we're going get from what's left over from cindy will be friday night into saturday morning, maybe saturday early afternoon. and i think everybody stands a chance here of getting 12 to inches of rain but you got to understand where there's a few thunderstorms, it could be much more than that, so right now there's no flash flood watches issued but i suspect things may be changing with that as we get a little bit closer to this particular event. again, friday night through saturday morning, sunday looks great, next week looks phenomenal, seven-day forecast coming up. tony. >> ♪ >> the senate republican healthcare bill is out tonight and it is already in danger of not passing. for weeks now, the plan was negotiated behind closed doors. the talks were so secret republican senators didn't get to see it until today. but now that it's out yet another bruising political fight with
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looming. but more importantly, some republicans are also vowing to vote no. o fox5's tom fitzgerald is lie on the hill tonight. fitz the president criticized the house version of repeal and replace so a lot is riding on this senate version. >> reporter: yeah, tony, president trump said he wanted something that was not as mean. he said he wanted something with heart. the senate republicans thought they had come up with that after all of this negotiation but already today on day one, this bill is in a lot of trouble. four republican senators now saying they will not vote for this. that group led by senator rand paul. this comes at a time when the senate republican leader mitch mcconnell took to the floor first thing this morning and warned if obamacare is not replaced, insurance companies pulling out of states, the result mcconnell says will be dramatically. >> obamacare isn't working by nearly any measure. it has failed and no amount of 11th hour reality denying or buck pasng
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more americans are going to get hurt unless we do something. >> reporter: things also got emotional and h heated on capitol hill today. you're looking at the russell senate office building. about 43 protesters were able to get into the building and then they tried to enter senate offices including senator mcconnell's. they were taken out by u.s. capitol police, 43 under arrest and charged tonight with obstruction. so, what is in this bill? well, the republicans who drafted it say it is going to get rid of the individual mandate, it is going to get rid of obamacare taxes but they say it will not cut medicaid as quickly as the house version would. they also say that it will allow the tax credits that currently exist for individuals on the individual market, those will not be doled out by age anymore. that will be on income. still, the nail in all of this right now is being led by republican rand paul.
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that he and four other republican senators are no votes on this right now. why? well, not because the bill they say is in line with the house version, simply put rand paul says this does not go far enough and does not repeal obamacare. >> myself and three other senators are releasing a statement as we speak and the statement will say that we cannot support the current bill. we're open to negotition but we want the bill to look more like a rebeach we're afraid it looks like a reiteration or a keeping of obamacare. >> reporter: and that's where we are right now. make no mistake, heading into today, mitch mcconnell had really no margin of error to begin with. he had to hold on to all of his republican votes except two that would have given him a tie breaker with the vice president. don't expect any
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vote on this. if there's going to be a vote on this in july, there remains to be seen whether they're going to be able to make up that ground or make up enough of the changes in the bill in rand paul and his cohorts demand. we're live on capitol hill tonight, tom fitzgerald fox5 local news. >> president trump hit twitter today to let everyone know that he did not make and does not have any recordings of his private conversations with fired fbi director james comey k you may recall following comey's firing last month the new york times released a report saying the president asked comey for loyal too. days later the president tweeted comey better hope there's no tapes of their conversations before he starts leaking to the president. for the last month and a half the white house would neither confirm nor deny the existence of those tapes. we now know they do not exist. we'll take a closer look at the president's tweet and of course the senate republicans healthcare bill on 5 at 6:30. tweet us your thoughts right now. let us know was think. use that #5at630 then look for your tweets coming up on outer loop political show at
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>> tonight the feds are on the hunt for a local serial bank robber. why fair calling him the american league bandit. >> no secret d.c. has a rat problem. now the city is taking a new approach to get rid of the of therodents and there is someg you can do to help. >> do it yourself dentistry t you would think people would realize how bad of an idea it is. but dentists say it is a common problem and they are warning people about the dangers. we're back with more details in just a few minutes. >> repub
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>> take a good look at this picture. do you recognize this man. he's a serial bank robber and the fbi habs dubbed him the american league ban digit he wears orioles or yankees baseball hats. hethe feds say he last hit on saturday in annapolis. they are offering a $5,000
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reward leading to information and a conviction. >> judgment day for the man who opened fire at a d.c. restaurant in the so-called pizza gate scandal. today a judge sentenced edgar welch to four years in prison. welch pleaded guilty to weapons and assault charges back in march. the shooting happened last december at comet ping-pong on connecticut avenue northwest. welch admitted to driving from north carolina to investigate a conspiracy theory about democrats harboring child sex slaves at the pizza shop. following his prison term welch will be placed on three years supervised release. he will also have to undergo a mental health evaluation. d.c. mayor muriel bowser is tackling the city's rat problem. today she announced a new plan to decrease the city's rodent population. the efforts include solar trash cans, smart litter bins and commercial waist compactors. the mayor also encourages residents to text 311 to report any rat
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some people swear it works but dentists say you could lose teeth. the warnings about do it yourself dentistry. >> and will the promise of pizza be enough to convince you to fly the friendly skies on united airlines? we're back with the details right after this. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> you can find almost anything on youtube. that includes videos on how to fix your own teeth. as you can imagine, dentists say do not try this at home. no matter what people online say about saving time or money you could be doing more harm than good. matt johnson has a warning about do it yourself dentistry. parts of this story are a little graphic. >> reporter: the online videos promise to save you time and money. >> so here's the before and after of my gap. this is my gap before and these are my teeth now. >> reporter: but the reality behind do it
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can end up costing you more than you think. >> it's unskilled, it's dangerous. it can lead to bone loss, gum disease, tooth loss. >> reporter: these graphic images providing just how much damage items like rubber bands and hair accessories can cause. >> so, just going to keep pulling until you feel like it's like pulling your teeth. >> reporter: this doctor is an orthodontist. >> it can cause bone loss around the tooth. >> reporter: according to the american association of orthodontists 13 percent of all new patients are seeking corrects tiff help for do it yourself teeth straightening methods they found online. costly corrections can include tooth replacement gm surgery and even extended treatment time to repair diy damage. still, these warnings don't seem to scare everyone. >> nothing happened to
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i'm a life. brandon andre used elastic hair bands to close the gap between his teeth then posted a video about it. that video has been viewed more than 318,000 times. >> some people really thankful that i posted this because it's changed their lives because they fixed their teeth. >> reporter: the los angeles photographer and musician says that he couldn't afford expensive braces. so, he decided to do it himself. and tells me the smile transformation has helped hisself esteem as a performer. >> this industry is really heavily based on image. >> reporter: while andre is left smiling with the results. >> the do it yourself approach can leave you with very little to smile about. >> reporter: dentists are doing what they can to share the risks by posting their own online videos that now pop up in the same search. >> to close a gap or straighten your teeth yourself can increase the risk of infection and serious damage to your teeth and gps including tooth loss. >> reporter: matt johnson, fox news. >> oh, my goodness. >> i couldn't
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>> wow. [laughter] >> although, you know, that guy's parents are probably like good, we don't have to pay for your braces. you did it yourself. i'm just kidding. >> oh, boy. >> let's talk about that forecast gary mcgrady e we have some stormy weather possibly heading our way. >> rain on the way. i think we get cindy's remnants friday night, saturday. >> okay. >> it may be friday night, saturday morning. >> all right. >> and saturday afternoon. looking pretty good. i know the latter part of the weekend and into next week really does look great. look how gray and gloomy heavy, heavy, air, it's so humid out there. temperature right now mainly mid to upper 80's and when you factor in that humidity it feels like a lot of locations lower 90's, even middle 90's out there the feels-like temperature. a lot of rain coming in our direction. this initial wave for the most part will fall apart over the next three to four hours. we could get a lyle sprinkle or a light rain shower that's about it. thunderstorms coming out of pennsylvania. as they
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northwestern maryland they're falling apart as they're coming over the higher elevations. even though it's gloomy and gray we're fairly stable and what's trying to come into the area right now at least over the next several hours is kind of weakening and falling apart. association 86 degrees or so by 7 o'clock. 84, 9 o'clock. look how warm we're going to be through the evening hours. this initial wave of shower activity going to fall apart. by 3, 4 o'clock we begin to see showers, maybe even a thunderstorm as this comes across and tomorrow morning does look fairly wet so tomorrow morning i think for the most part we'll be wet. it does look like we dry out and get some sunshine. with some sunshine tomorrow and temperatures if they jump into the upper 80's and low 90's we could have a couple of thunderstorms in here developing tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening, some of which could be strong so we'll be watching out for that. most of the rain and thunderstorm activity tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening remains farther back up to the north and west of us for
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virginia. and then as we get into tomorrow night and into saturday morning, look, this is the remnants of cindy right here. the remnant area of cindy t-the low will be tracking along a stalled out frontal boundary. it's looking that we could get some significant rainfall. i still think the majority of the rain where there's three, four, maybe 5-inches of rain widespread will be north and northwest of us but it won't take much to change things dramatically. you can see how this moves through saturday morning and again hopefully by saturday afternoon we'll begin to dry things out. remnant low works along the front on saturday morning. one of the reasons why we'll have such incredible rain amounts here. were tow one to two to 3 inches for us. by sunday things are drying out, temperatures in the 80's. looks really nice. 88 on saturday, so still plenty warmth. 84 on sunday and next week the jet stream takes a dip t a
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temperatures will be in the 70's and lower 80's. tomorrow 79 degrees, some early showers. humid and dry at lunchtime and i'm going to at least -- a slight chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening in the region and if we get them they could be strong. we'll keep a close eye on that. here's your seven-day forecast. once we get through what's left of cindy friday night, saturday, sunday, gorgeous and 84. high temperature on monday 81, hey, hey, how about that? 80 degrees on tuesday and some places, monday, tuesday, wednesday will only be in the 70's. >> interesting. >> for highs. >> okay. >> wow. >> we had some really weird weather this year. i mean, you know, back when it was supposed to be cold it was warm and -- weird weather. >> looks like it continues. >> we could have 30's for july the fourth. i'm not sure. [laughter] >> i don't think so. >> for that gary i'm out. a little weird. thanks, gary. how about this? nike may soon run with amazon. golden sacks reports the two companies are negotiating a deal that would let
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its goods directly on amazon. the deal would give nike access to amazon's huge retail channel. it would also reduce the sale of counterfeit goods. >> united airlines is hoping deep dish pizza will encourage you to fly the friendly skies. beginning july 1st the airline will offer economy passengers the option to buy a uno deep dish pizza. it will be available to flights to canada mexico and the caribbean. it will cost 10 bucks but for an extra four dollars you can get a beer to go with it. >> okay. pizza and a beer, hm? >> it's not bad. >> there you go. all right. >> coming up next, and this is no joke, the deodorant that smells like wine. >> are you serious. >> i'm serious. >> we'll dig a little dear into this. details of the gop healthcare bill le to protests on capitol hill. we'll have opposition not only from democrats but also from
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>> a new york city bar is credited with starting the drink. >> it's a little bit more popular with the ladies. it's not sweet. it's not overly one thing or another it's just like that perfects almost like a wine drinker's froke. >> the bar's general manager says there's such a demand for the drink that this may not just be a seasonal trend. >> i would think that would be popular. >> speaking of wine, nothing says
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deodorant. >> what? >> a company called native cosmetics has created a rose wine scented deodorant. a box set costs 30 bucks. >> get out of here. who wants to walk around smelling like wine, sangria. >> there are worse things to smell like. >> put you smell like you're drunk. >> hello officer, it's just my deodorant.
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>> ♪ >> it was a big day for healthcare on the hill. senate republicans releasing a draft of the healthcare bill nand no surprise, there's push back from some democrats. >> this of course is one of the top talkers tonight at 6:30. as usual we invite you to join the conversation. tweet us with the #five at 6:30. let's get to it. >> americans are no longer forced to buy insurance they don't need or can't afford. >> even as we continue to get more details, the broad outlines


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