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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  June 24, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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that dave dombrosky made for tomorrow. doug fister who was in the minor league system until few days ago signed by boston and will face his former team, the team that didn't want to give him a chance in the majors and instead cut his loose. >> a.j.: can you say former team -- former organization, maybe? >> joe: yeah. >> a.j.: it will be a little strange for doug fister. he literally was with the angels two days ago. now he is in boston. got in at 6:00 in the morning or something crazy and now he is facing his former organization. >> joe: strike one on espinosa. let's go to j.p. morosi. >> j.p.: dave dombrovsky the red sox g.m. told the boston globe he acquired fister on the recommendation of the red sox scout eddie bane who watched fister pitch in the minor leagues. angels fans know the name of eddie bane well. he was the scouting director who drafted mike
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2009. >> joe: and now here in boston. and j.p., he is lining up three former tigers in the rotation this weekend. where he came over from. price tonight. fister to start the finale tomorrow. >> a.j.: how did the scout get away from anaheim? >> joe: i know. >> a.j.: he signed mike trout he should have a lifetime contract. >> joe: life isn't fair, a.j. espinosa strikes out swinging and a 1-2-3 eighth for blaine boyer. see if the red sox have a rally in them. down 5-1 in the bottom of thein) eighth. life life life lifeht ♪ top speed fifty knots life ♪ on the caribbean seas ♪ it's a champagne and models potpourri ♪ on my yacht made of cuban mahogany ♪ gany, gany, gany
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you may never even sit in the back seat. yeah, but maybe you should. ♪ ♪ (laughter) ♪ ♪ i hate everything. well you're really gonna hate the new ipad pro because you can do pretty much everything with it, like type... hate it. or take notes... hate it. or even multitask. multi-hate yeah. you can do all the things you hate. great. >> joe: in the american league east, aaron judge stolen the show. if you look at the all-star game balloting now as it stands in the american league.
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that would start with mike trout if he is able to get healthy in time. the red sox don't right now have anybody in the starting groove. you can vote for the all-star with the esurance mlb all-star game ballot. watch the excitement of the 88th all-star game presented by mastercard. july 11, live on fox. angels 5, red sox 1. bottom of the eighth. christian vazquez against middleton, fresh in the game, delivering ball one. middleton, the rookie. >> a.j.: this guy has some stuff. pure stuff from middleton coming out of the angel's bullpen. high 90s fastball. angels love this kid. >> joe: behind vazquez
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again scioscia doesn't have defined roles in the bullpen. mixing and matching based on matchups to get through the ninth inning. from the all-star battle, you you saw who is in there for the american league. anybody you feel is getting snubbed with a few weeks of voting? >> a.j.: with trout injured somebody has to come in. but to me, judge is the man. in the starting line-up as he should be but in the top three in every triple crown in the american league. he leads the league in home runs and front runner for mvp. i think rookie of the year at this point is a shoo-in. the fans have done a
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so far. there are only a few weeks to go. some guys will change here and there but for the most part they got them all right. >> joe: vazquez lading off the eighth inning for boston. two balls and two strikes against the hard thrower middleton. in on the hands. bloop shot to short center field. espinosa makes a running catch for the first out of the eighth. quite a year for young sluggers in baseball. aaron judges doing this in the american league. cody matching him in the national league. >> a.j.: judge is a legend in new york in half a season. he went from
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make the team, the starting right fielder to front runner for mvp and if you had to ask people right now he would win it going away. so special half for aaron judge. well deserved for the young man that seems nothing but nice and humble. good kid. >> joe: 1-0 on deven marrero. one gone in the bottom of the eighth inning. angels trying to even the series at a game apiece after the red sox took the opener 9-4 last night. this has been the story for boston this year. inconsistency with the offense. the nine-run output last night. the solo home run from mitch moreland tonight. if they can't come from behind this would be the tenth consecutive game they alternated back and forth between a win and a lot.
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a .500 team. >> joe: boston. >> a.j.: oh! well, -- >> you got nothing, do you? >> a.j.: i'm surprised by that because of the starting staff and the line-up depth and the line-up they are running out there. i'm surprised. we talked about this with anaheim how they go back and forth and .500 one game over, one game even and back to under and they catch back up. that surprises me about boston. >> joe: 2-2 on marrero. >> if you are running price, porcello, sale. those guys three out of five days. whoever the other two are you would think at some point boston is going to win four, five, six, seven in a row. if they do they could run away the a.l. east. but until the other guys, price and porcello, other than sale, they need hem to s
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an pitch. >> joe: strike three called with a fastball on the outer half of the plate for middleton. two up and two down in the eighth. that said, the rotating wins and losses for boston when you open it up and look bigger picture, they have been as good as anybody the american league in the last month or so. they have fallen to 4 1/2 games back. they were sitting at .500 on may 20. but since may 21, only houston has been better. >> a.j.: this is the team since may 21 that people expected out of the red sox. i don't think anyone expected them to be around .500. the hot streak coincides with the yankees falling off from where they were. hence the reason the red sox right now are the percentage points ahead of the yankees. >> joe: swings and misses.
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double in the sixth is the only base runner for boston since the second inning. >> joe: ramirez went six. hernandez scoreless seven. middleton looking for a perfect eight. ball one. 99. >> a.j.: you have to have one more mile an hour in the tank, doesn't he? >> joe: i know. got to hit triple digits. >> a.j.: this inning has done nothing for how the angels feel about this kid and his ability to pitch late in big game situations. >> joe: bounces it to second. espinosa. to finish off another 1-2-3 inning for angels pitching. on to the ninth in a 5-1 game in boston. noo
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>> joe: tonight's telecast is sponsored by -- >> joe: back in boston where the angels lead the red sox 5-1. on to the ninth inning where matt barnes will pitch to try to keep it at 5-1 to give the red sox a chance in the bottom of the ninth inning. the 34th game this year. he had a really nice run for the back half of way, early in june. he has given up runs in each of the last two outings. luis valbuena starts the ninth. and looks at an off-speed pitch for
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the red sox baseball one of the best in baseball this year. the angels are doing their best to make that a nonfactor with a 5-1 lead here. >> a.j.: they need inning out of him but they are trying to get a confidence boost. get him out there and get his confidence back up because it's someone they need down the stretch. >> joe: strikeout to open the inning. we go to j.p. >> j.p.: earlier in the game with the go-ah
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eric young jr. he he arrived at second base and we noticed he raised the hand to the sky and show three fingers in honor of his son who was born three months premature and died in january. i spoke to eric today and said by honoring his son's memory and sharing his story he hopes to give others strength going through similar tragedies in their lives. eric is an inspirational and an extremely positive person even in the midst of what he is going through right now. >> a.j.: absolutely, j.p. >> joe: that clipped him. >> a.j.: in 20 is a he was our starting center fielder for opening day for braves he was struggling and they took all of the at-bats away. never been around that handled it as maturely as
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jr. did. he went from playing every day to not getting an at-bat for go -- two weeks. he came every day with the aim attitude and energy and smile on his face. i said, e.y., i have never seen a guy handle this situation as well as you did. to hear the story from j.p. does not surprise me at all. >> joe: cliff pennington with a man at first and one out. looks at strike one. right when the angels acquired eric young jesus they had him address the entire team and immediately became a favorite. began this year with a minor. they have walked him around a big league club. the injection of energy for mike scioscia seen here in june. that is ball one. >> a.j.: a fun matchup to watch. christian vazquez behind the plate for the red sox who
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throw. er ring young jr. on -- eric young jr. who can really run. there will be action here somewhere. see the jump that e.y. gets and throw that vazquez can get off of him. if he gets an opportunity. >> joe: 32 years old in his ninth major league season. good wheels. conservative lead here. they will still check on him. six steals in less than a month for the big league club. >> a.j.: there is wiggle for side step to the pitcher matt barnes.
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how often are you dictating that as a catcher? how often does a pitcher determine that? >> a.j.: most of the time it comes from the bench. what you are doing. throwing over pitchouts, slide steps, et cetera. i always wanted a slide step. >> joe: there goes young. on the transfer vazquez can't squeeze it. and he has stolen his seventh bag in his first month. >> a.j.: the game within the game. e.y. gets a great jump. no one is throwing him out. vazquez trying to hurry and bobbles the ball. good pitch to throw. when you see a guy get a jump like the one that eric young jr. had, you try to rush as a catcher. the bobble a lot of times is
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that and you try to rush you will end up throwing it to the center fielder and the guy on third and then you really feel bad. >> joe: runner at second now with one out. a 3-1 pitch. pennington takes ball four. two on with one out as the angels try to add at least one here so one swing couldn't tie the game in the bottom of the ninth. >> a.j.: in the midst of all the eric young steal a base, all he did by getting on base and being a threat to steal is hold the bat for pennington. barnes was distracted, throwing over, slide step and get out of rhythm and then he walks pennington to get to the top of the order and turn the order over to get maybin an opportunity to drive in a run with a guy in scoring position. >> joe: there are quite a few pieces on the angels roster that can do it to you. you talk about it earlier, scioscia's
10:20 pm
that personality. young at second, and maybin is that. ben revere off the bench tonight with similar speed. slider is slow. it's 1-0. when they get mike trout back he is underrated for how fast he is. >> a.j.: is there anything mike trout is underrated at? >> joe: i think probably a lot of things he is underappreciated for. don't you? >> a.j.: if you win mvp every year it's hard to be underappreciated at anything. >> joe: he only won two of them in five years, though. >> a.j.: only two? >> joe: a case could be made he shoulders -- he should have more. fouled back. 1-1. >> a.j.: if everyone called you the best player on the planet, and you are the best player on the plamet, mike trout is where he needs to be.
10:21 pm
>> a.j.: he is still very young. he has two mvps. i guarantee he would trade them all for a world series, an opportunity to play in the playoffs. maybe that is where he is underappreciated. playoff baseball. >> joe: yeah. that's the thing. only played three career postseason games. they were all losses. american league division series against kansas city in 2014. two on with one out in the ninth inning. barnes to maybin with the 1-1. the shot down the right field line for strike two.
10:22 pm
>> joe: barnes trying to keep it 1-2. keeps them out of the durable play. throws maybin out. two retired in the tineth. the official tire of major league baseball. nice defense from him in the game. >> a.j.: hugs from the pitchers. when you make cute plays like that you come in the dugout, the pitcher is the first one there to greet you. you are saving those runs. they go on the back of his baseball card. they will be the first one to greet a player when they make plays like that for you, especially in the
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snooked seasoned third, two gone. it's kole calhoun. breaking pitch. bounce to second. knocked down by pedroia. he has no play. 6-1 angels as he scores from third on a hard hit ground ball from kole calhoun. ruled a base hit and an r.b.i. for calhoun. >> a.j.: tough play for pedroia going to the right. he knocks it down. he saves one run by knocking it down. but no one is more mad at himself than dustin pedroia. he expects him to make the play.
10:24 pm
>> joe: they have scored in five separate innings tonight. at the corners with two gone. it's pujols. two hits against price. single and a double off the wall. the final game in the series tomorrow. parker britwell go for the angels. and doug fister will make his red sox debut. the o-1. pujols fly part to left center field. that is bradley to make the catch. an finish the ninth. the angels add insurance. to the bottom half of a 6-1 me
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>> joe: baseball's two biggest event of the summer back to back. the action begins with the t-mobile home run derby on espn july 10 at 8:00 eastern. catch baseball's biggest stars and the 88th all-star game presented by mastercard. july 11. right here on fox with the coverage starting at 7:30 eastern. 4:30 pacific. >> a.j.: i can't wait to see how for a they hit the ball in the home run derby. it will be parking around everywhere. >> joe: cam bedrosian nine game this season. three from the d.l. after a groin injury and he has yet to give up a run. two, three, four for the red sox. >> joe: the hometown guy in the
10:28 pm
stanton. the angels with a run in the first, fourth, seventh and ninth. red sox got their lead home run in the second. six fantastic innings from j.c. ramirez. that is outside. it's 1-2. six of the eight innings tonight have been perfected for angels pitching. >> a.j.: that makes the game real easy as a pitching coach. just watching your guys go 1-2-3, 1-2-3. draw a script for the angels to win a game tonight they hit it on every level. great hits. good starting pitching. so far, so good out of the
10:29 pm
bullpen. if you go 1-2-3 there is low stress on your pitchers, low stress on your manager. more importantly low stress on us broadcasters up here. >> joe: that's right. that's what it's all about. pedroia back up the middle. simmons behind the bag for the first out of the ninth. the red sox since that second inning home run and a single that followed it has gone 1 for the last 20 against angels pitching. >> a.j.: simmons made the last play look so easy. there was no hurry. no panic. a tough play. he made it look easy. going to his left. ho-hum. routine ground ball. no big deal in fenway park. but he hit it to the wrong
10:30 pm
>> joe: hard to believe he only won two gold gloves. >> a.j.: it's a shame. a shame. after watching him for an entire season it's a shame. >> joe: bogaerts takes strike one. here comes the 0-1. hits it foul. we check in with j.p. >> j.p.: joe, we talked earlier about bogaerts and his ability at the shortstop. but there is one day to whom he defers that position. that man is andrelton simmons. on both 2013 and 2017 dutch team in the wbc, he respected him and said let me play third base so you are at shortstops. >> joe: there are really good young shortstops in the ga
10:31 pm
>> a.j.: a whole bunch played on the netherlandss in the world baseball classic. >> joe: you are right. >> joe: the opposite field liner to the gap for bogaerts. on his way to second with a double. his first hit of the ninth. second hit for boston since the second inning. >> joe: the two guys shared a conversation. simmons, aruba native, and bogaerts. j.p. tells us they are likely speaking the language popiamento. >> a.j.: is what t
10:32 pm
ortiz spoke? big papiamento? bad joke. >> j.p.: i spoke to bogaerts before the game. both simmons and bogaerts are quadra lingual. dutch, spanish, and the native language papiamento and english. >> i get the joke now, a.j. took me a minute. moreland. down the middle for a strike. the red sox a year after leading the american league in the runs per game are right around league average this year. the biggest drop off for runs per game than the american league from last year to this year. a big part of that is the power numbers are down. of course losing david ortiz and the 38 home runs are hard
10:33 pm
especially when the guy they plugged in the d.h. role and ramirez struggled the way he has. >> a.j.: the red sox knew it would be, you can't just replace david ortiz. not just the numbers but the presence in the line-up. they knew it would be a team effort. they just haven't done what people expected. hanley struggled. pedroia's numbers are down. >> joe: moreland is down for the second out of the ninth. >> a.j.: mookie betts' numbers are down a little bit. what he has made us accustomed to from him. >> joe: across the board, home run numbers are down for boston. that is not necessarily the personality of the team. a home run hitting team. doubles hitting group so far. >> a.j.: well, the most surprising part of that is that home runs in baseball are way up. so for red sox
10:34 pm
always thought of as a team as hey, the red sox are a bunch of big sluggers. for their numbers to be down is surprising. >> joe: boston, 6-1 game in the ninth, here comes bedrosian. ball one. we are on pace to have more than 300 more home runs than the previous record. >> a.j.: why? what is the reason for that? more velocity from pitchers? >> joe: there are a few theories. the new philosophy of everybody trying to elevate the ball more. >> a.j.: launch angle. >> joe: yeah. >> a.j.: people don't care about strikeouts anymore. they used to care about strikeouts. so now hitters go up there and are taught from the young ages to try to hit a home run. which when i was young they told you not to strike out. now they tell you to strike
10:35 pm
out. if you still hit 25 home runs they don't care. >> matt: they were telling you don't strike out. but a lull in home runs so cut it loose more. >> a.j.: david ortiz with the twins they didn't like he struck out too much. >> joe: 3-0 on benintendi. >> a.j.: the manager at the time was huge put the ball in play. put the ball in play. if you struck out too much you would never get an opportunity to enemy come up. david ortiz struck out too often. so they released him and non-thetendered him and he becae a red sox. >> joe: benintendi takes strike one. the series wraps up tomorrow. it will be a rubber match
10:36 pm
tonight. that is ball four. >> joe: struck out his first two times and then hammered a ball to the wall in right center at the triangle that was flagged down by cameron maybin his last time. if they can get ramirez going the way he did last year, it's like a deadline acquisition. start to hit in the way he is shown he is capable of. two on, two
10:37 pm
first from bedrosian. outside corner. strike one. >> joe: third year of the your-year contract with boston. has an option for a fifth year. down 0-2. one of the best pitched games of the year from start to finish for the angels, for six strong innings from ramirez and then the bullpen brilliant as well.
10:38 pm
>> joe: set for the 0-2. taken low. ball one. bedrosian trying cokeep his season's e.r.a. spot lost -- trying to keep his season's e.r.a. spotless. one of the pieces at the back end for mike scioscia that he continues to match up. a modern bullpen set up. a 1-2. ramirez hits it in the air, back to first. that is a fair ball. that spins in the seats for a ground rule double. scores bogaerts. it's a 6-2 game. right on the c
10:39 pm
>> a.j.: perfect placement by hanley there. >> joe: just like he meant to do it. >> a.j.: a great swing. when you hit the ball like that, it's like shanking one in golf. hands perfectly on the line for a double, for an r.b.i. he would have got two r.b.i.s if the ball didn't bounce in the stands. it cost him an r.b.i. because it bounced in the stands. >> joe: now things get interesting with jackie bradley coming up. if he could reach the red sox would bring the tying run to the plate. >> a.j.: a great shot of the camera crew of the chalk exploding when the ball lands on top of it. >> joe: bradley 0-2. the best hitter for the red sox in last month.
10:40 pm
bedrosian pitches and bradley takes ball one. vazquez due next in a 6-2 game in the ninth. trying to stir up some drama. 2-0. take a peek to the bullpen to see who the angels are getting going. they are. with blake parker. 2-0, he will step off. if you are thinking about a pinch hitter for christian vazquez that decision won't come from john farrell. he was ejected earlier in the game arguing with the crew chief bill miller over a
10:41 pm
call. 2-0. ball three on bradley. >> a.j.: exactly what scioscia didn't want. we just talked about low stress innings. 1-2-3, 1-2-3. they are a pitch away from having the tying run at the plate with a five-run lead going in the ninth. >> joe: a walk and a double and two outs. 3-0 to jackie bradley jr. the bases are load and the red sox bring the tying run to the plate in the ninth. >> joe: charles nagy and mike scioscia are trying to decide if they will let bedrosian finish this or bring on parker who is warming in a hurry.
10:42 pm
vazquez if you are wondering about his chances to tie the game with one swing. he has two career home runs. the last one came against the yankees a year ago. tying run at the plate, put the red sox down to the final out. strike one on a slider. vazquez is 1 for the last 18. fouled off. 0-2. >> joe: first run that bedrosian has allowed
10:43 pm
year. and now trying to strand them loaded. >> a.j.: i think the dodger fans lost. at the wrong game. >> joe: took a really bad wrong turn. here comes the 0-2. that spins away. ball one. they have put chris young in the on-deck circle. if vazquez can find a way to keep this thing moving. two doubles, two walks in the inning. tying run at the plate with two gone. 1-2. a big bouncer foul. do it again.
10:44 pm
>> a.j.: anytime you are at fenway catching -- i know catching. the tying run comes to the plate in the ninth. the crowd gets going here. your heart starts beating a little faster and you want to get the third out as soon as possible. it goes without saying but for some reason in this park you always feel like in the back of your mind they have a chance. >> joe: another 1-2 from cam bedrosian. outside! 2-2. >> a.j.: the ball is outside. from the dugout, mike scioscia, the way maldonado caught it. thought it was a strike. he feels the pressurizing a little bit.
10:45 pm
the count gets deeper. he wants to shake hands and get out of here. >> joe: on a weekend they honored david ortiz one of the great clutch hitters of all time creating drama to the final strike. a 2-2 to christian vazquez. swings and misses but the ball gets away. home plate umpire ryan blakney stepping in front of the plate. i believe the ball got out of play. >> a.j.: the ball is on top of the net. >> joe: it did get out of play, which would mean that vazquez is safe at first. and this is a 6-3 game. because that was a swing and a miss for strike three. the ball goes on top of the net. is out of play. the tying run will be on base with chris young coming to
10:46 pm
plate. it's 6-3 now. wow! what a bad break for cam bedrosian and the angels. forcing mike scioscia to go to the bullpen in a game that was 6-1 a moment ago. noo introducing the easiest way to get gillette blades text “blades” to gillette on demand text to reorder blades with gillette on demand... ...and get $3 off your first order
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>> joe: a weird play. strike three out of the netting so it's out of play. everybody is safe. then the bat is flying in the outfield. >> a.j.: maldonado has to give a better -- he tried to backhand the ball. never got down in the proper position. the ball hits the wrist and goes up on the backstop. to see the frustration from maldonado. not only does it extend the inning in the game and gives the red sox the go-ahead run at the plate. >> joe: forces the angels to go one step deeper in the bullpen with blake parker. the red sox have put the tying run on base here in the ninth inning. with two doubles. two walks. runner reaching on a strikeout. chris young will pinch hit. >> a.j.: as perfect of a game as it's been for the angels in the ninth, it can all end here
10:49 pm
>> joe: he has one home run this season. here is the first one. ball one. tzu-wei lin is the pinch runner at first, just called up this afternoon. 1-0. bottom of the zone and strike one. >> a.j.: a perfect pitch by blake parker. on the corner, on the knees. the hit every is frustrated and the umpire calls out a strike. there is nothing anything you can do with the pitch anyway. >> joe: chris young more than 1280 home runs in this year. on this 1-1 pitch.
10:50 pm
strike two. >> a.j.: another fabulous pitch by parker. down and away. there is nothing you can do with the ball. >> joe: red sox again down to the final strike. the parker 1-2 pitch. young tries to lay off and does and it's 2-2. >> a.j.: i don't think he went. scioscia's reaction is classic mike scioscia. the look of disbelief. he wants the game to end. >> joe: desperate for it to end at this point. -1 to start the in -- 6-1 to start the inning. >> a.j.: for anybody who says players don't care or the managers don't care. that is a shot to show
10:51 pm
care. >> joe: young strikes on swinging and parker comes on to slam the door and avoid a monumental disaster in the ninth. only the third save of his career. hold on to the 6-3 win, stranding the bases loaded in the ninth. >> a.j.: great job by parker. a splitter to chris young. bottom falls out. swings over the top. gets out of a jam. a big angels win to get back to .500. >> joe: so the angels even the series at a game apiece with a 6-3 win. coming up next we get you back to the studio for post game coverage after these messages.
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baseball night in america, post game show. this is eric karros, e.k., i'm kevin burkhardt. it got interesting but the angels hold on. you have to give angels credit. when mike trout when down you think they t team is done but they are .500 without him. >> eric: you thought the season was over. how have they done it? cameron maybin has done well. eric young jr. the defense is one of the best in baseball. i have noticed the bullpen. it has been great. since trout went on the disabled list, they have the third best bullpen in all of baseball. mike scioscia has done a great job of using the guys. putting them in the right spot.
10:56 pm
club. little shaky tonight. but again, he pushed the right buttons and the angels get the victory. >> kevin: you talked in the pre-game david price being consistent. he threw a lot of pitches today. was he better? >> eric: i think it was better but it's still not where they want him to be. there is room for improvement but he continues to make strides. >> joe: so it was an angels win today over the red sox. how about elsewhere in baseball night in mesh? -- many america? pirates and cardinalsn't pirates behind harrison here going deep against lance lynn. pittsburgh hasn't had a great season but four games out of first place in the n.l. central. mets-giants. mets are happy to get out of l.a., e.k., i know that. here is flores. bam! crushes this offering from john thy cueto and mets are finally having good fortune. went eight innings and threw a gem. that helped. that will do it for us in los angeles. reminder tomorw
10:57 pm
the fifa confederations cup. coverage at 10:00 a.m. eastern. we will see you next week. "baseball night in america." astros then. >> coming up tonight a massive fire leaves hundreds without a home and investigators are working to figure out what was wrong. >> service reductions and new hours what metro riders need to know tonight after the game.
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