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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  June 27, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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cooler, high temperatures in upper 70s to around 80 and warming trend in the 7 day forecast. i'll have the details straight ahead, erin. >> maryland, virginia and district now on the roads taking a lack at metro as well as we continue. >> thank you much. let's get to headlines at 4:30 we begin with developing news for prince george county. one person was killed when their car hit a utility pole in the 5400 block of silver hill road around 1:40 this morning. investigators had both directions of silver hill road closed more than two hours anteroad is back open. >> it is a big legal victory for president trump as the nation's highest court says it will allow key parts of the travel ban to take effect. and the white house calls the decision a big win for national security. the court's decision means for now the u.s. will be loued to keep out those with no direction to the u.
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>> 22 million americans would lose their healthcare under the senate healthcare bill. that's according to report from the non partisan congressional budget office and the bill will cut the deficit by 321 billion by 2 2026. they add a penalty for people who let insurance lapse. the penalty is meant to encourage younger and healthy merns to buy insurance. >> 1 to 2,000 people will die if you cut 750,000 people from medicade. so that means you're killing, killing them. >> in all honestly we have to get real about it, because we've got a lot of things the federal government has to do besides healthcare and if we go that route that's the only thing the government will be doing. >> bill face as i battle. six republican senators said they do not support t
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in current form. senators ted cruz, mike lee, ron johnson, ran paul, susan collins and dean heler say they cannot support a bill which might hurt the people that voted them into office. it could be moved back until after july 4. >> to virginia medicade estimate it will lose 1.4 billion in federal sport under the new healthcare bill. the numbers were released yesterday the big hit over a 7-year period t would impair the state ability to provide long term health care to those who need it most. state's concern is per capita limits on federal spending. >> violent crimes in d.c. have gone down. down 26% from last year. there is 36% decline in robberies and homicides are down 15%. d.c. police patrol chief credits task force that target criminals shortly
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attacks and sometimes before the potential crimes for the decline. first "fox5" rather continues the request for answers over claims of grave fixing in prince george county schools. maryland calls for the board to investigate the claims. speaking with "fox5" hogan says the state board may have to bring in outside help. governor adding a prior investigation into the matter was unacceptable. >> we just found out there was this so-called investigation, it was not acceptable to other people and us. that's xwr we asked up stayed to have the actual state board of education themselves, which is a body thav that oversees the school system and is responsible for oversight, for them to conduct the investigation. >> "fox5" reached out to the school ceo kevin maxwell but so far he refused o
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and we'll have continued coverage of the story. >> a technical glitch over charged passengers for years. some will get refunds this summer. it cost people 5 cents above and below they were supposed to pay. they will receive credits for over charges exceeding $2 between 2015 and 2017. >> stapling for bill cosby next trial goes california and today a hearing in sant monica to test a trial for sexually assaulting a teen more than 40 years ago. judy huff says he forced her to perform a sext act only him when she was 15 years old. >> d.c. mayor bowser will highlight her administration fight against
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in case and 70% decline over the next decade and sheila noups a campaign you equals you and the campaign is aimed as residents infeked with hiv and that they take medications on a regular basis. 4:35 this tuesday morning, indicate lip roth, man, yesterday was another georgous day hoping for a repeat. >> i think so. temperatures cooler. it's sdivrp. we have a strouv swinging through overnight and that means little more cloud cover. chance of shower. but otherwise it should be a really nice day. look a at high temperature 84 reagan, 81 dulles, normal 87. it's below normal and what tells the story is how dry the air mass was. it was not humid as all and that makes completely the difference here. 70 outside right now. it's still hard to really cool down at reagan national
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urban heat island effect. partly cloudy skies now. it fox fruit fewer cast shows cloud and maybe isolated afternoon shower coming through between the 2 and 3 p.m. hour and then we'll clear things out quickly by this evening. and 80 for high temperature. 7 degrees below normal only 70s most suburbs with isolated shower. looks like another nice day. that's the forecast. let's check the roadsed with erin. >> 4:36 a live look on 95 out by dumfries road north and southbound lanes looking nice to and from the fredericksburg area. problem free stafford. north towards the mixing bowl 395 continues nicely. 66 has volume picking up ibm side not enough to cause major slow downs yesterday and this was area of late clearing construction. allow for extra time i'll let you know if that causes slow downs this morning. a live look in maryland problem free on this is actually 270. camera zoomed in a little. it's blurry. southbound traffic looking good
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you make your way to montgomery county and 50 inbound annapolis nice and quiet. questions erin fox d.c. on twitter back to you. >> erin, 4:36 coming up on "fox news morning" a captain of philippine daring owe ship is speaking out about the deadly accident with the u.s.s. fitzgerald and what the u.s. navy ship she says fails to do. >> and tweeting back with john mcenroe with two small tweets. >> 4:37, 69 degrees. ah, go ahead, vogue, even as this hour you can strike a pose right, back
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you >> time now 4:39 back with what is hot on the web the stories you're engaging with most on social media. >>
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fitzgerald collision. 7 sailors died when a ship slammed into a container ship off the coast of japan. the captain ever the container vessel says they flashed lights and sounded horns to get attention of u.s. naval ship. nothing keemd to get the attention of the missile destroyer. several investigations are underway including one by u.s. navy. >> t sa may ask you to pull books and food out of carry on. tsa says they're testing procedure at a few locations, carry ones are getting so stuffed screening agents are having a hard time seeing what's in bags. >> new fallout from the gr greenfeld tower tragedy. london spent the weejd testing buildings, 75 buildings fa failed. it prompted hundreds to be evacuated because of safety issues. this comes after the deadly highrise fire that killed 79 people. >> one of these things not like the other
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nfl selling state pride license plates. the logos are placed over the state they play in and reporter in nation's capital noticed something wrong for burgandy and gold. logo correct but state is not. that's washington state. not d.c.. ironically the team plays in maryland and front offices in virginia. nfl since pulled plate from team shop. >> all right. >> and timely, tennis star serena williams is firing back at john mcenroe after he threw shade at her while serena is greatest woman to play tennis but if she played against men she would be 700th in the world. she responded i don't play anyone ranked there and respect me and my privacy as i'm trying have a
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>> shut up mcenroe. >> and rethinking this year's crab harvest. >> and expanding reach into streaming tv shows. >> heading to break across the d.c. region. 4:41. it's 68 degrees. 69 old eyes fail me.
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>> tuesday, june 27, white house is issuing a warning. and the country is planning another chemical attack. and prompted the u.s. to order missile strikes against air field in steeria. spicer says if another attack happens syria military will pay a heavy price. >> supreme court announce taking up the issue of whether a bakener colorado had right to deny a couple a wedding cake because same-sex marriage goes against his beliefs. he did not turn themp away because they're gay but because the marriage violated his religious beliefs. colorado group ruled against baker and ruling could have
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discrimination laws in 24 states. >> and becoming the first state to require we'd killer roundup to come with cancer warning label. the main ingredient will be on a list of cancer causing elements. it could come with warping labels on the product in a year. the chemical maker argued it does not cause cancer. it could leave them open to lawsuits and potentially millions in losses. >> facebook in talks with hollywood studios to provide original programming on its sites. company is expected to show ep snodz traditional manner instead of dropping entire season like netflix. facebook is willing to commit 3 million per episode. programming will target 18 to 34. >> and good morning to you we're glad you're with us on this tuesday i'm holly morris. >> i'm maureen umeh. >> today is tuesday, june 27. >> ctl
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and erin looking at the roads. caitlin let's start with weather headline. >> good morning, what a fantastic monday it was of the best day i think you could hope for during the summer months in washington d.c.. we saw temperatures in the low 80s this afternoon and low humidity and generality gentle breeze it's weather songs are written back. pleasant conditions continue into tuesday. cloud cover and chance of shower. it shouldn't be anything to deter you from being outside this afternoon. feels comfortable. headed out this morning, 56 mannasas. 59 culpeper and 59 gaithersburg and 63 baltimore and that heat island affect in the cities colder and hard to cool off during the overnight hours no matter what the air mass is this time of year. 70 degrees is mow we start in wash done. just a few showers out there moving across west virginia and you see them there. they're going to have overall pleasant day and just the chance of isolated shower come in in the afternoon. 80.
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sunny and nice tomorrow, 83. that's going to be a beautiful wednesday. couple days ahead let's check roads with erin. >> good morning, indicates lynn, 4:47 up fortunately traffic problems in prince george county. crash investigation silver hill flowed both directions between suitland parkway and barnabus road causing backup in the area a side from that the rest of tuesday morning commute nice and quiet on major, problem free 50 coming from buoy. and baltimore, washington parkway problem free. 95. same outside the beltway if headed to bwi for early morning flight nothing showing you down. delay 70 to frederick to the beltway as you go through rockville. for the topside of the beltway college park upper and outer loop looking good. secondarys are nice and quiet and not seeing issues 295 now. volume free. 11 street bridge mrook looking good and metro gearing
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questions, erin fox d.c. on twitter, back to you. 4:48 is the time now. if you wake up here's a story we're fol overnight. in prince george koumentsy one person was killed when a car hit a hugh tillty pole silver hill road. 1:40 this morning. no word yet on who the victim is or how the accident may have happened. >> he's already pleaded guilty to two murders in montgomery county and federal protective services officer admitted to killing estranged wife in prince george countsy. he shot gladys tore jan dale as she waited to pick up her daughter. and then shot a woman a grocery store parking lot in aspen hill. two victims died. he pled guilty and face as i life snaps. a judge will sentence him next month in this recent plea. >> dmv will
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neutral ids. local advocates plan to be the first ones that line up at the dmv service sender to apply for gepder neutral id. it was announced by -- california considering a similar measure july 3. oregon will be the first state to offer gender neutral licenses and i.d.s. >> biologists are worried about the cob population. decline ft. crab population could mean hire prices. officials say they are considering cutting crab season short by a week an a half. >> coming up on "fox news morning". family of philando castile castile reaches settlement. >> and facebook hoping your profile pick remains yours even not someone else's. >> tuesday morning, ten minutes before 5 now. 69 degrees
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word up on this tuesday. you know what this takes me back to high school, i love. it don't go anywhere. ♪ word up♪ .
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>> 4:53 is the time following developments in the philando castile castile case. they have awarded 3 million for the settlement. it prevents the family from filing a wrongful death suit. castile girlfriend streamed the entire incident on facebook line. yanas was found not guilty earlier this month. >> spaib digging up remains of salvador ali all for paternity test. a judge ordered excavation for dna extraction after
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who claims to be daughter of world famous artist files a paternity suit. the painter had an affair with mother while working as a family made. court says dna test is necessary due to act of other buy lom call or personal -- he died at the age ever 85 and had no known children. >> facebook begun testing a new tool which prevent nip from steel stealing your profile picture. it stops other users from s saving your pick or screen shoting it with android de device. people on friend list won't be able to tack anyone there are plans to expand to other countries. >> we're three days away from our next zip trip. count down is on. it's this friday, of course, june 30. we'll be live in stafford county,
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to 11 a.m. i'll be there along with allison and tuck youer and of course we would love to see you too. all right. coming up here on 4:55, caitlin, man, if friday weather is anything like the last two days have been please sign us up for the zip trip. >> all come true. >> it's going to be fan tactic rests of week. warmer by friday in the morning hours hopefully it is still nice as you. 830 today. still comfortable. cooler than yesterday where we hit 84. slight chance of shower this afternoon and cloud cover. if you're out by the pool with the kids you may have to jump indoors if you hear thunder a bit and it's isolated thunder type of situation. from there, we reinforce the sun sheen and beautiful day on wednesday 83 degrees and we heat things back up, though, summer returns if you're more a man of heat and humidity g
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92 thursday. 94 friday. we'll introduce thunderstorms chances over the weekend and they look likely on surprised and the weekend is by no means a washout. typical, hot, humid, thunderstorm type of weather. enjoy the comfortable temps the next couple days. >> before 5 a.m. let's check the roads, already busy out there. >> little fwuzy for sure. silver hill road closed. at that point between sult land parkway and st. barnabus in both directions and earlier crash currently under investigation. that can cause slow downs this morning. aside from that within a wide view of tuesday morning commute quiet 395 now at speed from beltway to 14 street bring. key bridge roz land to georgetown as well as memorial bridge looking good now. arlington no issues now. things are loose back looking good in virginia and through stafford.
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beltway. things in fairfax are also nice and quiet. metro service picks up at f five. no reported delays for the rail. questions, erin fox d.c. on twitter, back to you. >> m coming up on "fox news morning" nintendo preparing to rerelease version of old classic gaming sim. >> and bill cosby sexual assault case moved to a dmroom california. >> headed to a break. 4:57, 69 degrees. we're back after this fter this
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>> the less he of two evils senate health care reform bill will result in 22 million americans losing health insurance in the next decade you. >> may see less sun but it willing beautiful day. temps in the high 70s. >> i'm maureen umeh. >> even i'm holly morris. >> tuesday, june 27. >> let's talk about gorgeous weather with caitlin roth and erin has her eyes on the road. caitlin, man this is gorgeous day shipping out. >> and it really is. how great did it feel yesterday. low humidity. incredibly rare amount


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