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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  June 29, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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all right, i'm just full of good news tonight but you know what, it's summer in the city, we can handle this. high pressure has moved to the east and that's what we call the bermuda high pressure system and it's able to bring in a lot of that southerly wind. in fact the breeze has been fairly noticeable today. but the summer heat is back, a lot of places in the 80's. we just touched 90 at 5 o'clock for the first time today at reagan national. most other places still in the upper 80's. look at annapolis though so comfortable near the bay at 82 degrees. westminster a hot spot at 93 and cumberland also at 90 so this is how we're going to continue to roll. the humidity as i mentioned not terrible so that heat index which is a combination of the temperature and humidity only at 91. southerly winds continue. that's what we're noticing out there today and that will continue tonight as well as during the day tomorrow and i also have to mention there are a couple thunderstorms around. most of those are going to stay west of d.c. but as we get into a little bit
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you can see they're moving east-northeast. brief heavy rain may be possible. watch yourself out toward the frederick area. down to the south there's another little one traveling south of 66. bottom line, we stay warm tonight. the storms i think mostly stay out of our area tonight but isolated storms could be in the same region again tomorrow. weekend is looking hot as well. we'll talk about the weekend in a few minutes as well as the fourth of july forecast. marina. >> the family of a 13-year-old girl hit and chilled by a train yesterday afternoon is speaking out tonight. she's identified as reyhan safoglu. tonight s her mother has a message. >> kristen. >> she says her daughter reyhan was her world. she loved life loved to perform and just judd everyone around here. yesterday she was enjoying the day with her older brother and cousin hiking nea
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railroad tracks you see here at bull run bridge when she was tragically killed by a.m. moving train. so when she found out about what happened to her precious girl, she says right then and there her whole world fell apart. she hopes no other parent former member will have to say goodbye to their child this way and in the meantime she says she wants to remember her daughter for the beautiful person she was. >> i want to honor her and she would want this. she loved the attention. she was a singer. she was in orchestra. she played the violin. she loved to perform. so this is her final performance. >> right now the family is preparing her body for a proper burial and will celebrate her life this weekend. fairfax county police are also warning other people tonight about the dangers of hanging out near railroad tracks. we're told they're working with the virginia rail way express to make sure people are aware of these
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life-threatening risks. in this case, they say, you never know how fast the train is coming until it's too late. marina. >> ♪ >> anne arrundel county school employee has been charged with inappropriately touching a student. police say 36-year-old marvin leone brown jr. was arrested and charged with assault and a fourth degree sex offense. brown has worked as a behavioral assistant and varsity football coach at north county high school since 2015. in february a female student reported that brown would send her text messages as well as inappropriately touch her. when the school became a away from the allegations brown was reassigned a role where he had know contact with children. >> a leesburg man accused of selling top-secret documents to the chinese and facing life in prison if convicted will be released from jail. judge ivan davis after hearing arguments from both sides agreed to release kevin mallory on home confinement and a $10,000 bond. fox5's paul wagner joins us live from the
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alexandria tonight with more on this story. paul. >> reporter: hi there, yeah, he will be released from jail on the condition that he does meet other conditions beside that bond and going to home confinement. now, the judge today wanted to know whether or not in the search of his leesburg home if any other classified documents were turned up. the prosecutor in the case said yes, they had found 1sd card inside the house that had eight classified documents on it. four of them they were already aware of. he also said that they found some wigs and some fake mustache inside a closet in the house indicating that mallory was well aware of how to use trade craft. now, let's show you some video we shot earlier today. these are just some of the supporters who came to court today a couple of dozen by my count which included mallory's son and wife. they all declined comment as they left the courthouse late this afternoon. now, government prosecutors argued in
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kevin mallory should remain behind bars because the chinese government would have were great incentive to get him out of the country and we don't know what mallory has in his head. the defense argued mallory is the straightest of straightest arrows a army vet wounded in iraq. the reason he went to government officials is because he was concerned the people he met in china was part of the intelligence community. the lead prosecutor in the case said there was evidence mallory was going to sell other documents to the chinese. he understands trade craft, lied to the fbi and the chinese have great incentive to get him out of the country to see what is in his head. prosecutor john gibbs told the court the chinese gave mallory a phone communicate with them hadn't indicated he was setting up a bank account in another name where the chinese could allegedly deposit money. prosecutors also argued that mallory has money troubles and is the only money he has made this year was
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more resays the chinese had paid him for to what he describd as white papers. now, the fbi did conduct an extensive search of that house. the prosecutor was again asked about what they found. he said some of it is still being analyzed. as for allowing mallory out of jail the judge wanted to know whether or not some of these letters had he received vouching for mal mallory's character were written with the knowledge that many he was facing these charges. live outside the federal courthouse in alexandria, paul wagner, fox5 local news. >> we know that before we can regain their trust we need to restore their service. >> that is metro's back to good promotional video that was released earlier this year. the entire back to good promotion package costs $400,000. so, what do you think of the
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good or even closer to good? >> and this afternoon 700 metro employees up and down fant across the system thanking customers for putting up with over a year of safe track repairs and delays. it all comes as metro raises fares and reduces service. >> matt auckland is live with more on this. >> reporter: yeah right r700 employees and we're talking about basically the employees that don't run the system. in fact i just met a lady who does government relations. they're at metro stops handing out this thank you here. on the other side of the thank you you get a free cup of coffee at mcdonald's but some are -- they appreciate the thank you but it comes at the same time when as we all know, fares are going up and there are service reductions as well. a lot of people are upset about the fares. you'll remember this. let's take you to this graphic. metro rail just i
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recently 10 to 25 creant ride and metro bus that went up 25 cents. that adds up for people who use metro all the time. constant issues with metro remain a frustration for riders. remember this scene just last week before safe track ended. major red line delay. people going to work, people piled up outside the udc. one lady even so frustrated she decided to hitchhike. today we asked riders do they think that this thank you that's going out today is enough? here's what they had to say. >> the fact that the thank you comes at the same time as price raise, it doesn't real dollar what they're trying to do. i think. >> i've only seen it go down since i've been here. but i mean sometimes things need to get worse before 93 get better. >> if you going to raise the fares at least have better customer service, you know. for instance, the trains are too crowded number one. >> prices are going
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and they're ridiculous. >> reporter: do you think we're anywhere closer to back to good. >> no, not yet. back to bad i think you'd say -- i'd say so. >> reporter: yeah, a lot of people you can see still frustrated. we did a twitter poll today. we want to you take a look at that. we bake asked do you think metro is back to good yet. 3 percent voted yes. 27 percent voted it's getting& there and then look at that, 70 percent voted not even close. by the way, metro earlier today issued a statement early in the week i should say saying that they believe now that safe track is done and over with, that people are coming back to the system. they say on tuesday, there were nearly 700,000 people riding the system and they say that was the most ridership since the beginning of 2017 but still people who have been riding for the last couple of months have really
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red line. tony -- excuse me, marina and sarah. >> hey, matt, any sign of the general manager paul wiedefeld out there? you know what's he having to say about this now that everything is over? >> reporter: yeah, well, we asked where was the general manager going to be, was he going to be handing out the thank you cards today and we were told yes and we asked, well, could you tell us where he was going to be so we could go out and interview him, but they told us that this wall about the customers, not about the media, so they really didn't want to tell us where general manager wiedefeld s by the way at columbia heights the reason we're here, the metro union is about to begin a protest at 5:30. they're passing out these don't drink the kool-aid ads because they believe that these thank yous, this free coffee is simply kool-aid, that things are bad inside the system. obviously they're upset because of wages, they're upset because of some benefits and some changes in policy and they're currently in mediation with their
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so, they're upset on the other side as well besides the customers who have been complaining for so long. we'll have more tonight at 6:00. live in columbia heights matt ackland fox5 local news. >> that survey spoke for itself. >> gripping new video of a police-involved shooting on a city bus. >> ♪ >> a gunman brandishing two weapons in a shootout with officers while on a bus filled with terrified riders. wait until you see how this one ended. >> and one man learned the hard way why you don't mess with a pregnant woman. what she says he did that resulted in her ramming her car into him. wow. >> maryland coast guard airlifted a 14-year-old boy off a cruise ship during his family's vacation. the emergency situation that caused this daring rescue. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> dramatic new video here shows the moment a suspect got into a shootout with baltimore county p
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bus. now we do want to warn you some of this video may be difficult to watch. wjz's kimberly eaton has the story. >> reporter: june 7th late afternoon. >> shots fired. >> reporter: on a baltimore county police officer's uniform a body camera captures the first warning of an intense gun battle about to dough down on dundalk avenue locked and loaded bullets already flying as bystanders ran for cover one of them took this cell phone video. [gunfire] >> got a gun in his fan. >> reporter: feet away police on the front lines using all their fire power to take down this wanted man blaine erb. he if he would held up two people before boarding a city bus to flee but when officers stopped the bus there was no predict wag wo -- predict wag would come next. >> i've been shot in the leg. >> reporter: bus passengers scrambled to get out of the line of fire. steps behind them erb
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gun in each hand sparking a seven minute shootout. [gunfire] >> when the gunfire ended erb was dead on the side of the road and a baltimore county policebleed police officer he -r bleeding in the street. >> i was in shock. i have in all my years never seen an individual shooting out of two guns at the same time at police in different directions. >> reporter: wednesday afternoon baltimore county states attorney scott she will len berger told wjz the video shows the shooting of erb was justified. >> it was an incredibly dangerous situation that they handled very well. >> reporter: baltimore county police deep kline to go --declining to go on camera. reporting i'm kimberly eaton wjz "eyewitness news" news. >> new video tonight of u.s. coast guard making an emergency rescue on a cruise ship off the coast of maryland. the helicopter
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daring rescue to get a 14-year-old boy off of an break away ship. the captain called for help when the teen experienced a medical emergency and reported appendicitis like symptoms. the teen who was not identified was taken to norfolk general hospital in virginia and is currently in stable condition. >> scary. >> charges dropped in the sandra bland case. >> and the former police officer who pulled over sandra bland won't face charges anymore. why the judge dropped the perjury charge. >> and investigators saying no alcohol or drugs were found at a party where a 15-year-old was shot and killed by police after calls that there was under aged drinking at that party. >> plus, why cvs is hiding the cookie and candy from you. >> we're back after this. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> now apparently cvs doesn't want you baking in the sun all summer without proper uv protection. the drugstore removing tanning oils and sun screens with an spf under 15. foods with trans fats, chain moving them. cvs is aiming to make its food offerings healthier. they will test a new layout that puts pretzels nuts and dry fruit where the candy and cookies once were and move the candy and cookies closer to the story. >> i see what they're doing okay. you're going to want that sunscreen for sure. >> it's goi going to be hot, ho, hot. >> a lot of people outside with motivation to be outside. it's going to be hot. >> oh, gosh, yes and we're just getting started today. sarah and marina temperatures like this -- these are
5:22 pm
for this time of year. what was abnormal is what we had for most of this week with temperatures being in the low 80's so yes, we hit 90 degrees at 5 o'clock and the we'll get our climate data here in about 10 or 15 minutes, see if it got any warmer than that but most places are in the 80's and the humidity as promised yesterday is not out of control when you look at the heat index it feels like 91 degrees so you know it's not terrible but tomorrow it's going to feel more like 95, temperatures will be right back near 90 if not the low 90's so here's a look at what you can expect for the rest of the evening. there are a couple of thunderstorms mainly well west. i'm not going to forecast them getting into the district and i'll show you those on radar in a moment. 85 degrees at 7 o'clock. by 9 o'clock, 82. and by 11 o'clock, 79 degrees. quick check of weather headlines so you know what to expect as we're heading into the weekend. first of all, mention that it's going to still be hot tomorrow. we're going to keep this hot stretch likely going right through the fourth of july. tomorrow a few more storms are possible. most of those will also
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form around the mountains and drift east just a little bit but not sure they'll be able to hold together to get too close in. now, there is a pretty good chance of storms on saturday. so, if you have outdoor plans, you'll want to keep you were fox5 weather app very handy because we expect thunderstorms to roll in any time after 2 o'clock and right through the district at about 5 o'clock. i'll show you the timing on that coming up a little bit later in terms of the futurecast so you can see where those storms begin and move to. and most areas i think right now are looking like they're going to stay dry as we look at sunday through tuesday. there could be an isolated storm on sunday but everything is moving up a little bit faster because the frontal boundary that will produce the storms on saturday is getting gg here a little bit sooner. sunday is going to be okay and fourth of july not looking like we'll be dealing with a lot of rain. if anything an isolated storm and that would be before fireworks. just a few cells trying to fire up today. most to our west. so you can see these trying to move into frederick county out of the martinsburg
5:24 pm
town. a brief downpour, not even seeing much lightning with those and then down to the south, this storm running just south of interstate 66 seems to be getting weaker. not expecting to get anything into town tonight. now the late week pattern is still hot obviously. storms are mostly west tomorrow but this frontal boundary getting close on saturday, a marginal risk has been issued by the storm prediction center for the possibility of one or two of these to be severe. the chances of us having to worry about too much else beyond that as we head on into the weekend should be pretty good. fourth of july at parade time maybe a spotty thunderstorm, 89 degrees. a very slight chance we're going put the odds at that about 20 percent. fireworks some clouds, 83 degrees. so so far so good as we head into the holiday weekend and even the weather is getting us in the mood for the fourth of july. that's a look at your holiday forecast. we'll have much more in the seven day a little bit
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back to you guys. >> coming up president trump's latest tweet targeting a cable news anchor creating a firestorm. >> but some say the president may have really crossed the line this time. hey, ronica. >> reporter: hey, sarah and marina. that's right. this time even republicans are saying it's just a little too far. but we're going to have the white house reaction. they are standing by the president coming up next. >> so, we have a duty to make sure all americans can live their lives without fear. >> and attorney general jeff sessions says prosecuting hate crimes. the new task for set up to make americans feel safe again. >> why a pregnant woman rammed her car into a man walking in the parking lot. that video after the break. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 local news at 5:00. >> a look now at some of our top stories here. we have new details tonight about that shooting at a northern virginia apartment complex. police say a masked man jumped out of an suv and opened fire on three women and a 22-year-old boy sitting in a car. this happened in the parking lot of the southampton apartments in triangle virginia. police say one woman may have been grazed by a bullet. the other woman in the toddler suffered minor injuries from broken glass. >> the department homeland security is beefing up security at a number of airports around the country. this comes on the same day as president trump's controversial travel ban takes effect. dhs said there will be new travel restrictions for travelers coming into the states from overseas as well as enhanced screening of passengers and their belongings at foreign airports. there will also be new be new theye
5:30 pm
other countries. this follows a rollback of the laptop ban introduced back in march and tonight at 5 at 6:30 we will be breaking down the newly implemented travel ban and how it affects international passengers. >> the president's communication team has adjusted their strategy by limiting on camera press briefings and keeping questions and answers to a minimum. but when the president tweets none that of matters. >> ronica cleary live at the white house with the look at the president's latest set of tweets causing controversy. ronica. >> reporter: hey, marina and sarah. well, the president started this morning, he posted a tweet about policy a new sugar deal with mexico. mexico. shifted gears very quickly to the cast of "morning joe." i'm going to take you through a handful of tweets and responses to set the stage. he said i heard poorly rated morning joe speaks badly of me. don't watch
5:31 pm
then how come low iq crazy mika along with psycho joe came to mar-a-lago go three nights in a row around new year's eve and insisted on joining me. she was bleeding badly from a face-lift. i said no. well, look at this next tweet. this actually came just a few -- maybe half an hour before that. it's from dan svayino, jr., the social media -- director of social media for the president this was his personal account, though. he wrote #dumb as a rock mika and lover #jealous joe are lost confused and saddened since the president stopped returning their calls unhinged. mika of course responded to this with just a photo. it's a box of cheerios and on it it says made for little hands. well, msnbc responded with a statement as well. look at their state. it says it's a sad day for america when the president spends his time bullying lying and spewing petty personal attacks instead of doing his job.
5:32 pm
this. today there was an on camera briefing with sara huckabee sanders. she only took questions for about 20 minutes and i would say a solid 10 minutes that of focused on these two tweets and asking a variety of questions about them. but sanders, she t stood by and defended the president. she said he had been attacked mercilessly and will fight fire with fire. she pointed out a handful of times the cast of "morning joe" has attacked not only the president but the president's team and when asked about who she tells her children to look up to, if it is the president she says the only role model that her children should have is god: take a listen. > frankly if this had happened in the previous administration, the type of attacks launched on this program the things they say utterly stupid, personality disorder,
5:33 pm
constant personal attacks calling multiple members liars, liars to their faces while they're sitting on their programs the rest of the media would have said, guys no, way, hold on, but nobody does that. but the president he's not going to step back. he's showed that and that's exactly what he did today. look, i've been asked before when it comes to role models as a person of faith, i think we all have one perfect role model and when i'm asked that question i point to god. i point to my faith and that's where i would tell my kids to look. >> reporter: now republicans they have come back critically in response to this. this first tweet it's from congressman mike kauffman of colorado. he said the president's tweets are beneath the big dignity ofs office. it needs to stop. in a press conference earlier today speaker paul ryan it was unrelated to this of course but he was asked about it. he called the tweets inappropriate. now, some people have
5:34 pm
about what melania trump's response to this has been since she has said that her platform will be to advocate for against cyber bullying and they have compared that to this but melania trump did not come out with a statement. she said if you attack the president he's going to punch back 10 times harder. so, what do you make of all of this? we already have a lively discussion on that twitter. i'm going to be back at 5 at 5 t 6:30 giving you what we like to call the pulse of the people. way in, use that hashtag. you might just see your tweet on air. reporting live at the white house, ronica cleary, fox5 local news. >> hate crimes were a top priority at a summit today at the department of justice. attorney general jeff sessions says the department set up a task force on crime reduction with enhanced focus on hate crimes. >> so i pledge to you as long as i'm attorney general of this department of justice, we will continue to protect the civil rights of all americans an
5:35 pm
targeting of any community in our country. >> on today's -- rather at today's summit on public safety members from across the community were encouraged to voice suggestions. sessions says americans need to know they can live their lives without fear. >> ♪ >> new tonight a judge has dropped perjury charges against the former texas state trooper who arrested sandra bland back in 2015. you'll remember this dashcam video that sparked national outrage a grand jury indicted brian encinia for lying on an affidavit that he removed bland from her car to conduct a safer traffic investigation. bland was arrested during a traffic stop in 2015 after encinia claimed he assaulted her. her death was ruled a suicide. encinia was fired and has agreed
5:36 pm
enforcement again. >> new details tonight about the april shooting of an unarmed black teen by a texas police officer. officials say no alcohol or drugs were found at the party where jordan edwards was killed and added the 15-year-old had not consumed any alcohol or drugs that day. a 911 complaint about under aged drinking is what brought officers to that house. roy oliver shot and killed edwards who was in a car leaving the party. oliver has been charged with murder. >> ♪ >> a pregnant woman's purse is stolen and she chased right after him to get it back. >> but she didn't just chase him on foot. get a load of this. instead she went after him at full speed in her suv. take a look at this. >> better get out of the way. >> holy -- >> whoa, whoa. that was 26-year-old christine braswell. she was shopping at wal-mart in ashland north carolina when she saw the suspected thief robert raines rummaging through her parked car. she initially t
5:37 pm
be easier to catch him with her car. >> he was with my purse and took off and i took off after him. me being five months pregnant i chased a little ways then came back jumped in the car start it in gear and come across the curve and run him over. i was not letting him get away with it. it's not right, it's not fair. >> wow. man was indicted on three charges, he looks like he's in pain there including breaking and entering and larceny p braswell may have gotten her purse back but she was still charged with assault with a deadly weapon so doesn't mean you should do this. >> not always suggested. i understand her point but there are also consequences. it could have been far worse. >> not the way to go about it. >> a car swallowed up. >> sinkhole opens up on a downtown road. how the car owner barely escaped unharmed. >> oh, my -- >> what would you do if you came home to find a bear in your garage? we're going to show you tha
5:38 pm
one woman is not going to forget any time soon. what she did to get rid of the 400-pound surprise visitor. >> sue. >> she was smart to stay in the car that's for sure and that bear did not care did he? he definitely needed a little bit of a handout it looks like. we have had handout from mother nature, a return to summer. 91 degrees the official high at reagan national. dulles and bwi 89 and 90 and we're just getting started, it's going to be staying on the hot and humid side as we worm our way through the day on friday. couple of thunderstorms around to the west tonight and we may see a few more tomorrow. we'll talk more about hour by hour what you can expect for friday and this fourth of july weekend, it's all just ahead. come on back. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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♪ ♪ >> ♪ >> all right, take a look. this is what h
5:42 pm
a massive sinkhole swallowed a car. it happened this morning after the owner reportedly parked his car to go to the gym for a quick workout. shortly after a part of the street collapsed and his car fell in. officials say the hole was 20 feet deep about 10 feet across the the car owner and his feians first thought the car was towed until they saw it in the crater. the cause of the street collapse still under investigation but you can see water clearly flowing under there. hogs on the hey highway in tex. >> he's snoozing the. >> the truck tipped onto its side forcing traffic to stop in both directions. úpolice struggled to choral the livestock. one group of pigs wanted about a half away away from the scene of the crash before officers could catch them. >> i love that they're like oh, well, nothing is happening. one was rolling around. >> they're looking for food.
5:43 pm
>> well, i hope they're okay. >> imagine coming home to a 400-pound surprise in your garage. that's what a colorado mom encountered. >> i can't believe it. let's take a look. >> (screaming). oh, my -- >> (horn). >> the black pair right there followed danielle backstrom into her garage climbed onto her car and started sniffing around. she tried to scare the bear away. you heard her honk her horn. eventually the woman was able to get the bear oft garage and shut the door behind her. the bear is believed to be the same one who recently ate a tub of ice cream inside another neighbor's garage just a few blocks away so he's suspectd in that, too. >> he's hungry. >> yes, he is. >> bare is trying to cool off. >> trying to open that fridge look at him. >> he's hungry. >> summer you hear about these stories. they come out, look for the trash, for whatever they can get their hands on. >> wow, that is amazing. he definitely looked like he was trying
5:44 pm
fridge. >> needs better hand-hi coordination. >> he was kind of foaming, too. >> maybe that was the ice cream from the other house. >> came back for more. >> that ends the livestock block. what do we have today. >> on to weather, right. >> i don't have any animal tales but i do have maybe a dog day. what do you think? >> oh. >> kind of getting warm out there although honestly this is kind of typical for this time of year and we did hit 91 degrees in the city. we hit that at 3:40 and we're going to stay on this kind of a hot track for the next several days but you know, it's not out of control. i think that tomorrow will definitely feel warmer than today did because the humidity is going to be a little bit higher. here's why we're heating up. high pressure moving off the coast into the bermuda high position pumps in the south and southwest breezes. we just got it going today. we'll keep it going tomorrow and the summer heat is back with us for several days t i believe it will take us through the fourth of july. we may get a break after that. d.c. one of the hotter spots as we look all across
5:45 pm
coast here. 90 degrees for d.c. look at that wind direction. you can see our high pressure out there t new york city is 80 degrees though so they didn't quite get in on the hot stuff just yet and pittsburgh 84 degrees, richmond 86. but our temperatures around the region mostly feature places in the upper 80's to near 90 and as we combine in the humidity, we find that it's not that much higher than the actual temperature so we're still somewhat in bargain territory when it comes to the humidity. that will be a different story tomorrow and the because the folks at code orange air quality council of governments have assessed that risk, they have put a code orange air quality alert out for these areas and that means if you are sensitive to deteriorating air, you want to be taking it easy tomorrow during the peak heating and limit your outdoor activities. i'm sure we'll have several of those as we go through the year. tonight we have been keeping an eye on some weakening showers that have been moving mainly through western communities here. this one really weakening quickly a
5:46 pm
frederick so it will be just down to showers. another near the marshall area losing steam quickly, those aren't going to make it into d.c. tomorrow we'll find a few more in the mountains and trying to get a little bit closer but for the most part they'll have tough time doing that. for pool planner tomorrow and it should say friday, no the thursday but the numbers are right, 83 degrees at 11:00 in in the morning. by 2 o'clock we should be about 90 and then coming down at 5 o'clock but a couple of thunderstorms may be possible and again those western communities so you'll want to watch that. so, with those storms mainly west we'll still be hot but saturday the chances of seeing a thunderstorm really go up to about a 40 or 50 percent chance in the afternoon because of a frontal boundary that will be getting closer to us and taking advantage of that heat and humidity and in these green areas that's where the storm prediction center has placed a marginal risk for a severe storm. if you've got plans to be outside on saturday our
5:47 pm
those couple of showers that they're seeing out to the west now but again, you can see they really dissipate and for the most part we go through friday on a dry note. by 5 o'clock, you can see that right around the same areas we start to see one or two showers or thunderstorms pop up again. saturday starts with a little bit of cloud cover. stays dry for awhile into the afternoon but this is kind of a healthy line of showers and storms showing up right at 5 o'clock and very much right along at least the northern portion of 95 into the district. so, we want to watch for the possibility of a couple of stronger storms in there that might feature heavy rain hail and gusty winds. that frontal boundary will be the trigger. the front is moving a little bit faster. yesterday we thought it might be around more on sunday but because the front doesn't quite move through it will be mainly to our north on sunday. it's a hit or miss chance of a thunderstorm. we'll still be in the low 90's as we head into sunday and it will still be on the humid side. stow ta take -- taking a look at your weekend forecast. only an
5:48 pm
sunday with a temperature of 92 but you'll want to keep an eye on any of them this time of year because with the heat and humidity that be around some of them could get on the strong and gusty side. ocean city is going to be a good destination this weekend. for saturday maybe a couple of evening storms around but they will be spotty on sunday, low to mid 80's working through the weekend, water temperature 67. as we get into monday, it looks like temperatures should be nice, 86 degrees, lots of sunshine and a dry fourth of july for the beaches with a temperature of 85 degrees. so, definitely worth that trip. going across the bay bridge if you're heading on down there, have blast and be safe. the rest of us fourth of july in d.c. will feature a temperature of 92 degrees. isolated storm is possible but most of us stay dry but it will be on the hot side and just a little bit humid. your fox5 accuweather 7-day forecast, so we'll keep at least five of these days on our seven-day forecast into the low 90's or at 90. but then upper 80's by next wednesday and thursday. so, that will feel good as well. that's your seven-day
5:49 pm
sarah and marina, back to you. >> coming up, who is talking trash about the nationals at the white house. >> and is tim tebow now better than michael jordan. you know that's true. >> marina it's true. you if anyone should know about tebow's greatness. we'll show you how he surpassed his airness and introduce you to a heroic umpire ahead in sports.
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>> ♪ >> yesterday the cubs visited the white house for the second time since winning the world series and took the chance to talk trash about the nati nationals. cubs owner tom ricketts told the president talking about the nats "we'll see these guys in the playoffs and you'll see them crumble. hey, buddy you don't come into d.c. and talk about our sports teams crumbling in the playoffs. only we can do that. okay. [laughter] some nats fans skipping out early from work on a thursday for today's day game at nats
5:53 pm
yesterday the cubs wilson contrair are a hit the nats for a early home run and gets them early with a rbi in the first filling in nicely for the recently cut miguel montero. well, trea turner pressing his luck and contreras is not getting fired like his compatriot. trea turner is little greedy thrown out at third. still one-nothing cubs. later in the first ryan zimmerman drives him in. all right. let's go to tim tebow. you know people said that he couldn't -- he wasn't good enough for this promotion. well, in his first game after being promoted to high a port better than michael jordan at hitting minor league baseballs over the fence. jordan ended his career with three homers tebow has four. an umpire hailed a hero after he helped save a woman dangling off a bridge. he was walking into his
5:54 pm
the railing of the roberto clemente bridge. an employee for the tampa bay rrays clutched her l legs. cops rushed to the scene and were able to bring her back to safety. >> i went up to her. she said you'll just forget me after this and i said no, i'll never forget you. this is -- this is a -- you know, this was a -- an unbelievable day and i'm glad she can have another day with us and glad i was in the right place at the right time and this isn't about me. i appreciate this opportunity but i know this is just for her and that people care about her. >> now, if you think he was too shaken up to function you guessed wrong. umped the full game.e and- >> all in a days work for him. very low key. >> great when you hear these stories of people that just spring
5:55 pm
see someone needs help. on his way to work saw the woman dangling off the bridge and saved a person's life. >> tebow called dusty. >> might want a trade to the nats. >> unless tebow can close out in the ninth and throw a little bit -- he was a quarterback. not -- >> this is all coming from mccain. we'll be right back. >> that was the problem. he couldn't throw the ball.
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>> fairfax county has a brand new home. today a ribbon cutting ceremony was held for the oh family. their two bedroom home in fairfax had been condemned due to termite damage and botched repairs. more than 60 rebuilding together volunteers helped make sure the home was not only safe but energy efficient. there were several local contractors and suppliers who contributed $30,000 in materials and labor. >> thanks for being with us here at 5:00 the news at 6:00 starts now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news local news at 6:00. >> right in our at 6:00 terrifying video shows police in a shootout with a maryland man who opened fire on
5:59 pm
baltimore city bus. then, the family of a young girl heartbroken after she was struck and killed by a vre train. and. >> i was not letting him get away with it its not right. it's not fairly. >> a pregnant woman did not back down from a purse thief. the news at 6:00 tarts right now. >> a northern virginia man was released from bail. >> kevin mallory accused of selling top-secret documents to china. he worked as a special agent for the state department and he had top security clearance until they left that job back in 2012. fox5's paul wagner starts us off with the latest tonight. paul. >> reporter: hey, guys, yeah, mallory will be out of jail if he can meet certain requirements tonight but we also want to tell you that in the courtroom today, prosecutors were asked by the judge whether or not any information had been found inside his leesburg home when the fbi
6:00 pm
the prosecutor then said that they had found one sd card with eight documents on it, eight classified documents, four of them they'd already known about. he also said they had found some indication that mallory was well aware of trade craft and that they had found some wigs and also some mustaches inside the closet in the bedroom of his leesburg home o these are just some of the supporters who came to court tody, a you believe cold front dozen by my count which included mallory's son and wife. they all declined to comment as they left the courthouse late this afternoon. now, government prosecutors argued in court today that kevin mallory should remain behind bars because the chinese government would have great incentive to get him out of the country and we don't know what mallory has in his head, said the prosecutor. but the defense argued mallory is the straightest of straight arrows an army vet who was captured and


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