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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  June 30, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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be more drama stop pulling punches. >> a live look outside in stafford county virginia. boy does that look beautiful. it is friday june 30th, last friday of june. it also zip trip day. we have a lot of fun planned out in stafford county. tucker is there and in just a couple of minutes we'll check in with him for a look at your holiday forecast ahead. good morning, i'm annie yu in for allison seymour this morning. who is also hanging out in stafford county. >> i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning. let's get to breaking news coming out of fairfax county this morning where police remain on the scene of what they are calling a death investigation. >> it happened along commerce street in springfield plaza. police are also investigating an overnight robbery in that plaza. melanie alnwick live on scene with the latest. mel, what can you tell us. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys so a little bit of updated information from fairfax county police. they were first called to the scene around 2:00 this morning and they were on the other side here where there's a bi
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told that at that time they found an injured man outside. that man was taken to the hospital where he died. the man did have injuries again but police would not tell us the nature of those injuries, whether we had heard perhaps it could have been a stabbing but i just talked to a homicide detective here and he will not confirm that to us at this point. at the same time officers were also called for a possible burglary on the other side of the shopping center. a man apparently was seen breaking into a business there and officers found him inside. we're told that man also had some injuries which are not life-threatening. that man at the hospital right now. so, the question is, is it just a odd coincidence or are these two related? that's what fairfax county police are working to try to figure out right now. if we come back out live you can kind of see here this is sort of a service allele between the
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commerce street and the businesses facing what would be springfield plaza and right here is the giant. there's the red crime tape. and we've seen police taking some photographs, paying a lot of attention to those two cars that you see right by that blue dumpster. i can't see much closer there. i'm not sure, perhaps how they are related but definitely this is a pretty big area here where they are doing some investigation, not only at those vehicles but also we saw them coming in and out of the back of the giant and the back of the -- of the billiards hall as well. so, looks like they're going to be here for awhile. trying to get a little more information from police as to, you know, when are they going to classify the circumstances of that deceased man's death. as soon as we get them, of course, we'll bring them to you here on fox5 morning news. live in springfield, i'm melanie alnwick. back to you. >> thanks very much. also we're following
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george's county overnight a portion of indian head highway in accokeek closed for more than eight hours as police investigate a deadly crash. a car hit a van that was stopped at an intersection on indian head highway near pine drive. that happened about 9 o'clock. the driver of that van died at the hospital the driver of the car with serious injuries but should survive. all lanes of indian head highway for the morning commute are finally opened. annie. >> today is the first full day that president trump's travel ban will be in effect. the 90 day plan allows people with a "bona fide relationship with a person or entity" enter the u.s. the president's immigration agenda is overshadowed by new controversy surrounding his twitter war against the media. advocates now closely monitoring the rollout of president trump's amended travel ban. it went into effect thursday sparking protests. >> it's affecting the most vulnerable people right now. >> refugee group has been challenging the
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critics say it defines too narrowly who should be exempted barring almost all nonimmediate family including grandparents. >> it does affect people. it does tear families apart. >> the white house did make one change thursday saying affected travelers who have a fiancee in the u.s. can enter. this as the state of hawaii filed a court challenging asking a federal judge to clarify the criteria on relatives. meantime the white house is on defense as criticisms continues following president trump's twitter comments aimed at cable tv host mika brzezinski. >> i call him the cyber bully in chief and once again he's -- he is embarrassing our nation. >> stop. stop the disrespect. >> mr. trump commented negatively about her looks temperament and intelligence. >> obviously i don't see that as an appropriate comment. >> look, everybody wants to make this an attack on a woman. what about the constant attacks that he receives? >> meanwhile today at the it
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will meet with south korea's new leader for the second day in a row. a big topic of discussion will be the ongoing threat from north korea all this before he and the first family head to his golf course in new jersey for the holiday weekend. >> on capitol hill today, could see a draft bill and a revised version of the senate republicans healthcare bill. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell wanted to make changes to the bill after republicans failed to vote on it before the july 4th recess. we have learned that the senate's bill would cut more than 30 percent of medicaid by the year 2036 that is a deeper cut than first predicted pie the congressional budget office. the cbo predicts the bill would mean 15 million fewer medicaid recipients over the next 10 years. we were waiting for all week time to head out to our zip trip of the week. this time we're heading down to stafford county virginia. >> yay! tucker barnes is there right now standing by with our holiday weekend forecast. good morning, tuck. >> good morning, annie. yeah, we're down here in stafford county. what a beautiful sunrise we've got going. going to be an absolutely beautiful day.
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coming up but as you can see i've got a crew behind me, i've got some boy scouts, some cadets and we are here at the armed services memorial and very excited for just a great morning here across stafford county. we got a lot of exciting activities. i've got allison and holly on the way, so if you're local and you want to come down and say hi to us please do. coming up i'm going to let one of these people do some weather with me. we'll have to pick together which one we'll have do it. let's do some weather right now. as you get out the door this morning nice looking start to your -- you know what i think we can officially call eight ita holiday weekend, it's friday. lots of sunshine across the region. just a few clouds out. beautiful sunrise this morning and cool but not as cool as it's been. current temps in the low 70's. 73 right now at reagan national. 71 out in annapolis. let's see, fredericksburg close to where we are 73 degrees. 70 out at dulles. here's a look at your forecast. pretty straight forward. we're back into that summertime pattern for the next couple days. we'll go 93 this afternoon. it will get hot
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activity we get today will generally be west out along 81. if you're out in in the mountains out to the west that's your best chance for thunderstorms. coming up we'll have the weekend forecast. we'll talk to some people involved with this armed services memorial and we're going talk about all the fun exciting things we got planned, right. >> yeah. >> a little more enthusiasm right. >> i can feel at this time its in here. let's go to erin. >> it's early tucker. they'll get more enthusiastic as the morning continues. >> i know. >> looks like you're having fun out there. breaking news coming out of dale city. this is a serious crash scene blocking all the express lanes at prince william parkway. one of the lanes the left lane blocked and the main lanes as well so you are completely jammed from dale city on through this morning. keep it to the main lanes but again anticipate a big delay. you can see that arrow truck again blocking a left main lane and all of the express lanes currently shut down so you'll have to get off the express lanes where you can and hop b
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lanes. let's switch to our maps. 66 eastbound a crash after the plane. some big slowdowns right there as you make your way out. because of that, from 17 on through, aside from that in colesville columbia pike northbound closed between tech road and randolph road. big delays on 29 because of that. you'll have to choose an alternate this morning. and then southbound 95 out in spotsylvania tractor-trailer crash at mud tavern road. that is causing some delays. two lanes belonged. northbound 95 pretty pleasant towards stafford right now so from spotsylvania into stafford you're looking good. maybe you want to say hello to tucker and the crew out at the zip trip this morning. northbound 95 there's a look at that red line that's starting to grow even more to get into lorton because of that that crash and then for the rest of your friday morning commute, the beltway is still looking really nice right now and 66 light volume into fairfax. all metro rail lines on time. if you have an early morning flight to catch traffic on the way to bwi reagan national and dulles looking good and the bay bridge still year. still clear. annie and steve.
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prince georges county schools. why the county executive is speaking out this morning. >> also a big lolls for the lose nationals. trea turner out got hurt. details about his status going forward now. ouch. >> ♪ >> 6:09. and new this morning from overseas where an international watchdog group has
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was used in an attack that killed more than 90 people. that led the u.s. to conduct an air strike on the syrian military base believed to have prepared that attack. just this week the white house warned syria after it claimed there are signs of preparation for another chemical attack. also new out of germany this morning lawmakers voted to legalize same-sex marriage comes days after chancellor angela merkel paved the way for the vote. she says the country's law sees marriage between a man and a woman but says the views of those who support it must be respected. the bill is expected to pass the upper house next week. >> fire crews in california trying to get handle on pair of wildfires burning outside two of the nation's most exclusive communities, malibu and calabasas. the fire in malibu is fueled by the ocean breeze. other parts of the west are also dealing with wildfires including hard hit prescott valley arizona. progress is being mad
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but several youth summer camps had to be shut down forcing some 1400 children to evacuate. and police in florida say tennis star venus williams was at fault for a june 9th car crash that led to the death of the passenger in the other vehicle. williams' car darted into an intersection in palm beach gardens near her home. the other driver identified as linda barson said she could not stop her 2016 hyundai in time and hit williams' car. williams has not been cited or charged. the police report says she was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. >> members of congress getting more security now after the shooting in alexandria at the congressional baseball practice earlier this month. the house administration committee updated the members congressional handbook in an effort to better protect lawmakers and their aids. that means they can get reimbursed by the house for buying things like bulletproof vests. lawmakers can also request security to protect them at various events. >> now to a story you saw first on fox5 surrounding claims of grade fixing in prince george's county schools. county executive rushern baker has r
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demands the school ceo new contract be put on hold during the investigation. he says he's standing by prince george's county schools ceo kevin maxwell despite the investigation looking into grade fixing and records manipulation in the school system. he also doesn't believe grades were changed. >> in order for what they're a thirty seven have happened that means thousands of teachers would have had to participate in this. >> the county executive released a statement saying he applauds dr. maxwell and the majority of the board for asking the state board of education to conduct another investigation. schools ceo dr. maxwell continuing to deny the allegations saying there is no systemic corruption and makes it clear he hopes the investigation will put the controversy to rest once and for all. after a nearly three decade break a major music giant is bringing back vinyl. we'll have those details ahead. >> three decades. live look outside as we head to break on this friday morning its a beautiful start to the day.
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it's 6:12. >> ♪ beyond is a natural pet food that goes beyond assuming ingredients are safe... to knowing they are. going beyond expectations... because our pets deserve it. beyond. natural pet food.
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>> ♪ >> boy, that's a beautiful start to the day. great start to the weekend really if we're being honest about it. little warm, 73 degrees. >> 73 degrees out there really comfortable. >> i wi love it. >> only thing that could make that shot prettier is if we saw the face of tucker barnes. oh, and there it is. hi, tuck. >> hi, guys. good morning. we're down in stafford. i'm in front of the armed services memorial which is going to be dedicated -- nice job. very nice. in a couple of weeks. it's absolutely a beautiful memorial dedicated to everybody that served down here in stafford county. and we'll learn more about that coming up. but first i'm joined by esteemed gentleman here. your name, please. >> adam burnett. >> adam tell me why you're here this morning. >> i'm a scout and i
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because of the memorial. i think it's going to be a great thing for this. >> community, right. >> yeah. >> you enjoy being a boy scout. >> yes. it's great. >> what time do you get up every morning. >> pretty much 5:30. >> all right. so, you like to get up nice and early. >> yeah. >> so you got energy. do you like weather. >> weather's fun. >> you want to try to do the weather on tv. >> maybe. >> we'll do it together. >> yeah, i would. >> let's go to the maps. not bad out this morning. >> yeah, not bad at all. >> comfortable in shorts. >> very comfortable. >> what would the temperature be in warrant right now. >> washington is 73 right now. >> how about new york city. >> new york city would be 74. >> all right. you know what, don't be too good at this job. i got bills to pay. >> yeah, okay. >> let's go to our next map and show you what we got going on. that's what we call satellite and radar. pretty quiet, right. >> very quiet. >> you don't see any rain or thunderstorms. >> nothing, nothing. >> there might be a storm this afternoon but most of the day is going to be kind of partly sunny. >> just slightly moving in. >> yeah, hot and humid. >> hot and humid. >> you like hot and humid. >> well, hot's okay but
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it messes up my hair. >> you got a nice set of hair. were he don't want to mess this up. >> i don't want to mess this up at all. >> you like going to the peach. beach. >> not today. >> 67 right now. >> that's the water temperature. >> water temperature is great. >> together be in 80's this weekend. >> wonderful. 80's. >> maybe a storm on saturday with a temperature of 83. that's our best chance of storms this weekend. most of the weekend is going to be nice and quiet. as we get into the seven day, we're looking at temperatures which are going to be in the 90's next couple of days. and quick heads up for fourth of july. what are you doing for the fourth adam. >> wewe will staying home. >> you going see fires works. >> yeah, fireworks display in fredericksburg. >> 93 degrees for fourth of july on tuesday. you know what i think we're going to keep it dry. we thought we would have storms on tuesday. looks like it's going to be dry. >> thanks for your help. >> what do i have to do to get one of those uniforms. >> go to the scout store. >> toss it into erin. >> back to you erin. >> thank
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great job helping tucker with the for forecast. enjoy the fourth of july fireworks. skyfox over breaking news. this is 29 columbia pike northbound. shut down with a big crash scene between tech road and ranolph road. southbound traffic moving with a rubberneck delay. folks slowing down to check out that scene. you'll have to choose an alternate this morning. watch for big delays building. let's switch it over from skyfox to problems in dale city. take a look at this scene. huge crash scene northbound 95 all the express lanes completely blocked at prince william parkway. the left lane on the main lanes blocked as well. traffic is basically parked in dumfries. 95 northbound in dale city all express lanes blocked. one left main line blocked. we also have metro issues. earlier train malfunction at vi
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residual delays to new carrollton. all other metro rail lines on time this morning. as we look at 66 crash after the plains. that's causing a delays back to 17 and then southbound 95 tractor-trailer crash in spotsylvania by mud tavern road. traffic northbound to stafford looking good if you want to head out for the zip trip. back to you annie and steve. >> thanks erin. the fourth of july weekend is here. that means the beach in ocean city is a but to get packed. and getting to the beach could be tough. here's a live look for you at the toll plaza at sandy point. traffic looking good right now but it wi it will pick up later today. according to aaa more than 44 million people nationwide traveling more than 50 miles. most expected to drive thanks to record low gas prices. in case you were wondering aaa says the weekend's most popular destination is orlando. >> really? not going to drive there. >> nice and close. >> airfare is ridiculous if you're trying to last minute trip
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dunkin donuts rolling out new flavors. >> first though a concert crasher. a dog with great taste in music. he's a classical dog we might say decided he wanted to get a little closer to the stage as a matter of fact on the stage during a classical performance and happened in turkey. dog loved the music so much he was just like you know what, i'm just going to chill right here by the first chair at the violin section. >> serenade me. >> audiences enjoyed the surprise guest. is he not well behaved. and the show must go on as does ours after the break. you've got a thousand different fabrics to pick from. very customizable. you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier.
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>> 6:22. time for our business beat right now. vinyl making a comeback in a big way of first though we shall check the market. joining us from fox business network studios, lauren we survived its friday morning. we survived a rough day in the markets we have the, nobody in the tech sector liked the tenth anniversary of the iphone apparently. what happened? >> reporter:sn
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anniversary of apple's legendary iphone, we have a major tech wreck. nasdaq sold off 90 points almost 2 percent yesterday. the dow didn't do much better down 167. you know, bank stocks were up much that's one positive i have for you but tech stocks are very expensive. and we heard from several central banks and other places. essentially saying look, our economies are doing a little bit better we might need to cut back on the stimulus, the punch that the market loved so much. anyway, we had major tumble. this morning look we're heading into the holiday weekend. we might not see too much volume although quickly i want to point out it is the final day of the week, the month the quarter and the first half of the year so that says something. nonetheless we might not have a lot of participation. >> have those monitors always been behind you or i never noticed them. you've never noticed them. different as of this week. >> ah. >> reporter: starting monday. but you weren't
6:24 am
>> i was. i'm just sleepy today. vinyl has been, you know, the hipster trend for a long time now as far as coming back but now the big players are getting back involved into mass producing the vinyl. >> reporter: sony will make vinyl records once again in march of next year. not sure what genre they're going to start with. this is where the money is. for young people they're just cool. they're retro for people who appreciate the sound of music, they love it. so, what's old is new again and the we have seen a huge uptick in vinyl record sales. in fact you can actually go and buy record players now. >> yeah, and you're right. >> reporter: play other forms of digital media, too. >> i know. you can kind of double down on that. but you're right the money is there because they're charging more for vinyl now than ever before. maybe i'm sleepy because it's friday. it's been a long week. if only i had the day off today, lauren, like so many people apparently across the country have now. >> reporter: fox needs you too much. that's never going to happen but basically four i
6:25 am
employees summer friday's. that's according to gardener and the reason why is they feel if they give their employees the opportunity to get stuff done, to take a vacation early, a couple of extra hours a week especially during the summer they'll be more loyal and more productive. >> makes a big difference. which do you choose if i presented both to you right now. >> reporter: s'mores. dunkin donuts out with their summer doughnuts and i think of, you know, making a s'mores out of fire in the summer. we do it every year. the s'mores doughnuts coming out on july 3rd and the chocolate drizzled strawberry croissant doughnut i don't know how a chocolate covered strawberry is reminiscent of summer but they say it goes well with their cold brew. >> summertime strawberries, summer seems a little heavy to me. >> reporter: okay, fine. i'll eat it i'm just saying. you would take a s'mores too. >> i'll take the s'mores first. that's the first round pick
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lauren have a fantastic weekend. have fun in the hamptons this weekend you fancy person you. >> reporter: i will. you have fun, too. did you make plans. >> i'm sticking around here but it will be fun. >> reporter: okay. >> all right. thanks. have a good weekend. bye-bye. she wins. >> i know, right. >> hamptons, here. >> hard to compete there. >> all right. hi, guys. >> how are you. >> we got a great day today. hot day today, though. you felt it yesterday, right. >> oh, yeah, it picked up. in the morning it was cool but then as the afternoon hours and into the evening, it did get a little humid for me. >> summertime is back. >> a little uncomfortable. >> bad news annie it's sticking around. code. a air quality in effect today for those sensitive groups very old very young limit your times outdoor during the peak heating hours this afternoon. here's your futurecast. storms today t-mostly out to the west. i-81 over the mountains off to the west there, that's where most of them will be. moving it forward into tonight we'll get some clouds around, maybe a passing shower. for the most part it's a dry dayod
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saturday will depend on how much sun we get. we could pop some storms in the afternoon. tucker is going to look at your weekend in detail in about 10 minutes. your forecast for today 93 trees. hot, hot, hot. >> get out early if you can. hi erin. good morning. >> good morning. 6:27 and a a lot of problems on the roads. in montgomery county dealing with a crash on northbound 29 columbia pike. completely shut down between tech road and randolph road. first responders investigators on scene getting ready to tow one of the vehicles involved out of the way. july to dee -- you'll have to detour around that. rubberneck delay on the southbound side. 95 northbound a parking lot from 234 out in dumfries up through prince william parkway. every express lane blocked. left lane blocked in the main lanes. bail out, take route one northbound. otherwise you'll be sitting in at least a 45 minute delay. keep it to fox5 news morning. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> we're back here at 6:30. we have two breaking traffic problems to tell you about right there on your screen. skyfox over northbound columbia pike at cherry hill road near calverton maryland. there's a nasty crash there causing some serious backups. the other camera you see is a growing problem for commuters coming north on 95 in northern virginia. wee we know 95 can always be a mess but this is not helping. a crash closes all the 95 express lanes at the prince william parkway. one lane of the main lanes of 95 is also blocked and delays are growing as we speak. erin
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around in a few minutes. first we want to say welcome back to fox5 news morning on this friday. we're also following some breaking news out of fairfax county this morning. police remaining on the scene of what they're calling a death investigation right now. it happened early this morning along commerce street in the springfield plaza. police are also investigating an overnight robbery in that same plaza. no word if the cases are connected. melanie alnwick there will bring us a live report shortly. meanwhile all lanes of indian head highway in accokeek maryland are back opened at this hour. they were closed near pine drive for hours overnight as police investigated a deadly accident. the driver of a van was killed when a car hit the van as it sat at an intersection. the driver of the car was seriously hurt but should survive. we continue to follow the tragic story of a 13-year-old girl struck and killed by a vre train wednesday afternoon. we're told that reyhan safoglu was out with her old brother and cousin hiking near the railroad tracks by bull run bridge when she was hit and killed by a train. her mother says her whole world fell apart and she hopes no other part
6:32 am
say goodbye to their child this way. >> i want to honor her and she would want this. she loved the attention. she was a singer. she was in orchestra. she played the violin. she loved to perform. so, this is her final performance. >> favoring county police are warning people about the dangers of hanging out near railroad tracks. they say you never know how fast that train is coming until it's too late. "morning joe" host mika brzezinski and joe scarborough expected to address the tweets aimed at the pair. president trump's tweets in his which he criticized brzezinski's appearance set off a firestorm of back large many have criticized the president saying he crossed the line. the fallout is casting a shadow on things like healthcare and his travel ban. and happening today, the district is gearing up for the fourth of july holiday weekend. d.c. mayor muriel bowser will reveal how the city plans to keep everyone safe
6:33 am
tips on heat exhaustion as temperatures are expected to be in the 90's this weekend. a several new laws will take effect in d.c., virginia and maryland. beginning tomorrow, minimum wage will increase in the district in maryland to $12.50 in d.c. and $9.25 in maryland. also in maryland, good news for breweries. they will be allowed to sell more beer up to 2,000 barrels a year. and all schools in maryland will be required to have an overdose drug on hand and trained staff on how to use it and in virginia, drivers caught blocking faster moving track in the left lane will now face a $100 fine. drivers will also be less likely to lose their license for a first time marijuana offense and that is in virginia. steve. >> all right, loving that left lane traffic law change. let's keep it moving. let's keep it moving here too. we'll do the bad news first and then the bad news. nats finishing up a four game series against the cubs. pick it up in the sixth dusty not happy
6:34 am
call. baker denied a second look didn't like it was ejected. nats are great after seven innings. anthony rendon his 16th homer of the season. to the ninth. runners on the corners gives up the rbi single. two runners score. close at the plate but that will do it nats lose the game five-four. and then after the game, more bad news. a much bigger loss perhaps. star short stop trea turner leading the major leagues in stolen bases, you can't hit with a broken wrist and when you hit the guy in the wrist and it breaks he's going to be out for awhile. indefinite how long e he'll be out. could keep him out as little as six weeks or the rest of the season. the 22-year-old speedster leads the majors with 35 steals. good news for s
6:35 am
name redskins. looks like they will do just that. the justice department giving up the legal fight over the name of your washington football team. in a letter to the a federal appeals court the department says they are dropping legal acion against the name because of last week's supreme court decision in another case where a rock band won the right to copyright their name despite a offensive connotation. so they will be the redskins. round two of the quicken loans national at tpc potomac in maryland gets under way at 7:15 this morning. last year's winner a local guy. the winner is david ling mer. doesn't have a top 10 finish on the pga tour this season. he gets points by saying he watches the washington capitals and he likes the caps and he loves hockey. finally the confederation cup soccer's precursor to the world cup a big deal in soccer crazed chile. maybe too big of a deal. that's not in somebody's living room. that tv is in an operating room. yes, this is video of doctors
6:36 am
against portugal so intently they stopped the surgery they were performing. but since they're professionals they managed to keep their composure during their excitement. well in the background they were celebrating but the doctors kept the example where they needed to be. thats good us into for the patient who had no idea or maybe the patient elected to be awake so they could also watch the game. that we will never know but it doesn't look like it because they look really sleepy. >> bizarre. >> let's check in with our friend tucker barnes out in stafford, virginia this morning. good morning, tucker. >> good morning, annie. having a great morning down here. just getting things startd the. we're going to be here until 11:00 so come down and see us if you're in stafford county. earlier i was at the armed services memorial. this is a veterans breakfast. they're up early and looks like they're going to have some pretty good food. we'll talk to some people that are involved with the creation of the arm services memorial in just a couple minutes but what a great start to the morning out here. weather cou
6:37 am
really it's very comfortable. temperatures have fallen back into the low 70's and we're featuring daytime highs on the hot side later today, back up into the low 90's. so it will be a hot day. 73 right now in washington. there are your winds out of the south at 13. and wow, we just skipped right across the maps. 93 is our forecast high today. i do that want to throw out there there may be a scattered storm late this afternoon. best chance is going to be west. those of you out in hagerstown out in the mountains you have the best chance of a storm today. much better chance of storms tomorrow so let's mention i think tomorrow afternoon we'll have some storms around. hey, weekend forecast, there it is, saturday scattered storms, 91. most of that storm activity will be in the afternoon hours. could be a few strong ones. sunday looks hot, 92. we'll keep it dry. here's the best part. we had storms in the forecast for tuesday. we've taken those out so it looks right now like fourth of july will be dry and we'll keep temperatures in the 90's for daytime highs the next couple days. overnight lows in the low to mid 70's. all right, coming up we're going to talk to some great people out here in stafford county about the memorial and we got a lot
6:38 am
including holly and allison who should be showing up momentarily. that coming up. erin how are roads looking this morning. >> got a lot of problems. >> south on 95. >> southbound 95 dealing with a rubberneck delay through dale city. huge issues on the northbound side. first this is a view as you head out near the calverton are on 29. this is northbound where all lanes of traffic completely shut down between tech road and randolph road. that is as you make your way through the area of randolph road and cherry hill road where the road splits. avoid that area. the off-ramp is opened there but again, southbound side also dealing with a rubberneck delays. let's take a look at 95. huge issues there. every single express lane blocked on 95 northbound at prince william parkway. traffic is being rerouted to the main lanes south of that closure point and also keep in mind the left lane of the main lanes is blocked. notice how traffic's moving under 5 miles an hour there. well, that trend continues all the way back through dumfries at 234 and we're seeing southbound rubberneck delays. if you don't want to sit in
6:39 am
about 45 extra minutes of traffic exit before 234, take route one northbound but watch for congestion there as well. a lot of bailout traffic right now and we're hearing this crash should be out there for at least had a half hour to an hour before they're able to reopen those express lanes. it's involving an overturned vehicle so serious crash scene there. keep it to fox5 news morning. we'll take a look at more traffic and keep you updated on metro its on time right now as we continue. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. your time now 6:41. back now with what's trending on the web this friday morning. first up, it is getting hot here in the district but that's nothing compared to a city in iran. yesterday a city in the southwest part of the country posted its hottest temperature on record, 129 degrees. that is very hot. and it may have tied the world record for the hottest temperature ever. next up a 16-pound baby was born in indiana. the baby's father says when doctors weighed the infant they said oh my god. they ended up weighing him three times to be sure. he's roughly the size of a six month old baby. mom says she thought the scale was actually broken. kudos to mom. would you pay $10,000 for this? this everybody is a pizza bikini. it's the creation of a restaurant group called villa italian kitchen. they say they set you up with a food stylist you get
6:43 am
with the freshest ingredients including homemade hand prayed dough and the fr freshest mozzarella cheese. only one has been made. >> wikipedia says 134 degrees in california in 1313. either way 129, 134 super hot. minions are back. kevin coming back with his review of despicable me three. the actress he interviewed and her shout-out to d.c.'s mayor. interesting. then after the break we're headed back to stafford county virginia. already getting a workout in early this morning at 6:43. that's where our zip trip is. hey, good morning. tucker is at a cafe honoring veterans this morning you can see the workouts going on and that's where everybody is going to be in a few minutes. allison and holly on their way down now. >> ♪
6:44 am
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>> ♪ >> what a great start to the day it is. not just here in washington, d.c. bust a little bit south of here, about 45 miles south down to stafford. that is the site of today's zip trip. >> uh-huh. >> allison and holly will be there in just a minute but tucker is the one who got the early call this morning. good morning, tuck. >> hey, steve, yeah, i did get the early call. i was on the road like 4:00 in the morning. a little tired. we're down in stafford. i've been down here for just a couple hours. i'm amazed at the beauty here. i am joined and i'm going to
6:47 am
by a group involved with the armed services memorial. there's a veterans breakfast going on behind me. they'll tell us the thinking behind the memorial because it's a beautiful memorial. so what's your name and tell me your role. >> i'm dan, i'm the attorney in this county and i'm chairman of the working group that raised the funds for the armed services memorial. >> and i hear a group of high school kids were -- did the original design is that true. >> we have five high schools in stafford county and each of them provided a design for this memorial. it was all incorporated in the memorial and so the youth provided the design really for this memorial. >> and the dedication of the memorial is in a couple weeks. are you planning a big day around that. >> we certainly are. it's the 15th of july. it is at 10 o'clock in the morning. the commander of thear
6:48 am
corps will be here as the keynote speaker. we'll have big celebration, a big dedication. >> very quickly just because we were talking off camera for a minute you got some family history here in stafford county, hm. >> we -- my family came here somewhere around 1825. that's when they bought the farm that i live on. so, yes, we've been here quite awhile. >> clearly the family hasn't left you're still here so what makes stafford county so special. >> well, stafford county is a -- a county where people are really dedicated to one another. the classic example of that is that we started raising money for this last memorial day. that's memorial day 2016. by nine months later we were doing the groundbreaking. we have raised $840,000 for this memorial. >> wow. >> in a little over a year. and the memorial will be finished by the 15th of july and really -- your viewers ou
6:49 am
it's right off of interstate 95. it honors all veterans not just stafford county veterans but all veterans and it's unique in the sense that it honors the families of those veterans as well. and if you have ever had a relative in a combat zone, you know what the family goes through. the stresses of running a family and will my loved one come back. >> right. all right, now speaking of someone very special that's been involved in it, please tell me your name. >> my name's liz davis and i am a local gold star parent. >> thank you. >> me name's liz davis and i'm a local gold star widow. this memorial is very special to me and a huge honor of mine that i get to be a part of it because my husband was killed in the line of duty. so, it represents a place for us to bring our daughter to memorialize her father and all of his friends. it's also place
6:50 am
buddies to come and honor their heroes and their buddies as well. >> well, i'm so sorry for your loss but we really appreciate you taking time out to talk to us today. one final person. your name, please. >> laura sellers. >> what's your role here. >> i represent the district and i live here in the neighborhood on the board of supervisors so welcome to the neighborhood. >> well, thank you. are you going to help me with breakfast. >> we -- i will help you eat breakfast. >> okay, i appreciate it. thank you everyone for joining me. >> quickly i'm going to do the forecast and again a-beautiful memorial. it's going to be dedicated on july 15th. >> that's correct. 1000 hours. >> and i'm sure we'll put more information up on our web site if you want more information about it. we'll be in the low 90's today. i think we keep it dry this afternoon. best chance of a storm this weekend will be saturday afternoon and then sunshine sunday monday and now tuesday, fourth of july looks great so want to come down to stafford county for fourth of july, it will be a great day for it. erin that's the latest. veterans breakfast down in stafford county. >> eat for me. go
6:51 am
into the calverton area. things are looking good on the southbound side rubberneck delay dissipated but big problems in virginia. let's start you off with a new crash taking a look at our cameras. 66 eastbound by 50 previously all the left lanes blocked with the fire department they were able to temporarily stop traffic and get that many over to the right shoulder o delays of about 15 minutes. as we switch to 95, look at this nasty scene out in dale city. all of the express lanes are blocked by a crash involving an overturned vehicle. now they were able to reopen all the main lanes. the left lane is reopened. but you're basically parked from 234 in dumfries past this point. they're rerouting traffic from the express lanes back to the main lanes to get them through. looks like right now the left lane of the express lanes is get by but so much bailout traffic you're jammed up through woodbridge. one express lane moving but very slowly. that's your traffic. >> erin thank you very much. okay. it is 6:51
6:52 am
here's the thing. we are looking forward to a jam packed good day d.c. today starting at 9 o'clock this morning. actor jared leto is going to join us today. kenny lattimore is going to be with us in studio today. the bachelorette's luke pell a country singer going to be performing at nationals park. first he comes here to hang out with us. davis who you know who has been on the show before very funny all live and real housewives gisele bryant is going to be our guest co-host today. lots going on. >> all that plus all the fun from our zip trip in stafford virginia, it is a must watch morning as always, steve. >> all right. time for the fox beat right now. once again, on the road isn't new orleans where he has been drinking hurricanes all night long so this should be fun on this movie review friday. >> let's check in with kevin mccarthy. >> i had a nice bottle of water no hurricanes because high to see "despicable me 3" last night after my interviews for girls trip. the film itself i'm down here fo
6:53 am
i have been mentioning that all week. yesterday i sat down with wrregina hall. she's from d.c. she used to work at the mazda gallon real movie station down the street from our station. she has a very special best friend of hers that we all know and wanted to give her a shout out. watch this. >> and now my friend my childhood friend is the mayor of d.c. muriel. >> farrell. >> wait, you know mayor bowser. >> that's my best friend's cousin. i'll gru up with muir. >> she's on our station all the time. >> oh is she. >> give her a message. >> youmuriel i won't tell what we've done on our trips. you're the mayor now. some things are best kept secret. >> i need a get out of jail free card when i come to your city. >> muriel is great. >> she's amazing. i love her. that's cool. i didn't know you knew her. >> since -- probably since she was four or five. >> thought it was a really cool moment. i didn't know they knew each other and also shout out to an amazing fox5 fan by the way. i was doing my interviews with queen
6:54 am
smith and there were a bunch of fox5 fans down on the street yelling up at everybody and the one of the fans actually took a photo of my interview with jada and queen latifah. when i went down and met her she was super nice her and her husband were here for her husband's birthday. shout out to those amazin fox5 fans who were here for the essence festival yesterday. it was really cool. >> awesome kev. want to get to the reviews. we'll fly through these this time. baby driver i can't wait to hear about what you had to say about this movie. >> real quick lightning round baby driver the new film directed by edgar wright. the majority of the action in the film is o on beat with the soundtrack. you have jamie foxx you have an sell l gourd lily james, great film one of the most inventive and most ■original films. we need to support more movies like this in hollywood. edgar wright is a phenomenal film make its a heist movie a love story as well. the lead characters is a get away driver trying to get
6:55 am
a debt to kevin spacey's character. it's a 4.5 out of 51 of the best movies of the year. go see support original cinema. next up is the big sick. another original film based on a true story. the lead star of this film, you know him from silicone valley amazing in the film. has a lot of comedy drama. you'll laugh, cry it's amazing 4.5 out of five. one of the best films of the year. it's based on a true story of him and his wife in the first year of their relationship and she got very sick and he had to meet her parents. ray romano plays her father in the film. next up "despicable me 3". it's decent. i saw it last night. i thought it was very forgettable after all ooh. i thought it was fun. i think it's a fun family film. i think steve carell is great. this time around his character grew meets his twin brother drew and tray parker plays the villian. you know him from south
6:56 am
its decent. not as good as the first one but i gave it a 3.5 out of five. minions always funny put it's passible and good fun for the kids this weekend if they want to see it. >> all great options. kev thanks very much. úwe'll see you again next hour. have if unin new orleans. good options there. hi, mike. >> high guys. quick look at the weather forecast. here's the seven day. today 93. any storms should mostly stay west of town. afternoon for some storms sunday's dry. all eyes of course on tuesday. we took storms out of the forecast. looks good for the parade and for fireworks at night. >> awesome. >> very nice, mike, very nice. >> quick check on traffic. here's erin. >> hey, right now we're still dealing with some big problems at 6:56. this is a look at 66 eastbound by 50. crash has cleared off to the shoulder and it looks like traffic is just completely packed from fairfax county parkway to past 50. still about a 20 minute delay. 95 northbound in -- at prince william parkway in dale city. all main lanes reopened. once again they did have one right lane moving in the expr
6:57 am
this is an overturned vehicle crash. all express lanes once again blocked. main lanes looking good. route one northbound because of bailout traffic very heavy in woodbridge. keep it to fox5 news morning. more news, weather and traffic for your 7 o'clock hour. >> ♪ bassett is unique in regards to that customability. you've got a thousand different fabrics to pick from. very customizable. you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> breaking right now at 7 o'clock on the scene of what is
7:00 am
investigation in fairfax county. happened just hours ago at the springfield plaza. what police are saying led up to the violence. >> plus, what will he tweet today? president trump touching off a social media storm. will there be more drama today or will the president start pulling his punches. >> live look outside in stafford county virginia. great start to the day there as it is elsewhere but we're focusing on stafford today because that is the site of today's zip trip location. we have a whole bunch of fun planned. allison holly tucker all down there this morning and we'll check in with them in a couple minutes. >> we're saying good morning to you. i'm maureen umeh. >> and i'm steve chenevey. >> if you're just waking up this morning at 7 o'clock here's a live look outside shaping up to be hot holiday weekend. look at that, just looks kind of heavy, right. >> little bit there. starting to feel that heavier air yesterday afternoon. let's get a quick check on weather and traffic right now. mike and erin standing by. >> hey guys absolutely hot and heavy out there yesterday. hot and heavy once again later on this afternoon with temps headed back to those 90's. weekend loo p


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