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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  June 30, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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through the mall parking lo you can see is a suspect in a gray southwest, they wore the color red and assumed they were members of a gang. he ordered other ms members to scare the victims by slashing car tires assaulting them. >> as a result of mistakenly these men as being members of a rival gang, mr. saldavar who was 16 ordered them to be killed and other members to track them down. not gang members, they just were in gang by the mall, controlled by 18th street crew and they were wearing clothing and it was the wrong color. >> john mccarthy said he faces more than 60 years in prison when sentenced
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members tied to organized crime >> he told fox 5 today, state lawmakers need to go back to the drawing board and revise the current statute because it isn't strong enough. kristen is live with more on what he had to say. >> reporter: good evening, the statement attorney left nothing off the table regarding the current gang statute here in maryland. he said in order to prosecutes under that statute, he would need to go through a long list of criteria to do so essentially. which, for him, he was saying is very, very frustrating, especially here in montgomery county, where we're told gang violence is on the rise >> it's not enough and i will tell you that has not been enough to fully address gang crimes in montgomery county. we have a real challenge for the legislatures in maryland to go back to the drawing board and begin designing greater
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particularly here in montgomery county to help us combat gangs. >> knew, we also spoke with montgomery county leaders today and they say they recognize on their end the gang activity has indeed escalated in the could you not but they're still working hard with local and federal law enforcement on their end. and as far as why it's gotten so bad, as of right now, there's no real answer. >> at continuing challenge. you know, gangs have taken root in some places in the county and some places throughout the metro area, but we're working hard with the feds, with state. with others to try and combat the gangs. >> reporter: according to the state's attorney, a lot of these gang members are unaccompanied minor whose come into the county and are recruited into the sort of lifestyle. nowing, we're told as of right now, there are about 5200 unaccompanied minors in montgome
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range from anyone from kids who come from broken families, kids who have no parents and kids who are refugees. live in montgomery county this evening, kristen leone, fox 5 local news. breaking right now, in new york city, a massive police response at the bronx-lebanon hospital as the investigation into what is believed to be a murder suicide is ununfolding, happened around 3:00 inside the hospital. we're learn, the gunman who opened fire was a doctor who formally worked there. police say doctor henry bella walked into the building with a rifle opened fire killing one woman and injured six others before turning the gun on himself, he was listed on the hospital's website as a family medicine physician, at this point, the motive for the shooting is unclear. looking for the mother of an abandoned baby left on a doorstep in maryland. poli a
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he was left on a doorstep this morning in the 2000 block of forest drive in annapolis. officials say the baby appears to be in good health is being cared for at the hospital, but concerns about the health and welfare of the child's mother. under save haven law, distressed parents can give up custody with no questions asked. they can be left at hospitals or law enforcement stations. the second time this week, the prince george's county police have issued a warning to all illegal dirt bike and atv riders, stay off the streets or else. the riders are putting themselves and other people in danger and today, released photographs of some of these riders trying to identify. fox 5 paul wagner joins us live from national harbor tonight with more on the story. paul? >> reporter: sarah and lauren, the police in this area have been trying
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handle on this problem. they will not chase the atvs and dirt bike, it's far too dangerous, they've been trying to come up with tactic, been using helicopters, trying to coral them in places. now, they've come up with new tactic. very good quality digital photographs. a pack of illegal riders swarm the streets of national harbor. driving their two and four-wheelers against traffic, popping wheelies and whizzing down sidewalks with seemingly no regard for people in their way >> various community events we're getting a lot of feedback. the citizens do not want this in prince george's county. they reiterate time and time again we worked hard to bring this county to a place where it's much better than it used to be >> one of the first aggressive tackics is to release good quality photos of some riders. these were taken by citizens. surveillance cameras, and police
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dash cameras. can you identify them? deputy chief chris murtha said they asked for help and are getting it >> they're giving us tips on people who are storing bikes, where, the names of people. >> reporter: he says many of the four and two wheelers have been stolen and the police produced pictures of these men, investigators say stole this dirt bike from a teenager this week in fort washington. >> the victim puts this for sale on social media. they responded to the ad. they showed up in his house at this vehicle. once they arrived on scene, this gentleman pulled out a handgun. >> reporter: police deployed atvs of their own, along with bicycles and motorcycles as they try to end what police say a very dangerous game >> we never want to be engaged in a pursuit. we will not meet their behavior with our
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they're not going to out run the helicopter. >> reporter: they're not publicizing all of their tactic, they're ready if the pack hits the streets again. chris murtha said keep those calls coming. they've been getting a lot. they're helpful, at national harbor, there's a sign at the entrance that says, atv imaging in use. basically, warning these people that if you come into this area, on your dirt bike, on your atv, we're taking your photo. live in national harbor, paul wagner fox 5 local news. i hope you're not trying to get across bay bridge right now or know anybody that is. look at the traffic there. this is the toll plaza at the bay bridge. live pictures from skyfox right now. clearly everybody is making the big get away and
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across the bridge right now. >> if you're heading westbound >> come on in. some people it was their vacation week, maybe they're coming back home. it is a very hot afternoon out there but perfect to head somewhere cooler like everything is thinking headed to the beach for the long holiday weekend. look at temperatures outside. 90 degrees in washington. 88 there in annapolis crossing the bay bridge to hopefully cooler spots, you got to go a little ways to make it to the coast. 91 in baltimore. 97, that is the air temperature in westminster, 91 in frederick. it's 88 at dulles, 88 in manassas. it's been fairly humidity, nothing too oppressive because you can see these heat index numbers are not too far from the air temperature, while we've had humidity over past couple days, it's not too bad. i believe it will be worse as we get to tomorrow. storm tracker quiet. we've had a mix of sun and clouds. the only exception would be
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hagerstown seeing downpours and back along the 81 corridor. we got a couple of downpours with lightening. a little bit thunderstorm activity around martinsberg through hasn't cock. but the general motion of thunderstorms that develop will be off towards the north and east you can see theme moving into pennsylvania by 10:00. overnight we'll call for partly cloudy skies but it will be mild. and you'll feel the humidity, the thick cloud cover when you wake up. your evening planner, starting off the holiday weekend right. it's quiet, dry, it's not but we want that weather this time of year, 87 partly cloudy skies and storm-free here in the district. 83 by 9:00 p.m. 80 by 11:00. low temperatures are only falling into the mid 70's, 76 there in the district. what's ahead? it is a hot holiday weekend with humidity, and some thunderstorms chances only one day, and i'll have that coming up. we'll take a look at the beach forecast too. sarah? >> thanks. coming up the nra video upsetting
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>> it's to fight this violence of lies with a erin como. ed fist of truth >> it's taking aim at liberals and insighting civil war >> president trump surgeoning a threat into reality. action he's take in chicago to combat the violence. >> two construction workers injured while working on the second level of a site. the dramatic rescue efforts to get them down safely coming up. ely coming up.
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. nra standing line behind an ad making rounds. prompting strong criticism even from gun owners. we headed out to get reaction. >> they use their media to as 98. schools two teach president is hitler. >> reporter: this has been viewed nearly 5 million times, some say it calls for civil war >> and then use the ex-president to endorses the resistance. all to make them march and protest, scream regional and sexism and homophobia, to mash windows, burn cars >> mbe
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hide with that ad >> that's crazy. >> i think it's just another sign of how divided we've become. >> reporter: most agree the video was powerful but reaction is mixed >> they did a great job. it will get a strong reaction pro and against. people that are pro will go ahead and join >> it's comical, fear based using the few things that happened, blowing it out of proportion. i agree 100%. i think that some hutch high crime rates would allow people to carry firearms i think you'd see gun violence to go down >> the only way we stop this, and our freedom is to fight this violence of lies with erin como. ed fist of truth. >> reporter: civil rights activities with a black lives matter movement wrote. the ad is an open call to violence to protect white
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if i made a video like this, i'd be in jail. and virginia representatives don beyer said the nra has been trying to exploit this. dana losh points out even though it's just going viral. it was originally posteded in april. she tells fox news she's not calling for violence but instead condemning it >> i'm talking over video clips that she actual leftist violence with property damage, arson, physical assault and apparently me condemning violence is what's insighting and dividing america. this lawmaker was somehow suggesting i was exploiting virginia when in fact, i was: let's have civil discussion, bad things are going to happen because there are crazy people out there. >> reporter: the
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did was point out leftest violence and america's right to defend themselves. there's an online petition asking facebook to remove the add. nearly 20,000 signatures so far. after threatening to send in the feds to chicago, president trump says he is now officially sending an agent to combat the ongoing violence in the city. earlier, president trump tweeted, crime and killingings in chicago have reached epidemic proportions that i'm sending in federal help. 1,714 shootings in chicago a year. officials say the gun strike force will be a team of city cops, federal agents and state troopers who will focus on stopping the flow of illegal gun and repeat gun offenders. president trump welcomed moon jae-in to the white house today. the pair delivered a joint statement in the rose garden. both leaders made it clear that addressing the
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from north korea is a top priority. earlier in the day, moon joined mike pence at the war memorial. this is his first trip to the u.s. fireworks look spectacular. but it's not all fun and games. >> how you can make your your 4th of july celebration don't go up in smoke. >> when you got to go, you got to go. celebrating on the national mall this holiday, we have news that you can definitely use, where the best public potties are. >> did you know this is social media day. isn't that every day? alexandria police department is celebrating the occasion by making light of some of your mean tweets. it's pretty funny. you're i'm going to want to take a look. >> you guys are the ghost, good job, so good job. >> tom brady is the only
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>> wtg@alexandria vapd due points wtoptraffic. i have no what any of that meant.
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look at that traffic. this is eastbound route 50 at sandy point approaching the bay bridge. heavy and slow there at the toll plaza especially to the left. everything >> it's going to be a mess out there for awhile. you might want to hold out for a little bit. maybe before hitting the road. because i know we're just a few days from the 4th of july holiday. but of course, it's going to be busy, no matter where you go. >> exactly. a huge crowd is expected as in years past to turn out to watch the fireworks and attend the concert on capitol hill. dc police say security will prepa preparation
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>> we will be prepared. we don't talk about that specifically in public, because people who may want to do harm to the district of columbia are listening but we're aware of the potential threat of the vehicle attacks to any of the events that we have in the city. we have prepared in-depth to make sure that doesn't happen in our community. >> there are credible threats, but police want you to be alert and aware of your surroundings at all times. and they say, of course, if you see something, say something. as we head to the holiday weekend. many may be planning to go see those fireworks or put on your own fireworks display. experimenting might be illegal. erin como caught up with mark brady to find out what you need to know to be safe this 4th of july. >> reporter: for this edition of firehouse friday we're at prince george's county at the district heights station, surrounded by the bomb squad and we have
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brady joining us. >> it's good to be here. >> reporter: safety is 4th of july weekend. a lot of folks are experimenting with fireworks, that is illegal here. tell us a little bit about that. >> both prince george's county and montgomery county, locally, all fireworkses from the smallest spark up to your largest ground display are illegal. we know that other jurisdictions have different laws surrounding the use of consumer purchase or backyard style fireworks. >> reporter: what are tips for folks had in the other jurisdictions that they will be experimenting. >> you need to keep in mind that you need to have a responsible adult that's free from any alcohol use or drug use operating the fireworks. they need to have a device that they can light it and then remove themselves immediately from the area. and keep everybody spectating, the children and other people at your party at least 100 feet away. there's a lot of shows going on, a lot of public displays. we encourage y
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rather than try to use these illegal consumer fireworks. >> reporter: what are you holding in your hand. >> most people would recognize this as called an m80. it's rather m 80. it pack as powerful punch. some typical injuries we see, when you use these type of fireworks is you damage your eyesight or your hands, fingers. typically what happens when you light that, you hold it too long, and it blows off in your hand. we're going to demonstrate using the welcome melon, if you can think of that being your hand, holding this seeming the innocent type of firecracker. we'll see what happens. >> reporter: here we are in district heights, thank you so much, chief brooks for having us out. dedicated team and i know you'll be busy this 4th of july. what kind of calls do you anticipate getting? >> we want everything from alarm bells to the typical medical emergencies that we have, biggest concern with medical injuries
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fireworks, sparkler injuries, things of that nature. >> reporter: a lot of fun can be had. make sure you stay safe and we thank you and commend you. a round of applause, thanks, guys, really appreciate everything you do to keep prince george's county and the district heights community safe. thank you, enjoy your duncan donuts. >> taking pictures. at lincoln memorial and i had to pee really bad >> when you visit public rest room, it can be a good or terrible experience. >> yes, it can. that is the truth. >> as we've been saying this weekend millions of people will gather on the national harbor to celebrate the 4th of july and between the fireworks, parade and food, chances are mother nature will call. >> what you may not know, the national harbor has ten public rest rooms and some are better than others. scouts from washington
5:26 pm
magazine visited all ten on the mall. they came up with an interactive map and rates each one smell cleanliness, access and whether it's stocked with essentiallies like soap and tp. >> the war memorial pretty good shape. main locations like constitution gardens by the reflecting pool was pretty hard hit. >> bathroom at the mlk was the most rated. >> i hate that when you're at a public rest room and you go in and do i dare go? ? i like the ones that have the hand sanitizer. >> caught on camera. yet again, a g
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send thieves break into a cvs store. . a group of blind did he have residents take to the streets in a busy intersection. we'll explain coming up. classically trained. how a dog stole the show at an international orchestra performance. stay with us. we'll be right back after the break.
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. . this is fox 5 local news at 5:00. a look now at some top stories. we now know the identity of the man who was killed in a crash in maryland. officials say a car hit a van stopped at an intersection of indian head highway near pine drive. that was around 9:00 last night. the driver of the van, 67-yea
5:31 pm
the hospital. the driver of the car hads serious injuries but expected to survive. fire investigators are trying to figure out what led to a deadly crash in brandywine. skyfox over the scene near brandywine road and gibbons church road. a car overturned and caught fire. the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. . take a good look at this, dc police need your help identifying two people of interest in a cvs robbery. it happened at the cvs in the 5300 block of wisconsin avenue northwest. you can see the suspects enter the store, grabbed prescription medication and took off. if you can recognize these men, police want to hear from you. a virginia woman was busted at bwi marshal airport for carrying a loaded gun in her purse. tsa officers detected the gun as the woman passed through security checkpoint. it was loaded with five bullets, one bullet was in the chamber. she told officials that her son placed t
5:32 pm
police arrested the woman on weapons charges. a man is in custody tonight charged with kill a man and breaking into a pet store in springfield virginia >> near springfield plaza shopping center. police were called to an ally where they found karen heart laying on the ground. he was taken to the hospital and died of his injuries. a short time later, officers responded to a nearby pet store. when officers entered the building, they found jay fasic inside. investigators say he's connected to hart's death, unclear if the two menu each other. montgomery county police have suspects in custody in car thefts. police arrested four. residents in white oaks kensington and chef chase
5:33 pm
they gained access to the holes through unlocked doors and windows. . take a look at the dramatic rescue here on your screen. firefighters used a crane to rescued two injured construction workers. it happened near the intersection of 10th and new york avenue northwest. both workers were taken to the hospital with serious but nonlife-threatening injuries. no word on what led up to those injuries. more than a dozen blind and disabled residents stage add protest at a dangerous intersection. main of them to blocking traffic. the group says they're upset because they're unable to safely cross six lanes of traffic at the intersection of roaded ill and newton streets in northeast. the group said they want a traffic light to make the area safer. preparations underway for the annual 4th of july parade here in the district. >> high school from missouri has been working hard more than a year practicing for their big moment.
5:34 pm
moment. >> the students from osage high school will represent missouri in the parade. all 120 of them. >> i'm so excited. it's going to be so much fun. >> i was going to get to be a drum major, which was exciting. i was so excited for a lot of these kids to have an opportunity they would probably never would have had >> i hope people are noticing how hard they're working and growing in numbers and they're amazing kids and i just can't brag on them enough. this is one more way to reward the kids and show them off to everybody. >> good luck. this trip has been in the works since february of last year. playing in the parade, teens will get to tour dc a couple of days. >> cool stuff. we know you got your barbecue fired up and ready to go and your red, white and blue streamers hung. what about 4th of july for inside your home? >> you want to impress your guests. an interior designer will teach
5:35 pm
american spirit with design secrets to take your holiday festivities to the next level. a tiny sea on thor rescued after being found swimming alone. being nursed back to health. >> that started my holiday weekend off right. love that little guy. carry on with outdoor barbecue plans, it is a warm evening. hot summer, 90, winds out of the southwest gusting to 22 mines, that makes it feel more comfortable. we have hot days ahead and chance for thunderstorms tomorrow breaking it down in your seven-day forecast coming up after the break when fox 5 news at 5:00 returns after this.
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. talk about be adorable. take a look. cute little sea on thor we were telling you about. discovered by boaters swimming. he was swimming all alone and now getting around the clock care from the vancouver aquarium. workers there believe he may be between two and four weeks old. although he appears to be handle, the aquarium says the pup still needs to be cared for day and night just like he would from his mother. they've been taking turns, feeding bathing and grooming the newborn, i'm sure they're fighting for the newborn of the best part. i'm sure. how exciting. let's just keep them up. we'll all go home. >> cutest thing i've seen in a long time. >> so cute. so adorable. a lot of people will be out there by the sea. look at this. this is rehoboth beach
5:40 pm
good amount of people out there. there's still space if you hurry. >> rest of them are on the bay bridge bumper to bumper. gorgeous shot. a jet plane jet sin me on to that beach. that looks. is this the atlantic or the caribbean? that is gorgeous, never looked so good. we're kicking off the holiday weekend with gorgeous weather that trust me is more comfortable right along the coast line at rehoboth beach due what was, bethany, all the beaches will be looking beautiful. i'll show you the forecast. expecting tonight thunderstorms not here, mainly off towards the far north and west. it is hot and humid, but not terrible. sunday, a cool front will come through saturday, but we will probably see the humidity levels drop. thunderstorms are likely along that cold front timing for the
5:41 pm
and 8:00 p.m. typical summertime thunderstorms rumbling along a cold front will blow through. dry and less humid and fireworks plans look great, sunday, monday and tuesday independence day look rain-free. let's get to that beach forecast for you. right now it's beautiful out there not rehoboth beach as we just saw, aside from evening thunderstorms tomorrow with that cold front, and that will be late evening for the beach. we're talking after 7:00, probably between 7:00 and 9:00. sunshine highs in the 80's, water temperature cool at 67. might be a little gusty during the day tomorrow. but honestly, that is perfect beach weather for you. 90 degrees in washington right now. 88 in annapolis, 86 in cambridge. 87 in fredericksberg and 86 in westminster. a lot of thunderstorms out there. satellite and radar has just been lit up with pockets of showers and thunderstorms across pennsylvania, west virginia into southwestern portions of virginia, this is outside of
5:42 pm
area, first and foremost we've been quiet in dc. just partly cloudy skies in the metro area, through southern maryland. the only exception is the extreme northwestern counties, hagerstown, weren't maryland, eastern west virginia, you guys are seeing downpour, that should wayne with the setting sun, this is out ahead of of a cold front. we start off cloudy and humid, not a lot of sunshine, exception being the beaches i think you'll see a decent amount of sunshine, then after partly sunny skies, we'll see cold front, bringing thunderstorms it will reinenforce the dry air. we're looking at the sunny, warm left humid sunday. it looks like great day for barbecuing. >> saturday, p.m. is marginal for washington, dc, higher risk when you get up into places i like hagerstown and pennsylvania, it will be a typical squall line, wind gusts in access of 60 mines, that's the concern. low concern for flash flooding and large
5:43 pm
not look likely. in and out pretty quickly heavy downpours and a lot of lightening. you have to jump out of the pool, you probably can get back in as soon as they pass. 76 for tonight, partly cloudy with the warm breeze, helping things feel comfortable and that will help drop the due points over the afternoon. 92 for tomorrow, partly sunny, hot a scattered afternoon thunderstorm chances, we don't have thunderstorm chances through the next few days, through this long holiday weekend. sunny and hot, 92 sunday. independence day, 93 looks great. 89 on wednesday, storm chances return by wednesday. they increase on thursday. looks like they diminish by friday. overall, it's looking like perfect seven-day forecast. and for independence day, itself, should be dry for that parade in the morning, 89 degrees. it's hot. fireworks at 9:15, 83 just a few clouds, should be a nice night here in dc. that's a look at your seven-day forecast. lauren, sending it over to
5:44 pm
>> i'm here. having a nice conversation with hagler about 4th of july. you got your barbecue fired up, red white and blue streamers. we want to know about interior. he has ininterior designer. we want to talk about ways to spice up inside. a lot will be hosting guests. this is fun, i cannot believe which she has done to our studio. walk me through what we're looking at >> we do it big in the nation's capitol. i wanted to show festival but elegant decor for the 4th of july. >> you want to invite your friends and show off our patriotic >> we want your house to be the talk of the town for the 4th. it's a simple place setting that you can get from your local gallery store, how cool is this? here, fireworks, so this is a cool
5:45 pm
have that reassembles a fireworks display >> definitely going with the red white and blue theme >> yes, this is something so cool, from z galleries this is a jar with gum balls in it. you can be nice and festive and put a nice, gum balls, yep and the kids could eat them, and have fun, lots of energy. here you can put like a nice red bow around this. so cool. >> you know, i know in dc, particularly around this area, we don't have a lot of space, housing is expensive. you're focusing on tiny spaces how to beef things up >> correct. >> talk about color >> it's about color, it's about making sure that your setting is a light color so that it doesn't look like it's crammed and it's about functionality. something as simple as this, which is a cool pillow. look at that with pop the color you can use
5:46 pm
july decor as well. >> you would think this is really uncomfortable but it's pretty soft. >> it's cool. and then, smug you can do also for your powder room, this is so cool, because most guests will use your powder room. . you can get ribbon and attach a bow to it right here and it can be nice and festive, that's something you can do. >> we got so much more. i want to walk over here. you brought couches to our show. >> we brought yes, a setup, dealing with small spaces, you can comfortably get two sofas, nice and elegant. nice and fluffy >> this could be for somebody who wants to year round be showing off their independence spirit living in dc >> this is what you can use year round, you can store it. i
5:47 pm
scream 4th of july. with the stripes on it's so cool >> you mentioned the gum balls? do you want to get kids involved? you got people coming over? any other tips for people with kids >> surely this is from the -- these are so cool. these are stuffed strawberries and treats that you can give your kids. and those cool? >> yes. also, look at this. another jar right now you have lichtensk ris, something to sims a picture frame, z galleries and you can put a picture frame and put the happy 4th of july sign right here. some decor receiver. these are the cake pots along with a
5:48 pm
oriole right there. >> one of those mini wine bottles painted and put initial of your family >> yes, they're art see and people that can backache. >>sy and people that can backache. >> >> thank you for having me. >> we'll be hanging out and this is again, deriki halger. we will be right back. will be right back.
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. nats will probably get where they're going and look great, but unless they do something about the underlying problems they might pillow an engine and end up stranded watching the rest of league pass them. the biggest issue, the
5:52 pm
where anything short of a overhaul will leave them watching baseball again this november. and yesterday they suffered a blowout but hopefully quick work and the fastest car on the garage will be back. they placed in trade turner on the ten-day disabled list. hopefully that's all the time he needs. that seems unlikely with a broken wrist suffered there against the cubs. there's no official time table for turner's return. but usually there's a minimum six-week healing period for an injury like this. the worst part today, the day he gets put on the dl is his 24th birthday. bryce harper danny murphy and the rest of the crew will be right here on fox 5. and a prime-time majority starting at 7:00. gio is six and one. you might remember this moment from last year. some jerk in
5:53 pm
beer during the wild card game in toronto. he has been ordered to perform 100 hours of community service and has been band from all major league ballparks for at least one year. at midnight the nba phillies begin, the future of john wall with the wizards might hinge on what they do this off season. he has a chance to sign a long-term this summer but is waiting to see what the team does in free agency. notely otto porter can match any offer he receives. he shot 43% from three. not exactly franchise star production but sounds committed to match any offer he might receive. which could restrict flexibility for years to come. here we go again. we're wondering this summer,
5:54 pm
extension? will kirt cousins? >> don't talk >> it would just be nice to lock up the stars of the dc sports >> it's dc >> galaxy. >> exactly. >> pay him. >> pay him up for an agreement. >> culture to k9. who says a dog can't love classical music >> one pup loves it so much he stormed on stage during a live oorchestra performance. the video is going viral. deo is going viral.
5:55 pm
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5:58 pm
. during a concert at a festival in turkish this pooch wandered on stage, got a around of applause. he gets up comfortable laying down next to a violinist as the orchestra continues to perform. one of the performers called it a cutest moment in classical music history. thank you for joining us. the news at 6:00 starts right n now. this is fox 5 local news at 6:00. multiple people shot inside a new york hospital.
5:59 pm
we'll have the latest details into the newsroom strength inc maryland's statute. the reason why prosecutors want this done. especially here in montgomery county. and a fox 5 follow-up >> investigators say they have a new tactic to catch these atv and dirt bike riders that police say are a menace on the road. i'll have the stories straight ahead. the news at 6:00 starts right now. we begin with the disturbing story out of montgomery county. a teenager gang member were you convicted of ordering hits on other teams. i'm shawn yancy >> i'm sarah simmons, investigators say joseph medina was 16 and a known member of the notorious ms 13 gang. they say he ordered other gang members to assault two people at the lake forest mall in gaithersburg back in april. mall surveillance video shows four
6:00 pm
and chasing two victims through the parking lot. you can see a suspect in a video in the gray sweatshirt swing a large knife and stab one of the victims. investigators say it was medina who spotted them wearing the color red and assumed they were members of a rival gang, he then ordered other ms 13 members to scare them by slashing their car tires and assaulting them. >> as a result of mistakening these men as being members of a rival gang, mr. saldavar, who was only 16, ordered them to be killed. he ordered other members of ms 13 to track them down. by the way, they were not gang members, they just were in gang territory by the mall and wearing clothing that was the wrong color. >> state's attorney john mccarthy said he faces more than


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