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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  June 30, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> a possible hit and run in southeast d.c., a car hit a bicyclist and tonight police are searching for the driver. >> a map on oweens fire at a new york hospital where he used to work. >> thank god this was not app act of terrorism. >> so what was motive? what new information we're learning tonight. >> and now that the president revised travel ban in is in effect what does it mean for holiday travel. news at 11 starts now. >> we begin tonight with breaking news in the districts. a car hit a bicyclist in southeast and just kept going. thanks for joining us i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm sarah simmons in for tony. >> right now police are serving for the hit and run driver. "fox5" lindsey watts is live on the scene what we know so far. lynn circumstance what's the latest.
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investigation continues at 29 and oary streets in just the last few minutes police have put out some evidence markers and they're overlooking at the crime scene. you can see the bike is still on the ground. along with the hat and shoe and some sunglasses and police say that the bicyclist did survive the crash and was taken to the hospital and continuing to check in with police. still no word on how badly injured that rider was. but obviously investigators here are treating this as a very serious crash. we'll show you video now from when we first arrived here. this happened 6:15 tonight. so five hours later this intersection remains closed maixing or accident unit is here and police are taking photographs and surveying the scene. i asked a police spokesman if he had information about the drive or kind of car that person was in. none of those details yet. no description for you at this point. and it's unknown if speed could have
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but i have been talking to neighbors around here who say this can be a dangerous intersection with cars going too quickly. some not stopping at stop signs and again still waiting for details on what exactly played out here tonight. back here live police are continuing to search for driver that hit a bicyclist here tonight and we'll bring you more details when we get them. live in southeast, lindsey watts, "fox5 local news". >> all right. let get to the warm now and take a live look at the u.s. capitol dome. it's breezy out. there flag to the left of the dpom is flapping in the wind. >> it may be breezy but caityln is it still humid and hot? >> it's warm as we close out this month of june and you july tomorrow and eding warm note. hot day, 94 in d.c. earlier this afternoon. it's still warm, 82. we do have that breeze sarah mentioned we had it all afternoon. south, southwest winds 11 miles an hour and kept us at least
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humidity not terrible at least in comparison to the way it could be. temperatures outside elsewhere. in the 70s to west 72 winchester and 72 culpeper and saw strong thunderstorm this evening with wund damage reports and that traveled northeast ward traveling to parts of fauquier count write and loudoun county before eventually thunderstorm collapsed. that area as well as hagerstown saw downpours not here in metro we were quiet and warm this evening. stormtracker radar going back and you can see investigate tajs of hefty thunderstorm moving out of charlottesville and downpours over hagerstown. it will be quiet overnight tonight wake to a lot of cloud cover tom and weville a chance for thunderstorms later on tomorrow afternoon. low temperature tonight in 70s. warm erjs mild, muggy, 77 annapolis and 75 there in leonardtown. so here's the forecast for saturday. we begin first this holiday weekend anyone visiting welcome to d.c. and tomorrow may be a
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say. we start out cloudy ape sticky and temperatures quickly rise into 90s by mid afternoon a cold front coming through will bring showers and thunderstorms which will probably be quick hitting as they tend to be in the cold front. could bring brief, heavy lightning, winds. >> little once we get the storms out of here it looks took a nice saturday night. less humid on sunday, 92. not too tearble of weekend and really saturday is only chance for thunderstorms through independence day. >> caityln. thanks. >> new information tonight on shooting at a hospital in the bronx. a dr. that kus odd work here returned with a rifle today and opened fire dilling one person and hurting sim others. he later took his own life. fox news core stopped enter david lee miller has an update from new york city. >> gunfire erupting inside a new york city hospital and a
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doctor opening fire at bronx len nonkilling one person and wounding six others. >> doctors, nurses and all personnel responded with extraordinary bravery with cool professionalism they protected each other and pro at theed their patients ina midst this horrible situation. >> the shooter then apparently tried to set himself on fire before taking his own life. he's henry beloy a doctor that worked at the hospital and had assault rifle concealed under lab coat. >> during the incident the hospital fire alarm system activated and apparently due to suspect attempt to set himself on fire. on 17th floor officers encountered male suspect lining on floor dead of apparent self up picture toed gun shot wound. assault rifle was found nearby. >> the hospital was located north of yankee stadium with 1,000 beds and emergency room is one
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witnesses describing terrified moments after the shots rang out. >> i thought i would die. because when there's a shooting and you don't know where the shooter is you don't know what will happen to you. >> screaming and patients coming down and patients coming down and with their guns out. it's scary. >> new york city mayor bill deblasio said it was not an act of terrorism but a work-related shooting adding it makes it no less tragic. in new york, david lee miller, fox news. >> we've an update on a story we first brought you last night the name of the man killed in a crash in accokeek. james hill van was stopped at intersection when another car hit t the driver of the other wart was seriously hurt and expected to survive. >> a teenage gang member was convicted of ordering hits
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other teens, jose medina was member of ms 1. he ordered other gang members to assault two people at the lake forest mall in gaithersburg last april. mall surveillance embarrass shows video of four men holding knives choiceing four people into a parking lot. they spot twod men in the color red and assumed they were members of a rival game and weren't. medina faces more than 60 years in prison when sentenced. >> impact of a small plane crash in california. you can see all the smoke in the video on your screen after the plane went down on highway. would fem on the plane wentp top hospital where traumatic injuries. you can see the damage front end of plane there and had impact on traffic in usi area as highway was closed this both directions thuring this. >> prince george county police issued a warning to all
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dirt bike riders. stay off the streets or else. >> they're putting themselves in daiching wher they speed around on streets. today the department released these photographs of some of the riders they're trying to identify. deputy chief asks for the public's help at department is getting it. >> giving us tips on people storing bikes and where stored and names of people riding bikes. >> deputy chief told us the department is ready ft. group hits the streets again. a travel ban goes into effect heading to busy travel weekend. >> we'll check in tonight to see where things stand out at dulles international airport. >> plus, hill country barbeque live in studio getting you ready for holiday weekend. >> i can smell it all here. i can not wait. we'll be right back. >> first we'll talk about the feud between president trump and host of morning joe. their response to
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made coming up at 11. >>
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>> tonight a virginia woman faces charges after she was busted at bwi marshall airport for carrying a loaded gun in
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tsa officers deducted gun as she wept through a security check point. it was loaded and one bullet was in the chamber. she told the investigators that her son put it in her purse. >> this holiday marks the first weekend ever the travel plan. fox's. >> in effect for 24 hours now there's no reports of okay oregon improp are le detained and at new york up don't scare park protesters chanted up just separation of families and hawaii attorney general doug chen who filed first travel plan "in hawaii close family include many people the gral government on own to exclude from that definition. trump administration is confident hawaii
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>> it's activist attorney general. they were slapped down by supreme court and i believe that this argument will be heard of course and i don't think it will be sustained evenlyer. >> the conniefy dense is based on wide latitude it gave administration that people from six designated countries are exempt from the ban if they can show "a bonafide relationship to someone on some entity in u.s." state department determined that ton parent, spouse, child, son or daughter or in law or sipling already in the u.s. and they added fiancee to that list. administration is sure to come under fire from another come pope ept of the ban. refugees face a longer wait time, 120 days than other arrivals. >> in terms of refugees some we have extra time to do that and until we reach the cap of $350,000. >> that cap is reached with 1,000 refugee spo
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>> travel plan. >> i ran foreign miner is is shame full exhibition of blind hostility it all iranians. at dulles international air airport, doug mc elway fox news. >> along with erin traveling a lot of people from d.c. will hit the road traveling. more than 2 million are expected to leave the area. this is record 9 out of 10 people are expected to drive to their get away. 44 million people likely going out of town in the fouming of july holiday. >> we're just days away from the big holiday, of course. >> hundred of people are expected to back the ball fireworks capitol concert in capital mill. preparing to make sure people are vaiv and prevents what people are prevented vehicle attacks in europe. >> we don't
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specifically in europe. people may want to do harm to district of column he abut you are aware of potential vehicle threats in the city and have prepared in-depth to make sure that doesn't happen in our community. >> right now there is no credible threats aimed at the district and police want to remind everyone to be alert and aware of surroundings at all time. see something, say something. >> all right. you know normally -- not normally but in the past we've seen big storms opt 4th of j july. >> totally. >> tomorrow seemed like a while. are we expecting anything like that. >> we're not it it feels like every year something happens. there's always lots of trauma. but there's usually some weather trauma mixed in there too. lucky besides tomorrow rain free holiday weekend. it's brief. it bring thunderstorms. it will be hot day out at mall when is it not we can get through the parade
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>> it was a beautiful friday, hot, summer evening with decent breeze and lower humidity. it felt nice out there and so we begin july another month tomorrow in throes of your holiday weekend. you can deep outside in the majority of the weekend. >> so weather ad line it's a hot, holiday weekend. high temperatures all through tuesday. well into the 90s. let's start off with cooler forecast if you will. if are you lucky enough to be at the beaches and ocean city maryland forecast for the next few days like i said it's a long holiday weekend. when it falls on tuesday it's nice everybody seems to maybe a few thunderstorms late tomorrow when along the coast it will be after sunset when they get thunderstorms, 8, 9 p.m.. besides that sunny afternoons. high temperatures mid 80s consist ep there and nice for independence day it
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water temperature 67. cool. 8 washington outside right now. and 78 annapolis and also boating forecast i should say for anyone out on khez peek besides tomorrow breezy and thunderstorms coming in in the evening. surprised, monday and tuesday look g so those are three days you want to be out on the wa water. >> 78 gaithersburg and 6 s sdules and 72 whip chester. satellite and radar now have cloud cover lingering moisture. we had thunderstorms earlier this evening west of town. looking fierce dleev land to sin natty. district line of sowers and thunderstorms at the front and reaches us late day tomorrow sweeping through districts late afternoon and pushing to eastern shore behind that influx of drier air. helps with humidity levels
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koudy a sticky and i breaks later in the morning and that destabilizes us and allows cold front to have showers and thunderstorms that will come through. severe threat is anyone mall for d.c.. but if are you outside bar barbequeing by the pool it wil get dark and start to rain hard for a brief period of time. this is 5 p.m. roughest bet between, 4, 5, 6 later into the evening they move to eastern shore and 7 p.m. after sunset hitting weechs then we're done for the whole holiday weekend. >> we're going through impressive level of for tomorrow, hit or miss sunshine. hot and humid.
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thunderstorms and independence day looks partly cloudy, lot of surprise shim. dry, hot, 93. but again no issues with the fireworks. >> so we've got a series of 90 degree days straight through independence day and chances of showers and thunderstorms look best tuesday and thursday. the i'm getting runningry and ready for barbeque segment from country. >> you can smell it. coming up next at 11 what in the world does it take to make the best barbeque in washington d.c. >> den vasher of the head coach monday for washington will join us.
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talk about a new event.
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>> welcome back you know what this weekend is. >> holiday or something. >> it is time barbecue. hill market. >> what does it tie top the list. dan farber topping the list. >> thank you i've been with the restaurants five years and it's definitely been a challenge each and every year but a huge honor to do and especially with competition grown in the d.c. area how it's blown up bar b que has and lot of former pit masters and maters of hill country are on the list and somewhere higher up on the list lasts yea
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is that your title. >> i'm chef decuisine. >> pit matter is also special in the barbecue world. >> they told us you know just smoky ness of meat ad quality of meat they can tell we actually you know turn things around and over the last year, year and a half we played around with style we're doing. >> sure. >> and definitely sticking true to texas style. how we're smoking meat. >> what is texas style fore he for folks who don't know. explain the difference. >> texas is all about the beef. of course you see more than beef. there but texas is known tore brisket. and it's huge competition who has the best brisket across texas and more about driver up and sauces and lot of places you go into and ask for sauce and they're like what? >>
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crazy. >> no sauce here. >> if we're at home and want do step up to almost where you guys are how do you make great barbecue. . >> brisket and ribs are two hardest meats. brisket more so than ribs. it takes a lot of time and lover the right temperature between 25 to 250 degrees and getting that nice bed of coals that smooth are through the cooking process and get that i way to clear the smoke. >> should they eat up. >> yes. >> i feel bad taking a slab offer the train. >> we have nice brisket and pork spare ribs and chicken. >> you want that. >> yes. >> i'll give you this whole half a chicken. >> start with that at mid midnight. >> go ahead, caityln good for something you said maybe not sauces for meats
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marinade on the chicken. it's. >> so on the majority of meats we're simple. texas style is salt, bunchier black pepper and okay an pe pepper. sip pl, straightforward. >> this is brody. >> i just wanted to point out. >> probably wrong. >> the fat here right by the rub that's the good part of the brisket. >> that is. >> did you touch it. >> no, i was pointing. >> we have a show do. >> i did not touch it i pointed at it. >> you kind of gave us secrets there it's rub and way you smoke it and at home a lot of people don't -- how do you smoke it. smoker? >> smoker. you could do like charcoal grill. >> just go to the restaurant or come
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come town
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>> welcome to the final five i'm brody logan in for jim lokay who is spending time at the spa and is getting a touch-up. he'll be here next week looking as youthful as the first lady. tweet jim lokay and tell him looking enhanced. your final five tonight. feud between president and morning joe messier tan a boched face-lift. members of the media nearly break a lamb in oval office or did they. we get blamed for everything. the president may drop replace from promise to repeal and replace obamacare. that's to be expected. zoneald trump is not now for keeping vows and voter fraud commission is not going well. no one respects him hor than donald trump. maybe that's why he's considering getting rid of the


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