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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  July 4, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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let's be done with it and let's get the fireworks underway. we had some popup thunderstorms. as quickly as they form they dissipated. you can see the nature of the thunderstorms with just the heat of the day. they've popped up and they brought some heavy rain to the national mall about an hour ago. the strongest of the things that is under a severe thunderstorm warning of frederick county is east of frederick, but this cell had a hisry of cell of producing hail and some wind gusts up in washington county. if i can zoom out a little bit, towards your ban a that's where we have some heavy rain, not a lot of lightning, but some strong wind gust and some hail. approaching new market momentarily from there it looks to head towards mt. airey win the next to of 20 minutes.
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see some rain. we have a stretch of very heavy rain over savage and over glenburny. hopefully should move out within the next 20 to 30 minutes but that's all starting to combine into a little bit of a cluster there. temperatures outside it is warm, steamy, been this way all day. the dewpoints are high, well into the 630s guaranteeing it's a huh h midday and we've had a humid night. for your forecast these thunderstorms should zimmerman. by sunset guarantying fireworks. millions of americans will be celebrating the fourth of july out on the town tonight. fox's maryann rafferty are showing us how authorities show us this year's festivities stay safe. >>reporter: cities and citizens across the us preparing for the fourth of july holiday. this is why we
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of independent. millions of americans taking to the road, many head hing to the beach going camping and hitting the slopes for the long weekend. we just went skiing. we're about to go swim in the lake. you can't get any better than this. in ocean city, maryland, they're urging caution in the shore town if they go to the beach, don't go in the water unless the lifeguards are on duty. be very caution of their surroundings. watch out for themselves, watch out for each other. increased security. i feel like i'm in a safe place and i feel like i don't have to worry as much. i don't have to look behind my back every where. cities across across the nation preparing for fireworks shows and placing additional security measures in place for crowd safety. if something happens new and then or during the vent we'll have the wands and mags if we need it. at home fireworks, reminding people to be careful and the
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they're trying to get reel close to see the fuse because it's usually a one to two inch fuse. they can't see it and if the fuse shorter, they can't get out of away fast enough. a record number of americans expected to travel with more than 144 million people expected on the roads >> leads ' head now to the national mall where the last minute preps are underway for tonight's fire works show. you can feel the excitement building down there. lindsay watts is live down on the mall tonight. it looks like a lot of folks are down there. is everybody excited? you know, i personally am very excited. i don't need my umbrella this time around. it had been raining pretty good not so long ago. the sky is cleared. it is sunny and not so wet. we do have a pretty decent crowd gathered in haven't from -- of the washington monument with just about three hours to go
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obviously a the there of security here. you can see some prince george's county sheriff's deputies. they have a k9 here and then just across the road here on 15 th street, this is one of 8 security checkpoints to get here to this security area. if you are still planning oncoming down here we'll give you a quick run down of things you need to leave at home. alcohol, glass bottles, pets, weapons, drones, bikes all ban ned. you can bring an umbrella which you may be needing later as long as it's not 36 inches in diameter. we'll show you a map now of this secured area here on the mall. you really want to avoid driving anywhere near here if you can. there are always a lot of road closures, but coming in this year it seemed like there were even more than usual with roads and exits shutdown all around this area. the fireworks are going to be starting at 9:309 tonight and
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is going to go on prior to that starting at 8:00 hosted by john stay most. we're going to have the bruins brothers, trace add skins and a lot going on. luckily the rain is holding off for medication's 241st birthday. back to you. all across the dmv flags are waiving as thousands are out celebrating america's independence day. fox5's kristin leone takes a lowe'ser look at how many of you kicked off the fourth of july here local limit we're at mount vernon inside george washington 's historic museum. the fireworksing going off in the daytime not too longing a and may i say here in the dmv you guys really know how to celebrate the red, white and blue. check it out. the land of the free, and the
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i really want -- today proud americans came from all over the country to celebrate america's independent in our nation's capital. so much has happened here. bring it back all the way to the civil war to the war of 1812 2, the declaration of independent. this is the heart land of america here. it's going off with a bank. you feel sort of inspiring of america here. like at the national mall on constitution and 12th where hundreds gathered for the annual fourth of july capital hill parade. it kind of leaves you in a bit of an you a. in southeast d.c. members of local society chapters honored historic leaders of the past and her oak leaders of the present.
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who put his life on the line on the day of the congressional baseball practice shooting. i'm greatful to be here. thank you for the award. just thank you. appreciate it. in the end, spectators from near and far say today they put aside their political differences and celebrate america the beautiful. one in which you would lift the muskett and cock the firearm simultaneously. make reedy. happy fourth of july at the national mall, christine leone, fox5 local news >> a the look of fun already happened and we still have long way to go. if that includes draining this evening, more than a third of drug driving deaths, if you drink do the not drive. the car service lift use the
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that offer is good tonight from 7:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. a lot of things going on tonight take advantage of it. >> hopefully the weather will clear out for the fireworks. >> straight ahead on fox5 news at 6, new details about the man accused in a disturbing school salt scandal. there was another train collision in our region. if you have a story idea call the fox5 tip line 202-895-3000 or you can send the tips over to
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>> charles county teachers aidan tract coach accused of sexually assaulted multiple middle school boys remains locked up tonight. they are going over the videos they say carlos bell had on his electronic devises. they're also interviewing more possible victi
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very are latest on this story. >>reporter: prosecutors believe necessity have ten or more victims who may have been sexual assaulted insulted inside the stoddard middle school or at the home. charges that would include sodomy are expected to be filed in the coming days and weeks. vitterts with the sheriff's office were notified last tuesday that the maryland state forensics lab had found videos on bell's electronic devices. joining the former teacher's aide sexually assaulting the young boys in the school and at his homement the boys are described as being six to eighth graders. as the investigation unfolded detectives are learning of others they may need to interview. at this point only two of the victims have been tested for hiv and both have tested negative. the sheriff's office who says carlos who is hiv positive was not using a condom during the
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they say they indicted bell last friday, but there is more to come. we have not charged everything that we could at that point simply because the sheriff's office is still in the process of trying to identify the youngsters who were involved and interview them. based on that we charged what we could at that time. more charges will be forthcoming the timeline on that, not certain. it really depends on wrapping up the investigation, which you can imagine is very extensive and of course if there are any individuals out there who we are not aware of who come forward obviously they'll need to be spoken with as well. we understand investigators did not take off the fourth of july holiday today and continued their investigation. we also tried to reach any of the relatives of carlos bell today without success, tried to reach some of his friends also
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we did reach out to the charles county schools to see if we could see his resume so we could find out more about him but they declined to turn it over saying state law would not allow them to turn it over. paul wagner, fox5 local news >> a crash between a pickup truck and csx train in prince george's county left one man dead this morning. it happened just about 4:00 a.m. along the 11th block in belts ville. the driver of the truck died at the scene much it's unclear what caused the collision. the road was shutdown for hours while police investigated the crash. and today's crash comes nearly one week after a deadly collision near union station. in that crash, two csx workers were hit and killed near the tracks near new york avenue northeast. the workers had stepped off the train to fix a problem with the wheel and for reasons unknown they crossed the tracks and that's when they were struck and
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we want to take you outside because we are counting down on the big fireworks show on the national mall. here's a look the at the mall. people are gathering, sitting on the grass, on the blankets, getting their positions all ready for tonight's fourth of july fireworks. stick around. we're going to be talking about forecast when we come.
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of the that the building new me up zoo insure wanton d.c. standing more than 60 feet tall the muse
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block party series. we wanted to go high. we wanted to make something that had some monumentality, but at the same time certain intimacy. we did it. it's the tallest structure that's ever been done. it's made from interlocking cart board tubes. they are painted silver and ma jet in a. the ma gent a colors was inspired by the women's marches back in january. current events and the women's march where the ma general that color flooded through the capital and it was just so inspiring to see everyone coming together in this democracy as having a voice. inside the soring exhibit, visitors can interact with multiple acoustic attractions
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we're playing with the context of the idea of community bring ing the people inside the museum to have conversations, but also connecting to this historic building. the hive is open to the public through september 4. steve rap port, fox news. we're just under three hours from the big fireworks show. we've seen our first little taste of rain. but hopefully not at 9. hopefully not at 9. i think we got it over with. i stepped outside today and i said it's totally going to rain. there are some popup storms over the mall. but that is fast. if we take a live look outside, that is a beautiful shot. you get the best sky cover behind the thunderstorms and that is a gorgeous shot of the sunshine back out after that thunderstorm passed through, delivered a quick shot of some
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probably a lot of people running frantically trying to seek shelter, but it wasn't a severe thunderstorm. i only saw havey rain. the show must go on president. the concert beginning at 8, the fireworks at 9. there are still plenty of thunderstorms out there. most north of d.c. popup evening thunderstorms probably through 9:00 but think will diminish after sunset which means i think most fireworks performances will be fine stay ing unsettled through pry. the soupy feeling in the air is going to continue through friday heavy rain is possible on thursday. some clusters of thunderstorms have popped up through the heat of the day they kind of pulse. they're in the very organized. wherever they land they bring some heavy rain and they quickly diminish. the thunderstorm that came out of washington moved through
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montgomery county is under a severe thunderstorm warning until 9:00. some damage wind gusts as this moves southeast. if you're in the path of this storm in howard, frederick or montgomery counties head up, the thunderstorm warning in effect until at least the half hour. ashville maryland crossing 95, just south of glenburny non severe. some area of showers across the mountains also none severe. we are quiet at least for now. if we don't get anything to pop up within the next hour or two i think we're okay for the rest of the night. reagan national 84-degrees right now. the storms don't cool you off because the second they come off you got the moisture. it's 84 in d.c. but we haven't seen the storms in manassas, 84 annapolis, 81 baltimore and 84
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fox futurecast showing all of the moisture that you see, the green on the screen right now, the popup storms quickly fade away once you get past 9:00. into tomorrow morning we have a front that is off towards our north. it's kind of stalled but that will generate some more showers and tomorrow, but the threat is mainly north and west of washington. into thursday i think we have an increased threat of the storms. in fact, i think they'll be further east, washington, baltimore, everyone has chance to see some heavy rains. possibly thursday night into friday morning as well. very warm, 75-degrees and humid overnight. evening thunderstorms coming teen end. i'm going it will be dry for the fireworks over the national mall , but a nice warm night. for tomorrow, a lot of cloud cover, a lot of humidity, l 7- degrees, thunderstorms likely north and west. seven day forecast, showers
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thursday. morning showers and then some showers comes out friday, it's nice and warm, 92-degrees. i do think we clear out for the weekend. 90 with sun and clouds on saturday. very pleasant with low humidity on thursday. that's definitely the best day. next week, chance of thunderstorms continuing a couple of thunderstorms before we have a fantastic weekend. that's what we all live for, the weekend. >> right. i know that you grew up around here, correct? how many times have you been down to actually watch the fireworks at the national mall >> i grew up in philadelphia. i have never even been -- i'm usually been working the couple years i've been here. i've never seen it before. have you >> i think i've been down once many years ago and i didn't want to fight everybody on metro to get back. i found there are other spots like if you watch from the e voluntary jeep oh memorial, the
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if you have great spots, tweet us and let us know. the cathedral, since it sits up high, you can actually see the monument. there's ate almost garden, check it out. maybe we'll drive down there on our break. > that's a perfect idea >> any
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>> we want to tell you about our latest fox5 photographer special beyond the lens. that's right. this time it puts the spotlight on our street performers. take a look. you got to be ready. i love this job. you have one
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the sword can speak for the whole story. you can't forget that. those moments, that's what i live for. i love that. >> it looks like it's going to be phenomenal. beyond the lens, sounds ever the street airs next in four minutes on fox5. so make sure you tune in because it is incredible. we work with some talented people. >> let's get a final check on the weather. >> there's a lot of thunderstorms out there and of course there's fireworks not just at the national mall, but many areas in our montgomery tçueu+y this is mainly north of washington, but if you're southern montgomery county, crossing howard county, even into northern anne arrundel, parts of prince george's county, you're seeing some showers and storms. they are probably going to be passing quickly. there's a severe thunderstorm warning for 6:45 for parts of carol, frederick and montgomery. it's moving into demass cuss rightno
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where you can almost connect the dots. off towards our north and between glenn bernie and annapolis. these are classic ones that should diminish by sunset. we are dry over washington right now and we should be okay for fireworks. keeping our fingers crossed for everybody. we're moving out. thanks for joining us tonight the at 6, everybody. keep it here. beyond the lens is up
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♪ >> we're here for sound of the streets. we're going to highlight some of the people performing in the streets as you go about your daily routine. for some it's their craft, it's their love and oh, by the way, they want to make it big. let's start old town, alexandria, where you probably stop and seen jamie turner, he's o


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