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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  July 5, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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. ♪ ♪ ♪. president trump days away from crucial meetings from russian president vladimir putin and angela merkel at the g 20 summit in germany >> this is one of our top talkers tonight at 6:30, you're invited as always to join us. president trump is in poll land, he is expected to sit down with vladimir putin the white house isn't saying a lot about this meeting but a top russian advisor said the men will discuss the conflicts in syria and ukraine. there is no confirmation from the white house if they will talk about russia's interference in last year's u.s. presidential election >> joining to his talk about the trip and more is niles stand itch and
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michael star hopkins, let's start with you niles, these summits are no big deal, are we -- do we have too much going on when we say are they going to talk about the election or what >> i think that would be the big question here in the u.s. clear's, there are a lilt of allegations in the general atmosphere about that. i think president trump would frankly rick looking weak if he did not raise the issue at all. but as shawn pointed out a there's no confirmation from the white house that he will do so. so we'll just have to see >> i'm just curious, what's your take if he doesn't bring this up? a lot of folks are saying this is the big issue and we know it wasn't until recently that he even acknowledged that russians may have had a hand in messing around with the election. >> it's still terrifies me that we have a president who sometimes admits that russia hacked into the election and sometimes says it didn't happen. an idea that he would
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g 20 meeting and not acknowledge that and russia, put pressure to make sure they don't do that again is equally as terrifying, that's absolutely a political must. >> as we talk about the meeting with putin, when you look at a time diplomatic perspective, there's a lot of attention paid to that awkward meeting between the president and angela merkel couple months ago after he took office, what could those two leaders possibly be discussing when it comes to the summit? >> there are a number of trade issues that could be under discussion. president trump and others close to him are very critical of what they see as china's trade policies particularly as far as monitoring steel is concerned but angela merkel recently talked about the dangerous of isolationism and protectionism. seems like it would be a challenge to find common ground, angela merkel also has elections coming up and president trump is very unpopular with h
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audience. >> some critics believe the last trip he made he made missteps. do you think this is a chance for him to sort of reset and start things over again? niles let's start with you. >> i think it's possibly i believe the challenges here are, if anything, even greater though, shawn, because we have so many issues from north korea to russian meddling to the general dynamics between the united states and china to consider. this is the big leagues. and it's, the stakes are very high here. >> go ahead, michael >> niles touch, on a great point. the united states has to rely on china to deal with the north korean issue. we not only have to work with russia but work with china in both china and russia to figure out this north korean issue, we're on the press of an international confl
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>> he ran on this campaign of medic first. exited the paris accord. how does he go into this meeting of 19 different nation world leaders and still expect to work with them? >> you know, the america first tag line sound nice during campaign seasons but let's face it. our countries need each other for trade. we need each other for security. the idea that the united states can go about anything alone is a losery at best. we have to work together. what we saw before at the g 8 meeting won't fly at the g 20 meeting donald trump has to work with the allies. doesn't have a choice >> i think that's broadly speaking true. there are a lot of challenges here and i think for president trump unlike other presidents who sometimes got rest bite from domestic issues when they go on the world stage, at difficult situation for him. in part because so many of these
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made their exceptism of him quite plain. >> we will be talking to you guys more this week, niles stand age, michael star hop kins >> the unsecurity council had a security meeting. on tuesday, regime tested a missile that could in theory reach the united states. we're seeing it escalate to the point we're talking about intercontinental ballistic missiles that could reach alaska >> initially, we knew that he was going to test our new president to see what was going on. this was no surprise to see that happen. but now once we're seeing this, certainly we've seen the emergency meeting that the u n is having. we saw the tweets and comments -- n
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nikki haley, the un ambassador saying china, you need to step up or your trade issues with north korea could jeopardize your trades with united states. >> got a little bit of backlash. we'll talk about this and some other things coming up. i think we should talk to lex see mccann nan. busy 4th of july for the united states >> it's very busy day >> let me get your take on what's going on, what should come next? we know nikki haley met with the security council that emergency meeting. what's come out of that? what's the latest and what moves should the u.s. be making here >> i think it's a tricky situation. we don't want start the world's first nuclear war by any sense be the clear that trump and his administration are taking a harder line against north korea after the recent nuclear missile launch. top american general in south carolina said today that self
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restraint is the only thing holding the u.s. and south korea back from going war with north korea and i think this shows they're seriously considering options if north korea doesn't stop and listen to the un sanctions >> during they say administration, the president made an issue of china on the campaign trail but the relations between the u.s. and china seem to have coalesced a bit. how much is china's cooperation weighing into whatever move the president makes next? >> it's interesting, because back in september before he was even president, he said during an interview with cnbc he would use economic leverage over china to sort of coerce them into helping us with north korea and that was way before any of these nuclear missile launch tests were happening. now he's still using that hard line on economic leverage against them but you know, last week, we reported with five experts on the way with north korea and the u.s., one said specifically using this, you know, sort of threat against china and imposing these
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on them is not best way to use it for coercion. it would sort of like we need to ask them for collaboration, not to coerce them for help into economic leverage? what would be the experts that you spoke to, what would be the best course for the u.s. to take >> we had a few interesting strategies we talked to, from people who we talked with and one was negotiating. sort of taking this diplomatic stance but as you were saying, nikki haley said our diplomatic solutions are dwindling, another said we should wage a cyber war fare on the unfrom a structure to have better intel on what they're developing. that is a clear strategy moving forward considering we didn't even know they were capable of having this technology for icbms that could potentially reach the u.s., we thought they were years away, they're not. >> the politics of war have certainly changed. thanks for joining us tonight >> thank you so much for having me. another big story folks are talking about, 44
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district of columbia have refused to provide voter information to the trump administration. this came months after president trump claimed without any evidence that millions of people voted illegally back in the presidential election >> when states became concerned about the legality of the requests, the president called them out on twitter questioning whether the states were hiding something >> ronica cleary has more on this. ronica? >> reporter: shawn and jim, hearing the introduction is a reminder of how many different line items there are to this story and components there are to it. what's come out just now, there was letter that was sent out by this commission that was created by the president's executive order asking for certain information, first asked for open-ended information and open-ended questions on the current state of voting in each state. and then asked for specific voter data. the letter says that the information is public. that they only want the information if it is already publicly
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but states are responding saying that it's still illegal to provide it. one in particular, maryland's attorney general, now, we told you a little bit about what the attorney general said in the 5:00 and 6:00 r that he feels this is illegal and that it could create a database of voter information. the white house has denied that. they say that is not the case. but the attorney general went on to say that he feels that a request like this actually intimidates certain types of voters. take a listen to that. >> how would this stop people from voting >> because they're raising fear. i mean, you know, if you got to -- if you ever committed a crime, if you've moved. if you're an immigrant and been naturalized. they want to suggest to people it may not be ok for you to vote. i think, as i said in the statement, it's reputthey're us this as a
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president's fantasy about winning the popular vote and to try to discourage people from voting when they're entitled to. >> reporter: of course, on 5at630 we take to the streets to hear from you. we just asked people in general how do you feel about -- excuse me, do you believe maryland should provide that information? should they not? i'll be honest. a lot of the people we asked really didn't seem to know much about the story. a handful did. take a listen to what they had to say. >> as a matter of principle, i believe that the request is not necessarily on the up and up. so i would say symbolically, it's good to say no even if it is public information >> give it up. you know, it doesn't matter if you're republican or democrat. the next party will ask for the same stuff, at pile of
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>> for an election as contentious as the last one and the basis behind the request i believe is a little bit -- i don't think there's any basis to honor that request. >> reporter: a handful of you have been weighing in on twitter. keep them coming, i'd love to hear from you, let me know what you think, looks like maryland made their decision at least at this point, we got a full statement of their response, they're saying it's not 44 states who won't comply. it's only 14 states and the district so this story is not going anywhere, we're getting started and of course, we'll continue to bring it all to you, back to you, jim and shawn >> bears mentioning. a lot of that information is public. it is out there. but one curious twist to the story is chris koboc, the secretary of state of kansas said he'll release some but he won't release certain parts because they won't release the last four digits of the social security number >> someone on this commission even said no >> but again act lot of it
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it is public information. you can look people's voter registration information but it's a matter of, you know, compiling it >> in one accomplice >> right. in the meantime, kathy griffin back in the headlines, reportedly been interviewed by the secret service about that photo of her posing with the blooded severed head resembling president trump. the investigation into that violent photograph still ongoing, it was said griffin was interviewed by the secret service about an hour. a louisiana congressman under fire for a video he posted on youtube in which he narrates from inside and outside a former nazi concentration camp posted on line by lee johnson media. in the video, representative clay higgins describe how the killings took a few minutes and the u.s. military must be eaten vincible. the memorial criticized the lawmaker later on
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so far, higgins, has not responded. he's inside one of gas chambers and starts talking about how the process happen and they were critical him because they said this was not the place. they thought this was more about politics and him getting his message out and there's a sign they later showed on the outside that asks to you be quiet to take a moment of silence and think about what happened >> a lot backlash to clay higins of louisiana >> let's talk about what we've seen in the sky, before paul wagner at 5:00 was in waldorf >> drenched >> it was pouring. >> caitlin is the rain over? no, look at that >> it's only getting closer guys, unfortunately. that rain seems to be falling paul on his drive back to northwest dc. we got a band of heavy rain that made it as far north as inside the beltway the district. the question is with the 7:00 p.m. nats game starting will they see delays? i would say yes, that rain is awfully close and it is prett
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of it before lighter showers down south, heavy pockets of taken dale city in sections of loudoun county. there's a lot of rain, how far north will it make? we're watching it. but between the next couple of hours, there's a chance of showers and those chance for thunderstorms will only increase as we get to tomorrow. the seven-day forecast waves of rain showers and thunderstorms heavy rain possible throughout the day on thursday. slight chance of a storm there on saturday but the weekend looks amazing. the weekend now, couple days away. saturday and sunday, sunshine low humidity temperatures in the 80's. shawn? >> thank you. millions of americans hit the road for the long holiday weekend. and guess what? it was all because you know, well, not because they want to go out of town but the gas prices were incredibly cheap but the question is, will that change soon? ♪ ♪
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4th of july -- one of the reasons cheap gasoline price >> the federal rate hasn't changed in decades. some state governments are already making moves on their own. fox's allison barer explains. >> reporter: a big chunk of travelers this holiday weekend driving out of town. according to aaa, there are 2.9% more drivers than last 4th of july. experts say that's a partly because gas across the country is cheaper. roughly four cents cheaper than a year ago. how long will that last? in may interview with bloomberg news, president trump said he would consider increasing the federal gas tax. the white house seemed to backtrack shortly after. >> there was no endorsement of it or support for it. he was just relaying what another industry group had shared with him about how to pay for the roads and bridges that need to be repaired. >> reporter: the american petroleum institute said americans pay a little more than
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taxes on every gallon of gas. for diesel, it's.55 per gallon. >> the gas tax certainlily finances the highway trust fund-most significant source of funding for building and improving federal highways with help from the states >> the last time lawmakers raised the federal gas tax was 1993. it hasn't been adjusted for inflation and the budget office said by 2021 the highway trust fund will not have enough money to fulfill its obligations republicans like paul ryan senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and wyoming center john baraso say they're against increasing the gas tax, democrats like senator chris murphy are for it. rob emmanuel called on president trump to increase it by 10 cents. but it's not a cut and dry partisan issue. south carolina congressman tom rice, a republican, also
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in the federal gas tax. and introduced legislation to d. >> congress doesn't want to raise it about it's unpopular with motorists, deservedly so, because so much of the gas tax is januaridered on nonhighway needs. >> reporter: states have their own gas taxes as well as of july 1st ten states increased their gas tax, some by as much as 10 cents. in washington, i'm ellison barber fox news. >> considering the number of states you see talking because infrastructures, having to build roads, presumably you imagine some of it comes from that. but you heard the man that's not necessarily the case >> what i did will have to hear floor director matt went to georgia, how cheap was the gas >> 1.70 >> that's amazing shawn, you know it's never too late to say you're sorry, the user who
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having second thoughts. we'll take a closer look on 5at630 in the
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5at630. the man who posted the viral video of what appeared to be president trump body slamming cnn at russell mania apologized. he claimed the video was purely, never meant for it -- cnn going private citizen who posted this. the video itself, i didn't think much of
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but some of the other things that were posted that were anti-semitic this and that, from that same user, a little disturbing but nonetheless there's a big backlash against cnn, it's a hit piece on this person and cnn, for its part has said, it would disclose that person's identity down the road or it would consider it had things, if things change, if they start posting again. here's another social media post. the indiana republican party posted a question what's your obamacare horror story? let us know, they were not expecting the responses they received. within 24 hours, they got more than 1500 comments, the majority in support of obamacare. since then the post gone viral, more than 7500 comments and 5,400 share by noon today. >> there's been a couple of congress members done that. it takes one post to say hey, share along if you'd like. >> there
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would you recognize parts of the declaration of independence here? some people on twitter got a little confused, some upset when npr did its annual reading of the historic document, we'll explain when we come back.
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♪ ♪. on the 4th, tweeted out the declaration of independence to mark the holiday. but not everyone understood what it was doing. some accused the broadcaster of insighting violence even calling for a revolution. one twitter user acknowledged their mistake saying ok, i screwed up with the npr jumped the gun when i should have waited them to finish, i offer my apologies. >> i'm going to guess a lot of people just don't know everything that's in the declaration of independence >> you can see some of the lines having some people look at that and say way, they have a political position on. npr is accused of being many things, i think it made it an easy target if you didn't have the target, imagine that context and social media. >> twe
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there. >> anyway, we're glad you guys joined it for 5at630. see you back here tonight. >> at 10:00, 10:30 and we'll see you on the final five at 11:30. good night.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: so you would think that rob kardashian violated the revenge porn law by posting pictures of blac chyna's vagina and breasts, right? >> you have naked pictures of your girlfriend or boyfriend and you post them and she or he didn't consent to it, you can be prosecuted. >> chyna likes photos of herself. >> that hurts the case. >> her nipple may look good but her waist line -- na. i like my picture too. >> the guy -- got joey chestnut, the man's hot dog eating champion. i said how much did you weigh? >> probably 15 pounds of hot dog and 8 pounds of water. harvey: are you telling me the raw weight of what you eat is added on to your body? >> of course it's added on. harvey: no, when you chew it up -- >> when you chew it up, it's still mass. concentration of mass. >> tupac shakur, a letter he


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