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tv   The Final 5  FOX  July 6, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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>> here we go on this thursday night, your final five protestor s clashing with police on the eve of the g20 summit. president trump contains a different of awkward handshake. paul ryan hosting town hall in wisconsin, his 2018 opponent. the issue stash. a promise to put american booths on the ground in mars. we'll we've got that all coming ahead tonight. the big summit which kicks off in hamburg, germany. last night we showed you the protestors who were dressed up like zombies. protestors clashing w
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about 10,000 people clashing miles, people in the crowd start ed throwing things at officers, they pushed back with tear gas. there could be as many as 100,000 demonstrators over the two-day summit. the leaders of the world's largest nations are including threats erks terror and climate change. trade and climate change are topics that president trump has clashed with other world leaders on. including angela america elementary. she was open about the president's depointment to pull out of the paris climate accord. they shook hands for the cameras before going into a closed door meeting. president trump declined to say what exactly he would be discussing. but the big discussion is tomorrow. a lot of people waiting to see what's going to happen between president trump and vladimir putin. the big question is will they discuss russian meddling in the 2016
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>> with a very specific ageneral disa in mind. president trump needs to be prepared to handle that. president trump has to say something to president put in. he has to say this can't be repeated there will be consequences and i'm not sure pment will say that. before the president's arrival he was in poland and he made a speech in the capital city of wausau and the crowd there was pretty large , pretty friendly. got some american flags out there. this was to be expected, though, because the polish government reportedly promised the president in their invitation and they were delivered. they were bussed in by the ruling party. they denied claims that they were paid off. the president praised the spirit of the polish people, slashed north korea and also talked about people in the election. i think it was russian and a the lot of people interfered. i've said it very simply. i think it could very well have been
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i think it could well have been other countries and i won't be specific. i think a lot of people interfere. i think it's been happening for a long time. it's been happening for many, many years. >> it went from fake news to maybe. >> we all love the president loves fox news channel. we don't know if he watches the final five, but if he does, hey the only problem -- there was a mistake on the graphic. the president tweeted the west will never be broken. our values will prevail our people will thrive and our civilization will triumph of and if you look at the lower banner, poad us, saved by blood by patriots. in his speech he actually said the blood of patriots. the tweet hasn't been taken down. there was another bit of a funny moment in poland that's making the rounds on social media. he went right past
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watch this. >> hey, melania, good to see you , as you go on, she eventually shakes the president 's hand there. we saw the gift going around. but she does shake the president's hand meantime rick perry former texas governor current secretary of education may have skipped out on he con one on one in college social media was quick to mock a comment he made during a trip to a cole fired plant in virginia. here's a little economics lesson , supply and demand. you put the supply out there and the demand will follow. thats ' not how supply and demand works. we probably shouldn't be surprised because remember the scaff. >> i will kelly, there are three agencies of government when i get there that are gone. commercial, education and what's the third one there? the third one was energy which is the department he's now running. as for today's
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who is the reporter maybe he's production is the source of demand. still if supply followed demand crystal pepsi would never have gone away, tony dance a would have four or five sitcoms on the air and we would all be using the galaxy explod ing phones. members are back at the home district getting a chance to talk to their constituents. how paul ryan had a town hall in wisconsin, sort of. there weren't many people in the crowd . he talkedded to employees at factories. speaker ryan said the situation in north korea is one of his biggest concerns at the president moment . there is always a question about what they actually testified to and what they didn't. but the problem basically is north korea is raising to have a nuclear weapon that they can deliver on a long- range missile. that is something that we cannot accept as a nation if we want to
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preserve our own safety. this is not a regem you want to see in potential session of nuclear weapons. speaker ryan is up for reelection in 2018. there's a democratic opposing him. he is expected to be a long shot. we introduce duesed you to this guy . his name is randy bryce, a ka the iron stash. blies is a union ironworker and he supported bernie sanders during the 2016 cam paifnlt he started his candidacy with an ad calling out paul ryan and in turn, raised about $430,000 in the first 12 daze of his candidacy, but that of course is a long way off. the president is oversees so vice-president mike pence was the one making a trip to blah today to tour the kennedy space center. you will remember pupil recently signed an executive order and he named the vice-president to head it up. under the obama administration the shuttle program shutdown. but today vice-president pence spoke
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return to the moon and we will put american booths on the face of mars. >> all right. good words there there's a photo, though, that's making the rounds and this one is going viral. take a look at this one. he has his hands on a piece of equipment at nasa, look right above that. it says critical space, hardware, do not touch. but he's the vice-president, scoa he gets a pass. coming up next, is the president presidency killing come disi. the media and era of trump coming up next in the final five. e.
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>> you don't mess with america fl welcome back, is the trump presidency helping or hurting comedy mple we have seen some jokes about politics go a little far notably from kathy griffin, johnny dep. but the trump administration has boosted some ratings for snl. it's been an interesting couple of months since the president took office what's your take on what we've seen in has there been a seat change out there in the media? a. as far as the comedy and things go there has been some help. chess i has turned it into a self help. i think you have cn three-hour, they say their ratings are doing well, nielsen reflects that. but at the same time some people are really hurting. we can look at cnn and the fact that now they're under such tough scrutiny no matter what
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they make is amplified not with conservatives but you have the president taking note every single time. if you're trying to cater, at least angle yourself towards people who are craig of the opposition coverage so to speak. when they handle that situation with the guy who created that graphic and they're saying we'll expose him if he steps out of line again didn't really do them any favors. for sure. cnn suffered big time for that. i think the cryptic line, whether it was intended to mean what it came across was doesn't really matter. i think it did them no favors. it looked bad in the context of what's going on with cnn and the whole fake news that donald trump has dubbed them with. but there are other places that are doing well . he has a soft spot for the fox news and particularly the fox morning show. talk about satellite night life
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they said alec baldwin is going to be our donald trump, you saw the portrayal. it was good, the president took notice bit very quickly, wasn't too happy about that. but this is a guy who has been on saturday night life before. he's cognizant of the fact that sometimes he can be a cakierer and he's elementary schools based braced doing that i will dispute alex baldwin's impersonation is good, i don't think it's good. i think donald trump is very much our first very president that's tapped into the cultures, the pop culture. he's our pop culture president. i don't know if this is just his personality or something he gets a rice out of, but him in conflict with people that are in media in conflict he really seems to to thrives off of that. look at kathy griffin, even though she apologized for what she did, holding up the severed head
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press conference after press conference. there's drama to it and that tends to help both sides. is that sa tire or were they string into the realm of being mean. like i said about chelsea handler it's like self controlling in some ways. it's rallying the troops. look at steve colbert that's no longer reaching the mass audience. it's about rallying the people. he's number one. he's doing well and it looks like he's going to keep it up even if it veers into some gross territory in terms the media as a whole, i think a lot of us are putting the mirror up and are we doing the jobs we should. i think it's good to reevaluate -- not reevaluate, but self he evaluate who you are and who you are reaching out there. does the rest of the media need to put a mirror up and say are we going doing the job? >> before
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nomination they're saying we clearly missed something. the steps they take, the new york times the one higher they made didn't like trump. clearly he peeled to a certain group. the one person they hired doesn't like trump. msnbc is making some big changes. there should be a little bit more soul search ing, if you will. >> good seeing you. >> thanks for coming in tonight we are back after this. this.
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health and more. need to be thorough. >> nats are still playing, right >> the three games going on all take place in the the west cost, la, seattle and washington, d.c i love the fact
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people who left came back. >> they never do that. >> they probably got home and say i'm going to turn around and pay for parking again. they are giving free ice cream out. >> do you know who else is getting ice cream and cake today >> george were bush. >> happy birthday. seventy-first birthday for george w bush. we're going to take a look back at three of his fun yes moments. >> yes. >> this was when he was in china and giving a press conference. >> here's what i love about it, though. in perfect say miming, clown technique he really went for it. he knew it was a joke so he just owned it. this one is not open. can't open a door if it's locked. that's
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good. >> the next one, the dancing. you know what, the look on his face there really says it all. at first he wasn't too sure, but then he has the nders bite. i think daifd letterman got four million miles out of this clip. >> that was at least three years of content for letterman. that's right. at least he's into it. he doesn't care that he kind of looks dumb. joe biden when he accepted the offer to become vice-president he told barack obama i'm not going to wear funny hats and you could see he's not wearing the funny hats. he's into it. i love it he doesn't care. he's not worr ied about how it's going to look. >> isn't it amazing how some of this ages after they leave office in. >> it's night and day because they're not expecting affecting the world. >> who was he hosting here in. >> this h was the miami heats. i don't know what this is
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on. >> not the best dribble. but that's not his fault. obviously not enough air in that basketball. >> a deflated ball, which only winners deflate sports balls. q. i was at the white house when president obama welcomed the new england patriots and obama tried to make some deflate gait jokes and they did not go over well. >> this is a look at the dress. she's out with a new song and brody, guess what the new song is called. >> no balm a. >> close. >> make america great again is my guess. >> you're absolutely right. >> our producer why is christie if you go on spotify there are a lot of
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donald trump. that is the joy ville version. >> are they all pretty much in the same inspirational. >> i think that is some good hair die. is grecian and formula and hair dier the same thing. >> trump its where it began. i feel like i'm trucking right now . i'm in. donald trump makes america great again. >> nice. is he an elvis impersonator? he has the look. he has ryan stones on his jacket q. i'm glad you caught that. >> he's like great value elvis. >> next up, the indy rock band. this is their version of a song called -- this looks like the lum nears here. >> this doesn't look trump people. but let's play it. i protect
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racist but my heritage makes me proud. >> what about the rules. do you have to say i'm the not racist? >> you kind of codified it right there. >> it's the reverse of the red neck comedies. >> that's right. >> jeff fox worthy who made a whole career out of that. >> it's going against all of my pledge gists. you wich in pre judging them. >> is that racism in. >> no. i assume that these guys -- >> they were all berp any sanders supporters making their pickles in williamsburg, but no gut to use that for the second time in two days. >> no one is watching two days in a row. you never know. >> finally there's an artist that sampled the president's own voice, mixed it up. >> this is sergeant dun
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got to make america great again we got to make america great again. >> you need some mono tone. >> yeah, a little t pain. president t and t rum. >> that could be a whole outreach. >> i like it. t. rum. >> i doajtd know about this one, the beat is so bad. >> the beat is bad and it doesn't coalesce with each other >> i want to hear more of the lyrics, like how he is he going to make america great again? we're going to build a wall. there's a whole treasurer troaf out there. >> all those songs are
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i think most political songs nowadays are not good regardless of where you stand. >> we're back after this on the final five. ve. z2e2hz z1a2z z2d1iz z16fz y2d1iy y16fy
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>> the race for governor of virginia has started to heat up earlier h week the republican committee. now his opponent found his own way to grab some attention. ronica cleary with some more. >>reporter: campaigns are always trying to catch our attention in different ways. today i saw soggy have never seen before. lieutenant govern or ralph north a.m.'s campaign, a happened lful of staffers, they sat down and they read the s 42 page version of the gop senate proposed healthcare billion to replace the affordable care act. they read it on facebook live to a cardboard cutout of north a.m.'s
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opponent ed gillespie, the republican nominee. they had to take matters into their own hands because they say that they don't know where gillespie stand s on what they're calling trump care. i reached out to gillespie's team fr a response. in essence, the communications director says it's funny they have time to do this but they don't have the time to accept gillespie's proposed ten debates leading up to the election. so the real question is, do you think something like this works well, it's difficult to say with certainty, but i will tell you this, the last i checked the facebook live video had been viewed 20,000 times and shared about 150 times. so weigh in, let me know what you think. back to you, jim. >> by the way, the cardboard cut out thing made us think about client ease wood at the rnc back in 2012. i pulled out the empty chair and pretended it was president obama.
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governor's race shaping up. >> let's onto who is sleeping soundly and who is tossing and turning. a pew research pole says 56 percent of americans have confidence in mrs. america elementary to handle world affairs. tossing and turning tonight we'll give it to senate majority leader chuck shoe mere he got a pretty boost that mitchell mcconnell might be open to negotiating on the healthcare billion. the problem it means that schumer and the democrats can't be the resistance. schumer said before he wants to go to the table with republicans , but if mcconnell is serious about this, for schumer it's put up or shut up. that is the final five on this thursday night. the nats are still playing, by the way. have a great night. the morning show is here at four:25
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great night.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: if amy schumer or adele want to play at the atlanta hawks arena, they do not have to go through metal detectors. kanye and 2 chainz have to go through metal detectors. >> the guy who was the manager of security for the atlanta hawks is claiming discrimination against black stars while white stars got the v.i.p. treatment. 2 chainz, jeezy and the dream requested to bypass metal detectors, denied. migos, denied. tyler perry -- denied. >> tyler perry! >> this is outrageous! >> the kardashian sisters thought when rob said chyna had dream out of spite was a little too much and they're worried about the long-term effects it's going to have on her. harvey: i get it but have you ever heard like a parent say to her kid, you were a mistake? >> usually they call it an accident, not a mistake. never a mistake. >> al sharpton is not beefing with jay-z.


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