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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  July 10, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> right now at 7 o'clock we are on the scene of an overnight hours fire in temple hills. the homeowners on vacation at the time. >> gunfire erupts outside of a fast food restaurant in prince george's county. right now a double murder investigation is under way in suitland. we're live on the scene. >> also developing the president waking up at the white house this morning pulling back from a plan to work with russia on a sewer security. what he tweeted overnight after backlash from i don't think sides of the aisle. >> good morning, i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. >> here's a live look outside for you. going to be a warm one out there again today. starting a little streak of warm weather. >> i believe we'll get warmer and warmer as the week goes on. let's check in with tucker and erin get a quick look at traffic. >> 60's off to the north and west but
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afternoon and stay tuned you'll want to see the seven day. we've got a heat wave on the way starting tomorrow. erin. >> earlier tractor-trailer fire clean upunder way inner loop before pennsylvania avenue. another inner loop crash by that landover road so super heavy delays there and we have had metro problems all morning long. residual delays to new carrollton on the orange line. earlier train malfunction at west falls church. delays across the green yellow and red line too. not to worry, we got you covered. allison and steve. >> welcome to monday. thanks erin. let's get to the headlines on this monday morning. new this morning, fire gutting a home in prince george's county. apparently the homeowners on vacation at the time. fire started about 2:00 a.m. the couple that lived there away on the eastern shore. when they got the call they raced back home. thankfully their pets were out of the home at the time. one neighboring house was also damaged. heat from that fire melted some of the siding. >> now to the district where it appears that a arson is to
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the fire breaking out around 2:00 a.m. on wheeler road spreading to two neighboring homes. one firefighter though was injured battling the flames. fire crews say someone used an accelerant to set the house on fire. so far no one is in custody. >> ♪♪ >> if prince george's the search continues for a kill killer after a deadly double shooting. >> one of the victims ran into a restaurant for help before 33 died. >> melanie alnwick live at the scene in suitland with the latest for us. melanie, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. prince george's county police still have not updated anily information this morning. we are closing in on 12 hours after this scene. it first was put out as a homicide and then after prince george's county police got here, they updated it to say it was, indeed, a double homicide. it started in the alley there in between the pawnshop and the dry cleaner where you see the back of that black van. we'll take you to the video now. a very large scene
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silver hill road in suitland. we're just across from the census bureau and just up the street from the suitland metro station. police say two men were shot in this shopping center area. one was found dead in the alley but as you mentioned, the other victim ran into the popeye's restaurant, it was filled with customers and employees at the time, ran into that restaurant for help. that is when pg police also came to the scene, to that scene as well. we're told that two prince george's county police officers who were nearby responded and applied what they call trauma kits. that man and the one who ran into popeye's were rushed to the hospital but unfortunately he did not survive either. as word of the shooting circulated a lot of people came to the scene gathered around tried to find out if any of their loved ones or people they knew were involved in this. but again, no identities so far put out by prince george's county police on these victims. they are still investigati
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the circumstances, still haven't said whether they are looking for one suspect, two suspects or whether these two people indeed ended up shooting each other. live in suitland, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> in the meantime a man suspected of killing his stepfather bowie maryland and taking a picture of the body and posting it to social media will make his first appearance in court today. officers were called to pinkney's home on saturday morning where they found his pedestrian in the garage. beverly allegedly posted a selfie of himself on twitter standing next to pinkney's pedestrian. beverly was arrested a short time later. authorities say he told his mother "i told you i would do it." >> to montgomery county now where police are awaiting the results of an autopsy after the death of a four month old baby in gaithersburg. just before 10:30 sunday morning officers were called to the motel six parking lot along opinions orchard road for report of a infant not
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the little girl was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. it's still unclear what led to the baby's death. police say the baby's parents were there. so far know charges have been filed. >> let's turn to politics. president trump waking up in washington this morning after his trip overseas for the g20 summit. his return home being met with more controversy for the white house. >> that includes possible new plans for the president and russian president vladimir putin as well as a report that the president's son met with a russian linked lawyer. maureen umeh joins us now with more. good morning, mow. >> good morning, allison and steve. those plans with the russian president suggest a new cyber partnership with russia coupled with trump jr.'s meeting last year reaction to this latest news has been swift and brutal. back home at white house after a friendly face-to-face meeting with russian president vladimir putin president trump flood lawmakers and text experts with a tweet on sunday. putin and i discussed forming an impenetrable cyber security unit so that election hacking and other negative things will
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potential partnership with the country accused of attempting to hack the 2016 elections drew a quick response. republican senator john mccain. >> i am sure that vladimir putin could be of enormous assistance in that effort since he's doing the hacking. >> then sunday night some backpedaling. president trump tweeted that just because he and putin discussed cyber security doesn't mean he thinks it can happen. still some lawmakers aren't satisfied. >> when it comes to russia i am dumb founded i am disappointed and at the end of the day he's hurting his presidency by not embracing the fact that putin's a bad guy. >> that comes as donald trump jr. has admitted he met with a lawyer linked to the kremlin last summer saying the woman told him she had damaging information about hillary clinton but trump jr. says the woman had only vague comments. >> and it seems to be on the end of the trump individuals a big nothing burger but may spin out of control for the dnc and the democrats.
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campaign chairman paul manafort were also in that meeting but the white house says president trump knew nothing about it. steve and allison. >> maureen thanks very much. on capitol hill today members of congress head back to work after the fourth of july recess but only three weeks until august break. a number of things still on the to do hit of course include passing a budget plan as senate republicans continue to scramble to pass their version of the healthcare bill which is now pushing the time limits. that prospect not sitting well with the president this morning who just tweeted about 20 minutes ago i cannot imagine that congress would dare to leave washington without a beautiful new healthcare bill fully approved and ready to go. pressure is still on for the administration. we'll see if congress can get it done before august break. >> good morning tucker. >> good morning. beautiful weekend particularly yesterday mid 80's. heat and humidity back in the forecast. >> all right. >> today just a taste of it but by tomorrow, full on, full blown heat wave around here. >> summer is back. >> yeah, yeah, definitely. heat index near a hundred by tomorrow, wednesday, thursday.
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another heat wave. when you get heat waves in july that means that's the real deal heat wave so check out the numbers in a second. we're looking at sunshine and quiet conditions for us. high pressure that was overhead yesterday slipped to the east went start to build back in the heat and humidity. today about 90 and again the actual air temperature by tuesday, wednesday and thursday back in the mid 90's so that heat index gets close to a hundred, so it's that time of year. 90 today. i don't think we'll get a storm today. we should be generally dry and it won't feel terribly plea humid -- terribly humid but it will feel more humid than yesterday. >> it's so cold in here. i do my little cold shimmy to warm up. inner loop skyfox over a crash. it's off the roads blocking the right shoulder at landover road but delays are heavy from
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to landover road. rubberneck delay on the outer loop as well we take a look at the maps, right lane blocked because of a earlier tractor-trailer fire by pennsylvania avenue before that point. after ritchie marlboro road right lane closed. that delay hooking into the other delay from bw parkway to pennsylvania avenue it's about a 45 minute delay. caution there and again an outer loop rubberneck delay. suitland parkway we have an inbound crash at naylor road causing delays. bottom of the beltway isn't terrible right now because everyone is stuck in that mess. once you get to branch avenue you're kind of much quieter than we anticipate and you pick up again from 210 to the wilson bridge. southbound 295 there is a crash reported by east capitol adding to the mix of delays. 50 inbound is also super slow from the beltway to 295. new york avenue past bladenburg road sluggish in upper marlboro four inbound by dower house has usual earlier sith has cleared but
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line between silver spring and fort totten as well as the yellow line between pentagon city and mount vernon square in the green line between navy yard and l'enfant. 66 eastbound about an hour delay from gainsville to the beltway. and then 95 and northbound we also have a stall out no stafford causing issues really heavy delays through dale city as well. that's your look at traffic. back to you guys. >> erin thanks. new this morning a potentially dangerous case of road rage in maryland leaves a florida man under arrest. police say 26-year-old eric alfredo arroyo pulled a gun along i695 and i83 on sunday morning. police pulled him over along i83 and warren road. they found several loaded guns and marijuana inside the car. a woman was also in the car and arrested. both are being held without bond a2-year-old child was also in that car but not hurt. >> today marks one year since seth rich was shot and killed in northwest d.c. the 27-year-old was killed in the emerge
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back to his apartment early in the morning. police have said he was killed in a botched robbery. later today there will be a vigil for seth at the spirit of justice park in southeast. it's set to begin at 4:00 this afternoon. >> take a look at what's making headlines around the world ride now. iraq's prime minister declared a "great victory in the operation to retake mosul from eyes." after nearly nine months of combat. they arrived to celebrate with troops after they drove islamic state mill stance. -- militants. the fierce battle killed thousands and displaced nearly 1 million people. >> new developments overnight following a massive fire at a popular tourist attraction in london. flames broke out at the camden lock market early monday morning. crews were able to quickly contain this fast moving fire. no injuries have been reported. the cause remains under investigation. >> a senior vatican official is charged with sexual assault back in australia this morning facing several charges. card
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serves as pope francis' top financial adviser due to appear in a melbourne courtroom today facing what police are calling historical sexual assault charges. the alleged offenses occurred years ago but there's no statute of limitations for such crimes in australia. >> we will get an update today on baby charlie guard as the parents of the terminally ill boy head back to coach. they'll presents new evidence about treatment that they say could prolong the 11 month old's life. his parents over the weekend delivered a 350,000 signature petition to the hospital in london where he's currently being treated to allow him to travel abroad for experimental treatment. >> some trips on amtrak from d.c. to new york city in jeopardy for the rest of the summer and we'll explain coming up. >> plus more repair work on metro's red line this time to fix a leaky tunnel. our bab -- bob barnard is live with the
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>> ♪♪ >> all righty. 7:15 right now. we're back with a view from the sky from skyfox over the inner loop. the crash at landover road is causing big delays. back to 450 now. looky lous don't help. a little slow. >> check in with erin. first tucker is up with the forecast. >> let's reminisce about the day that was yesterday. >> let's do it. >> gorgeous. >> yeah, july, what, ninth, low humidity, temperatures in the mid 80's. >> i was hanging out in east port and annapolis. >> you were. >> it was kind of hot actually there. >> sun is very warm this time of year. >> i didn't have a problem with it. the two people i was with they had a real problem with it.
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commercial for annapolis yesterday and i thought what a beautiful place to be. you were there. >> you weren't there, yesterday. normally i can sense when steve is in the area because it's time to do some news together, baby. >> that's what we do on our off days. >> 74 now in washington. that's the warm spot. much of the area wake up to temperatures in the 60's, places like winchester down to 59 degrees this morning. so, again, very comfortable without that humidity early this morning. both heat and humidity building over the next couple of days and we are going to get a july heat wave tomorrow with daytime highs in the 90's and a heat index. the area of high pressure kind of pushes to the east. i think we'll keep it dry this afternoon. we have a few clouds out there early this morning. that's what we call the warm air invection, warmer air working in. warmer than yesterday. yesterday was 86. today about 90. look at tuesday, wednesday and thursday, bring it on.
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heat, humidity and smells. >> like each day. [laughter] >> each day wants to top each other. >> smells when it gets hot. >> i don't know who he hangs out with. >> everything smells. >> that's a nice public service announcement to remember some deodorant if you're riding metro. i think he's hanging out with stinky people. no one in particular just in general. >> everything smells,. the trash smells. >> okay. right now right lane blocked inner loop at landover road from a crash scene. delays had been extending back to bw parkway. you'll need about 30 extra minutes to get from 450 to pennsylvania avenue. as allison mentioned rubberneck delay on the outer loop as well. we'll switch to our maps. we have the second problem we have been tracking all morning and that is again after ritchie marlboro road right lane closed because of an earlier tractor-trailer fire cleanup. so, again, a lot of red on the map in that area. suitland parkway inbound a crash at naylor road has us
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then we're dealing whip southbound 295 an earlier crash by east capitol street has us backed up to eastern avenue. really the delays extend to 50 now. bw parkway a lot of bailout traffic because of the inner loop crash. everyone is taking bw parkway through riverdale park so that's causing some additional slowdowns there. residual delays on the orange line to new carrollton. residual delays because of earlier single tracking still in place between silver spring and fort totten on the red line. and then the yellow line between pentagon city and mount vernon square residual delays as wie as the green line between navy yard and l'enfant. no and lower single tracking but things still not back to that normal pattern there. we also have heavy traffic 270 southbound coming down through gaithersburg and then we'll take a look at 66 next. manassas all jammed up. back to you. >> erin thank you. 7:18. happening today in maryland a push to end the rising number of deaths linked to opioid use. last year overdose deaths in the free state reached an all time high. today maryland congressman
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opioid addiction workshop featuring state leaders and health addiction experts. it's open and free to the public. it begins at 6:00 tonight at winchester hall in frederick. >> we have more commuter muse to pass along especially for those of you who go back and forth from d.c. to new york on amtrak. today begins the so-called -- they call it summer of hell at penn station in new york. several weeks of extensive repairs to the tracks and signals. a lot few trains between here and new york including three round trips canceled from now until september 1st. acela service though is not affected. >> turning to metro. it will begin work that will hopefully ease or eliminate delays caused by water in the tunnel. >> your commute on the red line could be impacted. bob barnard outside the station with the latest. bob, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning steve and allison. yes, you can see signs of the water intrusion even here at the top of the escalators. here it is. it's kind of the way the
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ago to let the water in but it's caused all kinds of problems over the years and now metro is finally doing something about it. and it is -- it starts tonight, this three-month waterproofing project begins tonight. they'll use kind of like what they call a curtain grouting to try to stop the water from intruding into the stations here and along this part of the red line, it's the main cause of arcing insulator incidents which can fill the tunnel with smoke and lead to major disruptions. this project is happening between friendship heights and medical center, here bethesda right in the middle of that through october and because of this project, there will be late night single tracking starting tonight, that's starting at 9 o'clock until service stops and then they're going crazy overnight and there will be no service in this part of the red line the next four weekends between medical center and friendship heights, no red line service, the next four weekends. there will be shuttle buses available. basically this contractor will
7:21 am
grouting material injected into the tunnel walls. it's used in the mining industry and it will basically seal the tunnel from the outside to try to stop the water from getting in and as i mentioned this was the way the system was designed hard to believe this stretch of the red line, the oldest of the tunnel sections but it has caused all kinds of problems besides the arcing insulators, you know, it rusts out the rails and other parts of the infrastructure so they're finally, these many years later, guys, starting tonight doing something about it. >> all right. bob, thanks very much. the president is meeting with his russian counterpart still making headlines. coming up why president trump though is backtracking this morning about a plan with president putin of russia to combat cyber security. >> amazon prime users tonight is your night to shop. the annual prime day kicks off about 13 and a half hours. everything you need to know to score the big deals coming up as well. it's 7:21. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> under arrest. hard to watch video. facing hit-and-run and reckless endangerment charges after this crash caught on video. it shows the administrator's suv hitting a cyclist along a federal parkway. this happened in tennessee on saturday. the cyclist wasn't seriously hurt but a fellow cyclist was recording their ride on a helmet cam and shared this video with inv
7:25 am
park rangers plan to meet with u.s. attorneys to see whether federal charges should be filed. >> had the helmet cam on. more and more of those. it is 7:25. can't even watch it. >> lucky he got right up. >> jumped up after that. >> 74 now in washington. daytime highs about 90 so little warmer than yesterday, little more humidity than yesterday but today is sort of that transition day from a really pleasant air mass we had around here yesterday to the heat and humidity and the stink we're expecting are round here. there's your satellite and radar. nice and quiet. i don't think we'll get storms today. that will be a little better chance tomorrow. big thunderstorm complex out towards chicago. wisconsin 5-inches of rain in an hour. here's your seven day. 91 today. look at tuesday, wednesday and thursday. mid to upper 90's around here. look at your overnight lows. upper 70's. we're turning up the heat so make sure you're ready for it. make sure your air conditioners are in good working order.
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or have you gone home. >> you know what tucker i decided it was monday, i was over it. it's just time to go hang by the pool. wouldn't that be nice. instead we're talking about people sitting in traffic. right now this is the worst of the delay on the inner loop out by central avenue from before i got in this morning there was a tractor-trailer fire out by ritchie marlboro road and pennsylvania avenue. outer loop dealing with a rubberneck delay because one of another crash on the inner loop by landover road. let's switch to our maps and we'll show you all that nasty red. we told you about the crash by landover road and south of that points the right lane is still blocked by tractor-trailer cleanup its really backed up there. give yourself at least 45 extra minutes in both directions. vivid inbound jams from just inside the beltway to 295. that's a closer look at that earlier vehicle fire and then suitland parkway inbound at naylor road a crash. you're backed up for several miles there. a lot of tweets in response to me posting that crash letting us know that they're crashes
7:27 am
again please use caution there. southbound 295 really jams up between earn avenue and east capitol street. in riverdale park baltimore-washington parkway has some really heavy volume southbound so watch out for that one. we'll take a look at several metro delays next. back to you. >> erin thanks. still ahead an update on that overnight house fire in temple hills. owners on vacation at that time. >> fox5 contributor gold to break down president trump's face to face
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♪ welcome back. going to be a warm monday. get ready for those tank tops and shorts. we're into the july typical weather. tucker will be along shortly on the 5's with more about your 5-day or seven day forecast
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overnight fire gutted the top floor of a home in temple hills, maryland. it happened around 2:00 this morning at the home on ashley's crossing court. no one was at home when the fire broke out. we understand the couple that lives there is on vacation at the eastern shore when it happened. raced back after word their home was on fire. no word yet on what caused this blaze. to prince george's county now the search for killer continues. police say two men were shot and killed yesterday near a pop eye' restaurant along silver hill road in suitland. no word on possible motive or suspect in this case. turning to politics on capitol hill today members of congress head back to work. a number of things still pending on their to do this of sorts include passing a budget plan senate republicans are also scrambling to pass their version of a health care bill which appears to be unlike toll happen. steve, over to you. let's continues with morning briefing this morning allison. busy weekend for the president following his meetings
7:31 am
twit 20 summit. a lot of people talking about his sit down with russian president vladimir putin and a his plan plan to work together on cyber security. joining us now hadas gold. good to see you. we have the tweet we'll work witness russians on this or at least we'll consider it and then last night the tweet saying, okay, that's not going to ha happen. >> right. this proposed cyber security unit that donald trump suggest after the meeting with vladimir putin got a lot of condemnation almost immediately across the board people saying i think it was marco rubio said working with vladimir putin is like working with as sad on chemical weapons much working with el chapo with drug. it doesn't make sense. within 24 hours donald trump pulled back just because i suggested it doesn't mean we'll actually do it. >> it seems like the strategy here from the president i won't even say the white house because these are a lot of his personal tweets and thoughts, floating an idea out there let the entire world see it and then put the pressure on congress to either agree or disagree and it
7:32 am
like congress disagrees with it both sides or at least republicans if he gets backlash there then he reels it back in. says, we won't do it. >> it's very clear through these tweets that nobody is vetting these tweets before they go out or the least the people who are vets these tweets before they go out aren't thinking about how they'll be interpreted and we all know that donald trump likes to run his own social media account by himself and likes to have his unfiltered access to everybody but sometimes that gets you into these road bumps that cause unnecessary friction honest toll getting things actually done. >> let's backtrack now to friday when you and i talked before. the president vladimir putin met with president trump and. we said we expected both sides to come out this saying we accomplish something here. what did you think now that we started to hear the what would actually happen. >> they didn't accomplish in cease fire in syria that -- that did accomplish a cease fire in syria that seems to be holding. supposed to only be half an hour, the meeting lasted to hours and 16 minutes. melania trump
7:33 am
to break it up at some point they needed to get him out of there. the problem that came out of the it we were getting so many conflicting reports not just from the russian point of view, we knew we would have, one thing happened and we would say something else happened within our own government. secretary every state rex tillerson for example said said they discussed sanctions or they discussed how congress wanted sanctions to be put down on russia and then donald trump tweeted that there were no sanctions discussed when you have your own secretary of state and your president saying two different things about meeting who do you believe in the situation and that's not where you want to be especially with the russians. >> makes it very tricky to figure out where the information is come from. the president says listen to me i'm tweeting it. other members of the administration when they say different things the confusion lies. >> i can see republicans on capitol hill believing tillerson over their own president. >> which is troubling trend in itself. let's talk about another member of the trump family right now because someone else grabbed headlines over the weekend for their apparent dealings with
7:34 am
>> donald trump, jr. yeah, so this came out the new york times over the weekend where they broke the story that donald trump injury, met with kremlin linked lawyer and initially the story that donald trump was saying that it was about -- they mostly talked about adoptions. there's a rule about adoptions from russia. but then the story changed on sunday, and donald trump's statement about it changed on saturday as the new york times started to get more information which was that actual the pretext for this meeting was that this person would have damaging information about hillary clinton. this is an incredible connection to russia about actually working with russian kremlin linked lawyer to get damaging information on your opponent. this is really stunning revelation it's also stunning to see how donald trump injury's story change evidence he admits that was the pretext of the meeting he and did he know who this person was and acquaintance it was just donald trump, jr. in the meeting it was jared kushner now senior adviser to the president and at the time the campaign
7:35 am
forward. >> it seems like no matter how they backtrack this now, they say we didn't know who we were meeting with, whatever it is, it seems to me the special counsel investigating matters with russia and tied into the elections this would be exactly what they're looking for as far as intent. this is something they specifically went to talk to somebody about the election, that seems like its inn at the present time and they're admitting intent. >> donald trump, jr., as you noted he claims did he did not know who this person was, he did not know it was a kremlin backed lawyer f they find evidence that did he know where this person was coming from, that could be bad news for donald trump, jr. but it's also just for the white house in general the fact that they already said they disclosed any possible meetings with russian connected people and this was not disclosed. in a lot of their security clearances which just causes more headaches. sort of a why not put this out there. why not just list all the possible meetings and say, you know, get out in front of it and say, so this person tried to meet with us but we didn't know
7:36 am
coming from. >> much like major league baseball the second time through the order you learn the batter's tendencies this morning the president treating about health care trying to find distraction maybe to take it away from russia. >> tweeting about james comey. >> take the distraction over what happened over the weekend. >> right. >> good to talk to you as always. steamy forecast coming up, tuck. >> not so bad today. about 90. but the heat and humidity build over the next couple of days and big old heat wave by tuesday, wednesday and thursday. heat index near 100 with air temperature mid 90. 74 now in washington. that's a warm spot. much of the area very comfortable with lower humidity overnight getting down into the 50's in winchester and much of the area in the low to mid 60s to start the day. really not bad start. little bit of cloudiness out early that's the warmer air working in we're not picking that up on satellite/radar much of your day will be sunny should be dry today. just a little warmer and a touch more humidity than yesterday. highs about 90. so kind of typical summer afternoon for us. again it should be dry around here later today. lo
7:37 am
heat starts building tomorrow. isolated storm. 97 by tomorrow. today none with sunshine this afternoon. >> okay. i'll have the seven day in just a minute. erin is back with roads. >> 7:37. a lot of delays improvements picking up and metro we'll start you off with the worse of the it. inner loop a crash at landover road jammed back to 450 we're also dealing with a right lane blocked into the inner loop earlier vehicle fire clean up involving tractor trailer still blocking the right lane after richie marlboro road the worst of the day between 450 and pennsylvania avenue. it's about a 45 minute slow down and rubberneck delays on the outer loop that area of the beltway is the worst of the morning commute for this monday. suitland parkway inbound a crash out by naylor road caution there. and then southbound 295 big delays between eastern avenue and east capitol street. 50 inbound jams to through chef toll 295 and notice how 295 southbound through riverdale park such heavy volume there as well. forwarding things along 295 northbound we have a crash blocking the exit on-ramp
7:38 am
lavatory road give yourself extra time there. eleventh street bridge really crowded as we take look at our maryland drive times the worse of the day is outer loop and college park. 21 minute delay 95 to georgia avenue and 270 southbound not the worst but 109 to the beltway 38 minute dries. thing from theism cc down to the beltway look good on 95 and 50 also very quiet as you head to the beltway the delays pop up once you get inside. we'll take a look at your have a have drive times next and some residual delays on the green and yellow lines. back to you guys. >> a big-time apple supplier looking to add thousands of jobs here in the us. plus a popular san francisco based coffee chain now open in the district. ahead kevin sits down with harry styles in the upcoming movie dunkirk. fox beat coming up it's 7:38.
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♪ 7:41 right now. the company that assembles and supplies apple i phones fox con is the name of the company reportedly looking to build a new manufacturing plant in wisconsin. this move would bring 10,000 jobs to that state. on the states under consideration but wisconsin seems to be the top choice. fox con makes sharp televisions a final decision is expected later this summer. are you ready to do online shopping? amazon prime day is back for the 30 year now. online mega retailer kicking off may good sale tonight at 9:00 p.m. much the company says it will be offering more than 100,000
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variety for prime customers. prime day began as a way to celebrate amazon's 20th anniversary. they're looking to take advantage of the increased web traffic. it will run for 30 hours until 3:00 in the morning on wedn wednesday. all right. lots of money will be changing hands then. coffee lovers have a new place to try in d.c. >> okay. >> san francisco based chain blue bottle is now open in georgetown. blue bottle offers more than specialty coffee lots of food as well restaurant spokesperson tells us the proceeds from sunday's grand opening will go toward the non-profit organization natural resources defense counsel. other options for you in georgetown. >> i like its minimal lift -- >> industrial chic. >> speaking of chic kevin sits down with harry styles. the singer is trying something new. he's acting and he's in the upcoming film dunkirk. we'll her from one of his co-stars as well. the fox beat is next.
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z2cpsz zi0z y2cpsy yi0y
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♪ all right. we have big good day d.c. coming up in about an hour and 15 minutes from now. did you watch last night, al. >> i did. you'll have to get us some scoop. um-hmm. big night for robin. star-studded lineup once again. robin dixon of the real housewives of potomac after last night's part one reunion show. tuck, did you watch? >> i watched the whole show. >> tuck likes to binge watch. >> right.
7:46 am
also vanessa williams will join us as well she's going to be dishing about daytime divas and then kevin's one-on-one heart throb singer and now act harry styles in dunkirk. we'll see that coming up in a little more than an hour from knowledge it will be fun. >> when vanessa williams wouldn't miss in '83 i think i have -- i saved the washington post front page because she's the first african-american woman to win that title and i meant to bring it in today. >> you could have shown her. >> a little bit discolored now. >> i'm sure if you tell her you still have it she will be equally excited. >> i'm just going to tell her. you guys back me up. >> all right. >> is juan coming in? >> i don't know what's going on with that. i hope he does. >> he's being a weiss acre. >> he does that well. it looks like just robin. >> juan is a little camera shy. >> juan is kind of my hero. >> he's a lot of people's hero. a little camera shy. >> took to us a title. >> yeah did he. i heard w
7:47 am
again and i missed it. >> yes, he was. >> starting another heat wave. 90 today. look out mid 90s around here by the middle of the week and heat index near 100 here's come the heat another round of it starting this afternoon. we'll be about 90. 74 now in washington. nice and comfortable out there, 64 at frederick. dulles 67. earlier winchester in the upper 50s now 64 degrees for you at winchester. 65 hagerstown. everybody commute comfortable and the humidity overnight and yesterday was in check. very comfortable overnight. satellite/radar very quite quite at the moment. a few clouds out there that's warmer air starting to work what we're dealing with is area of high pressure overhead yesterday is starting to fade off to our east and as that occurs, we'll start to get winds out of the south and south and west and that will start to pump in both heat and humidity around here and again about 90 today look out, tuesday, wednesday, thursday look extremely hot with daytime highs in the mid 90s heat index near 100. i'm just going to throw this up there one of our computer
7:48 am
is trying to give a light shower to the western shore of the bay mid afternoon. everybody should be dry later. there you go. you can see at 2:00 o'clock maybe a sprinkle there on the western side of the bay. otherwise we should be pretty quiet and nice afternoon for us with again temperatures about 90. getting more humid around who are later tonight look out. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, that's real deal. heat flirting with records th there. by wednesday and thursday and again heat index around 100 each afternoon. so lots of heat here on the horizon. okay. other than that everything is happy. hi, erin, how are you? i'm all right. a nasty monday on the roads. look at delay that we're dealing with. there's an overturned vehicle 95 on the southbound side past fairfax county parkway that's a delay. usually the northbound side is the worse of the delays headed toward the mixing bowl. southbound side heavy traffic leaning towards fairfax county parkway as you get point that point things open up. let's switch it over for look at our maps. metro the red, yellow and green lines are back t
7:49 am
late clearing track work dealing with delays. only delays from metro are blue and silver lines trail malfunction at capitol heights residual delays at franconia and wiehle. give yourself extra time there. inner loop crash still landover roadblocking the shoulder jammed solid from 450 down to pennsylvania avenue. outer loop dealing with rubberneck delay between those points and earlier vehicle fire clean up still underway disabled tractor trailer closing the right lane out by pennsylvania avenue between ritchie marlboro road and pennsylvania avenue leading to rubberneck delays on the outer loop and delays on the inner loop in both directions i'd give yourself at least 30 extra minutes right now. suitland parkway crash at nail lore road causing delays. inner loop looks pretty good everyone stuck in the delay by pennsylvania avenue. and then you open up and then you get little bit slow from 210 to the wilson bridge. taking look at our virginia drive times, 95 dale city to the beltway 23 minute ride. 395 to the 14th street bridge 28 minute trip slow there
7:50 am
prince william parkway to the beltway just under an hour. the inner loop from the springfield ept change to 66 pretty jam packed and 32 minutes and those delays continue through tysons on the inner loop and across the legion bridge. that's your look at traffic. back to you guys. >> thanks very much. 7:50 right now. that music allison it must mean one thing. >> it is kevin mccarthy with the fox beat. >> allison and steve we got a very rare interview with harry styles from one direction. he's new film called dunkirk the film itself directed by christopher nolan you know the dark knight trilogy, interstellar, inception one of the greatest film makers of all time in my opinion the film hits theaters on july 21. it's based on true story of survival. 300,000 british soldiers and allied soldiers saved during world war ii. take look at this clip much it's awesome. >> we shall find some beaches. [ gunfire ] >> shall fight on the landing
7:51 am
>> we shall fight in the fields. [ gunfire ] >> and in the streets. [ gunfire ] >> we shall never surrender. ♪ >> we shall never surrender. ♪ that's dunkirk. intense, right. >> it is. christopher nolan new movie it opens up july 21. tells this insane story of a mass evacuation of allied forces from a town in france after they became surrounded by the german army during the early days of world war ii. i sat down with two of the films stars harry styles from one direction and fioonn whitehead to talk about the intense process of this
7:52 am
experience. a lot of this was really happening onset. watch this. >> coming back around. >> coming back around?! [ gunfire ] i'm a big fan of christopher nolan when he does special effects. he actually had you guys underwater that these underwater sequences talk about filming that. how long were you actually under and was there somebody bringing you guys oxygen how does that work when you're shooting a scene like that in the movie world? >> um, i think it was, you know, it was like filming then between takes you'd come up and it w was -- they were short bursts the action was so intense and quick. it was very inmate. they flooded the thing and there was us and, um, camera and a couple of crew and it was good. it was f
7:53 am
>> i think it's surprisingly simple. it looks a lot more complicate thad and it is. it's really did you knowing under the water with a minute in a camera in a case. i'm sorry, ten minutes. >> 25. >> 400,000 men on this beach. pg13 you generally only get 2f bombs in movie you get the 2f bombs. >> i used them all. >> same curious when you know that when you were feeling? how does that make you feel when you have the only two? >> it makes me feel really cool. [ laughter ] >> no. i think -- i don't think both of them were in the script act actually. i think chris creates these worlds around you where you don't really feel like you have to act that much. he make it really instinctive. um, and i think the amazing with him is that for such a large
7:54 am
movie kind of making process in general is that you never feel like you're in this massive thing. he makes it super intimate and it's kind of you and the camera. he's right next to the camera. i think it just kind of carries you, you know, you get a little carried away a little bit. you know, he makes it easy for to you just be very much. >> he makes this whole where you kind of react so naturally to something. >> harry styles actually audiologied for the film. he beat out lot of people for the role, and gentleman next to him fin whitehead they i was digged together. steve was asking this is pg13 it is, and the reason why i mentioned that is because the mpa people who rate films they only allow a certain number of curse words until you get to an r. harry used both them.
7:55 am
have. >> it's big. here's the thing. the movie itself is not -- there's no star. the entirety -- it's in three different areas. on the sea, the land and the boat. so in the actual true story of dunkirk, civilian boats went to dunkirk to pull these soldiers out to back home. it's a phenomenal story. >> there's no one central character in the film. >> there's a bunch of characters. by the way little cool side note the ticking sound you're hearing in the trailer and in the score the director had pocket watch and composer took the pocket watch recorded the ticking off of that and made it the sound track. >> can i tell you be honest i didn't even hear it. i have to focus next time. >> it's in the background. >> i have to focus in next time. i was just looking at harry -- waiting for harry's picture and he was in the water and waiting. >> he had a very limited amount of time we got him which is very very cool. he couldn't do his morning interviews. lucky i was in the afternoon before my flight. thankfully ich is cool. >> timing is everything. >> literally. >> i'm happy did you. >> coming up later he answers allison's
7:56 am
question much it's fantastic. she stumped him. it was awesome. >> i love it. >> thanks guys. what warrior question for harry styles? >> i'm still working it up. >> okay g. >> for your next go around. >> all right, cool. >> he seems like a nice guy. >> he's a great guy. super talented. very chill. >> 75 now in washington. hey, we were chilling last night. we hit overnight lows in the 50s in winchester. kev you like the way i tied all that together. >> i saw that tucker. >> there you go. sunshine and beautiful today. your hugs won't be too sweaty here at least over the near term but get into the afternoon we get up to 90. we got a lot of heat. this is the real story of the week. look at the heat, tuesday, wednesday, thursday daytime highs 95 plus we'll be flirting with records around here i'm afraid by wednesday and thursday afternoon and a heat index around 100 make sure that you are prepared for around of heat that will be on the extreme side middle of the week. >> hi
7:57 am
>> right side is -- bright side it's national pina colada day. >> yeah. >> breaking news out of vir virginia. 95 southbound past fairfax county parkway look at that nasty scene the left lane squeezing by. a big crash scene involving an overturned vehicle. this is causing some big delays as you come off the beltway and try to get past fairfax county parkway. northbound side dealing with a little bit of rubberneck delay as we switch over to our maps. blue and silver delays remain on metro residual delays franconia and wiehle. keep it to fox5 news morning. we'll be right back on this monday morning. ♪ ♪♪
7:58 am
♪ ♪ ♪ award winning interface.
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>> this is fox5 news morning. good morning. i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. thanks so much for joining us o& this monday morning. a on monday, july 10th, 2017 much here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu. >> couple on vacation forced to rush back to prince george's county when their temple hill homes goes up in flames overnight. double murder investigation underway after shots are fired outside a fast food restaurant in suitland. we're live on the scene witness latest. >> repairs on the rails. work getting underway on the red line to fix a leaky tunnel. how it could impact your com commute. >> live look outside beautiful looking monday morning it will be a hot one. 73 already at straight up 8:00 o'clock.
8:01 am
first this hour following developing story out of prince george's county where the search is underway for a killer. >> this after two men were gunned down near a popular fast food rest restaurant in suitland. melanie alnwick is live at the scene with the latest. mel? >> reporter: good morning, steve and allison. 7:30 last night there was lot of confusion when this all went down. because initially police responded for a call of one homicide and then there was some information that perhaps it happened inside the popeye's but that's because of the shooting victims ran inside the restaurant asking for help. the other victim found dead inside that alley in that alley just in between those two buildings where that black vehicle s let's take to you video of the scene that we shot when our crews got here last night. you can see a very large response here on silver hill road here in suitland as police still trying to piece together the information. agai
8:02 am
what led up to this much whether it was some sort of an argument. no information from police as to the circumstances leading up to the shooting. we can tell you that when the one victim ran inside the pop eyes he did call for help. fire and rescue responded there as well. two prince george's police officers nearby came and applied what they call trauma kit to that victim he was rush to the hospital but did not survive. there's word of the shooting circulated, people gathered at the scene to try to find out who was killed. >> i just saw him stretched out on the ground. i was hoping and praying it wasn't anybody i knew because i know a few people that live in this area. so i had to stop and double check and make sure. it's a wait and see basically because that's all you can do. >> reporter: now, police have not publicly identified those victims yet. we also don't have a clear look yet at whether there are sp
8:03 am
or police say they're still trying to figure out whether these two men shot each other or whether there were other people out there who were involved in the shooting incident. they are asking the public for assistance. there's a $25,000 reward for information through crime solve verse this is now the tenth homicide in the last eight days here in prince george's county. live in suitland, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. 8:03. new this morning a home severely damaged by fire in prince george's county. take a look. flames tour through the top of half of this house it's on ashley's crossing court in temple hills. the couple that lives there was away at the time. the heat from the flames melted some of the siding from a neighboring home. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. to the morning briefing now trump backing down for plans to work with russian president vladimir putin on cyber security the notion avenue quote cyber security unit emerged from the talks on friday in german noon he reaction from lawmakers was swift. >> when it comes to russi
8:04 am
a dumb founded, i am disappointed at the end of the day he's hurting his presidency by embracing the fact that putin is a bad guy. >> last night the president reeled it back tweeted quote the fact that president put dynein discussed cyber security unit doesn't mean i think it can happen. they went on to say it can't but a cease fire can and did. cease pair in syria brokered by the us and russia at the g20 summit. >> donald trump', jr. defending his meeting with a -- new york times report saturday said trump, jr., agreed to the session after being promised information damaging to hillary clinton. in response to that report trump, jr., released a statement saying that he was hoping to get information helpful to the campaign but mostly discussed program about the adoption of russian children. >> on capitol hill today, members of congress heading back to work fresh off their fourth of july weekend. a
8:05 am
next break. senate republicans looking to pass their version of a health care bill. more and more unlikely as the days go by. two gop senators on sunday morning talk shows saying the bill as it was is dead. the president this morning on twitter saying he can't imagine according congress going on another vacation without pass agnew health care bill. the president also responding to reports that former fbi director james comey did include classified information in memos he shared with a friend about his meetings with the president. the reports more than half of the memos comey wrote have been determined to contain classified material. comey had testified that he considered the memos personal documents. the president this morning tweeted that comey illegally leaked the classified information. ♪ 8:00 fear. tuck is back with check of the forecast. >> pretty straight forward. gorgeous weekend. particularly yesterday mid 80s. turning up the heat and the humidity over the next couple of days. back
8:06 am
>> crank it up. >> cranking it up i think we'll keep it dry today and throw up one of those summertime thunderstorm in the forecast by tomorrow and wednesday. another heat wave on the way. when you get them in july it means business. so by tomorrow afternoon our heat index up near 100 and air temperature in the middle 90s get ready for round three or four of heat by tomorrow. 75 comfortable degrees at reagan national. 72 dulles. bwi marshall 72. nice and quite early. we have a little bit of cloudiness out there. that's the warmer air starting to work in. otherwise we should be generally sunny today. and we'll keep it dry this afternoon with daytime highs about 90. so yesterday we were 86. few degrees warmer today. here's a quick look at the all important two-day forecast. good cool pays. 91 today. 97 tomorrow. scattered storm. >> the here and now. one day at a time. >> okay. 97 and humid we need a day to prepare for that. >> yeah, we do. >> today is a that
8:07 am
don't forget your sunscreen. >> no. little part might have back yesterday a little bit colorful this morning. friendly reminder. >> because it is a -- it will be good pool day. >> for sure. right now unfortunately in virginia big delays 95 southbound a huge crash scene involving overturned vehicle just past fairfax county par parkway. you are delayed all the way back to the beltway. 15 minute delay once you pass this point traffic does open up right now two left lanes getting by previously just one lane was open. as we switch things over for a look at our other cameras this is a look at the disabled tractor trailer from an earlier vehicle fire. right lane right shoulder still blocked right now. looks like they're letting traffic get by in left lanes but we still have some delays as you make your way down from land over road where earlier crash at pennsylvania avenue. it's still about 30 minute slow down. let's switch it over right now to our maps. new crash as you head out of gaithersburg 270 southbound the right lanes blocked near shady grove road so right now heavier delays picking up through montgomery county from urbana to the beltway about 45 minute rid
8:08 am
out taking wide view of our commute outer loop dealing with rubberneck delay by pennsylvania avenue. the outer loop top side of the beltway in college park jams up about 15 minute slow down 95 to georgia avenue. inner loop super jammed up by the american legion bridge and residual delays on the blue and silver from earlier issue at capitol heights. back to you guys. >> erin, thanks very much. eight minutes past the hour. we're tracking metro. the transit agency begins work that will ease or eliminates delays caused by water in the tunnel. >> until the project is all done your commute on the red line could be impacted. bob barnard live outside the bethesda station with details. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison and steve. yes, week nights and weekends impacts coming up. i want to show you the evidence what we're talking about plane for everyone to hear. we're here at the street level. you can see water stains on the walls here. the evidence is much worse down below in the tunnel
8:09 am
basically starting tonight, metro is beginning a three-month waterproofing project. you know, the water intrusion is real the main cause of those sparking insulator incidents which fill the tunnels with smoke and lead to major disruptions. metro says they're finally going to attack this problem and basically this is from the friendship heights area up through bethesda through objection. they'll be late night single tracking starting at 9:00 p.m. during the week from friendship heights to medical center. we're here right in between at bethesda. and they'll be no service the next four weekends on the red line from friendship heights to grosvenor. that's for the neck four weekends. so they can really attack this issue here. there will be shuttle buses provided on the weekends. basically the contractor is going to be using a special rubber like grouting material that they'll drill and inject into the tunnel walls. they used the same kind of material in mining industry and this will seal the tunnel from the outside and ideally stop the wate f
8:10 am
again gets into all the electrical components. it rusts the rails. it does a lot of damage and basically guys it's the way the system was designed 40 years ago to allow the water in and then they pump it out but it is caused a lot of problems including a lot of delays on this stretch of the red line starting tonight, week nights and then the next four weekends no rail service at night it's single tracking on the weekends it's no service at all here in this part of the red line, guys, to try to get the water from getting into the tunnels. >> all right. hopefully it works, bob. thanks very much. >> commuter news for folks who take the train back and forth between d.c. and new york city. because starting today amtrak cutting back because they're doing extensive repairs to the tracks and signals at new york's penn station. fewer trains and more delays and closures. as a matter of fact three round trips between d.c. and new york will now be canceled daily through september 1st. acela service is not affected. still to come this morning two major wildfires in california
8:11 am
fleeing for safety after trapping dozens of children and camp counselors. >> a florida man says he's lucky to be alive after being bitten by an alligator. hear his incredible story of survival when we come back. ♪ ♪♪
8:12 am
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♪ 8:14. check of the forecast and this is our bonus time. >> cuteness. >> you know it. >> love it. >> a lot of
8:14 am
great big thank to you our friends at waldorf. i don't know if we got a chance to thank them yet. >> so much fun on friday. >> had great time. >> everybody in cool waldorf came to visit. >> i think they might have and half of charles county to be honest. such a great time. so great to see everybody. everybody said hello to you. >> they did.& >> they missed you. >> want to you come out next time we go down there. looking forward to it. >> great morning down there. thank you to everybody for coming out and playing with us and we saw a lot of cute first pfeiffers down there, too. >> i'm sure did you. >> only four more days till our next zip trip. >> yes. >> love it. >> never stops much that's our way of saying we don't know where we're going. >> pentagon city. >> pentagon row. >> yeah. >> pent ton row on friday start making plans. >> we got super duper cuteness. camille, everybody, camille. >> aww. >> hi, beautiful. >> this is camille. she is 11 months old. and as you can see -- >> so cute. >> -- >> i'm sorry. i run tucker's prompt i was so mesmerized by
8:15 am
i'm sorry. >> she loving to swimming. >> yes. to be under one and already in the pool much that's awesome. >> um-hmm. >> trying to master -- this is what do you when you are 11 months old master the art of walking. >> walk and swim at the same time. >> expert of sea and land. >> that's right. >> few of cuss learn to swim if we learn to walk we'd be an expert swimmer. >> like aqua man. >> aqua baby much she's company so cute. >> love your picture. >> those cheek. >> congratulations on your both your swimming and your wal walk. send us your picture. >> have a good dale day, camille. good pool weather today. 75 in washington. little warmer than yesterday. 90 this afternoon. little more humidity than yesterday. but all in all not a bad day today the clouds you see early this morning associated with that warm air working in and high pressure that was overhead yesterday slips offshore. our atmosphere is what we call capped chances forgetting storms
8:16 am
there could be a pop up sprinkle or shower but i think for the most part we'll keep it dry this afternoon. and just start building heat around here progressively it gets uncomfortables the week wears on. peaks on thursday with a high temperature of 98 and overnight low of 79. heat index up near 100 by tuesday, wednesday and thursday afternoon. >> good cool weather but not good for much else. [ laughter ] >> all right. thank you, tucker. >> um-hmm. >> check in with erin como and get a check on traffic. >> traffic backed up. metro back to normal. that's good news. look at this from v. to a crash involving an overturned vehicle 95 passed fairfax county parkway. 25 minute delay from the beltway to this point. three lanes have reopened,úbecat one, left lane initially, we're seeing a huge residual delay there. also keep in mine the northbound side moving along better but there is still a slight rubberneck delay. as we forward things along to look at our other cameras this morning, our maps rather, 270 on the southbound side ri
8:17 am
blocked near shady grove road inner loop before pennsylvania avenue still dealing with a disabled vehicle. so watch out for that one. it's earlier tractor trailer fire and seeing delays ease but really heavy in both directions between 50 and pennsylvania avenue. you're dealing with rubberneck delay on the -- on the outer loop from the inner loop issue. residual delays cleared things back to normal from earlier train mal tongue at capitol heights. other other metro rail lines on time. we had significant lake clearing track work. closer view of the beltway is issue. it's been like that since i got in at 44:00 o'clock this morning. back to you guys. >> to the top vatican cardinal on leave as he faces sexual assault charges back in his nauseas strahle ya. george pell is pope francis top manager. pell arrived back in australia today where he'll face charges in assault cases that apparently
8:18 am
news conference pell says that he is innocent. he's looking forward to his day in court which is set for july 26th. 18 penn state fraternity members are due if back in court for a hearing in the death avenue sophomore pledge. tim piazza died in february after falling down a stairs of the beta theta pi frat house. during an alleged binge drinking hazing ritual. prosecutors say the students waited hours before calling police. some of the members are accused of involuntary manslaughter and aggravated assault while others face less serious allegations. new developments overnight following a massive fire at a popular tourist attraction in london. crews were able to as bad as it seems there quickly contain the fast-moving fire non injuries were reported. still don't know what started that fire. back here in the us wildfires burning out west more than 40 of them burning right now. one of the most dangerous broke out saturday in santa barbara county california and quickly surrounded a
8:19 am
90 kids and 50 counselors were. everybody had to take shelter until they could -- they could could be evacuated. >> when those crews got in there, they were quickly overrun by fire. those crews were out flanked by those flames, and they also quickly discovered that there were a lot of people back in that camp. they had fire personnel, sheriffs personnel. and national forest personnel back there keeping those kids safe and they rode it with them. >> 5,000 firefighters battling that blaze and another one at santa maria that fo forced thousands from theirs homes. vac weighing orders were lifted in fire areas in colorado and montana. serious situation for colorado teenager who went head to head with a bear. 19-year-old dylan was camping at glacier view ranch over the week went bear attacked. dylan was sleeping under the stars when the bear suddenly woke him, biting the back of his
8:20 am
10 feet. >> grabbed a hot hold of the bear by his hear and found his eye and i was poking it. it let go of me and i was able to get away. >> this teenager is extremely lucky. >> extremely. >> dylan needed nine stitches but he's recovering. park officials are still trying to track that bear down to make sure no one else gets hurt. >> we'll go from bare attack to gator tack down in florida. another frightening end counter to tell about. this florida man sharing his story of survival after being attacked by alligator in tampa. 51-year-old scott, was diving to retrieve a golf ball at rotunda golf and country club. 10-foot gator bit his left arm. i understand what you're saying. >> you hear me. >> bit my arm off or grabbed my head. um, he could have drowned me. i knew i had to do something i started punching him up by the eye then he let go. >> he sprinted out the water and sprinted in golf ca
8:21 am
they trapped and removed it. i understand what you're saying, al, i could leave the two-dollar golf ball there. >> we often see those areas you don't go into those areas. >> yes. he's lucky to be alive as well. i'm happy he's alive. >> they had another ball in the bag borough one from a friend. many things i would do before diving into a pond with a gator in it. >> a the lot of animals getting poke in the eye ball. >> let me keep that in the back of my mine. lost dog makes his way back to his family three years after going missing. >> we'll show you the special reunion neck. it's 8:21. ♪ ♪♪
8:22 am
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y2cpsy yi0y ♪ 8:24 on a warm monday morning. going to be a scorcher out there. but you know what, it's perfect for a lot of activities. swimming, archery, all sorts of camp stuff. >> sounds like cam. >> sure does. let me tell you about this story, though. oklahoma family is once again enjoying their beloved four legged friend after he returned home, steve, check it out, three years after, you know, we'll use the term running away loosely much got lost. went outside for some fun. >> playing catch with the dog and he and another dog ran away and never came back. >> his name is moose and he's a black lab.
8:25 am
he went missing. family searched for him but they had to give up they feared the worse of course. moose turned up dozens of miles away at an animal shelter. >> i just never would imagine sitting here playing fetch again. >> i said is that moose? and he said yeah. i just -- i just lost it. >> can't even imagine. the family says he was micro chipped that's wonderful allowing the shelter to get in touch with his family but thee years it later. >> he stayed in the area. the woman who found him saw a dog dodging traffic she took the dog and tried to find the owner moose had been living on his own for three years. >> i've heard of dogs getting returning sort of ferrell pretty quickly. >> yeah. >> moose back at home again. >> happy reunion. >> yes. in talked about the great outdoor activities this beautiful monday morning. time to go to camp. (whistle blowing). >> sounds like
8:26 am
long weekend. >> whistle is little slow there. >> yeah. that's not going to wake anybody else. >> camp barred wading is back. >> your counselor was down in southern beach last week. >> the counselor was out at the bar last week. >> sun's out guns out, you know. >> steven got a call from your mom last night that she wanted you enrolled in this program this week because she can't stand having you at home for another week. >> okay. fantastic. >> passing that along. [ laughter ] >> at home or with you, tough call. >> any reports from mine? >> your mother and father report that you are a perfect child at home as you are at camp. >> thank you. >> there you go. sunshine, great big smile today. we got a few clouds out there if you're going to legitimate camp. humidity not bad. we'll give it a winky face if you are doing archery good luck. that was never my sport. that's the latest from camp barns wadin
8:27 am
>> mew my music. ♪ >> all right. wow. [ laughter ] >> it never fails. >> never does. >> i don't want to gift counselor a hard time. >> there we go. >> camp counselor, you might have to go save someone. >> a damsel in distress, counselor. >> ask and you shall receive. >> you are such a gentleman. [ laughter ] >> okay. >> this is getting kind of weird. there's a tractor trailer still blocking the right shoulder it had been on fire earlier. left lane getting by. delays lingering. we'll have more traffic in few. keep it to fox5 news morning. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪♪ at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey. a boy? oh, on the bed? you never told your dad and i about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag. ♪ we buy any car ♪
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deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey. a boy? oh, on the bed? you never told your dad and i about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag. ♪ >> welcome back. it is 8:30 on a, what will be a nice and warm monday here in the dmv. live look at the white house. president trump back in the district after the g20 summit. we of course will have much more on beautiful weather day we're having with tucker on the 5's. look now though at some of the day' top stories. the search continues in prince george's county for a killer. police say the two men were shot and killed yesterday near po popeye's restaurant along silver hill road in suitland. no word on possible motive or suspect in this case. arson is being blamed for a house fire in southeast. now this fire broke out around 2:00 a.m. on wheeler road this
8:31 am
spreading to two neighboring homes as well nom residents were hurt but one firefighter was hurt while battling the flames. fire crews say someone used an accelerant to set that house on fire. so far no one is in custody. today marks one year since seth rich was shot and killed in northwest d.c. the 27-year-old was killed in the bloomingdale neighborhood while walking back to his apartment early in the morning. police have said he was killed in botched robbery. later today, they'll be a vigil for seth at the spirit of justice park in southeast. it's set to begin at 4:00 this afternoon. steve, over to you. thank you very much. 8:31 right now. it seems like diet trends change witness season everybody looks for the next best thing. whole 30 south beast weight wait hers. each one races so many questions about the benefits and the risks and what's right for you. so we brought in the accident dr. shilpi agalwar joins us right now to sort the fact and the fiction. >> good morning. >> good morning, doctor. i want to start with whole 30. based on what you have here it looks pre
8:32 am
>> whole 30 is newer out of all these plans actually. what's really good about this, it forces you to eat very fresh, very clean. the hard part about whole 30 eliminates dairy and grain soar 30 days you're off of those foods. however, this is really good for somebody who is eating a lot of processed junk, doesn't really get in the kitchen it cooks it teaches you about vegetables. proteins things that you should be adding into your diet and you will see weight loss and just feel better the energy goes through the roof when you're doing whole 30. >> how important is it after that on that 31st day to now reward yourself for giant pizza that you haven't had for the last 30 days. >> when do you that you'll see a dramatic difference in how you feel. i've tried this not for the 30 days. i'll be honest. it's hard to stick it to much it's very restrictive you feel really good when you go back into those other foods if you don't pick healthy carbs eliminate the sugar you start to feel tired, sluggish, grogg agree. >> so you'll realize
8:33 am
reward you have for yourself might not be a reward after all. if great way to eliminate the sugar cravings. >> who is this good for. >> south beach diet this is kind of old school people use this and it really produces great results if you want that immediate weight loss this is a good option for you also another way to lose the sugar cravings, the way south beach diet work it breaks up your diet into faces. the first phase is very restrictive so you cannot have any carbs really over you're not having anything but protein, healthy fats and you can have dairy as long as it's low fat. do you feel hungry on this diet. until your body adapts to it. in a way that's good because it's teaching was are proper portions and also how to eat properly and pick healthy foods that are not just a quick energy boost which is usually sugar. but people do see that they put on some weight if they're not careful as you said because when they go into phase two and that maintenance phase they're not careful they can go back into that slippery slope. >> you are eating things you want to eat. >> exactly. >> don't each too much of it.
8:34 am
>>ni was proteins and healthy fats which natural physical you'll eliminate carbs to that degree you'll lose weight. people see eight to 12 pounds of weight loss in first two weeks in that initial phase but unless you're careful, you can add that weight on very quickly. >> go back. >> yes. >> this i'm not familiar with either. >> it's more of a clip diet it's something that we robbed to patients who are not necessarily looking for weight loss but looking to do elimination diet. find foods that are causing them a lot of gism distress. gas, bloating, a lot of abdominal discomfort. the low fod map diet helps to you find out what those things are. now what's hard about this, fod maps which are actually things sugars in different foods processed sugars all of that are in foods that we don't really think are not healthy. we notices yously would say asparagus or mango are healthy but these are high in fod map you want to he will limb nail onions an whole list much out all of these diets this is most restrictive as a by product you may lose
8:35 am
really designed for somebody who's having a lot of gi discomfort and wants to figure out what's causing those food. >> talk to the doctor about this one. >> exactly. >> finally we come back to the grandy daddies of them all. weight watchers this is the one by far steve everybody has great success with. you can eat any type of foods you want. >> portion control. >> it really is about portion control exactly. so the reason i like weight watchers is because if you're a person who just loves to eat but sometimes eats healthy indulges every once in awhile but eats too much this really brings in your -- helps to you understand your portion size and portion control. and you don't have to adapt much of your lifestyle to just simply cook or give up one entire food group. you have to eat in moderation. weight watchers very good for the person willing to eat moderation but can't give up all their pasta and, you know, over -- anything that you can get kind of at the store or drive through but you want to eat little bit of it. this is good for that
8:36 am
also, fruits and vegetables that doesn't cost any points because they use a point system. so that's really healthy in way. >> the easiest way to do it as opposed to all the extra planning that you have when you do these other diets. >> it is. this is not -- >> discipline to do it. >> you have to count and people sometimes don't like that calculated mathematical i have to count how much i'm eating and focus. i want to eat as much as i can. if you don't what to give up or alter your lifestyle don a lot of cooking this is good. there's lot of products on the market for weight watchers. they've labeled them weight watchers. >> do you have the discipline and wanted quickest results. >> yeah. basically you want to pick any of these going to help to you eliminate those sugar cravings. because that is where you'll see the most dramatic weight loss, and that's really good long-term for your overall health. >> see, tucker new york city more m and m's in the morning. sorry, can't do it. >> steve, when i eat in moderation i have to eat twice in moderation to feel full. >> back to back meals. >> exactly. >> within five minutes of eve other. >> eat the moderate feel twice and i
8:37 am
>> is that bad? >> starting another heat wave. we'll be near 90 later today. and unfortunately mid to upper 90s by tuesday, wednesday and thursday. so, yeah, another heat wave. arrive in the middle of july they usually mean business. 75 now in washington. 72 dulles. 73 up in baltimore. we got a little bit of cloudiness early our warm front coming through warmer air working on in. much of your day should be sunny and bright and should be storm three. big thunderstorm complex will fall apart and not get in here. it works cap this afternoon. i don't think we'll get whole lot in the way of shower and thunderstorm activity might be isolated shower west of the bay. about 90 by 5:00 p.m. i'll be back with the seven day and a lot of heat and humidity on the seven day. temperatures in the mid to upper 90s by tomorrow. all right. erin. >> tucker is talking about the hot weather causing some stinkiness and he's wearing no shoes. i'm just saying. >> right now taking a look 270 southbound crash blocks the right lane near shady grove road moved over to the shoulder. delays gaithersbur
8:38 am
beltway 30 minute delay there. for the rest of your monday morning commute slow traffic lingering on the inner loop. right lane block by pennsylvania avenue and that is because of a crash and tractor trailer fire that happened well before 4:00 a.m. this morning. still delays coming down from 50 and as you make your way you can see that cleanup right there again about 30 minute delay from 50 on down. keep in mind we have a crash that moved over to the shoulder 95 southbound by fair tack county parkway those delays starting to clear. 66 eastbound is delayed from manassas to the bell way with 30 minute slow down. new crash on the westbound side right after the beltway by nutley street and then inside the beltway through arlington little slow eastbound. taking a look at our drives times slugger gush on the outer loop 95 to georgia avenue. not to worry we got you covered with your traffic. erin fox5 dc on twitter. >> thanks very much they call it christmas in july. amazon does because prime day sales which kick off tonight. we have tips to help you score the best deals. a fighting summer brain
8:39 am
your kids stay school ready this summer. ♪ er. ♪♪ ♪♪ it's go time at dunkin' with two egg and cheese wake-up wraps for $2.
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8:41 am
♪ actually quite comfortable out there right now temps in the 60s in some places. 8:41 but oh, my goodness the heat is that we are going to get this week. we'll get the details from tucker coming up. two indoor sky divers free falling into a new world
8:42 am
defeated the guiness world record for longest indoor free fall. there's a record for that if you would like to challenge that record, you'll have to find indoor skydiving place that will allow to you free fall for more than seven hours 15 minutes 13 seconds. >> what? >> in the wind tunnel. >> i was quite tired when i got out of the tunnel. it was difficult to walk but after a few minutes, the muscles getting okay. and now we're ready to cele celebrate. >> what you don't want for somebody to break that record the next day. >> right. >> like you want to hold on to that for awhile. >> went minute longer. >> the muscles aren't. it raised money for a char witness for children with special needs. they did it for the right reasons. right? >> congratulations. >> looking at them watching the clock right there. did we get it yet? one more inn. >> we're good. >> big day for online shopping. amazon dishing out tons of promotion the first deal from prime day coming up in about 12 hours. >> retail giant is proming
8:43 am
unlimited free shipping. the even begins at 9:00 tonight. will go on for 30 straight hours. amazon offering early access and extra discounts for customers who place orders using the company's own devices and voice activated service. >> all right. >> fancy stuff. let's find out what's coming up on good day d.c. hi, ladies. >> good morning to both of you fox5 continues to lead the way on the big local stories including the double murder near popular fast food restaurant. >> could your metro train and station soon be closed. mr. delays for one line. marty or metro guy joins us live with those stories. >> holly you know what time it is. >> time to put up the good day guest list. what a week we have in store. >> it's going to be star- star-studded. once again. we've got real housewives of potomac star robin dixon live in the lot of fresh off last night's hot reunion show. oh, my gosh can't wait to dish. >> sometimes the snow comes down
8:44 am
we're not saving the best for last. also actress and singer vanessa williams live with us to tell us all about her new daytime show divas. >> eighths dc market exclusive. the other which is not even compete with our own kevin mccarthy. don't miss his one-on-one with her throb singer and now actor harry styles. as he gets set to star in dunkirk. >> you're number one good day dc all two hours of it comes your way in just minutes. back to you guys. memories. of 1d. >> i know. still ahead, thanks ladies. no slacking off in the sun. >> nope. wee got tips to help the kids sharp and school ready during summer vacation. doesn't that sound like fun. >> to me it does, yeah. [ laughter ] [ laughter ]
8:45 am
fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of you contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee.
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♪ >> this makes me want to do the robot. i don't know why. like that. >> is this your go to. >> it's not my go to actually. >> but doesn't it sound like robots like sprockets. >> little sprockets. >> it's a good heat wave weather -- i mean song. >> heat wave building. the pool. that will be the theme today. >> ♪ >> there you go. i think holly loves that song. >> oh, really? >> um-hmm. >> yeah. >> you ready? >> let's do it. >> okay. >> temps yesterday gorgeous
8:48 am
yesterday 86 degrees. 83 in dulles. 84 at bwi marshall. believe it or not we actual had a day not only lower than usual humidity but lower than usual temperatures. 3 degrees below normal today. absolutely gorgeous. heat builds back in today it won't be excruciating but 90. a little more warmer and little more humidity. 76 in washington. quantico 73. very comfortable overnight particularly to the north and we have a lot of low 60s off to the north and west. winchester which is now 70 was 59 our cool spot this morning. so again comfortable temperatures for july the tenth. all right. sunshine little bit of cloudiness right now across the region that's the warmer air working in. and we are going to be as mentioned warmer today than yesterday. and then the heat really builds if any round here tuesday, wednesday and thursday. big thunderstorm complex this morning. very heavy rain 5-inches up in wisconsin overnight with that rain -- thunderstorm complex that will fall apart not get in here. here. later today and again as this area of high pressure gets east of us flow now o
8:49 am
yesterday was out of the north and northwest. that's why we had the dry day and relatively cool day. both heat and humidity building back later this afternoon. i do want to mention one of our computer models trying to give a quick shower along the western shore of the pay around two, 3:00 o'clock. i'm not sure that will term ties. most of the region should be nice and dry this afternoon about heat and humidity into the overnight hours. tomorrow off and running look at the seven day. 97 tomorrow with a heat index 94100. 95 wednesday. 98 thursday. we call that heat wave. heat index each afternoon around 100. souples make sure you're prepared for working air-conditioners that kind of thing heat will be dangerous by tomorrow. allison, i'll toss it over to you. tucker, thank you very much. well, summer used to be simple, right new york city applications for summer camp, no travel team practices, no academics to speak of. now most parents summer schedules are only constrained by sunrise and sunset that was yesterday but what about today? our kids put in all
8:50 am
during the school year. so what be summertime? we den weren't our kids to go back, right? so enter summer homework and ann dolan the president of founder of educational connections taughting with tips how to keep kids school ready this summer. >> a lot of kids are not going to want to hear this. good ang, ann. >> they may not. good morning. >> let's talk about it. how is summer brain drain. >> it's real. research shows that kids can lose up to two and a heff moss of progress in language arts and in math if they do nothing nothing at all over the summer it's important as parents to find that balance between too much and not enough. in fact research shows that if kids read four books over the summer they can completely erase the summer learning slide in reading. >> really. okay. what are kids real reiding want are we tal talking about age wi, too. >> for elementary school kids, the graphic novels are still very popular. diary of a whimpy kid, amount underpants they are out as movies now. any time a book become a m
8:51 am
also a fabulous book called wonder and this is for elementary and middle school students coming out as movie in november. >> okay. >> then you might know maya, she's the nerdy scientific on big bank theoriux she has a book specialsly for girls called girling up. >> what about high school? what do we need to do for high school students? >> high school students are usually assign homework. those kids often have a required or a strongly suggested reading list. and they should be choosing one of those books early on in the summer. now, it's a really common for kids to wait until the mid of august to realize they have to read a 300 page book and an know at any time it. so really talking to your child now about what book they're going to choose and get them started on reading is really helpful. >> i know in my school system there are these math packets they send kids home with, but to be quite honest, too, they're like, oh, mom, i was supposed to do thisat
8:52 am
so if your child did come home with a math pact over the summertime how do we get them thinking about trying to do a little bit at a time or is that the right thing to do. >> it's definitely the right thing to do. in fact your brain will remember more information if you purse out that learning overtime and not just cram it at the last minute set up ornament appointment to talk to your child not when you're and agree about it. not when have you cup anything yet? but instead, let's talk about this after dinner tonight and let's set up a plan. and ask your child, how might you break this down to get a little bit done throughout the summer. >> okay. >> put the ball in their court and let them tell you and then perhaps even create a little calendar with those incremental due dates and post it somewhere visual such as on the refrigerate. >> how much is it the way these kids were taught. i hear we were just taught what was going to be on the test and we don't have time to get into the material and understand what it is. have our -- the way we learn basically has that
8:53 am
itself to the fact that we've really got to make sure that we keep up with our lessons over the summertime? >> a lot of parents do have this complaint that, you know, school is all about how you do on standardized tests and kids will say the same thing. so that is why part of it is rye we want our kids to really read for pleasure over the summer. not just have to regurgitate information on test. awed reluctant reader for example you might not say go to your room and read because you might find that he won't read or, you know, will say he did and not. any time, you know, you can read a page and your child reads a page and then discuss it, what's happening is helps them with deeper meaning than super officially reading to get something done. >> we're all on our phones and there are apps to help you out. >> can you hit a few of them. i love word cookies helps with vo crab lower, spelling and focus also sushi monster. which is a fantastic app for kids for math. >> love it. all
8:54 am
how do folks get in touch with you. >> they can look at our website that is ec >> ec thanks so much. >> thank you. >> happy summer what we have left of it. >> to you, too. >> steve, over to you. thank you very much, al. new could you have fee machine getting a lot of attention at denver international airport. airport has more than dozen of places to grab a cup of coffee this one stands out for couple of reasons. one, because it's huge the other reason because this particular cuff fee machine is worth over $1 million. it is called java bot customers can choose from nine different types of beans and create over 6,000 drink combinations. if you can dream it, they can make it. smart phone display reaching new heights. camera maker red companies that makes high tech film cameras up veiled a high end short phone that has hollow graphic images it's called hydrogen one. a
8:55 am
believe it when i see it in you want one the alum yum version costs $1,200 and that's the cheaper of the models b you head to break, though, we want to remind you of our next zip trip. we had so much fun on friday in waldorf. thank you so much to everybody who came out to see us. tucker, annie and myself were there along with our whole crew. everybody came by to say hi in waldorf and charles county. this friday we'll head to pentagon row where they set up the skating rink beautiful area, lots of shops, lots of restaurants the mall is not far from there. >> starbucks is right there. that's where we'll be. >> dsw. sorry. >> the list could go on forever. we could keep naming businesses until friday morning. >> wisdom, holly, erin, tucker all there starring at 6:00 a.m.. come say hello. >> all right. and we will say goodbye just for now. we're back in 30 seconds.
8:56 am
♪ si good morning to our facebook fan of the day. today we have four very special fans all celebrating wedding anniversaries. >> we will start on the left with kiona and husband kenny. they're celebrating five years of wedded bliss. congratulations to you. >> on the right, chaz and tony. they celebrated their anniversary this weekend. both couples say they tune into fox5 every morning. for your chance to be tomorrows fan leave a comment and photo blow their photos on our facebook
8:57 am
>> that's awesome. >> ain't love great. >> congratulations, everybody. fantastic. >> great pictures. >> they are. >> yeah. >> very romantic. >> final check on the weather and traffic. >> let's start with erin. ladies first event by the verizon center near that area part of f street is block off and inner loop nasty through prince george's county. disable pep tee truck from earlier crash. >> a fun event like a pop-up concert, no. >> that's different than other things. hopefully pop-up concert. >> that would be fun. >> newspaper this afternoon. i'll be back with more details on the weather. a lot of heat this week. we'll be into the 90s, tuesday and wednesday and thursday. >> we'll see in you a minute on good day. >> bye.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> president trump back from the g20 in germany. already facing knew controversy for that meeting with russian president vladimir putin. this time over cyber security the president's son facing fresh accusations he concluded with moscow during the 2016 campaign. the very latest in the morning briefing. a sunday evening in sui suitland, maryland, two people shot dead. now the ninth and tenth homicides in prince george's county in just eight days. i'm melanie alnwick live from the scene. metro trying to make up millions of dollars in lost revenue and selling the naming rights to the stations may be one with to earn extra cash. more oh and that plan and latest red line delays coming up in life report. later,


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