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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  July 12, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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looked him up today. so now the question is, why wasn't this man properly vetted before he was hired by the city? especially for a position that has access to young people's information? we sat down with district leaders to find out why. this is adam bryant. according to the washington city paper, he was hired by the department of general services back in february and just recently fired once his criminal history resurfaced. and in case you're wondering. that department is the hub for other local government agencies like dc fire and rescue, metropolitan police department and parks and regular representation. >> i don't think we want people convicted of child sexual abuse to be in a position either to be dealing with children or have access to sensitive information about teenagers so on >> bryant's job didn't deal directly with kids but did he have access
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information. when we questioned mayor bowser about bryant's employment, she said bryant was not required to go through an extensive background check for the particular position he was hired for. otherwise, she said he would have been flagged right away. >> there are different levels of background checks that go according to a position. we have some positions in the government that we call safety sensitive positions. this one wasn't classified as a safety sensitive position that would get the most robust background. >> reporter: ward three council member mary shay who also oversees the department of general services told fox 5 this is a wake-up call for the city. so now the question here going forward is, is the system itself flawed or does this fall on the people responsible for conducting thorough background check >> the agency is episoded to identify the sensitive you position, human resources is supposed to do a
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background check and then supposed to advise the agency whether or not consistent what they found about that person and the position, whether that is a problem or not. i think it kind of did slip through the cracks. >> reporter: now, when we asked mayor bowser if they would have ever realized that bryant is a registered sex offender, she said an employee alerted them and that's when they took precautions on their end. now, some district leaders have questioned just how many other people have quote quote slipped through the cracks, so to speak. there's no going to go out on a we want to on the more than 30,000 employees. going forward, they will be more thorough in their hiring practices, jim and sarah? . tonight a montgomery county correctional officer is charged with sexual assaulting an inmate. olukunle oyekanmi allegedly forced an inmate to perform a sex act in the jail
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correctional officer entering the victim's cell several times and during the interview with detectives, the guard later admitted to sexually assaulting the woman. he was arrested and released after posting a $20,000 bond. the victim was taken to the hospital. it's a mess they don't care >> a whole lot of crazy >> i think that's ridiculous. >> i think dc police definitely should be stricter on bikers. >> we will not pursue atvs. we will not. it's not safe >> it's kind of crazy because if you chase, they're going to faster. and i mean, i feel like something should be done, >> they need to have serious consequences for citizens do not want this in prince george's county. they know they can't be pursued and so you have created a space where mayhem happens. >> we never want to be engaged in a pursuit or
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that. we will not meet their behavior with our own bad behavior. what will stop this behavior is if people know that when they get caught, they will get punished for i >> it is a recurring problem here in the area, but now, there has been a bust in arlington. a northern virginia police department nabbed a man. the arrest is the first of its kind this year >> tisha lewis is live in arlington tonight with the story that tell us what exactly happened there. tisha? >> reporter: hi there, jim, sarah, you know what? this story is a warning for folks think about riding atvs or dirt bikes illegally. don't mess with arlington. a dc man is facing more than a decade behind bars after he was apparently riding his atv just two blocks away from where we're standing here at the police station, we're told he was in a group riding an atv a
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bike on these streets. police were able to nab him after he dropped his cell phone. evidence that led to his arrest and also could lead to more. this face is no stranger to the law. 24-year-old stephon williams has a rap sheet in the district dating back to 2012. for robbery, carrying an illegal gun, driving without a license and yes, illegally operating an all terrain vehicle. but it's his latest atv charge in arlington that could stop this repeat offender in his tracks. >> he faces felony alluding, reckless driving, operating an atv in an area highway, and wearing a mask >> how much jail time >> if convicted he faces up to 11 years imprisonment. we know these atv riders are not concerned with jurisdictional boundaries. of they ride through arlington as well as the district and maryland jurisdiction. >> reporter: for williams, it was here in arlington where police say he and several others riding atvs and dirt bikes u
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station as their playground. the incident in question happened back in april >> definitely getting out of hand when it's like a group of 100 atvs or dirt bikes heading in the streets and going on the sidewalks and going nuts and disregarding law. >> reporter: are they doing enough in district >> i don't think so. . >> even though williams was charged last in in dc for illegally operating an atv, penalties don't compare to the commonwealth where illegally riding an atv and he alluding can come with a felony charge. >> what do you want to say to residents who feel like police or district aren't doing enough but they're seeing neighboring jurisdiction >> i really can't talk about -- i don't know what other jurisdictions are doing. i know the strategy that is will help us address this. find the vehicles, confiscate the vehicles and find the people who are doing this illegal activity. and mayor bowser suggested that we speak with dc police about this story. of we did reach out
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repeatedly throughout the day. they declined our request for an on camera interview but told fox 5 local news they'd made 24 atv related arrests since january. we're also told that in the district, if you are caught riding an atv or dirt bike illegally, you'll likely pay a $250 fine or you could face up to 30 days in jail. while williams cell phone led to his arrest, police here in arlington tell us it's likely it will likely lead to more. tisha lewis fox 5 local news. fox 5 an old town alexandria tonight, police are investigating an officer involved shooting around 7:30 this morning, collide reynolds reportedly spotting vandalizing cars. when an officer confronted the man, he hit her in the headway pipe. she fired a shot, it missed the suspect instead striking car, the officer showed up and took the suspect into custody >> the officer is a 34-year-old female officer with one year on the
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she was transported to an area hospital. she's being treated for serious injury but nonlife-threatening injuries. >> and police tell us once officer injured leaves the hospital, she'll be placed on paid leave. meantime the suspect faces charges for malicious wounding of a police officer, currently being held without bond. update on he steve scalise, he was transferred out of the icu the second time. remaining in serious condition and still being treated for an infection. scalise was shot on june 14th during a congressional baseball practice in alexandria. of doctors say he still faces at least a couple more surgeries. donald trump junior is making bigger headlines than his father lately. this after a news broke that he attended a meeting way russian attorney with the hopes of obtaining incriminating evidence against hillary clinton. >> he did sit down with shawn to talk about the
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>> in retrospect i probably would have done things differently. for me this is opposition research, they had concrete evidence to all the stories i had been hearing about probably under reported for year, not just during the campaign. so i think i wanted to hear the out. really, it went nowhere and it was apparently that wasn't what the meeting was actually about. >> donald trump junior also claimed he never told the father and lawmakers both sides of aisle are calling upon him to testify before the committee's investigating the russia race. ronica cleary is live in northwest with a look at what some claim is another foreign government try to sway the 2016 election this time they say in favor of hillary clinton. >> reporter: trump, russia, trump russia, ever since the president started this administration, seems like there are headlines every day about donald trump and russia. how about hillary clinton and ukraine? that's probably a headline that you haven't heard much of, but ever since
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story broke, about donald trump junior accepting a meeting with a russian attorney in the hopes of obtaining incriminating evidence against hillary clinton, it has some pointing to a story that broke back in january by politico and they're asking why that didn't receive the same amount of attention, let's take a look at the extensive reporting that politico did. i'll take you through one portion of that people are pointing in particular attempting to make that comparison. so the story involves a woman named, the story involves alexandria chalupa, a dnc consultant at the time, tirelessly focused on trump's ties to russia and also paul manafort's ties to russia. she met with ukraine's ambassador at the embassy while conducting the resource. sources say
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worked very closely with her and that she occasionally shared findings with the dnc and the clinton campaign. now, to be clear, the dnc responded to this and in this article, they say that she was only a consultant at the time and her official role with the dnc was to conduct outreach and that any research that she obtained regarding trump and russia was not used in their efforts to obtain information. now, however you feel about that story in particular, it is undoubtedly true that it is received far less attention than the four pages of e-mail that is donald trump junior released and the one meeting that he had with that russian attorney. you may ask yourself, are these stories incredibly different? is it because one story is illegal and one is not? well, i spoke with attorney scott bolden to help make sense of it all and really the bigger picture here is that both of these show
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opposition research. so where does opposition research end? and breaking the law begin? >> where does opposition research end and illegal activity begin? >> well, let me just say this. that the opposition research is as old as our elections, if you will. and it's fair at the state or national level. when you get into illegal tea is if you start to pay for information or it's sourced illegally and how you come about it, and whether it's disclosed or not can get you into legal trouble. certainly can't accept anything from value from a foreign source. you got to be careful of that. it got to call somebody, but it's not calling the meeting. it's calling government officials and enforcement of authorities. >> reporter: now, bolden says in his opinion, that the two stories the comparisons are not fair. and that he is when he looks at the donald trump junior story, that at this time, if it's collusio t
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in and of itself is not a crime. that being said, he says there's still a lot of questions yet to be answered before he can definitively say whether or not a crime occurred. reporting live in northwest, ronica cleary, fox 5 local news. coming up. president trump's nominee for fbi director takes the hot seat on capitol hill >> what is your view on independence of the fbi generally but more importantly, as you as director head up that organization? >> fbi director nominee chris wray strict independence we'll tell you what he says when questioned about those donald trump junior e-mails. >> and a deadly accident in prince george's county. a construction worker killed after a trench collapsed. matt >> sarah, do you know where this statue is located? it really does look like so many in dc. but coming up, there is a plan to change the way future statues here in the district look. you'll be
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one. that's coming up in a live report. hi, sue >> hello. matt you look like you're keeping your cool. glad to see it. you know what is helping is a little deck of clouds that's around today. but even with those clouds, we're still in the low to mid 90's in many areas, maybe a little bit cooler in the northern suburbs, hate to tell you the heat wave rolls on and tomorrow appears to be the hottest. we're looking at that forecast when fox 5 local news at 5:00 comes right back. comes right back.
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. well, we're look into the abis, it's not dark outside. >> when is the eclipse coming >> august 21 it's, and that scared me for a second, too. . >> talk about total tea. i didn't know if my monitor went out >> we'll blame it on the heat. >> that's right. >> absolutely. >> sun spots or something like that >> i got to tell you i'm happy to be outside today. because i haven't been able to get out earlier this week for more than just running to my car and back into the building. believe it or not if i take truth serum, it doesn't feel bad, due point move drop a little bit. think we're greatly helped by the filter of clouds. while the temperature has done what we
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we've been at least as warm as 84 as we check temperatures around the region. we're certainly not getting the full effects of that sunshine and that does help. now, where it has been sunnier is a little bit farther south, manassas you've had more sun than we've had in the dc area and points north. it really is making all the difference, a little bit of a breeze now coming through. but 95 for manassas and quantico but you can see our suburbs frederick, 88, winchester, 86. more cloud cover in and a could believe of spotty showers earlier and that has helped quite a bit. even with the clouds and even with a bit of filter, it's still feels like 100 degrees as we expected in the district. 102 for quantico, 97 for annapolis, feels like 100 in manassas. and i've got to let you know that we expect tomorrow to be the hottest of our heat stretch. the heat advisory is now issued for tomorrow in all the areas that you see in the orange, and that is from noon until 8:00 tomorrow to cover the peak hitting of the day, not only will the temperature get
5:19 pm
about 98 in the district. but heat index temperature, which is at 100 today, will easily be at 105 tomorrow and that's when a heat advisory gets; corrected, when it looks like there will be a number of hours in which the heat index could feel about 105 degrees. could even 100 degrees be doable? our hottest day so far, yes. we're going to expect that they will be at least a little bit of cloud cover around again tomorrow as we have continued to see that flow for the past couple days and maybe just maybe, a couple of thunderstorms around, not seeing much in terms of thunderstorms, can't rule them out later today, but i believe a lit better chance tomorrow, especially north and west as a frontal boundary are get closer. that front will bring us a biggest relief but not till the weekend. again, checking temperatures tomorrow, going 98 for the district. that would be the warmest we've had so far. 97 for frederick, 94 annapolis and maybe you stay closer to the upper 80's and low 90's in martinsberg, hagerstown, frederick and
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definitely a hot one, protect yourself from the heat, people have been doing a pretty good job with that so far and a bit of relief will roll in in if i'm for the weekend at least in the humidity department. we'll talk more about the seven-day forecast coming up later. jim and sarah back to you. whether you live or travel in the district, each day for work, you likely pass by many statues. honoring the accomplishments of many people from many places. what is lacking some people say, is women and people of color. >> there's new plan being put together by dc leaders that can change that. fox 5 matt ackland live at thomas circle with more on this. matt? >> reporter: this is really a busy area of dc. it's thomas circle, you can see the traffic here. what you might not notice is a statue in the middle. that's general george thomas, there's many statue that is look a lot like him. there's a new effort underway to make sure there's more diversity here in the city. take
5:21 pm
>> there's beautiful works of art, some horseback, others depicting moments in history. most statues are dedicated to men, white men. >> i understand why most of our statues are white men on horses looking heroic. that's the old school of history. >> reporter: jane levy with the historical society of washington, dc says people do notice the lack of diversity. this is an exception. a statue honoring educator mary bathune. >> we often hear from people who want to see more women, people of color. >> reporter: many others are applauding the idea of honoring women and people of color born that dc, a proposed bill would recognize eight people and statues could be erected in all eight wards >> i have to research and see if it's one of our favorite ladies born in thi town. >> people of
5:22 pm
nice to be more inclusive and diverse. >> reporter: there's only one statue in the district of columbia there would fall under this proposal. it's someone that we all know he's known nationwide. duke ellington. the famous musician and composer. some say narrowing the recognition to only native washington toneians is too limiting. under these terms, well-known locals in dc like marian berry, dorothy height, even frederick douglas would be excluded because they weren't born here. but this isn't set in stone. i talked with council member kenyan mcduffy. he wants this to go to a public hearing and possibly open it up to say someone that was here for a long time that really contributed to the district of columbia maybe including those but at this point, it's just people who were born here in washington, dc and i asked them to provide a list of some people and wre
5:23 pm
oh our website, so you can take a look. by the way, how much will this cost? i'm told by experts that designing, constructing, putting together a statue can cost a lot of money. so far, there hasn't been a fiscal study on this to determine how much this will cost taxpayers. live at thomas circle, my brother, fox 5 local news. throwing away money >> a new report finds drivers waste billions searching and paying for parking spots and dc landed on that list, of course, how much drivers in the district are spending and how much time wasting too. >> then there's this, the traffic tickets. you've got one before, admit it. if you need help fighting your fine, there's an ap for that may we'll talk about that coming up. if you got a story idea we don't have an ap but we do have a fox 5 tip line, would have the ap for tips or you can e-mail your tips to fox 5 tips at
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♪ ♪. finding a parking spot cannot only be a headache. also expensive >> a new study says you me, everybody in the u.s. spending $73 billion each year searching for a spot >> apparently it's worse than new york, where drivers spend more than 100 hours per year looking for parking at a cost of 2,243 per driver. los angeles, followed by san francisco, washington, dc, we came in fourth, where drivers here spend 65 hours per year looking for a spot at a cost of nearly $1400. you don't even the want to know how long i looked for parking in georgetown today. >> if you find a spot and get a speeding ticket, there's an ap to help you fight it >> it's called ticket and it can
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you enter when and where you got the violation. the fine amount and a photo of the photo. you pay a one-time fee always less than the original fine >> from there, the start-up hires lawyers to fight the tickets and updates you on the progress. assume full responsibility for outcome. now, it is now available in dc. and baltimore, ticket tikd. sometimes a decoy is all it takes >> one man in massachusetts put you up a fake life size police cruiser to get people stop speeding. this is the size of a real police cruiser but made of plywood and aluminum siding. the guy who created it said it's been successful in getting people to pump brakes for years, the man also said police officers are on board with the idea. some have stopped to take a picture with the fake car. >> that's quite the arts and crafts project >> really? yeah. >> good for him if it works more power to him. on the way, president trump's nominee for fbi is on the hot
5:29 pm
>> hey, fitz. >> reporter: good evening, yes, he has his confirmation hearing today, there were lots of questions, and christopher weighed in on that question, is this a which that's been going on into the russia trump investigation? we'll have all of that. sexual assaults on college campus, what secretary of education, betsy devos hopes to accomplish by meeting with accused college rapist >> talk about kindness, a stranger totally pays it forward for big group of firefighters dining at a den ny's. we'll tell you that story coming up. did he have
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this is fox 5 local news at 5:00. we begin with a deadly construction accident in oxon hill. officials say a construction worker was killed after
5:33 pm
collapsed. it happened around 10:00 this morning as the man was performing utility work along neptune avenue. the identity of that worker has not yet been released. a fatal shooting in district heights. someone shot and killed 29-year-old. this happened in the 1500 block of forest park drive. officers got there, they found one man shot to death. that was another man shot, he's expected to survive. but investigators don't believe this is a random shooting. a virginia man facing a attempted murder and gun charges tonight. police say they received a tip that 21-year-old alex schrader was headed to kill two men who had allegedly sexual assaulted a woman he knew. officers responded to the them to search for the suspect. he was later taken into custody. police also recovered a gun near the scene. tonight, president trump's nominee as the new fbi director is getting high marks from both democrats and republicans, christopher wray faced hours
5:34 pm
judiciary committee today >> tom fitzgerald is live where it took place and fitz is here to break it down. >> reporter: good evening, there's a lot to get through here, we boiled this down into five key moments for you. now, take a look at the scene up here today, this was unlike afib director confirmation hearing in history. remember, christopher wray is in this position right now because he's predecessor james comey was fired by the president during the spring. that, of course, has led to these accusation that is that firing was aimed by the white house at shutting down the fbi's russia investigation. now, today, senators wanted to know how independent chris wray would be as fbi director, his answers? that he would not accept the majority of any one-on-one conversations with the president, said, he would stockade himself against any interference from anybody. including the president on how the fbi handles its investigations. >> i think the relationship between
5:35 pm
president needs to be a professional one. not a social one. and there certainly shouldn't be discussion between one-on-one discussions between the fbi director and any president about particular -- how to conduct particular investigation, or cases. >> reporter: the senator wanted to know if wray agreed with the president's statement that the investigation into the russia trump campaign is a witch hunt. wray said no. >> is senator i can tell you my experience >> i'm asking you as the future fbi director, do you consider this endeavor a witch hunt? >> i do not consider director mueller to be on a witch hunt. >> reporter: ok. up third, senators wanted to know if christopher wray agrees with the intelligence arms assessment that is russia did try to interfere in the 2016 election. his answer today is t
5:36 pm
does. >> i don't have access to all the classified information but i will tell you that from what i reviewed, i have no reason whatsoever to doubt the assessment of the intelligence committee >> you read the classified sections if you're confirmed >> definitely. be one of the first things i'd want to see. >> reporter: ok. up for, this one out of the headlines of the last 24 hour, donald trump junior in his meeting with the russian attorney, senators wanted to know if someone in a political campaign is approached by a foreign agent, what should they do? keep it to themselves or call the fbi. wray said today, call the fbi >> to the members of this committee, any threat or effort to interfere with our elections from any nation state, or any non-state is the kind of thing the fbi would want to know. >> i'll take it that we should call you and that's a great answer. >> all right. fifth, last but not
5:37 pm
hearing wasn't only about russia. they talked a lot about law enforcement. christopher wray said one of the things he wants to do is get the fbi start working closer with law enforcements on issues like violent crime and especially, he says, gang activity, which is plaguing this nation. >> and i think the approach should be for the fbi to see what it can do where it uniquely provides value. to me, that might be things like organized gang activity, you know, ms13, places where the fbi has particular expertise. >> reporter: top five out of christopher wray tonight at one point. senators asked him if he realized and grasped what he was getting himself into. he respond these are actual much with us times and the country has faced them in the past. he summed his position up like this. he said this job is not for the faint of heart and looked directly
5:38 pm
am not faint. tom fitzgerald fox 5 local news. new tonight, something called the national tenant march attracting hundreds today. in the district, rallying against billions of dollars against federal housing program that is many poor and low income people rely upon, without the programs many people say they would become homeless, they demanded a meeting with dr. ben carson >> betsy devos plans to meet with advocates for survivors of custody sexual assaults. it could be making changes to guidance on sexual assault issued by the obama administration. which requir colleges to take certain steps to crack down on sexual violence on campus. advocates say those guidelines played a critical role to encourage victims they don't come forward when they're attacked. >> meantime
5:39 pm
committee donna brazile is highlighting the dnc during her 2016 election in the upcoming book, she's writing called hacks the inside story of brick ins and breakdowns that put donald trump in the white house, set to be released on november 7th, which marks the one year anniversary of the election that donald trump won. the search for four missing young man in pennsylvania intensifies >> new evidence investigators discovered and white person of interest will be facing a new charge. one of the biggest icebergs in recorded history just broke loose from antarctica. what does mean >> no icebergs here, way too hot. not the hottest day of the year so far, but that is probably going to be tomorrow. heat advisory has been issued. full forecast coming up. will tomorrow it be hotter than today? we'll give you exact numbers coming up. stay with us.
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. new evidence in the intense search for young man who vanished in pennsylvania. cork to the bucks county da. evidence has been recovered at multiple locations. including a 90 acre farm owned by the dinardo family. the propery belongs to the parents of 20-year-old cosmo dinardo who is considered a person of interest. that man was arrested on an unrelated gun charge and released from jail after posting 10% of a $1 million bond last night. authorities say they have evidence linking dinardo to the four missing men but they will not reveal anymore detail >> we're going to keep digging and searching that property until we're satisfied that they are not there. >> police say the first man was reported missing last wednesday. the other three all vanished last friday. the mastermind behind the so-called bridgegate scandal will avoid jail. david
5:44 pm
three years probation along with 500 hours of community service. wildstein originally faced between 21 and 27 months in prison. the prosecutors only asked for probation after he agreed to profanities after convicting a former staffer and a port authority supervisor. a massive iceberg weighing more than a trillion tons broken off of antarctica. the giant chunk of ice snapped off from theson sea ice. she. a cracked grew more than 120 miles long. big icebergs break off naturally they're not tributing the rift to man made climb change. a huge northern california wildfire sent thousands fleeing their homes. it burned nearly nine square miles and injured four firefighters, 41 homes and more than 50 other buildings were destroyed it's about 60% co
5:45 pm
evacuates are slowly but surely returning. sometimes it pays for a hero. a group of firefighters who had been battling the raging wildfires in california got a special surprise. about 25 firefighters went out for a bite to eat eat at denny's. the bill came to more than $400 including tip. another customer eating at the restaurant wanted to show her appreciation to the firefighters. says she not only paid the bill but also shell out $100 to treat the crew to dessert. that's pretty nice. >> there you have it. paying it forward in any way you can. let's talk a little bit about what we got going on outside right now. >> did i hear sue say it wasn't that bad? >> she was hedging it >> it's gotten to her head i think. >> that's exactly right. she's been driving around in air conditioning too much >> she was outside about ten minutes and came back inside. >> that's exactly right. listen, hey, i think tomorrow is probably the hottest day. we probably peak tomorrow and i know that it hasn't beenup
5:46 pm
hot everywhere and if you haven't been up in the 100 degree heat index territory, blame it on the -- blame it it's a good thing, we got a lot of cloud cover especially for the northern and northwest earn suburbs. what we have beautiful picture. obviously, it's going to be super warm and super muggy out there this evening for just about everybody. as you're out and about. now, listen, this has been issued by the weather service and it's the heat advisory and it's in effect for tomorrow. most locations west of i95 really not too affected with this heat advisory in place, it will go until 8:00 tomorrow. the expectation is those of us in this heat advisory will have the heat index between about 100 and 105 degrees. probably a couple hours tomorrow afternoon. the heat index is going to be up over 100. 94 now. 89 for gaithersburg. manassas 94. again, a little bit of a heat index in effect.
5:47 pm
have been pushing upper 90s to around 100. we're not going to get a whole lot of cooling this evening, 7:00 i believe we're still going to be up in the lower 90's for just about everybody. if not lower 90's, certainly upper 80's at 9:00, 88 degrees, 11:00, 85. there is a slight chance that over the next hour or two, we could have something fire up, a little isolated shower or thunderstorm, but most of us stay dry. it wouldn't surprise me if nobody gets rain at all this evening, that will be different tomorrow, there's a slightly better chance of showers and thunderstorms. 80 here in town tonight, look how mild and warm it's going to be, 80 in town, quantico 78, gaithersburg, 75. even if you're not 80, thank goodness you won't be but still the mid to low 70's which, when we start warm like that, it doesn't take much to warm things up. tomorrow we'll back up into the upper 90's. little cooler on friday, 95, i think still on friday, we're going to have the chance of maybe temperatures up around 100 with a heat index. now, this week
5:48 pm
talking 80's and 90's, certainly a little bit cooler on saturday and sunday, and a lot less humid on sunday. still a little humid on saturday. but front will come through, and that's really going to push some of that humidity out of here and we'll really be feeling that, even though it still be will be warm, we'll feel that a lot on sunday but sunny, hot, dry. all weekend long. look at the numbers now on saturday, we're at 88 for a high temperature. there's a chance i don't think it's a great chance but we could still have a lingering shower early saturday. once the front is through, everybody will dry out. sunday high temperature of about 90 degrees. not so humid. not much in the way of thunderstorms firing up this evening, again, i think we stay dry. maybe something pops up here and there, but for the most part we're going to stay dry. 98 for a high tonight, that will be the hottest day of the year, but it's going to feel like well over 100. 95 friday with showers and thunderstorms, then a little cooler as we get to the weekend. 88 on saturday, which is pretty much where w
5:49 pm
hot in the not as humid on sunday. it will be back up to 90 or so but the humidity will be lower. it will be more comfortable and then next week, we'll lower back up into the lower 90's, with a chance of more scattered showers and thunderstorms. there's the forecast, stay cool, back with more news coming up. stay with us. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's up to 16 times faster
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. you may have noticed millennials love food and taking pictures of it. some vacation companies are trying to capitalize on the pattern by catering venture packages to travelers with a folk on food >> that part you can understand. food tourism. fox kelly ring with more. >> reporter:. for some vacation means heading to the beach, maybe a theme park, as the travel product manager for aaa, lawrce
5:53 pm
>> reporter: he's creating packages for culinary vacations, he said the interest is being driven by millennials and social media. >> they're the ones actually moving the trends towards culinary more so than any other age group. they're the ones that want to take the picture of the steak or the lobster, what have you and want to share it immediately while they're doing it and i think that, in itself, has revolutionalized the way we think of travel as it relates to culinary experiences. >> reporter: winner of season 7 of master chef, shawn o'neill is on board with the idea. literally >> vacation in the stunning waters of the caribbean >> he offers cooking demonstrations to fans on the master chef culinary cruise. >> the love you get from the fans is incredible. these people just want to soak up knowledge, they just want to learn and they want to eat and we, you know, that'
5:54 pm
them, you know, our different styles, so they get different takes from every master chef contestant. it's an amazing time. >> mike goldman and his mother are visiting sarasota from wales >> we love look i want to go new places and gives you the restaurants and the flavor of the local food >> a lot of people on the tours are really foodees. they travel just to taste food in different areas of the world. then you got people new bees learning about food. >> reporter: while these trips may expand your waist line, they shouldn't break the bank. >> there are culinary experience that is can fit any budget these days. >> kelly rink fox news. >> i just want to throw this out there. and i go on vacation, the first thing i do, find the fast food restaurant i haven't been to before. in and out
5:55 pm
>> a lot of it is about food on vacation. coming up. madonna celebrates a grant opening in africa >> it wasn't easy and with the blood, sweat and tears of so many people here today, we fought for this hospital. >> why she name the new children's hospital after her adopted daughter? about healing and empowerment coming up after break. ♪ ♪ ♪ fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone
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for millions who suffer from schizophrenia a side effect of their medication... is something called "akathisia." it's time we took notice. in case you haven't heard, madonna just opened a children's hospital in the africa nation. the mercy james institute for pediatric surgery and intensive care is the first facility built by the tar's charity named after her daughter raising malowey aims to provide health and education particularly for girls
5:59 pm
the president called madonna a symbol of a mother's spirit >> it wasn't easy and with the blood, sweat and tears of so many people here today, we fought for this hospital. and we won. so i'm here to say never, ever give up on your dreams. >> the charity has built ten schools in malawi since 2006. thanks for being with us at 5:00. news at 6:00 starts now. . this is fox 5 local news at 6:00. first at 6:00, a convicted sex offender on the dc payroll. what the mayor is saying tonight about the shocking discovery. then, cracking down on illegal atv riders. police make their first arrest after a string of incidents. how the suspects actually helped authorities track him
6:00 pm
fbi director in the hot seat. but the biggest question tonight is how will the nominee deal with president donald trump? the news at 6:00 starts right now. first, a registered sex offender hired to work for the dc government. raising serious questions about background checks in the city. i'm tony perkins >> i'm shawn yancy. the city is taking a closer look at the hiring following a district employee >> krysten leon pressed the mayor for answers on why this man was hired. she joins us with why they say his is a case that slipped through the cracks. >> reporter: that's right, tony and shawn if you search adam herry son bryant's name on the dc sex registry, you'll find he was convicted of quote travel to engage in latest schedule conduct. and enticing a child. that's what we found.


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