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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  July 18, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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sdmv today on "fox news morning" overnight house fire eight d.c. residents forced to find shelter elsewhere after a two alarm fire in north west. >> health care debate. president trump tweets disapproval after a gop leaders in the senate temporarily end the fight to repeal and replace the affordable care act. >> live look outside. the warm-up intensifies today. we're expecting temps mid 90 s and uncomfortable humidity. welcome to july. >> good morning to you thank you for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i know. alas we say good morning. >> it is agood morning. tuesday, july 8, i'm ol holly morris. >> michael thomas is talking about this hot warm. erin como has eyes on the r
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headline. >> you guys have hot and humid later today. mid-july after all, temperatures headed up to low to mid 90s. maybe a popup storm or two. >> closure in laytons ville. we'll steer you clear of that one. >> thanks erin, mike, and if you get up at 5 a.m., here are the stories we're fol for you. we'll begin with breaking news from overnight here in the district. eight people have been displaced. after two row home caught fire in northwest. those homes are in the 200 block of morgan street. the fire impacted the second floors. attic and rear porches of the homes. two firefighters have minor injuries and they're expected to be okay though. no word yet on what exactly caused this fire. >> 5:01 gop plan to repeal and replace obamacare is dead. late last night mike lee of utah and jer write moran of kansas said they could not vote for the health care reform will. >> it never
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increasing costs of healthcare. they're among four gop senators that said they whim not support the bill. this was the second straight failure on health care reform. for senate mathty leader mitch mcconnell. he issued a statement conceding effort to repeal and replace at fordable air exact. senator mcconnell says the plan is to repeal obamacare immediately and have two year delay to come up with substitute. >> president trump taking to twitter tweeting republicans should just repeal failing obamacare now and work on a new health care plan to start with a clean slate. de 34 s will join in. >> former national security advisor susan wris is sch scheduled to testify on capitol hill. she was originally scheduled to testify today. that changed. the new day is not revealed by rice or any member of the senate intelligence committee. some republicans members want to know if rice was responsible for unmasking names of several
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campaign officials that may have had contacts with foreigners during the 2016 presidential campaign. rice denied league being any information to the media sfwlt state department expanded definition of who qualifies at close family under the trump administration travel ban. the new instructions include grandparents and cousins of people from six muslim majority countries. this comes after u.s. district judge from hawaii ruled government definition of close relationship was too narrow. developing overnight a house panel a proved new legislation to cut funding for department of transportation. in 1-20 vote panel rejected democratic effort to add 200 billion to infrastructure package. instead panel a proved a spending measure to provide 17.8 in funding for the dot in 2018. lawmakers slashed 6 had 6 million out of current spending levels. >> 5:03 is the time. police released new suei
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surveillance of three suspects. wanted in connection with a double homicide in suitland. three suspects are seen getting out of a car and walk uing out m camera view. as you see there they walked towards the victims m after the shooting you can see one of the suspects running back to the car. this happened last sunday in the 4600 block of silver hill road. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. >> and heads up if your commute takes awe long the beltway. new speed cameras installed 495 suitland road. cameras will automatically flag drivers traveling 12 or more miles over the 55 mile an hour speed limit for the first three weeks drivers will be issued warnings and starting august 7 speeders get a $40 speed ticket. maryland highway officials hope the speed cameras include safety in construction zones. >> fair to say no one is getting a ticket in that vi video. >> deadline for redskins to sign kirk cousins
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went with no deal. he'll play under the franchise tag this upcoming season. no one should cry for cousins. he'll make close to $24 million this year, $4 million more than last year when he played under the franchise t tag. >> nice work if you can get it. >>. >> cousins is not the one you cry for it's red skips after this season. >> they could have signed him. >> maybe we're not crying for them. >> nope, nope. >> it's a discussion. >> anyway, >> hot, hot, hot today. >> hot, hot, hot, later this afternoon, july weather back in full force and it will be throughout the course of this week and by the time we get to thursday, friday, and sat saturday, we have temps pushing 100 around the d.c. region. believe it or not cooler take. mid to low 9 0s. not much happen anding. flash flood issues through portions of montgomery county will hopefully keep those away
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storm khans fewer and further between than yesterday afternoon. temperatures off to mild start. 78 degrees. current number here in washington. 72 dulles and 60s out there. 68 gaithersburg is not feeling bad. remember the dew points right there as well. it's feeling humid in some locations. 64 though out towards winchester and 69 martinsburg and cumberland and maryland 68 degrees. forecast for the day today up to 9. 9 degrees feeling more like 97, 98 under mostly sunny skies and again a hot one. popup storms are possible. not as widespread as yesterday. hit and miss in the afternoon and keep your guard up and keep your eye on "fox5"weather app. we'll get you through any storms that happen to pop up later this afternoon. all right. that's full look at forecast. we'll have the 7 day in a few minutes. now let's go to erin como and get a look at traffic. 5:06 now if you travel until
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road closed between brink hill and churchill downs. and as you make your way to district north capitol street northeast, westbound side closed crash at 50. little caution there. you can easily detour because right now volume is light enough it's not causing major delays. i'll let i know when that changes. entire stretch of beltway is good through oxon hill. problem free. outer loop largo towards baltimore washington parkway. and spur over american legion is also look good. problem free mcclain. every metro lane line okay n now. any questions, erin fox d.c. on twitter, back to you. >> 5:07 is the time coming up on "fox news morning" family and friend of a woman snot killed in minnesota left to know what happened. >> and what led to dismissible behind the actor of kermit the frog. >> around the d.c. region, 5:07, 7,
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traffic when we come back. >> i'm, 5:08 developing in peru 6 if 9 magnitude earth quake rocked the southern coast felt in multiple cities it had a depth of 27
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u.s. gee roth call survey says epicenter was 61 miles west. kamana. no reports of dam or casualties. >> more tension with tehran. the country may be complying with nuclear deal but tehran could face new sanctions. they're concerned about some of the can'ty's behaviors and vows that those transgressions will not go unpunished. u.s. could slap tehran with making ballistic missiles and other activities. >> an australian woman in minneapolis called 91 for help and was shot and killed for responding officers. justin dammond called police to report a possible assault. police arrived and what happened from there is murky. diamond reportedly approached the responding police car on the driver's side. and that she was shot and killed by the officer sitting in the paerm side of the cruiser. the officer's body cams were turnedff
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homicide. both officers are on paid administrative leave. >> emergency responders in arizona searching for 27-year-old man that went missing after flash flood swept cross the state. nine people were killed including five children after flash floods regard through a popular swimming hole. national weather service says more than inch and i half of rain fell in an hour. more storms expected this w week. flood watches posted for central and southeastern arizona. >> developing new over a controversial plan to install transmission line in prince william county powering amazon data center expansion. lawyers for amazon project say it may not happen. why would they move forward and install a power grid if it's not going to be used by amazon. the plan calls for 100 foot towers to run from hey mark n net gainsville. dominion power said it will have a public benefit of the right now the prom secretary on hold while the sec weighs pros
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>> u.s. environmental protection agency maceed deadline this weekend to respond to petition by state of maryland over ozone concerns. petition claims 70% of maryland smog comes from emissions in five upwind states. they want that equipment and mower plant during ozone season. arizona, kentucky, ohio, pennsylvania and west virginia vir. deadline for the petition was saturday. >> m coming up on "fox news morning" an apology from walmart after a racial slur is used to describe a product being sold on its web site. >> one company develops what it says is best place foremen to relax while wives or dpirl friend go shopping in the m mall. >> and as we head to break i live look across the d.c. region this morning. it's still early. 5:11. sun not up yet. there's definitely people up there out and going already. 78. it will be a hot one today. "fox news morning" back after this. is.
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>> 5:1 is the time. july 18, breaking overnight 2349 district eight forced to be displaced after a row house fire in norm west started in the 200 block of morgan street a cording to fire officials the plays involved two row houses on the second floors attic and rear porches two firefighters were injured and they're expected to be okay. >> and gop plan to repeal and replace obamacare is baed d dead. late last night republican senators mike lee of utah and jerry moran of kansas said they could not offer for the gop healthcare reform bill. they could not vote for the gop healthcare reform gil b bill. it never addressed rising costs of hel cam. this is second failure more mitch mcconnell. a statement was issued conceding effort to repeal and replace a
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senator mcconnell says the plan is to repeal the healthcare act and then have a two year delay for a substitute. >> definition of bonafide relationship continues to evolve. state department expanded its definition of who qualifies as close family under trump administration travel plan. new up instructions include grandparents and cousins ever people from six muslim majority countries. this comes after u.s. district judge from hawaii ruled govrmingt definition of close relationship was too narrow. >> 5:5 now. live look outside. doesn't look too bad now michael thomas. but i know the sun is coming up. >> yeah the sun is coming up and it will heat things up as it always does again this time of year. yep, keer we're getting stuck in a hot and sticky pattern. heat and humidity coming our way. we had it yesterday and will have it again today and into the end of the week. things get worse. happy tuesday, everybody. >> satellite and radar showing you not much going
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couple clouds down south come across from time to timement for the most part it will be a mostly sunny day here in d.c.. again not too much going on around the region. there's a stalled out frontal system south and one norm and west which will be the trigger for storms later today. for the most part it's a quieter pattern that the one we had in place yesterday afternoon. 78 the current number in d.c.. gaithersburg 6, 69 mannasas e. 7 dulles, 7 1 hagerstown. good morning to you it's 69 this hour. all temperatures headed to upper 0s. low to mid 90s around the region and late they are afternoon as well. similar panel that we had last week. high pressure off the coastline. southerly flow typical it time of year. again stalled frontal bounty north and west trigger point pour a couple of thunderstorms this afternoon. most will not see them. you'll see what i mean in future cast. 10 a.m. today. here we are with
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skies. best chances south of d.c.ment begun can't rule anything out around the district as well. maybe one or two showers turns into thunderstorms in the afternoonment for the note part we're not expecting severe weather. just maybe heavy rain in a couple of these storms. but should not be as bad. again what we had in central montgomery county late last night with that rain that just kept pouring down for about two hours yesterday. dropped over 3" of rain in just a couple hours. 93 degrees daytime high today. mostly sunny skies and yes it's ony getting worse. 9 a5 tomorrow. by thursday up to 97. zip trip friday starts hot. lows in 80s. high near 100. but friday and saturday. yes, heat is on once again. erin como get your air conditioner ready on the roads and elsewhere. keep you cool. >> good to know. good to know. i set it low today so when home nice an cool. perfect afternoon conditions. if you travel in maryland in gaithersburg area wood field road closed between brink r
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with a downed power cables and wires up there. caution is causing delays then in northeast. north capitol street westbound closed there's a crash 50 street. caution there. getting reports of upper loop crash as well out by 4506789 give yourself ska time as you come down towards 50 this morning. 50 inbound nice through buoy however no issues to report. there and wide view of commute you can see nice and quiet 39 a5. problem free arlington and annandale. we'll take a quick live look outside. camera showing nis conditions. topside of beltway. metro on time. questions erin fox d. cn on twitter, holly and maureen. >> time now 5:18 let's take a look at stories engaging with most on social media with realtime news tracker. >> wisdom is back with what is trending. >> jeff sessions man's to issue new directive aimed at increasing police seizures of cash and property. sessions so no cri
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proceed of crime. in years past states began to clamp town on process. no word from justice department at this i point. >> walmart is apologizing this morning for offensive nrur louised in product listing on web site. walmart has not identified the vendor selling product. it since removed that product calling it a violation of policy. this is not the first time walmart has been under fire. last year it faced criticism when outside retailer sold halloween costume of suicide attempt scars at its store. and this morning, good news for high schoolers more teachers happeneding out a's. but sat averages taken a dip. it's not translating to more college diploma. a recent study found 56% of students finish college within six years. >> we now know why the man the voice of kermit the frog nearly 30 years lost his job. he simply did not get along
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steve whit meyer says he was not happy with the direction the puppets were taking. he complained about scripts and told writers the iconic character should behave and had a disrespectful attitude. a disney spokesman says white meyer's refusal to change forced him to make a tough decision. there were union issues and disney denies that that is why he was let go. >> finally who would not want to go shopping more with significant other after hearing about this. chinese malls bringing in husband storage pods where wives can leave men to play video games why they go shopping. it's a way to kill time. each pod comes with computer, chair and game console. i'll still pass going sho shopping. that's not enough incentive. >> husband's not wanting to go is a global problem. >> it's cross cultural. >> not surprised at all. >> stay away. just avoid the
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stay at home. find something else to do. >> i'll take your wallet, please. >> you can have the wallet leave me home. >> thanks, wisdom, 5:20 is the time. coming up would you pay 1,000 for a new cellphone. one said company is pretty sure you will. >> and jeff basow wants amazon to be the first place they consider when considering dining options. >> 5:1, 78, back with more "fox news morning".
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>> 5:23 apple new i hope to could cost more that $1,000. no secret iphone is expensive mobile device. entry level iphone 7, priced $649. iphone 7 plus is $9
5:24 am
with iphone 8 release looming analyst and apple experts believe the new phone will most likely hit the $1,000 mark and could go as high as $1400. >> hm, okay. >> so a report of amazon filing a meal kit trademark sent blue apron tumbling, we do the prep, you be the chef. and describes service as prepared food kits composed meat, fish, poultry, seafood, fish, vegetables and frozen and prepackaged meals. they already offer martha stewart brands. >> your favorite subway sandwich shop may get a makeover. subway freshening up look of stores as it tries to reverse a decline in sales. sandwich chain says it include a bright
5:25 am
displays of vegetables behind the counter and ordering tab lit. first major revalp since early 2000s. >> if you have a few billion lie around you can purchase houston rockets. rockets owner leslie houston bought it in 1993 for $85 million he's putting team up for sale for estimating rockets to be worth $1.6 bill don't with yearry revenue of $244 million. note to self, by a sports team. >> want to split it. >> sure, why not. >> really? >> want to go threes y s mike. >> we might need 300ies on this one. >> wol work it out. >> ot and humid in the d.c. region. temperatures expected low to mitd 90s later this afternoon for most of us. 78 outside right now. but, yes, it is humid and sticky to start. that's why it feels like 81 as you start the day in washington. winds south 7 miles an hour. will continue t
5:26 am
afternoon hours. satellite and radar showing not much going on now and really we'll have to wait until heat of afternoon to pop isolated shower or thunderstorm. though i want to stress not everybody will see them today. 11:00, 86, mostly sunny. up to 90 degrees and chance of isolated thunderstorm or two, 5:00, 9. your high today will be about 9 here in washington. as well as mannasas and culpeper and frederickburg. and quantico 90. cooler near the water. leonardtown 9 and annapolis 86. that's forecast. over to erin como for a check of traffic. >> 5:26 keeping an eye on roads. gaithersburg closed now dealing with downed cables and closure is between brink and churchill downs there. as you make your way northeast and north capital crash at 50th street. caution at that location dealing with inner loop crash by 450.
5:27 am
you make your way towards auto 50 this morning. aside from that all metro rail line on time. we'll let you know in anything pops up this morning. >> thanks, erin, 5:26 coming up. new research suggests a tomato a day could keep cancer away. >> and police release new surveillance epz they hope leads toe arrest of murder suspect. >> a live look across the d.c. region. traffic just starting to pick up at 5:27 on tuesday morning. 78 degrees right now. and you're watching "fox5 news morning". don't go anywhere. passion
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>> overnight house fire. eight d.c. resident forced to find homesel where after a fire in northwest. and president trump tweets disapproval after gop leaders temporarily end the fight to replace the affordable care act and searchesing for answers. they hope new surveillance leads to arrest of murder us is secretary in our region. "fox news morning" starts right now >> good morning to you thank you very much for joining us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morris. >> today is tuesday, july 18. >> airport erin is watching the road and michael thomas is watching warm.
5:31 am
away. big time heat later this week. we have a forecast coming up. >> crash alerts on beltway inner loop 450 taking a look at rest of roads and metro. >> if you just wake up now at 5:31 let's get to big head lines. breaking news overnight in the district. ale people now ow out of their home after fire rages through two row houses in norm west. those homes in the 200 block of morgan street. >> fire inch pacted second floor's attic and rear porches of homes. two firefighters have injuries one from falling embers and other heat exhaustion. they're expected to be okay. no word what caused the fire. >> dwxt op plan to replace and repeal obamacare is dead. late light night two run senators announce they had could not vote with party healthcare reform bill. >> what's next. "fox5" melanie alnwick live this morning on capitol hill with the details. good morning, mel. >> well, it's pretty
5:32 am
that party leaders and the white house want something to come next. the white house saying late last night that inaction is not app option. the failure of this latest push is really a crushing blow to republicans who have been campaigning on this issue for many years. and let's show you the tweet from president trump a statement on twitter saying "republicans should just repeal failing obamacare now and work on a new healthcare plan that will start if a clean slate. dems will join in. republicans as we know have been strongly criticized for writing the bill behind closed doors without any democratic help. chuck smumer also tweeted that the second failure of trump care is proof positive that the core of bill is unworkable. shum smumer urges return from try from scratch and try again and that appears that's the plan. mitch mcconnell suggesting they
5:33 am
obamacare without any legislation at all to take its place. and now mcconnell also says the repeal bill would include a two year delay of implementation. he said that would provide a stable transition period.. it really is not clear at this point though when they'll schedule that repeal vote for. by the way, senator john mccain snows his illness and surgery he was dealing with one of the reasons why this all fell apart. he also said last night he truly believes that you really need to get bipartisan input on this and hold hearings and also listen to what state governors have to say. live on capitol hill. melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> thanks, melanie. 5:33 is the time now. >> this week, former national secure di advisor susan rice is scheduled to testify on capitol hill before the house select committee on intelligence. rice was scheduled to testify today and that was changed.
5:34 am
by rice or any member of the senate intelligence committee. several republican members want to know whether rice was have had contact with forers during the campaign. priceen eyed leaking any information to the media. >> fairfax police is search for answers after a body was found in centerville. tripty parkway. they're checking missing persons reports to try to identify the body. >> police across the potomac are trying to determine the cause of crash in largo. last night around 9:00, two cars and motorcycles collided on the road. we're told one of the noteists is in critical company. no word of the others involved in the crash. >> police relowsed new surveillance they're seep getting out of a car and walking out of camera view toward the victims. after the shooting
5:35 am
the car. this happened last sunday in the 4600 block of silver hill road. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. all right. time to talk to make michael thomas about hot weather. >> are we going to get more thunderstorms this afternoon. it was pretty good yesterday afternoon in my area. >> yesterday was the worst of it and kind of like today there's a chance. but not as great as yesterday and tomorrow there's a chance not as great as today. >> it lessens as we go. >> each and every day gets a little less. yesterday what it was storms sat. it didn't move very much. and montgomery county portions of radar estimated rainfall amounts up and over 6" of rain any ayou to urz who. flash flood warnings were the story yesterday afternoon. again, should not be as bad today. one or two possible and once again the storms that pop up may still for a while. not as much available moisture as yesterday afternoon. meaning hopefully we're not seeing those problems we saw yesterday afternoon.
5:36 am
national and bwi humid as you start the day you can feel it as you step outside the door. here's forecast over the next couple days. 93 daytime high today. again a few hit and miss storms. but not as many as yesterday. same deal tomorrow. even smaller chances than today in fact. temperatures a little warmer as well. 95 degrees and guess what as we head to thursday and friday, otter than that. you have the 7 day forecast coming up in a few minutes. that's weather. erin is back with traffic. >> 5:6 taking a look outside. you can see traffic definitely picking up on 50 as you make your way two and from the beltway now. same story as you make your way out pretty much everywhere around the district headed to d.c., 270 waking up by truck scales. let's switch forbe a look at maps now. you see 20 there local and main lanes moving along long with increased volume. inner loop crash blocking left lane by 450. caution as you head to that area. we're also dealing with quiet conditions on 39
5:37 am
what we're seeing there and no big problems vienna and fairfax. not any major delays past naylor road. back to you. >> m coming up on "fox news morning" new research suggest as i tomato a day can keep cancer away. >> art kelly is denying claims he's holding women c captive in a consult. >> time is 5:37, 78, back in a moment
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5:40 is the time. health watch fighting cancer with tomatoes. eating tomatoes every day could cut development of skin cancer tumors by half. they study only mice in this research. step percent of their food was tomato powder and then exposed to uv light. their chances of getting skin cancer were cut in half. >> drugs used to control cholesterol can kilo vareian cancer cells. when combined with controlled diet, stat ins could be effective against owe vaivian
5:41 am
they study caution on human patients have yielded mixed results. >> artificial sweeters in may not be helping keep you waist line trip. study found no evidence sw sweeters in like super low lead to significant weight loss they say people who regularly consume artificial switers in tended to develop weight problems with excess weight. more research is needed as this study did not take into account any other unhealthy habits people from the stud my may have had. >> 15,000 visas for foreign workers could prv a good things for crab industry. >> up to 5 billion in student loan debt could be wiped out. >> a live look across the d.c. region. i like this strong. 5:4 1st time. 78, sun just coming up. we're really just getting started. we have more news to share. don't go anywhere you're watching
5:42 am
"fox5 news morning".
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>> it is a long hot summer already. but we don't want summer to go by too quickly. want it to be long and hot. >> you love summertime. >> that's right. >> keith urban this morning. >> good thing to get you going on a tuesday. >> i like country music in the summer
5:45 am
opinion. >> yeah. yeah. >> chicken fried steak would be good right about now, too. >> anything of the dinner or lunch variety would be gone. >> let's narrow it down to food would be good right now. >> most start with breakfast but okay. >> it is breakfast for us. >> don't limit yourself. don't limit yourself to just breakfast food. >> yolo. >> exactly i could not have said it better myself. >> i don't know what's going on at this point. back to 90s. 91 in d.c. yesterday. later on again we have a start of a heat wave yesterday afternoon. officially we need three days above 90 to get. there yesterday day one. today day 2 and guess what tomorrow day 3 and we have four, five and six on the way as well. can't rule out a popup storm. chances not as great as yesterday and less so tomorrow and then by the time we get to thursday they're out of the forecasts. although those temperatures will be taking a big time ri
5:46 am
and saturday with that mercury pushing 100 once again. new tropical storm by the way in the atlantic. tropical storm don not expected to be a threat here or anywhere in the united states. over the next several days satellite and radar dealing with clouds today down to the south. not too much going on. we connect to expect much. there could be a couple of p popup storms we'll show you in a second. 78 d.c.. little more comfortable north and west. pittsburgh 6. beckly, west virginia, 67, with the sunshine and hum humidity, temperatures will be feeling a little steamy later this afternoon. here we are 11 a.m. feeling like 88. let's get to afternoon hours. feels like 97 by 3:00 this afternoon. 98 quanitco and 98 fred fredericksburg and skip ago head tomorrow afternoon. guess what feel like 89, 3:00 tomorrow afternoon both in d.c.ment quantico, mannasas and you read for more returned reds. why not. here we go to thursday. feel like 100 by afternoon hours.
5:47 am
fredericksburg. yes after a weekend break those heat wave is coming back. 9 0s later this afternoon. feeling like to mid to upper 90s. weak front annual boundary off north and west may be a trigger for a storm or two. they'll stay dry. quick look at future cast. sunny skies through the morning hours. there we are 2:00. hit or miss shower could develop to a thunderstorm with enough heat energy into the afternoon. in a couple spot. doesn't necessarily mean right over d.c. even though that's what future cast is showing now. just know one or two of us have a chance of seeing a storm. same deal tomorrow up to 95. thursday the 7, friday, saturday go 98 for now. we have some models again pushing 1 0 0. let's check the forecasts. erin is back with traffic. >> 5:47 now and we're seeing significant delays picking up on beltway. upper loop dealing with crash that did clear to shoulder. that's good news. you can see the red line as you make your way between baltimore washington parkway and 50
5:48 am
give yourself ten extra minutes. there as we forward things to northbound five a crash blocking right lane after birch hill road. look at that significant de delay. you're backed up to brandy whine at the 301 split. nasty conditions out of southern maryland. wood field road reopened in the gaithersburg area. we had earlier downed power cables causing issues. as we look at virginia majors we have one minor delay building 95 dale city to the beltway. everything else with quiet and clear 95, 66, inner loop through annandale and as you make your way north capitol street northeast westbound lanes remain closed crash at 50. that causes additional delays. 295 southbound usual delays moving through area as well. all metro rail lines on time. i'll let you know when and if anything pops you you need to be aware of. any questions, fox d.c. on twitter. >> 5:48 is the time.
5:49 am
government if they try to rewrite the constitution the united states would react with economic sanctions. white house says overwhelming vote over the weekend proves venezuela people want a democracy. this comes ass country pro democracy country call for nationwide strike. goal is to pressure nicholas madero to drop plans to rewrite the constitution. >> a monday ufront mall a airian airlines flight 217 up veiled in holland. a missile shot the plane down over ukraine. all 28 people were killed. it was they believe the missile was fired from russia back rebel controlled territory by a mobile tap tappinger trucked in from russia. they deny that. >> d.c. is looking for person responsible for scrolling hate graffiti on side of d.c. business. this is surveillance from the alley next to universal flooring. building
5:50 am
41 street northwest. suspect pulls up to the store on bike and writes white devils and other hate graffiti on the wall. police are asking anyone with information about the grv eaty to give them a call. >> local crab industry. 15,000 new foreign worker v visas to enter u.s. to work for maryland seafood industry. crab picking and oyster s shuking industries rely on help for the busy surprise. some are surprised by the decision to expand the program given stop sign on travel ban. >> college park maryland consider ago louing non u.s. citizen to vote if local elections. six other communities allow they would have to pass am amendment to allow non citizens to vote. counsil expected to sot ron the change august 8. >> put down cellphone or pay a fine. city of honolulu want to fine people up to 99 if they are caught
5:51 am
looking at their phone. city council just passed a new rule. the mayor has to make the final decision though. >> actually don't have a problem with that. >> it's probably a good idea. >> i see more people looking at their phone when they cross the street. >> it's dangerous. >> absolutely. >> 5:51 the stories you're enrique peña neito gauging with most. >> maureen umeh has a look what is trending. >> first up the information of more than two million dow jones customers could be compromised. names addresses and account information at risk left expressed online after company made error come midzing customer information on the cloud. dow jones says there's no evidence any info was stolen. >> president trump continues to look for ways to revamp mp trade agreement those from mexico and canada will meet in d.c. to strengthen competitiveness in trade. nafta the president called the worst deal ever and threatened
5:52 am
before to leave that agreement. >> could student loan bills be whipd away. maybe. national collegiate trust did not keep proper paperwork in "new york times" report we're learning the trust bought the loans from banks and if they try to go after students that default on loans the law may side with students in this case. issues currently playing out in several lawsuits across the country. >> reps for r&b singer art kelly denying allegations laid out in explosive new article on buzz feed. art kelly is accused of brain-washing women and keeping them as prisoners in the home. he isolates women if families in a consult like existence taking phones and controlling who they see. and police reports from chicago and georgia show officers have gone to investigate the claims and found the women involved did not want to believe. art kelly attorney says the singer is alarmed and disturbed and denies such allegations and will work workforceably to clear his name. >> back inls he was awiingted on 14 charges of of making
5:53 am
child pornography. timely a lot of people are streaming netflix. they have $104 million subscribers and netflix is raking in the doe taking in $2.79 in the last quality area loan. those are trending headlines. back to you. >> also in the news 5:53 the count down is on own we're now three days away if the next "fox5 news morning" zip trip. this friday, jewel 1. fox a5 news morning will number poolsville maryland be side allison seymour and tucker barnes. check it out. poolsville has a lot to offer. come out and see the crew in poolsville. >> i love it. super cute. >> time now 5:53. that means we want to say hello to the facebook fan of the day. good morning, sarah butler. she was nominated by her husband eric who
5:54 am
huge "fox5" fan and it could be great for her to be the fan of the day. eric says fox news provide best of the day and they watch every morning about work. we truly appreciate your locality guys. keep it locked on "fox5". >> you need sun is. >>s and other things when you go outside today. >> absolutely. it's going to be sunny, br bright, beautiful and then hot and humid and sticky. let me start you off, new storm welcome don to the world i suppose. bringing a line of heavy rain for portions of south america here. good news headed straight west and long term mott elz the lines you see here keeping it on track and wind sheer. not sxantsing done to have much of a lifetime and we don't expect to be strong. we have fourth named
5:55 am
we are dealing with a good amount of sunshine. here we will be dealing with good amount of surprise shim. as we head into the afternoon much like yesterday a few showers around the region. could develop to thunderstorms again much like yesterday. main concern here would be storms don't move too much. even though we're not expecting severe weather day here. much like yesterday there's not a lot of wind to get the storms in motion. meaning when they pop up they'll generally rain on to have of you until they run out of energy. we have to watch for flash flooding threats once again this afternoon and a lot like we had montgomery county yesterday. gaithersburg airport there 3 3.25 and rainfall throughout and they had flash flood issues there. 10:00 tonight, those storms wiped down and we're left with mostly clear evening once again and rips and repeat as we head to wednesday afte afternoon. 9 degrees today. up to 95 tomorrow
5:56 am
friday, saturday, temperatures close to 100 and feeling up and over 100 as we head to end this week. let check the forecast. erin como back with traffic sfwlk 5:56 looking at green line. disabled train west hyattsville and expect delays to branch avenue. be prepared for that. as we switch over to maps inner loop crash cleared to shoulder. residual delay between baltimore washington mark way as you approach 50. 50 itself moving nicely through buoy. inside the beltway typical cheverly show down 202 to 25 jamming up northeast just a tad on new york avenue past blade nzburg road and northbound 5 heads up for southern maryland commuters crash blocking left lane after birch hill road causing big backup and back to 01-5 slip. and capitol street northwest westbound side impacted 50th
5:57 am
we you have could have had. 6:00 hour of "fox news morning" coming up. we'll be right back
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5:59 am
>> straight ahead at 6
6:00 am
scene in the district. over night a row house up in flames. several people this morning homeless. right now fire crews on the scene in northwest putting out hot spots. >> and back to the drawing board. republicans latest plan to repeal and replace obamacare failed. what's next? president offering a hint in a late night tweet. >> live look outside on this tuesday morning. it's july 18. weather and traffic coming up for you on the five at 6:05. good tuesday i'm allison seymour. >> i'm wisdom martin in for steve chenevey. >> welcome to fox news morning. we'll get to head lines now at 6. breaking news in the disdistricts. fire rages through two row homes leaving eight people without a place to live. you can see in the video from d.c. fire and ems flames were pouring from the second floor of the roof of those homes. they are in the 200 block of morgan street northwest. no word on how the fire started. two firefighters have minor injuries and one was hurt by falling embers and other had
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