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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  July 18, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead back to the drawing board. senate republicans failing to reach a deal to pass the latest obamacarey placement. why it collapsed want could come next if the president's late night tweet is any indication. the death of justine is a loss to everyone who knew her. >> still more questions than answers after police in minnesota shoot and kill australian woman who had called 911 for help. now her family is speaking out. we'll have the latest from the investigation. no deal kirk cousins kill still without long-term
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talking to washington's front office break down. now the team is going public with what happened. what it could mean for the quarterback's relationship witness burgundy and gold. and later, new proof it's not easy being green. for the first time disney opens up about why it fired the man who brought kermit the frog to life for the last 30 years. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ >> good day dc. it is 9:01 on this tuesday, jul, alongside allison seymour, holly morris and wisdom martin. >> not sure what you were just called right now. charge it to my head not my heart. steve chenevey has the morning off because today is his birthday. [ applause ] >> happy birthday! >> my apologies. >> also ahead this morning, a kelly denying crazy accusations he's keeping
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story going viral after buzz feed published claims from one of the girls parents we'll have more on this story coming up at 10:00 this morning. that is crazy story. >> it is a crazy story. >> that you're like how can that possibly be true but then it's so crazy that you're like, it could be true. >> do you know what i'm saying. >> you consider everything that r. kelly has been through the last more than a decade with all the drama marrying a lee when she was under age that. whole drama. the whole video. >> sex tapes. >> of somebody underage the feud with jay-z when they were touring much it's a mess. >> he's coming out swinging defending himself. we'll hear more about that. >> it better be not be true. if so buzz feed -- that is such a damaging story -- >> i can't imagine buzz feed would just go out on some kind of a lark and say this without their being some evidence that there's something happening and given r kell's track record, i can't say i'm necessarily not believing buzz feed. >> they did say the police did go to their house and the women were there on their own. >> right. but they said they were brain
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we want to get into now but i guess we'll wait until 10:00. >> they went on checked on richard simmon, too, remember. >> i'm sure he's fine, too. so they say. first at 9:00 we have to talk about the weather we're having because we're in store for another hot and humid week the worst of it actually starts to arrive today. for details tucker is back with a first check on what proves to be a steamy forecast. hey, tuck. >> hey, holly. yeah you can actually see the water in the atmosphere in that live shot. in addition to heat, low 90s. lots of humidity out early, and that makes for what? a hot and sticky pattern and it will be pardon the pun sticking around for the rest of the week as we'll looking at more and more heat around here by the middle and end of the week. in fact we might close to 100 degrees by friday and/or saturday. now up to 81 at reagan national. upper 70s dulles and up p baltimore at bmi marshall 79 degrees. overnight lows here in the city we're in the mid to upper 70s. and you got
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north and west there were 60s early that's it for the comfortable air for the time being. otherwise, hot and sticky out that this afternoon lots of sunshine early. just like yesterday, we're going to see some clouds build by late morning errly afternoon. and then be on the look out kind of mid to late afternoon for some showers or even the possibility of a few thunderstorms to pop up and just like yesterday, yesterday we had a severe thunderstorm that impacted parts of montgomery county. we could see one or two of those develop again later this afternoon. where exactly they will set up is anybody's guess to be honest with you i'll revisit the seven day want to give you heads up here. wednesday through sunday looks another round of pretty extreme heat. 952 one-hundredths the air temperature and heat index unfortunately could be 105 to 105 plus. make sure you're ready for a lot of heat toward the end of the week particularly friday and saturday. okay. that's a quick look at weather. more coming up guys. back to you. >> all righty, thank you tucker. 9:04. fatal blow for the gop's health care reform plan on capitol hill that means it's back to the
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>> late last night more republicans announced that they cannot vote for the gop's obama dairy placement forcing republican leaders and the president to punt. fox5's melanie alnwick live on capitol hill with the details want could come neck. mel? >> reporter: good morning. the white house saying in action is not an option and president donald trump following up with a pair of statements on twitter this morning. basically blaming this on a few republicans and all democrats saying other republicans were loyal terrific and worked very hard. and following up saying they are all going to come together don a great health care plan promising folks that they should stay tune. at the white house this morning, moving forward on a new plan for health care, president trump wrapping it all up in a tweet. republicans should just repeal failing ballscare now and work on new health care plan that will start a clean slate. dems will join in.
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leader mitch mcconnell had to 96 his plan to repeal and replace obamacare when two more gop senators, mike lee of utah and jerry moran of kansas, said they won back it. joining others in opposition like senator rand paul of kentucky who now finds himself on the same page as the president. >> but the one thing we should do try to repeal as many as tacks, as many of the regulations and as many of the mandates as we possibly can. i still think the entire 52 of us could get together on a more narrow, clean repeal and i think it still can be done. >> reporter: the idea is to fully undo what president obama did back in 2210 but with delay of two years to force congress to come up with a plan to address issues with insurance marks and medicaid. for democrats the fact that the gop couldn't get together on a replacement is telling with senate democratic leader chuck schumer tweeting, this second failure of trump care is proof positive that the core of this bill is unworkable. the fact is many republicans
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issues. >> right. we got tax reform. we got infrastructure. we've got budget. we have jobs and economy. things that we want to be working on for the american people. >> reporter: so senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is dusting off an old obama carey peel bill from 2015. he does hope to bring that up for a vote sometime in the next week or so. and senator do's have little bit of extra time to work on this since they did vote to delay their august recess just a bit in order to work on health care. live on capitol hill i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. thanks mel. meanwhile president trump has declared this week made in america week but he's already facing backlash after just one day. the made in america product showcase yesterday highlighted items that were made ma mid all 50 states. the president urged the economic importance of american made goods. mr. trump says, he wants to see that kind of commitment from other companies. he says changes are underway to make it easier for
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he wants to roll back regulations, lower taxes and renegotiate the country's trade deals. but the former business mogul and his daughter are facing accusations they aren't set ago very good example. that's because both their brands have products made overseas. during a press briefing yesterday reporters asked press secretary sean spicer about it. >> comment on specific products but i will tell you the overall arfing goal of course is to grow manufacturing. to grow invest many here in the united states ton grow u.s. workers here. >> spicer also said there are certain products simply cannot be made i the us. the president's made in america event runs through friday. the city of college park in maryland considering whether non us citizens should be given the right to vote in local elections. sick other communities in maryland allow this to make the change college park's city council would have to pass an amendment and change the city charter in order to allow non citizens to vote. so far the reaction
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mixed. >> their experiences are affected by local politics. why they still live here, i think maybe it might be a good idea to have some say about politics. >> they're not actually citizens of this country or of this -- the state or the city it doesn't make sense. they don't pay taxes. how do they have the right to vote and make decisions for us as citizens of this area? >> the council is expected to vote on the change on aug august 8th. not surprising this topic touched a nerve with rebel people. we asked to you sound off on whether you think non citizens should get the vote? many of you sounded off on our facebook page. jonathan apple man "i don't see why not if they're working and paying taxes. they should have to register and show proof of residence and they would be all legal residents. this is much to do about nothing yet most commenting here will get angry and worked up about this ". >> melvin b. johnson commend, i think it's unfair to immigrants to have s
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studied hard to obtain citizenship. here's what nicky had to say "if they own a property and live here legally, then they should be able to vote. legal -- local elections can affect neighborhoods. and finally, phil wrote, does anybody at all still remember the difference between legal and illegal, right and wrong, smart and stew tid, sometimes i wonder. what i will say is, let's all just get educated on what undo you meaned workers do and don't do. i think it is emotional when you think i'm paying all these ta taxes. you know, i just feel like educate yourself on exactly what is going on. yes, i was just reading millions of undo you meaned workers actually pay taxes when, you know, if they're under the books or don't have to but it's almost like paying a above and beyond that want to make sure they're giving back and so they won't be, you know, spotted for
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>> it's not just one thing or another. a lot of gray areas and that's the one thing i agree with you, you know, take into account that there are gray areas. it's this or that that whole smart stupid thing it's not that simple. someone who wasn't once a citizen who want to do vote. i paid taxes i just hadn't my citizenship yet. had a green card. i will dare say i knew a lot more about the constitution want went into it and laws than a lot of people who were born here. so it's not always just this gray area. i mean this black or white thing a lot of people you're straddling the fence relying too places. let me come to my conclusion based on what's happening here. what's happening here. so again, no easy solution. i don't say i have the answer here but by all means, let's not just say it's either this or that. it never really is. very rarely. >> the bottom line being a lot of those arguments can be valid. >> absolutely. >> and opposing. you see what i'm saying that doesn't make the arguments less valid. >> absolutely. >> it's complicated. >> the problem is a lot of people hear a buzz word.
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>> totally. >> they automatically lock in to their preconceived notions. >> thank you. >> and ignore facts. and stick to the buzz word and say illegal immigrants don't belong here, you know, all the other silliness that goes on with it without any research or knowledge of the true issue at hand. >> i don't think there's anyone who says lawlessness ought to be what rules. i think when we talk about this we act like people who are illegally or whatever are all about lawlessness and just doing things that are out of pocket. i don't believe that at all. no one wants to live in criminal neighborhoods. no one wants to be someone who's dodging the law and being made to live in the shadows. no body wants that. i think when you come at ago films that perspective, it changes your perspective on things. >> building your argument based on stereotype. >> let's be honest a lot of americans don't vote and some of us don't pay taxes. if we did there won't be commercials on the radio if you need some help with your taxes. >> so, you know, let's just be honest here in all seriousness. educate yourself because that viewpoint i'm sorry especially from an african-ameri
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when african-americans in this nation weren't given the right to vote until the year before i was born. >> let's put it in perspective. >> okay. >> it is 9:13. please weigh in hash tag good day dc. let us know what you think. 9:13. >> civilly. >> we'll take the heat. still more questions than answers after police shoot and kill an australian bride to be when she was the one who called 911 for help. now this morning her family is speaking out. we'll have the latest from the investigation. then later, phillipe cues stow's tribute to his infamous ancestor. >> infamous. >> infamous. >> right. >> i thought it was just famous. >> what made him infamous? details how this brand new show coming -- has a brand new show coming to the travel channel as well. this morning the tv host explorer actually going to join us live in the loft. >> ooh. ♪ ♪♪
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scue. you want a piece of me? good, i'm delicious. ♪ creamy, delicious, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. back now 9:16 this morning new questions surrounding that police shooting in minnesota. >> a woman who called 911 to report that she believed that a sexual assault was happening outside of her home was shot and killed by a minneapolis police officer who responded to the scene. on saturday, two officers arrived in patrol car to in
9:17 am
but what happened next is unclear. newspaper report said that justine was shot while standing next to the cruiser in her pajamas. the gunfired from the passenger's seat. her family is demanding answers. >> the death of justine is a loss to everyone who knew her. she touched so many people with her loving and generous heart. sadly her family and i have been provided with almost no additional information from law enforcement regarding what happened after police arrived. we've lost the dearest of people and we're desperate for information. >> at the time the officers body worn cameras weren't on and a squad car did not capture the incident. both officers are on leave. the department is calling for transparent investigation here. the woman was a yoga and meditation teacher who moved here from australia and was set to get married
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9:17. happening in charles county the trial will begin for former teacher facing serious charges. >> former science teacher ronald wells is accused of sexually abusing two students at lackey high school in indian head. bob barnard live from the charles county circuit in la plata this morning with the details. good morning, bob. >> reporter: hey, holly, good morning, guys. yes, the trial begins at 9:30 this morning. mr. wells accused of abusing two of his former students as you mentioned. he was a science teacher at lackey high school. he was actually removed from the job last may. he was only indicted in january. none of this was ever made public all along he was on paid administrative leave working at the school headquarters. he, of course, denies the allegations which were made back in april of last year. he according to a student asked to see the private parts of a mail student in his classroom when the two were alone. there was a second victim in this cas
9:19 am
the exact allegations regarding that student. sources say the defense that mrs that he was the target of gay bashing, that these allegations are retaliation for him disciplining at least one of the students, again, this goes to court here, guys, at 9:30 this morning and we'll see if there are more details about the allegations that come out when it goes before the judge. 9:30 this morning here in la plata, guys. >> all right. thanks, bob. 9:19 right now. coming up some advice for a woman whose boyfriend hit a tattoo for from this parents for 20 years that is until she spilled the beans, oops, it was an accident. okay. now she wants to know why, washington else he might be keeping a secret and why he can't just tell his parents because he's a grown man he's got a tattoo. >> right. >> and more in all new edition of love and order. >> erin, what are you working on. >> looking forward to love and order this morning. also in other news the search continues for missing family members after deay
9:20 am
news for graduates. why billions of dollars in student loan debt could be wiped out. and later, why the houston astros held a funeral for a glove before last night's game. you heard that right. we'll be back with a check on what else is making headlines next. ♪
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♪ 9:22. erin como back with check of the some of the other stories making headlines this morning. hey, ec. >> goo
9:23 am
first up tragic end to an outing in arizona tonto national for ref. nine family member are dead from a flood that record through an arizona canyon. rescuers will continue a search for a tenth swept away. they were among group of 14 family and friends who met up for day long trip. >> former house speaker dennis has start released from federal prison he's now at a facility in chicago that prepares prisoners for re-entry into normal life. he's at the end of a 15 month sentence. could your student loans be wiped away? that sounds really nice. maybe because national collegiate trust can did not keep paper paper work. the trust bought the loans from the banks but if they tried to go after student who's default on their loans the law may side the students in this case. this issue is currently playing out in several lawsuits across the country. so
9:24 am
fighting cancer with tomatoes. scientists say eating tomatoes every day can cut the development of skin cancer tumors by half. the ohio state university study involved only mice. 10% of their food was tomato powder for 35 weeks. then the mice were exposed to uv light. their chances of getting skin cancer can but in half. >> in sports new houston astros outfielder carlos beltran not using his glove much these days so natural his astros teammates decided to give a funeral. mock ceremony was held at minute made park before batting practice prior to their game against seattle taking a look at that interesting video there. very serious ceremony. the astros all wore black shirts to mark the occasion except for brian mccann who don add black robe to efficient the service. beltran hasn't been in the field since may 16th in miami and is allison said it earlier, that's just weird. just weird news. >> they were just messing
9:25 am
around. >> they were just messing with him of the just a joke. >> playing who doo out there. >> he's a designated hitter. he doesn't go out there. >> i get it. it's still interestingly strange. >> but it's like some bad juju out there are right. >> that's what i say. >> i'm with maureen on this one. >> yeah. it's kind of like a couple years ago when we did like halloween thing someone gave us headstones. very well done. don't give me a headstone. >> why did i keep it in my garage for several years. >> you still have it? >> finally this is weird. >> it is. >> i got rid of my instantly. >> thanks erin. >> hello. [ laughter ] >> 9:25 is the time right now. no deal. coming up next the redskins can't sign kirk cousins to long-term contract. then they go public with what went wrong with the negotiations. we'll have the latest drama from the front office next. >> it did seem odd. it's like not that transparent an organization most of the time. >> how do we know it was true? >> there's that. he did say kirk. maybe that was -- >> that's a sign. >> that was sign. no, no, no not kirk. >> get my players name right. >> get anoer
9:26 am
way. tucker coming back with another check on the seven day. when will do we zoo some relief. >> fresh at 10ar kelly holding women hostage? more on that viral buzz feed story and the r and b singer's response. plus, a kermit controversy. why the man who played kermit for the last 30 years is now in a public war of words with disney. rob lowe's close encounter. the former grinder star paddle boarding with great whites. the this is crazy video. >> okay. >> yeah. and later, a sneak peek at the latest star wars straight from the cast and crew. right now, it's 9:26. you're watching the number one good day d.c. ♪
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♪ tucker is having a fit right now. >> that's dancing. >> oh, that's what it is. okay. 9:29. deadline has passed for the burgundy and gold and kirk cousins to work out long-term deal. >> that means the former spartan will again play this season on a franchise tag. >> all right. so kirk cousins will be the first quarterback in nfl history to play consecutive seasons with a franchise deal. they didn't get a long-term by yesterday's deadline he'll may $23.9 million in 2017 after he learned 19.9 million last year.
9:30 am
an offer in may and they met face to face over the weekend. the team offered him 53 million guaranteed or seventy two million in the event of an injury. now, that would made have him the second most fully guaranteed -- second most guaranteed quarterback as far as money is concerned behind aaron rodgers its green bay with 54 million. here's what the team president bruce allen had to say about the negotiations. >> kirk has made it clear to me that he prefers to play on a year to year basis in all our discussions he feels comfortable doing that. while we would like to have worked out a long-term crack, we respect and accept his decision. >> the two sides now must wait until after the season to negotiate a long-term deal. as for this year, cousins is -- we just said he'll make close to 24 million. he's 28 years old he went to michigan state. this his third full year as starteror
9:31 am
he said franchise -- set franchise records with 4,166 yards and 24,917 yards over the last two seasons. but they haven't won a play off game. but nobody else has either. it looks like the rotating cast of quarterbacks could continue at the end of the year because or the end of the season because he could leave and probably odds on favorite social security that he's going toned up with the 49ers because that's where his former offense coordinator is. >> is there someone else in the landscape that the team cease as their future. if this guy is doing good who else they're hoping to make get and that's why they're jerking him around. >> i don't think there's any thought put into this. if they -- they should have given him a long live team deal before. >> before. >> somebody in the front office wasn't sold on hill. there was some confusion as to whether he is the guy or not the guy, and now just it's too late. >> it's like a power struggle. >> yeah. >> right. >> could it be our good boy is s really bad boy. >> who? >> cousins. >> how so. >> has that good
9:32 am
>> oh, i see what you're saying. >> you don't think so tuck. >> how many of you out there fault kirk cousins for this? how many of you fault the redskins for this? tweet us and let us know what you think. >> what cousins have done. >> my football acumen is not whatever my whole thing he seems excexcited. he seemed like he was all in with this team. >> that's what i'm talking about could it be like, you know, thanks so much and you still don't get it whatever, took the team pretty far and so now he's like, you know what, that's okay. i'll go on this year to year. >> which is perfectly fine, and i don't care if the quarterback of the team is a choir boy. i don't care if he's a jerk. can you throw the football? you're coming to my house to eat dinner with me. you're entertaining me. you can be a jerk, you can be whatever you got to be. >> there's lost jerks on teams. >> he's got this image and i think maybe what some people do wrong they assume he's going to be like i'm fine with this. >> i want this job. >> that's what i'm talking ab about. >> this organization seems to shoot itself in the foot time and time again. >> arrogance.
9:33 am
i feel like even i could do better job than this. take that for what it's worth. >> you mean if you ran the front office. >> that's right. >> would you at least know your players names. >> kirk cousins. it ain't curt. >> which is another -- it was a sign of disrespect? >> i mean -- >> yes. >> what's going on? >> not like allen just got to the front office. >> right. >> he's been there the whole time. >> let's give him the whole time kirk cousins has were and there. >> he misspoke winston. >> he misspoke eight times. >> i get called angela on a regular basis. i'm not the one -- >> i get called sue palka. i'm okay with that. >> any way, okay. >> michael barnes, what you got? [ laughter ] i mean this is the same group that ran what's his name out of town a couple months ago. >> rjii rgiii. >> guy in the front office. >> scott mccloughan. >> this is an on-going saga. so -- we'll see who knows what's going on out there. >> on-going like decades now.
9:34 am
with kirk. >> maybe we get shirts that say k-i-r with a big k on the end. >> we're not in football weather. i hope nobody is practicing it's too hot to wear all those pads. 90s today. pop up storm and storm just like yesterday. hey, temps by the end of the week may get very close to 100 degrees. another heat wave on the way. today i guess we could officially call the start of it with temperatures in the low 90s. 81 now in washington. 80 annapolis. 78 dulles. 79 annapolis. everybody hot and humid today we'll see who gets a thunderstorm. not everybody will get a storm. we'll see a few pop up later this afternoon and rather sultry atmosphere and again same players in place we had around here yesterday with a very weak frontal system off to the north and west what we call sort of elongated upper level trough here locally. so the bottom line a few showers and storms fire up this afternoon there we are at 4:00 o'clock. not sure exactly where theyil
9:35 am
kick up but at least the possibilities there just like yesterday. of course yesterday we had slow movers. we had severe thunderstorm warning up in montgomery county it's possible we could see that happen again today for parts of the area with a couple of showers around. then we lose daytime heating lose the storm threat overnight. it will return tomorrow but with eight lot of heat. i'll show you the seven day in a minute. a lot of heat moving in. úreal quick look at don tropical storm don. mack monday winds 50 miles an hour. cruising along to the west here at 818 miles an hour this a low rider just to the north of south america not typically a place we see very intense storms. but we'll throw it out there. venezuela, columbia, just to the north and then it looks like we'll pass out into the pacific. so this will not impact the united states but already storm number four here only in the middle of july. shaping up to be an active season in the tropics. all right. there's your seven day. 93 today. 95 or better, 95 or higher wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. heat index 105 plus. we'll likely have
9:36 am
chance to hit 100 friday and/or saturday. so get ready, guys. a lot of heat on the way. all right. holly one of my favorites. >> yes, yes. i watch this show every saturday morning 9:00 a.m. >> big fan tucker is. big fan. >> i know, i know. >> yes. our next guest will definitely make you want to get out and travel. duo was in town for a screening of the french film the story of the highly influential and fearlessly ambitious pioneer research cher and conservation any of the jack cousteau his grandson phillipe and his wife ashland take over the travel channel as they investigate the incredible stories of lot of loot and pirates plunders some of the world's most beautiful see seas. first they join us live in the loft with more on both of those projects. it's so good to see both of you. >> always pleasure. >> welcome back to us.g you.- thank you for joining him. >> thank you. >> is this not one of the most handsome couples you've ever seen? [ laughter ] >> let's talk about the screening of the show first. >> it was really exciting. it's a film t
9:37 am
writers and directors and producers on for the last several years as a feature film so actors like audrey today too and lumber wilson are telling the story of my grandfather's journey from the early days inventing scuba diving and his ceilings hip with my father up until the point where my father dies it's one several awards in france. it's been all over the world and premieres here in the us this winter. >> you were lucky that your father was a film maker. he passed just six months before you were born. but he -- crew been able torque, he's lived on through the work that he's done and you've gotten to know him that way but what was it like watching this film and seeing actually someone as your father? >> it was really emotional experience. because especially at the end of the in many, um, you know it ends with my father's dying in a plane accident. there's a one scene where the phone rings which is based on true, a true story, and my sister who was 13 at the time, three years old, answered the phon
9:38 am
and obviously it wasn't my father on the other side. the character playing my mother hearing the news and growing up with that story that was really emotional. otherwise it was wonderful to see the story of my father and all the work that he did. be recognized. >> for the work he's done. everybody knows your grandpa, right, maybe everybody doesn't know as much about your father. for you watching that movie, was it a learning experience for you? >> it really has been. coming in as part of the cystose legacy has been amazing joy for me. it gave a lot of credit to his mother jan she kept phillipe legacy for both phillipe and alexandra. seeing number one the amazing acting that the actors -- performances of the actors gave in this film was top knowledge but to see the family legacy and see phillipe's father get his due was just -- it's just incredible. >> and s
9:39 am
grandmother would travel with your grandfather, right and your mom traveled with your dad, now you are teaming up with your partner in life and you guys have a whole new show that you just announced that's coming out today. >> yes. so it's going to be out on travel channel august 20th the big breaking called caribbean pirate treasure much it's phillipe traveling all over the caribbean looking pirate his history, lost ships and ship wrecks and the treasure on those trips. >> did you find the treasure, that's all we i want to know. >> we found some treasure. we can't talk about exactly what we found. but the whole series premieres august 20th, and it's 13 episodes. a whole season. and really first season and we're really really excited. great adventure. >> how did you go about choosing the adventures and where you were going for what you were searching. >> the caribbean is rich it with history obviously the crossroads of the new and old world. i mean spain was shipping so much treasure out during the 16th, 17th hun
9:40 am
wrecks all over. thousands of wrecks throughout the caribbean. it was really just we were spoiled for choice in many ways. we went to beautiful places we were in an tying toga and saint thomas, st. croix, belize, dominic today, the dominican republic. it's a great show. >> are you ever underwater and experiencing that whole world that is done there. is there ever a time when you're like, i'm able to do this because of my grandfather? >> i am eternally grateful to the work that he did and pioneering that and to the work my father did and being able to honor that legacy is best job ever. >> when you think of the name cousteau you think of activism and innovation and all of that. that encompasses with the environment. we're seeing wonderful pictures of your grandfather and your dad now as we're talking and you have carried on that legacy. where do we stand right now in terms of the environment and where do you think we need to go? i know that's a big question. >> wow, that is a big question. you know,
9:41 am
globally with final recognition -- finally a recognition that things like climate and carbon are future challenge. we still have some debate in this country, but i think while the federal government kind of dominates the discussion around these issues, on a state and local level we're making incredible progress. what people are recognizing that embracing innovation and renewable energy and technology can help provide jobs and opportunity to people in this country and continue u.s. leadership in the world, and i think that surprisingly more than you hear about in the press there's bipartisan acceptance of that and embrace a lot of these issues and we're making hopeful progress. >> that's what we do what we do we really want to get these stories out and we want people to be excited about our world and want to explore and want to go out and save what they care about, and a lot of these stories are human stories. it's not just about a fluffy polar bear it's about people being affected, and the amazing rich history that's around these things. >> all right. >> story tellers that's our goal. >> it's so fun to see you work together
9:42 am
swim together in telling all of those stories. the show is august 20th. >> august 20. >> on the travel channel. >> 10:00 p.m. >> 10:00 p.m. movie look for it this winter. >> more good day coming your way next. stay with us. ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪
9:43 am
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that part of the trailer from the new movie called dunkirk tells the story avenue mass evacuation from allied forces from a town in france after they became surrounded by the german army during the early days of world war wolf the movie director by christopher nolan best phone nor inception and the dark knight trilogy. kevin mccarthy got to sit down with the cast and the crew and he joins us live from new york with the details this morning. good morning to you kevin. >> good morning, wisdom. one of the biggest things i love about my job is being able to sit down with people that i absolutely admire and have such a massive respect for. christopher nolan is one of the film makers still preserving the idea of going to a cinema watching a movie in movie theater 75% of this film was shot an actual i max film cameras. it really is one of the most
9:46 am
in in my entire life. the film is actually coming out friday. i had a chance to sit down with him as you helpinged it is world war ii based film the movie is only one hour and 47 minutes very strange for a film based around that time period. i spoke to him about that but also the really cool thing about the music in the film hans zimmer one of the best score riders of all time actually took the sound of the director's pocket watch and made that into the score of the film. watch this. >> they can pick us up from there. >> there are 400,000 men on this beach. ♪ >> this is the coolest thing i ever heard. zimmer took the ticking from your own watch to make the sound of the ticking in the movie. can you tell me that story. i love how you use this scores as ldi
9:47 am
one of the leading characters in the film. do you have the watch on today? what watch did he use? >> i don't it's actually a pocket watch of mine. i have a bunch of different watches, and this is a particular pocket watch. i made a series of recordings of different watches and ticking sounds i wanted that to be the seed that whole score would grow from. and then i handed those over to hans the best one in particular he then took it and was able to sin they thighs and manipulate it in different ways and and it sort of creates the template or almost the tempo map for the entire score and the entire f film. >> coming back around. he's coming back around! [ gunfire ] >> obviously the runly time awesome something i was so fascinated by. i first heard it was an hour and 47 minutes. usually movies based on world war ii setting
9:48 am
and had a of hours. is that something you wanted intented on from the beginning? i wanted it to be an intense an experience as possible and therefore as lean and stripped down and shortened as possible. you can only sustain the degree of suspense attention we wanted from the film for so long before you exhaust the audience. i think perhaps -- people hearing i was doing a film about dunkirk particularly british people who know the story already thinking big historic episode imagining a three hour film a lot of talk. >> yeah. >> i wrote the script that was 76 pages. really half the length of a screen play because i didn't want to tell the story in words. i didn't want people -- i didn't want the theatrics of people telling the audience why you should care about it. i want to do care about them just because of the physical situation that they were in. >> in that way build up a subjective experience of the events of dunkirk that would hopefully have
9:49 am
quality emotional quality through the course of the film. >> the movie dunkirk actually opens up this friday i'll have my full review coming friday morning if you seen nolan's earlier work everybody obviously has watch men money tow, prestige, the dark knight trilogy. inner stellar. inception. he will be will dc tomorrow night i'm talking to him again and already crying about it. i cannot wait. so very very cool movie. back to you guys in studio. >> kevin, we're glad for you. thanks for that. 9:49 right now. coming up why one guy hit a tattoo -- hid a tattoo from this family for 22 years but now his secret was finally revealed and whether his girlfriend should take it assign. sarah fraser with new edition of love and order next. we'll be right back. ♪
9:50 am
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9:53 am
>> who is rolling prompter. >> it's tuesday -- i don't have >> thank you, chris. it's tuesday and that means it's time for an all new edition of love and order. that's when sarah fraser joins us live to share some questions she gets from friends and fans and we try to offer some advice. first up this morning, secrets you don't realize are secrets sarah tell us all about it. >> what do you think about this one? so a woman wrote to us she says over the weekend, i was at a cook out with my boyfriend's family and we started talking about tattoos. i jokingly said my boyfriend needed to go and his entire family was in completely in shock. they had no idea he had a at a time. to he had this tattoo for 20 years and he was very upset with me. do you think it's strange he hid this from his family. makes me wonder what else he's hiding. am i making a big deal about this. >> where was the tattoo. >> it doesn't say where the tattoo was. >> i don't know why he would hide it. >> he's a grown man. what are his parents going to do, ground him? >> do you think -- don't you think it's odd that -- i mean i don't know. i guess i've been having this co
9:54 am
about this question. i tell my parents everything. i think it's strange, 20 years your parents didn't know you had a tattoo. >> i think they didn't want him to have it when he was 20 years younger and so he just felt like it was a path of least resistance. >> i got a tattoo. >> i think what is strange is the fact that i mean fit really meant that much to him to keep it secret for whatever reason, i don't know why he wanted to keep a secret, if you want to keep something a secret you go the to tell your partner. i feel like he set her up for failure. there's no reason for her to think they didn't know. >> it sounded ridiculous for him to tell her. >> he needs to examine himself. >> okay. you think it's not that strange to kind of -- >> i don't think it's that big of a deal. >> i think this is so bizarre. >> for her. >> to not tell the parents that you have a tattoo. he's grown. >> i don't think -- it's not deal break we are for her she should be like come on, give me a heads up. but i don't think -- >> work together. got to be on the same page. maybe he was so used
9:55 am
him you know what i moan. >> until she said something. >> where he went really wrong because who knows his reasons was to get mad at her. >> right. >> he should have been like i'm sorry i should have told you. >> she was innocent. >> yeah. >> so sounds like -- >> sarah here's the real conversation. you don't have to tell your parents everything. that's what we agree on. >> i implore you not to tell your parents everything. >> if i got a tattoo i would call my mom washington do you think. >> i do. as a mom i applaud you. a as daughter i'm like what? [ laughter ] >> exactly. >> okay. >> sounds like it's fine that he didn't tell his parents but odd that he got mad at her. >> yes. >> boom, we've rule. >> boom many. how about this? this guy writes to us he's been dating his girlfriend for three years how do ideal way family as to what my intentions are with their niece?
9:56 am
cornered by an aunt at a family gathering the aunt wanted to know and said all the family is wondering what the deal is? are they going to get married and they need to make a decision the next year. they've been together for three years and lived together for two and really happy. how do you stop worrying about -- >> first of all tell her to mind her business. >> yeah. mind her own business. i'm assuming he's a grown people. >> okay. number one if shed a concern she should have been concern the year, the first year they moved in together, she didn't have a concern then now all of a sudden three years down the road you're already invested in this you given the milk for free and all of a sudden the apartment what's to get involved. what are your intentions. >> can i come to the aunt's defense. what if the aunt didn't say it in a prime way. its family members want to know if you keep bringing around the same person. hey, what's going on for you two. >> not the hard core -- hard court -- hard core. >> the press. >> you know what i'm getting. >> full court press. >> you know what i'm trying to say. that part is little bit like, hey, why don't you talk to -- >> the girl. >> the woman, yeah, her niece.
9:57 am
from a place of love and not from the whole what are you doing with my niece. >> i hope that's true. >> you would have a conversation with the aunt and just say, look, we're happy. don't pressure us. >> none of your business. >> mind your business. >> if i'm the father, before you move in and get in this relationship i want answers up front. >> that's different. >> up front? >> up front. i want to know where you're going up front. if i'm an aunt, you don't come into the game three years later talking about what are your intentions. mind your business. where were you three years ago when i moved in with her. >> here's the bottom line what he's saying if you're already three years in and you moved in together, you can't avoid the topic somebody will bring it up. >> all right. let's bring this up. we got to go to bring. 10a coming up and we'll get cut off in a minute. more 10a on the other side. >> chris is objecting to all of this. sorry, chris. back aft this. >> boys, be careful if you date his daughters. >> that's what we learn. >> that's the truth.
9:58 am
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♪ >> fresh at 10a, r kelly accused of brain washing and holding women hostage. the story going viral after buzz feed article. now the r and b star is speaking out. more proof it ain't easy being green. we now know why disney fired the man who voiced kermit the frog for the last three decades. but the man who brought the beloved mop met to life has a different story. we'll have the latest back and forth. plus the wedding night they'll never forget. one couple's request to find a photography who will document everything and we mean everything about what happens in the bedroom after the big day. and later, good day wigs out this morning the cast of the hit stage show join us live in the loft with a look at what drag balls are really like. let's do it. good day at 10a stas
10:02 am
♪ >> and another thing. >> you want to come in on the back end and try to tell -- ask questions all of a sudden. >> wisdom still at it. >> yeah. >> don't ask questions, aunt. wisdom has spoken. >> yeah. >> i guess not. >> what do you think think? should you live together? >> i don't mine it. >> you know i love you though. >> i'm with wisdom on this one. don't live together. no advantage. >> i have to talked to maureen's mike. i took mine off. i don't think there's anything wrong with living together i feel like you get to know the person better. >> i do, too. >> wisdom -- >> you need to know what they want you to know. >> the real deal. >> okie-doak. i'm looking forward to how exact dollar i cook with my cast iron skillet. >> holly? >> i'll tell you -- that determines whether you should live together if you can cook with cay cast iron skillet we'll have the cast iron skillet challenge. rei is doing this weekend and pr
10:03 am
of shake sugar shack who will be competing and amateurs can coat as well. we'll fine out all about that exactly what the challenge is and i think it will be really helpful if we're having a cast iron skillet challenge if we had cast iron skillets. >> they will be arriving shor shortly. >> they're coming. i swear. the cast iron skillets are co coming. nonetheless, it's going to be fun! i actually have a cast iron skillet but i don't know how to cook in it. >> i don't either. my mom did. >> easy pizzi. >> make sure it's seasoned. >> that's the key. >> you lost me at seasoned. >> make sure it's seasoned. i swear by it. it's heavy as all get out but, even cooking. >> that's what my husband says. i'm just kidding. don't you always think of the cartoons. >> me, and the rolling opinion. >> yeah. hey, good day d.c. on this tuesday morning. we're glad you're with us i'm holly morris alongside of maureen, allison and wisdom. steve chenevey enjoying the morning off because today is steve's birthday! >> yay!
10:04 am
>> chris? >> you are so funny, chris. >> that smile. >> yeah. >> wow! >> that's happy face. >> that's what i just assumed he was thinking. >> because he has to come back tomorrow. >> maybe he should have taken wednesday off, too. >> or maybe, chris, he partied so hard last night that this is the face he's making today. [ laughter ] >> um-hmm. >> there you go. >> i'm just saying. >> also possible. >> highly likely. >> steve, whatever you're doing we hope we are celebrating you every ever since of the word that's what birthdays are about. >> that reminds me when i say good morning to him when i see him in the morning. >> he's like that. >> that face. then i know he loves me. >> that's his happy face. >> but dug our photographer doug wilk has a birthday today as year. 60 years young today. >> doug wilk down in the newsroom. >> happy birthday. >> doug wilkes one of the best photographers in the business. >> and pretty good joke teller. >> hiftd terrorist cal. don't tell him we
10:05 am
>> happy birthday to doug and steve. we're checking with making headlines this morning first up we have breaking news from the district. >> that's right. police chief peter newsham announcing a short time ago that one person has been arrested in a shooting last week that injured one-year-old boy this happened last monday night on i street in northeast. police say that child was caught in the crossfire of people shooting at one another in an alley near the wiley court condominiums. we'll learn more when the chief gives an update at 11:30 this morning. the latest republican health care bill has collapsed after two more senators announced they couldn't support it. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says now he'll push the senate to pass a clean repeal bill. president trump and tweeted late last night quote republicans should just repeal failing ob obamacare now and work on new health care plan that will start from clean slate. dems will join in ". new questions this morning
10:06 am
minnesota. a woman who called 911 to report what she believed to be a sexual assault taking place outside of her home was shot and killed by a police officer who responded to the scene. on saturday two officers arrived in a patrol car to investigate, but what happened next is just unclear. newspaper report says that justine damond was shot while standing next to the cruiser in her pajamas. the gunfired from the passenger seat. her family is demanding answers. new proof that success doesn't come cheap. netflix says it now has 104 million subscribers globally and and it's raking in the dough taking in $279 billion in just the last quarter alone, but the video service is facing a big problem still. the company is dishing out more money than it's making over the next three years, netflix will have to shell out $13 billion for programming. and finally, the royal family visiting poland but prince george has pve
10:07 am
okay. so there's a little prince holding on to prince william's hasn't the royal family landed this was yesterday. princess charlotte smiled at the cameras in her mom's arms. prince george need add little encouragement from dad as he walk the tarmac. the royal family on 5-day tour of poland and germany. >> aww. >> he's doing just fine. >> looks like a little -- >> shorts though. >> typical little boy. >> i love when little boys wear the little shorts and knee socks with them. >> we'll blink and they're going to be like prince william and prince harry grown. >> one of the big talkers this morning was they were somewhere and someone was showing the dutchess a new contraption for babies and she turned and said, i guess we'll have to have more babies to use it. >> yeah. >> now some people are saying, you know, everybody is reading into it. >> it could have just been an easy offhanded remark. >> i'm ready for new royal baby. >> charlotte is getting big. >> i want one from harry. >> oh yeah. >> i'm waiting for that to pp
10:08 am
okay. >> all righty. well, let's talk about what is trending. have you guys heard about this story? reps for r and b singer r kelly are denying allegations laid out in an explosive new article on buzz feed. he is accused of brain washing young women and keeping them as prisoners in his home. >> the buzz feed article claims that he isolates the women from their families in a cult like existence. taking their phones and controlling who they see. now police reports from chicago and georgia show anniversary have gone to investigate the claims and found that the women involved didn't want to leave. kelly's attorney says the singer is alarmed and disturb and denies such allegations and will work forcibly to clear his name. in tmz released video of 21-year-old jocelyn savage whose parents claim she was being held hostage as r kelly's sex slave. she claims that she is happy and save that the singer did not hold her hostage. now the woman's family says their daughter is
10:09 am
stock holme syndrome. >> that's so crazy. >> i am in a happy place with my life and i'm not being brain washed -- >> she is 21 years old. >> i guess to some people that mitigates it a bit. r. kelly again so much with him where there's smoke my opinion check it out. >> right. i mean, this is hard. it's hard to even comment because you don't know. >> if they're really being coerced it doesn't matter what their age is something is being brain wash. you know what i'm saying. >> very interesting. >> yeah. >> i guess we'll have to wait and see. >> hoping it plays out okay. okay. next up we now know why the man who was the voice of kermit the frog for nearly 30 years just lost his job. he simply didn't get along with his new bosses apparently. witness meyer that's his name had been with the muppets since 1978. it took over his kermit as untimely death of muppets founder jim henson back in 1990's. henson's daughter and son told the new york times on monday that they suprt
10:10 am
to fire witness meyer. henson's daughter lisa told the times that witness myhre fused to train and understudy for low level performances and played brinkman ship very aggressively in contract negotiations. disney executives released this statement on witness meyer's saying quote we raise concerns about steve's repeated unacceptable business conduct over a period of many years and he consi consistently failed to address the feedback. the decision to part ways was a difficult one which was made in consultation with the henson family and has their full support. the studio said veteran muppets performer matt vogel now taking over as kermit. >> sounds like he -- i mean serve replaceable. >> everybody is replaceable. >> sounds like he didn't realize everybody is replaceable. >> he thought he wasn't. >> he knows now. >> exactly. and finally, this morning, wisconsin couple posted an odd ads op craigslist. looking for someone
10:11 am
photograph their special day and night. the post read... >> i believe they call that porn. >> please don't ever say that sentence on tv. >> no word if they hired anyone. >> why? >> okay. so perhaps since they're both virgins they would like -- that's what we're saying, right. >> right. >> that they would like -- >> at least they had sex with each other. >> i guess they -- we don't really know. >> they saved themselves. >> i would assume if they saved themselves. >> they're both virgins. >> really. >> why would that come into your mind. >> pop in your tape and watch it on your five year anniversary? >> how would you think of this. >> i won. this is like dip dam crazy. >> it doesn't make sense to me. if you're someone who has saved
10:12 am
that is so sacred and holy, then that's not the same mind that's like let's video tape it from a stranger and watch it. you know what i'm saying? put a camera on a tripod. if you just want to capture the moment. why would you want somebody someone in there. >> that would be dangerous thing. >> that's not professional or maybe -- or maybe it's publicity stunt. i mean heaven for bid somebody do a publicity stunt and put something out there and get some free photos or free pub. >> we want free photos of the wedding. >> we report a lot of stupid things. this is right up there. >> or get attention. >> this couple go away. i think it's an attention grabber. let's do something outrageous and see if we can get attention and free photog. >> on your wedding night you want the photography up in there taking pictures of you the first time? who? who? >> if you set it up yourself and all the shots are not the right angle. >> again, when are you going to back and look at this thing?
10:13 am
>> right. exactly. >> when you're having a party. [ laughter ] >> not going to be as cute in pictures as you think it's going to be. >> or is it? >> let's go. >> 10:12. >> maybe they have a future in another industry. >> another industry the. >> good right out of the gate. >> oh, boy. >> job security. >> there's a song out there. okay. 10:13 is the time. new star wars hits theaters around christmastime but for fans christmas came early this past weekend. coming up later, sneak peek at the latest star wars straight from the cast and crew. >> first though, it's made these girls hot. first though rob lowe close encounter supposed tailor swift siting turns out to be fake n news. >> thank you. >> and finally, some good news about justin beiber that doesn't involve him taking his shirt off, wis. >> that's not fair. >> don't we have a picture of him with his shirt off. >> 10:13. good day celebrity dish coming up next. up next.
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
>> it's time for got day celebrity dish. so let's start off talking about this. it's been awhile since we've seen taylor swift. there was a siting or so we thought. because there were reports earlier this week taylor swift was being carried around inside a huge suitcase. [
10:17 am
>> really? >> it turns out those reports were fake news. >> really? >> i know it's hard to believe. splash news posted this pick of some men carrying a huge suitcase outside of an apartment in new york city with a very bizarre caption. taylor swift has been reportedly being transported in huge suitcase from her tribeca apartment into her truck. a fleet of cars including two large cadillacs and three suv's arrived at taylor swift's apartment in tribeca to move large suitcase from apartment to truck. now taylor's camp is saying not so. the singer was not in the suitcase. you think this sounds odd. apparently adele has admitted to doing this before. >> really? >> this is -- are you serious. >> this could be thing. >> i don't know. if i believe that. >> oh, that is crazy. >> why? >> that's about as crazy trying to get photographer to video graph your wedding night. next up, biebs is making had he lines for the right reason today. this is the day we win wisdomúoh
10:18 am
beiber was fighting the good fight on monday he surprised young patients at children's hospital of orange county in california. 23-year-old singer dropped in to say hello and to share well wishes with fans. biebs spent time sharing conversations, smiles and prayers with the patients. >> all right. good for him. good for him. >> aww. >> that's all you'll guessed biebs from wisdom but that was a lot. >> it's a start. >> let's talk about rob lowe now because rob lowe got a head start on shark week. check this out. he found himself paddle boarding off the coast of santa barbara with not one but two great weeks. he showed no fear as the sharks they circled be 19 the waters waiting for him to fall off so they can eat him. >> yup. >> all captured on video and here's what rob lowe had to say about what he's calling a once in lifetime opportunity. >> you just can't believe your eyes. they're so powerful you definitely don't want to fall in.
10:19 am
>> i'm from california i been in the ocean my whole life. i've never seen one until today. >> do you think this is a once in a lifetime experience. >> absolutely once in a lifetime. i'm in the water all the tile, fishing surfing, you hear about them. never seen one. i certainly never been right on top of one on this board. they're way bigger than the board. >> my gosh. >> it was once in lifetime opportunity for him to be lunch. i don't pet that. now, i'm with allison was this a part of his show. why were their cameras over him paddle boarding. >> do you remember holly we talked about the show he had with his son. he's an adventure. when he saw a big foot the last time. >> maybe this is a part of that so lick a controlled -- this is ridiculous. >> i mean couldn't the shark just come up and bump his board. >> that's what it just said. >> don't they do that. >> by the way he has a great body. >> he does. >> the balance and the fact that's his son i would be so freaked out. >> this is probably -- it has to be
10:20 am
trouble you just might fine it. >> how do we know that's really a real shark? i'm just joking. >> i'm pretty sure that's a real shark. >> listen there might be something in that hollywood water. we have two exciting pregnancy announcements today. first up, mindy caligo e news is report actress is expecting her first child. and insider said the pregnancy was quote an unexpected surprise. >> okay. >> there will be no changes to her production schedule. no word i guess on the father either. >> congrats. >> up next -- >> jessica alba. >> the actress posted this photo announcing she and her husband cash are expecting their third child together. she captioned the photo, cash and i are officially going to be outnumbered hash tag baby on board hash tag here we go again. duo has two daughters honor who's nine and haven who's five and a half. >> how cute. >> do you know whose son cash is? >> i forget. >> it's michael warre
10:21 am
street blues. you remember. >> right. >> he was in movie i loved about basketball. he was a cutie pie back in the day. >> yeah. they're a pretty family. >> real pretty. >> jessica and cash. >> the dad. jessica's husband cash is -- >> i got you. >> jessica's father-in-law now. >> michael warren is a little old for jessica. >> it's hollywood. >> exactly. jessica alba that honest company of hers. >> man. >> set. >> good for her. >> good for cash. >> lots of cash coming. his way. >> exactly. cash in the bedroom and in the bank. >> you know. 10:21. coming up, marking ten years with the washington castles this morning are rin is marking the anniversary and the team's homeowner with champion martina hankies hingis get ready for more heat and humidity. tucker is back with how muggy it's going to get. and when can we see relief on the seven day. we'll be right back. 10:21 now. 10:21 now.
10:22 am
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it's ten toll cory. hurry up and enter. good luck. ♪ this morning good day is officially wigging out with tucker barnes. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> what's up tucker? >> it's real. last i look allison. [ laughter ] >> less and less of it every year maybe i need to look into getting one of those. let's do the weather 83 now in washington. we'll be in the low 90s later today. gotten used to that. i'm not sure we'll get used to the humidity around here. heat index 91 degrees. it will be swampy and steck key, hot and humid and after -- some morning sunshine perhaps a few thunderstorms develop this afternoon. like yesterday widely scatter the follow everybody will will see them but those who did will get heavy rain, pulls thunderstorms developing a little later today. all right. let's take a look at future cast together. there's your storms and your clouds kind of bubbling up about
10:26 am
5:00 o'clock and they'll be hit and miss. not everybody will see them. but we'll throw it up there that some of us will get some showers and employee provide relief to the heat but not much rei lening here from the heat and the humidity over the next couple of days. in fact, overnight tonight we'll lose the chances for rain but tomorrow the heat will really be on around here and our heat index up over 100 for the neck several days. so 93 today. believe it or not that's one of our cooler ones in the next seven. as we'll be 95 to 100 degrees around here wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday now and just early heads up. we have not hit 100 degrees this year. best chance so far this year will be friday and/or saturday as we'll be awful close to 100 here. we'll have a lot of sunshine. that's the latest. 93 hot and humid this afternoon with scattered storm, guys. back to you. >> thank you tucker. thank you very much. we have quite a treat coming up. that's because the cast of the hit show
10:27 am
with a sneak peek of the drag ball that's coming to the studio theater. we'll check out the cast of wig out coming up plus only five more months until the new star wars movie hits theaters but over the weekend fans got a glimpse of brand new footage during disney's dee 23 expo. so now this morning we're catching up witness stars of the saga for a look at what makes this chapter so different. right now, it is 10:27. we'll be right back. ♪
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
♪ i need some here to do all that. i like it. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> let me get professional, ya'll. it's time to strike a pose and vogue. good day dc head to do a ball and this is not your average ball. we are going to a drag ball with some help from the cast of wig out. the play kicked off in a three week residency at the studio theater in northwest. which will turn its stage into an underground pageant complete with a catwalk, cr created coatr and a cash bar. the play takes a mesmerizing look into the heart of african-american drag ball culture and this morning we're learning more about this underground culture as well the play from several cast members this morning. thank you all for coming in. let me introduce melissa victor who plays fate. >> that's mean. >> isabel plays if any
10:31 am
>> hey. dana figueroa dede plays faith. >> hey. >> and edwin brown the third is venus. >> hello. >> hello. welcome. welcome to good day. welcome to good day. >> thank you for having us. >> tell me about what is the drag ball culture, please. >> well, it's, um, for me it is about chosen family. it is about people who have been kick out of their homes possible who have been oh pref. people who are marginalized in our society who have been forgotten, um, who are told they should not exist having a place to celebrate and be all that they want to be. it is about giving them place of prominence. place of priority place of reverence. this as an audience member what am i going to learn when i go to the show? >> you're going to have good time, first of all. >> okay. >> you'll have good time. >> that's evident just meeting you all just now. >> you'll have great time
10:32 am
of each character. each character in the show has a different story an different journey and like i was telling them earlier as people of color in this show throughout generations we had overcome things and always had fight in us and each character in this show has fight and you will see them fight and see them live and these characters love on each other. >> it's a love story, too. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> okay. you play venus. tell me about your role. >> i play venus. we all represent the house of light. >> hey. >> see who -- nobody warned me? >> okay. >> we do it one more time. >> sure. we all what. >> the house of light. (snap). >> get it. >> venus is a drag daughter in the house of light who wants to cultivate family who wants to take care of the fates. take care of her boyfriend, and her chosen parents ray ray and lucien. and we all get
10:33 am
rehearse and core graph for this ball this great big product and number and competition to represent our house. >> right. >> and beat the other team the diaboliks. >> this speaks to putting down the hater. >> absolutely. >> let me ask you isabel from your role want you've learned being in the production, what can we all do to put down the haters and to ignore them? >> you know, i feel like we can all -- we can do ourselves. like -- >> do you. >> you do you. you do you. you do you. >> and just ignore all the haters and just do the thing you do the best. >> yes. >> do it -- do it all the time. do the thing you love the most. and just ignore all the haters. >> commit to it. >> commit to it. >> dana who do you want to see this show? >> who do i want to see. >> i want everyone to see it i particularly want to see those who are part of this community to come see it. so, you know, if
10:34 am
trance sisters are out there unneed a comp send me an e-mail, girl. [ laughter ] >> just everybody. everybody. i think that it is -- it is -- when i talk about chosen family the thing to terrell does is so brilliant and kent and adele and the cast have done is that we have really brought the story of family into the play, um, and so all those things of love, daddy not acting rye, momma aging, all of those things are there. it's about aging, it's about classism. it's about what happens when the queen is getting older. what happens when a daughter is becoming herself. what happens when a child finds their voice and decides to use it? >> right. >> and so all those things are wrapped up into this play about gender, sexuality, all of those things. >> you're going to be expressive. >> you got to tell us everything about this show right now. okay. so we still have
10:35 am
weeks i think to august 6 toth catch the production, right. >> yes. >> all right. i guess finally, i know this answer but let me ask you, with almost a love letter i would imagine to the lgbt community. if i'm reading into that right. look i feel included with this conversation but what do you hope resonates with the lgbt community and those who are trying to figure out how do i love my son, my brother, my daughter, that is in this community? how can i bridge that gap? >> if i may, it's that you exist. there's a story that's about you right now in d.c. as studio theater and that's not being produced anywhere else. >> right. >> so that you matter. that your voices are here and that people love you and you have a community to come to and to see represented on stage. >> i love that. >> and love each other. love will literally it will be the thing that allows for to us destroy all of this hate. >> yes. >> all of these things that are happening. it
10:36 am
thing that glues us together. >> um-hmm that gives us the power to be able to manifest what we need as a community. >> right. to not only survive but to 35. >> yeah absolutely. >> let it be the answer. wig out is at the studio theater through -- until august 6th there's all the information and just if i may feel like i'm a part of the community and the cast could we do it one more time. >> of course. >> we are the house of light. (snap). >> back to you. [ laughter ] wow. >> i'm all -- i'm feeling like i'm in the cast. come and see us. >> you're welcome. >> and truth we were going to do it. we were like when they come and yes. [ laughter ] >> we're going to take it, you know. >> welcome to the loft. >> thank you guys. all right. 10:36 is the time right now. balance comes to the force. this christmas with release of star wars the last jedi but over the weekend the
10:37 am
stars --
10:38 am
>> i think that's what we all crave from watching the films we always want more but we want more of those characters that we love. so in a word, more. >> ♪ >> force becoming an intricate part of this next film, we asked john vo aig good to give his interpretation of us. >> force is a virtual energy balance between dark and light. a choice. a decision. a talent. who knows? all discover in the galaxy far far away. >> that was pretty good. >> i got really spiritual, didn't i. >> star wars! >> perhaps the biggest unveiling at the all things disney weekend event came when a huge model of star wars land gave an inside look at a new project set to first open at disney land in 2019. >> it wants to be immerse seive. it wants to be authentic it wants to be a spectacle and so this will end u
10:39 am
biggest land expansion we've done in the history of our pa parks. >> reporter: 14-acre expansion will transport guests to a planet where remote trading port is one of the last stops before wild space. there also be two state of the art rides. >> we're going to open with not one but two signature attractions. one will put you right in the middle of the conflict between the first order and the resistance. and the second one the climb i was pared the millennium falcon and take that ship in a flight flew the galaxy. >> they can row tote people on. the technology is what fascinates me. >> i just hope there's a really good roller coaster ride that mirrors fin and ray's millennial falcon chase that. would be cool. >> in hollywood, michelle po polino, fox news. >> last jedi hits theaters in december. >> the washington kastles home opener is oh night. this year mark the tenth anniversary. erin como hitting the court with one of tennis leagu
10:40 am
she's going to join us live next. it is 10:38. 10:38. ♪♪ happiness is powerful flea and tick protection from nexgard. a delicious chew that protects for an entire month.
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ine for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of you contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to >> we sent erin out to learn from a woman who holds
10:43 am
doubles title. double grand slam in 1998 and six grand slam mix doubles titles. if you're keeping track. for combined total of 23 major titles. oh, and there's that little olympic medal, too. erin joins us now live from the castles home court with all the details who we can could be talking about. we gave it away earlier a woman who definitely introduce her again she is a star. good morning, erin. >> that's right. maureen the one and only martina hingis i'm out here at the washington kastles home base and it is such an honor to be here chatting with you. congratulations and wimbledon. >> thank you great tournament. >> so jamie murray he was new partner for and i love this story. we have to talk about how you ended up working with him for wimbledon. >> i sent him a text in the evening kind of late already and he, um, had me wait until next morning to say yes. i was like, okay. here we go. first part
10:44 am
thrill we didn't know each other that well. i mean first time we hit together was just before the match. half hour warmup and then let's go out and there tried to our job. >> and make some history and win. what was the best part of wimbledon for you? what was the highlight? >> obviously the last couple of matches that we played on sent court it's always such a joy to go out there and, um, you know, play in front of the at the end of the day and bring good tennis to the people and it was kind of -- they were split because two british players in the finals. i was saying i hope it will be mine who will win. >> for sure. you're not the only washington castle member who's had great run the wimbledon. sam cleary as well you can catch him here if you want to come out and see the kastles, right. >> what a tournament for sam query. last year a couple years ago he beat nadal famously so that's where he earn his name and actually played against him in te u.s. open finals in the
10:45 am
yeah, as an opponent i prefer him sitting on my bench here and supporting him for the kastles. >> and this is a ten-year anniversary for the kastles. what do you enjoy about being part of the d.c. community and playing for the kastles. >> it's amazing. i mean we always get so much support from the town and from the community, and fifth year, um, so it's really nice to be back and play with my partners and mark does such a good job to get the team together, let the players together and we always try to perform at our best. >> you certainly bring it and folks want to get tickets they can go online to the kastles and score tonight or tomorrow. you're playing through thursday, right? >> definitely, yeah. come and support us. [ laughter ] >> i'm so happy to be here. i love to work out. i consider myself relatively athletic. tennis is not something i ever played before and you were giving a quick crash course. i pick up the racket left handed and you were teaching me always go up and circle and some of the basics. >> w
10:46 am
important thing to get the balance. hand eye coordination and i know as amateur the first time is not easy but did you pretty good job much. >> let's try it again, right? >> that is the biggest compliment coming from you. you've been playing since you were two said this is second nature to you and you just fell in love with tennis right from the start. >> yeah, my mother was pro herself i was born on the tennis court. i never new anything else. yeah, i didn't really enjoy going to school. so tennis was definitely my better option. in you're just incredible athlete. we're so honored to have you on good day d.c. today and definitely come out and see kastles. i take tennis lesson she said ten lessons before i'd be ready to take on match, roo it. >> probably. [ laughter ] >> maybe a little bit more. but it's great exercise an lot of fun. come out and see the kastles support martina and the team. >> okay. i'm going to say a little bit more than tennis lessons for full on match i'm just guessing but the fun part i'm with. hair you're witness pros. listen, take what you can get. i'm loving all of it.
10:47 am
>> i was a little nervous. she's giving me good lessons. >> i know. i know. thank martina for us too. it's great to see her looking so wonderful out there. >> let me give a plug for world team tennis much it's super fun. >> have you gone. >> i have not. >> you said that before. >> i have gone multiple times. i absolutely love it it's totally different than wimb wimbledon. it's rock and role tennis. it's super fun atmosphere. murphy jenson the coach is one of my my favorite people on the planet cease so energetic he's really into it. it's super fun. yeah. >> got to check it out. >> don't miss it. and the season is like three weeks long. it's super short. >> that i can handle. >> go to game like this week. >> okay. 10:47 is our time right now. forget iron chefs this morning we're cooking with cast iron in honor of the upcoming rei skillet battle. coming up next we're learning about the outdoor kitchen competition and getting a sneak peek at what to expect if you want to take part or if you just want to check it out in person. we'll be right back. ♪
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10:51 am
♪ all right. are you king or queen of the kitchen? do you have what it taking to head to head in cast iron skillet cooking competition? only using 15 ingredients and you have to do it in only 60 minutes. well that's what happening this weekend at rei skillet battle 2070 an afternoon of how the door fun and skillet mania. event will take place at wonder garden in northeast this morning we're in the good day cafe with matt little who is rei outdoor pro program mark manager and rebecca hassle who is sugar shack executive chef. i'll start with the chef. because you're actually going to show us you got to get started. >> exactly. >> so the most important thing when you cook with a cast iron skillet make sure that you've got it
10:52 am
>> okay. >> if you start with cold cast iron it will stick really badly. >> what about the whole seasoning of the cast iron skillet. >> that's also very important. a lot of good quality cast iron skillets like the ones we're working right now come preseason. >> perfect. >> you don't even have to worry about that any more. get it nice and hot, and we're making shack shuka middle even dish, comfort food. kind of food you eat any time. it's got spicy tomato sauce with eggs bake in it and here in america we tend to think of that as being a breakfast food. >> okay. >> but over in israel, or tunisia, places like that you'd eat it any time. lunch, dinner. >> i'm a big believer of breakfast for dinner. it works for me. matt i want to been you in here let's talk about the event that's happening. >> yeah it's going to be super fun. so we've gotten amateur chefs and five professional chefs from around the dc region and they're
10:53 am
head battle on who can cook the best one skillet dish. for us this is a celebration of what we love, you know, we live in great rei i don't know for playing outside. >> right. >> one of the best things about being outside whether you're hiking or camping is the food. so the rules are pretty simple. they get one skillet, zone ingredients, they've got to set amount of time to cook it's going to a panel of celebrity judges from around the dc region one amateur and one pro will be crown the winner. >> are the entries already set. no more amateurs can join. >> that's right. it's pull. there's a wait list. >> i'm sure. as it become more and more popular each and every year people want to get in. >> yes. >> my other question is, what's the heat source? >> the heat source is every competitor gets a camping stove basically rei provides a camping stove an skillet. they have to provide all the rest. >> so they get -- they pick their own 15 ingredients. >> correct. >> oh, okay. so like you definitely can go the sh. ka route and see what's it's not the fame 15
10:54 am
surprise they can do research. >> yup. from your own outdoor expe experience, what cooks well in the cast iron skillet? just about anything you can do at home you can do to cast iron skillet. pizza, brownies, you could do breakfast, you could do dinner. >> really? >> if i was a judge i'd probably choose shack shuka. >> are you guys -- can you take less seasons at rei? >> absolutely. so this event itself is actually a series of 40 events that we're throwing over the whole next week called all out blue ridge. there are classes, trips are events all celebrating hike and camping we have glasses on gourmet camp cooking, map and gas reading. geary pair. rei stores as well in d.c. and places like the winter garden which is a beer garden. >> basically what you're saying if you're not taking advantage of the outdoors in our region you're crazy? >> we live in one of the best places in the country for playing outside. >> right. all right. let's check in with our shack shuka how is it going here. >> it's going great. what we've got right now are
10:55 am
bit of garlic and we're getting it nice and cooked down. and then the next thing we're going to do you see i'm clearing a little space in the middle for some spices. so everybody makes shuka a little different. i like to put a little smoke paprika in it it makes it spicy and make the flavor complex. and then we use a curry blend. >> ooh. >> the curry blend varies. mine is little secret ingredient that's part of what makes chef sh. ka so special. >> secrets reveal it was just revealed. >> exactly. >> on good day dc. >> i'm adding a little extra oil because that's one of those little points. if you work with dry spices, you've got to bloom the spices and brings out extra flavor. you can see smell it probably pretty strongly. >> okay. we've only got less than minute left for the cooking segment. i want to you make sure you get done what you need. >> thank you. >> what do you have to be careful w cooking with a cast in skillet. >> really just burning it. it h
10:56 am
you would think. so once all that's done, you're going to add tomatoes i'm using diced tow 98 toes that have been drained so it's not overly ju juicy. and i'm mixing it in really n nicely. >> for the people who come out to the event this weekend what are they going to get out of other than watching the chefs at work. >> they'll have a lot of fun. fun and games for the audience as well. chances to win prizes and compete with each other if they can't compete cooking going to be some really fun games for them to participate n there's cold beer. there's food samples. >> you had me at cold beer. great. awesome. right? [ laughter ] >> listen you saw the information there. it's going ton this weekend but then they've got 40 events going over the next week or so for to you learn and explore the great outdoors in our area. nobody knows how to do than better than re. >> are we done. >> i'll put it in the oven and going to do the big reveal. >> big reveal might have to happen at the end actually this weekend. >> put it in the oven. >> she'll be there. she'll be competing or through the magic of television. there it is. >> p
10:57 am
>> thanks holdly. >> love shack shuka1 of my favorite dishes. >> all righty. >> plenty of hot. thunderstorm this afternoon. >> see ya. strawberries for amy... what's a jicama? thanks! take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier.
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take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. >> live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin? we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. >> now here's wendy! ♪ we gonna party like it's your birthday, drink bacardi like it's your birthday ♪ ♪ i know what you need ♪ ♪ i'm not having sex i'm making love ♪ ♪ you can find me in the club ♪ ♪ i got what you need ♪


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