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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  July 28, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> first at 10:00, heavy rain, flash flood warnings and watches we have the wet forecast coming up. >> plus, rinse pre bus replaced and president donald trump says he's ousting his chief of staff and what we are learning on the latest white house shakeup. >> and a police officer in trouble all because of his shirt. how his choice
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him looking to be fired. >> first tonight we begin with a weather alert and we thank you for joining us i'm tony perkins. >> i'm sarah simmons in for shawn. we're dealing with flooding concerns throughout the area. we have team coverage tonight on the wet weather. kristin leon is on the roads with the flooding and first let's head to gwen with the latest on when we can expect to dry out. hey, gwen. >> hi, there sarah, tony, this heavy rain has been coming down all day long and it's dangerous with the flooding situation. it has created and let's look at radar and see what's going on right now. we have more rain coming through. now earlier, we had a little break in the d.c. corridor along the i 95 line and along the beltway. that quickly filled in over the course of the last hour or so. we have really gotten back now to a real soaking rain situation. and the entire area as you can see shaded in green that is under a flash flood watch and as we come in a little closer
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moving this way to the east and heading right across southern maryland right now. not without that along the north either, washington seeing all of that and rockville and two parts of maryland, virginia, pan handled and all getting hit and had a lot of warnings and watches earlier today and we're still under the gun. to the west there's more to come. take a look at i 81 corridor and heavy rainfall you see there that will continue in the overnight hours to move its way to the east. and so currently we do have a flood aerial warning and that mean the entire area for the district, fairfax, prince george's that in effect right through until midnight. and also baltimore, hartford counseledyes seeing also baltimore city until 10:30 p.m. a warning as well. here's the totals we have had so far. you can see the rain continues to hit our area and it is continuing to be dangerous. as we say, turn around, don't drown. i'll have more details later, tony. well the drenching we've had all day caused numerous problems
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area fire departments carried out several water rescues, one of them caught on camera of a driver getting rescued from his vehicle stuck in stangd water, kristin leon has been tracking today's storm and joins us live from olds town alexandria, tell us what it looks like out there now. good evening, tony, boy, what a difference a couple of hours makes. it was windy just now and it's just died down not long ago and also the reigns coming down. even though it's raining or drizzling a little bit. this is what it is looking like in old toub. there's people out and about. sandbags also lined up against some of the businesses and again what you're seeing here right now is nothing compared to what happened earlier today in montgomery county. check out this video again of that dramatic water rescue where emergency management crews pulled out a driver, pulled out a man from inside his vehicle and after driving into standing water. our matt ackland was there a
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see how scary these types of situations can be in this c case. and now for this very reason i heard gwen mention the phrase turn around, don't drown. crews stretch that phrase. again because when it reigns it could be very dangerous out there. we spoke with emergency management crews out there as well about what they do to prepare for these types of situations especially when it's flooding outside. and here's what they have to say. >> the water rescue recourse sources have a protocol they follow. it's different from this water than in the creek and verse if it was very fast moving water. so for this one they were age to feel their way out and get to the person and bring them off the water. >> so again i wanted to sem size dramatic rescue because you never know what will happen anyone this case when there is flash flooding and
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standing water depending how deep or shallow it s so, we will be monitoring the weather conditions out here along fairfax county and just the dmv area in general tonight. and so again, stay with us for the latest updates on that. and again, can't emphasize this nephew guys. turn around, don't drown. stay safe out there if you will be driving. for now reporting live in old town alexandria this morning, kristin leon, "fox5 local news". what a wild week it's been in washington ending with a west wing shakeup announced late this afternoon. general john kelly will be the new chief of staff. >> jim lokay joins us, jim. >> tony, sarah, just a day after the bomb shelf interview which anthony sarmoci and it turns out he stepped down last night. >> i resigned and he accepted it. >>
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is in. he's appointing secretary kelly to be the new chief of staff taking over from reince priebus. >> john kelly will do a fantastic job. >> the announcement was on twitter just before 5:00. >> hit ago he reset button is a good thing and the president did that. and soy think he's happy. i got to tell you i think it's always a little mixed when things like this happen. i generally feel pretty good. >> the news comes after a particularly rough week for the white house. new communications director who clashed with priebus criticized him on twitter and on the press and norz to a repeal at fordable care act. >> very clear the president wants to make a change with healthcare bill going on you late the ort night and the president was resolved in the fact he wanted to change direction of the administration inside the white house. >> the situation is in the white house we've
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last week was unsustainable. runing a government is not runing a business and that has been very clear. at 189 days in white house priebus was shorting serving chief of staff in history. we'll talk about this on the final five on "fox5". sarah. >> d.c. police officer is off the streets tonight after citizens say they snapped photos of him wearing a shirt with with racist loing owe owe while on dutiesy. a petition called for the officer's firing, evan what's the latest. >> the petition is right behind me right now. as you can see it has more than 1600 signatures calling for that officer's firing. because of the converseial tee shirt. here's a better look at it what activists say they have an issue with is what is replacing the letter o in the world power shift. right there at the top of the shirt. the people behind the petition a group called stop police terror roth ekt d.c. say the symbol is sun cross or
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cross synonymous with white supremacy and grim reaper carrying a gun alongside the d.c. police logo. the group says it makes lights of the power police have to take someone's life. according to the petition the officer wearing the khirt is vincent altiere he was spotted wearing it on duty and even while in d.c. superior court a cording to mpd policy officers should not be wearing casual wear during court apeenss i talked with organizers of the petition pointing out the officer's controversial out tut and he says the shirt is unacceptable. >> you're a police officer in this climate and in washington d.c. you should know this type of imagery and behavior is not only totally unnecessary but will make the citizen and populous feel very unsafe arounds you. >> police chief peter newsham called it disgraceful in a tweet earlier today and in a statement d.c. police called allegations against the officer disturbing saying
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message in the shirt does not represent the departments's values and d.c. police have no comment on the officer's behalf except to say he is cooperating with the investigation, tony. evan, thank you very much. now to charles county where parents met with school leaders tonight to discuss the disturbing case surrounding carlos bell. he is the former school aid from waldorf maryland accused of sexually assaulting ten boys and creating child p pornography on school grounds and one video appears to have bell having sex with a child inside the bathroom at benjamin stoddard middle school. they left with aping are and disbelieve saying school officials did not address their concerns. >> they're not appsing anything. they're accounting like they don't have the answers. so why deposit you bring somebody here that could apps the questions and concerns of the family. >> they should have at least acknowledged that they dropped the bomb. plain and simple. and they need to come
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ways to make parents and students feel safe. >> they didn't even want to listen to kids who actually were a part of the members' class and they had it all set up like we were elementary school children. and we're really not happy with the i'll say the principal at this point. >> bell at mits he is hiv positive and no indications any victims contracted hiv. >> crystal clear video showing a bold crook ambushing not one but two women at drive through atm in fair faxt it happened on tuesday. >> investigators hope the public will recognize attacker and call police. and "fox5" tisha lewis has the story from fairfax. >> surveillance cameras were up and running tuesday morning when this man tried to steal money from a woman at this wells fargo drive through atm in fairfax. you can see the suspect creep up to the car and stand by as the woman goes through the
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prompt before interfering with the transaction and he continued as she attempts to stop him not what police advice but the struggle lasted at least a few minutes. >> and i don't know what i would do in that situation. >> would you fight back. >> yes, of course. you have to. at that points it's survival. >> police say the same suspect targeted another woman using this same wells fargo drive through atm also on tuesday morning. he changed mo this time and watch closely as he sneaks into the passenger seat. the woman in the video has no idea what's going down until now. that's when a full fledged brawl breaks out between victim and suspect before he ultimately takes off run are. >> we're seeking public assistance to help us identify the suspect to get him owe off the treats and we're also advising people that if they could, please know their surroundings and lock their vehicle when at atm machine. >> even police were impressed by the video clarity and say if you know the suspect, you'll likely r
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>> tisha lewis, "fox5 local news". >> still ahead, taking on ms 13. >> the president's new promise to rid the can'ty of the violent gangs next. >> and tonight, russia is hitting back at the u.s.. how the country is retaliating following new sanctions from the u.s. senate. >>
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>> a man is in cust i can and charged with a davidly stabbing at a german supermarket in hamburg this afternoon. the suspect also stabbed six other people before officers arrested him and investigators say the man was born in the united arab emirates and they are still trying to figure our out his nationality. >> president trump traveled to long island today to announce his plan for a crackdown on illegal immigration and notorious ms 13 gang he delivered the speech from sufficient of course koubilitysy where there was a string of gruesome murders. he said he would crackdown an sanctuary cities and destroy ms-13.
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members affiliated with the gang. along with os language less ice considers northern vir vr a hub for ms-13. >> failure to enforce immigration laws had predictable results. drugs gangs and violence. and that's all changing now. we'll defound our country and protect our communities and put the safety of the american people first. >> president trump also mentioned that here in d.c. at least 42 illegal minor have recently been implicated in ms 13 related violence. 19 were charged in murdzers or attempted murdzers. >> all right this just in the white house is saying that president truthp will sign off on a package of sank sanctions against russia passed by congress after moscow response today ordering united states to reduce its
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russia is also moving to shut down u.s. remember recreation restreet. >> we're measured in reaction in patience but at some point we have to respond. >> the congressional sanctions where punishment for russia interference in the 2016 presidential election and plus moscow military action news ukraine and syria. >> a utah man is charged with killing his wife aboard an alsaskan cruise ship. only to we're learning details surrounding her death it started as a domestic dispute between keith ebb and his wife christie. the 39-year-old woman was found dead tuesday nights on the emerald princess cr cruiseship. when the fbi asked what happened he said "she would not stop laughing at me" he was seen trying to drag christie's body to a balcony. >> christie was a beautiful soul. she just would lightp a room whenever she would walk into
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at ease. >> a preliminary hearing in the case is scheduled for next month. and the fbi is leading the investigation because thek killing happened at sea. >> charlie guard the terminally ill pain didn't at the sent he of highly publicized legal battle in england died. he pass away one week before his first birthday they raised more than a million to have him transferred to u.s. for experimental treatment. his parents dropped the effort altogether once his condition had been irreversible. little charlie suffered from extremely rare genetic condition that causes permanent brain damage. >> still ahead it's fire house friday we'll show you how first responders prepare to go out and save lives. >> and ahead at 10:30 you heard the expression mind over matter can it hold true with your health. how negative thoughts can cut your life expectancy. >> cur
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you. they can do more harm than good
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1234r-6 yes indeed it's fire house friday we're visiting a simulator lab. >> how first respond get ready for life saving situation. >> for this edition of fire house friday we're at simulator lab in alexandria where par medies and firefighters prepare for life saving calls. join me to talk about this location and we have firefighter and paramedic fox and wilson. thank you for having us out today. >> tell me a little about where we are and what you're doing here. >> in alexandria as a means of training new providers we utilize simulation lab to
10:23 pm
real life situations without having direct impact on live human being. >> so the -- it can be a means of representing that life human being. >> what type of calls do you think is most important to practice. >> i think it's very important to practice all types of calls. because you will have situations that can seem like they're a basic life saving situation but can quickly escalate and into something more advanced and if you don't practice that repeatedly then you'll run into being complacent and that's not good for any firefighter, paramedic or citizen of alexandria. >> you have to be prepared for anything. what are we doing in the simulator lab today. >> we'll be running through a regular scenario we would put any of the new paramedics through. it will involve them having to make contact with the patient, sim man does speak. it's my voice but it does speak. there's really real life physiological thin
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to the man can they can treat appropriately like they would a real person. >> this is posh so paramedics and firefighters feel confident in their ability to go to any call and take ownership of the situation. >> i would agree. myself being a new paramedic this is the place i like to call home and i like to get in here as often as i can. >> thank you so much for having us out today. we appreciate it and nice behind the scenes look at firefighters and paramedics working hard in alexandria. >> it's juror jam isn't it. >> it sure is. >> i love it. >> coming up next is. >> jim. >> jim at 10:30, hey, jim. >> hi there, guys, it's a story only on "fox5". a man attacked out of nor. the assault that let that man in the hospital. >> and call it zen on the go. rolling into the future of meditation. take a deep breath in and go to gwen you. >>
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>> thank you for sticking around until 10:30. >> another major shakeup in the trump administration home lands secretary secretary moving into chief of staff of the white house. >> priebus was on a short leash. the two help often clashed and
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tweeted i'm pleased to inform you i have named general secretary john f. kelly. >> and meantime several water rescues took place around the dmv. one caught on camera a driver getting rescued from his car stuck in standing water. kristin is joining us, kristin. >> good evening, sarah, jim, the rain has been on and off in old town. nothing like it was in montgomery county. check out the vedo of drawm attic rescue. emergency management crews pulled out a man from inside his vehicle after he drove into standing water on beach street for this reason emergency management crews really stressed that phrase turn around, don't drown especially in flood like situations.
10:30 pm
scary situations like this one. we'll keep a close eye on things on our ends and let you know if anything changes in terms of weather. >> d.c. police officer under investigation for wearing a controversial tee shirt. >> more than 1,000 people signed a petition calling for that officer to be fired, too. here is evan lambert with the story. >> d.c. police have taken an officer off the streets after citizens snapped photos wearing a couldn't vesial tee shirt while on duty it has offensive symbol at the top in the word power shift the symbol in place of o as white supremists insignia. there are nearly,000 signatures calling for the officer to be fired and d.c. police are investigating. and we continue to watch that rain. it's been on and off throughout the night. i know drive around earlier this evening a lot of standing water for sure. >> a lot of it still continues to come down in some spots. let's check in with gwen gwen and get the latest. >> while things continue to fill in we have another round
10:31 pm
heading right across our area. and we're really going to have to are be careful. it is late at night and you cannot determine just the depth of water as we've seen in many areas. let's get to radar and show you what is happening now. a little break earlier. that has definitely now ended. take a look the entire area is still under a flash flood watch. heavy rainfall moving through and i 95 corridor and beltway and parts of montgomery country and loudoun and fauquier all getting hit once again and that's because we have another huge batch. take a look at here to the west. this say lot of heavy rainfall leaving its way through and east right now at 25 miles an hour promed another flash flood warning that encompasses winchester, barkley, clark, jefferson, what i want to say about this area is they already seevd up
10:32 pm
inches of rainfall. imagine this coming on top of it all. dangerous situations. this is in effect until 2:15 in the morning. if you take a look here we have aerial flood warning for district of columbia a fairfax and prince george this is in effect until midnight. baltimore also until 10:30 well that is supposed to be at this hour. actually it has not ended as yet where they have a warning as well. they had thunderstorms with lots of heavy rainfall. here you go folks. few tips for you. what you just might not realize with the water and heavy rainfall and flooding it only takes 6" of fast moving flood watt to carrie-ann adult and two feet to carry most vokz we've seen. some have already got anyone dangerous situations back to you.
10:33 pm
one cause convicted of second degree assault in may and it happened during a police chaseness hyattsville and it was all caught on the dashcam video. this officer does not have a criminal history and so his guidelines i guess in this case women his guidelines in this case were pro fwition six months. the state felt he deserved some type of incarceration. >> hernandez has been facing ten years if prison. >> now to a "fox5" exclusive a man brutally attacked while walking down the street in northwest d.c. >> still in the hospital and friends and co-workers are coming together to help him as he recovers. lauren demarco with a story you only see on "fox5". >> what
10:34 pm
father for that matter were walking down the street and somebody came up to your paent and hit them in the back of the head. how wow feel. >> david perusa apaled at how his friend was atkd and left foredead along 16 street northwest. >> he woke up in the ambulance and got eight staples right away for back of head. >> joey doesn't know who attacked him but apparently a passerby saw him lying there and called 911. he was in the hospital for three days and treated for the head wound and given a neck brace. when the pain became intolerable a few days later he was readmitted. it turns out two bones in his neck were broken. >> could have killed him. they could have been paralyzed they deposit pick up the fracture in the next of fist time. >> joey was attacked walking home from a friend's 16 near r across from the well known masonic temple. >> scary in this area
10:35 pm
street. there's people around. i think muggings may have gob up this year. >> in my opinion me i would not walk at all in the dark you know at night. >> david says joey may have been missing a small amount of dash, $40. but police are working to determine a motive. department's lgbtq liaison has been made aware of the case. for the past 15 years joey has been a bartender at jrs a popular gay bar several weeks away. >> he's bay, ly all tip employee he needs to pay represent, car payments and everything else. >> not to mention medical bills. >> david is joey's manager who started go fund me page that raised $6,000 and doing what he can to help. >> i've been bar tending shifts to not lose out on that money. >> he's in a lot of pain. he's miss rabl right now. it's sad. he's normally a few, happy g guy. >> lauren demarco, "fox5 local ws
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back on a popular trail looking for clues after a woman was stabbed in the neck. the victim was out walking yesterday on a path with a man she didn't know stabbed her she was able to break free and got help and neighbors we talked with say this is not the first time a woman has been assaulted out there. >> don't know whether it's the same person or not for sure but it sound like same mo and descriptions is somewhat similar. >> mow many times do you say this happened before? >> there's at least three incidents i can think of including this one. >> that victim is recovering in the hospital. she is familiar face in prince george county angela alsobrook served as state attorney since 2010 today she announced she plans to run for county executive. she has been a prosecutor in the country for past 20 years and is hoping to succeed baker whoa cannot
10:37 pm
because of term limits he plans to run for governor and brooks will officially kickoff monday in camp things mar maryland. >> for many that go into cardiac arrest results ad adeadly. >> for one man an app on his smart phone saved his life. what it is coming up. >> take a look at this. storms today have been moving along long the coast of maryland as well and wind and rain spawned this. we have visito of water spout forming in chesapeake pay short by bay reader near governor run. no healthcare deal in washington? no dig deal for wall street. dow closing another all time high on friday. its third straight record slugging off the senate inability toes enclose the deal on healthcare reform. and markets seem to be more interested in this. the economy growing 2.6% over the past three months doubling the pace from
10:38 pm
quarter and turns out shopers are spending more. meantime drivers are spending more at the pump now. gas prices rising again this week and a gallon costs just under 2.30 that's around 15 cents hire than last year. from a white picket fence to a whole lot of green a cording to real estate tracking firm axe price gained ob home sale was 51,000 second quarter that's highest level in ten years. that's business, i'm jerry will is.
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>> surviveing a heart attack by pulse point app. pulse point alerted nearest cpr certified responder she was two problems awe and able to assist him until paramedics showed you. the two reunited today for the first time since that incidents. >> as we all know if you go to cardiac arrest the chances are you're not going to make it and now, with the pulse system it can get somebody there faster. >> i'm 67 years old. i wabderd whether i would remove my certification. now i know i am. still needed no matter how old or young you are. >> this was first known
10:43 pm
point save in maryland. howard county has been using it since 2015. >> mind over patter you know we often here that attitude can make all the difference in a person's health. new study is backing up that study researchers say if you think you're less active of others around you you run risk of dying at a younger age. scientists followed 60,000 adults over a 21-year-old period. and found people that thought they were less physically active or less physically fits were 70% more likely to die earlier than people they assumed were more active even if their activiti levels were the same. >> keeping a journal my help heal your broken heart. cardiovascular changes researchers at the university of arizona wanted to see if journal writing could help. people who wrote by breakups in narrative form had better heart health. make sure you don't put that in the wrong place taken ends
10:44 pm
>> it's a way to vent. it gets the stress out. >> far bet to write in a journal adds opposed to posts be something on facebook and then the next morning realizing what you did. >> right. >> which happens too much. >> exactly. >> still ahead need a place to meditate perhaps. one teacher came up with an idea on wheels. >> ow one woman is bringing tranquility straight to the people that need it most. >> as we head to break a new video going viral. a miami beach firefighter saveing a drowning dog. the whole thing on camera h here. he tripped off gear and jumped into the water ep and pulled the puppy out. he was eventually utah nighted with his owner. poor jr..
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>> a certified mobile stud dwro wants people to get ten minute of calm before going back to chaos of work. guided meditation sessions are $10 for 10 minute and feedback has been pretty positive. >> it's a total reset. it's a total reset. any sort of high level stress it would bring it right down and remind you to breathe and remind to you come inside and remind you to just feel your feet and drop in. it's perfect. >> of course the studio is on wheels and owner susan w westbrook can bring peace of mind to any city she wants.
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>> you need to meditate after today. >> put a sleeping bag. >> you want to meditate. >> come park at my house i'll need it for sure. >> it's been really stre stressful. it's been weather we're anxious to warn people about because of dangers out. there it's definitely dangerous. it's still coming done folks and we'll not get a break until at least tomorrow might. let look live outside. we had a bit of break earlier and that rain filled back in again and we are starting to see a little bit of more of it really coming down quite hard. and in many of our neighborhoods and that's starty right through until tomorrow night. so, prepare yourselves accordingly and try to be safe out there. if you don't have to go out don't go out. take a look at this entire area. you see this light green color here that means that this area is all under a flood watch and that's in effect until tomorrow. but the bright reds and oranges you see here on
10:50 pm
that is the heaviest rainfall of what we're getting and now, we had a bit of break earlier along the i 59 corridor through the beltway that did not last that long because we started to fill back in again because we had another batch in west and that's coming through now. as you can see it's lifting it's way to northeast. but still plenty of it is intact. if you look across the west this is where it was situated winchester along i 81 moving tweeingt 25 miles an hour. i have not seen an light eping in any of this. that has not been the case across areas of lower southern maryland and delmarva where there's about a lot of lightning there. this has prompted a warping to we do have a flash flood warping until 2:15 a.m. for winchester, berkley park, frederick and jefferson and i want to say they've already received up to" or more of rainfall this is coming on top of that three inch this he have gotten. this mean the
10:51 pm
heeren compassed is midnight tin ud klooing is is it strict and fairfax and prince george and baltimore now still has aerial warning in effect until 4:15. they had pretty strong storms rlier. so far here's a lack at to totals. ranging from just over 2" to up to 5" of rainfall. i do expect to see numbers like this in even greater once we get to tomorrow by the type we get to tomorrow night roll around with rain continuing and as i said lots of this rainfall in our neighborhood is heavy. let's look at future cast. timing it out tomorrow. here we go. as we go into tonight and early mornin hours of saturday still having rainfall. this is heavy moving south and another batch coming in from west and here we are saturday 8:00 in the morning we see next round coming through and 2:00 in the afternoon it starts to move a little more south then by 6:00 start to move its way out. so expect to see that if you make any plans for your saturday. surprised on the other hand will be much nicer. we'll at least see a bit of sunshine and
10:52 pm
eyes to the skies and umbrella definitely needs to be kept handy. what we talk about as we wrap it up. heavy rain continuing overnight tonight and flash flooding remaining a big concern for us and showers lingering through saturday and much improved by the time we get to sunday. here's a look at "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast. dry skies on sunday looking great and then as we get into the week plenty of sunshine. take a look at this heating it up back to the 90s all over again and get ready for warm weather and also sunshine. back to you. >> thanks, gwen. sounds nice. first surprise of burgandy and gold josh norman walked up to lockdown cover corner with passionate personality. nfe east top receiver and penalty and 25 thousand in fines. this year he gets to test his metal tyrell prior will use to make himself
10:53 pm
for what's to come. of course you got wide rereceiveers in different positions and tall, short, medium, and whatever the case may be you have to prepare for that and we is that on our roster and you can be tall as prior or short as crowder. got to face them. got to see them. so it has to make you better aen we'll get out here one-on-one and team drills an try to get hands on these guys because they fast and quick and that goes into play with who we face on opponents. >> those opponent giants odell beckham jr. with whom norman has sorted history last season getting various on field spats rivalry that dates back to norman's days in carolina and today someone asked about obj feud. >> this beckham stuff you think it's all in the past. >> it's been in the past until you brought it up. >> okay so it won't
10:54 pm
up again. >> i don't know you're the only one that asked that question. i don't know what's in the pastor future until someone bring the question up. >> i love the head ashake at the end. there orioles in arlington texas. why does it seem when there's an away game someone is wearing that shirt. already knit abipd. no more mazara drive one to the gap off the snapple sign orioles pitching not made from best stuff on earth. o's woes continued just getting thrilled. elvis sanders up and out and eight earned runs and orioles trailing 8-1 while nat where washed out because of rain delay they made moves tradeing for howie kendrick. .340 limited role and 144 at bats something like that he can back up second pace and outfield with all the injuries they had something they need. >> you can plugn
10:55 pm
>> and veteran that's been there a lot of playoff runs in angels days brings veteran leadership. he's plague great he needs to stay on the field which is typical. >> thank you proceedy. >> "fox 5 news" at 11 a few short moments away tony. >> thank you very much, coming up tonight at 11 calls for d.c. police officer to be fired it's all because of his shirt. more on the petition and what the police chief is saying. >> also tonight, pot mailment our first look at undercover investigation that caught postal workers turn ago post office to marijuana distribution center. and middle school teachers say they're having a tough time teaching kids all because of nba star kyree irving. those stories tonight and more tonight at 11.
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>> a new study ranked states from profiting from lottery california, florida and how much people spend on hotry tickets on average people shell out more than $200 every year. no word if they play numbers or scratchoffs or combination nonetheless probably few big wins. that's the news at 10:30 see you at 11:30 for the final five and fox news at 11 starts now. >> this is "fox5 local news at 11". >> right now at 11:00 a soaking start to the weekend. heavy reigns lead to flooding and water rescues today.
11:00 pm
tomorrow. >> and a local police officer in trouble all because of his shirt. how his choice of kloming has some pushing for him to be fired. >> and marijuana in the mail. tonight we're getting up choice look at how poetical workers dealt a half top of pot using d.c. post office. your news starts now. >> and we begin with a weather alert. heavy reigns and flash nodding made it tough on roads across the region. thanks for joining us i'm tony perkins. >> i'm sarah simmons in for shawn yancy and storms continue to march through the area tonight. take a look at this now. storms led to a water spout form in the chesapeake bay today and video was shot near governor run by bay reader. we have team coverage on the wet weather. kristin leon is out on the roads with latest on noting and first let's goat gwen for latest on what we can expect to dry out, gwen. >> don't expect to see that tony until late saturday nig


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