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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  July 28, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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tomorrow. >> and a local police officer in trouble all because of his shirt. how his choice of kloming has some pushing for him to be fired. >> and marijuana in the mail. tonight we're getting up choice look at how poetical workers dealt a half top of pot using d.c. post office. your news starts now. >> and we begin with a weather alert. heavy reigns and flash nodding made it tough on roads across the region. thanks for joining us i'm tony perkins. >> i'm sarah simmons in for shawn yancy and storms continue to march through the area tonight. take a look at this now. storms led to a water spout form in the chesapeake bay today and video was shot near governor run by bay reader. we have team coverage on the wet weather. kristin leon is out on the roads with latest on noting and first let's goat gwen for latest on what we can expect to dry out, gwen. >> don't expect to see that tony until late saturday nig
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night. we may see a few breaks in early evening hours of saturday and that rain will be sticking around. sunday will be best day we're looking at dry day at least by the time this weekend ends. in the meantime we're talking mentally of warnings and watches across the area and lots of heavy rainfall that continues to come down. take a look at radar and you can see exactly what i'm talking about the lighter green area showing where we are still under a flash flood watch and that's just about everywhere. and stormtracker radar showing you the heaviest rainfall in the colors of the bright orange and red and yellow here are coming through and this is all moving its way off northeast at about 25 miles an hour and as we take a look at i 95 corridor and beltway you can see a little break to the south there and i'll say that will be a bit short lived as we continue to fill in everywhere. because look bhat is out in the west. all that is still going to be moving its way through as yet and as a result of that we already have seen warnings issued. flash flood warning until 2:1r5
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clark, frederick, jefferson. this area already received 3" or more of rainfall and there's at least another couple of inches or more yet to come. here we have also a flood area warning until mid nights for d.c., fairfax, prince george and as we take a look northwest flood warning as well to 4:15 from baltimore and baltimore city and now a flash flood warning new one until 2:45 a.m. for frederick, howard, loudoun and montgomery county and here they've already received over 2" of rainfall in some areas up to 3. so they now are looking at another one or two inches of rainfall yet to come. here's a few tips for you. keep talking about how important it is to stay safe in this weather make sure you turn around and don't drown. your 7 day forecast in a bit. back to you. >> kristin leon has been keeping an eye on storms out tonight joining us live from old town alexandria and the rain caused problems on roads this afternoon. what is
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at now. >> good evening, sarah, no rain as of right now. we saw it come and go earlier today. i just realized i don't have my umbrella with me now. i'm hoping that the rain does not come. and it stays the way it's looking again tonight or at least as of this hour. so this is not compared though to what we saw earlier in montgomery county today. check out this dramatic whitewater rescue and dramatic water rescue excuse me here on beacher drive or beach drive. you could see there that emergency management crew he's to pull a man from a car out there on beach drive because that man drove into standing water. so, they really do stress in this case to again we repeated this phrase all night long and turn around don't drown because of scary, scary situations here. we also spoke with emergency management crews today after this whole thing happened. here's what they had to say on how they handle these types of situations. >> the
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have a protocol they follow and it's a little different for this water than if it was in the creek versus if it was fast moving water and this one they were able to feel their way out and bring person off the water. >> you never see this road are and something to see. >> when roads turn to rivers that's when you know it's a problem. we want to show this video one more time tonight of just how scary this can turn because of flash flooding. we will be staying on top of all these storms gwen mentioned that they will be taking place throughout several counties tonight. so again, be safe out there. and we will be keeping you posted on line reporting live in alexandria tonight. kristin leon, "fox5 local news". >> also learning more tonight about what prompted
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priebus to resign as chief of staff. to get you up to speed he announced priebus was out and homeland secretary john kelly n priebus appeared with shawn tonight and says he supports the president's decision. >> i think actually going a different direction and hitting a reset button in a good thing and the president did that and so i think he's happy and i have to tell you i think it's always a little mixed when things like this happen and i generally feel pretty good. >> again john kelly who is retired marine gern ral will takeover as chief of staff. >> a d.c. police officer is off the streets tonight after people say they snapped photos of him wearing a shirt with a racist logo while o duty. "fox5" evan lambert joins us with details bait petition call for the officer. >> tope that petition just over 1700 signatures right now calling for that police officer to be fired because of the controversial tee shirt. here's a better look at it
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with is what is replacing the letter o in the word power shift at top of shirt. the people behind the petition a group called stop police terror project d.c. say the symbol is a sun cross or t telltic cross and the group says it's synonymous with white supremacy and they are not happy with the imagery of the grim reaper carrying a gun along the d.c. police logo and the group says it makes light of the power police have to take someone's life. according to petition the officer wearing the shirt is vincent is altiere spotted wearing it on duty and even while he was in d.c. superior court. ard coulding to policy officers should not wear acasual wear during court appearances and i talked with the organizers of the petition pointing out the officer's kopts vaerial out tut. he says the shirt is unacceptable. >> what was put forward by this shirt from the grim r reaper on up shows way too cavalier an attitude towards the power of life and death that the police have over individuals and also clearly shows something that
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disturbing in very diverse city like hours somebody making multiple officers like nationalist white views and that's ground for firing. >> police chief peter newsham calling it disgraceful in a tweet earlier you see behind me in a statement d.c. police called allegations against the officer disturbinging saying message does not respectthe department value and police union had no comment on the officer's behave but to say he is cooperating with the investigation. tope. >> update now prince george county police officer who hit a suspect with his cruiser one hernandez was sentenced to two years probation and 100 hours of community service today. and he was con vipinged of seconds degree assault in may. and the incident happened during a police chase last summer in hyattsville and all caught on dashcam video. >> honestly this officer does not have a criminal history and so his guidelines i guess in
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guidelines in this case were probation to six months. so you know certainly it doesn't necessarily warrants jail time though we felt the state felt he deserved some time of incarceration. >> hernandez faced a maximum of ten years in priszon. >> now to charles county where parents met with school leaders tonight to discuss a case surrounding carlos bell. he is former school aid from waldorf accused of sexually ault saving ten poise and creating child pornography on school grounds. and one of the videos appears to show bell having sex with a child inside a classroom at benjamin stoddard middle school. >> school officials did not really address their concerns. >> they're not answering anything and acting like they don't have answers why deposit you bring somebody here who could answer the questions and concerns the families have. >> they should have at least acknowledged
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the ball. plane and simple. and they need to come up with ways to make parents and students feel safe. >> and they didn't even want to listen to kids who actually were a part of members' class. he had it all set up like we were elementary school children and we're not happy with the aisle say principle that point. bell also admits he's hiv positive so far there's no indications any victims contracted hiv. >> still to come tonight, post office pot. >> two postal workers convicted of using postal service as a pot distribution setsen and we're talking hundreds and hundreds of pounds of mark marriage and tonight for the first time we're getting up close look at how they did it. >> and also ahead, middle school teachers say they are having a tough time teaching kids all because of nba star kyree irving why we'll explain. >> and you are going to want
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tonight. president trump raised eye eyebrows with a few comments while at event in new york today including possible swipe at the mayor of new york city. catch the final five with jim lokay tonight at 11
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>> this security footage shows a man trying ambush women. in both cases the women fight to stave off the suspect and first attempt the man tries to steal money from a woman by creeping up during her transaction and second time he changes his strategy sneaking into a woman's -- into the paerm seat of another car before brawling and eventually taking off. police are hoping the public will recognize the attacker and contact them. >> three u.s. postal workers are convicted of moving half a
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district and will face sentencing this fall. their scheme went on for months as investigators installed hidden cameras and video proof of those drug deals was crucial in court and tonight we're getting our first look at it paul wagner shows us how it all went down. >> it's going down. >> that's kendra in back of truck about to hand bochs of ma'am marm to person on the street. >> same person from yesterday. black beanie and blackjacket with green investigate over it pass the fist box. >> she would hand over five more where the man hand over the truck. >> guy from the bmw getting in passenger side standby everybody copy sdl that was may 19 of last year. a couple of months after detectives had kawingtd on to the scheme as early as march 17 investigators installed tiny cameras in the truck driven by kendra brantly and in this video
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in a paper bag the camera capturing her counting cash and april 11 investigators were on to alicia norman and installed tiny cameras on her truck as well. watch as she hands off several boxes of marijuana to man in range rover and cram in the front of the truck capturing payoff and then money count. >> video shown to the jury shows postal workers were trailed and photographed more than once with investigators capturing brantly several times in the agent of exc exchange. and at least three times counting cash. we never did see who prosecutors called the master mind of scheme. he was locked up and never got out. this say picture she showed jury drinking expensive champagne at cayman island yacht club. row would flag the boxes of pot before detested by poetical up speingt tore and make sure they got into th
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happened of brantly and norman. "fox5" was there in august of last year as both norman and brantly left the courthouse after they were indicted and neither of them wanted to be photographed. to prove their point row was living way move means they showed titles of expensive cars and cash found in the pocket of a suit jacket in his home. all three were convicted last week with row facing as much as 40 years if prison an brantly and norman at least five or more. >> paul wagmer, "fox5 local news". >> well, how quukly things can change presidential yesterday's ceo jaev bazos was the world's richest maybe. amazon stock fell after the news missed second quarter projects causing b oo zos pockes to drop from 91 billion to 81.5 billion. >> hang in there jeff
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>> what's a few billion between friends. >> so hard. yeah. >> oh, my god. >> so is it still coming down out there now. >> it is still coming down out there. yes. we have another batch to the west coming through. we'll have to deal with this folks. i want to warn you once again you heard us talk about it all night and how dangerous this type of weather is with the flooding. actually looivr threatening because of the flood situations that happened. this entire area that you see shaded in green under a flash flood watch and heavy rainfall continuing to move through and take a look. brighter colors you see are the heaviest amount of rainfall. i do and the heavier rain to continue through the overnight hours and we'll see some as well once we get to tomorrow into early evening and late night before it's really 100% out of picture and it's continuing to move the way off
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number of warnings for us take a look the beltway all getting socked in right here and here's what i'm speaking about all of this across the west and winchester chest saw a bunch of this moving more towards east. leesburg on i 66 corridor and frederick. flash flood warning until 2:15 encompassing winchester, b brkly, jeff sop, they already received more than" of rainfall. what's coming down with the warning is on top of that. those numbers rise. same story for the district. fairfax and prince george's they have something morning until midnight and as we go to north east baltimore same sorry until 4:15 and here's where we have a flash flood warning in effect and other warnings for the district and baltimore are aerial warnings which hurricane irene the area encompassed in heavy rainfall. until 2:45or
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howard, loudoun and montgomery county and here they already received more than 2 or" of rainfall already and getting additional rainfall after t that. here's a look at other neighbors with some of their numbers fair from 3" to over 5" of rainfall and this was all from earlier today. once we get through tonight into tomorrow we can and these numbers are certainly going to rise. future cast 4:00 in the morning still getting hit well to the west and we have some as well to south of us and then it moves fly and as we get through into the afternoon hours and early evening it starts a move a lot more southeast of us and we get a clearing. sunday is the day when finally we'll have dry weather. here's a look at weekend for alfred rocqomore cast. tomorrow, 7. look at rainfall. cooler. it will heat up to sunday and at least sunshine in just a few cloud. here's a look at "fox5" accuweather 7-day
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so still in the rain as far as saturday is concerned and once again we still have warnings and watches to be concerned with and we dry out sunday 82 and then if you take a look at week we have a good run of dry days right to end of week and then we get a temperature boost and then we have activity once we get to end of weekend. all this is associated with a frontal system and we've got upper level low pressure system and surface level low and combination of all that with northeasterly flow keeping you us all socked in. someone tweeted me and said we need the rain but not this much. be careful what you can for. what he want you to be safe out there turn around don't drown it takes two pete of water rushing flood water to move a vehicle of any kiz. just 6" for a small car. we'll be back after the break. stay with us.
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snv biggest change of got red skips was josh norman. let his celebration spru out of him with celebration. norman earned status as best corners in the league hard work and exceptional play. he gave interesting insight how he shuts down the best receivers in the league. >> i saw that play before i get out on the field and then it comes to me again around third quarter and i know what's coming to soy and it fast i seen it before in first quarter they come back and do it again because offenses rerepeat themselves so much and then you find a beat because you watched the film earlier in the week and then certain situ
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what is going to come. i don't even think about it. so look said it's god given and in his hands over time and being in the system to where you develop those things. you start remembering routes and combinations and that's where you win. >> i like how happy he gets where he says i start remembering it. one guy beckham uses that god given gift against is yes odell beckham where he has a sorted history of getting to on field spats dating back to days in korj carolina and somebody asked him about the feud. >> the beckham stuff you think it's in the past. >> it's all in the past until you brought it up. >> so it wion't come back up again. >> i don't know you're the only one that asked that question soy don't know what's in the pastor future until someone bring the question up. >> the head shake is the
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cleveland cavaliers guard kiley irving believes the early is fat the fact it is a sphere should be questioned and he's inmrupsing mind of youth. middle school teachers are complaining that students now think the earth is flat because nba player said so and students are saying that the teachers are part of a round earnth conspiracy. they take takeive youing word over that of scientists. >> how can that be. >> le look up to him. >> how can it be he believes this. >> ease seen videos of earth but a lot of things porch wrong it's a whole thing. >> he's spinning that basketball much. >> teach him with a basketball. >> this is what the earth looks like. he believes flight in a plane it's flat it's ridiculous. >> he needs to go to science class. >> he's in 20s and went to duke for aem
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>> maybe he didn't pay attention. >> your teachers wept to college longer than kyree. >> stay with us the final five is coming up next. >> stay safe
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>> hi busy friday night on the final five. shakeup going down in the white house. of course a lot of talk about that going on with big shakeup reince priebus out at chief of staff and also big crackdown ms-13 underway president takes a shot at new york city mayor. aftermath skinny repeal lele rolling across washington and problems overseas courtesy north korea and russia.


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