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tv   The Final 5  FOX  July 28, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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>> hi busy friday night on the final five. shakeup going down in the white house. of course a lot of talk about that going on with big shakeup reince priebus out at chief of staff and also big crackdown ms-13 underway president takes a shot at new york city mayor. aftermath skinny repeal lele rolling across washington and problems overseas courtesy north korea and russia.
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rest easy. first up big news all day l long. reince priebus is out and president trump putting john callly as chief of staff. according to "new york times" president trump became convinced the former national committee head was not strong enough and need aid general to take charge lit ray ail general he made announcements on twitter calling john kelly great american and leader and president briefly spoke to reporters as he was getting off air force one joint base andrews where he was coming back from event in new york. >> reince was a good man and john kelly will do a fantastic job general kelly has done an incredible job. and reince a good man. thank you very much. >> and previous appeared to be sealed
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came on board. skarmucci used words we won't get into the at this point and accused him of leaking to the press. we should note priebus and saramucci were both on air force one but priebus fretty much left on the tarmac. >> this was all in the works for weeks. tonight on cnn he didn't get into timeline how it played out but praises kelly. >> i have a very close relationship with the press and will continue to have a close relationship with the president and out of respect for him you know i'm not going to get into our own private conversations. i'll put at this change it going he wanted to go a different direction i support him in that and look forward to working with general kelly over the next couple weeks. >> apologies
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every tweet there's an opposite and equal sweet. i have to read this grammatically incorrect way three chief of staffs in less than three years of being president part of the reason why barack obama can't manage to pass his agenda and now presidents will have end second chief of staff in 189 days and plural will be chiefs of staff. >> amid turmoil in west wing former director of office of ethics is blasting trump administration when he le signed he cited repeated clashes of president rump and officials in the administration for lack of edge call behavior. the country is facing a record fairy crisis if the con country cop continues in that path. >> you have a president criticizing law enforcement officials firing one and threatening to fire others or implaying he will fire others
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criticizing them publicly and attacking press calling them enemy of the people. i can tell you here at the press club you're not enemy of the people. you are a valuable institution that is part of what makes our country great. snri don't know who that is we know the guy speaking was walter swab. let's get to president trump event in new york city today or long island to be exact. he traveled and was playing for a crackdown on illegal immigration and ms-13 something we know quite a bit about. he delivered speech in suffock county. if you're locally immigration experts considering northern virginia hub for gang. he pledged to crackdown on sank ufairy cities and detroy ms
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failure to enforce immigration laws had predictable results drugs, gangs and rye lens. that's all changing now. we will defend our country and protect our communities and put safety of the american people first. >> and president here in d.c. 2 minors were in ms-13 related violence and 19 charged in murders or attempted murders. there were a couple moments in today's event with eye boys. >> please don't be too nice. like when you guys put somebody in the car and protecting their head you know the way you put your hand over like don't hit their head and they just killed somebody i said you can take the hand away
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>> i think that was part of jerry seinfeld's act if i'm not mistaken years ago. >> another moment that got a riz the president appeared to wait to at new york mayor deblaseo. and officers accused-of s stirring up anti-police in the city. here's the president once again. >> i met police that are good police that aren't allowed to do their job because they have a pathetic mayor or mayor that doesn't know what's going on. but, were awe mrawding for someone in particular? it's sad. >> by the way the commissioner of new york city police james o'neal has been at odds with the president especially on stance of immigration and as is the case wherever he goes there were a lot of pretesters outside where he spoke today and they called efforts to deport violent gang members too wide of a net that
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protects other law abiding immigrants. >> and attempt to repeal the current healthcare laws and gop scaled back health care known as skinny bill was defeated 51-49 and waiting for vote this time last night. john mccain joined others in voting against the bill today and the president disappointing they should have approved legalth care last night. they can't have everything boy or boy work on that 7 years can you believe it? the swamp but we'll get it done. we'll get it done. i said from the beginning let obamacare implode and then do it. i turned out to be right. let obamacare implode. >> by the way the president of course vowed to repeal and replace obamacare day one office and accepted congress the bill but the congress had a problem writing up the bill. what led
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to stand with democrats against the skimy repeal. he put a statement out saying while the amendment would repeal most burdensome regulations it offered no replacements for former healthcare still and dliv afford automobile healthcare to citizens. mccain said he would only vote for skuny repeal as a means to ends. it would allow republicans to work out a broader replacement bill. house speaker paul ryan said kvs on the bill rather than passing it as is and that was not enough for mccain. fox news caught one mccain. >> i'm in a hurry because it's obvious. >> of course my only question. did you have any answers last night -- concerns last night. >> i always have concerns on an important vote like that. >> he's on way back to
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aggressive brain cancer he's dealing with. >> chuck mummer is calling for bipartisanship. he praised mccain and senator susan collins and lisa m markowski for voting no and he thinks there's a chance to stabilize the healthcare system. >> i hope what he did is regarded in history as a turning point where the senate turned back to partisan surprise and started working together. >> shumer added he's already spoken to house speaker paul ryan about working on bipartisan legislation about stabilizing parts of obam obamacare. also tonight u.s. is condemning north korea latest power play and communist country launched icbm inter continental ballistic lunch today. this is the scare question part about all this because analysts say much of u.s. including la and chicago is now in range
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weapons. we're a at a point in time where choices will have to be made. one way or the other. none of these choices are marley palatable. >> north korea launch came back july 4 and call the test reckless and the u.s. will take necessary steps to protect is tales of alli. >> tensions remain high in russia because the white house says the president will indeed sign off on package of sachings. moscow is not happy about it earlier today the foreign ministry ordered u.s. to reduce number of diplomats in country and shutting down a u.s. recreation retreat. >> we're measured in reactions inpatient but at some point we have to respond and it's impossible to endlessly endure be however torpdz our country. >> it's meant at
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for russia interference in the presidential election and in ukraine and syria. the president will soon that although it ties his hands to what he can do in terms of reversing anything congress takes against moscow moving along head. >> congressman john delaney is first to announce a 2020 run for white house. he's known as politically moderate with willingness to reach across the aisle. auns noed run in "washington post" on ed today and wrote "our government is hamstrung by excessive part shnship and we're letting ciit call opportunities to improve the country pass us by and my interesting is preparing for the future blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, that's a lot going on there. that's john delaney check it out in the "washington post". we hope to bring him in here and talk with him a little b bit. really we want to hear from his mouth
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written state there. >> and also running for office state attorney for prince george county angela ulcerbrooks haser is site on county executive and been vovrl in several high profile cases including bowie killing of university student in may. bakeer is running for governor of maryland in 2018 and angela expected to join us monday on 5@630 the day she auns nos it we look forward to talking with her. >> all right what wept down and what went next. nile suspects days 1600 pennsylvania avenue and pending night here as final five rolls on
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>> let's try to make more sense of what
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d.c.. niles stan is columnist for the and what happened the president made the big decision i don't think we're surprised by this what have you heard today. >> i think that there was a sense of president trump had grown frustrated with the weakness of reince priebus and obviously there was controversial interview in which he gave to the new y yorker. >> and the fallout if that has to be -- i know he tried to down play it and said i'm pass at about my support. man, oh, man. >> it's extraordinary people are in a states of shock about that interview and with the fact there was no real pressure brought to bear in saramucci to apologize to reince priebus for comments. >> those are the two guys he president brought in the same day before he was up august rated the statement came out it looked like rinse rips priebus would be liaison and steve bannon would be liaison that got
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that got president truth elected and you know was saramucci where it went wrong or before that. >> i think before that. there are a lot of different factions. >> the president apparently likes that he likes the competition. >> he does he likes the idea of people vying for position. priebus was not on his wavelength the way the saramucci was or a brassier character soames too be. >> let's go back to being head of rnc and really for a while you didn't know which way he went. you got the sense he would prefer snot to have a donald trump as nominee. >> he did a great job rallying around him. >> the republican party did actually work and help donald trump draw out was was
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elector ral khej a narrow victory. he never let priebus forget the hollywood tape and priebus because leaning on trump's suggestion he should begin to think of withdrawaling from the race. >> everything changes quickly these days. we'll see anthony scar scaramucci settle in. >> officially he doesn't start until august 15 i believe but in fact being already in position. >> what will change coming out of the white house. have we got ape glimpse so far. >> it's more letting the president be who he is trying less to curb him and maybe trying to steer him one way or the other but less about conventional washington politics. >> so what you talk about two power centers. rips republican and steve bannon
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>> there are conflicting records i was speaking with someone in the white house earlier tonight and they propertied out steve bannon has a long relationship with incoming chief of staff john callly known him a decade. that should insulate him from some of these fears. >> one thing to see c bannon and saamucci it teamed like they did not get along. >> aalliances come pa part and together. it does seems they're on the same page. >> thanks nice seeing you. >> thanks for having me.
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[ indistinct chatter ] [ intense music playing ] it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back: the mercedes-benz summer event. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers, and start firing up those grilles. lease the gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> brody loing san here with reading sglerl i am reading gate keepers khee of staff define every presidency i figured you was good reading material today. >> what's the amazing. >> what's that. >> president trump
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repeal and replace something this week. it turned out to be reince priebus. >> it worked. >> it did. he said i couldn't get healthcare got to do something friday. >> something happening. >> people were cleaning out around the newsroom and just seemed for tutis that book came out. >> it flowed. >> maybe we'll read it now. >> [ sing ]. >> nice range. >> how do you convince the redskins to move to virginia good give them money and free stadium. >> terri mcauliffe is inassaulting district in maryland. >> perfect that will do it. >> he was on nfl network during opening practice of redskins training camp. >> players are in virginia and headquarters in virginia and training camp in virginia 65% of season ticket holeers why would you go somewhere else? i mean their crabs
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from virginia. >> it sounds good to me. >> where's the fact checking on this. >> come on lewis. >> let's check facts here. >> all the crabs. >> i love crabs let's do it. >> d.c. is a small suburb. >> just a subsglush that's the look ever a guy not running for he election he's not. >> you're going to take that d.c. >> come on. all right. after three years of serving as yahoo global news anchor which was apparent position katie couric was out making $10 million a year. >> nice work if you can get nbc, cbs, abc, >> she's charlie wise of tv personalities. like she just collecting checks from all of them after getting fired. >> i don't know -- she did the daytime talk show that didn't work. >> no. >> no. >> it was -- i mean it was good for her. >> maybe she can be nfl network new fact checker. >> no. >> maybe she'll piv
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sports. she'll do those pieces like tom rinaldi before a network with piano. >> soft talking. >> he drives a van and van for years. >> he's a man of faith in his van. >> one of defining political impressions i think snl gave us before sean spicer and we'll explain after we take a look at larry davis comic genius. >> applause. >> i am bernie sand rz a voice for regular people. i'm not fancy. i'm not elite. i put on my pants just like all of you. i sit on the edge of the bed and jane pulls them up for me. >> it's pretty ge. >> it's role he was born to
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>> so there's pbs show called finding roots and larry dave is learns he has genealogical ties to bernie sanders. so there's something to it. there's something genetic inside of him. >> he was a writer ob snl before sign sgleld right. >> he would try out to be not ready for primetime player. it didn't work out. he needed bernie sand others to lift him out. we have another season coming out. >> september, october i can't wait. >> i love it. >> i love putting curb theme behind awkward moments in motor vehicle. >> check the switer account out. >> perfect last night. >> all right. let's go out on that. >> to play us out, what does that mean?
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ribs rinse priebus said he will always be trump and there were reports he would be am bar door to greece that's not the case and reports circulating he didn't sign non disclosure agreement could it be book or network gig stay tuned. on the other hand president trump can spin news any way he likes but spinning the health care repeal it was his own party in the majority that failed again day. tonight in less he'll continue to push through. there's still many other items and tox reforms big on agenda. we'll see if that could work. because it seems reports say it's the one thing that they have many people on board for. that's the final five of this friday night. thanks for joining us we're back oh, it is friday, it's friday. i lost track it's been a long week, we'll see you monday morning crew with annie here at 7:00
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- >> finally, r kelly speaks up, defends himself on camera, but he needs a lighting director. >> despite all of the crap you haven been hearing, i will be coming to the east to do my show. >> he's in a dark hallway/dungeon. >> why the dark lighting. >> he wanted it to look like a deposition. >> that's not sexy. >> it's not sexy, he's trying to deny he's keeping girls in his home! geez! >> tobey maguire and leonardo dicaprio over in saint-tropez on a yacht together. >> if you're a girl with tobey, you're a little disappointed. >> that's second place. >> distant second. >> you're underselling tobey maguire here. you're saying there are women who got on that yacht and went to hang with tobey and not leo. >> i never said that. [laughter] i never


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