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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  July 30, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox5 local news at ten. first a at ten, a violent weekend in the district has now turned deadly, six shootings in just the last 24 hours. a teenager's life claimed in the gunfire. we're live with the very latest and one of the ten most wanted fugitives caught here right here in northern virginia, what we're learning about the capture of a known ms 13 gang member nievment after a wet start to the weekend, the
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way for the sunshine, but how long will the nice weather stick around? fox5 news at ten starts right now. >> we begin tonight with breaking newses, thank you for joining us, i'm teesh a lewis in for lauren demarco and i'm marina maracco and we start tonight with a violent 24 hours in the dists. nine people shot and two of those victims are now dead. fox5's lindsay watts is now life live. been one shoolt ing after the next. we'll put up a map for you now. the most recent shooting happened about two hours ago on clay and minnesota a northeast, two people were shot there. before that a teenager was killed on quarrel street northeast. early this morning a man killed on kansas avenue northwest and you can see those other locations there. some investigators have been talking to are worried about
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continue overnight. a string of violence across the district with multiple people shot and two dead. i feel hurt because i know the fart. here on quarrel street northeast a teenager was shot and killed in the middle of the afternoon. unfortunately, a young man has lost his life as a result of this. police sigh they believe the victim is 18 years old arrested on an outstanding what happened could be linked to a party saturday night. the teen tion father rushed to the scene along with family friends. i work with juveniles and trying to explain to them, you know, this, but i don't know. i don't know. it hurts. >> later sunday, about a mile away two more people shot near clay and minnesota northeast. investigators fanned out across the area. e
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another double shooting on kansas avenue northwest where one of the victims was killed. police say at this point there's no evidence any of the shootings are connected, but with so many crimes investigators will be looking at whether retaliation could be involved. d.c. crime data shows violent crime is down 26 percent this year over last. those this weekend's shootings have not yet been added to the stats. we're seeing a crime reduction, but at the same time the potential for something like this remains an issue and that's something that we have to continue to push to prevent. on twitter d.c. police information that people are eligible for a a cash reward up to $2,500 for a tip leading to an arrest and seizure of an illegal gun. reporting live at d.c. police headquarters, lindsay watts, fox5 local news. >> now to a followup out of arlington county where
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texas' most wanted men and an accused ms13 member is in custody after a weekend arrest. fox5's evan lambert is life in studio with the details. >>reporter: arlington county police and immigration and customs enforcement revealed late last night that they arrest ed her her in ans, the ar rest came after president trump spoke friday about destroy ing ms13. besides los angeles northern virginia has become known as a hot bed for illegal and violent act tift associated with the gang ms13. saturday immigration and customs enforcement announced an arrest of the man they say is one of gang's most dangerous. law enforcement caught says her arlington county a hernandez is in the country illegal. he is one of texas' top fugitives where he was wanted in connection withwo
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houston. on friday president trump spoke on long island about the the dangers of ms13. failure to enforce our immigration laws had predictable results, drugs, gangs and violence. but that's all chang ing now. we will defense our country, protect our communities and put the safety of the american people first. the president also mentioned that right here in d.c. at least 42 minors here in the country illegally have been involved in ms13 related violence. of those 19 were charked with murders or attempted murders. and is says her arlington county a hernandez will be extradited to texas to face the murder charges there. in montgomery county, the search is on for a teenager who police say stabbed a man at a r
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to break up a fight. police say a group rented out the community center for a party to celebrate a middle school graduation. a teen who wasn't invited showed up and allegedly started fight ing with others. a 60 year old volunteer the a the recollect center tried to break up the fight when he was stabbed ment the teen took off and now detectives say thef ' not yet named the suspect. the stabbing victim is expected to be okay. >> also in montgomery county, the search continues tonight for a man police say raped a woman outside of a bar early saturday morning. this is a stretch of sketch of the suspect, take a good look. they met the man on quincy's bar and grill. the two left together and that's wet woman says he sexually assaulted her outside. anyone with information is asked to call police. d.c. police are trying to track down several missing people in the city t.
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andrea spendingser was last seen friday along maryland he was last seen along the 900 again, police don't believe these cases to be connected, but are asking if you've seen any of these individuals call d.c. police. in montgomery county police need your help finding a missing aspen hill woman. ashley jenkins was last seen friday at her home on huh it with avenue. her framly is concerned about her emotional well-being. if you've seen her, you're asked to call montgomery county police. >> and in anne arrundel we now know a fire at a popular rest restaurant is, in fact, arson. the fire at cocoa charley was intentionally set friday morning . the fire caused nearly
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damage. a firefighter was also injured after falling one person is dead following an early morning house fire on woodbridge , say the body was discovered inside the burnt home just before six along walnut street. the victim's identity has not been release. the prints william police department is helping in determining how the person skyed. >> in fairfax county the search was caught on camera ambushing at an atm. they were at this wells fargo in fblght. both incidents were caught on camera as well as a crystal clear image of the suspect's face. the same man is also responsible for stealing money out of an \{^al}\al did i grocery store nearby that happened earlier in h the day. the rain has moved out and the sunshine has moved in and you are taking a live look
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this gorgeous weather last? we're hoping for the at least a few dpais. i know because it has len bullet beautiful especially considering the saturday that we havmentd here's gwen tolbart with the latest. i have some good news for you. we are starting the week with some sunshine and it will stick around for a up can of days. not too bad at all. let's take a look at satellite radar where there's nothing to show you and i'm happy about that because it was certainly lit up over the past couple of days with plenty of rain and some storms. but now things are a calm eras a ridge of high pressure builds in . it's large and in charge with some clearer skies for tonight with maybe just a pass ing cloud or two. we do have a coastal flood advisory in effect. i want to tell tu at timeses it's high tides and with the winds expect to see some minor coastal flooding. this in effect for the district. as well as calvert, arlington, falls church, alexandria, st. mary's also
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you are in these areas do take heed, we expect tides to be a at least anywhere from one and a half feet to even up too two tweet above normal. 75-degreess some clear sky, winds from the south southeast at about five miles an hour. winds are lightening up. and elsewhere we have 63 at culpeper, 69 at fredericksburg, 67 at dulles. overnight tonight, mostly clear skies we've got a nice night ahead for you and when we get into the the beginning of the week we're talking sunshine i'm happy to say. i'll have the full seven day forecast in just a bit. >> gwen we'll take it. still ahead russia is taking a hard line against the proposed sanctions. the ordinary from russian president vladimir put opinion that will force hundreds of american diplomats out of the country. the pope on the growing human trafficking crisis , stay with us. s.
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>> developing tonight, russia is retaliating to propost sanctions . russian president vladimir putin sayses the uss must put it's by more than 700 people. this is incoming white house chief of staff job kelly prepares for his first day on the job monday. fox's dug mack kel way has details from the de tail. >>reporter: a sharp response from russia to congress. vladimir vladimir putin is ask ing to cut the staff by an a stowrnting 700. three us cons that lates across russia. this response is worse. this retaliation is long overdue. we will
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mirror this this comes after the house and a the senate voted unanimously to slap new sanctions on russia for its interference on last year's election despite objections from president trump much the billion is now waiting on the president 's signature and the white house says he's expected to sign it. the president made it very clear that he will sign the sanctions. at the same time as we make our intentions clear that we expect russia behavior to change. all this comeses as homeland security secretary and retired john kelly gets read guy as the president's first chief of staff replacing riens preeb bus. his military background can bring some much needed order to the white house. if we can have order, discipline and a chief of staff that empowers the staff to success. it's a very important decision. the chief of staff to the president of the united states and it has to be re
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of staff. between russia's retaliatory response and the legislative agenda, mr. kelly will have an awful lot on his plate when he begins his first day on the job monday morning. >> at the white house, doug mack kel way, fox news. developing in sa malyeah at least ate people are dead and serial more injured following a bombing at the capital. at least five people were killed and dozens wounded. most of the victims were civilians. the blast targeted a military con invoice near the police station. the terror group al sha bobbies claiming responsibility. >> pope francis during his weekly prayer today he asked the world to show greater commitment to fight human traffickerring. they referred to it as a form of modern slavely. it's estimated that 21 million people world wide are victims of human trafficking and
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exploitation. the powers to re write the country's 18 year old cons ticketed event teution, the opposition says it's a paragraph. the government, however, says it's the only way to bring back piece. the at least 13 are reportedly dead in the troubled country in the past day alone. in the four months of protest against the government more than a hundred have been killed as well as opposition made an effort on saturday foray cross the country and defines of hundreds of thousands of police. >> tens moments in as you trail a, more people arrested as they uncover a possible terror threat to airports. >>reporter: the reality with tertiaries a.m. police in australia have breken up an alleged terror plot. we have taken h this very seriously. we should infer that we think this was critical and that there was an intention and there
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possibly. several people were arrested in razor across sidney in what police describe as a major counter terror orption. why are you being arrested? >> i have no oivmentd there was a cop out there and he kind of shoed me back into the house and we kind of stayed in the house for the rest of the night. authorities say they received intelligence about a possible terrorist plot using an explosive device. we have a number taken p in custody. we have taken great risk to mitigate the problem. the terror plot may have been bring to bring a device on board a plane in carry on luggage. security has been increased at australia's airports following arrests. this
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. australia police have disrupted 12 plots. in lond london, kit i logan a, fox news. >> still ahead, taking your work out to new heights, literally. the new yoga workout that will have you stretching in more ways than you may think.
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>> an aerial yoga studio in phoenix, arizona is taking its workouts to new heights. aside from the other class he it's the first of its kind class is now being ompletd you can see it right there. it's called the budge gee
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people are jumping right into this new trend. fox's daniel miller has more. >>reporter: be prepared for a full body workout. you're going to be working hard. if you decide to take a bungee workout class you'll be working hard for 75 minuteses all while attached to a bungee cord. we add adjust it based on your height. work out craze called the bungee workout originated in thailand, but you don't need to travel all that way to try it. you can do it right here in the valley at tough lotus in chandler. it's basically, as you can see it's a combination of a little bit of ak row, a little bit of dance, a little bit of aerial and a little bit of kind of group fit, in athletic type. h this studio is the only studio offering the class in the united states.
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owner acommand a page trained in thailand for several weeks in order to bring this one of a kind workout back at home. i got trained as a master trainer so that means anybody in the us who wants to get certified or open up their studio they would have to come to me i be sted of going to thailand. people are strapped into harn yes, sirs and is a bungee rope suspended to the ceiling. the bungee's job is to pull you up. you get a core workout and also your quad the harder and the lower you can press the higher you're going to once you are release. you have to keep everything super strong in the air. if you let everything go, when you land you're going to go harder down on the ground. while attached to the bungee you do things like classic
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bungee specific moves like a star and a dive. you'll also learn a chor graphed routine that's different every time. this h is where we're going to get the armses engaged. it's all triceps. notice that your elbows are in nice and tight. they are going to throw the arms back. both arms are extended in the air. you feel like you are flying. even though the bungee are a high intensity class, even beginningers like myself can hospital night. you can go as hard or as easy as you like it. there are modifications that you can do for it. it's the cardio aspect. if you're looking for a cardio kick or you just want to fly, you can jump your way into fitness at tough lotus with the bungee workouts. i definitely like the dance aspect of it and you get a full
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you work all your body in an hour and a half class. >> that looks like a lot of fun i would do it. >> i know our producer back in the booth would do it as well. jamie would definitely do it. coming up more rising tension tn the country is responding to the most recent missile test ts when we come back.
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this is fox5 local news at ten. the us is responding to the lat est north korea missile test doing so by flying bombers over the korean pence is large audience as president trump slams them on twitter for doing nothing. the pentagon sayses they carried out
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test just hours after another show of force with fighter jets es. yesterday the s \flu\flew two b1 bombers along japanese and korean fighter jets . the mission lasted five hours and began at anderson air base. it's all in response to an inter continental blah list particular missile. it proofs the regime is capable of hitting the united states and delivering a large nuclear war head. experts say this missile flew 2300 miles into space, roughly 500 miles higher than the launch on july 4. the specific air force complander says diploma syria mains their primary goal but they're prepared to do more saying if called upon we're ready to respond with rapid, overwhelming, lethal
10:31 pm
overwhelming force. meanwhile president trump is pointing the finger at china saying he is disappointed and believes they could do more. i'm very disappointed in china's response that it has not been firmer mor more hevment as for this morning 's sad test the us defense miscible agency says they shot down a missile over the pacific ocean. it intercept s missiles as they head down towards the earth as a term al lawn of a launch. not long range missiles like the one north korea launched friday. still because of north korea's latest test south korea says they plan to deploy four additional launchers. they are resaying they do not stop the north korean a threat and actually create instability in the region security balance. in washington, i'm ellison barber, fox
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beautiful day, especially recovering from what we've had saturday with the rain. but it seems like hopefully we'll have the sun a little bit more before we get the rain. we had two or three days of heavy rainfall, storms and lots of flooding. definitely, power lines down. now we're going to the calm off the storm. i'm happy to say we'll get a pretty good run of a couple of days of this so you can get a chance to really soak it all up. today was the beginning. it was a beautiful sunday. a great day to get out and just enjoy, just to do some outdoor activities, have brunch, whatever, the weather definitely cooperated. tonight, mostly fair and very much on the comfortable side. we've got a mild night ahead for you. and the week is starting with sunshine, plenty of shun for you , so that's a really grait beginning and we have a ridge of high pressure in control. we also are going to head back to summer, reality check.
10:33 pm
rice and humidity will sneak back into the picture. late week we're going to be dealing with a little bit of unsettled weather. no storms tonight. satellite radar very quiet as the risk of high pressure continueses to dominate our weather pattern. i can't rule out maybe a passing cloud or two , but other than that we are disevment talking mostly clear skies tonight. we do have, however, have a coastal flood advisory in effect. take a look , areas that are impacted by this includes the d.c. southwest waterfront. we're also talking about tal vert county as well as st. mary's, arlington, as well as little l falls and alexandria . here we're going to talk about winds dealing with the tides. with that tied levels are expected to be anywhere from a foot and a half to two feet above norm l al. talking about a little bit of minor flooding here, though. so do be careful and just be aware of this whole situation if you happen to be in any of these areas whatsoever. rht
10:34 pm
into the early hours of your monday. temperature time, yes, take a look at the highs today. very nice. we get into the low 830s at all three airports. eighty-three at reagan, eight t at dull et cetera. it was really comfortable. and the winds were a little bit on the breezy side, but then they start ed to calm down a bit. we have very light winds for tonight. temperatures at 75 in the city, 70 at quantico, 68- degrees at fredericksburg. seventy-one at annapolis. we've got 67 at dulles and 61-degrees at manassas this hour. so that ridge of high pressure continues to dominate for tonight and into tomorrow. it's not going to slide out at least for a couple of days. so in the meantime we're looking at clear skies with just a cloud or two for tonight into the six # 30s and then temperature wise we're going to start to feel the heat we're going to feel the ridge of high pressure move out. we're going to see warper air start to move in.
10:35 pm
humidity and a little bit of warm air into the atmosphere. meantime for to your knowledge it's going to be a dry day, the temperatures will start to the low 90s as we start to get warmer once again. and then at the end we're dealing with the frontal system and then by the time we hit wednesday, thursday, on we're going to talk about some storms. your planner by midway day will be heating it up to about 83 degrees. tonight 6s and mild and tomorrow, plint plenty of sunshine, no excuse not to get out, a beautiful t day. your seven day forecast, kicking in the 90s by hump day for you, folks and then we start to run into a few storms and a frontal system and sunshine, monday and tuesday. let's enjoy that now while it's there and just know the beginning of the week is not stashting with any raifl. >> sounds good, thank you. the country of twie want is raising for a second tropical storm just one day after its first typhoon
10:36 pm
more than 80 people have been injured. the storm brought heavy rains and winds up to 173t this video. the typhoon left many shops and streets knee diseep in muddy streets and water and tens of thousands of people were evacuated. a state of emergency is now in effect following severe flooding. these high waters damaged major roads and bridges as well as homes and businesses. dozens of people loudon county to be evacuated. the national guard has also been called in to help with the cleanup. this weekend marked one year since deadly floods hit el cot city. the flood waters killed three people and caused mills of dollars in businesses and homes. the town is rebounding. several events were held this weekend to on ort lives lost in the deadly flood. we'll be remembering the heart break of last year and remember
10:37 pm
s that we lost and very sad to think about that. but it's also a time to really honor what all of the folks have done here and the way they have pure certify veered. they got hit with the biggest bunch you can imagine and they didn't let it knock them down. more than 15 a billion dollar for rebuild ing. a lot of it was spent on improving drainage. >> health and human services secretary time price suspending the need to repeal and replace obamacare as the president takes a hard line with congress threatening to not only skip payments to insurance companies, but cut healthcare benefits for lawmakers if they don't get a deal done. fox news cigar garrett tenney reports from the district. >>reporter: uncertain future tf healthcare is created a bit of a standoff against congressional leaders in the white house. mitchell mcconnell said it's time to move on, but a number of conservative lawmakers
10:38 pm
to keep at it until they come up with something that will pass. this weekend president trump has been all over republicans on twitter urging them to do what it takes to repeal and replace obamacare. this morning he tweeted don't give up republican senators, the world is watching go to 51 votes. get across state lines and moampt the president has also suggested that let obamacare fail and then find a way to replace it. susan collins voted against the skinny billion on friday. today she said at this point it would be a mistake not to work with democrats to simply fix the healthcare system. what we need to go through the normal process , identify the problems, have the hearings, hear it from the experts, hear from all the stakeholders and produce a series of billions to fix the very real flaws in the affordable care act. where the senate goes from here
10:39 pm
up to majority leader mitchell ma konl. all eyes will be on him to see if he sticks with his plan to move on or decide to go with the white house to give repeal and replace one more shot >> coming up, would you go the extra mile for someone you love well, one man is doing that every single day just to spend some quality time with his wife.
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>> an iowa couple is getting a lot of attention on social media all because of their daily routine. gary hone a has been walking his wife julia to work. the
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marriage is spending plenty of time with one another. i walk her to work. i walk back home in the afternoon about 4:00. she calls and then i meet her halfway and we walk back home together. it's been our routine , you know, for the last few something for me to get up and get going with in the morning and get some exercise. this week gary and julie celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary. more men are hitting the grocery store. a new survey he shows more than 80 percent of guys are the primary grocery shopper in their home. that's almost 20 percent higher than a decade ago. most men buy for right now and don't plan ahead. most guys go for more expensive cuts of meets. grocery stores are trying to adapt. multitasking is bad for your brain. researchers looked at brain scans of people who admitted to doing a lot of multi
10:44 pm
tasking by being online and watching tv at the same time. people had a small amount of brain in a part. it's worse on multi challenging difficulties and difficulties in social situations. >> you've probably heard of a breathalyzer. law enforcement is testing out a new tool that could help investigate car crashes caused by texting and driving. it's called a textalyzer and it could be a big break for police. fox's dan beauance has the story. >>reporter: you've probably seen another driver do it or maybe you're guilty of it yourself. texting while driving . it's the leading cause for accidents across the country . here in new york police might have a new pool tool to see if you've been using your phone before the crash. so much going on, kids running in the street, hydrants open and
10:45 pm
. eyes off the road with attention and fingers on the phone, a dangerous combination. you're distracted and a hard habit to break. it's your focus off the road. i'm not going to say that i've never done it. i think especially, i own a business, you're talking on clients in the car, but it's dangerous. governor quo mow now looking for a guilty way to. an officer would be able to plug the device into your phone and see if you were recently brows ing the web right before an accident. it can't access your personal information that's on your own. though privacy advocates say it's inappropriate . hard to find any tears on new york's city roads. nobody wants to submit to that digital autopsy. i think there's other ways. they can look at your phone. they can subpoena
10:46 pm
court if they need to. i don't think they need to invest in putting a separate technology in for that. the technology still a few months from being ready. the governor is asking his traffic safety committee to hear from both sides. sedan bowens, fox5 news. what are is not easy on our military. but now there is a special place for marine veterans who have seen the worst . we'll be right back.
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10:49 pm
>> this new video is going scrie recall. miami beach firefighters saving a drowning dog. the whole thing was caught on camera. there you see him striping off his geer, jumping into the water and then pulling the dog out. his
10:50 pm
he was eventually renighted with his owner. >> for many veterans recovering from what are it is not just psychological but it is also physical. it is a long and hard process. in maine there's a special retreat for the badly injured men and women who have served the unique place that helps to start healing. >>reporter: nestled in the woods of maine on an estate once known by the cosmetics magnet elizabeth arden sits a special retreat. h they've made a sacrifice. this is the way that myself personlly can thank them and everybody else who gets involved with them can say thanks. if anyone understands sacrifice it's staff sergeant travis millions, on his thirtd tour of duty in afghanistan he was injured by an iez losing both portions of his arms and legislation. i couldn't change the pt
10:51 pm
just keep pushing forward in life. it's an attitude he tries to instill in others. sergeant marco betweens was the at walt ter read hospital with millions i'll never forget what he instilled with me. you work hard, it will pay off and then we get to do a ten minute dance break. q. there's a sense of camaraderie, all expenses are covered. the goal is for soldiers to share their experiences and families to bond . jay is with his wife and disawrt. it's nice to have a community of people to know what our life is like because our normal is a little bit different than everyone's normal. through his own l physical challenges strifes to inspire other wounded war asker. maybe they found out
10:52 pm
ing. in roam, maine, mollie lion, fox news. >> what an incredible and interesting place out in maine and it's so good for these veterans sto have a place where they can heal their soul but also physically. >> still ahead in the live television business. you have to be read acor the at least try to be ready for anything. there it is a kritter gets its 15 minutes of fame. stay with us.
10:53 pm
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many of us know there can can some side effts
10:56 pm
anesthesia and sometimes they can be pretty fun funny. text in point olympic gold medal list . the 20 year old recently had her wisdom teeth removed and as you can see here she's pretty loop i post surgery. she's yellingup rish while operating an imaginary wheel and horn. she shared the video on social media with the caption, here it is, i honestly have no words. enjoy. hope it makes you laugh and it did for plenty of people she is way better than me. i would not want anyone to see me like that. i have a feeling like they've seen previous videos just like that one and i'm sure that they knew they were going to get a ton of hits as you know anything can happen during live television. but one reporter was not
10:57 pm
to have a spied diser crawling on her arm. shannon murray from our sister station in dallas did not flinch that's because she had no idea. it wasn't until a viewer pointed it out that shan nor on knew thr was a spider crawling on her. she said she felt something, but didn't know it was a spider. that's why she was he -- almost better like that, not knowing and judge judy has always been feisty behind the bench but now she is the force behind a new courtroom game show. >>reporter: either an incident happened or it didn't happen. we all know judge judy shines for her courtroom honesty and now she's entering behind the camera as executive producer for eyewitness. it tests contestants by showing them videos and then to
10:58 pm
recall the most nuance details of what they just watched, at steak, $20,000. what color was the shirt underneath her orange sweatshirt. >> stacy, was it a yellow shirt? >> yes, it was. you said test your intelligence. tests your fund of knowledge and so many of us have played along with those for years but you need a fund of knowledge. eyewitness is different. it's in the base pond what you know, but about your powers of observation and i witness we're not interested in perception. we're interested in what happened. people view an incident differently. some people are detail oriented, some Ășare not. that was my experiene when i was a judge. and i thought what an interesting game program that would be. for judge judy eyewitness presents a new opportunity and a new challenge. the first time that i've gone out of the
10:59 pm
genre, which has always been my comfort zone, stretch your legs and to see do i have what it creates to create something different. for people on tv for over two decades, have you dflt the recipe for good television. >> yes. >> do you seizures staying on camera forever. >> no. i think there comes a time when a becomesser has to hang up their gloves. for now i'm good until 2020. eyewitness brings the courtroom experience full circumstance until a whole new way. eyewitness testimony is important to a criminal trial , but it makes one heck of a game. q. we brek a are the that, is that what you're saying. >> yes. >> so how hard do you have to be to enjoy eyewitness. >> judge judy says it is perfect for the whole family and
11:00 pm
kids is better for younger kids than adults. in new york city i'm york sham top, fox new tv. >> you can catch the show on 6:30. the news tonight is far from over. the news at 11 starts right now. h this is fox5 local news at 11. we gin tonight with breaking news. thank you for joining us, i'm teesh a lewis in mawrnd and i'm marina maracco. nine people shot since last night and two of the people are dead. lindsay watts is live at mpd headquarters with the latest. d.c. \police\police have had a lot to deal with over the last 24 hours. it has been one shooting after the next. we'll show you a map now, the most recent shooting tonight happened around 8:00 at clay and minnesota, northeast before that a teenager was killed on carl street


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