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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  July 30, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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kids is better for younger kids than adults. in new york city i'm york sham top, fox new tv. >> you can catch the show on 6:30. the news tonight is far from over. the news at 11 starts right now. h this is fox5 local news at 11. we gin tonight with breaking news. thank you for joining us, i'm teesh a lewis in mawrnd and i'm marina maracco. nine people shot since last night and two of the people are dead. lindsay watts is live at mpd headquarters with the latest. d.c. \police\police have had a lot to deal with over the last 24 hours. it has been one shooting after the next. we'll show you a map now, the most recent shooting tonight happened around 8:00 at clay and minnesota, northeast before that a teenager was killed on carl street
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morning a man killed on kansas avenue northwest. you can see those additional locations. some investigators i've spoken with are just hoping this doesn't continue overnight tonight. a string of violence across the district with multiple people shot and two dead. i feel hurt because i know their father. here on quarrel street northeast a teenager was shot and killed in the million dollars of the afternoon. unfortunately, a young man has lost his life as a result it. police say they believe the victim is 18 years old and what happened could be linked to a party saturday night . the teen's father rushed to the scene along with family friends. when he was gone now you have to see him die like this. that's nasty. i work with juveniles. i'm trying to explain to them, you know, this, but i don't thoa no. i
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later sunday, about a mile away two more people shot near clay and minnesota northeast. investigators spanned out across the area. early sunday morning another double shooting on kansas avenue northwest where one of the victims was killed. police say at this point there's no evidence any of the shootings are connected. but with so many crimes investigators will be looking at whether re\{^al}\al craigs could be involved. d.c. crime data shows violent crime is down 26 percent this year over last. though, this weekend 's shootings have not yet been added to the tats. we're seeing a reduction, a crime reduction, but at the same time the potential for something like this remains an issue and that's something that we have to continue to push to prevent. >> on twitter d.c. police chief peter newsham wrote in part very disheartened with these sense less shootings. people are eligible for a crash reward up to $2,500 for any tips leading to an a
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illegal gun. the last time we checked in with d.c. \police\police we're told at this point there have been no ar rests in the shootings we've seen today and yesterday. live tonight at police headquarters, lindsay watts, fox5 local news. >> now to a followup out of an m s13 gang member is under arrest >>reporter: arlington county police and immigration and customs enforcement revealed late last night that they arrest ed 20 years old doug last her arlington county a her in an s. he's a native of el sal va lor. door. the the arrest came last friday after president trump spoke about destroying ms 13. northern virginia hation become a hot spot for the gang m s13. they announced the arrest of the mab they say is one of the gang's most
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enforcement fought doug last her arlington county a hernandez on saturday in arlington. he is in the country illegal limit he was one of text' top ten fugitives where he was wanted in connection with two murders near houston. on friday, president trump spoke on lock island about the dangers of ms13. failure to enforce our immigration laws have predictable results. drugs , gangs and violence. but that's all changing now. we will defense our country, protect our communities and put the safety of the american people first. the president also mentioned that right here in d.c., at least 42 minors here in the country illegally have been involved in m13 related violence. of those 19 were charged with murders or attempt ed murders. is says her
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regard a her and december will be ex try disieted to face murder charges. after he serves times for those crimes. back to you. >> the rain has moved on out and we experienced lots of sunshine today. it's beautiful right now . take a live look at the washington monument. clear sk ies we can only hope that this gorgeous weather will continue. let's get over to gwen with the very latest. we are going to have some sunshine as we start the week i'm happy to say and you are absolutely right. it was a fantastic day today. plenty of sunshine, very comfortable temperature wise and we had a little bit of a breeze, but other than that nothing to complain about. nothing to who he you on saturday light radar tonight. clear skies under the influence of a ridge of high pressure and that is going to be sticking around for a bit. but we do have coastal flood advisories in effect and here we're keeping a close eye on high tides with some winds and as a result of that we'll see some
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the coastal areas and low lies regions. be very careful if this is the area where you are. it does also include the d.c. waterfront as well as arlington and alexandria. saint maries as well and calvert. th once again until the early hours of monday winds are very calm and temperature wise elsewhere we've got 63-degrees at cull pep per, 64 at dulles, baltimore at 65. 6356 at martinsburg and 70- degrees at cumberland. winds pretty calm right across the boards. nothing to speak about there at all and for tonight 65- degrees under clear skies, a very nice night and we take a look ahead not doing too bad in the beginning of the week, either. sunshine keeps sticking around and we're going to embrace it and the temperatures are going to gradually get on the rise. i'll have the full seven day forecast coming up in just a bit. >> in montgomery county, the search is on for a teenager who police say stabbed
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rec center when that man tried to break up a fight. a group rented out the community center for a party celebrating a middle school graduationment then a teen whos what invited showed up and allegedly started fighting with ers on. a 630 year old tried to break up the fight when he was stabbed. the teen took of on. police say they don't know who the teen is. the victim is expected to be okay. >> also in montgomery county the search continues for a man who police say raped a woman outside a bar early saturday morning. take a good look at your screen of this sketch of the suspect president the victim met the man on quincy bar and grill on convince or command road. he sexually assaulted her outside. anyone with information is asked to call police. d.c. police are trying to track down several missing people in the city. these cases however do not appear to be connected to one another. on the left side of your scene is 76 year old bee knees harris. she was last seen along the 800 block
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what nel in a day. then there's 13 year old andrea spencer. she was last seen friday along maryland avenue in northeast and finally 20 year old omar williams. he was last seen a long the 900 block of northeast . police don't believe these cases to be connected, but are asking if you've seen any of these individuals call them. montgomery county police need your help finding a missing aspen hill woman. ashley jenkins who was last seen friday at her home on huh it with avenue. according to her family they are he ' concerned about h her emotional well-being. if you've seen her, you're asked to call montgomery county police. we know now a fire at a popular restaurant is, in fact, arson. the fire at coconut charleys was intentionally set friday morning . it caused $200,000 in damage. investigators are now trying to determine who set this fire. we do know a firefighter was injured after fallin off a ladder while fighting the fire. no word on
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. one person is dead following an early morning house fire in woodbridge. the fire was discovered along the burnt home just before six this morning. the police department is assisting in determining exactly how that person died. to t fairfax where the search continues for this man. both women were attacked within minutes of each other at wells fargo in fairfax. both incidents were caught on camera as well as as crystal clear image of the suspect ts case. the same man is also responsible for stealing money out of a grocery store cash register earlier that day. russia is taking a hard line against proposed sanctionsment the order from vladimir putin that will force hundreds of american diplomats out of the country.
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>> developing tonight russia is retaliating to proposed sanctions. vladimir putin says the us embassy must cut its staff by more than 700 people. & john kill prepares for its his first day on the job monday. doug mckelway has dwee tails from the white house. >>reporter: a sharp response from russia to a new sanctions billion by congress. pre
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s to cut its zimmerman mattic staff in russia by an astownding 700 diplomats and aides. the us has its embassy in moscow as well as three us cons lates across russia. i think h this retaliation is long, long overdue. we will answer, we will respond in kind. we will mirror this. we will retaliate this comes after the house and senate voted almost unanimously to slap new sanctions for its interference on last year's elections. the billion is now waiting on the president's signature and the white house says he's expected to sign it. the president made it very clear that very soon he will sign the sanctions. at the same time as we make our intentions clear, we expect russian behavior to change -- all this comes as homeland security secretary john kelly gets ready for his day as the president ts new chief of staff
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preeb just. if he we can have protocol, pecking order, order, discipline and a chief of staff that empowers the staff to success we have great fate that that will be done. itself he ' a very important position the chief of staff to the united states and it has to be recognized that he is the chief of staff. the legislative agenda mr. kelly will have an awful lot on his plate when he begins his first day on the job monday morning. an urgent plea from pope francis during his weekly prayer today he asked the world to show graiter commitment to fight human trafficking. the pontiff referred to the practice as, quote, a form of modern slavery it's estimated that 21 million people worldwide are victims of forced labor. developing in somalia at least ate people are dead and several more injured
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it shattered a month of relative calm in the city. at least five people were killed and dozens wounded. most of the victims were civilians. the blast targeted a con invoice, the terror group the el sha bobbies claiming responsibility. still ahead today marks one year since the deadly flooding in ellicott city, maryland. how the city is commemorating the lives lost and coming together. we'll be right back.
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>> all right. another beautiful day in the books. although we can't say the same forth entire weekend, but at least today made it up for saturday. it really made up for yesterday and for friday. we actually broke records with rainfall, unbelievable. we're going to get on a a little bit of a run for you. i like to start the week out on a very. q. note. here we go, today was the beginning of a little bit of a run ever plenty of sunshine, nice conditions, mild and also we have low humidity. so that was at least a good thing. as we move into tonight and tomorrow here is what we are serving up for you. mostly clear skies and pretty comfortable for you. the week is starting with plenty of sunshine. we're going to have bright skies, no discuss for you not to get out and enjoy. a big change in
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we're headed back to the 90s again. summer is still around. and then we're going to run into some unsettled weather. not happening tonight. take a look, satellite radar, clear conditions. we are talking mostly clear skies for tonight. as i said just a cloud or two, but no precipitation to speak about. however, we had a lot of rainfall across our area and we still have a couple of things to talk about with regard to that rain and one of them is we have a coastal looked advisory. this is into the early hours of tomorrow morning affecting d.c., calvert, saint maries, all affected here with this. we do ask you to be careful, arlington as well as little falls because here we're talking about the winds and the high tides. high tide is going to end up being a situation where we have some minor flooding. the tides will be anywhere from a foot to two feet above normal
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attention to that. on the second front i want to say just be careful on some of the side roads where maybe the rains and the storms cause the power lines to be down. temperatures now, p 4-degrees in the nation's capital. we've got 64 at dulles . sixty-four at manassas. sixty-three greece to frederick to the north and we've got 63 greece as well for within chess templet a pretty nice night, fairly mild. look the at dewpoints. there's a change into the week. right now into the 50s and 60s. not creating anything that's uncomfortable for you at all. ridge of high pressure, that's going to be in charge right into the middle of the week before we start to do some changes there. fairly clear skies for tonight as a result heading into the 60s. once we get into tomorrow we're going to see the temperatures start to rice a little bit grad ually into the week, but right now we're still sitting in a nice little cool sector
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the warmer weather will move once we get into the middle of the week. once the ridge of high pressure starts to mf out and the door opens up for the heat to head its way. plenty of sunshine. temperatures into the 830s, gradually into the seven day forecast making their way to the low 90s. tomorrow will be into the 80s. mid to upper 80s in areas across the board. you'll see the sunshine kicking in to 83-degrees. 65-degrees mostly clear skies. a really nice night and tomorrow once again a day filled with sunshine , 86-degrees. here's a look at your fox5 seven day forecast. heading to the 930s by the time we get to hump day, folks. we're also talking a chance of some storms as the frontal system moves through but we're not going to concentrate on the storms. we're going to concentrate on the dry conditions. monday and tuesday, a reflection of what he we had today, just get out and enjoy it . one day
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you, gwen. for tonight, the country of taiwan is bracing for a second tropical storm just one day after its first typhoon of the year made landfall. eighty-one people have been injured in tie pet. the storm brought winds up to 170 miles an hour. they left many shops knee deep in water. in west virginia a state of emergency is now in effect following the severe flooding, the high water damaged major roads and bridges as well as homes and businesses. dozens of people here had to be evacuated. the national guard has also been called in to help with the cleanup. and this weekend marks one year since deadly floods hit ellicott city the flood waters killed three people and caused millions of dollars to businesses and homes now a year later
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hometown is rebuilding. it is an emotional day in the sense of we'll be remembering the heart break of last year and remember ing the three individuals that we lost and very sad to think about that. but it's also a sign to really honor what all of the folks have done here in the way they have persevered. they got hit with the biggest bunch you could ever imagine and they didn't let it knock them down. more than $50 million spent on rebuilding many of the money was spent on improving drape age. from olympic gymnast to speed raiser we're talking about sigh mean biles in the dentist chair. you've got to t see this.
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this new video going viral for all the right reasons.
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beach firefighter saving a drown ing dog there. the whole thing caught on camera. officially the firefighter has to strip off his gear, jumpedard the dog. the dog there jr. was eventually reunited with his other than. many of us know there may be some side effects from anesthesia and sometimes they can be pretty funny. case in point, olympic gold medal isabella simone biles. i have no idea what she is saying there . ass a 20 year old she recently had her wisdom teeth re moved and as you can see she's pretty loop i. she's yelling jub issue. she actually shared this video on social media with the caption, here it is i honestly have no words. hope it makes you did. thanks, simone, it did. we're all wondering
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, it is. anything, as you know, can happen during live tv that's right. one reporter was not expecting to have a spider crawling on her arm. this is hand on murray here. she's from her sister station in dallas and she did not flinch a second there and that's because she had no idea it wasn't until a viewer pointed out to shannon that there was a spider crawling on her arm. she felt something on her arm and she definitely thought it was a spider. that video has been shared so many times. >> can you imagine. >> i don't want to. just watching it is creepy. after the break we're going to get our final check of your wakeup forecast. stay with us.
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we're starting the week with some sunshine i'm happy to say. we've got temperatures that are gradually climb to the 90s, but enjoy your monday and tuesday. spectacular just like today was we'll talk later in the week to talk about wednesday and thursday. that does it for us. fox news always l on. see you 46789. twenty-five tomorrow morning. good night.
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>> right now on "matter -- revisiting the summer of '67. >> we have endured a week no nation should live through. we seek more than the uneasy calm of martial law to prevent such disasters in the future. we can stop it. we must stop it. we will stop it. >> 50 years later -- what have we learned? soledad: i'm soledad o'brien. welcome to matter of the year was 1967 -- the so-called summer of love. yet in cities around the country there was anger in the air. african american communities exploded in violence over police brutality and inadequate ho


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