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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  July 31, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, in northern virginia, an urgent search underway to locate a missing woman, her son and a cousin. we've got a live report from loudoun county where police issue this alert just hours ago. >> i probably walked by that little boy hadn't no clue he was in the car. >> plus a major summer danger back in the spotlight after two hot car deaths over the weekend in phoenix. today the national highway traffic safety administration is going on a twitter fire storm to bring more attention to the issue. big changes and new challenge as the white house tries to hit the reset button. can general john kelly bring
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order to the west wing? plus, no gym new york city problem. chances are you'll be spending some time at the airport this summer but that doesn't mean you'll have to sit still. we've got some simple exercises to get you moving before you take off. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ we're taking off right now and you can't sit still and watch us. you can do your exercises at the same time. but don't touch the remote. leave the remote alone. welcome to good day d.c. it is 9:01. wisdom martin, holly morris steve chenevey maureen umeh ready to roll. >> also ahead this morning, paying it forward. catholic charities working with local volunteers to help the homeless in our area this morning we've got a special surprise for them. >> i can't wait for that. fiss fir at 9:00 let's talk about this weather a nice sunday day on tap for this final day of july. >> all right. let's say good morning to tucker barnes and get a first check of the forecast. hey, tuck.
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end at the weekend. yesterday gorgeous 83 degrees was our day heim high. low humidity. as far as i'm concerned one of the nicest days of the summer. we'll do it again today. it will be a few degree warmer than yesterday with low humidity and bright blue skies and lots of sunshine and a storm free afternoon should be a great monday for us. reagan national now reporting 76. 70 at dulles. and in baltimore 75 degrees. so again pleasant start to the day. most of the region in the 50s and low 60s to start your morning. there's your satellite/radar. it's quite around here. not just washington, new york, boston down towards atlanta all looking good. suing he out to the west st. louis, chicago quiet as well. all in part thanks to high pressure and our winds our breezes continue our flow continues to be out of the north so we'll keep our dew point temperatures and our humidity relatively low this afternoon we should storm free with an area of high pressure right overhead. i want to mention no extremes here. 88 today. little warmer tomorrow and our next chance for storm doesn't get here until wednesday. more nice weather after that very wet fri
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saturday. we've got a nice quite weather patern for a few more days. just in the last couple of hours we spun up a new tropical storm impacting parts of the united states. we'll take closer look at that gore to twitter and i just tweeted out about it. >> we can do both. thanks, tuck. the it's 9:03. news developing overnight dc police cruiser and uber driver colliding sending two people to the hospital many it happened at 5aam seventh and r streets. the officer had her lights on while en route to a call when she rear ended an uber driver. both the officer and the uber driver taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. >> also developing this morning in virginia frantic search underway for woman and two children who disappeared without a trace last week and now loudoun county sheriff' office need your help trying to find them. fox5's melanie alnwick live in ashburn when they were last seen. mel, good morning to you. what's the latest. >> reporter: quite a mystery here. we just don't know what happened to this woman and these two children. let's show you the
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we're talking about 27-year-old courtney ash of suffolk, virginia apparently up here friday visiting with family, and she was at a residence in leesburg in the downtown leesburg area and apparently she left that residence with the nine-year-old the one you see next to her his name is jaelin sills russell. and she drove about 20 miles to ashburn to pick up her son, her five-year-old son cameron that's the one you see over there on the far side of the screen. he's five years old. they did arrive here in ashburn safely and she picked up her son, and then they left here ashburn but sometime between 11:00 and 11:30 friday night. they were supposed to go back to that residence in leesburg, but they never made it. it should have only been about a 25 minute drive but i will tell you 11:30, between 11:00 and 11:30 at night on friday it was
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windy, there was a possibility of flash floods from rain that is had gone on all day long. so it's possible, maybe, that weather might have played a role in their disappearance. we know that something that loudoun county detectives are looking into. we want to give you the information about her vehicle. it's a 2002 ford taurus, blue, and it is said to be license plate vuv hi 9844. so i'm told that detectives from the loudoun county sheriff's office spent much of the day yesterday going up and down any of the possible routes that would have taken them from here in ashburn to ad address in leesburg trying to see if there's any clue as to where this car might have gone. they're also asking the public in addition to looking out for the vehicle, looking out for these people if they see anything along these roots that may perhaps light might look like a car that went off into a ditch or some tire tracks, things like that, to please report that as well to the
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and one last thing, guys. we always ask about first of all the amber alerts. a number of people mentioned that online asked why there wasn't an amber alert watch we're told is she had permission to carry -- to transport the nine-year-old cousin and because the boy was also the five-year-old was her son that won meet the criteria for an amber alert where somebody is said to be in danger critical missing. it's an abduction in progress. also, we always ask about a cell phone, and unfortunately what loudoun counsel county sheriffs told me this morning they did try to contact that cell phone but absolutely no response from it. either is inoperable or turned off. live in ashburn, tell melanie alnwick fox5 local news. >> definitely a mystery. >> indeed it is. >> thanks mel appreciate it. 9:06 is our time. within the hour the white house will have new chief of staff. retired general john kelly will be sworn into office this morning, as of date one on the job, kelly already has a lot of on his p
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and replacing obamacare. dealing with nuclear testing in north korea. handling new sanctions against russia. and bringing order to an already chaotic administration. white house officials are confident though kelly is up for the job. >> if we can have protocol, pecking order, order discipline and achieve of staff that empowers the staff to succeed, i know that general kelly has done that on the battlefield. so we have great faith that that will be done. >> kelly is taken over for reince priebus who was forced out of his seat after the senate failed to repeal obamacare on friday. kelly will be sworn in at 9:30 this morning. in the meantime president trump is not giving up on health care reform despite the repeated republican senator repeal and replace plans. going down into defeat last week in series of tweets over the weekend the president strongly encouraged republicans to abandon the 60 vote majority needed to pass new reform bill. the president even seemed to threaten the deeply subsidized health insurance given to members of congress. and the prede
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up this morning here's his latest tweet he says, if obamacare is hurting people and it is, why shouldn't it hurt the insurance companies and why should congress not be paying what public pays? >> senator john mccain back in arizona to begin radiation and chemotherapy as he continues to fight aggressive form of brain cancer. mccain returned to his home state after casting that thumbs down vote on health care last friday. his office says he should though be able to return to washington at the end of the august recess. >> all right. eight minutes past the hour. happening right now, montgomery county police searching for teeteenager who stapped stabbedt a man at a rec center in chevy chase. police say a group rented out the community center for a middle school graduation ceremony party. teen who wasn't invited showed up and started fighting with others. 60-year-old volunteer at the rec center tried to break up the fight when he was stabbed. the teen off. detectives not named a suspec the stabbing victim is expected to be okay. >> one of texas most wanted criminals in arlington county jail after w
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he is accused of ms13 gang member wandered for two murders in texas. bob barnard life from arlington this morning with the latest details. bob, what can you tell us? >> reporter: hey, maureen. he was arrested saturday morning near 4-mile run here arlington with his girlfriend and his child with him at the time. the man is now here at the arlington county jail his name is douglas alexander herrera her then today's 20 years old goes by the nickname terror. he is wanted for two murders in the houston, texas, area, one last month, one earlier this month. this is a guy that the authorities say is a member of ms13. came here illegally from el salvador three years ago was a initially detained after he crossed the rio grand. detained in southern texas but then allowed to go with a court order to appear in court which he never did. so now fast forward three years& he's here in the arlington county jail. he was arrested by not only the
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fugitive gang task force. also, arlington county police and ice. the federal authorities say after he is cents back to texas to face these murder charges, he'll eventually be deported but will first serve time in prison in texas on these two murders. the problem is, eventually, if he -- will likely live so long is sent back to he will val is a door they keep coming back. even if they're known criminals here convicted criminals they're sent home and they get back here and that's something that not only donald trump when he went to long island last week but the montgomery county state's attorney john mccarthy is railing about. you know, the murders that these gang members commit, they just seem to be on a revolving door of justice where they're sent home and they come back to commit for crimes. so we'll see what happens in this case. for right now, mr. her hoorah hernandez in the arlington county jail here awaiting extradition to houston, guys. >> just to be clear, bob, if convicted of
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he gets a 70 year sentence he would serve that sentence first here in texas in the u.s. before any chance of being sent out of country? >> reporter: that's right. because the murders were committed here in the u.s. and most people acknowledge that you send them back to el salvador he's not going to spend 70 years in prison there. he'll be back out on the streets and possibly try to get back to the us. he'll serve his sentence here in the states if he's convicted. >> all right. right now being held in the arlington county jail where bob is this morning. 11 past the hour. coming up next hot car dangers in the headlines again this morning after the deaths of two babies in two separate incidents in one city over the weekend. we'll tell was the national highway traffic safety administration is doing to try to bring little more attention to this issue. >> plus a big jail break overnight in alabama and right now, a couple of those suspects still on the run. 9:11 is our time. you're watching the number one good day d.c. we'll be right back. pro tip: giant
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♪ we're back at 9:14. developing overnight a manhunt underway in alabama after authorities say 12 inmates escaped from jail in walker county. now 11 of those inmates have been recaptured but one is still on the loose as of last reporting. that escape happened yesterday. it's unclear how the inmates got out. they had been imprison on charges ranging from attempted murder to disorderly conduct. >> developing overseas a car bomb and gun attack in kabul, afghanistan which appears to be targeting the iraqi embassy this all began early this morning. and we are told the car bomb exploded outside the em pass bass see followed by gunmen trying to storm the building. there's no word on how many people may be injured. witnesses say though they continue to hear gunshots in the area. today on social media there's a 24 hour tweet up aimed at saving young lives talking about the smallest of children who die in sweltering hot cars.
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urgent following heartbreaking nes coming out of phoenix arizona over this weekend. >> one city, two young children dead both left in hot cars in two separate incidents. in one of the cases, a seven month old was left in his grand parent's car for ours. temperatures were over 100 degrees. a neighbor says he was cleaning the parents's pool hadn't no idea an infant was in the car in the driveway. >> i probably walked by that little boy and had no clue he was in the car. >> mark peterson even saw the child's caretaker not long before the baby was found dead in that vehicle. >> owner of the house came out and waived to me and acted like nothing was wrong. >> in another part of phoenix this weekend a man came out of church to find his one-year-old not breathing. it's believed that child had been left in the car in triple digit temperatures for at least two hours. >> i don't know what people are thinking now days. i feel sorry for the family. but, you know, god, that's a shame. >> there's bill pending in the u.s. senate aimed at preventing
9:16 am
it would require car makers to build sensors for back seats. alarm would notify the driver someone is till in the car after the vehicle is turned off. >> take the time to actually look and examine the vehicle so that the baby not forgotten. >> everybody will have to make double triple quadruple check n these two cases nobody has been arrested in either hot car deaths. both are believed to be accidental. police have not rule out the possibility of charges. most heartbreaking of charges because -- >> horrific. >> you lose your child you face the charges on top of that. let's talk about that tweet. the they'll tweet every 15 minutes for 24 hours to raise awareness about the dangers of heat stroke, that started at 7:00 o'clock this morning. you can join in the conversation which is going on right now with tweets and retweets of your own. so far this year, there have been more than two dozen deaths due to kids being left in hot cars. it's tough, too, because even with the changes that nha
9:17 am
proposing, you know, it's just like if you have a heavy bag on the passenger seat it thinks the seat belt isn't on, are you going to have to set something to say like i put somebody in the child seat they're actual sal kid here and warn you if you don't? if you don't take that first step you're to the going to get the alarming to off. >> for a lot of parents it's unimaginable it happens so often it is a reality. i don't know what it is. i know like you said car makers have been considering doing something where some sort of alarm is installed that stops this from happening, but i don't know. if you pass a car that has child in it do you break -- >> yes. if i saw a kid york. >> absolutely. but the thing as you said the pain on top of you lose a child then the charges filed. what more nightmare. >> or living with the fact you know it was your fault. you killed your child. >> the rest of your life. >> a lot of times you have like the neighbor said he saw the homeowners waving in their mind the kid may have been sleeping in the house in their mind what they thought it was montgomery realizing the child was in the car. >> i always say i don't know as
9:18 am
child is in the car. we live busy distracted lives. we're on the go, and it's -- you know, like you said it happens all too often. obviously, it's a problem. >> yeah. >> bottom line, parents, pay attention. >> pay attention to your kid. quadruple whatever you got to do make sure. slow down. >> 9:18 is the time. coming up it's a netflix original with a cult following. coming up next kevin mccarthy goes one-on-one with bash from stranger things to tauber surprise appearance in comicon. >> here's what's making headlines this morning. the bad news continues for vacationers in north carolina's outerbanks. outerbanks. from a massive power outage and it could be two more weeks before it's fully restored. plus, a scare in the air in germany. congo low miss -- gonadal will miss map leaving 100 people dangling in the air and how to heal a broken heart. new research proving it may be as simple as breaking out pen and paper. wove a check of w
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where there's jif, there's love. hmm i can't believe how great this tastes! i can't believe it comes in... vegaaaan. and organiiiic. try i can't believe it's not butter! in two new ways. it's vegan! and it's organic! all right. 921st time right now. and maureen you got a look at the stories making headlines today. >> i sure do. up this morning, the number of tourists ordered out of north carolina outerbanks continues to grow over the weekend. some 70,000 visitors now forced to evacuate ocracoke and hatteras islands they remain
9:22 am
construction crew accidentally cut three underground transmission cables. power crews have to dig down to find them and splice them back together. it could be two weeks before full power is restored. security remains high ten at airports in australia this morning after police uncovered an alleged terror plot to bring down an airplane. several people arrested in raids across sidney police say they found bomb-making materials in their homes and they do believe the plot may have been to bring device on board and carry on luggage. officials are declining to comment on reports that isis may be linked to the supply. rides at the ohio state fairy opened over the weekend following safety inspections after that deadly accident last week. the rides were shut down wednesday after the fire ball thrill ride broke apart killing 18-year-old high school student tyler jerrell and injuring several other riders. three remain in critical condition. the fire ball ride remains closed. attendance fry was down 15,000 from a year ago.
9:23 am
tourists in germany taking gondola over the ryan river. 32 cable cars in service when one car collided with a support pillar bringing the others to a stop. fire crews used a crane to bring down 100 passengers luckily no one injured here. and finally this morning if you're feeling broken hearted, you may want to try keeping a journal. previous studies found a divorce or serious break up can cause cardio las sue lauer changes university of arizona researchers wanted to say journal writing could help. it found people who wrote about their break ups in narrative form had better heart health. researchers believe the writing helped people better understand their experience. >> study from 1965. >> exactly. >> right. >> the best way to get over broken heart to find a new one. >> find a new one. >> keep it moving. fine somebody else. >> write about it in the meantime. >> exact many. write about it. too. >> little black book. >> good point. >> don't slip in people's dm's that's how you get over it. >> 9:23. ca
9:24 am
leaving behind. coming up summer vacation having you feeling sluggish now. a lot of travelers will find themselves delayed in airports this summer. we'll show you easy work out that is require no equipment and help you keep you active when you're stuck at the airport gate. >> we're paying it forward. local volunteers working together to help the homeless in our area. we'll get to work with catholic charities putting breakfast bags together for local charities. >> fresh at 10a interviews with actor and tv host and musician nick cannon and team wolf heart throb tyler posie takes to us the final season of the hit mtv show. plus music monday and malik, a contest on season 12 of the voice joins us live in the loft. time right now 9:24. baaing in moment. moment. z2fwdz z16fz
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y2fwdy y16fy
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>> 9:27. between get update on the ne norovirus outbreak at the chipotle restaurant. two people now suing the fast food chain for $74,000. the suit is demanding damages for medical fees and pain and suffering. about two week ago, dozens of people fell ill after eating at the chip potty until sterling. chipotle announced it tracked the outbreak to an employee working while sick f you're sick, stay home. >> right. >> and at the very least stay away from the food. >> right. he is special physical you're working in the food industry. >> stay home. >> how do they come up with $74,000. >> random number.
9:28 am
suffering. >> yeah. >> okay. not to minimize it. >> 9:27 is the time right now. twitter is testing a program that will promote accounts and tweets for $99 a month. now, businesses or even individuals who sign up will automatically have their first ten tweets of that day pushed to the top of the feeds. now twitter has struggled to turn a profit season trying to expand revenue i don't know the adds. >> i'm a little afraid as to what those tweets are going to b. >> i don't like that. >> push to the top of mild. >> who is pushing out ten tweets -- businesses i guess. that seems like an awful lot. >> for a business? it's a super cheap sponsorship. >> buying a commercial. >> you'll get your stuff pushed to the top. for me when i log on to twitter do i want to see all commercials at the top? >> no like when you google something the paid ads are at the top i go straight down past that. >> i'm annoyed the twitter timeline you have the little ad úthat pops up. what is this. >> i'm annoyed the -- pardon me was missed section is longer than the most recent tweets and i
9:29 am
yesterday's tweets first. >> i can't figure out how to operate twitter i don't understand how your feed will be on some days and the next day it won't your feed will be on. your stuff will pop you. >> all over the place. >> how does it decide. >> how does it no. >> maybe when they get together they won't be struggling. >> if you pay $99 a month you'll get it back to the way it was the order of the most recent ones first. >> maybe this is the beginning of the end of twitter. >> no. president trump will handle it. >> let me hope. maureen, let me hope. >> making it great again. >> all right. listen, the scarcity of parking spaces near virginia beach's owing front has left residents to fake no parking signs local media reports the city gets 30 to 40 calls each year about the signs. the city owns the first few feet of land in front of homes meaning the streets are open for public parking. now, real signs owned by the city have stickers on the back that details the punishment for defacing it. the promise reports say it actually goes back to at least
9:30 am
2008. >> sounds like the same thing putting the folding chairs out in the snow. >> exactly. >> are you really willing to take a chance though? >> yeah. >> no. for my parking space. >> you are. >> maybe. >> depends what the penalty is. >> not me. if you saw no parking sign -- >> that looks shady. >> what if it doesn't look shady. >> what if it looks legit. >> i wouldn't park there. >> i won. >> then -- >> i'm all about the lawn chairs especially in chicago with the snow. you shovel out a spot and someone parks there, oh. >> i don't mess with any of that. >> don't even try it. >> people park illegally you'll take the $25 fine over paying for three hours of garage pa parking. >> true. >> take chance and leave the car there. >> that's a good point. >> i don't want to be towed.nt . >> towed that's a different -- tollly different animal. >> all right. tucker barnes talking about our our weather today. glorious. at least part of the weekend today looking really good. >> going to be perfect. >> real quick i would eat a bad burrito for 74 grand. i would. i'd eat a bad burrito if i knew i was going to get 74 grand,
9:31 am
>> absolute. >> you got to make sure you'll survive it. >> they just were -- >> i've had norovirus symptoms saturday and sundays mornings and never got paid anything. >> we don't need that part of the details. >> i will agree with your original statement. [ laughter ] >> original couldn't tech it sounds like a good idea. we don't need to hear about the freebies. >> just saying. >> we get it. >> we got it. >> all right. early work week sunshine i don't have much weather to talk about. going off on another subject matter. let's do temps absolutely beautiful out this morning 76 in washington. 73 in quantico. gorgeous overnight. overnight lows back in the 50s for everybody the exception being annapolis close to the bay and here in washington we're in the 60s but still very very comfortable. you're not seeing here the low humidity of course dew point temperatures have been running in the 5 50s the past 24 hours d it's very very comfortable air particularly for the ladder stages of july. nice quiet sat picture we're very quite here regionally locally really the eastern half of the country big area of high pr
9:32 am
out to our west. our flow is still out of the north and that will deliver a nice quiet afternoon for us. with plenty of sunshine lit a little warmer than yesterday upper 80s nice looking day. just in like six hours we've watched a tropical storm blossom just wet of tampa tropical storm emily and it is a rainy day in the sunshine state. very heavy rain. four to 6-inches of rain for parts of florida. getting flooding issues and landfall should be later this afternoon but seek the bulk of the activity the convection and the rain already on shore there with emily so there you go. tropical storm emily 45 miles per hour winds. winds won't be a factor but rain will and that is the projected track of emily over the next couple of days. have to watch that make sure it doesn't hug the coast. bring a cup of cloudy overcast days to the beaches if it tracks closer to hand areas. there's your seven day. nothing too extreme for us. we'll take it. 88 today. looks like our next chance for storm on wednesday humidity will creep back wne
9:33 am
weather of any kind around here. no extreme rains or heat for the next couple of days. we'll take it. 88 sunny and warm this afte afternoon. join a beautiful days, guys. maureen, back to you. >> thank you tucker. this morning we're so happy to bring back a wonderful series of stories we call pay it forward. a chance to highlight people and organizations who go above and beyond to help those in need and make a difference in the world around them. we're so happy to also have eastern's automotive as the proud sponsor for pay it forward. so this morning we take closer look at the local homeless population where hard to believe that finding a bed for a night can sometimes be easier than finding breakfast in the morning. ♪ >> anybody who wants to can participate. great thing to do for people i'm call this a toe in the water program. but your toe in the water it's pretty simple. >> volunteer teams can come to a monthly cup of joe packing session or host a packing event a different location. each group usually makes about
9:34 am
ú400 breakfast bags her session it's a good deed but it can be fun. this group got to assemble their bag in the washington capitals locker room. >> we try to do as much as we can to give back to the community that gives so much to us. a cup of joe, the program is so amazing and does straight things for the homeless population in d.c. >> we caught up with the group of volunteers at adams place who say the spirit of giving to others is a alive and well in the metro area. >> i'm helping people who are less fortunate than i am. >> and joining us now talk about this inspiring out reach effort is lydia program director for cup of joe. you know what, this is amazing. just watching the package and seeing what you guys do, thank you so much. >> thank you for highlighting cup of joe. the cup of joe program is very very important to catholic charities because they have eight homeless shelters and they don't receive breakfast in the morning so the bags
9:35 am
>> i want to point that out we've got caitlin and tucker who graciously given up their time to help stuff these bags with some of the breakfast items that you do give the homeless population. >> so the homeless can go through a thousand of these bags in a day depending on the se season. >> that just shows the need. >> that shows the need. >> the number. >> cup of joe is very very important. catholic charities we ask them what do they want to eat? we take their input you into great consideration, and the homeless actually help develop the bags that you see. so we ask them, you know, what are you looking for. do you have a sweet tooth, salty tooth. are you having too much sugar? they tell me that sometimes we give them too much fiber. [ laughter ] >> so we do take that into account. so father john has instituted the 70 days of summer for service. so what we're trying to do is over the summer while people on vacation to highlight the need of giving back. while you're on vacation. take 30 minutes to an hour, pack some meal kits for the h
9:36 am
>> you do. >> we provide the meals so volunteers don't have to pay for it we do accept donations, however. >> that's remarkable. >> catholic charities provide the materials. we just need the volunteers to make the food. >> you can have volunteers come to catholic charities and make these bags. there's another way that you can be involved if you don't want to come into the facility if someone does not want to come into catholic charities to make the bags they have do it on their own. we have families that do it for family unions. we've had people do it for wedding. >> birthday parties. >> birthday parties. sometimes they just want to donate someone wants to donate juice boxes or pop tarts or fruit cups that's also another way that helps out the program cuts down on costs. and we gladly accept donations as well. >> what's going into these capri suns. you mention add mixture of salty and sweet. walk me through what you've got in these bags. >> of course. so we have a juice box and we have simply checks sort of like a breakfast component and then we have gold fish which
9:37 am
like, the granola bar a favorite, and then we have a fruit leather and we have a fruit cup. >> favorites in my house for sure. >> frue lovers are the favorites. they do like pop tarts. but we try to give that in the winter. >> okay. >> so we do try and change things up based off their requests. >> what i love, that the bag you're using is a simple sip lock bag with a spoon it in. nothing fancy. you can get this at a dollar story, ten for a dollar sometimes 20 for a dollar. >> yes. exactly. and the other thing is volunteers can put little index cards in it with a little note saying god bless, enjoy your d day, knock knock jokes or silly jokes are very very popular. like having something funny to read first thing in the morning. >> on personal note why do you do this? >> um, i am a caseworker and i understand the need. for me it's very important to see people and to serve. i just don't feel comfortable passing someone by knowing that they're hungry. and i appreciate catholic
9:38 am
opportunity to take care of those in need the way i really really it's laid on mylar to do. >> that's remarkable. i hope more people follow that need. as rich as we are in this area we know there are people who are hurting and need help. we're glad to help. you know, one group we partnered with eastern automotive they're very cog nissan of groups that go above and i don't know the dutied to good in the community like catholic charities and eastern we partnered with them once again they've been so gracious they wanted to present you with this check. >> awesome. >> for $25,000. >> are you serious. >> oh, my gosh. >> are you serious right now? >> i'm sorry. oh. >> let me correct myself. i got ahead of myself. this is $1,000. >> oh, okay. >> that's still amazing. >> i wanted to see. i apologize for that. that was a big mistake on my part a thousand dollars nonetheless. >> you can make up the other 24,000. >> i might have to after that big mistake any amount of money helps. >> it does. from a thousand to 25,000 any am helps. if you have money you want to donate you don't have to
9:39 am
bags. you can also donate money because it's all helpful. >> yes. a thousand dollars is very helpful. >> thank you very much. >> you know what i'm doing, what i did was speak into existence it will be 25,000 because this $1,000 will be multiplied. 24 fold. right? >> let's make this happen. lydia, thank you so much cathedral will lick charities for all do you. can people google and go online with catholic charities. >> they can go online catholic charities -- >> you okay. >> forward slash volunteer or e-mail lydia.monroe at cc dash >> you only have about 15 -- ten more to go. come on tuck. >> we got it. >> i have one solution. fruit leather doesn't sound appealing. >> it is very good, though. >> okay. >> it's a fourth of a serve of fruit. you can't go wrong. >> just saying i need to talk to the product manager. >> this is the way he gives b back. >> i understand. >> we'll take that into consideration. >> thank you eastern owe at automotive for the money. thank you lydia for highlig
9:40 am
what catholic charities is doing for the homeless population. keep up the good work. >> thank you for having us. >> you get involved. >> volunteers never eat your products, right. >> they do all the time. >> okay. >> he's been eyeing the fruit leather. back over to you guys. >> tuck, it's for charity. come on. >> wonderful. listen still ahead, it is a netflix hit with a massive following. the streaming sites thrilling drama stranger things that makes its return this fall and our kevin mccarthy he goes on one with one of the show's big stars fans at comicon. he'll join us live, kev is, from la. he's got all the details coming up next. ♪ at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. so she can afford to feel at home even when she's miles away.
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>> ♪ >> darkness falls across the land, the midnight hour is close at hand, creatures crawl in search of blood, to terrorize your neighborhood ♪ >> all right. that is look at the trailer from the upcoming season two of the hit netflix original drama stranger thing. the show is set for release on october 27th, but over the weekend, our kevin mccarthy got a chance to sit down with one of the show's stars. and he's joining us now from la via skype to tell us all about it. hey, kev. >> good morning. yeah, it's honor to be on always i'm out here in la for a bunch of different movies including the hit man's
9:44 am
the glass castle. on saturday, i was at nova con which is a huge -- the first annual event in northern virginia essentially comicon but in northern virginia area. costumes and everything, and obviously stranger things is a major, major show as you morninged and season two probably one of the most anticipated shows of the year, and one of the characters on that show was character named barb. this character had very little screen time but became a massive viral sensation and believe me we have a photo of her from the show, and the reason why her character was such a big deal, they she played an awkward teenager and her character not to spoil anything in season one her character dies. and she dies when she goes to party with her friend a of hers and she's outside sitting on a pool -- near a pool and she gets -- she dies somehow. i don't want to give anything away if you haven't seen the show, but the big question has become, will she r
9:45 am
season two? and it's become such a big deal that comicon and everyone is asking her about it, but she received an emmy nomination for this part. which is a huge deal considering how small the screen time is. but that's the impact this character had on the show i spoke to her what wartlike receive an emmy nomination for playing bash in stranger things. watch this. >> i saw your tries at comicon. for people who don't know can you explain what happened and who knew and who didn't know. >> the deptford brothers contacted me. hey we want you to do a surprise. come to comicon i wasn't late to do appear and nobody knew the cast didn't know, so i sneak in to comicon i'm wearin mask and i am at their panel, and so when they opened it up to questions and answers, i'm the first one to ask a question, and i take off my mask, and everybody flips out. it was crazy because i asked a question i mean they wanted knee ask bash was going to be in
9:46 am
and they like couldn't even hear me. >> what mask did you have an a ninja. a mask my friend just happened to have. all right. that's cool. >> oh, my god. so the cast had no idea. you get up and say is barb going to be in season two and they immediately say no. >> pretty. >> made me really upset. i guess my only thing was, flashbacks. can't she come back in flash backs. >> right. >> did you shoot anything for flash backs. very dead and he came back.s- so like what's the deal? >> yeah. >> no, it's fine. no, i didn't shoot any flash backs. i know that, like, barb is definitely a topic of discussion in season two, though, and they tell me they'll be justice for her. i don't know what that means. i think a funeral would be really nice for somebody like acknowledge that i was like g gone. that would be cool
9:47 am
>> okay. i'm not sure what soundbite we just played because i couldn't hear it was the one about her at the emmy nomination or comicon. >> it was comicon same thing we heard earlier from comicon. >> okay. sorry. i'm not hearing the sound in my ear that story she just told she was at comicon obviously last weekend in san diego and that's where she surprised the crowd as you hard her say. so i guess this next soundbite is her reactioning to her emmy nomination. listen to this. >> yeah, well i remember being really sad because i knew they were going to announce the nominees, and i was on a plane on my way to vancouver to do riverdale season two. >> yeah. >> and so i'm like, i mean they've already announced it i'm on the plane. the plane lands and i turn on my phone and it just like ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. people are blowing it up. i'm like what happened? i don't know what's going on. and then almost immediately i get a call from my like my manager, my publicist and they're literally like both crying on the phone. you got nominated.
9:48 am
>> i remember like i had like the strongest you were to just stand up on that plane be like, i don't know if anybody cares, but i just got nominated for an emmy. i didn't do that. >> you know, i do want to mention back to that first soundbite you heard about her telling the comicon story, i mean, i was at nova con over the weekend where she was, and it's obviously a very smaller -- smaller version of what comicon is in san diego it's becoming a lot bigger of a deal to have cons all over the country. obviously we have awesome con in d.c. and nova con now and then there's new york comicon. but the 80 that she was at comicon while the post of stranger things was on stage. she was wearing that mask as she mentioned and know one knew she was there she stood up and asked the question and she specific system trying to find out if there's going to be justice for barb. if you saw stranger thing the actual show, she was killed off so everyone wanted to know what's going to happen? are they going to bring her back somehow? >> and that's why she was
9:49 am
sorry for the mix up there. i apologize. >> no worries. >> yeah. >> stranger things have happened, kev. [ laughter ] >> yeah. that's very funny. by the way my entire interview way eight ate minutes i'll put it up on youtube channel. d.c. em knee nominate and used to work at a movie theater in atlanta. she went out for this role. she had an agent now her entire life has changed. very cool. >> go for her. >> thanks, kevin. >> great job, kev. >> appreciate it. >> see you later. >> thanks guys. still ahead traveling we know it can take big toll on your body from lay over toss long delays. many flyers they'll play the waiting game at the gate this summer but that doesn't mean you have to sit around and skip your work out. up next we'll show you quick and simple exercises that can help you pass the time and keep it moving before you board that plane.
9:50 am
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♪ welcome back 9:52. from family vacations to business trips hundreds of thousands of flyers well they'll find themselves at delays at airport gates this summer. and that could mean a lot of time being
9:53 am
no gym, though, no problem. fitness and health experts sophia rodriguez joins us now live in the loft and she's got some simple ways that when you're sitting around at the airport and you're mad at the world because your plane is not taking off and you're not getting to where you're sup supposing to she'll tell us what we need to do. first of all i want to know how you came up with this idea. >> i was going miami for my birthday. we were sitting there delayed for like two and half hours. looking a round. i'm board. >> okay. >> i start working out. >> right then right there. >> right there. >> you're not crazy. tell me what you started doing. how does the workout go. you're in the airport. i'm walking around i'm pacing i'm mad. because my plane just got delayed i sit down and then what do i do or do i sit down. >> you don't sit down. >> number one, don't sit down. okay. what's next. >> pretend this is the airport chair. >> okay. all the people looking -- oh my goodness. >> 1 foot back. >> work the legs. >> all right. jut going to come down in a lunch. >> doing this at the airport. >> yes. i'm doing it at the airport. >> nobody called security on you? >> no. [ laughter ]
9:54 am
>> let me do my good knee. go ahead. what's next. >> 1 foot back. >> come down into a lunch. >> okay. i see that. i got that. okay. >> i didn't do it. >> you're not going to do. >> what's next. >> step ups. >> at the airport you're doing this at the airport? >> yes. yes. >> nobody called security onúyo? >> no. >> so you're doing step ups. okay. step ups are next. >> if i'm on business trip even got my clothes on like i got on right now, i still do this. >> take your jacket off. you'll be fine. >> hold on. let me get my good knee. i hope this chair doesn't move. >> stip. >> what do you mean don't do it. i'm an athlete. whatever. >> you're good. >> i'm good. >> exactly. >> that's with a suit coat on. >> what's next? >> push ups. >> in the -- again in the airport. >> in the airport. >> okay. all right. >> so we got to get upper body. >> okay. >> by this point you should be pretty warm. >> okay. keep going, you just lemme know what we're doing next. the reason i'm not staying off my staff i got all these bapa
9:55 am
>> you don't have to do push up. you can just hold it if you want. >> whatever. make sure my feet don't go down. do go down like that. >> yup. >> come back up. >> exactly. >> or hold it for the core. >> i'm sweating already. >> mount tone climber. >> okay. >> that's a little cardio. >> i'm still stunned nobody is calling security. >> serve in their own world. how long does this whole thing take. >> there's one more. >> do tricep dips with your arms. >> all right. >> tricep dips. >> okay. >> exactly. >> i did it for about five, ten minutes. >> like this. i don't want this chair to move. >> i'll hold the chair. >> backpacks will come off. you might have to queue me. >> bend your knees. >> like that. >> yup. >> dip down and then push back up. >> okay. >> exactly. >> perfect. so now -- >> you got the full body cov covered. >> i leave that and i go get some fast food. >> no. >> no? >> not after that workout. >> okay. so the whole thing takes how long when you're sitting there. >> probably five or ten minutes. >> that's all
9:56 am
>> when you were first doing this at the airport and you're sitting there and you're doing all these workouts and everything i don't know if you were dressed like that what did the people say to you or did anybody say anything to you? >> they didn't say anything. they were just looking like what is she doing. >> i'm not the only one that has done. i've seen it online. >> real? you've seen people at the airport wor working out. >> probably not that many we're kind of crazy people going on vacation they're not thinking about working out. >> i'm always thinking about working out. >> that's some good tips. if you got on gear that's easy to do. >> exactly. >> pack your workout clothes just in case. >> you know what, you can wear a t-shirt next time you get ready to go to the airport. [ inaudible ] >> i would say ten repetitions much each and then maybe three sets. >> take a little break in between. >> here's my problem. i have have a five-year-old. don't stand on that chair, get your feet off the chair now move because mom has got to do exercises. >> maybe skip the first two. show him the other ones. >> find a bench all the way in the corner. that way it's a little
9:57 am
discreet. >> yes. >> i could do that. >> think about now hiding in the corner and you're doing -- i'm calling security. >> i'm seeing something i'm saying something. >> exactly. >> i'm calling. >> she said sean dress like this. >> i was. >> oh, you were. >> yeah. >> i was in like some three quarters and like a little crop top. i always wear sneakers on the airplane. who wants to be uncomfortable. >> all right f you're doing that the guys are probably all over you at the airport? [ laughter ] >> i hope your boyfriend was with you? >> he was. wow. okay. >> you know what where i'm mott going to see that wisdom, in cinnabon line at the airport. >> you'll see me. >> exactly. >> talking about the crazy people working out over there. [ laughter ] >> good day 10a coming up next. ♪ ♪♪
9:58 am
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♪ >> must see moments you'll see only on good a at the an a this among money. we've been trying to catch up with nick cannon since he started at howard and wait is over. don't miss erin como's exclusive one-on-one. they talk about everything from his time in d.c. to co parking with mariah carey. >> our man crush monday continues as i chat with team wolf heart throb tyler posie. the final season of the hit mtv show is upon us what's next for the hollywood junk. >> trending at 10a, rihanna fights back against a body shamer. will the biebs make music again and have we finally learned the reason behind the jay-z kanye feud. >> let's do this d.c. in three, two, one. good day at 10a starts right now. ♪
10:02 am
>> are ya'll ready to work without. >> here we go. i can seat a tootsie role. >> i can lick a tootie roll. here you go. do it again. >> she's the best. and then -- >> there you go. >> this is close. >> try not to squat in dress. >> tough competition. >> you might have to do legs together. >> these are pristine swats. >> right. >> you can get pretty low. she can dip it. >> she can dip it low. >> do swats like this. >> i don't think i can dip that low. >> come on you need to work it, sister. >> she's got heels on. >> got an inn clean. >> sophia how can people find you? good go on instagram at so fit fia. >> food court, oops, there it is. >> thank you. >> always good to see you. >> thank you. >> working out at the airport. >> well done, wisdom. >> well done. >> i wanted to say something real
10:03 am
>> counts as two a day. >> i went to the rammies on sunday night and we pre viewed the rammies last week on good day at 10a. two of the people that came in won. >> i told them they would be good luck. casual restaurant gas rows and pastry show of the year for m masseria. >> the loft is a lucky charm once again. good day dc. gang is all still here at 10:00 o'clock. maureen, steve, i'm holly, this is wisdom. before we check what's trending, though, steve is going to take a look what stories are making headlines this morning steve. >> let's start off a violent weekend in the did you trick unfortunately. nine people shot within a span of 24 hours. two of those were fatalities one of them happened in northeast or quarrel street. 18 years old and died at the scene much police believe that shooting stemmed from a party the night before. there's a $2,500 reward up for grabs for anybody with information to leads to an arrest in they have these investigations. at the white house now, officially a new chief of staff retired general john kelly officially sworn in win the last hour. the alrea
10:04 am
plate stepping up to the job of the fight for health care, tension overseas, administration that most people say needs to be reeled in. the president hopes that general kelly will bring order to the white house. he's taking for reince priebus forced out of his seat on fr friday. venezuela problems down there the president celebrated as the polls closed after months of violent amount government protests more than eight hill million people voted to grant his ruling socialist party virtually unlimited powers. the turn out more than double what estimates were and then ended up being wildly mocked and appeared escalate anger from the opposition who said the numbers were probably escalated they thought between two and 3 million people actually voted even though they claimed 8 million. maryland trying to combat the west nile virus. state department of agriculture will be spraying in new carrollton tonight to help control adult mosquitoes after the health department announced last week the presence of the west vile virus and mosquitoes collected in that part of the county. the spaying will continue in other nearby communities tomorrow. all part of an effort to reduce mosquito
10:05 am
state of maryland. new jersey governor chris christie apparently has love for baseball. remember he caught the foul ball at shea stadium. pretty nice catch. elected his baseball muscles again over the weekend. not the arm muscles the eye ball muscles when he got into a stare down with a cubs fan at yesterday's cubs/brewers came game. he was caught in camera getting into the fans face while holding a bunch of nat chose. he called the christie a hypocrite. he said have a another beer. he said you're a big shot before walking away and the fans at that point you had a nice come back for my comment. we were on even terms and then you just escalated the situation. >> right. >> with the big shot comment. >> chris kiss tee getting in somebody's face like this. does he think someone may not bark back at him. >> what's the pop? what do you gain. >> there's no point. you get all of this testosterone or estrogen going. you get in someone's face when emotions are high
10:06 am
come out of it the way ugly that's what i'm saying. there's nothing positive to come out of that. >> it was a poor decision my favorite part of that whole picture we couldn't see was the nachos. >> the nachos. >> he's got this huge thing of nachos. >> expensive. don't crack me up. i don't know why -- look at the nachos. they're loaded, too. >> he got the works. >> he asked for extra jalapenos. >> he almost got them on his shirt. if he links over another inch he ruins his shirt. >> knows his way around a nat chos. >> they need a nacho summit. >> is he by himself or does he have security. >> he was walking down the aisle from the nachos. >> i see it's easy to be bold when you got security with you as opposed to rolling up on a complete stranger. >> i didn't see security. >> just nachos. >> all about the nachos. >> 10:0 sick. let's check what's trending right now massive twitter campaign to protest new hbo show called couldn't
10:07 am
developed by games of thrown show runners david and db weiss a civil war drama taking place in al tesh nat universe slavery is legal in the south crit take railed against the concept fairing that the show would sugar coat slavery and two white men are the wrong people to take on slavery. the hash tag no confederate was trending nationwide on twitter. april rain twist tweeted this because there are people in reality romanticizing the confederacy they'll have a reason to co play. hbo urged fans to wait for more details much the no project isn't its infancy we hope that people will reserve judgment until there is something to see. >> people dress up like characters that are on it's a big thing i think they're afraid people will take to this and start dressing up in a way that would be inappropriate. >> again -- based on the show. >> hbo green it will it. we'll see. new this morning the soon to be ex-wife of anthony scaramucci
10:08 am
diedre was nine months pregnant when she filed for divorce last month. new director of communications was reportedly with the president at a boy scout jamboree when she gave birth last monday. diedre's confirm the birth of babies james named after her mother father on saturday. her lawyer did not comment on the reason behind the divorce. all right. this next story showcases a real life super mom. dr. amanda hess was in kentucky devereaux room getting ready to have her second baby, both are about to be seen right here, while she was in labor, she heard the woman in the room next door having complications with her deliver recent the on call dr. -- we don't have the picture apparently. the on call doctor was not in the building so doctor hess jumped into action, delivered that baby, while she was still in labor. >> wow! >> yeah. >> still in labor. delivered somebody else's baby. then shortly after she gave birth to her own baby girl. >> that is a
10:09 am
>> super woman. forget gal gadot at woman deal much that's the real deal. >> the real hess. >> to have the wherewithal to be in labor and then to go -- >> that's training. >> to be in labor and deal with a labor lady having complications whose in labor. >> just kicks in. >> that's amazing. >> that is amazing. all right. new study finds speaking of moms that working moms really work all the time. 98 hour work weeks to be exact. and for in ten mothers say the week feels like a never ending zero receives tasks. their me time comes to one hour and seven minutes day if you're wondering how they actually spend that one hour and seven minutes netflix and wine. the mothers said those two things among the responses for quote live safing must haves. >> you only get an hour you got to take advantage of it. >> i feltly get the 96 hour work week. because especially like with our shift you work your whole day and then you go home and -- >> just in time for the day to start. >> just in time for the day is it a tort.
10:10 am
>> no doubt about it. >> all right. maybe you can relax with mtv music is apparently coming back to music television. total request live mtstrl coming back for the then jokes race. the video countdown to the '90's 2,000s will return in october. it will air daily they'll revamp a tools square like back in the '89 five d.c.'s will host the show. trl formerly hosted by dj carson daily. how old does that video look. >> yeah, right the. >> he left the show 2003. it's been 14 years. hot spot for musicians, tv and film stars it ended almost a decade ago. 2,008 was the last year. so we still don't know who the 5dj's will be i'm guessing it will probably be michael strahan -- >> right. > ryan seacrest. >> ryan seacrest. >> kelly ripa. >> nick cannon. >> steve harvey. >> steve harvey and one to be named later. >> carson daily doesn't look that different. >> he doesn't. he's aged well. >> good for him. all right. it
10:11 am
can the no be missed. trust me. it cannot be missed. >> erin with nick cannon me with tyler posie coming up up ahead at 10:30. >> do we final know what caused the feud between kanye and ja jay-z. >> why beliebers are worried that the biebs is going to stop making music. and rihanna has a message for one body shamer. good day celebrity dish serving it up next. ♪ ♪♪ fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of you contract with up to a $500 credit
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10:14 am
>> all right. might have 99 problems but the celebrity dish on good day ain't one. [ laughter ] >> all right. here we go. new documentary is going to examine the epic rivalry between jay-z and kanye west that led to biggest one of the falling out in music industries. they used to be boys. we'll get through this real quick without boring half the death. this is an hour long overseas on channel four in london. they featured home videos, unseen footage. some exclusive interviews with the people who know them best. and they get to the bottom of exactly why this duo fell apart. all right. they were big when they were together. now it looks like according to everybody that has, you know, in this video looks like kanyess marriage to kim kardashian could be the root of the problem. kanye married kim who
10:15 am
the most famous women in the world in two to us 14. jay-z kept private and despite being, you know, did he that despite being married to beyonce' one rapper friend of kanye west said kanye's high pro vile march top of to kim kardashian changed him. the guy i see now that's not the guy that we knew back then it's not the same person as what this rapper said. and after kim was robbed at gun point in paris the cracks in their relationship started to show in his first public appearance after that bob brie he launched a scathing attack on jay-z for his lack of brotherly support. he got up on stage don't call me after the robbery and say how you feeling, you want to know how i'm feeling, come by the house, bring the kids by the house. a whole bunch of other stuff that went on between the two. he was doing a lot of the talking and he checked -- end ended up checking into a mental hospital. there's lot of drama going on. >> jay-z preif the more private life. fine you want t
10:16 am
out there. when it goes awry because you put it out there,. >> right. >> don't expect me to come -- >> right. right. so yeah. >> and now where is this channel four. >> it's over in london or somewhere. >> how do we see it? >> you probably have to go online and see it. >> right. >> yeah. because it's not airing over here. >> hmm. >> yet. >> yet. >> hit over there. >> did you watch it? >> no. >> i don't think so. >> give me the highlights. i think i know everything i need to know, right. >> i think so. >> they're not friends. they moved on. they might be cordial. >> one of them has moved on parentally. >> that's true. >> a woman comes between a guy's friend ship. >> what? that never happens. >> new story line. >> okay. all right. so this next story gives me hope for the future. check this out. yup. you ready? >> okay. >> take look at this picture. it's coming up right now. we're going to show it to you. there it is. you know who that is. >> who is that. >> that's chris jenner rocking a bikini. her daughter khloe actually posted this pick of her on instagram. she's a little red hot ma ma'am there. 61 years old
10:17 am
the mom of her six clears has time for gym and whatever else. >> shot faux shopping. >> there you go. >> i'm being a hater. she looks good. >> she looks great. 61 i mean i'm not a chris jenner fan period but at 61 she looks great. >> in all fairness is not the 61 there are a loft 50, 60 -- >> oh yeah. >> christie brinkley hello. >> killing. >> didn't we do the thing on christie brinkley. >> on the cover of sports illustrated on a swipe suit, chris, rock on. >> whatever. look, here's your daily justin beiber news. okay? because i know you want it. so here it is. justin beiber may be in the miffled us own spiritual awakening it won't affect his music career for very long. even though there was parental genuine concern in the industry that the biebs might stop making music altogether oh focus on religion those concerns appear object unfounded. according to new report, out this morning, in tmz now the
10:18 am
biebs has been reassuring closest friends that he will return to performing soon. those sources connected to the singer are saying that his faith won't stop him from being an artist and he still reported in and out of studios working on new music during his spiritual awakening you don't have to worry about the biebs. >> i'm going to cry foul on t this. were there ever any genuine concern he wasn't going to do music any more. >> he was just taking a break. >> this is making stuff up to market up. >> yes. >> fake news? >> let's just move on. because that was, k we have the last like 30 seconds of our life back. we didn't need to report. >> how about we move on from justin beiber. >> to rihanna. shutting down the haters with the perfect response for body shamers. you ready? the pop star posted this hilarious meme on her instagram account. if you can't handle me at the 2007 gucci main you don't deserve me at my 2017 gucci main. >> that's right. >> clap it back. >> the post was in response to an article publish
10:19 am
bar stool sports that was called it rihanna going to make fat the new hot trend. that's not nice. that article has since been deleted. hmm. nicely done, rihanna. >> who writes that? who writes that and thinks that's okay? >> whatever that magazine was. >> can i have that last 30 seconds of my life back, too? come on. >> all right. here's 30 more seconds for you. rob lowe revealed he communicated with ghost. >> this dude. >> and viewers of his new show might be able to see that moment for themselves when it airs his new show airs in august. actor's new really hads the low files follows him as he travels the country with his sons matthew and john and explore unsolved mysteries. the trio they're promoting the show at tv critics association press tour that happened friday july29th. low was asked by journalists whether or not he was able to communicate with spirits while filming and he said, yeah, now i had previously to this, it was
10:20 am
through the object about us will, he's 52-year-old, object about us will is some kind of device they use that in theory can translate when the spirits are talking. >> why say rob lowe is a new l low. >> right. >> for himself. i mean what is going on, rob? >> you know what -- >> rob lowe doing some low. >> you can see it his show will debut on ae on wednesday aug august 2nd. >> he's seen big foot. sharks came up to him. >> you're curious about the show, aren't. >> i was feel justin beiber when he does something that makes news when he doesn't do something still makes news by him doing nothing. >> it's made you. >> when he doesn't do something crazy that's when the pr machine gets on board. >> i call it needless worry. >> yeah. >> right. >> the beiber saying of television. >> beiber saying. >> everywhere. no doubt. >> look at you. >> can we go back do rob lowe for a second. >> still hot. >> yes. at 52. >> oh, my gosh. >> that was really the
10:21 am
hot older people. >> exactly. >> you can still look good even when you're older. >> there you go. >> all right. thanks, guys. 10:20 is the time. still ahead we've got a whole lot of man candy speaking of for you this monday. exclusive interviews with nick cannon and tmz teen wolf heart throb tyler posie next. >> he made quite an impact on the voice this morning rising local star malik davage is debuting his new song right here on good day. speaking of man crush. he'll join us live in the loft for his special performance much his new track. time right now 10:21. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪♪ z2fwcz z16fz
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for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to ♪ 10:24 right now. back on good day take a look kind of cool right now. a massive tank m3 bradley calgary fighting vehicle being lifted off a flatbed truck in to place in the future national museum of the army at fort belvoir. the vehicle where 2003 used in the iraq war. the crane is extremely strong because that m3 weighs 50,000 pounds. so big the reason they're putting it there before they bill the museum, they have to put it there before they build the museum. once it's built they
10:25 am
it in. they have to put the tanks in place first and then literally build the museum around them. >> how cool is that. >> there's going to be three of them. three different tanks, right, they're going to place before they actually start building. >> yes. >> how strong is that crane. >> very impressive. >> we're always impressed with tucker barnes whose got a look at our forecast. tucker, good morning. >> that's sweet of you. thanks, maureen. yeah. okay. let me do the weather. let's get right to it. we are looking a beautiful day. you can take the jacket off and end get out enjoy a gorgeous afternoon. very summery and pleasant. i mean it will be warm this afternoon mid to upper 80s but we've been really holding the dew point temperatures and therefore our humidity down and that's been a big help winds out of the east at three. just a few clouds out there. yesterday was a gorgeous day with temperatures in the low 80s little warmer than later today. but any time you're talking about the end of july, and dew point temperatures remain in the 50s and low 6 60s thee are currt dew point temperatures you got comfortable air in place and
10:26 am
today. so again it will be little warmer than yesterday we hit 83. but we should be storm free this afternoon. generally sunny. and again comfortable tonight with overnight lows that fall back near 70s and 60 if's you're north and west. satellite and your radar, nice and quiet locally. this is a beautiful day one of those days from boston and down to d.c. down to atlanta where you've got great visibles with that low humidity. even out to the west out towards chicago and st. louis we don't have much in the way of weather features. one place we do have weather future just west of the tampa and most of central and souther& florida at this hour getting hit with some very heavy rains. three, four, 5-inches of rain in some cases isolated up to 8-inches of rain associated with tropical storm emily which spun up last night. very very quickly. expected to make landfall later today somewhere in the tampa area. here's latest with emily and again maximum winds are 45 miles per hour it's pushing off to the east her
10:27 am
hour. that pressure not particularly low this is in the really going to be a wind event much more rain event but you can see the big convective below up there in southern florida where they're getting very heavy rain down to miami this morning that will be big story and we'll watch the track just off the southeast coast as we get into the next couple of days. it should remain far enough offshore it doesn't bring our beaches any clouds but we'll have to monitor that towards the end of the week as it pushes out into the atlantic over the next couple of days. tropical storm emily developing this morning. there's our seven day. 88 today. 89 tomorrow. you'll notice the humidity creeping up over the next couple dave's by wednesday and thursday afternoon maybe a scattered thunderstorm back in the forecast it will feel summery with highs about 90. right now another cool down in time for next weekend. daytime highs with overnight lows in the 60ings near 70 by next saturday and sunday. all right. guys, that's the late defendant in the weather world. back to you. >> sounds good, thanks tuck. um next it is man candy monday. erin como goes one-on-one with nick can nan chatting about everythingit
10:28 am
howard university to raising a family with mimi. >> and then teen wolf heart throb tyler posie takes us through the final season of the hit mtv show plus what's next for him in his career? time right now 10:28. back after this. ♪
10:29 am
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and switching has never been easier. get out of you contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to ♪ all right. 10:30 is the time trading hollywood for howard university. nick cannon the former host of the america's
10:31 am
diva's former husband mariah if ya'll didn't know was recently out in d.c. supporting an event for the boys and girls club. a group that's very special to his heart. in day exclusive erin catches one it karas tick, sharp dressing down to earth nick cannon. wisdom you might want to listen to the end of this one. >> being a boys and girls club alumni and being an advocate for youth is something has brought my world together in a really cool way. especially here in d.c. i mean i'm still a student. i attend howard university but to partner with sum sung today to know that they donated $100,000 to the boys are girls club of america is outstanding. so i showed up. high to come out here and represent. >> and what are some of your favorite memories from the boys and girls club growing up? >> i'd honest vol to say just the -- the memories of comm community. you know, all the events that we were put on. things like this
10:32 am
initiatives to be able to go places with my friends. collectively as group and experience, you know, live that we probably would never get a chance to see without the boys and girls club. >> you are a student at howard and you spend a lot of time in d.c. war some of your favorite restaurants and favorite things to do in the city. >> oh, man, there's so many. i keep it on campus most of the time. but honestly there's so many cool things to do in d.c. but i'm always, you know, african-american history museum is probably been my favorite thing in the last few months that i had the opportunity to visit. >> let's talk about your kids because you're a dad now. you're raising twins. >> yeah. >> what kind of role model do you want to be for them want kind of, you know, lessons do you want to teach them. >> more about more than being a role model real of being a real model. living your truth and embracing everything that you are good and bad, positive and negative, just really living and finding your
10:33 am
that on to my kids and say no matter who and what you are in life as long as you're happy that's what it's all about. >> one of anchors wisdom martin known should be a sharp dresser. sometimes he needs a little advice. what would you tell him about keeping it on point every day on the show. >> make statement whatever it is. if it's your pocket square, if it's your tie, if it's your turbin, make a statement with your fashion because that's what it's all about. [ laughter ] >> if only we had a turbin for to you have on right at this moment. >> a blue turbin. >> that's all you're missing. >> yeah. >> got the pocket square looking sharp. >> tie looks good. >> set it off. >> oh, my gosh. >> if only we had been given a heads up we could have had a turbin. >> i got three of them. >> do you? >> listen you do you mean to my house on any given saturday if my sister is i've got on a turbin, she's got one on, my mother has got one on. it's how the umehs roll. >> you got to wrap your hair to be flawless in the morning. >> umehs and the cannons. >> singlely supporting
10:34 am
>> there you go. >> country store mcbride was at the event and bring you erin's interview sometime later this week. >> we have a double dose this friday morning -- friday i got the exclusive chance to chat with teen wolf heart thrown tyler posie. there's only seven episodes left. it will be tough for tyler. listen to we'd to say. >> it is an honor to talk to you teen wolf wrapping up with the final ten episodes. how does it feel? >> oh, man it'sed oh. it's definitely weird. the more and more i talk about it the more emotional i get about it. it's, um, i just -- i just use this analogy it's kind of like sending your kid off to college. you know, it's really bittersweet thing i'm going to have a little void in me for a long time. um, i love this show more than anybody, and i really respect the show and fell in love with the process of it and every as spec of the show is just
10:35 am
>> i want to talk about this final season want fans can expect. i've heard the show is going back to its roots. what exactly does that mean? >> yeah. that's something really cool that we're playing with. the first season. the first thing we ever did with teen wolf was really cool season because it was really simple and it wasn't complex too much. there wasn't a lot of mythology. it was basically just about werewolves and werewolf hunters and the survival of those two. and it was just -- it gave us a lot of freedom to kind of develop our characters and we got to see the human side of our characters and the relatableness of the friendships and the bonds between everybody and then once the show took off a little bit more we started getting really deep into mythologies it became confusing and always action and adventure and we didn't have too much time to kind of, you know, put our all into our char characteristic terse or expand them. this season goes back to the first season mentality werewolf versus werewolf
10:36 am
leaves open are are to us to develop our characters more and you see how much they love each other and you just see this relatableness between all the characters that like normal people can relate because we try to make it seems like they're really friends and the scenarios that follow them are just hopefully real relatable for people. >> so is this chapter closes what lies ahead for you? >> for me, yeah, thanks for asking. um, i'm on new show -- not new show i'm new on it called jane the virgin on cw. >> yeah. >> and i've been really accepted and welcomed into that cast, and it's blowing me away how sweet everybody is and so i'm really excited to get started oh and that i just finished a horror movie, um, by blood house productions and that should be coming out sometime in the future. i don't know when. but eventually. and i'm really excited for that. that was a lot of fun. i had a great time with the cast. we became so close we took a trip to big bear when the movie ended me and cast. we had
10:37 am
i'm going a movie in toronto soon. name i've got music. i'm directing. i directed episode of teen wolf for this season. >> wow! >> i bought a couple of cameras i've been filming on my own with my friends. um, i want to do it all. i used to have a podcast. i host things every now and then. i love hosting. i like tinder view people. i would like your job, maureen. >> hey listen speaking of my job if you're ever in dc please do come here to the good day lost because we'd love to see you and maybe bring your band. >> i would love no to. >> if you're wonder wagon kind of music he plays it's punk pop rather he says bling 182 is his inspiration and favorite and tyler tells me he thinks bands will be satisfied with the teen wolf ending and everyone will be pretty happy he hopes with how they wrap up seven seasons. >> maybe he'll be the new vijay for trl. >> he nos else going on in his life right now. >> he's so not busy these days. >> all the time on his hands. >>
10:38 am
>> he's cute. >> he was. >> he was cute. >> he was so nervous. i'm like you're an actor. maureen, thank you so much for having me. no, thank you for sitting down with us but he was amazing. good luck to him. >> he's got great following. >> yeah, does he. >> 10:38. still ahead good day d.c. screaming for ice cream. july is national ice cream month. this is the last day in july. why are we just finding out about this now? >> so wrong. we'll end it on sweet note. first though it is music monday and speaking of making it happen he's local rising star contestant on season 12 of the voice. this morning malik davage joins us live in the loft for a special performance has a new track out today and you'll here it today here on good day. >> before we head to break it's coffee time on good day dc if you've been eyeing our good day mugs listen up new good day dunkin' donuts mug perfect for that dunkin' donuts coffee. head to or facebook page to enter our mug contest. one lucky winner selected by random drawing but
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only have until 11:00 to enter. time right now is 10:38. good it in, get it in, get it in. we'll be right back. ♪ z2fwbz z16fz
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y2fwby y16fy
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♪ 10:41 right now. it is new music monday and it is also man crush monday. so this morning we're combining the two. we have local r and b bad boy joining us he's no stranger to the loft or the spotlight
10:42 am
a contest on and season 12 of the voice. maybe you remember this. ♪ ♪ that was clip from dmv native malik did you scratch's voice audition that everybody in crown. he's been working hard to continue to hone his craft opened up for local singer kevin rosss awakening tour. putting the finishing touches on his debut ep called "open call" it comes out today. it's only fitting he joins us 35 dish all about life after the voice but first here to perform his new single mcm on his man
10:43 am
davage. ♪ >> what's up d.c.? >> it's your boy malik davage. it's my time. ♪ ♪ ♪
10:44 am
♪ ♪
10:45 am
[ applause ] >> all right, all right. good to see you again. >> likewise. >> how you been. >> awesome. >> be clear with the lyrics. what are you really saying. >> it's monday, two days later i'll put you on my page i can't wait to see you later because it's hump day. bump that. >> that's the word i was talking you. >> you know what's fun when we were watching the clip from the voice earlier, i was watching you and you were still doing the same thing that you were doing in the audition. how many times have you watched that clip. it make me feel the same way every time i watch it. >> it had
10:46 am
i know we talk about this before. when that chair first turned around, were you tempted to just like stop right there or were you really locked in. >> at that point in time i remember in the meetings if do you not get a chair to turn around do not stop. when that happened i was like snap. >> in your mind were you thinking -- >> he just turned i was around. maybe i can just -- i was thinking about stopping. i can't stop. i got to finish the song. >> super emotional moment. that was real, right. >> yeah. >> that was like the real you coming out there. >> i'm not afraid to hide my emotion. >> i'm willing to put my emotions into my music and, you know, with everything dye. i always give one 10%. every time i decided to go in and doing my i'm put my mind for it. my emotions i put all in to it. >> you're in. i know at that point the excitement had to be like let's get music together let's put out the ep that dye has now arrived. >> that day is here. >> mcm the first single. is this a cover. >> this is the cover right here. >> what's the store behind this
10:47 am
d.c. representing. >> ivy city. >> why did we choose this location. >> we wanted to keep it urban. i'm an urban r and b artist. we walk talking about let's do a shot in front of a and we found this one. we decided, i decided to stand in the corner take little squat. we got picture. we got a album cover right here. >> i think it's great. the question now, i know that look you've said in the past you want to be representing young d.c., you want to come out and you want to show that good image what good can come out of this d.c. we have this r and b bad boy here. what are we going here. >> i'm a little bit of both. >> there you go. i can do it all. i can step back. i can be the r and b bad boy and always be the young model i always fifty five to be. >> i like that. you had a chance to do with shows with kevin ross. kevin has been here a bunch of times. how fun was that. >> that was awesome meeting kevin he's great guy. i got to perform in front of of people and they loved it. an awesome feeling.
10:48 am
being here for so long when d.c. musicians make it big they never forget that they're from d.c. >> you can never forget that. >> i have a feeling you're the same way. >> never forget the city. >> stay true to your roots. >> our daughter is here. he's hanging out over there. >> over there with mom. as far as you like with fatherhood now going into the music does that change anything for you? >> um, no. it's just managing timewisely and just making sure all priorities are in check. and you know, nothing here to stop me. she'll be tagging along with me on a lot of shows and a lot of the events and it doesn't really cut into the time i have a dream and i have a goal and she'll be right there with me. >> you're well on your way. i know you're working on album release party so you can get the music out there to the masses. >> hopefully you'll be doing shows, soon. >> there she is. hi. she's so cute. [ laughter ] >> she's got to be so proud of daddy, aren't you? you proud of this guy? >> i was ww she's adorable. we wish the best. congratulations. >> thank
10:49 am
>> music out onism tunes. >> pop pop. >> pop pop right there. >> actually go to my all my social media go to malik davage, you know, it's actually out now. you can go there and you can click the link and listen to the whole ep and moo bio right now. >> that's awesome. check it out support your local music as always. you got your hands full. i'm switch. i appreciate you man. keep up the good work. >> adorable. >> i see a duo in the future. malik davage thanks for joining us. mcm the new single out today. >> he's got a performer. >> does he indeed. thank you both. time right now zen 49:00. still ahead we're ending july on sweet note. it's national ice cream month and caitlin is live at dull cheh gelato. i'm drooling already checking out scoops. we'll check in with her right after the break. ♪
10:50 am
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10:53 am
month july get by without one last tasty segment. that's why caitlin roth is live for us this morning at a place that knows a thing or two about tasty frozen treats. dull cheh gelato factory in northeast d.c. some of my favorite gelato. caitlin. >> holly, it's delicious. i love gelato personally prefer it over ice cream but, yes, if you're looking for a reason to celebrate the late day of the month, national ice cream month i'm here in northeast d.c. i've got rob with me. good morning to you both. >> thanks for having us out at your headquaters correct. >> yes.& >> headquarters. >> gelato factory and coffee lab this is where it all starts. >> and you have numerous locations across dc. you are celebrating an earmark here. self years with locations opening in d.c. and new one on the way, correct. >> 13 years. we're very excited and we have two on the way. well, we have i can only talk about one. >> one pick lick and public domain the
10:54 am
hush top-secret. >> the one we're offering at the wharf location very excited about we're going to do breakfast as well. >> oh. >> very excited about the menu we're going to expand there and on the options. >> the wharf and this is -- this really hasn't been talked about as far as the ninth location that will happen at the wharf come october. we'll have a full kitchen so we'll have a griddle, a friar and an oven so basically with coffee you can get a fresh made sausage, egg and biscuit, chicken and biscuit. things that are specifically with the breakfast food to go with the coffee. that will be something new for the warm location. >> you do so much more than gentlemen lat tow. you're known for seasonal ingredients the taste of it. it's delicious but how is it different than ice cream? >> so basically if you remember the word fat is very easy to differentiate f stands for fat, gelato has less fat than ice cream less than 10% that's what defines gelato. healthier in that sense.
10:55 am
>> healthier is good. >> ice cream has 15 to 20. a stands for air. it doesn't have any artificial air when you spin it in the machine it's not injected with air which is what they do with ice cream with industrial ice cream. and the t stands for tempe temperature. it served at the warmer temperature. it's not supposed to shock your palate. you taste nuances of the flavor better. >> now we're doing a walk and talk through the actual frack four where you make the gelato. tell me about the process how they make it. >> for gelato you start with cooking it you bring the milk, the cream, the sugar, um, the cocoa powder, the chocolate cover cher, whatever flavor you start bying cook that brings everything together by warming it up the fat and then from there you chill it. so you cook, then next you chill it so basically hold it 40 degrees and final step is you put it into the machine call the batchre
10:56 am
freezes it as it churns and spins out of the machine that comes out what you guys are going to -- you're going to have the behind the scenes here where you try the fresh spun gelato had will be at soft serve temperature of 20 degrees fahrenheit. >> coming out of these machines here i'll be able to try some of this. >> exactly. these four machines are the batch freezers right here and that's where we basically pour in the base for whatever flavor that it is. then it comes out freshly spun. so we just spun, um, pennsylvania peaches which we put in the ovens. >> okay. >> we roast them and put them into the milk and the cream we're doing peaches and cream that we just pull out of the machine right now so you get to dry it. >> make peaches and cream right now. >> peaches and cream were made two seconds ago. >> i'll be able to try it afterwards. but this is perfect because if you guys come here you're getting literally as fresh as gelato can be at your location here. >> that's the best thing about this locate. fresh from the machine. >> tell us exactly where
10:57 am
>> 550 penn state next to union mark. >> thank you. >> i'll try some. >> bring it back caitlin. enjoy it. >> next year we start on day one of july. >> i agree. >> right, right. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest internet ever.
10:58 am
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