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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  July 31, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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director. >> he does not have a roll at this time in the trump administration. >> big question now what's next? >> well, fox5 ' political reporter ronica cleary white at the white house with a look at the fall out, another rather amazing day at the white house, ronica. >> reporter: it is never dull, tony, marina, it is never dull. let me tell you, the news broke this afternoon that anthony scaramucci would no longer holds the position of communications director. i want to take you behind the scenes. >> this picture right here, this aisle that you see there is area called upper press. it is the space just outside of the press secretary's office, where we all gathered once the news broke, trying to get some information, trying to get something confirmed. lindsey walters, she's a deputy press secretary, she came out. she red us the brief statement that the white house eventually released just seconds after she red it that just basically said that scaramucci wanted to give general kel a clean slate, the chance to build his own team, as you know, general
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came on as the chief of staff officially starting today. now, when the press briefing occurred after this, sarah huckabee sanders characteristically close to the vest when it came to details leading to up this decision. take a listen. >> we're continuing to focus on the president's agenda, have staff changes, we let you guys know when they happen. like i said earlier, what matters to us are not the jobs that are within this building but the ones outside of there. that's why the president's been so focused on growing jobs. we created over a million new jobs since he took office. the lowest unemployment, in the last 16 years, consumer confidence, is at all time high. we're focused on creating a strong economy and growing jobs outside of this building, not focused on the ones within. >> now, you heard sanders there really deflecting, she got a handful of questions like this, one pointing to tweet from the president about chaos inside the white house, she joked that if you want to see chaos you
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her house with her three kids. but, you know, all jokes aside, sanders may it clear that at least at this time, general kelly, the new chief of staff, is to be the point person inside the white house for everyone, from ban on, to kushner. and you may recall, that scaramucci said that he planned to be reporting directly to the president. so that may certainly have been part of the problem. sanders also said that the president felt that scaramucci's remarks in that now infamous new yorker interview and article, the president felt they were inapropriate, and that he didn't want to burden general kelly with dealing with the fall-out from you will all of that. now if we take you a few steps back, really ten days ago now, when sean spicer decided to leave, he said that he wanted to give scaramucci a fresh start to take on this role. well, spicer still technically on staff, doing transition period. so people wanted to know maybe spicer would stay in the mix now that scaramucci is out. sanders really indicates dollars that that would not b
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the case, verbal anything is possible, but we did not get the impression that spicer would be staying on, based on will he her remarks today. then finally, you know, that sounds bite we just played for you, were you able to see it, that is something that we couldn't do for you for awhile. remember those briefings, they were off camera? so a lot of people are wondering will they stay on camera when scaramucci came on, he tweeted and said the cameras are back. so now that he's gone, will the cameras leave? just have to see. of course we will continue to keep you posted every step of the way. reporting live at the white house, ronica cleary, fox5 local news. >> we have some breaking news coming into us from lowden county. police are on the scene after car that's been found inside after creek, the car reportedly has a body sign i had of it, it is believed to be the car after woman reported missing in virginia, several days ago. >> fox5's lindsay watts live at the scene right now, and two children were also said to be with the woman, any word on those children right
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>> marine, a investigators still do not know about these kids. they've said that a woman's body was found, along with the car. a woman who look to be ejected from the vehicle. but at last check, the lowden county sheriff's offers says there is no sign of the two children. courtney ash has been missing since friday. she had in the car with her her own son, who is five years old, and her nine year old cousin. we showed up about 30 minute ago, to interview courtney's mother. and as we got to the door, the mother had just gotten word that a family member had discovered courtney's car in a creek. here on evergreen mills road in ashburn. you can see that huge emergency response down there. we've seen multiple ambulances, and firetrucks, arriving to the scene. we've seen some paramedic running from their car. again, a woman's body was found, but no sign of those two children. and it is unclear when the crash into the
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courtney ash is 27 years old. she from suffolk, virginia. she was last seen leaving a family residence here in ashburn, on friday. she had with her, her cousin, jaylen russell, nine years old, and her son, cameron martin, who is five years old. courtney had traveled from another family residence in the leesburg avenue with jaylen the cuss town pick up her son cameron. three were expected to return to that residence in leesburg. but they never arrived. they were reported missing on sunday, and again, we came out to interview family, just a short time ago, and courtney's mother had just gotten word that her daughter's car was discovered in a creek. the county sheriff's offers spokesperson is expected to be arriving here soon. so we are anticipating more details, of course we will continue to keep you posted just as soon as we have more information. for now we're live in ashburn,
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news. >> tonight there has been shocking development in the case of an hiv-positive charles county public school coach and assistant who is charged with child sex abuse. grand jury has returned a 119 count indictment against carlos d'angelo bell. and despite that indictment, authorities said today this investigation is not over, and there may still be victim out there that have yet to come forward. fox5's tom fit gerald live at charles county circuit court in l.a. plate a with more. >> good evening, this is a case that's shaken the people here in charles county, to their very core. remember carlos d'angelo bell was arrested at the beginning of this month. now, at the end of this month, tonight, he's in possession of this. this is an indictment that was handed down from grand jury on frfriday, was sealed until this morning, when it is present to bell in open court. include in the this a disturbing list
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charges, including in this, child sexual abuse, producing child pornography, marijuana distribution, and the transmission of hiv. these are all incidents that the authorities down here in charles county say they've now attached to more than 24 victims. they've identified 13 of those victims, 11 victims tonight, still remain unidentified. now the state's attorney down here in charles county, he held an announcement today at about 1:00 to announce the delivery of these charges. what he was not going to do, though, was take any questions from the media. the reason for that? well, he explained it himself. >> i'm not answering any questions now. and let me tell you why. as soon as i start talking about the fact of the case, how this investigation went, what we're seeking in court, any of that stuff, it gives zelous
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argument that somehow the state was trying to impact the jury pool out there. >> and with that, the news conference is brought to an end. this indictment covers appeared of time for back in may of 2015, to just last month, june of 2017. now, amongst these charges was the one a lot of people in this community found the most chilling. carlos d'angelo-bell is h iv-positive, included in these charges tonight, are allegations that he transmitted the hiv virus to several of his victims. now, he was employed as assistant in the charles county public schools. he worked at the ben franklin stoddard middle school. he was employed for time through the high school. he was a track coach, also involved in several other community events. now, he lived in
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we went to his neighborhood tonight. we talked to his neighbors. and what did they say today? well, relief tonight that these charges have been leveled, and prayers, they say, for the victims. >> i'm glad that something was done. you know, and i do not like that it was right on my road that he was here, but i did not know him. >> what was he like? >> i just seen him walk up and down the street. because his sister used to live right here with her daughters and son. he used to go back and forth. >> now, understanded that the fbi has been involved in this case as well, they do have a hotline out, one-800-call fbi. if anyone in this community thinks they have information about this case or no someone who may be an additional victim. the charles county public schools just before 5:00 today announce that they've reassigned the principal at the ben franklin stoddard miller s
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at another facility in interim principal is now taking over for the remainder of the foreseeable future. live at charles county circuit court tonight, tom fitzgerald, fox5 local news. >> still ahead, a miserable monday for the tampa bay area. >> tropical storm emily makes landfall in florida, prompting a state of emergency. gare? >> that's right, tony. whole lot of rain. now the question is, will she become a tropical storm again, because she has been downgrade today tropical depression, will it affect our beaches? full details coming up on that. >> gary, too soon. we don't like to hold them off. but starting to approach the peak for hurricane season. and emily is a billing reminder of that. but meanwhile, here locally, what a nice start to this week. lovely to ditch the humidity just a little bit. but what are our chances for any showers and storms as we go forward through the seven day forecast? the first one of august. we'll let you know when we come right back.
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>> tropical storm em will hely has made landfall near tampa. heavy rain there causing flooding in many areas. >> florida governor rick scott reported nearly 18,000 homes and businesses are without power due to the storm. most of the outages in man tee county south of tampa. gary mcgrady helping us track this storm, gary, any chance that the renmant of this now tropical depression, could they impact us here sometime later in the week. >> i think the only impact we'll get is rough seas along the beaches from the marylander beaches, maybe the jersey shore, i mean it, will stay off shore a long way. but let me say something, too there is was a complete this satellite picture right here goes back to this morning. and nothing about this looks like it is a tropical storm. the hurricane sent her to issue advisory on tropical depression, by 8:00 had to issue advisory, oh, oh, the depression now become tropical storm emily, just off shore tampa. this is the current radar imagery.
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and basically, tampa, was already getting into some clear skies this afternoon. heavy rains through florida, and that will continue. but just last hour, at 5:00, downgraded, again, to a tropical depression, winds are 35 miles per hour. pretty much right now, just due east of tampa, south of orlando, the track over the next several days has her re emerging into the atlantic, and kind of running along the gulf stream. that's the real warm water, that's just off shore, from the eastern coast of the united states here, and it looks like she will become a tropical storm again, and become, again, tropical storm emily. staying off shore, high pressure to the south, so there is really a street here, for it to come right up and stay off the east coast. trough of low pressure to the west of us, will keep her off shore. so, again, i think the only impact we get from what will probably become tropical storm emily, again, is some big waves along
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erase, in part of just i, maine, too. again, the second landfall tropical storm this year, remember, cindy, back in june? there along the louisianna texas coast, not unusual. but i will a tell you what, super unusual, guys, there was not even a hurricane hunter aircraft that was able to fly into this storm. that's very unusual. happened so quickly, along an old frontal boundery. so this morning, quite a surprise. legitimate surprise for those that woke up in tampa and realized hey, what tropical storm? right off shore. made landfall there about 10:00 a.m. this morning. and brought a lot of heavy rain and flooding, but she is moving on. and weakens, too, good news. i hope it stays fairly quiet the next few weeks in the tropics, as sue mentioned, too, this is a little bit early. >> very unusual, all right, thank you very much, gary. >> all right, we will be right back.
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stories at 6:00 after just ten days on the job, white house communications director, anthony scaramucci, is out. the unusual report suggesting scaramucci was removed from his post at the request of president donald trump' newly sworn in chief of staff. general john kelly. >> meanwhile, retired general john kelly was officially sworn in this morning as white house chief of staff. kelsey taking over for ryan priebus, forked out on friday. the president hopes kelly bring orders to the white house. >> dc attorney, general, joined coalition of 19 attorneys general. urging congress to block a ban of transgender service members. a letter sent to the house and senate armed services committees, asked congress to block the ban through the national defense authorization act, which is currently before the senate. >> a grand jury has returned a 119 count indictment against an hiv-positive charles county public school aid, arrested for child sex abuse, charges against carlo d'angelo bell including filming child pornography distribution o
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and knowingly transmitting hiv. police say there may still be victims out there that have yet to come forward. >> energy saving light bulbs might be giving you headaches. professor at glands' university of essex says that led bulbs flicker around 100 times per second. and that action may cause headaches, feelings of pain or dizziness, and the lights have become the most popular alternative to traditional light bulbs in many us homes. they were phase in the during the energy independent security act under the obama administration. >> money may not motivate people to hit the gym more frequently. researchers at case western reserve university in ohio gave a monetary incentive to get people to hit the gym. one group received a $30 gift card, regardless of how many people visited the gym. the other group got a 60-dollar gift card if they visited the gym nine times in their first six weeks. only one thirds of the prize motivated group met their
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goal. >> interesting. >> it is. >> i don't like those new light bulbs. >> you don't. >> i do. no i don't like the light they give off. they don't last like they're supposed to. >> headaches? >> sometimes. i wonder if that's it. >> i don't have as many either. and i kind of agree with you, the light too white for me. >> yes. >> i like warmer light. >> exactly. >> i sure don't want to have to deal with the headaches. >> absolutely not. >> today the werth giving us easy time of it, after what we went through friday, nice to get a little break. >> reprieve here finally. >> reprieve has been needed. last night, a lot of places dropped into the 50's. >> wow. >> i felt like it was early september preview. just a little bit. but these things just tempment us in august, and don't typically last, what we're seeing comfortable temperatures at 87 do you know from the high of 91, and just one lonely little shower is that correct i see up through northern maryland, which we will look at on radar in just a moment. now that we're saying good-bye to the month of july, also saying good-bye to one of the most wet july's we've had in quite a long time. in fact, go back to 1969 with 9 inches plus, in
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gauge, especially a lot of that coming on friday. compare that to how dry it was in june. so, feast or famine how it has been going in the summer month for us. meanwhile today, this was great. 91 degrees felt a lot better because the humidity was down, dullos at 88 degrees, and bwi coming in at 89. mentioning the 50's last night, not sure we get to the 50's tonight. maybe few spots, but what you notice with our light winds, the heat index, the same as the temperature, few clouds around, so not dealing with a lot of humidity, we will check the dew points in a moment, still 88 degrees here in the district, but 90 for westminster, 86 for frederick, 87 for dullos, 81 winchester. evening forecast very pleasant, about eight a degrees, at 7:00. by the time we get to 9:00, 08 f clouds around, 76 degrees. weather headlines, as we go forward through this week, little bit of up tick in humid tomorrow. another quiet weather day with plenty of sunshine. as the week goes on, also start to see temperatures closer to
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and above again. maybe a pop up storm in the middle of the week. wednesday, possibly thursday, not a big outbreak, though. and as we head into the weekends, with few thunderstorms around, we also expect temperatures to be a little bit cooler, next couple of days, look like this, 89 degrees on tuesday, and 90 degrees on wednesday, and wanted to mention as we track our humidity, start/very comfortable tomorrow. notice the humidity tries to increase in the afternoon. that's what the green is showing here. so, you may not finds tuesday quite as comfortable as today was. and i mention one little lonely shower. >> this thing really not holding up too much. but it has been moving from north to south, and we see it falling apart just as it gets towards the union bridge area. that's about the only thing showing up in radar, except out in the mountains few widely scattered showers, and storms, all right, your seven day forecast looks like this, near zero nine for the first three, four days this week. as we get into the weekends the chances foreseeing some thunderstorms begin to grow just little bit on friday and saturday. right now sunday looking terrific. ou
6:23 pm
the temperatures nice and comfortable monday, as well. with temperature of 83. that is your seven day forecast, tony, marina, back to you. >> sue, we will take t coming up: following breaking news out every lowden county, body every missing virginia woman has been found. >> live on the scene as police discover car and body but so far no sign of the young children who are missing. we will be right back.
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>> we want to go back to the breaking neutral in lowden county, police on the scene after car fawn inch cried of a creek with a body inside, believed to be the car after woman reported missing in virginia, this weekend. >> fox5's lindsey watts live from ashburn, where the car has been found, lindsey, any up
6:26 pm
that were reportedly traveling with the woman? >> reporter: well, some news in just the last few minute, we've seen a medivac helicopter land here just beyond where we are. and before that, we saw an ambulance rushing toward where that helicopter is. so we don't have any confirmation about what has happened to those children. but we are taking that as a good sign, just hanging onto hope, that perhaps those children were fawn alive. what we've gotten confirmed from investigators at this point is that the vehicle every missing woman, courtney ash, was discovered in a creek here in leesburg, on evergren mills road. no update at this point on the two children, her five year old son, and her nine year old cousin, who were traveling with her. we showed up to interview courtney's mother, just about an hour ago, and as we were walking up to her door knocking on the door she came out and said that she had gotten word from another family member that he had discovered courtney's car
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he was driving around, canvassing this area, and looking for her. courtney and two kids last seen on friday, they left this area, when those severe rainstorms were rolling through, that is the last time that anybody saw them, they were reported missing on sunday. so, again, we are just waiting for more information from here on scene, investigators have said that a woman's body has been found along with that vehicle in the creek. but, at this point, we don't know for sure what has happened to the two children, and we haven't seen that medivac helicopter take off at this point. we will continue to follow this story closely. live in leesburg, linsey watts, fox5 local nice. >> so of course keep it with us, we will have the very latest. >> keep it here. 5@65@6:30 coming up right after the break.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> here we go, bombshell from the white house, as it tries to hit the reset button. scaramucci out. can general john kelly bring order to the west wing? >> as you can see from the run down on the side of your screen here, this is the hottest story at 6:30. tweet us what's on your mine if you would like using the hashtag 5@6:30. let's get right to it. >> the president felt it was inapropriate. both anthony and general kelly also cam


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