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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  August 1, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> happy tuesday, everybody. president trump's new chief of staff general john kelly hit the ground running following the dramatic first day on the job yesterday, which of course included the firing of the brand new white house communications corrector. shawn came in today and said what happened while i was gone. a lot. you can see the run down on the side of your screen, that's what we're talk ing about tonight at 6:30. this is the strongest statement any us leader has made since the president trump has been
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power. kelly now has to deal with a new bombshell involving the russian investigation and we're gaining new insight on how kelly and the president will work together as they move ahead . maybe not a surprise to some people but john kelly coming in and scare much i being out like boom all within hours. we've heard along the way where the president liked to pit some people against each other. he thought competition fostered a good atmosphere. unfortunately in this case it doesn't seem like that's working out. in this situation we see john kelly in charge, asserting his power. we'll see if that sticks. it depends on who they bring in as communications director. they may not. >> station i washington, thanks foe much for joining us. thanks for having me in. do you think the shake up is a good thing for the trump administration, john kelly in, scaramucci
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remembers preeb bus out? what's your take.& >> i think it's great. one thing we've seen with the first six months of trum trump's president is that the president is not prone to leave people in if they're not proving well. unlike government officials where individuals are permitted& to stay on even if they're not performing well even when they've been proven to actually be doing a bad job they've they're left there, sometimes for job security, sometimes their benefits package. president trump has demonstrated a clear and distinct propensity for letting people go when they do not perform up to expectations. i'm in the saying that because i think that sean spicer had issueses with his h performance, but i do think that anthony scaramucci's comments over the weekend and that late night interview played a huge factor in the decision to let him go. how much do you think it plays into the fact that the president made a point to bring in some people that are outside the realm of
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scaramucci was certainly not a pl advertising. maybe that approach didn't necessarily adapt itself well to white house life. maybe you need some people who have been part of the quote, unquote swamp to get things on track? well, so you've had remembers preeb bus there. he's a veteran campaign person. he has a lot of inside erickas and connections and he was supposed to be that kind of stabilizing force in the white house and he wasn't able to pull that of on. now that he's gone we have to see what general kelly will be able to do. as i understand he's coming in to kind of right the ship and set a lot of things under natural order, kind of bringing some structure into the situation. and i think that's going to be a good thing and i do think that his tat us as a general and his background in leadership is kind of unmatched for the role and so he'll kind of be over quharnlg ing there, but it's probably what's needed because they have leaks. they have communication shock that is not putting out a clear
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message. they don't have the ability to control the media narrative during the day. how much that messaging falls upon the president for sending out tweets upon tweets. i know he said today that the real america wants him to keep tweeting, it's the media that doesn't want him to be tweet. but let's be honest he's saying things that are getting catching people off guard. for example, the trans gender ban where they weren't aware that this was coming down until after the tweets. this is something that i tend to differ on other media bun dits on. i don't care about the president's twitter feed. it does create news, but 7 percent of americans actively tweet are on twitter. that means hat tweets themselves, the substance of them may be interesting for a moment, but what people are looking at is performance. the president has lowered border crossings, illegal crossings? a. stacy, i think his tweets do matter. he's the president of
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what he's saying, he's putting out policy when he says things like we're going to ban trans gender people from being in the military. is it policy if it's a tweet that doesn't actually have anything that happens after it? i'm only going by the actual legislative process of the united states government which is that congress writes the laws and then they go through the senate and then the president signs them into action. he also can use executive orders. he does have to go through the pentagon to execute the transgender ban. i think he's going to get it done. but as far as general policy concerns, i live in the midwest. i have a huge national audience and people are not talk ing about the president's tweets. they're talking about the things he's doing that are either improving their lives or that they're worried will not improve their lives. what are he saying that's improving? we live inside the beltway so we live in this little bubble. p if you're in the midwest, what are folks talking about tn.
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>> first quarter gpd were down the stock market is booming. busiess loans, small business loan applications are through úthe roof. americans are hirin, unemployment is down and we're really looking forward to them answering some of the promises that were a part of the plan, the aeven darks the party platform that the republicans and the president ran objection, which is the repeal of obamacare . they failed at that. they have to try again. they can try and try until they get it done. tax reform an infrastructure billion and other things like school choice. those are the things that people are talking about. i understand the news cycle and i understand the beltway. my parents live there. i'm there frequently. do you want to electronic device tell them hi real quick. chrissy ticketed event you're awesome. i have a is s ter who lives in woodbridge. you guys are awesome. i have to say, it's important what you guys are talking about, but it's also important what americans are do ing every day, groceries, gas, kids. you kw
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we can keep talking about it, is it a is i, we're out of time. you and i were e-mailing a couple weeks ago. i'm glad you joined us and i hope you come back another time. thanks for having me. thanks for joining us. >> who is running the show at the white house rnlg that's what we're talking about. >> everyone will have to report to general kelly before even talking to the president and they're saying this includes first daughter ivanka and her husband jared kushner. is that the way things hr going to be? we sent out ronica cleary to get pulse of the people. what did you find out? >>reporter: people felt pretty unanimous about this topic. it came up in yesterday's briefing now that general kelly is in charge will people have to work through the chief of staff to get to the president in yesterday's comments when sarah huk bisaid they were enough for the white house press core, they asked her again today. take a listen. i don't think anybody just wonders into the oval house
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house. he's the president of the united states of america and there are processes. what are the chances of talking to the president without the approval of general kelly. i wouldn't say approval is the correct word . it's not like we're getting permission slips signed i do think there is something to having a structured process in order to make things run more smoothly at the white house. so let's say that that does become the standard that everybody from ivanka to steve bannon, they have to go through general kelly before sort of walking into the oval office. we asked you. we posed the question to you, what does your reaction to that structure inside the west wing. take a listen. i can understand the whole gait keeping function that general kelly has. it sounds like he's trying to impose a little
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structure to the president's day . so i think it's actually a good move. i think it's a good idea. it needs blilt more organization and some guidance there. i think a little order would be nice. bring some discipline to the chaos that we've seen and, yeah, i think it's a good idea. >> we'll see if that really is the case. i'll see how it operates in the next few weeks and then we'll know the story. i prefer if they didn't walk in the oval office at all. >> there you have it. the pulse of the people. we love to hear from you. weigh in, let he us know what you think. if anybody maybe disis degrees, we had a lot of people really seem to feel that this struck tour was a good thing. let us know if you feel otherwise. use the #5@6:30 >> breaking news -- breking about an hour ago. the senate has confirmed the president's nominee to serve as fbi director , christopher gray, a form h
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bush's justice department. he over jaw investigations into corporate fraud. he also served as chris christie's attorney during the bridge gait scandal. he replaces from the trump campaign, the vote was 92 to five. both senators from other gone voted no. elizabeth warren voted no. for the most part you don't see 92 to five votes much anymore? a. a lot of folks had qufts in him. there was some question as to whether he would be impartial and there was some question as to what the president wanted, but, you know, they've gone through the confirmation hearing and he was confirmed today. the trump brand has you know has been carefully cultivate ticketed event investigated for decades and it seems the name is every where. has the presidency tarnished the brand. the road to recognition, seth. >> how are you. >> so we have a
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in d.c. that i thought, look, it was opening up in 2016 right around electrics time. we have that. we have all these trump brands through the years. is it still one of the names that all that glit ers is gold? >> the chaos isn't helping h the loyalty of the loyal trump fans you know, look you look at toronto with the add laid hotel deciding to pay to get out of their product of a trump brand. you look the at the petition with macies. you look at some of the furor around ivanka's line and the yitsism there. he will always have a loyal following, but those on the fence is questioning whether this chaos is something they want to be align with. a recent report in the the atlantic says there were signs of trouble. there is nba teams that don't want to stay on the property. there is some restaurants that haven't been getting a loft of
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getting folks come in. but those who like the service or the glittery in, whatever you want to call it seem to care more about that than they do politics and the folks going to the trump hotels are still going a. historically presidents at least in the five terms have done financially four or five xs better than they have. it's unlikely that his financial situation is going to diminishing after office even with all of the chaos no matter what happens with his presidency with the exception of nixon. now, if we look at that and we look at his brand, he's got a lot of very loyal followers. they're going to follow him through thick and thin and we see that with the polls right now. he's hovered at 40 percent for quite a few months and that hasn't waiverred even though the drama has a continued. let me ask you one thing before we go. we're looking at video of the trump hotel rht
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think where you look at where the president's support basis, middle america, these are not people who will spend 4-d for a gin and tonic. they're rebrand ing some of the newer properties as the american drem or xyon. do you this i that's going to work out best where you have the trump money behind it if not necessarily the trump trp to do both because the rum p name has a lot of value. also as many hotel brands you have to niche down and yeet micro brands that are specific to a demographic area. >> good perspective. thanks for joining us? a. thanks for having me. >> guess who beat the traffic and made it in. maurice. how are you doing. >> i'm doing good. >> we're going to have you talked w
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stacy's thoughts. a lot of shakeup going on at the white house. the president said it was great day at the white house . what did you think. >> i think it was more distracts es to take us away from the more important issues. he's trying to move the ball from his failed repeal of the healthcare now they're trying to change it into taxes. this is more distractses for the american people and take us off of the real issues that every day americans should be talking about. when you say distractses , what do you mean? we've got scaramucci who is out, john kelly is in. priebus is out. do you think this is the trump administration finally getting its footing after six months. i don't think we can get a dismantling l of administration as getting his footing. our military is here to protect all americans regard less of race, creed, sexual orientation and so should our president. that's not just what
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had discussed before is what our querns here in the media and it may jive with what voters are worried about, the pocketbook kitchen table issues. what are the issues in people in prince george's county, what are they concerned about? are they keeping one eye on this and just looking at other issues. >> there's a lot of issues, work ing families particularly. but healthcare is important to uses in prince george's county, particularly when we talk about the medical center that is coming down to largo. that directly impacts people in my community in landover and upper marlboro and across prince george's county. this healthcare thing is very serious to us. >> yes, it is and certainly we will be watching as this continues to go on and on and on . maurice simpson it is so great to of have you this in. thanks for making it in. a local police chief is making
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>> welcome back, montgomery county police chief is getting nationwide attention anthrax after taking issue with president trump. it all stems from the president's remarks during that speech to some police officers up in new york. take a listen. when you see these thugs being thrown into the back of a pad i wag than on, you just see them thrown in, rough. i said please don't be too nice. like when you guys put somebody in the car and you're protecting their head, the way you put the hand over. like don't hit their head and they've just killed somebody. i said you can take the hand away police chief tomorrow manger wrote an open letter that has since gone viral. our tom fitzgerald is live at the national me moral tonight. he took issue with these comments, right.
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s that h this was a joke. a lot of law enforcement officers across the country were not laughing at this. yes, the president did get some chuckles in the main, but thomas manger was watching that speech. in addition to being the police chief of montgomery county, he is also serving as the president of the major city's police chief organization. it's a nationall cities in the country. he fired off a pretty blunt letter. he said at the beginning, our job just got harder after hearing the president's speech. we he said he he felt he had to do- something, say something to what he heard as a very miss guided description of policing in h 2017. my heart just sang. it just sang and i thought how can somebody in authority like this say something like that? now, i think since then it's been point ed out that h
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and perhaps he was. i mean, i have no reason to doubt that h this was an attempt at humor. i guess i'm just too close to this this that i didn't find it funny >> now, to be fair, the chief also took issue with whoever was in that room laughing at the president's remarks at one point saying that they shouldn't wear a badge. h this is not the first time chief manger has taken issue with a president of the united states. during the obama administration he was i'm varietied to a meeting about policing and the chief took issue to president barack obama to his face about some of the things president obama had been saying at the time, which he questioned how police do their jobs and chief manger urged president obama at the time to think carefully about how law enforcement officials perceive the things that president obama said. we asked him about any risk in all of this. when you speak t
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united states. he said he feels its his responsibility and he has the ability to speak to the people like the president of the united states, chief manger told us that he is going to do just thatment i am p in a position where i do find myself in the same room as president bush and president obama and now president trump, so if i don't speak up on behalf of policing, talk to them about what they can do to help and audit committee to them about perhaps what they're doing that is not helping, that to me is my responsibility. jim and shawn, we were -- jim and sarah, cuss excuse me, we were curious about any potential blow back. had montgomery county heard from the white house in? they said they had not. chief manger did say he had a good relationship five times. along those lines he say s his main priit
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national night out against crime events that are going to be held throughout montgomery county. he says it is those kinds of events, he says, that police organizes are really able to build real quekses with the the communities and the people they are sworn to protect. right now he's a little more interested in what his constituents in montgomery county think about all of this than he is with the white house. he's not afraid to speak his mind. thank you, fits . this is shawn, by the way . all right. one comedian is trying to get a woman in in the white house. we'll tell you what rosie o'donnell is saying when 5@6:30 comes back.
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>> she's a comedian, an actress rest and also an out spoken against president trump. she says women should form their own pa
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campaigns of candidates who did not support abortion rights. her comments were in response to the democratic committee saying that is not a lit miss test for candidates. there was some talk about candidates who were pro life, against abortion. we're back after this.
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film maker michael moor making his broadway debut with his one-man show. the terms of my surrender. can a broadway show bring down a sitting president. it played full houses in his first two previews. much of the show is dedicated to bashing the president. remember, he put out fahrenheit 911 and said this is going to bring down joker were bush. it didn't. the attracts there is who like michael moore, s that's what he made his career doing. right. this
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his debut weekend. >> i hate to see him dancing and singing on broadway. we won't talk about that. he's not going to be doing that. at least that's what we think. see you tonight. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement.
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and switching has never been easier. up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to announcer: today on "tmz" -- >> all right, he's not done yet. the mooch is back. >> what are you working on next? >> i'm working on being the best person i can be. >> he sold his company, he got a divorce, he missed the birth of his child, and all he had to say for it i was communications director for 10 days, everybody. >> i saw one joke that said his direct deposit didn't even kick in yet. [laughter] >> mariah carey's kids stole the show. she was singing the song "you'll always be my baby" and she brings out her two kids. ♪ you can hear her singing in the mic. it's super cute. >> it's not cute. it's like you know when you call someone and they put their kids on the phone and their kids can't talk and you have to sit there like -- that's what this is. except you paid money from for a ticket.


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