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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  August 2, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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straight ahead a deadly accident overnight in prince george's county. on a stretch of road in fort washington that is now notorious for taking lives. new details emerge in warrington. arrest made after the body of cvs manager found by dumpster in the warrington store's parking lot. plus, a slip of the tongue or a major dig. we may now know why the president spent so much time at his golf clubs on the weekends he reportedly thinks the white house is a dump. call all job seekers. eighths major day for amazon. online giant has more than 50,000 jobs to fill andhe
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good day at 9a starts right now. ♪ oh, yeah. 9:01. good day at 9a welcome to the show. we're hard at work right here for you. ya'll like that? look at your face. >> it's a hot one outside. >> it's a hot mess. >> good day d.c. on this wednesday august 2nd, 2017. wisdom martin alongside steve, holly and maureen. >> well done. also i was he had a major musical studio collaboration connecting santana and the icily brothers who you know and love and they're join us live to talk about the journey that brought them together to create a new album power of peace. >> that's quite the threesome. >> it is. >> powerful. let's go ahead and start things off with the like we usually do. live look outside. another hot unsunny day today. >> let's send things over to tu
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forecast. good morning, tucker. >> yeah, the heat and humidity back. low 90ings later today. we hit 91 yesterday. repeat of yesterday. along with it the threat avenue shower or thunderstorm later this afternoon. but widely scattered we're not expecting widespread showers and storms any time soon here next couple of days will be stray storms in the afternoon. all right. 9am temps. 77. that's winning number. if you're in annapolis, d.c., gaithersburg, dulles, quantico, leonardtown, i'm getting tired, stevensville, cambridge, you're winning number is 77. hmm. maybe that should be my lottery pick. 77 the winning number. we'll be in the low 90s later today along with it let me mention the humidity has been increasing overnight. dew point temperatures have jumped into the upper 60s and low 70s so you'll notice that humidity back and it will be kind of typical summertime afternoon in the washington area. cloudiness early. again, after daytime heating we'll pop a stray shower or storm. but we're not expecting anything major around here later today. but much like yesterday,
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gets going it could be heavy rain. there's nothing really steering the system kind of just rain themselves out and they don't move lot. into this afternoon look forte late day storms. i'll have the seven day which features cooler and drier air just in time for the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up guys. back to you. >> thanks, tucker. we'll begin now with check of a headlines on good day with breaking news out of montgomery county. police on the scene of an apartment in the 8800 block of manchester road in silver sp spring. they say a person was assaulted there this morning, possibly cut on the neck. police got the call not too long ago around 8:15 we are vest it gag reports that the assault may have been the result of some sort of hostage orchid napping situation inside that apartment. kidnapping situation i shall say. we have crews headed there and of course we'll share more information as soon as we get it. ♪ let's get to that developing story from overnight in prince george's county. a motorcyclist dead after crashing into the back of a car in fort was
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police say it happened along indian head highway near palmer road. the driver of the car was injured. is expected to be okay, though. all northbound lanes of 210 were closed for several hours this morning. they are back open at this time. also officers make big arrest in the case of a body found near a dumpster behind cvs store in warrington virginia. 76-year-old bernard clark duce is now in custody. he's accused of murdering rex mack olson last week. investigator sauce olson was shot and left to die behind a cvs location that he manages. police did not say whether they know the motive behind that killing. and the search continues this morning in manassas for a man pretending to be a cop and pulling over a driver. police have issued an arrest warrant for 21-year-old alex bar mill they say he used flashing lights on his car to stop another driver at a traffic light monday morning and then identified himself as an off duty officer. march of bar mill took off after the driver asked for identification and the name of his supervisor. also developing this morning, the
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in d.c. and virginia are trying to get the word out to dog owners who may have come in contact with a dog with rabies. wisdom standing by with more on this story. wis, what do you got? >> here's the deal. the dog was a bulldog named fred and we have a timeline of what happened in this incident. now, it was seen at the cherry dale vet clinic in arlington on july 8th and again on july 14th. then it was boarded at the dog ma daycare and boarding for dogs on l street southeast from july 14th through the 17th. now the dog was sick at the time, but not showing symptoms of rabies. it has since died from the disease. now according to the cdc, these are the animals to watch for when it comes to rabies. talking about raccoons, skunks, bats, foxes and coyotes. domestic mammals can also get rabies that means cats, cattle and of course dogs. they are most frequently reported rabid domestic animals in the country. now, earlier this morning, dr. ruben, joined us oh and fox5 news this morning and he he's director of public health for arlington counsel teen g
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insight what to do if you encounter an animal acting strangely. >> acting strangely really is, um, depends on on the animal. if you see an animal, freck that's normally nocturnal, in the daytime stay away. in general we'll say stay away from wildlife because even if they're supposed to be there remember they're still animals and there could be -- they can respond poorly and it doesn't mean that they have rabies. >> now, if you do encounter a rabid animal and you're exposed rabies here's what you need to do. you can call this number (703)228-5200. press option number one and ask for the nurse of the day and after hours call (703)228-5645 and leave your name and number. so this very frightening because as you know in this area, where development is all over the place, and we often find ourselves in areas that used to be habitat for animals and now they're homes there. at nighttime or in the evening you'llee
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of animal running around. so you just got to be cautious. >> right. for pet owners this is frightening. >> the animals that you have to interact with those animals. you just never know. be cautious and -- >> get the booster if you have any questions at all. make sure your pet is protect. >> yes. >> thanks wis. 9:00 see seven is the time. time for morning briefing. president trump will try to pivot immigration today but that issue may get lost in the shuffle as the white house is still dealing with other controversies. this all as it's president lashes out against what he calls the fake news media. >> president trump once again tearing into the media and defending his use of twitter on twitter. writing, only the fake news media and trump enemies want me to stop using social media. 110 million people. only way for me to get the truth out. that after expressing frustration that good economic news is being overshadowed by west wing drama. >> our stock market has reached an all-time high today. all-ti
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nobody ever talks about it. [ applause ] >> they don't talk about it. >> but there is plenty of talk about white house controversies. among the latest, allegations the president himself helped crack craft what critic described as a misleading response offed by his son about a meeting with the russian lawyer during the campaign. >> the president weighed in as any father would based on the limited information that he had. this is all discussion frankly of no consequence. there was no tal up. >> reporter: meantime the white house is following up on leaks with attorney general jeff sessions set to announce new efforts to track down individuals who have been leaking classified information about the administration. >> and the trump administration i also preparing to investigate and possibly sue universities for admissions policies which they say discriminate against white applicants the new york times reporting the justice department is redirecting resources of its civil rights division to scrutinize add mig policies used to bring more minority
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campuses. the move is just the latest sign the justice department is taking on a more conservative under attorney general jeff sessions. >> new fbi director this morning the senate confirmed christopher wray. the vote 92-two. wray a former high ranking official in george w. bush's justice department. he replaces james comey fired by president prem back in may. >> president trump feeling the heat after calling the white house a dump. now that comment is in a huge profile the president's golf game that's featured in gol the president apparently told presidents the reason why he comes to his golf course in new jersey so often is that quote the white house is a real dump. spokesspokes denied that the prt said the white house was dump. the president did hire a private decorator tore dot family's living quarters. that's something most if not all presidents do when they get into office and mr. president trump and has been known to relish in giving visitors vip tours of the white house. now one person who didn't think the president's comments were all that gre
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daughter yale chelsea clinton. she tweeted this last night. thank to you all the white house ushers, butlers, maids, chefs, flower wrists, gardeners, mummers, engineers and curators for all do you every day. now president trump wouldn't be the first president to give a less than glowing description of the white house. president obama wrote in his 2006 book the audacity of hope that the inside quote doesn't have the loom minute us in quality you might expect. it's well kept but worn. >> i think you need to keep in mind as well if you're not enjoying the way that it looks that's the look that the former president had for it. >> right. >> because as you mentioned every president can do what they want as long as they spend their own money it. >> it is the people's house it's used so it's natural it's worn. conversely buckingham pam las is not inside either despite the lure of it being a palace. >> it could be not that they don't like the look. it could be the internal workings. you buy an old house all the time, and they need to be updated and be more modern. >> maybe they need to put i o
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hgtv then. >> fixer upper. >> you can't flip it. you have to have fix it up. >> it will flip in a few years or not. >> at least in eight years. >> at least in eight years. >> only get eight years to be a resident. >> do you remember how much flack nancy reagan when she came in and wanted to redo the china. >> she was going to have to pay for it. that was the problem. >> the fact she wanted to redo. new china. of one said she a high fallutant woman how dare she come in and have this extravagant taste it was a real thing. now it's common place families come and you want your own touch. you want your own stamp on your own china and bedding and whatever. funny how much things have changed. >> we'll do house hunters big three presidential palaces you determine which one you want to live. >> part of why it's getting so much flack there have been presidents that commented it's just the crassness of it. >> there's other eloquent ways of putting it. >> saying it's a dump it's
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>> he's not mincing words he's not -- >> it's a dumb many. >> we know there's no filter. >> right. >> it's not trump tower with a guilded, you know, gold and all of that. but hey. >> let's go a few miles from the head of the country to the head maryland. larry hogan slapped with lawsuit by aclu accusing hogan of censoring free speech by blocking people on facebook and deleting their posts. spokesperson for hogan says the lawsuit is frivolous and the governor's policy has a clear policy about removing hateful and violent contact. governors in kentucky and mape main fighting similarities. we talk with legal expert about that and you have to wait scene what the courts do. there are some protections obviously. but he said, you know, where they're likely draw the line, you know, think about it if it was in person. if you walk in and made threats in person you would be arrested. >> right. >> that would not be tolerable. finding that line to draw. >> can tv stations they fall under this. people post all sorts of things on our
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some we'd like to take down. i don't know if we have in the past no matter how hateful it is. would it now extend to other entities beyond political figures bought maybe media companies. >> public figures. >> these are people that are elected. >> these are elected officials on their official pages. >> i think it would be if somebody said and they would never say this maureen did you terrible job reporting that story. if you took that down, that's a violation perhaps. but if they made a threat to you, obviously or they said something hateful or discriminatory obviously you have the right to take that d down. >> okay. all right. wait and see what the courts say ultimately. >> good news, we we know no one on twitter would ever say anything about us, right. >> never. >> never happens. >> what are you all smoking? >> never ever. >> who, what? >> smoking sarcasm. >> exactly. >> i like that. 9:13. listen to this. the man who headed d.c.'s va hospital for years is out of a job this morning. brian hawkins was fired for violating va policy by sending sensitive information through his e-mail. now this comes just a few months after scathing
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released about the conditions inside the va hospital. the hospital did not say specifically what information hawkins sent out it could be harmful if disclosed in statement the hospital says hawkins was terminated quote because he failed to provide effective leadership at the medical center. this action under scores va's commitment to holding all employees accountable if they failed to their jobs or live up to va's values. >> another baltimore city police officer has been suspended after new video comes to light. allegedly showing the officer turning off his body camera to plant drugs during a search. investigators say the officer spent 30 minutes searching a car back in january but found nothing. then he turned off his body camera and immediately found drugs. the suspect in the case was initially charged. those charges were dropped last week. this is the second recent incident to apparently show a baltimore officer planting drugs at a scene. up next, 9:14 is our time f you're looking for a job we've got you covered. a ma'am son hosting job day right now
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hire full-tie employees with benefits right on the spot. our bob barnard joining us live with all the details next. >> also another lawsuit. this one filed by kanye west and he's seekly $10 million. why? we'll tell you coming up much it is now 15 minutes past the hour. ♪ ♪♪ at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. so she can afford to feel at home even when she's miles away. and you can help her feel bright, without breaking your budget. and... who's there? hey. a boy?
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♪ 9:17 is the time. if you're ready to work work work work if you're into the market for new job, well you mitt want to head to baltimore. >> indeed. amazonning job fares at locations across the country and they plan to make job offers on the spot to thousands of applicants. our bob barnard joining us live from baltimore now with the story. bob, this is good news any way you cut it. >> reporter: at ten locations this being one of them today amazon is holding this huge jobs fair and take a look i mean it goes from 8:00 till noon a lot of these people heard about it this morning. there are hundreds of people here. i don't know if this -- picture does it justice but there's a line snaking all around the parking lot here. people are going
9:19 am
their information. then they're taking a tour and if all goes well, after taking the tour, then they can go into the recruiting station and some of these people we are told will actually be hired on the spot and will start working today. let me see. this lady is shaking her head. what brought you out here today, ma'am. >> i'm looking for job. >> reporter: looking for job. >> um-hmm. >> reporter: how did you hear about this? >> um, on the radio. >> reporter: did you. >> and i always check they hit online. >> reporter: so they advertised it online as well. >> advertised it online yeah. >> reporter: have you been in the job market for while? >> yeah. just graduated from university of baltimore. so maybe two months now. >> reporter: okay what's it look out there? is it tough. >> yes. >> reporter: it is tough? >> yes. it is. >> reporter: but there's chance today for you here. >> there's a chance today. they said they hiring on the spot, i'm not choosey. >> whatever had he got. >> reporter: whatever they got. >> what's your name. >> jane hism ram. >> reporter: good luck to you. some people we've spoken to say they're looking
9:20 am
job, a part-time job. others saying they've been looking for a long time, and it has been tough out there. but to hear that they're actually hiring on the spot as many as 1200 jobs here alone that's brought these people out here. and we'll tell that you we are at the baltimore fulfill many center 2010 browning highway south of the harbor here in baltimore. people have been coming since 5:00 this morning. we want to speak to lawrence lynch, hey, lauren. come around this way. you got the sun in your face. what do you say to the people here. here. by noon today there's still a line. there's hope for not only them still and people who are watching on tv who couldn't be here today, is that right? >> there is. if you can make it down to the baltimore fulfillment center don't worry we still need you go to amman so and apply online. great opportunities there. >> reporter: tell me about this. does this surprise you how many people -- you have job opportunities. but more people than you have
9:21 am
>> a great thing about the delmarva fulfill many center, the great thing about this region, there's a number of fulfill many centers for lot the people who are here, baltimore fulfillment center you can apply for jobs in any fulfillment center. we need you. >> that's awesome. thank you very much. lauren. guys, so amazon obviously is growing like crazy. people are using it all the time. and they just need people to fill the jobs. what this place here does basically it's a warehouse where the orders come in. there are millions of items h here. they bock them and they send them out to your home. i's all a huge well working assembly line. we were here on cyber monday and pretty astoned by what they do here in baltimore and this is just one of two big fulfillment centers they have right here. they have jobs and people are applying in person today, guys, till noon. >> bob, i'm sewelling i know it opened 8:00. you haven't seen anybody come out that was hired on the spot yet, have you? >>
9:22 am
we a lady we interviewed earlier like not on tv live, but she's inside now and she's -- we exchanged phone numbers. she was in the first group that that went in for the tour and to go to the recruiting center. we haven't heard from her yet. whether she gets a job and takes doesn't work out she'll let me know. those first online haven't made the connect just yet. >> what's the range in salaries for these people looking for work? >> reporter: well, there are some, minimum wage jobs like, you know, assembly line jobs but they have it positions and even some managerial positions, you know, there are professional positions. so that, works actually be salaried, not hourly. so it runs the gamut. so if you're a professional, they want you. if you're, you know, with a high school degree or less, and just want to work, you need a job, they can use you as well. >> real quick, bob. the website again the amazon -- she gave a site that people can go to. >> reporter: amazon
9:23 am
or -- >> reporter: yeah. i was also told earlier that there's day. jobs day. and lauren, let me, washington is it amazon.delivers. >> amazon >> thank you. apply online, guys. >> bob barnard -- not you guys. [ laughter ] >> thanks, bob. >> good work out there. >> you almost wait for them to come out with their golden ticket. >> right. >> that's what i wanted to see. >> excited that they got the job. >> hopefully there are many of those, you know, the tickets to hasn't out today. 9:23. still ahead we're right in the middle so-called dog days of summer and some four legged friends being featured at a yappy hour in the district this week. we're getting a special visit from some of them this morning. >> can't wait for that. let's check in with allison. what are you working on girl? >> first of all i'm fired up about that amazon story. aren't you? >> yes. absolutely. it's exciting for the area. >> i love it. okay now back to
9:24 am
making headlines this morning, bill cosby's lead attorney is looking to leave the case and emily has been downgraded to tropical depression but the impact is still being felt. plus, a major piece of american history researchers believe they have found the first coin ever minted by the us government. those stories and more right after the break. ♪
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fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to ♪ we're back at 9:26. allison is also back with check of the some of the other stories
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hey, how are you. >> hey, mo. bill cosby's lead defense attorney wants off the case. brian mcmonagle filed documents seeking to withdraw before cosby's retrial in november. now in the filing he said cosby was working to find new lawyers. a judge will consider the request later this month. cosby is a accused of raping and drugging a temple university employee more than a decade ago. his first trial ended in in a mistrial. teenager in california is under going a psychiatric evaluation after creating quite a scare at san francisco's international airport. investigators say shortly after a flight from pan in a city florida landed the teen opened an exit over the wink and jumped down on to the tarmac. construction crews working nearby were able to grab that teen and hold him in the until authorities arrived. police still haven't said why they think all of this ham. florida is still dealing with the aftermath of tropical storm emily. now downgrade toddy press. the
9:28 am
particularly hard with major flooding which led to power outages and road closures. many residents left stranded in their cars had to be rescued by emergency crews. em system now heading northeast expected to brush the carolina coastline later this week. and finally, astonishing discovery that could provide insight into one of america's most important founding moments. take look at this. a senior research cher at a coin firm believes that he has found the first ever coin ever minuted by the u.s. government. check it out. it's believed to be prototype for a plan discussed by thomas jefferson and alexander am milton much this is what we are talking about people. the front of the coin shows the eye of god surround beside rays of light that shoot out towards 13 stars which represent the original 13 states. the coin is on display this week at the world's fair of money in denver and, yes, there is a fare of money and it's happening in denver holdly. >> i love that story but there's -- for me
9:29 am
fine it. what's the back story. >> why just now. >> right. >> how do you know it's the first. >> where has it been hiding. >> so many questions. >> i had one of these coins somewhere. >> do you not. >> that i do know. [ laughter ] >> we can find one, al. >> depending on how much it sells for we can find one. >> right. >> oh, man. >> keep it in that case don't put it in the vending machine whatever do you. >> right. >> words to live by. thanks al. >> coming up forget happy hour because this morning good day d.c. is all about yappy hour. there is a special auction event helping happening in the district to help dogs in need and you know what we have a preview coming up next. >> he may be out at the white house but all of that drama could lead to a big pay day for anthony scaramucci. details on the new gig he can be considering. >> fresh at 10a legendary go-go band eu performing live in the lot of this morning. are you ready to do the butt? plus, we've got some candy and cocktails. sugar factory stops by the good day cafe with some sweet inspired drinks that can help you, that's correct you can whip up
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time right now 9:29. back in a moment. ♪
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♪ 9:32. this is nice segue into weather here. because it was storming in miami last night. >> nice. >> highlights inside the ballpark they have the dome there miami to keep the heat out last night it kept the storms out. max scherzer got the ball out. his first career homerun. >> what? >> for one short inning max
9:33 am
celebrated even though everybody in the dug out completely ignored him. >> fake high fives were nice. >> gave him the silent treatment. nor inning celebrated unfortunately he had to take himself out of the game. he had a little thing in his neck he said he slept a little funny hadn't a spasm so he was one and done last night. unfortunately so were the nats because even though they had six-zero lead they went ahead in the bullpen blew it last night they lost seven-six. they get day off. one more game in miami, day off and go to chicago to face the cubs on friday. >> this might be the play of year in baseball so far. watch the catch right now and watch the hand place many first of all. going steal homerun right here by going up over and into the bullpen. now, tucker and i asked the question, because he left the field of play -- >> yeah. >> wouldn't it be a homerun? >> oh. >> but i'm thinking because he kept his right hand on the fence the entire time he did the flippy flip. >> yeah. >> he did. >> apparently it counts as a catch. >> look at his. >> because he caught it and held on to the ball it's a catch no matter where he
9:34 am
>> well, that's amazing if you flip over the outfield wall -- >> i didn't know about the wall. >> his hand is on the wall. any way he held on. it count. >> was that the official calling because his hand was on the wall. >> i don't know the official calling. the official calling was a catch. i don't know why. i'm just saying maybe because he kept his hand on the fence he never officially left the field of play. >> because he catches the ball and because it's still in the air and then he landed. >> it looks like he made a conscious effort to keep his hand on to something. he's a pro. he would know that. >> we'll get to crack the research department. >> that's pretty cool though. >> amazing play. >> great catch. great july and early august reached toss the dog days of summer. only fitting dogs are center stage at a special happy hour and auction taking place tomorrow. >> we have some special guests in the sued yo this morning to help tucker out with the wea weather. very cute guests, too. good morning. >> i've been looking forward to this all morning. it will be yappy hour, right? come on that's funny. >> yeah. >> that's funny. all right. this i
9:35 am
alliance, right. >> yes. >> tell us about your big even. this is thursday. >> it is. it's tomorrow from four to 7:00 at study house and 10% of all alcohol sales go toward the human rescue alliance, and 100% of the sales with the silent auction go toward the 60,000 animals we take care of each year. >> tell me about your organization. so you guys work in the dc area? >> yes. we're the only open access shelter in d.c. which means we do not turn anyone away. we have programs that spread out through the district. so we're talking animal control, humane law enforcement, ado adoptions, um, programs that help keep animals in their ho homes. >> okay. >> so, yeah. >> all right. tell us about our friend right here. >> this is ajax. he is two years old. he was found as a stray if d.c., and he is looking for a home at our ogle thorpe street northwest locate
9:36 am
before we go on to the items that will be up for silent auction, tell me about people can get in touch with you when they want more information or if they just want to donate if they can't come to the yappy hour. >> they can visit our website at humane rescue or visit any of our social media humane rescue on all three channels. >> if they're interested in this guy get information on him, too. >> yes. you can find him on the website. call our ogle thorpe street adoption center. or reach out via social media. >> i heard he speaks 11 dog languages. is that true. >> i have heard that. i can verify because i'm not fluent. >> okay. all right. let's go on to the silent auction. you go the great items here. first of all let's start with our beautiful princess. tell us her name and what she will be modeling. >> this is elsa. um -- not really but so she is modeling the seal costume and you can win a birthday party for some of your friends if you have some
9:37 am
i don't know. i'm looking forward to some frozen during the summer so. >> right. >> she wears it well. >> probably not the item for me i get that will be a great item for somebody an birthday party. >> yes. >> here are items for me. signed baseball, hockey pucks and jerseys, right. >> yes. >> tell me who has been signing these. >> ryan zimmerman from the washington nationals. and a capitals player. >> to be named later because we can't quite figure out it look like it might be -- >> i think they need to work on their penmanship. i'm not quite sure. sorry. >> either way we love it. >> all right. we got ryan zimmerman and again 100% of the proceeds go to your organization. >> human alliance. >> yappy hour one more time is held. >> tomorrow from 4:00 to 7:00 and where. >> at sudden house. >> okay. any time you can -- i won't say this to you. i'll do the weather. thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks. >> we're looking at hazy, hot and humid day. 77 now in washington. we'll be inhe
9:38 am
this afternoon. there is the satellite/radar with just few clouds out there. but later this afternoon much like yesterday there could be a scattered shower or thund thunderstorm. as we get a little trough work through i want to show you future cast here, and you can see there you go. maybe shower later this afternoon an quick look at the seven day because it will be nice day tomorrow for yappy hour and then beautiful weekend to get your dogs out for long walk, guys. temperatures in the 80s. alex, thanks so much for joining us. elsa, thanks so much for joining us. tomorrow sudden house tomorrow four to 7:00. >> thank you tucker. i want to take a moment to wish my dad a happy 80th birthday. today is his birthday. >> yay! >> there's my poppa. he looks great. >> yeah. you know what i can't say enough about this guy. he's amazing the most genuine kinds hearted person ever. i was blessed to have been his daughter. so dad, happy birthday. i love you, i love you i love you. >> can he watching. >> i hope he's streaming in chicago. they just got back from their trip him and m
9:39 am
hopefully they're back streaming. dad, love you, loads. >> happy birthday mr. umeh? >> that is a great picture, too. >> thank you. happy birthday to you. lot of people might be celebrating too if you have money in the mark the due dow is back in record territory trading above 22,000 for the first time there is the proof there's live look at the ticker right now on wall street. 22,031 right now at 9:39 this morning. first time dow cracked 22,000 the first time hopefully holds 22,000. >> celebrations all around. still ahead, it was incredibly short stint at the white house but the news isn't all bad for anthony scaramucci. >> there were reports out this morning that the mooch could hall in a whole lot of cash if he holds public speaking events focusing thon big debacle that last add couple of days. we'll go live to tmz with the details coming up next. 9:39 is the time. good day d.c., we'll be right back. ♪
9:40 am
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♪ topping today's fox beat could it be new gig for anthony scaramucci. he could be cashing in big time on that absurdly brief gig in the white house, and kanye west seeking 10 million in a lawsuit over his canceled saint pablo tour. for these details op these particular stories we'll turn it to tmz charles la beside yea. your name is not in the prompter right, charles. i apologize for that but i saw you and knew that it was you. >> so let's talk about
9:43 am
spend ten days in the white house there could be big money to follow. >> sure. i mean, ten days is ton of time in this white house, and it's going to pay off. we've spoken to several sources in the public -- on the public speaking circuit they said look scaramucci certainly has -- has his battle wounds and all of that, but the ten days in the white house and the drama that surrounded him for those ten days really will add up to more people wandering him, wanting to higher him and have him come and do some public speaking gigs. we asked him, look, scaramucci is very successful man. he's an entrepreneur. he's an investor. even before he was in the white house, he would have gotten somewhere between 25 to $50,000 per speaking engagement. they said easily now he's commanding 75,000 plus is what he would get. >> can that -- think about it. >> ten days -- >> can it be sustained because he's still very
9:44 am
so if i'm going to hear him, i want to hear him spill the derr. is he going to do that? >> i want a foul mouth rant. >> yeah. >> yeah, i don't know if he's going to use the language he used in that particular article. but he did say that's true he can get more money if he was going to play the sort of -- i was the sacrificial lamb for the administration but you're right. i doubt he would do that. but just to have him come in and talk about his ten days in the west wing, they said, look, that's enough that he's going to get boost in his fee. so look he doesn't need the money. but if he wanted it, it's there. it's certainly going to be more now after that time in the white house. >> all we're saying don't feel bad for him. don't cry tears for him. >> the mooch will keep going. >> definitely not. >> let's talk about kanye west. so apparently he's suing over the canceled concert dates. what's going on here? >> he's going aft lords of london the famed insurer because he hd a policy with them that
9:45 am
would cover most artists have this when they go out on tour they have a cancellation policy they get insurance policy for this in case for some reason they have to cancel. you remember kanye canceled several of his tour dates remaining tour dates aft he had the break down in late november last year. so he filed the policy -- filed with lords of london for $10 million. they have not paid up to this point, and that's why he's suing them. he says that they are insi insinuating that they're never going to pay because they believe that his cancellation and his break down was the result of his repeated use of marijuana. >> oh h. >> they don't feel like -- they don't folic they should have to pay. kanye's side says, look, you have absolutely nothing to back up that theory. you need to pay up the $10 million. it's only $9.8 million plus some interest. >> oh, well. >> so he wants that money because there's a lot of people who need to be paid that weren't paid when he cancel the tour but that's why you get the insurance policy. >> a
9:46 am
easy how it all plays out. we're also seeing for the first time, though, mack lamar's my bock pictures. a, that was serious crash, b, that's a wonderful advertisement former said december because the three walked away unscathe glad senate, though? >> right? >> yeah. he was in the car with two other passengers. they were hit in a head-on collision with an alleged drunk driver in a town in north washington state, and when you see, we got these photos we knew the accident a couple days but we got the photo and you see how bad -- i mean the entire front end of his car is destroyed. you can see some of the the photos that the air bags did deploy. but both mack lamar and his two passengers walk away just small scratch on one of them. so perfect ties many former said december and my bock, yes. >> how did the driver fare. >> head on collision. >> how did the other guy fare. >> drunk driver did -- he was the only one who had to be hospitalized briefly but the police were waiting for him when he got out and he's been charged
9:47 am
>> as they shall charge him. charles with the info. tmz always got it going on. thank you very much this morning. reminder for you, you can catch tmz -- thanks. >> you can catch tmz weekdays at 3:00 o'clock and 7:00 right here on fox5. fellas? >> ladies, thank you very much still ahead music legends carlos santana and the icily brothers teaming up. we'll talk with them they're working on awesome project that's coming to our region and the time right now is 9:47. that's next. ♪ ♪♪
9:48 am
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♪ time to talk music right now. recorded last year power of peace new album that is a fulfillment avenue dream, new musical studio collaboration connecting carlos santana and the isely brothers on a mind bending journey through some of the most immortal soul if you know, blues, rock, jazz and pop songs no continue to inspire them. in the midst of both of their new albums and new tour dates, carlos santana, cindy black man santana
9:51 am
join us live from new york city. to all of you welcome back to d.c. it's great to see you guys this morning. >> thank you. >> how do you go. >> thanks so much. >> i want to go dc centric on you guys first of all. because one of the tracks that you cover on the new album is a marvin gay song of course marvin gay near and dear to everybody here in wads. what was it about marvin gay that stands out to you guys or the d.c. music scene that made you want to include that in the new project? >> i think -- i think that song was one of his best songs written about this planet. and i talk to carlos about it and he definitely said, hey, that's got to be in here. he added some words to it of the ending, and he said -- what was the words the words wer w
9:52 am
need to stop, um, we need to, um... it came from brother her harry belafote and he said, there's a river of blood flowing down the streets. >> yeah. >> from our sisters and brothers black and brown and he said that in naacp rally, and i said we need to, you know, we need to put in in there. >> yeah. >> i also wanted to add something that mr. did he say mop tutu always says. there is no future without forgiveness. so we -- we cultured a song mercy mercy me because it's about ecology, it's about everything that we need to do to be conscious to help mother earth heal itself by us being responsible and how we monitor, you know, the pollution not only with cars but mental pollution. you know, so i was so grateful that we were
9:53 am
marvin gay song social spiritual consciousness of how we can come, you know, i aspire with my brothers, with my wife and my two brothers to do concerts possibly in prisons, you know, saint quinton and broadcast it all over the prisons women and men's prisons, and demonstrate to them that revolving door can stop when they leave they don't have to come back. you know, they can be pillars in the community. i really believe that brother marvin gay cd, record, whatever you want to call it, eight track, whatever you want to call it. [ laughter ] >> was what's going on infinity morrell vent today than when it came out in 1971. >> carlos i think have to agree with you on that. it seems like that's part of the thread that you have going throughout this entire project. i want to ask you, guys a question musically
9:54 am
you are all great musicians in your own right. coming together to put this project together. carlos and your beautiful wife sharing drama and percussion duties there. ernie here's my question to you. how do you rock out on the guitar and share that role with carlos santana? >> how do iowa. >> how do you get your guitar work mixed with carlos' so you're both able to shine on this album. >> carlos and i have the same spirit, similar spirit, and certainly i was listening to him just as i was going into college and while i was there. you know, that lady came out in 1973, but carlos was already up and running with blah magic woman and everybody is everything and, you know, a whole slew of not only songs
9:55 am
hits, you know. [ laughter ] >> four or 5 million albums every time he dropped one. he's all in the dorms. so it's like -- it's like, you know, carlos and i sometimes it feels like the difference between six and a half and dozen when we play together. >> i feel like i'm looking at the rock and roll hall of fame right now just looking at all you guys right that. i know the history runs deep from jimmy hendricks playing as part of your band ronald back in the day to you guys now getting to play with carlos santana and cindy i know you're a big part of the project as well i want to thank you all you guys for joining us this morning much the album is available now. carlos, i know you'll be here in d.c. in two weeks at merry weather doing a show. hopefully ronald you and ernie can come here hit up the kennedy center in a couple of months as well. looking more to great music from you guys here in d.c. thank you guys so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> very welcome. isely brothers playing down in richmond big festival down there. there you go. between the kennedy center, ri
9:56 am
chance to see them the new album is out on i tunes and amazon music right now. >> royalty. >> exactly. rock and roll hall of fame. you know what i wondered, though, does carlos like the new san tan narcotic the song maria, maria the rihanna version of it i wonder? >> we talk with carlos before. for next time. that's the whole thing, because i think for everything just like, you know, ernie isely said back in '73 when he was selling millions of records you get this feeling majorities of american didn't hear about him until rob thomas and everything came to light. when that check comes in the bank, allows you to do whatever you want. >> just kept looking at each other and smiling. >> his wife. >> any more songs you want to sample? i got room in my bank account for some more. >> all right. we'll be right back more good day at 10a on the other side. ♪ ♪♪
9:57 am
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♪ the must see moments only right here on good day at 10a. >> tenning at 10a could beyonce' be in the market for a basketball team. mariah no holds bar idol advice to one legend and drake's dad drops music video. wait until you see this one. ♪ and dmv get ready to do the butt. legendary band experience unlimited aka the eu is here live in the loft and, yes, they will perform. >> two of my favorites candy and cocktails. we're m
10:01 am
drinks all morning from the sugar factory. >> let's do this, d.c. n3, two, one, roll it. the 10a starts now. ♪ good day d.c. >> we just had carlos santana on the isely brothers and now eu live in the loft. you're going to want to stay tuned. we'll go old school with them coming up this hour doing the butt. >> excellent. >> that was a little taste of your love vin because we have a taste of all this deliciousness over here. >> yes. >> in the kitchen. >> i like what you did there. >> we'll tempt your sweet tooth this morning because we got the sugar factory. >> i love it. >> in the good day cafe they'll be mixing
10:02 am
cocktails and teaching us how to actually pair those with food, too. >> yum eat all this and do the butt to work it off. >> i like that. >> maybe we do the butt first and then -- >> okay all right. either way. either way. >> wahoo! >> don't mind if we do. >> little treat. it's been a long morning. [ laughter ] >> always something to celebrate though and plenty too on the 10a. thanks for staying with round for us. i'm steve alongside holly, maureen and wisdom. great to see you as always. >> all right. 10:02 is the time before we check what's trending let's check in with allison seymour and see what's making headlines this morning. allison. >> wisdom, good morning. good morning to all of you. we begin with update on breaking news month montgomery county assault this morning on manchester road in silver spring. now, we had heard reports that it might have involved some sort of abduction orchid napping. our annie yu is on the scene and gathered new details now. annie washington do we know? >> reporter: allison, montgomery county police still on the scene out here at 8800 manchester boulevard and they
10:03 am
a call initially for burglary with an assault however coming out here and speaking to the victims, it looks more like some sort of home invasion that they're dealing with. you can see that there are handful of detectives still out here, but we understand that two men, two women, one child were all inside this apartment, and more than one suspect entered the home somehow this morning, and one man inside was treated for minor injuries and the victims say that they did see more than one suspect enter the home. what's unclear right now how they got in. did they ring the doorbell? did they force their way in? what is it that they wanted and weather the victims knew the suspects. that is something that police are looking into. whether the randomness element to this is there or not. so looks like they're leaving the scene here but we do know all five residents have been taken down to the police station for further interviewing so hopefully we can sort of fill in the gaps as the morning progresses that's the latest back to you allison.
10:04 am
>> annie, thank you very much for digging into that foration. now over to prince george's county for a story developing overnight. a motorcyclist is dead after crashing into the back of a car in -- in fort washington now this police rather say it happened along indian head highway near palmer road the is expected to be all right.ut- all northbound lanes of 210 were closed for several hours this morning. they are back open at this time. youtube getting help fighting online terrorist content. its computers are now detecting and removing terror related content faster and more effectively. youtube says that over 75% of videos they removed for violent extremism are taken down before getting flagged by a person. now in the last month youtube removed twice as much couldn't tepp thanks to machine learning. and finally, a go pro camera ends up being a little snack for great white shark. camera supposed was supposed to be keeping an eye on the shark. check it out. you
10:05 am
right up to the camera, ahh em its mouth and cherry blossom many down on the go pro. luckily it's a strong scam rah. scientists tracking the shark with the go pro say the shark did not damage it at all. so no snack for you, sir. >> future commercial for go pro i think. >> right. >> shark tested and holds up. >> on to something. >> thanks, al. >> crazy all right. >> all right. >> let's check what's trending this morning, wis. >> here we go. here's something that is all over the internet this morning. president trump feeling the heat after reportedly calling the white house a dump. that comment is in a huge profile on the president's golf game featured in golf did the com. the president told friends the reason why he comes to his golf course in new jersey so often is that quote the white house is a real dump. spokesperson denied that the president said the white house was a dump. president did hire a private decorator to redo the family's living quarters. but that's something most if not all presidents do when they get into the office.
10:06 am
and the president has been known to relish in giving visitors vip tours in the white house as w well. a royal toast to the queen who is head of the health curve with her drinking habits. now we told you yesterday that none-year-old queen elizabeth has four cocktails throughout the day. every day. well today we're learning there's health benefits to her drinking habits. according to new study from the university of california san diego, people over the age of 65 who consume at least three alcoholic drinks a day can expect to live to be 85 without the risk of dementia or any other neurological diseases. so cheers! to queen. >> i feel like we're going to get something disputes this study. >> exactly. three, two, one. >> yup, yup. >> and they say if you have what is it four or five drinks you're binge drinking
10:07 am
>> if you feel people are asking you to do things wait until you hear what he does. he's 96 years old. the duke served as uk since 1952. so that make him the longest serving concert in british history and old defendant serving partner of a raining monarch his final engagement will be attending a royal marines parade in london which is fantastic. we don't have the stat here. something like 22,000 official events that he -- that he's d done. >> that he's done over since 1952. >> wow. just amazing the amount of -- place that is you are. >> 96 years old. >> 96, come on. >> you've earn it. cheers! >> uh-huh. you have five drinks. >> just when you thought you've
10:08 am
houses, smart vacuums next smart trend is here. smart water bottles. >> why? >> the same way you can use a fit bit to track your steps or monitor your heart rate smart water bottles like thighs from hydro spark allow to track your daily water intake most of the bottles come with downloadable app that sends you reminders to drink water throughout the day. the app updates every time you take a sip making it easy hydrf how much water you're drinking. pretty cool way to get your eight glasses in. >> i get it. if you're, f you're watching the glass fill up on the screen or whatever it is kind of like, you know if you're on the treadmill gone through the running path it shows where you're going. is that hard to remember to drink water? >> but it's just another gadget. just another gadget. >> i think for some people it is. even if you carry -- you do that trick when you carry the bottle around all day. i got to drink this the whole day. some people still don't. what i get this app new york city. >> price on this water bottle yet. >> i don't know yet. >> the other thing is the accountable like your fit bit.
10:09 am
this many steps to do if you don't have it on you're not really keeping track. >> you see what happened to my fid bit. >> gone. >> because it was telling me i was sleeping four hours night even got tired of looking at it same sleeping pattern every night. >> i'm going to go with you steve. this is nonsense you don't have t have enough sense to drink water. >> if you would shed you loved this i would have been surp surprised. that would have shocked me. >> i'm staying right on par with what you expect from me. >> staying in your lane. >> staying in my lane. my lane is does not include a water bottle that tells me to drink water. >> i don't need my phone to tell me to drink water. >> you drink water when you get thirsty. >> i'm thirsty right now. >> drunk you some water. >> the whole bottle. >> let's talk about this tiny house trend coming to the dmv. tiny home for sale in rockville. when we say tiny we mean tiny. here's the picture. 120 square feet, four windows, wood composting toilet, 4-foot kitchen, small fridge, two burner electric cook tops, closet, hybrid murphy b
10:10 am
size and queen as well apparently or maybe it's a qu queen. >> large version. >> the large version. built in couch, desk also comes with bedroom and a shower, and the large skylight window on the ceiling all yours for $150,000. there you go. >> wait a minute. >> basically it's a shed. >> a little much. fancy shed. >> $150,000 for that. >> at most 50,000 even even that. >> for a shed with stuff in it. >> i'm not, new york. >> how do you live in that. >> basically a trailer that you live in. >> it's like a shed. >> i'm not saying that to be trite. like in certain communities they're labeled as mobile homes. >> that's even a small mobile home. >> yeah. >> and i know this is a trend but you're right like i don't know that i can get myself to mindset where i divest myself of all my belongings enough to fit and be comfortable. >> to say that place has closet, are you kidding. >> my closet is bigger than that whole home. >> you can't stack things up when the bed folds down it will take up entire room. >> and as we talk about yeer
10:11 am
show about tiny houses. >> i love that show. >> i saw it a commercial there's a house about this size on the back of a truck driving it around. >> i've been in a few. >> easily change the neighborhood. >> people know how to customize them and make them pretty cool to mimi i've been in 33 or four of them i feel like camping. you might enjoy camping but do you want to camly every day of your life. >> 365 days a year. >> to each they're own. 150 sounds a lot. i thought it would be like 25 grand and now you can have a house. >> i wonder how the resale is? you know what i mean. you buy it for 150. >> is it like a car it dee appreciates. >> exactly. >> is it going to gain in value. >> all right. >> interesting. >> first you have to find somebody to buy it. that's the key. tiny housers, rock on. there's some legend in the lot of this morning. some legends i should say. get ready to do the butt. the eu rocks the live still ahead. >> first mariah is not holding back when it comes to giving her friends idol advice. is beyonce' in the
10:12 am
nba team? plus drake's dad drops a mew suck video serving up the dish next. ♪ ♪♪ >> coffee time. let's do it if you want the coffee mug there it is up for grabs right now. this one could be yours. dunkin' donuts mug perfect for your dunkin' donuts coffee. go to our website or our fox5 facebook page one lucky winner selected by random drawing. you have 47 minutes to enter. get that entry in by 11:00 o'clock this morning. coming up on 10:13 now. we'll be right back. ♪ z2fwbz z16fz
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♪ all right. it's time for the good day celebrity dish and let's serve it up with some kanye west because kanye filed 10 million lawsuit against lords of london for failing to pay out on an insurance policy after his saint pablo tour was canceled in november of 2016. let's talk bore date on the rappers tour were scrapped at the end of the -- last year after his erratic behave i don't know on stage led to mental break down and hospitalization at ucla. west's company very good touring is actually suing the insurance giant and affiliated companies for breach of contract and the breach then implied covenant of good faith
10:16 am
his company district court states that very good had taken out insurance for non-appearance or cancellation and submitted his claim to loyd's two days after the tour was canceled because of west's debilitating medical condition. eight months later they claim that the insurers having paid the multi million dollar claim or denied it either. >> but we were walk of tucking to charles from tmz he said that they are cla claiming that kanys marijuana use led to his break down. >> right. >> so that's why they're follow paying it. >> it will be interesting to see how the insurance company would have to prove that eight months later or maybe they've been trying to prove it all along. maybe that's the hold up. >> interesting. >> yeah. we'll see how it plays out. how do you really feel mimi when it comes to american idol apparently she doesn't feel so g mariah carey did not mince words when asked for her two cents cents on rumors that lionell ritchie being considered for judging spot on the american idol reboot. they're touring together right now. i would say don't do it
10:17 am
no. i'm only kidding. if he wants to do it that will be great. i think he would be really good at it but during 2015 australian interview she called her one season stint on idol where she feuded with fellow judge nicky minaj the worst experience of my life. i don't think they had any intentions for us to have a good experience doing that show pitting two females against each others was not cool. >> i could see how they would have pitt them against each other. >> yeah. on different note, though, i heard that concert they're doing mariah opened for lionell. >> yeah. it lionell ritchie featuring mariah carey. so i didn't know if it would be like an opening gig or she would come out don couple songs. >> we were just talking about that. >> or -- that's strange. >> we said lionell will open for her. >> maybe that's how the tour starts. >> that's true. i did also hear she brought her kids on stage and they sang some. >> here's the thing about saying they pitt two females. why fall for the bait. you know what i mean? >> at the time it was h
10:18 am
>> i guess. >> how many million dollars they get to do that. >> right. >> exaexactly a good experiencer bad experience they all walk away winners. >> cha-ching. >> well, let's talk a little sports. james hardin chris paul went to houston you now beyonce' from houston may be getting involved in his whole mix because the pop star beyonce' amuse stop native mulling over invest many in the nba's houston rockets. this is according to people familiar with the situation. now, rockets owner less alexander used to trade bonds. he said last month he was selling the team a mid a surge in franchise values across sports trying to get out while it's hot. popularity in china may push the sale price past the record 2 billion that steve ballmer paid for the la clippers three years. alexander paid 85 million for the rockets into 1993. now, this is not new territory because it's common for celebs to make small investments in sports teams. in fact her husband jay-z for instance had one point -- at one point had 1%
10:19 am
brooklyn nets and they actually stink. [ laughter ] >> it doesn't matter whether the team is good enough. all professional sports teams make money. they make money. >> printing money. >> yeah exactly. >> easy money. >> yeah. >> so we still got to figure out how we can get in weren't oh one of those. >> we're a few billion dollars short. >> can we get a .00001 stake in it. >> okay. so can you divorce your spouse but not their parents? apparently so. jennifer garner may not be good at getting along with her ex ben affleck but she still totally cool with his mom. jenn was out for a walk just yesterday with ben affleck's mother chris in brentwood and they looked like two old friends yacking it up there's a picture there. as we reported jenn and ben have been doing the co parenting thing like pros. while also having fun with their own friends clearly for jenn any way family is family. besides it's always a good idea to keep grandma happy, right. >> i mean if they get along, i mean that's not -- that shouldn't be strange or
10:20 am
it work, make it work. >> absolutely. >> in the end -- >> most of the time it doesn't work. >> right. >> the fact that they can make it work is great. >> it's all about the kids. >> yup. >> if they got a good relationship that's cool. so all right. this is my favorite story of the day. last week dennis graham who is drake's dad released a music video for the song kind of crazy it's an '80s style smooth jam. they're calling him the champagne grandpop pee. [ laughter ] >> need to take look at this video. video features graham -- ♪ >> -- sitting in silver thrown surrounded by rolling -- there he is right there. [ laughter ] >> rolling fog and mysterious canal la bra rocking a bushy mustache and a necklace bearing his son's signature. [ laughter ] >> i want you listen to little bit of it. ♪ >> sitting in the chair right there. he's dancing. he's surrounded by ladies. he's doing his thing. he's showing some dad swag. look at him. >> you know what he looks like? he looks like drake doing a parody somebody. [ laughter ] >> this
10:21 am
>> we'll fine out it is drake. >> one of the whisperers. don't hate me. >> one of twins. walter and scotty. >> does he look like walter or scotty. >> this is so cool. what if they did a duet they did something stowing. >> they probably doing it already. >> you think so. >> they have to. after seeing that video. the champagne grandpop pee. it's on. >> champagne grandpop pee. >> it's on. >> collabo. look at this. >> right. [ laughter ] >> i wasn't really comfortable with the start of it. okay. that makes me -- it's weird me out little. >> why? >> champagne poppy. >> cast the girls for the video like drake video. >> exactly. >> small print at the bottom may actually be drake's dad. >> exactly. look at him. >> look that. he is living the life. he's like, yeah. >> what she thinking? >> she's just -- >> when is that check going to cash? >> exact of the spin which way? >> drake who? >> shake my head this w.
10:22 am
>> look at this. >> look at the champagne grandpop pee. >> they should caption this when your does dad does the most. >> apparently he put the video out and getting a lot of hits. >> i'm sure. >> no doubt. >> i can't imagine not. right. >> truth i'm going to look at it after the show. >> there you go. >> see if there's a follow up. >> dessert to the dish today.e . >> very tasty. >> all right. speaking of still ahead it's very dessert worthy a sweet sip we'll mix candy with cocktails in the good day cafe this morning. sugar factory is here to show us how it's all done. >> y but first update from our own tucker barnes. it will be another hot one today. he's got a check of the forecast right after the break. ♪ and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service
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♪ back at 10:25. if you've got iphone case that contains glitter suspended in liquid heads up for you about 275,000 liquid iphone cases are being recalled because the cases reportedly can leak and cause skin irritations. mixed sold the cases for iphone six, 6s and seven. you could snag one from several retailers amazon and nordstrom rack there are 24 reports worldwide of skin irritation or chemical burns. most of the injuries have been reported in the u.s. new this morning results are in now and we know which colleges being named the top party school in the nation this year. you got to go down to the big easy tulane university comes in the top spot in new orleans number one party school in the country by princeton review.
10:26 am
number two and slipping from past number ones west virginia university not far away from washington, d.c. number three also only about three hour drive bucknell university up near penn state. the ranking determined by student surveys tulane administrators brushed off the tile as result of the school's close proximity to bourbon street downtown new orleans. students surveyed. they can say whatever they want if they want to sku it their pearing ways. >> all right. let's talk to tucker barnes. not skewing our weather at all. it's hot. it's august. what do you expect? >> just saying to allison, even a little humidity maybe a thunderstorm this afternoon as well. we'll throw those into the forecast but i mean it's early august. typical weather for what we get this time of year. all right. that should be update to do 81 degrees. it's not and i don't know why. but we'll get to the bottom of it. it's 80 up in baltimore. 80 in gaithersburg. 85 now in manassas. you can see we're starting to see those temperatures jump bottom line today upper 80s low 90s for daytime highs. with a heat
10:27 am
into the 90s you can see that heat index already so mix in the humidity now in the 80s or better most places. look at fredericksburg, 85 feels like. so not dangerous heat. but sort of typical summertime afternoon expected across the mid atlantic here and again our daytime highs will be a few degrees above normal. maybe into degrees for daytime high. all right. satellite, radar generally quiet at the moment. no rain expected over the next few hours as we build sunshine and heat into the area, by early afternoon, we'll start to see some of those billowing clouds we saw yesterday. and with it the risk of a shower or thunderstorm. so just deep in mind. we could have few showers with thunderstorms around a little later today. overall, the weather pattern, summery for the next couple of days. high pressure off to our south and continue to pump in the heat and humidity around here. temperatures next couple afternoons in the low 90s. with scattered showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast each afternoon. let's see if we can find those on future cast together. there we are at 7:00 o'clock. so
10:28 am
much of the area not going to get much of anything here. but certainly the possibility there could be scattered shower or storm later this afternoon. once we lose the daytime heating this time of year we lose the showers until tomorrow afternoon they'll return and again on friday. all right. the other thing i want to mention cooler weekend. cooler, drier, less humidity and we're going to keep the low to mid 80s going into next week. next monday and tuesday. in fact long range here, i think into the middle and end of next week our temperatures may not get out of the 80s all of next wek. we've got a nice enjoyable refreshing relatively cool week to look forward to next week after a few warm ones coming up. >> all right. guys, that is the latest from over here. back to you. >> thank you, tuck. okay we're about to crank it up right here in the loft because we're going to be doing the butt right after the break. take it away eu. ♪ you saw me on the video, i know you hear me on roar radio but you still don't ♪
10:29 am
10:30 am
10:31 am
♪ you know we love to party here
10:32 am
what's about to happen right here in the loft at merry weather post pavilion this weekend. 2017 summer spirit festival is returning for the 12th year this saturday and sunday. the two-day event will feature blend of a list artists. there's local acts that are hitting the stage as well including our next guest legendary go-go band experience unlimited akaeu. we'll learn more about this year's festival from promotor darrell brooks in just a minute but first sugar bear and the gang stopped by and they're going to rock the loft on this hump day right now with the hit "doing the butt". ♪ let's party ya'll. come on, sing. ♪
10:33 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:34 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ throw your hands in the air, ya'll. throw your hands in the ya'll. if you feeling good, you
10:35 am
good. >> oh yeah. >> oh yeah. >> oh yeah. >> oh yeah. >> now scream! ♪ ♪ ♪
10:36 am
♪ northeast, southeast, all night long. ♪
10:37 am
♪ [ applause ] >> eu. >> you sound good. >> good to see you. >> come over here in the light. >> i'm in the light. >> we all like the light. >> tell us about the show. >> wisdom, wisdom, her with weather post pavilion this saturday and sunday. platinum artists. multi platt tum artists. >> that's right. great musicians. local and national. but when it say local say local like this. local. >> like this local. >> strong. >> tear from d.c. they're national. when you come here you're local. >> i want to say the following. ticket we got over 70 artists from all over the country to be at
10:38 am
>> okay. >> baby face called me yesterday he can't wait to get to d.c. >> okay. >> and vogue said we haven't been there in awhile. >> okay. >> trombone from new orleans he coming up with that second line. i want ya'll to be prepared for great time. merry weather post pavilion this weekend. >> this is going to be mazing. >> it's past that. incredible. >> incredible. magnanimous. >> where you get those eyes. >> we shopping at the same pl place. >> sugar bear, let's talk about real quick before we go, that song, did you know it was going to be smash when ya'll came up with it? >> no, truly i didn't. truly i didn't. still being played today across the world. so god is truly good to this band and to me. >> and in school days the song school days which made an even bigger hit. >> next year it will be 30 years of the butt. >> 30 years we'll come back to fox and doing 30 year anniversary. >> busting it for 30 years. [ laughter ] >> thank ya'll very much. that's how we like d
10:39 am
there's the information. buy some tickets. wrap it up for me darrell. >> yacht ya'll come out. it's a family reunion. homecoming everything you wanted to see. bring your kids, bring your aunts and wisdom you coming. >> if i can get a babysitter that's my excuse for everything i got to get a babysitter. >> how did you say it. >> local. >> how do you say it. >> show me how to do it with passion. >> eu sugar bear. >> outside of d.c. the local acts d.c. with local brothers. >> all right. we'll work on that. >> we love the respect. >> that's right. >> 30 years means something. >> that's right. >> 12 years for summer spirit festival. >> that's right. ticket see ya. >> see ya. >> back over to you on the couch. ♪ in all seriousness you got to love going festival you know every song by every artist. >> the best kinds. sing along.sing along.
10:40 am
cranking live in here. >> so much fun. thanks eu for coming out. watch out wendy because we got red hot topics of our own this morning. would you let your employer put a micro chip inside your skin? >> no. >> i either. >> plus serena speaks out about equal pay gap. her passionate plea coming up as your number one good day at 10a continues. >> ou! >> ♪ pass'
10:41 am
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10:43 am
♪ now we go from eu to stix. we welcome all music here in the loft. 10:43. could be sign of the future whether we like it or not. dozens of employees at wisconsin company went ahead and got micro chip implants. now they'll be able to perform their being told basic functions with them. you hold your hand up the doors unlock. you can buy your snacks from the company vending machines without a key card, swipe card that type of thing. the question is, is it safe? the future is here whether we like it or not. wisconsin software company three square mark also known as 30m on tuesday became the first u.s. company to implant micro chips into its employees. hosting a chip party at headquarters in river falls. 41 out of 85 employees volunteered for the new implant. the company now touting future possibilities for the project. >>ma
10:44 am
without a passport or worry about losing it. >> nor to you flows will be able to perform basic functions with the chip like unlocking doors and buying snacks from company vending machines. it only takes few seconds but some volunteers later shared concern about potential long-term health risks. >> my concern just is with the health effect. what's doing to happen to my body when i'm putting this foreign object into my hand. >> and there are privacy concerns as well. but 32m says personal information is protected with strong encryption making it more secure in the chip than on smart phone. while employees aren't compensated for volunteering, simply excited to be part of the testing of the next level technology. >> i wanted to be part of the team. i'm so excited what this -- the possibilities are with this company and where we're going to take this. >> the company says it doesn't have any plans to use micro chips to actually track employee movements they do not contain gps technology. 100% of here in the loft that don't buy that story. >> i'm not buying it in wism
10:45 am
what happens when your employment with that company is over? >> you get fire. do they cut it out of your hand or -- >> do they switch it off supposedly. >> who paces for it. is it covered under insurance. there's all kinds of questions there's no way i would do that. >> if you ever saw the movie kinks men you will never ever do this. >> exactly. >> your private information is always encrypted and protected. >> exactly. >> how many times do we say, a thousand, washington hun dress thousand peoples information was just put out there. >> exactly. >> if it goes you have to get another one. come on. >> this is goes back to tell me when to drink my water. i can put my quarters into the machine. >> right. >> here's the thing. how does it know -- is it an automatic debit card like it's linked up so he reload it so you can get the snacks stuff. >> i'm sure that's what it is. >> which means somebody got to reload it. >> credit card information or some kind of banking information is in there. >> exactly. >> which means somebody has to put it in. >> has access to that. >> i'll go around the office
10:46 am
>> now what happens if like if i leave my money and i say holly i need taborer some money. lemme beep. there you go. next thing you know it's bad horror movie someone is kidnapped they can get, torque get access into the building. >> exactly. >> who secure areas. >> exactly. >> or like wisdom said i can just borough maureen's hasn't you're coming to the break room with me. put your hand up on the screen. >> don't say anything. >> don't say anything. >> act normal. >> i go to court. she made me do it. >> okay. >> there's nothing about this that's a good idea. all right. i think we've ruled. >> also a hot topic right now women in the uk might soon be able to kick off their heels in the workplace. researchers which the aberdeen university have been studying the physical effects of high heels. there was not enough evidence to create an association he between high heels and the risk of osteoarthritis. the study was prompted after women in the uk a woman i should say was sent home from work for wearing flats instead of heels. there's now a petition to
10:47 am
companies from forcing women to wear high heels at work. >> we're moving on. 10:46 is the time. tennis star serena williams squares off against the gender pay gap. williams put pen to paper issuing a passionate call for black women to be fearless and demand equal pay. in an essay published by fortune magazine she says bloom women make 63 cents for every dollar a man earns. the numbers don't lie despite being name the world's highest paid female athlete, williams is only number 51 on the overall list of earners. >> it's interesting because tennis is kind of a different barometer when it comes to sports because women in tennis are really popular and in some cases they're more popular than the men. >> yeah. >> so it only goes to reason that they should be making if not equal more. because a lot of -- a lot of the times a draw and it's been that way for years has been the women in tennis. we're talking about martina navratilova
10:48 am
the guys are good but the women have bigger names. >> her pointing it out i don't think she's trying to make some huge issue because i think people are calling her out for calling it out. no, you have to speak up about it. otherwise, what's the point? you don't get anything solved. you don't solve this issue by being cite quiet. serene narcotic another reason why i heart you. [ laughter ] >> still ahead you'll heart this, too. because we are ending the good day at 10a on sweet note. sugar factory is here to show us how to mix candy with cocktails for some incredible drinks. >> going from sugar bear to sugar factory. >> exactly. >> i see what did you there, steve. >> steve, you are so sweet. [ laughter ] ♪ ♪ ♪
10:49 am
no artificial flavors, preservatives or colors. and an excellent source of calcium. enjoy cheese dippers by the laughing cow.
10:50 am
10:51 am
♪ all right. if you love candy and cocktails as much as we do this next segment will be a sweet treat because we are whipping up the two right in the good day kitchen with a little help from sugar factory. we've got bartender carlos and chef david from the new pentagon city location. they're joining us live in the good day cafe and really, these are your candy cocktails that you may -- actually going to teach us how to eat real
10:52 am
with them, too. >> correct. correct. here at the sugar factory we try pair i'm sorry.uch as we can.- we prey try to pair the food with our drinks that way we keep you coming back. >> got you. i like your tam tick. where are we beginning this morning. >> we're beginning with carlos you want to explain our first drink. we have our white gummy. shown here. okay. >> this is a drink for one? >> well, it can be. >> depends on the one. >> a lot of people -- it's 30 ounces. 30-ounce drinks. always go one. >> a lot of people come in and share them but totally theosophy's cybill for one person. >> absolutely. >> with that, we compare our sliders rainbow sliders are different than any other place in the world. we have color sliders that taste amazing compared to regular sliders. what makes them different. >> i can't explain that to you. you have to come in. >> i see how it is. are you making the drink. >> the drink is being made right now as carlos -- >> we've already mixed this one up
10:53 am
>> this is a rum based fruit cocktail. it features a couple different types of rums. dark, a light and an aged and a couple different fruit juices finished with little sour mix and some sprite and this your white gummy does it ward off evil spirits. >> it looks like a concoction. >> whatever -- why don't you try it. >> i've got evil spirits i can take care of i'll try it. >> also, not to slow it down or anything we have a second drink coming out. >> i might be seeing some spirits. >> go ahead. >> of our second drink carlos explain it real quick. >> this is one of our top sellers one of my favorite to make a lot of flare to this drink much it's called a lolly hospital passion. a couple of different rums an vodka. it also features a melon liquor. >> how do you know which candy goes with which liquor. >> a lot of drilling. >> years of experience. >> a lot of memorization. >> okay. >> you have to do it with. >> a little sour
10:54 am
there i'll jump right in and tell you the thing that we came up to pair this items together is the chicken and waffles. >> i have to say those chicken and waffles look pretty good. >> chicken and waffles are good everywhere. i give them credit for what takes us to the next level our 100% maple syrup is paired with the white chocolate we go on top and it goes with this drink. >> you got magic going on. take look at that one. >> the only thing we're missing are wands. >> can i try that one. >> why did you set it so far away. >> you looked like you were still working on the first one. >> i'm pacing myself. it's not even 11:00 o'clock yet in the morning. >> right on. >> and not just to keep throwing any more drinks at you but we have one more coming at you carlos explain the third drink. >> it's okay to be drinking whatever the smoking stuff is, right. >> most definitely after my second one i finally asked that question. >> totally safe. absolutely. >> this is really good by the way. >> thank you. >> so nice contrast to the gobets we do some other drinks there as
10:55 am
top candy cosmopolitan. >> cosmopolitan i heard all my life that women go anywhere,. >> very classy very chic. >> okay. that's one of the big ones. >> serving that up. we try to throw it out as much as possible. >> i'm seeing now why you guys are the most inn stampable restaurant in the world. they were named that in 2016. >> yes. >> so this is the -- >> this is our cotton candy cosmopolitan. we are saying cot tan canny today it comes with a block of it. very pretty. > you did not bring the cotton canny. i'm sorry. >> i'm kidding. >> cocktails? >> i'll have cotton candy for you. >> what goes with our cotton candy cocktail. >> we pair our chinese chicken salad where it takes you to another level and you think chinese chicken salad with cosmopolitan, yes, because the trick here is the says salsas meme seed ginger dressing it has a sweet taste. >> all right. >> you know what i meal like doing with ts,
10:56 am
double toil and trouble. >> right. >> any of these drinks will take you t the next level. >> these are not pop bottles. >> ♪ ♪ up town, southeast, yes, indeed. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ drop that beat,ro do the happy feet ♪ drop beat, drop that do the happy feet ♪
10:57 am
like this. li this. ♪ like this. ♪ you get our fastest internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of you contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to
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liver live from new york city, it's the wendy williams show oig. >> wendy: how you doin'? we won't judge but we're judging. >> now here's wendy! >> wendy: looking good, world.


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