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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  August 3, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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house fires. at one scene a firefighter is rushed to the hospital fighting for his life. then at another scene police officers risking their lives to safe others. >> an update from melanie alnwick coming up. developing from fredericksburg annie what's happening there? >> reporter: well, steve, investigators say a woman and her two children escaped from the side door of this home after being held captive for at least two years. we'll have the disturbing and shocking details coming up. >> and a live look outside right now. beautiful start to this thursday morning. it is august 3rd. looking good so far. weather and traffic coming up on the 5s at 6:05. >> good morning to you. i'm maureen umeh in for allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey welcome to fox5 news morning. breaking at 6 o'clock this morning an incredibly busy night for d.c. firefighters. crews responding to several house fires and a deadly crash with a fire. >> these scenes stretched across northeast and northwest d.c. at one scene a firefighter is critically injured. at another d.c. police officers risk their lives to safe others. >> melanie alnwick on top of it all. she joins us from
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washington hospital center in northwest. mel. >> reporter: good morning, guys. and 28-year-old dane smothers jr. is a probationary firefighter. we're told he just got out of surgery a little while ago but he will probably have serious trauma to his upper body and a very, very long road to recovery. now, he was riding on engine three overnight last night and into this morning when they got a call for a two-alarm fire in a row house in the 800 block of f street northwest. as smothers dismounted the vehicle, he was getting ready to connect some of the hoses, truck seven, a ladder truck, came onto the scene and struck him. mpd major crash and d.c. fire department investigators are still there on the scene looking into the circumstances and despite dealing with the trauma of having one of their own down with a critical injury, those firefighters were still able to knock down this two-ala
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serious damage to any of those adjacent homes or any injuries to occupants inside. it was a very busy night for d.c. fire and ems. they were dealing with four incidents in three hours. it all began around 10:25 last night with a fatal street on irving street northwest. at 12:23 that's when they got a call for the fire at buchanan street northeast. in this incident there was a fire on the first floor, an elderly couple inside trying to make it out calling for help. well, it just so happened that 24th district police officers heard that call. they realized they were very close so they went there to the scene. they rushed in to help the elderly couple out. but not a lot of flames but a lot of heavy smoke. when firef firefighters arrived we're told they found all four on the front lawn choking and coughing from smoke inhalation taken to the hospital. most are expected to be okay although the elderly man is going to have a little b
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smoke inhalation. and that wasn't all. there was also a basement fire on van buren street. that wrapped up by 2 o'clock in the morning. all of these incidents happening in such a short period of time. d.c. fire had to call in mutual aid from surrounding jurisdictions to come and backfill those fire stations. as for firefighter smothers, again, it's going to be very touch and go for awhile. we're not expecting an update for several hours. his uncle is a career d.c. firefighter also was on that scene bringing in some support equipment when the accident happened. a lot of concern, of course, not only for that family but for their fire department colleagues. live in medstar washington hospital center, i'm melanie alnwick fox5 local news. >> melanie, now to the other big story we're following this morning. a shocking tale from northern virginia. >> a man in jail this morning accused of holding his girlfriend and two children captive in a home for the past two years. annie yu live outside that home in fredericksburg this morning. annie. >> reporter: steve and
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ur bizarre story. we still have a a lot of questions to be answered but the spotsylvania sheriff's department deputies were first called out here saturday after they received a call from someone who said they were concerned that they hadn't seen or heard from the family in quite some time. now, when they got here, they say that the front door was answered by 43-year-old kariem ali muhammad moore. he answered the door appeared to be reluctant to let the officers in. and while they spoke to the deputies at the door, the woman and her two children escaped from the side door here of this house and were able to get to safety where other deputies met them. now, this home, you can see, it's covered up. every window is covered up and the door, side panels are covered up and it's hard to tell that anyone lived here because the grass looks like it hasn't been cut in quite some time but moore right now this morning is in jail facing multiple counts of felony abduction and assault. the children just eight and 11 years old. we are told they have never
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is 32 years old. she is currently at the hospital where she's receiving treatment because she hasn't received any medical attention for at least two years and so she remains at the hospital in serious condition. the two children are in the custody of some family members this morning but moore being held in the rappahannock regional jail this morning. that's the very latest from fredericksburg, virginia. back to you in the studio. >> thanks for that. in montgomery county police are searching for five people involved in a home invasion in silver spring which lasted for 11 hours. tuesday night the suspects knocked on the door of an apartment on manchester drive. once inside, they tied up two men and two women who arrived at the home several hours later. at some .1 of the men broke free, struggled with the suspects and stabbed -- and was stabbed rather. 911 was called and the man was taken to the hospital. the suspects had left the home by the time police arrived. and we're told that the home was targeted because one of the women works for a nearby check cashing
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>> five minutes past the hour. let's say good morning to tucker barnes. good to see you tuck. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. >> did you get a storm. >> no, i didn't. >> nope. >> all right. that's what i called for yesterday. >> exactly. >> most people didn't get them. i got one yesterday. more of the same today. scattered storms back in the forecast. warm and humid start will change into a hot and humid afternoon but nothing too extreme. right around 90 this afternoon. we're calling it the weather forecast and i know -- i heard you talking to mike earlier, deja vu. >> he had the accent so i'm proud of him for that. >> i took about eight years of french. >> and still didn't get it. >> that's basically the only word i remember. >> deja vu. >> yeah. >> wow. >> that and like bonjour. >> it works. >> reagan national 73, 69 dulles and bwi marshall. low 90's today. not much change in air mass. all the same players that have been around for the last couple days. daytime heating, mix of sun and clouds and chance we'll
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get some thunderstorms by mid to late afternoon. not everybody is going to get them. if you got plans, concerts, that kind of thing tonight, you know, go for it. just be ready for the possibility there could be a storm kind of mid to late afternoon. 91. weekend forecast looking drier and cooler. >> nice. >> i'll have details in just a minute. >> sounds good. >> okay. >> all right. >> let's head over to caitlin roth for a look at the roads this morning. good morning to you. >> maureen good morning to you and to everyone else. just after 6:00 a.m. here on a thursday morning, beautiful start to the day. just some commuter volume out there right now as we take a peak at 395 northbound you are flowing freely at duke street. no problems to report on 395 or anywhere in the arlington area. next camera and i believe here we are checking 295 where we always have volume picking up at this hour southbound heading into the district from route 50 you've got moderate volume. not jammed just quite yet. let's go to our maps and we'll show you what's left over from an earlier crash on the outer loop thursday morning commute. not really seeing any problems except the top side of the beltway at caitlin roth fox5 on
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that do come in or disabled vehicles or closures or anything like that. notice the whole length of the beltway from the connecticut avenue exit back to 95 is one long line of red. earlier crash on the outer loop at connecticut avenue has been cleared but that plus commuter volume rushing on through has caused for one long line of traffic that's going to take you some time to get to the top side of the beltway this morning. into prince william county, looks like pothole repair at prince william parkway is still ongoing. you usually get these in the winter but all the rain we had last week there's several potholes. it's in manassas south of 66 so do not use balls ford road. it is closed in that area for now. also the westbound side of irving street remains closed. this is due to an overnight fatal crash. eastbound flowing freely but you cannot use the westbound side. they've got emergency crews on scene that will direct you around that issue. 295 southbound we showed you the picture of this on camera. there's the actual delay. it's yellow now. probably will be red any time 50 to pennsylvania avenue and there's a look at 395,
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issues. finally going into northern virginia, northbound 95 dale city to the beltway you've just got some on and off volume tapping the brakes here and there. that's your look at traffic. steve and maureen. >> the president on twitter overnight taking issue with a report that said he called the white house a dump. >> plus russia responding this morning to the new sanctions package. a bill the president reluctantly signed into law. also lawmakers propose a new way forward for legal immigration. already a lot of pushback. we're back in just 30 seconds.
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>> ♪ >> nine past the hour. investigators remain at the scene of that deadly explosion at a private school in minneapolis. the natural gas caused by contractors doing work at the academy. school receptionist ruth byrd killed in the blast. last night crews pulled the body of another staff member from the debris. nine adults were taken to the hospital one in critical condition. it's not clear how many children may have been inside but the academy says every summer school student is accounted for. >> the lights went out and the ceiling started to collapse so we knew to get out immediately. >> as soon as i started to take a step or two towards my door, then it just exploded. >> this is a day of extraordinary heartbreak in minneapolis. the school is at the heart of a neighborhood and the heart of a community. >> hundreds gathered at a vigil last night for those victims. >> dozens of
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durham north carolina ymca evacuated from a pool was a... because of a chemical leak. the leak involved chemicals used for everyday upkeep of the swimming pools but a chemical issue mixed them together causing the toxic tombs. fumes. >> survey by a quinnipiac poll found 33 percent, one in three approve of the president's performance in office. down 7 percent from a survey in june. >june. >> as wisdom martin tells us the president was quick to criticize the veto proof legislation. >> that's right. unlike other bill signings there was no fanfare. president trump signed this bill behind closed doors calling it seriously flawed. russia was quick to offer a response. the white h
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some heat this morning when it comes to immigration. president trump was openly reluctant about signing a russian sanctions bill and russia's ambassador to the united nations isn't happy, either. the legislation restricts president trump's ability to ease up on the sanctions without congressional review. it's the u.s. response to reports of russian meddling in the election. the russian un ambassador calls those claims absurd. >> this bill was adopted on u.s. congress on the hopes of accusations against russia. i really wonder is there anything in this world today which russia is not guilty of. >> reporter: meantime a bipartisan effort is under way to protect the job of the man overseeing the russia probe. two senators introducing a new bill allowing any special counsel who is removed from an investigation to legally appeal their removal. the concern is that president trump could be looking to fire special counsel robert mueller. all this comes
6:13 am
try to keep the focus on pom sees specifically legal immigration. president trump is getting behind a republican bill that introduces a merit based system for getting a green card. >> this competitive application process will that favor applicants who can speak english, financially support themselves and their families and demonstrate skills that will contribute to our economy. >> reporter: the goal is to slash legal immigration by 50 percent over the next decade. >> we bring over a million immigrants into this country a year. that's like adding the population of montana every single year. >> this morning it is unclear if that immigration bill called the raise act even has enough support for congress to consider it. both democrats and republicans are already responding with skepticism. steve. >> in the meantime the president responding overnight to reports he called the white house a dump. the president tweeted this i love the white house one of the most beautiful buildings homes i've ever seen but fake news said i called it a
6:14 am
totally untrue. >> do you always buckle up in the back seat? coming up a new crash test tells just how dangerous not being strapped in that can be. >> a live look outside as we head to break on this thursday morning. i see a little sun on the horizon. very pretty out there so far. it's 6:14. weather and traffic coming up next. >> ♪ is
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but not pricey. what's going on now? move the flag. >> ♪ >> all right. good morning. that is -- that's a live picture. that's real. it's gorgeous. sunrise at 6:11 this morning and you can see we're up and running here. going to be a beautiful day. going to be a warm day. it's summertime. if you're curious we're losing about two minutes of light per day this time of year. sunrise at 6:11 this morning. weather headlines. today will look a lot like yesterday. in fact it will look a lot like the day before. warm and humid with an afternoon thunderstorm back in the forecast. mention the sunshine, the heat and the humidity will that continue with again, temperatures a few degrees abov
6:17 am
nothing terrible here but we'll be in the low 90's. weekend looking great. in fact, into next week we're goigoing to be looking at temperatures in the 80's around here. we could have rain by monday. i think much of next week temperatures will be several degrees below normal and lower humidity than what we're used to this time of year so really a nice looking week shaping up next week. all right, let's get through the rest of this week first. 73 now in washington. leonardtown 70 degrees. nice and warm out there. you can see that little pocket of 70's to our south into southern maryland and out towards annapolis 75 and then a little bit more comfortable as you get north and west. a few spots like winchester bottomed out in the low 60's. 61 in winchester. 66 frederick. hagerstown 66 this morning. again dewpoints are accordingly in the 60's. so, it's -- it's sticky out there this morning. all right, no rain currently. we'll keep it dry the first half of the day. we'll have some clouds around but as we get into the afternoon hours same players in place here. we'll get some daytime heating. we'll get just enough lift out there. we'll probably get a thunderstorm or two going and the
6:18 am
mechanism nothing kind of kicking them through. when they get going they kind of bubble up and sit in one place and we get heavy rain that doesn't really move out. cold front that will get in here friday night and saturday. that's going to change up the air mass for the weekend. until then we keep the heat around with an afternoon thunderstorm with daytime highs in the low 90's. yes, all right, here's futurecast real quick. let's take a look. 3 o'clock you can see the storm kind of kicking up along 95 and we'll see if we don't see one or two other storms pop up late this afternoon and this evening. there we are at 5:30. then we lose the daytime heating. we'll lose the thunderstorm chances until again tomorrow afternoon. okay, quick look at the seven day. zip trip leesburg come on out. i'll be there starting at 6:00 a.m. leesburg zip trip come out and say hi. we're going have fun. annie and maureen are going to come join me, right maureen. >> yup. >> yeah, cool weekend. keep it dry. temperatures in the 80's saturday, sunday. >> first time to leesburg for you? >> supposed to wrap like two minutes ago. no, went a couple years ago. >> sometimes he pays attention sometimes he
6:19 am
>> had a great time in leesburg. >> thursday morning commute for you let's take a look at the wide view here are most of t of the action has been on the top side of the beltway the outer loop there. thursday morning commute at caitlin roth fox5. carlos if you don't mind advancing for me. this one doesn't want. to. thank you. outer loop catch cleared at connecticut avenue. delays beyond route 29 basically to 95. you've got a southbound 95 disabled vehicle. it blocks the right lane on the ramp to the inner loop. you're coming off 95. there's the crash trying to get onto the inner loop. now we've got inner loop delays as a result of that. coming off of 95 you're going to have issues in either way you go. disabled vehicle inner loop just congestion outer loop. westbound irving street closed due to an overnight fatal crash although the eastbound side i believe is still free and clear. we've been saying that all morning. it's the westbound side that is closed. 295 southbound route 50 to pennsylvania avenue one long line of heavy congested traffic. we get that every morning so it is tough getting into the district at this time. going
6:20 am
into our area. 395 northbound edsall road to theing not so bad moving through arlington and alexandria the city you guys are pretty much free and clear. that's a look at traffic. >> thanks caitlin. details about a clothing vending machine popping up at airports and malls across the country. >> super sonic travel one step to being closer. details on a hyperloop project and its latest test run. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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pepsi 12-pack 12-ounce cans, 4 for $11 when you buy 4, and family size lay's and lay's kettle chips, buy 1 get 1 free. the safeway anniversary sale. it's just better. >> time for the business beat right now at 6:22. the hyperloop may be a step closer to reality. first we'll check the markets. joining us from fox business network studio with her party hat on lauren simonetti. as lng as we don't look at futures we're still partying. >> reporter: it's been a hyperloop to 22,000, we got there yesterday we closed there yesterday. big question is do we stay at dow 22,000 today? looking at the futures maybe not. we'll see.
6:23 am
but this bull market began in march of 2009. that's a long time ago. does it have more room to run? i wish i had the answer to we do get some economic data today. we get jobless claims factory orders, we get earnings from kellogg yum brands so there's a lot going on which will set the tone for trading ahead of the jobs report tomorrow. >> all right. looking forward to that to see where this magical growth number can go. hyperloop project is kind of cool. i guess you think of it like the old bank driveups where you put your money in the little tube and then it whoosh, it's gone. well, that whoosh could be carrying us some day. >> reporter: i think of an air hockey table, the way the puck kind of just glides. this is the technology that's used in the hyperloop. hyperloop one is a company that's working to put people in a pod and send that pod, i don't know, from point a to point b like really fast. they want to get to a speed of 650 miles an hour. they did a test yesterday, guess what, they got
6:24 am
200 miles an hour so this is a step in the right direction. if this is the transportation of the future after flying cars and whatever, you're going to have to get a lot of regulatory approvals and of course you're going to make sure traveling as fast as a boeing jet is safe. >> here's how fast it could be lauren. it's so fast that i could come up to see you in new york six times just during our show every day. back and forth between new york and d.c. >> reporter: how long would one trip be do you know how long. >> i think about 30 minutes from d.c. to new york. >> reporter: 30 minutes. so i could basically be live on your set every single day and then come back to new york with no problem. >> we would expect that, yes. just don't stop for coffee on the way 'cause it will take you as long as half the trip itself. >> reporter: coffee would spill going 6050 miles an hour. >> hopefully it's a smooth ridism my hair would get messed up too. >> might be looking for a little power, power, power. >> reporter: well, you know, this is interesting. he made the resolution to visit
6:25 am
talk to the people that sounds like politics to me. that was the resolution for this year. and he's also hired a couple of political insiders to help with his foundation. the latest is the guy joel benningson top adviser for hillary clinton last year and for barack obama back in 2008. they say they, being, him and his wife, they say their foundation, he's in charge of the foundation making sure that their research for the charity's work and science, housing, education, criminal justice reform, the research is where it needs to be but those are all political issues so zuckerberg is 33 years old. i say give him a couple years. you could see a presidential run. >> you never know. let's talk real quick in our last few seconds or so. it's always nice to have vending machines for the snacks. now we can have vending machines for what we leave behind at the airport. >> reporter: yeah, well, for the clothes, you're at the airport, you're freezing you can go to the vending machine
6:26 am
uni clothes putting vending machines in shopping malls where they don't have a store and if you ask me, i'm pretty confident that the vending machine is cheaper than rent for a physical location. >> i would not be surprised at all. i think that's a great idea. lauren thank you. we'll see you soon. >> reporter: good to see you. >> tomorrow is friday. >> i don't understand that. what you get like underwear or something. >> a jacket sweatshirt hoodie. >> pops out in the machine. >> think about it at the airport when you don't have a sweater and it's super cold you can go buy a little performance fleece. >> okay. >> now it comes into focus. >> maureen is already working markets. >> uni clothes call me. >> i actually go straight to the airport bar. 73 in washington. >> a temporary warmup for you. >> winds out of the north and east today. 90 this afternoon. scattered thunderstorm back in the forecast just like yesterday when they popped at about 4:00 p.m. look for them to pop kind of mid to late afternoon and we'll keep it warm and sultry
6:27 am
>> sultry. >> yeah. tomorrow zip trip leesburg. sum see us. maureen annie and myself will be there. saturday and sunday look great. >> awesome. >> nice. okay. >> i like that. >> how is the road. >> loolooking to forward to it. warm morning, weekend looks nice and congestion not too bad. this is montrose road.& normal volume picking up. no of reported accidents or delays. not so bad on 270. let's see if we have another camera to check. yes, we do. this would be the outer loop of the beltway. delays 95 to georgia avenue. go back an hour there was an earlier crash at connecticut avenue. that has cleared but you've got that plus volume residual delays it's going to take you a long time as we -- as you as youtake that delay from 95 to georgia avenue. a full look at your majors at 6:35 when fox5 news morning returns after this. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> we're back now is the aches s30. breaking news in the district. d.c. firefighters dealin with a lot this morning. responding to several house fires and a deadly crash with a fire. at one scene a firefighter is critically injured. fox5's melanie alnwick standing by at medstar washington hospital center in northwest now with the latest. mel. >> reporter: good morning. that firefighter 28-year-old dane smothers is out of surgery but still has quite a ways to go in terms of recovery. we understand he haser
6:31 am
that accident. he was riding on engine three this morning when a two alarm fire broke out on f street northwest. the 800 block of f street northwest. we're told that as firefighter smothers dismounted the vehicle he was getting ready to connect the hoses and he for some reason somehow was struck by truck seven, ladder truck that was arriving on the scene. mbd major crash d.c. fire department investigating the circumstances and despite dealing with critical injuries of one of their own, firefighters there were actually able to knock down this fire and prevent serious damage to adjacent homes or injuries to anyone else. four incidents in three hours including 10:225 p.m. that's when this began fatal crash and fire on irving street northwest. then at 12:23 in the morning buchanan street northeast. fire there on the first floor and an elderly couple trying to make it out 2mpd police officers from the
6:32 am
the call, realized they were close by they got there first rushed in helped this elderly couple get out to safety. all four of them sufferingly from smoke inhalation, though. now, that wasn't the only thing that d.c. fire was dealing with. by 2 o'clock in the morning, they were still dealing with and were just wrapping up another fire on van buren street. so, they actual had to call in mutual aid from other jurisdictions to backfill the fire stations while they had so many active scenes that they were working. as far as firefighter smothers goes he's a probationary firefighter just got out of the academy. his uncle is a career firefighter and was actually there on the scene on f street trying to battle the blaze with the other crews when this terrible accident happened. mayor bowser saying that everyone's thoughts and prayers going out to their family as well as the rest of the firefighting community as they're dealing with the after effects of this trauma on that scene. live at washington
6:33 am
center i'm melanie alnwick fox5 local news. >> handyman accused of child sexual abuse is due in a fairfax courtroom today. he's accused of assaulting three children between the ages of four and 11. one of the victims told her father that palmer assaulted her while he was at her home. a body found near a cvs dumpster in warrenton virginia. police arrested an employee of that store. olsen leaves behind a wife and two sons. new this morning, a study reinforces the dangers of going unbuckled in the back seats of cars. it says rear passengers can become human missiles in a crash and injure people in the front seats. the news is important uber and lyft. customers are more likely
6:34 am
unbelted in a hired car than when they're in their own vehicles. >> quick check on sports if we must for the morning line. and that's because it just wasn't a good night for the nats last night. they get a day off today to rest before they head to chicago take on the cubs in a weekend series at wrigley. two loses in a row in miami. heartbreaking game the night before and then last night it was a no doubter. a j. cole on the mound for the nats recalled from aaa . started off pretty good. not sure what that play is but that's the marlins scoring. one-nothing until a little bit later on in the game. anthony rendon hits a fly ball looks like it might drop. he came right back around hit a two run homer. ninth inning nats down seven-nothing. brian goodwin looking to get the nats on the board hits a deep fly ball. the nats hoping they can get something on the board and not be shutout except
6:35 am
stanton. romero threw 100 miles an hour and then strained his forearm. headed to the dl likely. several months away from the start of the nba season. preps still well under way and that includes final auditions to join the wizards girls team. fans are invited to see the wizards girls finalists perform solo and group routines. they'll compete in front of a panel of judges. you must purchase a ticket to attend. if you didn't have motivation to go to the gym yesterday well you're obviously not serena williams. pregnancy not slowing her down. she sent out this video of her workout routine a full eight months pregnant sled work slamming the medicine ball. she says she plans to return at the aussie open. which sounded crazy at first but she's putting in work right up until her due date to make that happen. no excuses just because you're tired or sleepy you want the results, got to
6:36 am
time. >> good for her. >> all right. >> impressive. >> all righty. >> good morning again. >> hey, good morning. >> you always look like you're up to something. >> i am not. >> currently. >> currently. >> let's get to the forecast. shower or a thunderstorm this afternoon, current temperatures reagan national 73, 69 the winning number at dulles and bwi marshall. yeah, more of the same. air mass hasn't changed much in the last couple days. a few more days of it before we get a nice switcheroo. sunrise at 6:11. clear skies to start your day. we'll build clouds this afternoon and much like the last couple afternoons a.m. scattered thunderstorm will pop into the forecast area by 3, 4 o'clock today t9 two and humid here in the city. upper 80's for many of you right around 90 degrees. we'll call it around 90. >> okay. >> take your umbrella. there will be a few storms theobald. i'll have the weekend in just a minute. >> good to be prepared.
6:37 am
let' >> plan your dinner breaks around the thunderstorms this time of year at least this week. thursday morning commute not tuesday, whew, it's thursday, thank goodness, all right, let's take a look at the majors. most of your issues have been on the top side of the beltway outer loop. southbound 95 you're coming off of southbound 95 you're trying to get onto the inner loop, well, there's a disabled vehicle that blocks the on to the inner loop. you can still use it but it's causing big backups not just back on into 95 but even beyond that onto the outer loop, maybe a gaper delay there so now 95 delays behind this disabled vehicle all the way back to 212 in maryland. along with that you've got heavy delays from 95, actually route one all the way to georgia avenue on the outer loop. 270 southbound starting to fill in coming out of frederick. 70 down to 109 moderate volume there and you seem to break free of it south of 109. 295 southbound very heavy route 50 to pennsylvania avenue as you always are. 66 eastbound it looks like steady volume from manassas to about fairfax. maybe a few breaks up into the
6:38 am
beltway. but as you get towards dunn lore ring overall normal 66 issues. 395 northbound you're slow coming out of edsall road. you break free of most of the delay about halfway on your trip to the 14th street bridge or at least to the building it looks better there. northbound 95 excuse me dale city to the beltway on and off volume pretty moderate. right around stafford you have that heavy stretch of volume that's normal and then you break free of that until you hit the other delays out by dale city. all right, westbound irving street this is the last one it remains closed on the westbound side due to an overnight fatal crash that is in the northwest section of the district. stay with us. fox5 news morning will be right back after this. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey. a boy? oh, on the bed? you never told your dad and i about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag.
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at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey. a boy? oh, on the bed? you never told your dad and i about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag. >> ♪ >> we are back at 6:41 with what's trending on the web on this thursday morning. first up, former fbi director james comey is ready for the world to know his story. comey inked a book deal that will reportedly feature yet unhard anecdotes about his life. so far no title but it's set to come out next spring. another former member of the trump administration also wants to tell his story. anthony scaramucci he's hosting an online event on friday so he can address the american people publically. it will stream live on various platforms. scaramucci was fired from his job as the white house communications director after just 10 days. and
6:42 am
who's authors have been reinstated. the university withdrew offers because the students failed to meet deadlines for transcript and test scores. a spokesman for the school says they should have been more sensitive in their approach but the university says appeals from students whose acceptances were withdrawn because of poor high school grades will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis so at least some good news for some students. >> if i had an acceptance offer somewhere else i would probably take it. >> me, too. >> thank you but no thank you. thanks mo. we're following breaking fox beat news. a rapper arrested overnight linked to a deadly stabbing in new york city. the "game of thrones" hack apparently much first than we first thought. kevin has the details in the fox beat. 6:42.
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> ♪ >> that's pretty. >> yeah. >> 73 degrees on this august mourn. panoramic view of our skyline. >> got to enjoy these weeks you know. >> we do. >> school will be starting up soon. >> too soon. >> about a month till labor day right. >> yeah, that's right. >> wow. >> couple weeks left. >> goes fast. >> time to make the doughnuts. back to work. >> oh, yeah. >> that's what i meant. >> i know. >> dating myself. >> you mention doughnuts around here and we just think literally doughnuts. >> my pad. >> partial sunshine. lookg
6:46 am
around 90 with a scattered storm back in the forecast. no change in the air mass the last couple days. 73 now in washington. pocket of 70's or 70 or better leonardtown 70 quantico 71 out towards annapolis southern maryland we're waking up to temperatures in the low 70's. and then some 60's off to the north and west. not a terrible morning. 66 in frederick. 69 this morning dulles, 61 in winchester. temperatures a little more comfortable as you get north and west. there's a live look at satellite and radar. beautiful sunrise 6:11 this morning. losing about two minutes of daylight per day and we'll have a mix of clouds and sun today. nothing really driving thunderstorms but the last couple afternoons we've kind of seen them fire up in rather unstable atmosphere. we'll see that today. a scattered shower or storm later this afternoon. we'll kind of keep the air pattern going here, keep the warm temperatures. we got a bermuda high set up and we'll keep the flow out of the south for a few more days. there's relief. the cold front there off to the north and west will get in friday night and early saturday and that will deliver somewhat cooler and
6:47 am
drier air for the weekend. so, less humidity with temperatures in the 80's around here by the weekend but next couple days right around 90 and again afternoon thunderstorm back in the forecast. here's a look at futurecast. trying to fire up a big storm here along 95 at about 3 o'clock. we'll see. exactly where they become organized. futurecast isn't going to tell us exactly. 5:30 and then once we lose the sunshine and the daytime heating we'll lose the thunderstorm threat until tomorrow when we'll do it all over again. zip trip leesburg at the village. come out and see us. i'll be there starting at 6:00 a.m. can't wait. nice looking weekend. saturday and sunday temperatures in the 80's. are you kidding me? gorgeous. speaking of gorgeous,. >> yes. >> how is the traffic this morning. >> i didn't know who you were going to go for me or for you. i mean, it's a tossup. you look nice, too, though, tucker. westbound irving street has been reopened. this was closed all morning long overnight fatal crash near north capitol street had only
6:48 am
opened. the westbound side has reopened so you're free and clear there in northwest d.c. the opposite of free and clear if you're trying to access the beltway from 95 southbound here in midlantic, look at this. you've got a crash -- not a crash excuse me a disabled vehicle it's on the on-ramp to the inner loop that has just about cleared. the backups are already there. you've got inner loop backups as a result of trying to get onto the inner loop but most significantly 95 delays completely jammed all the way back to 212 in maryland. also the outer loop is a mess. you've got delays from about route one straight across to 22 inwhere you're not moving. it loosens up from 29 to georgia avenue. morning drive times 95 from northern have a have a dale city to the beltway 26 minutes it's slow. 395 is fine. 66 has normal delays. bw parkway to the beltway and the inner loop is also fine on the virginia side and the maryland side of things 27109 to the beltway is fine. 24 minutes. it's a delay north
6:49 am
you've got heavy traffic from route 70 down to 109t outer loop looks okay but yeah 95 is the issue this morning. 95 southbound coming out of prince george's county you're going to be dealing with heavy delays down from the icc to the beltway that's going to take you a good 16 minutes that short stretch right there. all right, that's a look at traffic. >> all righty. >> you know what it's time for. the morning meme. >> let's bring it. >> all right. >> yay! >> ♪ >> caitlin and maureen today. >> we love it. >> you guys can carry the first one. the first one goes to steve. let's get going. >> oh, i can't wait. >> uh-oh, is this pay back. >> when you're over 30 with a beer belly and wear skinny jeans to look younger. >> that's actually the look. [laughter] >> i fit into them perfectly. >> steve he's just upset about that meme that you did yesterday about the pouring rain. >> funny. >> all right. caitlin this one's for you. >> oh, thank. >> when a photographer calls you cute while taking your picture and you're like, side eye. i
6:50 am
>> no, it's a wink. >> it's a wink. >> i usually have like a lazy eye like a sleepy eye. >> a wonky eye. >> no, it's a wink. >> but i do have a weird eye. >> it's cute. this has happened to me once in twice. you know you're in trouble when they call you by your full name. >> what's your full name. >> tucker anderson barns. >> that is a strong name. >> we should go by the full name maybe. >> all right, fay, how i think i look when i yawn and don't cover my mouth. [laughter] >> that is very true. >> awww. >> all right. >> that is funny. >> wrapping it up, send us your morning meme. #morning meme. thank you. we'll try to catch up. i notice we have a bunch in the -- >> oh, good. >> in the folder so. >> backlog. >> we have many more days to do them. >> yes. >> look forward to seeing
6:51 am
>> thanks tuck. breaking news at 10 minutes before the hour. this is yet another incident for d.c. fire and ems. it's been a busy night. >> yes, sure. they were on the scene in the 5,000 block of d street southeast where a car has gone into an apartment building. they're evacuating residents there. >> two people being treated on the scene. bob barnard is on the way. we'll check in with him when he gets there. switching gears now, cue the music and welcome kevin mccarthy here with today's fox beat. >> welcome back. >> good to see is you. how are you doing. thanks for having me on. rouper of kid creole under arrest in connection with the stabbing death of a homeless man. police are saying kid creole whose real name is nathaniel glover faces murder charges from that stabbing that happened in midtown manhattan earlier this week. tmz saying police used surveillance video to identify kid creole and he's one of the founding members of the group grand master flash and the furious
6:52 am
i think people probably most know the most famous song the message which has the message don't push me, i'm close to the edge. also they were the first hip hop group ever to be inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame back in 2007. >> were they fighting or was it like unprovoked. >> allegedly it was a fight and the -- he was left on the street. he was then taken to a hospital. the homeless man was killed and then he was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> my goodness. >> again, this is all still coming in but that's what we know so far. >> wow. >> so moving on next, variety has reported the "game of hrones" hack is much bigger than originally reported. also hacked apparently were "thousands of home box office internal company documents." this includes employees' data regarding online banking, e-mails, health information and more and this included a "masses of copyrighted items including documents images videos and sound." remember the initial story that we
6:53 am
that the hbo hack include the episodes of ballers and other television shows but also scripts for upcoming "game of thrones" episodes. hbo did release a statement saying data production is a top priority at hbo and we take seriously our responsibility to protect the data that we hold. it seems like it's much bigger than thought not just episodes. >> bigger than the sony hack, too, right of a few years ago. >> it reminds me of that for sure which by the way was very -- obviously that led to that whole movie with the interview in north korea. that's crazy. as we all gear up for sharknado five. >> oh, yes. >> we are. >> global swarming. this sunday the hollywood reporter has dug up some interesting information about the casting of the president of the united states in the third film which is called sharknado three oh, hell, no. the potus role which eventually went to mark cuban but our current real life president donald trump was originally signed on for the role according to the hollywood
6:54 am
and according to the co-founder of asylum which is the company that makes these sharknado films "the donald said yes" and he was "thrilled to be asked." the article said it fell through because "donald's thinking about making a legitimate run for the presidency so we'll get back to you." again the article kind of goes into an alleged conversation that they had with the producers and the lawyers and after the role was given to cuban apparently trump was very upset. >> really? >> again, alleged, alleged to sue them saying that he was very upset and he wanted the role. >> he wanted the role. >> he could do it now if he wants. >> there's a whole article. it's a lot longer of an article than we need to read about sharknado but it is interesting that he was originally going to play the role. >> amazing how much publicity these movies get but are people still watching them. the first one, second one maybe but after that -- is the viewership still there. >> the social media thing of it becomes a huge thing because everyone is tweeting about it, the cameos -- all
6:55 am
them b list, c list actors made appearances in the show. i believe the role that trump was originally signed on to play was originally proposed to sarah palin and then cuban -- >> okay. >> so the trump connection was from one of the stars of the show on celebrity apprentice. that's how that connection happened. >> i still want to do it. i think it would be fun. >> fun to see. >> to me it's the titles that make me laugh the most. the second one was called the second one and then the global swarming is number five. so -- >> do we know what city it's set in the. >> actually i need to look that up. premiers on sunday night. >> there was one in d.c. >> the third one was d.c. >> i never got into it and i do like the titles and the campiness of it. >> global swarming. >> you know what you're getting into. >> thanks guys. >> unlike tucker because we never know what he's getting into. >> never know what's happening here. >> kev welcome back. >> 73 now in washington. we're going to be about 90 this afternoon with some haze and some humidity and an te
6:56 am
the forecast. no change in the air mass for a couple days here but by this weekend, big changes in the form of cooler air and even the best part, drier air will be moving on in. there's a look at your satellite and radar. nothing locally at the moment. expect -- take an umbrella with you. expect this afternoon we'll have some scattered thunderstorms popping up. zip trip leesburg come see us. cool earl weekend next week by the way looks great. temperatures in the 80's most of the week. caitlin is here. she's got your roads. >> amazing. love those temperatures in the 80's. thank you tucker. 6:56, thursday morning commute, it is thursday and our biggest problems are on 95 southbound trying to get onto the beltway here. earlier disabled vehicle in the on-ramp to the inner loop has caused a pretty massive backup from the inner loop itself along the on and off ramp up 95 and now delays are jammed back beyond route 200 the icc so a long time coming in from baltimore, prince george's there on 95. to your delays route one all the way really to georgia avenue. touch and go a little bit in there but just consider it jammed. 0
6:57 am
70 to 109 here coming out of frederick county in maryland but you do break free of that delay from montgomery county. 66 eastbound on and off volume, some heavy, some not so heavy manassas to the beltway. finally 295 southbound as per usual very heavy route 50 to pennsylvania avenue. that's a look at traffic. stay with us. much more coming up at 7:00 a.m. when fox5 news morning returns. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
6:58 am
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> i ask for your thoughts and prayers for firefighter smothers his family and his fellow firefighters. >> news overnight. a d.c. firefighter extremely critical condition after being hurt on the scene of a house fire. it was one of three house fires in d.c. in a span of just a few hours. >> one of those other fires the scene of heroism on the part of two police officers who risked their lives save an elderly couple. >> disturbing discovery in fredericksburg. annie. >> reporter: yeah, this is a shocking story out of fredericksburg, virginia this morning steve and holly. a woman and her two kids are free this morning after police say they were held captive inside this home. we'll have the shocking details coming up. >> right now though we want to say good morning to you. i'm holly morris in for allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. following breaking news from the district. fire and ems back out on the scene of d street southeast where a car has gonin


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