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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  August 3, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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choose your ride giveaway for a chance at your share of $350,000 in prizes and freeplay®. this is monumental. ♪ straight ahead, fox5 on top of several breaking stories this morning. a d.c. firefighter in extremely critical condition after being hurt while battling a house fire. and forced from their homes evacuations underway in southeast d.c. after a car slammed into an apartment building. a woman and her two children are free this morning after escaping from the side door of this home. deputies say they were held captive here for at least two years bit children's father. we'll have the shocking details coming up. super son
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closer to becoming reality. an update on the hyper loop and it's latest test run. plus, halle berry is taking on her next role as a mother out to find her son from kidnappers. >> there's a hero inside every mom. if you mess with their kids, there's a hero inside every mom. i believe it. >> the academy award winning actress dishing about her new movie kidnap that hits theaters this weekend. good day at 9a starts right now. ♪ we came here to party because that's what we do in the loft on daily basis, right. good day d.c. it is just after 9:00 o'clock on this thursday, august 3rd, 2017. i'm holly morris alongside of maureen, steve and wisdom. >> also ahead this morning meet the white house's newest employee. this young man who wrote to the white house asking for job. the president said sure why not. tell was he's about to do. >> and it's another hot day in the district
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about that. keep this in mine you may want to bring your umbrellas. >> a chance of thunderstorms later today. tucker has check on the forecast coming up in just a few minutes. before we get to tucker we have news breaking left and right this morning. let's start with overnight fires if the district, and the most serious of which a rookie firefighter in d.c. now fighting for his life after being hurt on an overnight call. >> the call just one of three fires actually and a deadly crash within a matter of hours across the city. fox5's melanie alnwick live at med star washington hospital center where that injured firefighter is being treated. what's the update, mel? >> reporter: good morning, guys. we are expecting some kind of an update perhaps later on today as you know the first 24 hours are really so important and could be a touch and go situation for this young firefighter. he's 28-year-old dane smothers, jr. he's a probationary firefighter just out of the academy, and he was seriously injured, major trauma to the upper part of his body when he was hit by another fire
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engine three, and he -- there was a call about an 11:30 last night for a row house fire in the 800 block of f street northwest. we're told that smothers dismounted the truck. he was getting ready to connect the hoses when truck seven a latter truck came on to the scene and somehow struck him. >> it's clearly a tough situation to be in. we had a house that was heavily involved on the first floor with attached expose insures on either end and our members while at the same time caring for a member that was critically injured was able to prevent the fire from spreading to the attached dwellings up in each way up and down the block. so they did a heck of a job under extremely adverse conditions. >> reporter: now, we can tell you that mpd major crash and d.c. fire investigators are working now to figure out exactly what happened to
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this crash. smothers uncle by the way is a career firefighter, and was responded to m street last night. he works more on support apparatus so not in direct contact with his nephew but certainly they're on the scene when this terrible accident happened. dc mayor muriel bowser sending out statement saying this incident reminds us all of the bravery and dedication of the first responders and we owe them all a tremendous debt of gratitude. live in washington hospital center i'm melanie alnwick fox5 local news. >> no doubt about it mel. thank you very much. following the latest developments in another fire from overnight this one happened on buchanan street in northeast d.c. just before 12:30 this morning. 2dc police officers had to run inside of a home to save the lives of an elderly couple. those officers and the couple all were taken to the hospital. the officers are expected to be okay. the elderly man unfortunately in serious condition this morning. the older woman is expected to be okay as well. >> that deadly crash
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talked about a moment ago happened everybodying street northwest around 10:30 last night. one of the vehicles caught on fire. one person was killed. a second person was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. ♪ 9:05 is the time. this is the crazy news of the morning and it continues. now we go to southwest where people living in an apartment complex got a very rude wake up call when vehicle slammed into the building. >> fox5's bob barnard live on the scene with the latest on this. bob, what's going on there? >> reporter: well, guys, the fire department is trying to sure up this building. the wall of this building before they remove the car. you see it there. it's an acura suv. the person who was driving the car got out the passenger side and took off running. the driver of this car is not been found. the apartment that this car smashed into is occupied apparently by a pregnant woman who was not hurt but did go to the hospital just to be checked out. now, there are six
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building. three stories. a man who lives in one of the other apartments suffered scrapes and bruises. he was check out here by first responders. he's well enough that he didn't want to go to the hospital. but there are about 20 people who live in these six apartments who are not allowed inside right now. the red cross here attending to their needs while again the fire department tries to sure up this building and make it save for at least the people in the five apartment that is weren't damaged to go back inside. and again, we don't know if terms of whether there was more than one person in this car but the driver was okay even though you can see his side of the car hit the wall here. we've had police at the scene tell us they've seen less serious looking accidents where people have gone to the hos hospital. but the driver at least of this car hahn ever also may have been in there with him or her took off running. off to the right here you'll see another car. this is a neighbor's ford explorer. apparently, the acura was turning the corner here
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accident street to d street hit that ford explorer and then careened off and into the building here. again, this is the 5,000 block of d street southeast which remains closed at this time. while the fire department and police investigate. guys? >> bob barnard with that update. well still have more breaking news to tell you would it this morning. this one now from northern virginia. the search for suspect in the centreville area has come to an end. excite fox over the scene near i-66 and route 28 last hour as police searched for a person who was on motorcycle earlier. but ditched that bike and then ran off into the woods. that person was arrested just a short time ago. >> still not clear exactly why they were looking for that person. get more information of course we'll pass it on you see the arrest in progress. 9:07 it tuck is back with check of the forecast. good morning, tucker. >> no breaking news over here. more of the same with daytime expected to be in the low 90s, and the forecast which seems to repeat itself over and over again. no change in the air mass bottom line today. we'll be back in the low 90s and be
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afternoon shower or thund thunderstorm. parts of the area kind of pop up here and there. all right. seventy six now in washington. warm and humid out there. winds out of the normal northeast at five. overnight lows in the low 70s. 60 if's you're north and west, and we're waking up to bright sunshine a live act at your satellite/radar. nothing locally. we'll get sunshine the first last of the day build the clouds and then by mid to to late afternoon just like yesterday and the day before see a few showers and thunderstorms pop up. i can't really guarantee exactly where that will occur. but if you get underneath one of those you can get heavy rain as the storms will be slow movers. partly cloudy hit and miss storms later, into degrees. weekend forecast stay tuned for it because guess what? it's going to -- it's going to be great around here. less humidity and a lot of sunshine saturday and sunday, guys. back to you. >> might be the best part of the morning so far. thanks tuck. we'll turn to a shocking story coming out of northern virginia overnight. the man accused of holding his girlfriend and her kids captive of two those kids. >> if that weren't bad enough it's the amount of time that's real
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allegedly for two years. fox5's annie yu live with this story down in spotsylvania county. annie, what can you tell us about this? >> reporter: hey good morning to you you will a well the 32-year-old woman told deputies that she along with her eight and 11-year-old children were held captive inside this home along mine road for at least two years, and it was saturday when deputies received a call from someone that expressed some concern that they hadn't even soar herd from any of the family members for quite sometime. so they came out here to the house to the front door here. it was answered by kareem moore, 43-year-old kareem ali muhammed moore. heed the door and deputies say he was reluctant to let them inside the home and while police spoke with him at the front door, the woman and the two children ran outside from a side door. they were taken to safety. now the home again located right off mine road it's a pretty busy road surround beside newer ne
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up to the driveway it's really secluded. it's surround beside lots of trees, it's heavily wooded and if you look at the house here back out here live, every single window is covered by either towels or sheets or shades. so you can't see inside, and the home hasn't been well kept much there's lost weeds. there's uncut grass. and neighbors tell us they've offered to cut the grass. he has declined. and i just got off with lieutenant kerry from spotsylvania county sheriff' office and he says they are still investigating how the family was kept inside this house for such a long time. and no missing persons reports were ever filed for the three. i also spoke to a neighbor who didn't want to be identified or on camera and he told me that he's met moore a few times and things just doesn't seem right. take a listen to what he had to say. >> two boys i seen the two boys maybe once when they first moved here, and i seen a woman and the
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year or something taking groceries out the car. other than that, really don't see no movement around here. every now and then you'll see him come -- ooh seen him come in and out on his scooter. >> reporter: and that's pretty much what residents are saying. one woman told us that the first and last time that she actually saw the woman and the two boys was about two or three years ago, and she says -- since then she's never seen the kids playing outside. she's never seen the woman come outside. it is just the man kareem moore that comes and goes on his scooter. right now this morning we know kareem moore is being held without bond he's facing serious charges. he's facing felony multiple counts of felony abduction. battery and assault charges, and police tell us that as they investigate this, that it's possible more charges could be filed. the woman is -- she was apparently hospitalized last night because you can imagine for years she's never received any medical attention so she was
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tell us. but as of this morning, lieutenant kerry says she's in stable condition but still in the hospital. i also asked where the children were, and he said that they are safe and with family members this morning. that's the very latest here from spotsylvania county. annie yu fox5 local news. >> definitely a bizarre story. >> and so many questions. >> right. >> were the kids in school. >> they were not. >> they were never in school. >> that's what annie said. the last two years. >> the last two years. so they just went missing from school? >> there's a question were they locked in a room, when they tied up somehow which is why they weren't able to run out before. steve and i are saying why is it the cops show up they're able to run out the side door. >> if they're with family. family in the area? so many questions. >> bizarre. >> why did they wait too two years to ask where they are. >> 9:12. update now on story from yesterday the cdc now says the dog officially feared to have died of rabies in fact was not rabid. the d.c. department of health says it conducted its own test of the dog and the results were negative. they
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vaccinations based on the initial test results cannot at risk and should stop the vaccination series. >> that's good news for everybody who had their dogs at the same boarding place in d.c. >> exactly. >> where that dog was said to have been. >> it is 9:00 theen right now. that means it's time for the morning briefing. president trump heads to west virginia. he will hold a rally at the big sandy super store a ren in a in huntington at 7:00 o'clock tonight. mr. trump hopes to generate much needed momentum after a week of set backs including a brunt staffing changes and criticism over his tweeting and alleged comments about the white house. meanwhile the president is throwing his support behind a controversial new immigration plan. he joined two republican senators yesterday to unveil the ray's act. the new plan would transform the immigration system into a merit based one under the plan legal immigration would be based on a person's job skill or ability to benefit the american job market. instead of family connections. still to come this morning at 9:13 jet noise that is no joke. maryland
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demanding answers over complaints about flights leaving reagan national airport. first though did the white house have new employee? the offer this young manmade that could bring him to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. ♪ nue. ♪♪ z2fwcz z16fz
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>> coming up on 9:17 right now. endearing request from pint sized patriot. young boy from northern virginia who wrote letter to president trump offering to mow the white house lawn. he learned his wish has been granted. >> the white house says frank embodies the enterprising and ambitious spirit of america. marina morocco has the story. >> reporter: frank from falls church have a is wrote -- 11-year-old frank is now a mini internet sensation. >> just couple of hours for to us get the news over to ire land. >> his family and friends call him on summer break across the pond and despite the time difference, dad says he was eager and excited to watch as his letter was read to the country. >> dear mr. president, it would be my honor to mow the white house lawn for some weekend for you. >> unlike thousands of letters addressed to 1600 pennsylvania avenue, his offer to the president made it to the oval office. >> and you're free to pick whatever you want. power
9:18 am
wacker. >> dad helped his son type up the letter back in the spring. >> trump being a businessperson and, you know, having that background do you think i can mow his lawn? >> grounds keeper we have talked to them and they'd love to you how the us park service maintains the 18 acres of the white house of white house complex and they'd love to give you the opportunity to cut the grass in the rose garden. >> reporter: fx says just hick list son's business acumen the letter was the boy's idea. >> so far this is localized to our street. but we, we have an elderly neighbor we help out once in awhile pro bono and he has sever severing paying customers. >> boy scout and safety patrol is heading into the sixth grade and for now he's keeping his career options open. >> he wants to be a knight. i hope landscaping is something he can fall back into if he doesn't make it into knight school. >> a plan b that could soon be a viable optio
9:19 am
sincerely, frank. >> that's marina reporting there. what i love about that frank wanted to make sure his signature was perfect. >> right. >> i see the scratch out. started again. >> you're ten years old that is very important. when got to do it. >> i love the spirit the entrepreneurial spirit frank and as for the impending white house lawn mowing visit the date has not yet been set. >> and by the way, guess what, this is not frank's first letter at the whie house. few years ago he wrote to president obama and says that time he received a letter back from the oval office. >> pretty good. >> did he ask to mow the lawn back then too. >> that's a good question. >> two for two getting responses from the white house. >> he has little business. >> i missed that line. why would he want to mow the lawn. frank you go. >> good way for young people -- >> there you go. when he puts the flyers around the neighborhood for new cli clients. white house lawn is going to be pretty big. >> 9:19 is the time. there has been another big s
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loop one. the company completed its second phase of testing over the weekend. they say the pod traveled more than 1400 feet and hit a top speed of 192 miles an hour. now the ultimate goal is to travel near super sonic speeds 650 miles an hour. musk says once it is complete hyper loop will reduce a trip from new york city to d.c. to less than 30 minutes. all right. >> the initial price estimates on that. >> $1 million! >> if you want to travel that fast in a tube. lyft teaming up with amtrak right now to offer new service. amtrak customers can use the app to access lyft to request a ride to or from a train station at the same time you book your train ticket. lyft says its service reaches 97% of all amtrak users across the country and new lyft customers can get a little special promotion five dollars off each of their first four rides. >> all right. still ahead, resident's complaints keep piling up over that noise pollution caused by jets taking off from reagan national airport. now maryland governor larry hogan is stein
9:21 am
demanding answers. >> first though, caitlin what are you working on. >> holly making headlines right now a high profile case that has the nation watching and today the woman convicted in that massachusetts texting suicide case will learn her fate and dozens of children evacuated from a ymca pool. we'll tell was led to that hazmat situation. plus all eyes on the stock market today. after the dow jones industrial average reached a major milestone. those stories and more after the break. ♪ at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. so she can afford to feel at home even when she's miles away. and you can help her feel bright, without breaking your budget. and... who's there? hey. a boy? you never told your dad and i about any... oh, on the bed? absolutely not!
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together is fine... and at ikea, we believe that letting go can be hard, but not pricey. what's going on now? move the flag.
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indicate lip is back with a check of what other stories are making had he lines this mor morning. >> good morning. first up, it is sentencing day for massachusetts woman convicted on involuntary manslaughter after encouraging her teenaged boyfriend to commit suicide. michelle carter faces up to 20 years in prison. investigators say she encouraged her boyfriend to kill himself in dozens of text messages and told him to get back in a truck that was filled with toxic gas. carter's lawyer argued that roy was determined to kill himself and nothing carter did could change that adding she made quote tragic mistake. that lawyer asking for probation and continued counseling. well dozen of children at a durham, north carolina ymca evacuated from a pool due to a chemical leak. they came out of the water coughing, choking and spitting up. six were taken to the hospital in serious condition. investigators say the leak involved chemicals used for every day up keep of swimming
9:25 am
pools. mechanical issue mixed them together causing the toxic fumes. and nearly 1,000 people evacuated overnight when a csx train went off the rails and caught fire in bedford county pennsylvania. emergency crews say the rain train was traveling from chicago to new york when several cars jumped the tracks. the train was carrying lick wither petroleum which sparked a fire. thankfully no one was hurt in the derailment much the cause is still under investigation. and while you may have heard the dow jones industrial averaged reached another major milestone. closing just over the 22,000 mark yesterday. that being for the fir ever. analysts say the continued stock market growth is partly due to anticipation of loosening regulations under the trump administration with a strong job market. finally, another record breaker but this one goes to a panda in china. the 23-year-old china -- chinese bear has been the oldest to ever give birth. look at the little babies. to top it all
9:26 am
breeders the china conservation and research center mama bear welcomed a female cub weighing one third of a pound and male cub weighing a little more than a quarter of a pound. that's them. they say both mom and the two cubs are happy and healthy and probably the tiny yesterday cutest things you've seen in a long time. guys. >> my goodness. >> how adorable g looks like a stick of butter. >> that's what they say. >> that's what they say. >> 23, that's really old for a panda. >> it is. i remember from my and panda book they can start breeding as early like they leave at four years of age to go off and be adults on their own. >> right. >> so -- >> well, yeah. >> it work. >> our producer caitlin just said in panda years it's 80 years old. >> that's an old panda. >> miracle. >> still ahead g day d.c. is thinking pink. today's national watermelon day and duke's grocery is here to help us celebrate with awesome recipes. >> fresh
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morning. kevin has an interview with comedian and actor march land wayans plus holly berry opens up about her roll how a mom inspired it and legendary dj kool joins us live in the loft as we countdown to the spirit festival. ♪ ♪♪ how'd we rethink light yogurt? kicked out artificial sweeteners, added real fruit, and made it 90 calories. new light and fit greek nonfat yogurt with zero artificial sweeteners. you'll go from "mmm" to "wow."
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♪ ♪ no artificial flavors, preservatives or colors. and an excellent source of calcium. enjoy cheese dippers by the laughing cow. ♪ >> coming you on 9:30 on this thursday morning
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we talk sports right now a day to rest for the washington nationals some would argue they did for nine innings last night. they're heading -- they have a huge lead in the division heading to chicago to take on the cubs tomorrow at wrigley feel. 2:00 p.m. games, friday, saturday and sunday coming off two losses in miami, though the marlins took two of three last night aj on the mound recalled there aaa to make his first start of the year. fifth inning one to nothing marlins. coming up you shall anthony rendon hitting fly ball right here and it looks like it's going job ellis didn't get a good break on it circles back around and has really long arms and he made a great catch. dagger. next time up he had hit a homer. that was the end for cole. he gave up five runs after. nats down seven-zero. deep fly ball looks like the going to go because that's stanton known for his bat -- wait i take it back he has
9:31 am
good gov. makes amazing leaping catch the the nats stay scoreless last night there's the ballgame shut out more bullpen rows. romero who throws 100 miles an hour can't throw that hard with a forearm strain. towed leave the game early likely headed to the dl. let's stay with sports and check this out. pregnancy not slowing down serena williams she zen out this video of her work out routine a full eight months pregnant. medicine ball slams, leg work williams plans on a return at the ozzie open the first of the year which sounded crazy as first she's putting newspaper the work until her due date to make that happen. so this wonder super woman still at it. eight months pregnant. >> ozzie open she won when she was pregnant we out later. >> it was. she won it this year. >> before we knew she was pregnant. >> how some would that be. she wins it when she's pregnant and right after the baby. >> wingette with the baby. >> serena. >> holds the trophy and the newborn. >> that's the video
9:32 am
see later today when you go home. i should go to the gym. >> but... >> i might just have another cookie. >> she's eight months pregnant. serena. >> that's amazing. >> that's why she's the champ. >> all right. tucker barnes never needs any motivation to go to the gym. except perhaps for more abs. >> abs commercial to do. >> yeah. >> you see it -- >> actually -- >> you know you want it. >> we drew those in. 77 now in washington. 78 in quantico. more of the same today. warm, humid, maybe an afternoon thunderstorm, but anything we get really won't get going until kind of mid to late afternoon. so no immediate concern here about any showers and storms much you can see we're quiet at the moment. across the washington area. kind of like this close up i feel like i can touch the screen. a few clouds off to the north and west, and same mares we've been dealing with the last couple of days bermuda high southerly flow will keep things on the warm and humid side. get into the weekend big changes a cold front will come through and give us much
9:33 am
around here as far as humidity. there's future cast. that's 2:30 notice a few showers popping just like yesterday. anything that develops is not going to move whole lot not really a lot steering it in the atmosphere so if you get underneath one of these showers it may be locally heavy rain and then after lose the daytime heating seven, 8:00 o'clock tonight lose the chances for showers and storms and just kind of partly cloudy, hazy overnight, and we'll do it one more time tomorrow before a big improvement again for the weekend here's the weekend set up. want to show you this cold front this will come through late friday early saturday may wake up with cloud cover and a quick shower saturday morning but then with high pressure off to the north building in and a northwest flow, we'll get temperatures that are only going to top out in the mid 80s, and notice i do not have humidity on that map here. the humidity levels will be falling. so that means for at least me fantastic weekend. very pleasant around here saturday and sunday items ands in the 80s. zip tripping to leesburg tomorrow morning. join us at the village. villages. come find us. we're in leesburg. [ laughter ]
9:34 am
>> i knew that was coming. somewhere there. >> all right. >> thanks tucker. let's take live look outside now at reagan national airport. looking pretty good out there. wouldn't it be great to just get on plane fly away somewhere amazing. a lot of people living along the potomac in maryland and virginia even the district they want the planes to fly away for sure. >> they're fed up witness noise from jets after they found themselves living along a modified flight path for reagan national. and now they're getting a big name at least to help with the fight. wmau transportation reporter and fox5 contributor martin dicaro joins us live this morning from the potomac. what's going on and whose on board now? >> reporter: good morning. governor larry hogan sent a letter to none other than transportation secretary elaine chow saying that the federal aviation administration is essentially ignoring the troubles of homeowners like miss jonelle wright who's with us here in her home in potomac. we're 15 miles away from the airport. so it's not like you bought
9:35 am
and now complaining about noise. first, hell get your reaction to the fact that this is risen all the way to the level of the governor who is asking secretary chow to do something about the noise that you're dealing with every day. >> so first i'd like to say how pleased community members are that we have the governor's support as we're standing here you can hear a departing aircraft, um, flying over my home and the homes of many in montgomery county. and i think the reason the governor is involved is because he's hearing about the personal stories from people in montgomery county but also in howard county and arundel co county, baltimore county, about the levels of noise and the concerns about pollution caused by these new concentrated flight paths. >> miss wright is with the montgomery county quite skies coalition. there are similar community groups in d.c., and in virginia. all lodging complaints about these new flight paths. let's show folks what we're talking about. this is called the next jenn air traffic system it's sat
9:36 am
based it's saves time and fuel by placing aircraft on a narrow ban but that means it's concentrated over narrow band of homes. so on the left, you'll see all those red lines those are flights. 800 flights a day in and out of reagan airport. you can see how dispersed they used to be over the neighborhoods. the image on the right hand side, you see that narrow band of red lines coming over your home. we've been here 15, 20 minutes, and it's been one aircraft after another. what's that like for you? >> well, we're standing here in my driveway, and like you just indicated there's never a moment. i step in to my driveway and don't have an aircraft overhead. sometimes i hear two at the same time as one is departing i hear another one coming along. i hear them inside my home. i hear them in every room inside my home. >> but the faa in this letter got letter here the faa sent montgomery county officials saying there would be no human impact, noise impacts. how do you respond to that? >> apparently, my understanding is that that is based
9:37 am
modeling that was their prediction. they determined there would be no significant impact based on these flight path changes and channelization of the flight paths but clearly americans on the ground communities members, residents are greatly impacted by these narrow flight rails. >> would would you like to see done. because next jenn is here to stay. in community members in montgomery county and elsewhere, you know, dispersal is something that we are asking the faa to look at here in montgomery county dispersal is something we're asking for. in some parts of our area keeping flights over the river may be helpful. but again i think dispersal is a we're really asking for a serious look at. >> so several potential solutions on the table. there have been more than a dozen community meetings with at faa, community league groups like montgomery county quite skies coalition, the airports authority, the airlines are all working on a solution for the past two years
9:38 am
no resolution as yet been reached. >> marty, i have to ask, and look, i get it. i personally live directly under the flight path and i'm a heck of a lot closer to the airport than potomac. so i hear them non-stop. but they have to go somewhere. so by moving them by dispersing them by putting them over more people than one route, somebody is going to continue to complain, right? unless you send them straight up the river as far as the river can go, until they get to high altitude what can you do? >> our anchor back is asking, you know f you disperse the flights away from your house they have to go to someone else's house, isn't that correct? >> yes and no. you know, certainly, um, listen, in the past all of us had an aircraft flying overhead occasionally and it was something we barely -- conscious barely recognized. but dispersal a way to lesson the impact over anyone home or community, um, repeatedly. so it's something that all
9:39 am
communities have looked -- asked the faa to take a serious look at. >> now you have governor hogan on your side making a plea to secretary chow of the u.s. department of transportation and the governor did say he wants answers by the middle of august. >> they can go back to the other plan based on the governor's involvement? is that even a possibility? it doesn't sound like based on what was said in the report. >> reporter: one more question for you, janelle. whether it's possible to go back to the old way, probably not at this point, right? >> based on some indications with other airports in particular bwi, the faa has indicated that it's not possible to go back to the way it was. they say those paths don't exist any more. but they do have the information about where the planes used to fly, um, and air traffic control giving plains direction had something to do with that dispersal that we experienced before. >> okay. thank you very much. back to the studio. >> marty, thanks much. >> thank you.
9:40 am
news from overnight wee have learned whether the biebs will face charges for hitting that paparazzi photographer last week. details on that. kevin will be back with that and more in the fox beat coming up next. back after this. ♪ ♪♪
9:41 am
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♪ all right. back with the fox beat. kevin. >> good to see you this morning. >> i
9:43 am
>> unfortunately. last week -- >> good news for him but bad news for viewers who don't want to hear about beiber any more. the actual video we saw last week he hit the paparazzi the photographer, we had the video here. this was very big dole obvi obviously. playing it all last week. tmz is now saying that justin beiber will not have criminal charges for hitting the photographer with his truck last week and tmz saying that law enforcement's quote not recommending any criminal charges and quote they've determined beiber had no intent to strike the paparazzi when he left the church last week. i think we all could figure that out when we watch the video. they said a civil suit is probably more likely. >> we saw that come to go. >> beiber has nothing to worry about they think because the photographer one, shouldn't have been in the street, two, they can claim that beiber was quote blinded by the lights of flashes. >> that coming from law enforcement saying that? >> that's tmz saying that. >> o. >> tmz's actual. >> i don't think that matters were it
9:44 am
if he's injured it's possible that the insurance company to pay. >> sure. >> so -- criminally he's okay. >> criminally he's good. >> but tmz saying that. but civil suit wise they think that the blinded by the lights thing is a good case for beiber. that's coming from the tmz side of things. >> i'll put it out there this is a case that photographer could put paparazzi up a thousand nervous by just saying, you know what, he's a good dude. this was an accident. it happened. >> i agree. >> i was trying to get as close as i can. >> the way elaidin that ground that dude is suing. >> he deserves oscar. >> the performance he gave on the ground it. >> looked like he ran over his foot. >> the tire got him. >> you step in front of car untry hank ton a car moving in front of it there's good chance it will hit you. i don't feel bad for the paparazzi at all. >> i don't think he's legal al loud to stan in the treat when car is
9:45 am
i read on tmz there's a misdemeanor nor claimed against the photographer for standing in the middle of the street. >> everybody suit and but you're right he ac acted his butt off laying there like he was so maimed. >> i'm with holly i don't feel bad for him.d for him. for real. >> for real put himself in bad situation. >> we can claim this i feel -- don't you think sometimes -- we can't say this but legally speaking,. >> go ahead, say it. >> what he purp purposely did io make the money. >> someone did this to my sister. she was backing out a space and the woman stand back there purposely. >> it happens all the time. >> someone that high profile you'll get good money if the civil suit goes through. tmz thinks beiber has -- he's good. they think he's got nothing to worry about. we'll see what happens. good times star jimmy walker opening up about his support for donald trump. he is staying -- >> he dates ann coulter. >> yeah. >> and he said quote
9:46 am
probably 90% positive on the things that he does that means i'm not against trump but he does make mistake, too. he does go on in the article, he is spoke to fox about this. essentially saying that he can't -- it's hard for him to have this viewpoint in holl hollywood. and he says that, there's not hardly any positive trump jokes it there and no president has been tacked in recent years because you couldn't attack obama because he was black. this is what he says. but trump they have,ing. >> really jimmy walker. >> reareally? >> this is jimmy walker says. these aren't my words. >> really jimmy walker. >> he'll really dynamite. >> trump come out guns blazing against him he deserves some sort of praise but you can't stay in hollywood. that's what jimmy walker said. >> first of all -- >> thoughts. >> who knew jimmy walker was still in hollywood he hasn't done a show since 1980. >> right. >> was it that recent? >> that's what i'm saying. good times went off in the '70's he hasn't done a show since 1980. >> he's all in on job
9:47 am
>> clearly. >> a lot of people to be mad at. >> he's trying to make his career great again. >> interview was with fox news as i mentioned. he essentially said this viewpoint is hard to have when you're in hollywood. >> i understand what he's sa saying. >> some validity there but jimmy you get the gas face. let's move on. >> i agree. >> what song is the gas face from. >> third base. >> third base. >> you get the gas face. >> i do like that. well smith opening up about his daughter's decision to shave her head bald back in 2012. i know this is -- that's an older story but this is actually new. he appeared on jay-z's footnotes, where he talk about the moment he saw his daughter's head shaved for the first time, and now he's talking about how he reflected him as father. he said she saved her head bald in the middle of her whip my hair tour halfway through the tour willow his caught wanted to stop touring he told her to keep going which led her to the shaving of her head. this is really powerful quote.
9:48 am
girl and i'm like got it i understand you will not have this trouble out of me ever again. let's go, baby, we can go, "he said" for me it was that soldier that was pushing and wasn't paying any attention whatsoever to what was going one mows emotioniing ally with with this beautiful little creature in front of me "that was the first time of the collapsing of my father suit that i was wearing that wasn't mine. essentially talks about the fact when he was growing up the way his father parented him he could not use that same parenting style on his own daughter. so the -- her shaving her head made him realize that and he was opening up about that on jay-z's video. >> good stuff, kev. >> that's it. >> thanks, kev. >> jimmy walker. >> 9:48 is the time. ststill ahead you can almost always find it at picnics and barbeques and today you know what we're celebrating. national watermelon day. duke's grocery is in the good day cafe today to show us simple recipes
9:49 am
staple. 9:48 right now. you're watching the number one good day d.c. your perfect studentelieve deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey. a boy? oh, on the bed? you never told your dad and i about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag. the smoother the skin, the more comfortable you are in it. so find a venus smooth that contours to curves, wait, what's going on now? flexes for comfort, and has a disposable made for you. skin smoothing venus razors.
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♪ today we are celebrating a summer staple that's because it is national watermelon day. of course there will be celebrations taking place through out the dmv but this morning we are having the party right here in the good day cafe with d.c. staple duke's grocery. they were recently nominated for casual restaurant of the year this year's rammy awards i think we featured them right here in the good day cafe. we're glad to celebrate all things watermelon. >> thank you for having you. >> we'll do two different thing a little sala an little drink we'll start with jillian paterson she's the exec testify chef. what are we whipping up. we're making our water mon quinoa salad citrus tum merrick vinaigrette. >> it sounds incredibly healthy. >> it is. it is. >> it will taste even better. >> we're popular for our proper burger but we also have other, you know, vegetarian options. >> let's whip it up. >> let's do it. so we start
9:53 am
what kind of lettuce is this a a rue gula. >> so nice and fresh. >> i like it a little bit of arugula and there's the quinoa. >> quinoa, yes. we put lime, cilantro and a couple of other things. >> in with your quinoa. >> yes. just to kind of give it a little -- and some watermelon. >> watermelon. >> cubed and dee seeded i see. >> yes. >> very good. >> yes. >> i guess, water melon great right now, right. >> it is. >> throughout the whole summer. when does it start to not be great. >> it's really fresh. around september. kind of goes downhill objection. >> we're large in august, right. >> yeah. >> these are walnuts. >> candy walnuts. >> yum. candied walnuts. >> a little government cheese. and some tum merrick vinai vinaigrette. >> how do you know what goes best with watermelon? what will really compliment it or bring the flavor out. >> i think the kind of, you know, trial and error but
9:54 am
goat cheese goes really well with it. feta cheese really well with it. saltier cheese really. >> yeah. picks up on the -- a lot of people put salt on their watermelon when they eat it. >> they real dollar. >> do you find seed less watermelons as good as the ones that come with the seeds or not. >> i do. >> really do you. >> yeah. >> i always fine the good old fashion ones with the black seeds are juicy yesterday. >> they're fun. they are fun. >> because you're allowed to spit. >> that's right. >> let's be honest. >> that's right. >> here's your salad that looks absolutely wonderful, and incredibly healthy. and so now we're going to kick up the party a knowledge with our drink, and daniel kramer will help to that. he's the managing partner. all right, daniel, let me slide on over hugh. >> welcome. does welcome to you friend. >> it's never too early to start drinking many can we agree on that. >> i think we can, yes. >> so one -- our motto here in the loft. >> are you hiring. >> exactly. >> so one of the things about watermelons is variety. it's not just red. i'm a
9:55 am
watermelons which are just into season jillian got them from pun of our purchase vares. where there's a yellow watermelon there has to be tequila. >> i love the way this man thinks. >> it's very linear. >> exactly. some people look at mind over matter because they look at a yellow watermelon and they're like that can't possibly gall bladder watermelon. >> but it very possibly can. >> you need to try it. it pretty much tastes the ch change. >> for me it's sweeter. little bit sweeter and so one of the things if you -- amen. one of the things in mexico right is fruit by itself is almost considered naked. it will always have lime and a little chili powder with it mango, pineapple, of course, and then hickok ma and cucumber very popular that way. so with that in mind, we thought it would be nice to kind of spice up a little tequila smash with the yellow watermelon. >> love it. >> we've cubed it. >> um-hmm. >> we'll throw that in the blender.
9:56 am
>> already chopped up that. this is aviette at a mick. you can do it also of course with, you know, a ninja or bullet or whatever you have at home. and then simple sugar a little bit of the chili lime -- chili powder and then lime juice in there and then, of course, while you could use white rump you can use vodka, a nice silver tequila like we have from of a voone a complement the spice of the chili as well as mexican inspiration, tequila, tequila. >> go big or go home. >> speaking of going big we're not going to measure it. we're just going to pour. >> love it. >> that look about right. >> yeah. >> okay fine we've got 15 seconds. >> okay. >> and then we'll blend it. >> blown it altogether. >> sounds like it will be amazing that's pretty much all we need to do. >> that is? >> except pour it into a rimmed glass. >> there you go and top with watermelon, of course. >> and the last thing is for to you drinkha
9:57 am
>> oh, okay. if i have to. >> let me know what you think. >> whoa! wow! with a powder that does give it a little kick. >> that's the point. >> that just kick up my watermelon celebrating day in big way. love it. i love duke's grocery. check them out at 151,317th street in northwest. thank you all very. everyone, get out and so many brought the summer staple today. we'll continue to entertain and celebrate on good day. don't go anywhere. we're coming right back. okay. i'll take another drink. don't pressure me. ♪ ♪♪ fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs -
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♪ the must see moments the biggest
10:01 am
at 10a. >> actor comedian marlon wayans he's naked for new netflix mo movie. his interview with our kevin mccarthy. >> also ahead oscar award winning halle berry talks about her new role as a mother on the hunt for her son. the action thriller with message to moms. plus this is diana secret tapes and a controversial new documentary the many don't want to air. >> okay, d.c. let's do this in three, two, one, good day at 10a starts right now. ♪ >> fox5 let's go. ♪ >> here we go. the one hasn't. the one hander. >> ready to go. >> here we go. ♪ [ laughter ] >> the show is over now. >> that's enough. that's enough. >> save some for later. >> whole hour left.
10:02 am
>> dj kool with us this morning in the loft. >> got the whole set, that's for wisdom, that's for holly. we'll skip that one. >> play this one. >> ♪ >> there you go. we'll see what we can get to this hour. this is awesome. dj kool with us today and doing performing coming up this weekend as well. >> yeah. big taste of it yesterday. >> dj kool. baby face, we got the go-go bands and columbia and merry weather. >> all part of the same reason -- eu yesterday and food here with duke's learning all about watermelon how we can work night our food and beverages. >> and beverages. i'm a little jealous of that drink looks so delicious. >> we have more of both. so no worries. [ laughter ] >> is there yellow watermelon versus the traditional is there a taste difference. >> the yellow is a little sweeter and almost a like a little pineapple texture it to. it's delightful. >> i used it to cool my mouth down after the chili powder. >> what great
10:03 am
who knew? >> national watermelon day. >> thanks guys for coming in. >> that's nice thing we learn something new on the show. >> exactly. >> much more for you coming up this hour. no doubt about it. including a little visit from tucker barnes that has our nice weather forecast off to a good start today and even better weekend much thanks so much for joining us a couple minutes past the hour today on this thursday -- friday eve as we eve i'm steve alongside maureen, holly and wisdom martin. >> let's check before we check what's trending we'll check what's making headlines this morning. we welcome caitlin roth. >> first up crook key d.c. firefighter is in extremely critical condition after being hurt on the scene of a house fire in northeast overnight. we now have his picture to sh this is 28-year-old dane smothers he was injured when he was hit by a fire truck on f street northeast. this was as he was laying out fire hose last night. that fire on f street juson
10:04 am
d.c. crews busy overnight. in one on about can neat street, two d.c. police officers ran into a burning home to rescue an elderly couple. yet another major incident for d.c. fire and ems. this time in the 5,000 block of d street southeast where car went into an apartment building. about 20 residents had to be two people were treated on the scene. and investigators are still sifting through the debris this morning following a deadly natural gas explosion at a private school this in minneapolis. investigators say the blast was caused by a group of contr contractors. two school employees were killed. nine adults were taken to the hospital. one remains in critical condition. there is no word on how many children were inside. but officials say every summer school student is accounted for. students at two universities are more likely to go hungry than they're pierce at four years colleges. 60,000 u.s. households and students at community college
10:05 am
issues with going hungry. they say the students are generally part of poorer households and therefore they don't have required meal plan like four-year college campuses do. and finally, it's your starbucks news of the day for starbucks fan you have another special reason to celebrate. starting today you can get double the caffeine boost that's because the coffee giant is offering a buy one get one deal for all macchiatos you can get a free iced or hot one when you buy one at full price. you'll have to cash in soon. the deal is only good from two to 5:00 p.m. today that is through august 7th and that's monday august 7th. so basically you have all weekend to take advantage of this buy one get one. starbucks in trouble, guys? all i'm hearing about new drinks. new deals. >> it's just i think just trying -- >> instant gram craze. trying to get out there. >> every summer they do the late afternoon specials because not a lot of people think coffee. >> you think in the morning maybe in the evening. >> they'll never be in trouble. >> good question though, cai caitlin. >> i wonde
10:06 am
star buck. >> there you go. thanks caitlin 10:05 it's time to check what's trending wis. >> more trauma for hbo that hacking of their net network programming is seven times larger than the 2014 hacking of sony. this hack appears far more vicious and the attackers got way more than just a couple of episodes. now remember the initial story of the hbo hack includes episodes of ballers and scripts and game of thrones. also hacked thousands of hbo internal company documents. this includes employee data regarding online banking, e- e-mail, health information an lot more. also, masses of copyrighted items including documents images videos and sound so far no ransom demands have been made. fbi is now investigating and cyber security firm that helped with the sony hack is also on the case. it is the hottest listing on airbnb a chance to be among the first to witness the total solar eclipse on august 21 s
10:07 am
off the oregon coast and continuing along its entire path you'll get to it in a geo dome designed for star gazing. according to the listing one person plus one will get to hop on a private jet and fly to every spot along the path of the eclipse. >> love it. >> in dean and charleston south carolina. how much will you have to shell out. nothing your money won't work in reserving this prize you can win it by answering this. why do you think this eclipse is bringing people together and why do you want to be a part of it? you're only allowed 100 words. >> o. >> money can't boy it. i kind of like that. >> i might have to put pen to pay as they used to say in the older days. >> it's a good idea. not pay any money for it. >> who is putting that up? >> airbnb is doing it. >> yeah. >> okay. >> okay. >> get writing, folks. so as we know today is august 3rd it's going to be hot and humid today. around 90 degrees. so is it too early for all these things pumpkin
10:08 am
spice season already? >> come on it's august. >> i mean -- barely. >> there's pumpkin spice flavored coffee that's out already. world market was out this week with animal pumpkin spice ground coffee. pumpkin spiced cereals on the shelves. starbucks you know they're famous for pumpkin coffee. starbucks which has the non official hold when we make the transition to autumn with pumpkin spice latte that's out about labor day.úit is already l blend ground coffee in grocery stores. >> i don't know why these things bother us but they do every season. >> it signifies back to school, colder weather. >> i don't drink the stuff. i get it. they're trying to sell more. yeah. they're trying to sell more. get ahead of the whole the curve. they're just trying to get ahead of the game. >> it works. >> it works. we're talking about it. >> it's your psyche. >> next year it will be out in july. >> no! >> they may keep it out year round. >> a group of
10:09 am
>> is this joke. >> not the start to bad joke but i'm glad you asked it happened in wales the group of priests walked into a bar. and then they got turned away. the reason they were all worrying traditional attire following an ordination ceremony the bartender thought they were part of a bachelor party. >> hilarious. >> dressed in costume and told them their outfits violated bar rules. after realizing the mix up the priests were eventually invited back into the bar and the barmaid up with a round on the house so now we'll see if priests everywhere go into bars in wales to get free drinks. >> pints for all. >> hilarious. >> i love it. >> too funny. >> bartender go to confession? >> forgive me, father. all right. how soon is too soon to get tattoo of your significant other's name? never. >> a guy who got his girlfriend's name put on his neck after just four months of dating is lighting up the internet. let's take look. here it is. samantha. the couple posted a lot of picks of it on facebook. samantha gushed and gushed she loved it. but many on social media didn't think
10:10 am
posting that four months a way zoo toon. some who know samantha brought up her former relationship and how they long they laughed. >> you can't do that. >> that's mean. >> we don't have a picture. >> picture of the tattoo. >> i guess we don't. >> you can just cross it outweigh tattoo. >> there's the picture of the tattoo. >> that's pretty prominent. >> oh wow. >> two bad things going on here. the tattoo, the script and the size. >> if you break up you can turn night a bar code. >> well -- [ laughter ] >> some tattoos are easier to cover than other. >> that one is a little tough. >> turn night a bar code. >> maybe he should have started with henna. >> or maybe -- >> or maybe just wrote it with a marker. >> or temporary tattoo. >> written it with marker. >> neck though no one bothered by the neck. >> that hurts. >> i had an artist friend that drew one on me once and it like -- >> it hurts. >> no. he just drew because he's a good artist. >> and. >> and it work for like a couple of days. just do that. >> what was her name?
10:11 am
oh, no i didn't have name. [ laughter ] >> no. i'm just saying i didn't have name put on me. i had picture. >> okay. what was the picture of? >> it was football logo. it's a long story. this is details are not necessary. [ laughter ] >> you brought it up though. >> get you out of this steve. they're trying to trap you. i'll help you out. >> i did it as joke. my point is do something temporary before you put somebody's name on your neck. >> that's part of the bromance i saw what you were putting down right there. we'll move on. trying to get all you have in steve's business. nevada money wanted more than just money when he robbed a bank. 78-year-old tommy ray mack a do is homeless he brought a steak 95 to rob a bank. he told police that he committed the crime because he was tired of being outdoors and wanted food and a roof over his head. by the way the judge granted him his wish not the way he wanted. mack a doo was sentenced to 15 years in prison. >> that's a really heartbreaking story. >> sad story
10:12 am
>> sad story. okay. let's move on with this one. 10:11 is your time by the way. two super stars one epic show still ahead don't miss our interviews with marlon wayans and halle berry both at 10:30. >> oprah opens up about her weight again. >> again. >> sophia vergara provocative pose for women's health plus 50-cent leaving tower. >> your dish is next. ♪ ♪♪ >> first though it's coffee time on good day dc weaning you've been e eyeing our cool good dayc mugs. we have that good day dunkin' donuts mug to give away perfect cup for that great dunkin' donuts coffee head to foxd or facebook page to enter our mug contest. one lucky winner selected by random drawing but hurry you only have until 11:00 to enter. it's tepp 12:00 right now. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪♪
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10:15 am
enjoy cheese dippers by the laughing cow. ♪ all right. it is 10:15. that means it's time for got day celebrity dish. >> and oprah winfrey struggle with her weight no secret, right? it's on going and she's talking about it yet again with new york times magazine. the media mogul who purchased a 10% stake in weight watchers says the current trend to stay away from terms like diet or
10:16 am
acceptance is not so simple to follow. this whole pc about accepting yourself as you are you shall 100% winfrey says before clarifying though that her personal acceptance required finding a weight loss plan which is why weight watchers works for her. she said it's a mechanism to keep myself on track that brings a level of consciousness and awareness to eating. it is actually for me mindful eating because the points are so engrained now. now winfrey tells the magazine she doesn't care if she's ever skinny again. she wants to be in control of her body. winfrey told people magazine in january and in another article she was down 42.5 pounds and finally made peace with food after just over a year on the program. >> good for her. >> one thing i admire about oprah she definitely has put it out there it's been a continual struggle. >> right. >> for her and one -- we kind of think oprah has everything and she wins at everything it's a real problem and she's always been open and honest it. >> makes her s
10:17 am
people can share themselves in an open way about something that's personal it mack you say you know what, i can respect that. >> i like in this particular she wept ton say, you know, this whole like if you weigh, f you're overweight and you say no i'm fine with that. really you shouldn't be fine with that not because of how you look but that it's really not healthy and that it's hard on your heart you need to be in control of your health whatever that good wait is for you. speaking of celebrities and their bodies, take look at this. sophia vergara posing nude on the cover of women's health magazine. >> look at wisdom. >> get your tongue off the floor wisdom at the age of 45. >> looking good mama. >> she's proud to show her body. who won't be if you looked like it's not like before when it was young girls who would make the cover of a magazine she said actress and mom bears all for the annual naked issue she doesn't try to make her body something it's not the it's not about having muscles or cut abs i don't even know if i'm strong she said have i bad niece and
10:18 am
push up. i wish i can be a little more athletic but when you're born with these gigantic boobs you can't. she's had them since she was 13. she does work out, though three to four times a week but unlike her husband joe she doesn't like it and instead she says she's focusing on try to age gracefully which is all about accepting body changes. >> wisdom? >> what did you say? >> 10:18 is the time right now yesterday we talk about beyonce' possibly buying into the houston rockets. >> you don't want to talk about her assets. >> beyonce'. no. >> she's -- beyonce' is using her assets to buy into the houston rockets. singer reportedly in the final stages of negotiations to -- to play nila in the life action remake of the lion king director john fab bro has reportedly been pursuing the singer play the role and now it seems he may get his wish. beehive team which often gets exclusive news about the singer tweeted monday the singer was working on a
10:19 am
deal. disney has reportedly agreed to pay whopping 25 million to secure beyonce''s involvement with pot joke that's what they wrote. he can exclusively report from a source major cause of beyonce''s contract is to be the -- to be curator prone kuser of the sound track which lynn conclude several new and original african-american and travel recordings by the singer as well classic lion king favorites. there you go. >> dan glover is simba. >> donald glover. >> donald glover. >> um-hmm. >> donald glover. >> danny would be a little old. >> and james earl jones is going to -- >> has no. >> mew spas. >> who else can be mew spas. >> my dad could be mufasa i'm telling you. my dad's voice is that deep. >> he sounds like james earl jones. >> i'm serious when you call my house, hello. >> he's african. >> dad if you're listening. >> maureen get on that. >> right. here's a question for you. kanye or jay-z who's hotter. >> neither so says kate upton. the super
10:20 am
host andy cohen she doesn't find kanye west or jay-z attractive during an appearance on watch what happens live's after show upton agreed to play who is more sexy. a game that pits mail celebrities against each other and asks the contestant appearing to the show who they feel is more track tiff. now the model answered self of, cohen's questions with ease. >> oh, crap. >> what about jay-z or kanye? >> neither. >> neither okay. beehive go crazy on kate. her twitter is at kate upton just kidding. [ laughter ] >> idris alba or brad pitt? >> brad pitt. >> okay. what about beckham or prince harry that's a sophie's choice right there. >> she also shows harry styles over justin beiber. denzel washington over george clooney. and, um, went she was asked donald trump or chris christie she laughed and opted not to answer by pleading the fifth
10:21 am
jay-z or kanye? ladies, what do you think? >> or do you agree with kate? >> i mean, don't you feel like that's kind of the thing with social media whichever one you say you're opening yourself from backlash from the other. >> there's no correct answer. >> kanye. >> kanye. >> so i actually think -- sorry dj kool. >> i think i would say -- here's my problem. i think kanye is cuter than james see bought i think he's cray cray that makes me -- >> but for some girls that's attractive. >> was that part of the -- >> i think maybe if i actually met jay-z i think the whole package if i met jay-z -- >> i think the question was sexier. are you going to include the craziness or not. >> if you meet someone sexy -- >> you're right about that. i've known people who aren't terribly attractive but there's something about them that's very charming. >> their air is sexy. >> i think i dated him. [ laughter ] >> this goes along with steve's tattoo. [ laughter ] >> a lot of personal info today. >> a lot today, right.
10:22 am
>> i'm surprised you put that out there like that. >> why does it matter? as you get older it looks -- it's not all about looks, right? >> it's true. >> look at her face. >> sometimes you go beyond the looks and you date someone because of their personality. steve. >> keep going. >> i'm just saying, right? >> mature women do that. (crickets). >> no crickets. there are no crickets here. >> 10:22 is the time. >> let's talk about power dip highs over the weekendw, ma- curtis jack ton 50 ken seems to be way over this thing. he lash out at stars in an instagram post taking to social media on monday jackson used collage of devilish looks to get his point across. here's what he said. he said i woke up feeling a little different about power this morning. he captioned the photo biggest show on your network doesn't mean anything, what does your network mean stars? i'm take mike talents to south beach and there's a word i can say
10:23 am
blank this. his outburst comes aft sunday's episode which spoiler alert if you haven't seen it yet shows death of characters played by anika nanny ross and jr ramirez. new man was intented to be two separate episodes but creator courtney kemp explains to entertainment week the network refused to give them a develop episode roll out for season four normally they do ten. they wanted 12. they didn't get it so now there's a bunch of drama. what seems to show as much as he thought. >> right. >> 50 didn't have the power. >> ahh! >> there you go, steve. >> but didn't he say that when we interviewed him something about may not be coming back. he alluded to there being some issues of power. this has been on going. there's couple of other things he said about starz. >> it's power struggle now. >> yeah, steve. >> steve is on a roll. >> ♪ >> power struggle y. >> steve will be at the d.c. improv later this weekend. [ laughter ] >> one show only thank goodness. [ laughter ] >> all right. i think that's the dish for today. >> o
10:24 am
thank you guys. >> kevin will join us you don't want to meet his interview with comedian actor marlon wayans. you never know which direct the interview is going to go. he's in a new netflix movie called naked that's queue how this interview my be going plus renewed controversy in the uk over a new documentary about princess diana. shocker there would be controversy over that. >> some people don't want to air it. we'll see. back after this. ♪
10:25 am
10:26 am
10:27 am
dj kool in the house. >> love it. >> talk to him later on this hour. big show coming up this weekend with a whole other bunch of folks. happy to have him with us today. >> ♪ >> all right. in the meantime tucker barnes bringing us the weather right now. what can we expect, mr. barnes. >> we can expect hot afternoon. low 90s already 80 degrees at reagan national at 10:00 a.m., and maybe we'll pop a shower or thunderstorm this afternoon. so be on the look out for that if you've got umbrella you can take with you when you go out later this morning this afternoon take it with you just in case. 80 now in washington. winds are light. i stepped out moment ago it feels summery out there no doubt about it and humidity has not really waned here the last couple of days. humidity as well. heat and humidity, yes, signatures of summer afternoon here in washington. there's your satellite/radar. we are fairly quiet. got a few clouds off to the north and west build the clouds through late morning early afternoon and
10:28 am
look out for few of those the scattered showers and storms. nothing real toll give us widespread showers and storms later today, but we'll have just enough lift out there that we could see some thunderstorm activity, and once again, just like yesterday, the day before, they'll be slow movers. so the potential is there for heavy rains with thunderstorm activity yet. future cast not loving the idea of storms. there's few by baltimore by 3:00. see if we don't get a few more by 5:00. once we get daytime heating we get thunderstorms chances by tomorrow. cooler weekend. cold front will come through here, and with high pressure off to our north and west instead of that bermuda high we are going to be enjoying a couple of gorgeous days around here saturday afternoon and sunday look great daytime highs in the 80s and lower humidity. so get ready for nice week and we deserve it after last one. 92 today and there's your cooler weekend behind that cool front early late saturday, early sunday
10:29 am
that's the latest from the weather world. >> thank you. >> time for the stars. actor and comedian marlon wayans is naked for a new netflix movie he's clothed for the interview with kevin though but it's going to be good. >> are we sure. >> i'm not sure. >> action thriller with a message to mom. oscar award winner halle berry talks about her role as mother. .
10:30 am
10:31 am
10:32 am
♪ all right. double dose of fox beat this morning. kev, you got a lot going on. >> marlon wayans in new film called naked and the cool thing about this is netflix doing these amazing original films now. people who don't want to leave the house they can stay home and put a new movie on and releasing them on fries days like regular movie releases it comes out august11th the idea behind the film marlon wayans plays robert anderson who keeps reliving the same day over and over very much like groundhog day he wakes up every day on his wedding day naked on a floor and because he's trying to figure out how -- basically what's happened he's become -- he's not living the life he needs to be living. he's making a lot of mistakes in his relationship. so someone is trying to teach him a lesson he keeps waking up
10:33 am
he's naked. that's why it's called naked. i spoke to him about this film. >> watch this. >> hang on buddy i'm coming. i think we got it. >> oh, no. no. we don't got it. >> i'm genuinely curious about this when you're filming a movie called naked you have to wake up naked in scene, how naked are you when you're shooting these scenes? obviously we're not seeing everything. so do you actually wear like boxers? how does that work? >> naked enough to where you could feel the breeze in the room but the buns that was out in the open. i got a nice butt. i ain't got that michael douglas butt. [ laughter ] >> michael douglas has the worse ever. >> what make it so bad. >> it was old before he got old. it goes in. it's inverted. [ laughter ] >> it's like part of his leg. it's crazy. [ laughter ] >> what's the movie with glenn close. >> fatal attraction. >> fatal attraction
10:34 am
>> basic instinct. >> basic instinct it was in the other movie with demi moore. >> oh, my gosh. >> i don't remember the name of that one. >> that was -- what's the name. >> disclosure. >> oh yeah. >> excuse me. you're naked. supposed to be at my wedding right now. >> i'm sorry, i didn't hear what i said. i'm trying not to look at your junk. >> this is bennie. >> where are you, man? >> hello? ahh! >> back to naked. how many times do you shoot that moment when you wake up? on the floor like that? do you just do it day of wake ups? >> about two or three -- i think we probably did that maybe a week maybe five days. >> you just sit there and wake up all morning. >> all morning you sit there and the camera is over you and play all your elevator scenes and at a point you really start feeling like you're living the same hour and hour again.
10:35 am
in real life? >> you become the movie. i was sitting there naked in an elevator i cep waking up over and over again it was like de ja vu but real. >> i do want to say this. that's a heavily edited interview because of the whole joke about michael douglas i don't know where that came from i'm in the middle of this interview he starts helping michael douglas' butt and how it's flat he has a night butt michael douglas going and going through michael douglas' films comparing why he showed his butt and michael douglas shouldn't have shown his butt. i'll put unedited version on online. it sounds random much that's what happened in the interview. >> i have a question for you. the move is called naked. the interview with the film of the star called naked. you're committed to your craft. if the publicist told you would have do that interview naked, would you have done it. >> no, because i have an awful naked body. >> but it was your only chance to talk to him. >> no, i wouldn't do it what if it was spielberg film and you had to come in naked. >> no. what about in your underwear? >>
10:36 am
>> really. >> scorcese and spielberg. >> no. >> for 10 million. >> no. >> what? >> he hesitate. >> i wouldn't do it. i found it interesting he knows so many movies with michael douglas' naked butt. that he can recall them. >> wow. >> i fine it int interesting tor for 10 million you wouldn't get naked. >> for two i would put all my clothes off right now. >> do you have a video of yourself naked for the rest of your line that your kids could see. >> tour ten until i don't know dollars i would make copies and do it every day for $10 million i would lay -- here it is. here's the show every day $10 million. >> you would start good day like that. >> every day. >> every morning. >> until they threw me out. ten mel i don't know dollars, yeah. >> i don't like taking my shirt off at the beach. >> aww. >> there's no way i would be naked. there's no way. i'm like the skinny yesterday fat guy on the planet. >> there's bigger gary issues there. >> it's okay. >> everything has its price. >> i don't know. this guy -- >> i'm not getting naked for scorcese or spielberg. >> a lot of people --
10:37 am
>> a lot of people would love to see hey halle berry in the nude i'm sure. >> watch sword fish and monsters ball. >> she's in new movie she play as mom out to find her son from kid cap kid papness she is morning she's speaking bout about the action thriller that hits theaters this weekend. take a look at what she has to say. in the new action thriller kidnap halle berry play as desperate mother chasing after the people who kidnapped her s son. >> has anybody seen a little boy with short curly hair? >> i felt really empowered playing this role and the main reason is because i felt like exactly what i get to do in this movie is what most every mom would do, every mom there's a hero inside of every mom. if you mess with their kids, there's a hero inside every mom. i believe it. >> frankie! >> berry also produced the film. >> my son has been kidnap. >> my first film under my 606 produce sorry ya'll banner it just made me feel like these are the kind of movies that i want to u
10:38 am
i want to help empower women and also tell stories that have people on the edge much their seats. >> i found uh-uh son of a -- > halle says the summer movie is just the latest to feature a strong female lead. >> let me tell you something. look at the summer. wonder woman, atomic blond, girls trip these things have opened and not everybody thought they would. i do think women are being empowered, and there's no better way to empower women than going and supporting these kinds of movies. >> all right. the film's previous production company went bankrupt leaving the movie on hold for two years it was picking up steam again earlier this year when he have ron pictures got involved. kidnap hits theaters this weekend kevin we were saying halle berry has done this movie before. i see it tonight at 7:00 7:00 o'clock. i bought tickets for it. >> i give every movie a fare chance. >> that's all you can do. >> the trailers don't look great. i'm reviewing that. the dark tower. step and briggs bee bear tomorrow morning.
10:39 am
tomorrow. but specifically, step is the one i'm most excited about. >> i would never go see kidnap. >> no. that's made for tv lifetime. not even lifetime. >> i don't even want to think about that. >> it's too real for me. >> all right. thanks kevin. >> thanks guys. 10:39 is our time. still ahead a secret princess diana tapes and new documentary causing quite a controversy. we'll have more on that next. plus, erin has another exclusive interview this one with country super star martina mcbride. we're back with that next as your 10a continues. ♪ nnection... you get our fastest internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier.
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♪ there's a stir in britain over new document row about princess diana it's release comes ahead of the 20th anniversary of diana's death but the show contains tapes of private conversations diana had about her marriage and there are some people who don't want it to air. >> princess diana talking candidly about her sex live with prince charles and the break up of her marriage. a new british document row contains recordings of private conversations between the late princess and her speech coach in the early '90's. diana's former bodyguard is a contributor to the controversial film and one of its defenders
10:43 am
>> brand these tapes sex tapes is a little bit far off the mark. diana talks openly about her relationship with the prince of wales but it's not a sexual comment. she's actually telling a story and saying effectively there was very little going on in this marriage. and in her view because of his continuing relationship with camilla parker bowles. >> charles and diana divorced in 1996. the year before she died in a car crash in paris at the age of 36. some critics believe airing the tapes be trace diana' privacy and could upset her sons william and harry. >> i think it's just really unpleasant for anyone to listen to their parents talking about intimate details of their marriage. >> but on the royal watchers don't understand what all the fuss is about. >> paid for by the british taxpayers i'm not sure why the british taxpayers shouldn't allowed to see it. if you don't like it don't watch it
10:44 am
>> prince's harry and william refused to competent on the documentary. diana her story will air here in the us on pbs later this month. >> interesting story. >> yeah. >> i actually think if they were actually private conversations and private tapes i don't think that they should be aired personally and i probably air on the side of thinking about the boys. >> yeah. >> what's it add? what's the value. >> it's salacious and to me it doesn't add anything. >> problem people have them just seeing dollar sign. >> totally. i know they are. >> all right. 10:44. earlier this week we brought erin's exclusive interview with nick cannon this morning this one is for the girls and for good day because erin also caught up with country super martina mcbride and talked about that iconic song and the mes message. ♪ >> that's like an anthem for young girls and you're such a positive
10:45 am
what kind of message do you give to young women in the boys and girls club for success and following their dreams? >> they can really do anything that they believe -- believe in themselves and surround themselves with people who believe in them and, um, i just feel like it's such a great thing to do to send this positive message to the kids in the boys and girls club. >> martina mcbride talking about positive is the have the. >> i love her. so cute to too. >> she looks great. >> the sitcom will and grace gearing up for a new season 11 years later the cast of the show cutting revenue they started filming of the new season the new version of the show according to several reports the comedy returns will and grace will be single without children living in the new york city apartment addressing the 2,006 finale both were raising children. >> when you think back when the show started think what we didn't have. as depressing as these days may
10:46 am
equality in every single state in this nation. we didn't have a place where people were looking to see how tv could be the cutting edge and still were i think about 1% of characters that speak are out. it is so important to bring back the characters that we have here. now more than ever. >> this is incredible. i was just saying to my wife, i wonder what it will be like to kiss a man again. >> emmy award winning show premiered in 1998 almost 20 years ago. ran through 2006. new season will and grace ex expected to start airing in september but they're starting the filming now. politics and the mayor of los angeles they're talking about the show. >> that was great show. the writing for the show was great. >> leslie was by far -- leslie and karen the characters. >> yeah. >> rid queue us willy
10:47 am
terrorist cal. get out the neon what's old is new again. nearly 30 years after miami advice aired on tv, it may be back on. a reboot is in the works by none other than vin diesel. the actor is not going to star in it but he'll produce it along with chris morgan who wrote six of the fast and furious films. talk about a throw back thursday. don johnson starred in the original way back when, remember, of course who didn't love don johnson with the pastel shirt and white jacket. the show originally aired on nbc from 1984 to 1990, and it looks like it will be headed back to that network as well. so we've got will and grace, we've got roseanne now we might have, my ammo advice, crocket and tubs coming back. >> philip michael thomas. >> what happened to him. >> i remember in the '80s were everybody was singing eddie murphy was sinking, don johnson was singing heartbeat. philip michael thomas was singing,. >> we they will raully sinking in they were in the studio and put out records. phyllis michael
10:48 am
singing fish and chips won't do. anybody who had money would put out a record. >> what? >> and every guy was trying to sport the miami advice look. >> totally. >> totally in. >> now you have party all the time in my head. >> that was great song. >> eddie murphy. >> that was great song g really great? >> rick james and eddie murphy. party all the time. that was great song. ♪ >> listen to that. >> thank you, mack. >> now it will be philadelphia international airportly engrain. that was great. >> it was funny. i don't know how -- the thing especially when you get the fast and furious folks involved with miami vice you don't know what it will turn into it. >> it will be a fast and furious for tv. >> i didn't like the movie when james mow fox and colin,ing. >> that was bad. >> colin firth is that his name. >> colin firth. >> i didn't like the movie. it wasn't good. >> any way. >> messing with greatness. here's another song you might get stuck in your head for the rest of the day. we hope do you. queue it up. dj take it away. dj kool here in the life with us as we countdown
10:49 am
spirit festival. we'll counsel down his greats and chat with him after the break. break.
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
♪ >> man the number of parties this guy started, thrown and kept going it is 10:52 right now yesterday we did eu somewhere awesome in studio paying for us and today taking it up another knowledge on this friday eve. time to clear our throats the legendary dj kool is back with us in the loft today. you know the party jams back in the '80s, '90's. music ain't loud enough and i can make you dance and let me clear my throat. he's rocking the stage at the 12th annual summer spirit festival along with all these other fantastic entertainers. he's live with us. it's good to see you begun. how you doing. >> i'm good. i'm good. >> this is what i love about uh-uh never stop. i don't liked to this to people when you're like you knew the songs back in the '80s and '90's it never stops. >> can't stop, won't stop. >> i'm quoting diddy. you know what i mean. >> can't stop, won't stop not stopping because before we get to all the shows that you're continuing to do you're working on new music. >> working on new music right now.
10:53 am
come from these days. >> the dance floor, man much that's where the inspiration came from all my other song. the dance floor. >> then you want to keep it going. keep everybody moving and happy. >> that's it. >> you really have the easiest job because if you look out and you see people that are moving and having a good time you know you won, right. >> actually it's a hard job. does why is it so hard. >> because you got to be part mind reader you got to be part scientist. sometimes you have to be part babysitter because you got these people coming up, um, it's an extremely hard job, man, because you have to make people have a good time. you have to entertain folks. >> but if do you it right. >> people come in there -- i mean i'm good. so any way -- [ laughter ] >> man i've been doing eight long time honestly. >> if you do it it right you know they'll go home and be happy. >> yeah yeah yeah. >> talk about want what an amazing time they had. definitely. >> it's what the biggest crowd you've had to play for? >> well, the biggest crowd that i think i've djed for was probably a
10:54 am
10,000 folks. biggest crowd that i've performed in front of was 90,000. >> what? >> people in jones beach one year. >> no kidding? >> myself, fat man cube when dmx first came out it was nuts. >> everybody was there for that. >> um-hmm. >> you get intimidated by that. >> no. >> actually 90,000 you'll seal some people partying and having a good time no matter what. >> for me you can't get enough people out there for me. >> i love it. >> you know what i'm saying. that's my house. some people take other things to experience euphoria. my high is just being out there in front of as many people as you can put in front of me, man, and just kind of go on back and forthwith them. you know what i'm saying exchanging energy. >> coming up this weekend we were saying yesterday when eu was here one of one of the great things about summer spirit festival you know all the songs by all the artists. >> oh yeah. >> you can just go to just kind of check out for the weekend end enjoy everything. >> it's a big sing along. you know what i mean? i'm looking forward to seeing bbd personal
10:55 am
to mike and rhonda. in one of things those guys have been here sitting on this couch talking with us about where they're moving forward. we just did our zip trip in congress heights we had rare essence there as our house ban. you're actually plaque with them before you hit the stage at spirit festival. >> i've been north carolina with rare essence. that's my other job rocking with them when we do the bigger gigs. as a matter of fact we'll be at mgm i forget the date but it will be coming on with the roots. >> that's going to be great show. >> yeah yeah. >> you're with rare essence down in north carolina saturday you come back here sunday spirit festival. >> more music coming up in the future hopefully from you. yes, indeed. >> always good to see you. thank you man. >> i love talking to you. i want to hear some music. can you get the good day dj station cranked up for us? we'll go old school. >> we'll send things over to tucker and get a check on the forecast. >> you know what -- >> wisdom he's calling you out. >> no. come on back over here
10:56 am
>> you think this job is easy. >> stay here with me. no, no, no. i didn't mean for to you sit. >> i'm doing your job. >> oh, no. >> no, i want to you come on. >> you toss it to tucker with check of the weather right now. >> tucker. >> i got news nobody will perform if we don't get over there quick. let's do the weather. seven day forecast we'll be about 99 this afternoon. look for thunderstorm later today. we'll do it again tomorrow and then cooler and drier weekend. weekend looks great. temperatures in the 80s hit it. i want to dance. >> i'll set it up for you. you're good to go. >> there you go. >> ♪ >> use the button on the right. >> want me drop a few bars so i can buy a few cars. >> if you want to. >> here we go. four, three, one. and nows not a i'm rapping to tw my friends and t group we
10:57 am
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>> narrator: live from new york city, the "wendy williams show." we won't judge. it is going to be sick. ♪ ♪ >> narrator: now here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wendy: thank you!


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