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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  August 3, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> ♪ >> happy thursday to you. you hear about this one. >> i did. >> crossing president trump's red line. special counsel robert mueller impaneled a grand jury in d.c. to rest gate russia's interference in the 2016 elections. >> this is a sign the growing russia probe is entering a new phase. this is what we're talking about tonight at 6:30. so let's get right to it. the "wall street journal" broke the news late this afternoon. the special counsel robert mueller is ramping up efforts to investigate russia's influence in the 2016 election and whether the trump campaign colluded with the kremlin. it's reported the grand jury is all right started its work and the probe could continue for mo months. russia has denied any involvement
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has called it a witch hunt. >> let's bring in jessie from the hill. it surprised some people this grand jury was impaneled here in washington, d.c. when there's word there's another grand jury in northern virginia looking into michael flynn. what are you hearing about all of this? >> yeah, that's right. well we understand that federal prosecutors have been using grand jury in arlington going back awhile now in relationship to michael flynn trump's first national security adviser and his business interests and associates so now this new grand jury is in d.c. its being used by the special counsel and already we're hearing news of subpoenaes being issued from this grand jury relating to that meeting last year between the russian lawyer and several of trump's campaign associates and don trump. >> jessie i want to read a statement. we did get a statement from the white house by way of sarah huckabee sanders.
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mr. mueller used a grand jury. they say they have been cooperating with mueller. as we move forward there's been all this talk about yeah, a grand jury doing this, doing that so what's the neck step? does this mean that the clock starts when and when we may actually hear some conclusions. >> well, it's definitely a new phase in this investigation and so the fact that they are issuing subpoenaes and trying to compel certain testimony and documents to be turned over for different meetings, i think that's of interest. there's also some reporting tonight that we haven't been able to independently confirm but in looking at this russia probe that it's potentially expanding to include possible financial crimes not looking only just at the russia probe but items of interests that have come up as part of the russia probe. robert mueller was given wide latitude to not only investigate what happened during the campaign but what happened before the campaign with anything to do
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of these trump associates. >> in that statement that came out from the white house from president trump's lawyers it went on to say that look, three times james comey told the president that he was not under investigation and they don't believe that he is under investigation. are you hearing any feedback or response tonight from lawmakers on this. >> reporter: yeah, we don't have any indication that that has changed as far as trump himself being personally under investigation but this comes -- i don't think a lot of republican lawmakers at least have had a lot of time to react to this of course congress going out of session -- going out on recess starting today and the senate and the house already last week and so they're leaving town, they're not going have to face a lot of these questions but there's going to be some be continued pressure from some republican lawmakers like john mccain or others who have been vocal about trump and have been vocal about the need for the special counsel to continue and have be pushed back on any kind of suggestion that trump might try to fire him. >> and to
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also would assume that we're going to start hearing a little bit more from opponents of the investigation i mean there has been an effort out there you don't want to say to discredit robert mueller but they're pointing out he has lawyers who'll donated a couple hundred dollars to hillary clinton here and there but it seems like there's an effort to whatever comes out of this discredit it as quickly as they can. >> that's right. so that's going back a couple weeks it seemed like the white house strategy was to go after and personalize this and going after and trying to push back on this probe. we haven't seen that evidence in the last couple weeks at least. it doesn't mean they couldn't return to that strategy but, yes, you know, looking at how they're trying to push back at this moment seems like they're in some type of a holding pattern but trump himself we'll see if he responds to it tonight at his rally in were virginia. he called it a witch hunt. >> we'll talk about that rally in a few minutes. jessie thanks for joining us. let's bring in fox5's tom fitzgeld
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how congress -- oh, fitz you're out in the rain. let's talk about congress and how they responded to mueller. >> reporter: hi, guys. [laughter] >> reporter: how are you tonight. >> we're all right. how about you. >> reporter: would you like a weather report. >> we're a lot drier than you, fitz, i'm sorry. >> reporter: well, you know, we're getting a little weather right now but we're here at the justice department. i can tell you what's going on here today. so, here's the deal. all this news about robert mueller, this plopped right down in the middle of a bipartisan foot race today over protecting robert mueller from being fired by the president. here's what's going on. chris coons, democratic senator from the state of delaware, he is teaming up with a republican senator. their aim is to give mueller the ability to appeal if he is fired. listen to what he told us this afternoon about what their goal is in all of this. >> but there's an argument to be made that the president has the power to fire anyone in the department of justice.
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correct argument but there are some who have been making that argument. this would put it in statute rather than regulation and thus lockdown both. the grounds on which he could and couldn't be fired and create a remedy. right now there isn't a remedy. >> reporter: as it stands right now, mueller could be fired by president trump but if this bill would go through, he would then have recourse to keep his job. now, there's another effort mounted by senator lindsey graham and senator cory booker, republican and a democrat, to block this off at t president from dismissing a special counsel. now, not everybody is so sure this would be constitutional. there are presidential powers at work here and over at the heritage foundation some of their legal scholars tonight are saying if congress moves in this direction, doesn't matter if it's a republican or a democratic president, going forward this could wind up in the supreme court. >> i understand the impetus
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think there's any question that establishing a special counsel who is not accountable to the president and can't be fired by the president is an erosion of presidential power. >> reporter: so there you have it. not enough time left in the congressional senate calendar right now before this recess jim and shawn, so they probably won't be able to move these bills at least until september with this news about the grand jury today, it's a little bit like trying to change the rules of a baseball game when they've already thrown out the firs pitch. so, we're just going to have to try to see if this can go forward where they've already impaneled thighs grand jury. we'll send it back in you to how about that. >> were. >> we decided the rest of the show we're going to keep you right there we're going to ask you everything you know about the investigation. >> reporter: thank you. >> do you have a problem with that fitz? >> reporter: that would be great. that would just be great. you know, they tell you to hydrate in the summer and i'm
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>> this isn't the way to do it. go get dry fitz. president trump as you heard earlier is holding a campaign style rally in huntingdon west virginia. he announced a big announcement. west virginia's democratic governor jim justice is switching parties to become a republican. governor justice is a billionaire coal and real estate magnate. he ran as a conservative democrat did not endorse hillary clinton in 2016. by the way president trump carried west virginia by 42 points and i think it's worth noting we were talking about this earlier, is this really a big deal? i don't know. 'cause he used to be -- >> he was a flap 2015 and he's gun friends with president trump. so in the grand scheme of things it's not necessarily a profile in courage because republicans i think joe manchin when he's up for election next time, you know, the question is he's the only democrat left standing in west virginia it seems. >> but he's been very popular. i'll tell you what else is kind of int
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republican an democrat before he's also been an independent as the governor of west virginia. >> he's been all over the place. it's coal that runs west virginia and jim justice has worked in field quite a bit. the speak finally is going digital. today it announced it's launching electronic filing system. it will make case documents available for free online and this is all public access of the high court unveiled a new web site. about slime however don't expect to see cameras in there. >> i was just going to say. >> not going to happen yet. >> yeah. >> you saw fitz in the rain. let's get right to sue palka now. sue, boy is it coming down. we can even hear thunder over our studios. >> we're in the prime zone here in the district shawn and jim. getting reports of hail to the size of pennies in franconia and rosslyn. this not only has heavy rain but it has wind gusts to 60 and hail that could be as big and round as half dollars. we have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for the district. it's in effect for
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you can see that will yellow area that kind of outlines where it is and now parts of prince george's county and it has been extended until 7:15. so, look at all that heavy rain. look at all the lightning but do know that within that, we also have some hail. let me show you where the hail core has been. mostly across fairfax area and now right now moving across 66. so, we have had again reports of hail to the size of pennies. i'll put this in motion. everything is moving to the northeast at about 25 miles an hour. so, we always worry that trees could come down in a situation like this or large branches so try to get out of the way of this one if you can. that severe thunderstorm warning will continue for a little bit longer. as i widen out the picture to give you an idea i think this might be the last of the big storms. not much else around. we have one other little storm that's down here near little washington and closer to culpeper but boy, this one up here, this storm here in d.c. right now moving northeast at 25, it has an attitude
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glad we got tom fitzgerald out of the way of this one although i certainly did enjoy seeing the ground truth of what's going on out there right now. all right, we'll keep an eye on everything and keep you updated on facebook and twitter as well. shawn and jim. >> thank you, sue. >> we're back with more after this. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back everyone. planned parenthood wading into the governor's race in virginia. the organization plans to spend $3 million to help democrat rob northam. >> reporter: we've got volunteers speaking but i'm here with the lieutenant governor. i know you just gave those remarks. you said a decision like this should be made between a woman her partner and healthcare provider. >> that's right. >> reporter: so should women be required to share the decision about an abortion with a partner. >> well, you know, if they so
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know two are usually involved in this so i've always encouraged and certainly taken care of a lot of patients in my practice that when a woman wants to make that type of decision that it obviously should be shared with her partner and then a provider such as myself absolutely. >> reporter: so, one of the things that ed gillespie said yesterday he focused on the idea that a lot of funding for a group like planned parenthood comes from private donors. many people make the argument don't shut it down just get the money from somewhere else. why do state dollars have to be a part of a group like planned parenthood. >> they're doing so much good work and as i tried to make in my comments things like preventive care, things like primary care that they do, 23,000 virginians receive their care from planned parenthood cancer screenings, access to contraception so in this -- this is the only access a lot of women have in the commonwealth of virginia so for anybody to stand there and says they want to defund planned parenthood it's just out of step with mainstream virginia.
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access to their healthcare and i'm going to do everything i can to protect that. >> to. >> reporter: last question for you and then we're going to speak with one of the volunteers tonight who is making calls where does this issue rank with the voters you speak with when they're making their decision on election day. >> well, it ranks very high and as i've mentioned earlier reproductive freedom for women and their partners equals economic freedom sewn we do everything we can in virginia to promote business and so we want to be open inclusive. we want to welcome people to the commonwealth of virginia and so anybody that stands up there and speaks against women's choice, their access to reproductive healthcare is really out of step with virginia and that's not the direction that virginians want to go in. >> reporter: lieutenant governor thank you so much for giving us some time. we're coming over here, i know you're one of the volunteers. what's your name. >> hi, my name is priscilla. >> reporter: you'll be making calls tonight. >> yes, i am. >> reporter: tell me what you do when you get someone on the phone who doesn't feel this issue is important to them or they feel differently than you do. >> well, i just, you know, want to bring in my own personal experience and talk about how i
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his support for planned parenthood for women's reproductive rights and all the other issues that he's supporting and i try to be energetic about and, you know, get people excited and pumped up because i think the most important thing that you can do with any sort of election is get people motivated, happy about a candidate and about particular issues so that's what i'm trying to focus on. >> reporter: do you get a lot of hang-ups? do people listen and have these conversations with you. i feel like people are so used to getting calls. what makes your call different. >> i think well one you can kind of hear the youth in my voice, like i'm someone who is really excited about rob and what he can do for virginia and help shape. >> reporter: can i ask how old you are. >> 18 years old. >> reporter: how did an 18-year-old get so passionate about this. young people they're always saying we want to get you more involved. so why. >> i think we saw what happened with the 2016 election people my age didn't someone we thought would create the america that we wanted to see so i think that it's best that if i want
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see a particular goal for our country and for my state, virginia i should be willing to participate and spend my time more than just my vote but actually my voice in talking to potential voters and seeing if i can influence them. >> reporter: thank you so much. good luck on the phones tonight. i used to have to do a job where i made a lot of phone calls and i don't always miss it. we're sending it back to you, jim and shawn. >> very, very busy out there. thank you very much, ronica. new jersey senator cory booker introduced legislation to legalize marijuana nationwide. the democrat says the current laws unfairly affect poor and minority citizens. eight states and the district of columbia have already moved to legalize marijuana but attorney general jeff sessions is moving in the opposite direction. last month he asked congress to crack down on marijuana. >> all right. the nba hall of famer shaquille o'neill has long said he wants to become a sheriff. you heard it first tonight on fox5. >> you have recently said you're going to run for sheriff in 2020. where is that going to be. >> it's in
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georgia, suburb outside of atlanta, georgia. population 200,000 people. it's a small community. i love people. i love children. i love juvenile delinquents and i love the police. when i was coming up, police and people were like this. you walked through the neighborhood how you doing officer jones, hey, man, i heard about you, you know, fighting. don't let me catch you. like, you know, like they gave us chances. my uncle was a cop. >> so, shaq is actually worked as a reserve police officer in cities before including los angeles. he goes back to saying when he was a kid people respected the police. he wants to be the one to really foster that back so he's talking about doing this in a district in georgia, about 200,000 people in the county. >> if you see him walking down the street he's going to command attention, he's seven-four. >> he's a big guy. >> i was waiting for him to stand next to
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>> ♪ >> ll cool j. boom, did you see that. >> boom goes the dynamite. >> ouch. a russian journalist got punched in the face during a live report. a large bearded man the one -- ooh. appeared to be heavily intoxicated walked up to the guy during the report. the journalist politely asked the plan to stay away. instead the man -- okay, we don't need to show it again. punched him right in the face. he walked away. police later caught the guy. i'm going to tell you what that sometimes is -- you know, when you're out there live reporting, you just never know what can happen. >> anything can happen, yeah. >> you just got pray that nothing like that happens. >> let's put this out here too. the fact that happened on tv there's video of the guy he will be easily identifiable. it's russia. a shop in moscow across the street from the u.s. embassy is offering discounts to departing
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the store sells army themed clothes t-shirts even coffee mugs with vladimir putin wearing sunglasses as well as other russian officials memorabilia. the owner says it's a chance to extends russian military marketing. sure it's going to go over really well. >> i don't think so. you heard about mark zuckerberg. he's the facebook guy. there are rumors he and his wife have hired a political consultant. he's hired president obama's former campaign manager. the 33-year-old is currently on a tour of americ which is fueling all sorts of speculation that he's getting ready for a 2020 presidential run. >> you're saying he's 33 but he'll be -- >> there you go. >> 35 by 2020 so he can't do it yet. >> not old enough. >> but maybe he's trying get ready. >> i guess we'll see. >> you never know. >> it is a cult favorite. president trump set to
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cameo in one sci-fi summer flick until he decided that white house thing was in his future. we'll talk about that when we come back. fl this busy mom spends her days driving all over town. so why is she smiling? because she shopped during the safeway anniversary sale and filled up her trunk with grocery savings, plus earned 4 times the gas reward points. now that's something to smile about. right now, get selected varieties of pepsi 12-pack 12-ounce cans, 4 for $11 when you buy 4, and family size lay's and lay's kettle chips, buy 1 get 1 free.
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>> let's check in with sue and check -- take a look at the storm right now. >> yeah, jim and shawn that storm is going to continue being warned until 7:15. now we have a new severe thunderstorm warning although it is a much smaller storm. just give you that new information. this is until 7:30 for fairfax and loudoun a storm on 66 moving north. this storm here that has moved out of virginia into the district, it's going to graze parts of montgomery county and into that prince george's county. a lt of you are sharing your hail pictures that this produced as it came through the fairfax area and quarter to penny sized hail but also a big concern winds that could gust to 60. the storm is moving to the northeast at 20 miles an hour. so, berwyn you're getting it now, bowie i think you're going to get grazed by thi
6:56 pm
just right underneath you but tremendous lightning very heavy rain and again the hail core -- first of all i'll show you that is the area we're watching inside the beltway and then crossing 495 and up 95 just south of savage. that is the area until 7:15 for the district montgomery prince george's county. let me show you where the hail was at last check. you look for those brighter colors on radar but between d.c. and chillum, still could be some smaller hail in there. i'm not seeing the darker blues that would indicate bigger hail but lots of reports of that. let's hope this storm wears itself out by about 7:15 or so. i'm not seeing too much behind it but i don't think we sound the all clear until 9 o'clock. so, jim and shawn i'll keep an eye on it and keep you ahead of it on social media. >> that makes sense. thank you very much, sue. >> before dealing with the sharks of the political world then citizen donald trump wall set to take them on in a very different capacity. the hollywood reporter is reporting that president trump was set to play the fictional
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president on the sci-fi network sharknado three. >> [inaudible] >> lead actor says he had the idea after working with trump while taping celebrity apprentice. he agreed to play the role of commander in chief back in 2015 but changed his mind so he can make a run at the white house. the role eventually played by mark cuban. >> who is the guy you see on the left which is interesting because technically he is a shark. you know he stars on the show "shark tank" andes a vocal critic of president trump so it was kind of interesting that they picked him to play the role. >> there was talk that maybe donald trump would take legal action against the producers of the movie because he had that deal but again, you really -- you got to pick one or the other. >> yeah, you can't do both. >> no. >> plus, you know, the movie's not very good but i think that's why they're so popular. >> cult classics. the politics and the discussion continues tonight at 11:30. >> yeah on the final five but we're also going to break dow
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situation means for president trump but we'll keep an eye on the weather too. >> that's right. keep it right here. we will be back with much more for you at 8:00 p.m. on fox5 plus and we'll see you tonight at 10:00, 10:30 and 11:00 on fox5.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: well, bella hadid ate it hard on her way out of a restaurant last night. >> whoa! >> she misses a step and then she falls on her knees. >> it feels like she's going to scrape up her knees. >> yeah, she's going to need some ice for her knees, yeah. >> that was weirdly creepy. >> that was weird. >> that was weirdly creepy. >> floyd mayweather is expected to make even more money than we thought he was going to make. >> 300 or better in 36 minutes. harvey: but how do you make them -- that much money? >> you're looking at probably a portion of the pay-per-view buys. harvey: how many people here are going to watch the fight? >> where are you watching it? you're not going to pay for that. >> he had it last time. he had a big party. you weren't invited. >> ciara and future's son little future is a gap kid on the side of a building. >> he's the cutest kid. harvey: god, if i were doing


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