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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  August 3, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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they add thousands of new deals every day at up to 60% off. that's how kaley and i got to share this trip together at this amazing hotel. yeah ash and i share everything - dresses, makeup, water bottles... we do? mmhmm. we share secrets, shoes, toothbrushes... what? yeah i forgot mine so i've been using yours. seriously? what's the big deal? i mean, we even dated the same guy. who?! uh, go to priceline and get the hotel deals you won't find anywhere else. this is fox5 local news at ten. right now at ten, a close call for a virginia deputy. he was accidentally exposed to drugs during a call. how just touch ing evidence put him in serious danger. plus, schools stocking up on drugs to combat opioid overdoses. could this big change be a sign of the times? a
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trablg disclosures a four year old girl and her grandfather drowned in a backyard pool. today, neighbors are reacting to the devastating loss. the news at ten starts right now. we begin tonight with breaking news in the district. four people were shot on 18th street northeast. let's go straight to fox5's brody logan. he just arrived on the scene. brody, what can you tell us? >>reporter: he we just arrived on 18th street in northeast d.c i just want to show you the scene. it's about the 3400 block. at this exxon gas station police received a call at about seven:45 p.m. police arrived, found one adult male shot, not breathing, was taken to the hospital. police then found three others suffering from gunshot wounds. all the other victims were conscious and breathing when they were also taken to the hospital. you can see the yellow
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shell casings that are lit erg this exxon gas station here. there is a lookout for a suspeca suspect, but they -- officiallys say to look out for a black chevy impala possibly and that is what we know at this moment here in northeast. brody logan reporting from northeast washington. >> i want to take you to stafford county now, a sheriff's deputy responding to an overdose call endinged up overdosing himself. police believe he he accidentally came in contact with fentanyl. it happened earlier this week and first responders nationwide are dealing with this new threat in the wake of the opioid crisis. lauren is live. >>reporter: tony, shawn, this is scary stuff. fentanyl is so strong it is used as a pain reliever for cancer patients and an amount similar to that
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shake from a salt shaker, you can barely see that, right, but it is enough to make a person overdose. that is what happened early yesterday morning to stafford county sheriff's deputy ac wol forward. he responded to a scene at the goddard school at high point boulevard here in stafford. it was in the parking lot, two people in the van pass ed out. one of them still had a syringe in their arm. he also accompanied one of the victims at the hospital. there at the hospital medical personnel realized that he seemed unsteady on his feet. he was starting to slur his speech it turns out he was over he dos ing from what is believed to be fent nal. he either inhaled it or somehow got it in his eyes or mouth. he was then treated. he was given nature can which is a medicine that stops overdoses and a special unit that's in place here at stafford county was called in to help clean up that evidence. we had
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his vehicle, move it to a safe location and then we had members of our team suit up and n what we level b, which is -- it's a tyvek suit that's completely taped up with an air tank and our team was able to go in, re move the items from the car that would have been evidence in this case and then all our team members would have had to be de contaminated as well. he was lucky. he was lucky i was an exposure and it's a learning lesson for us all. deputy wol ford has been release from the hospital and is expected to be okay. the people that he had responded to help, david chambers and samantha stout are now both behind bars and are being held without bond. the special unit that was called in just became operational in march . there are ten detectives and five fire marshals trained to use special suits and respond he when there's concern over contamination from
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even stronger version called car fent nal. this is huge. this is one of the big concerns that dea works on every day throughout the country. it's just crazy dangerous. there was a car accident just on the corner this morning and walking up on it i noticed that the airbag deployed and i was just thinking to myself rgs i was thinking, first responders really have to to be careful when they respond to scenes such as that one. you have someone in there that you need to treat and take care of, but just think if they had been using heroin and a small amount that was ingested with fentanyl, that's all over that car. as soon as they reach into that car they're going to start breathing in that fentanyl. >> special agent paterson there with the dea told me that \china\china just controlled one of the active ingredients in fentanyl and they're opening we'll start to see a e
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hopefully by the end of the year . everybody here very concerned. some of the officers in stafford county told me that accident ticketed event wol ford was so lucky that he was in the hospital when this happened otherwise he may not have survived. that's the latest. back to you in the studio. incredibly frightening. i can't imagine what must be going through the officers fs minds. are other jurisdictions dealing with this same sort of situation brought on by this epidemic and if so, how do they handle responding to calls like this? >> we were interested in that, but about this special unit that's been created in arlington . in arlington, exald, and brijts they rely heavily on the ems to provide the nature can. in loudon county the majority of the patrol officers are carrying it themselves and that is not only so they can stop
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they themselves come in contact with it they can use it on themselveses or their partners inner. they have a clan december tien team that work with the fire department to respond to the scenes. they have 200 officers who are now carrying nature canada and we told montgomery county schools are going to start stocking their high schools with naloxone because it's a concern for students as well. it certainly is, lauren. i can't imagine being a police officer walking up on a situation like that. scary indeed. thank goodness thises officer is okay. lauren demarco with the latest. thanks , lauren. >> a tragic accident in anne arrundel leaves a four year old girl and her grandfather dead. the pair drowned in a pool this afternoon after the little girl gummed in and her grandfather tried to save her. fox5's marina maracco spoke with her heartbroken
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vern a park community. an incredibly sad and tranlic or deal for this family as well as this neighborhood. this is the house where the pool is just behind the wooded fence there. there are several surveillance cameras on the property that could give a detailed account of how this tragedy transpired. it's horrible. anything that happens to little children in my opinion is horrible. a neighborhood in shock after learning a four year old her and her 51 year old grandfather drowned in this pool. there's a few pools, are lot of kids. a group of children and the adult victim did not live at the home, but had permission to be there. a at some point in the early afternoon, the four year old jumped in the deepened, but it was minutes before others realized she was under wear. her grand father jumped in to save her, but neither of them knew how to swim. that makes me so sick and ill. the other children ran to neighbor's hou
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unable to get the grandfather and granddaughter out of the pool. it took anne arrundel police and fire to arrive on the scene. they're so innocent, i can't even imagine anything like this happening. both the four year old and her 51 year old grandfather were transported to baltimore washington medical center. we have yet to learn their identities. in anne arrundel, marina maracco, fox5 local news. >> we're following some breaking news right now in dubai, a massive fire that engulfed the world's tallest residential sky scraper is under con l troal. it is 86 stories tall. it start ed on the 56th floor and then spread downward. no injuries have been reported so far. the building also caught fire back in 2015 and late last year a fire break out at a highrise hotel in dubai. they are now looking at a coating used on all of the buildings. some say it
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back in maryland there is no word tonight thats caused a deadly construction accident at the university of maryland. france what kelly was working on the building along campus drive and route one when he fell from the top floor of the building. >> all right. this was an event ful afternoon and evening with some pretty strong storms moving through. sue palka can bring us up to date. we're not seeing much around, but there is still a little bit of activity and unfortunately sad news to report from the storms earlier today. you may recall that baltimore was hit very hard with severe storms and around five:30 what wawa i'm showing you here are the number of trees that fell in the baltimore area and unfortunately one of those trees fell on a car and killed a 14 year old girl who was a passenger in the car. that happened about five:30. it sound like it was in the luter ville area. so sad to hear about that. that is always my biggest fear when these s
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down and they got hit hard in the baltimore area. we had our own fair share of hard hitting storms. so what's left tonight we do have lingering light showers across frederick county and montgomery county, a more active weather seems to be up towards the hagerstown area and westminster. brunswick, just liter stuff. the hagerstown storm trying to weaken. it is pushing to the northeast as they've all done and you can see clearly in the last hour it has really lost a lot of energy. hemp sted also northern maryland . what about tomorrow? tomorrow could be a different day in that we don't see much activity through the day. i'm showing you the friday futurecast. now to be sure we start to see some storms around 5:00, but we think tomorrow the activity may be later, maybe at night after say 11:00 \am\many that's because a frontal boundary is going to come through. so our round of thunderstorms tomorrow if
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anything during the day i think are going to be pretty isolated friday night late into the early morning of saturday, maybe tomorrow's prime time round of thunderstorms late at night. we'll he ' watch the timing on that very carefully and we'll talk about the changes that front brings in a few minutes. >> a rookie d.c. firefighter is in critical condition tonight. a ladder truck hit duane. the trucks pinned smothers through two vehicles. he was knocked unconscious. medics revived him with cppr. he's only been on the job for a few months. he's still really close with a lot of the rookies, a lot of the recruits that came out with him and seeing somebody injured this early in his career, you know, is really disheartening for the young ones because they haven't yet learned how to bond with all of us yet a
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learned how to cope with this type of trammic event. >> protocol the firefighters involved are being tested for drugs and alcohol. >> a virginia woman and her children are safe tonight after telling police her boyfriend held them captive in his spotsylvania home for two years police went to car ream mere's home over the weekend for a welfare check. as he talked to police at the front door, the woman and her children ran out the side door. they recently saw a sheriff's cruiser outside the house but according to the police department they've never received any reports of trouble never saw anybody come out of that door. the only seen i have seen is a deputy's sheriff's car over in the front yard. a white car with sheriff on it. you saw a sheriff's cruiser there three weeks ago? >> yeah, it was approximately three weeks ago. it could have been a little bit longer. more is being held without bond today . he is due back in court next month.
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kaiser permanent meant take you in maryland is accused of sexual adduce salt by a dozen patients the attorneys representing the doctor say kaiser knew about complaints against dr. brian williams as early as may of 2013 . he fired the doctor even though there were never any criminal charges. the attorneys called a news conference in nt fro of the prince george's county courthouse today. patients claim the sexual misconduct was carried out biomedical exams by the anesthesiologist. he worked in the largo and kensington office from 2010 to 2014. during that time dr. williams sexually assaulted at least a dozen women that we know of. some patients who we don't know of. the dozen women who we know of were correspond rage just enough to step forward. those who we fear multiple dozens more
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unfortunately did not have the courage to step forward and who are victims of the shame and stigma that comes from these kinds of crimes. >> in a statement that he we got from kaiser today they say, they quote, reached out to each person who raised allegations against dr. williams and sought to address their concerns. prince george's county and montgomery county say there are no active investigations against the doctor. president trump held a campaign style rally tonight in huntington west virginia. he won that state by 4202 points so he is quite popular. he told the crowd he they are the backbone of american. he dedicated the state to stole cole and steel. jim justice announced he watts switching to the republican party. just ticketed event by the way was a republican until 2015. he turned democrat right before his run for governor. durlg that rally tonight president trump talked about
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russia investigation. he said he's hoping for a truly honest outcome. he was referring to the news that broke earlier today that special counsel robert mueller em paneled a grand jury, the president previously called that a witch hunt. the woman convicted of texting her boyfriend and encouraging him to commit suicide today learned the punishment for her crime. as you can imagine it was an emotional day for the victim's family. we'll hear from them and also find out why the x girlfriend is not in jail tonight. plus, hot car deaths are on track to reach numbers this year. how one company's new technology can prevent them in the future. we'll be back.
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he. >> well quom back, we're continuing to follow that breaking news out of northeast washington tonight. this is a live shot here. still a very active scene. this is in the 3400 block of 18th street northeastnd
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people have been shot tonight. one adult male has died as a result of that shooting. three others have been taken to a hospital. right now police say they're searching for a black chevy malibu or an impala with a suspect or suspects inside of that car. we'll bring you more information as it becomes available. fifteen months in prison. that is how long a judge sentenced a massachusetts woman for her role in her boyfriend's death. a jury convicted michelle carter of involuntary manslaughter back in june. prosecutors argued she sent her boyfriend text messages and urged him to commit suicide back in 2014. in those dozens of textseses kashter told her boyfriend to get back into a truck as it filled up with carbon monoxide even after he told her he was scared. he he had such a bright future. michelle carter exploited my son 's weaknesses. the defense argued that carter's boyfriend was determined to he take his own life and
10:21 pm
changed that. she will remain free while they appeal her case. >> it would require car manufacturers to include sensors in rear seats reminding drivers to check the backseat. nissan is already rolling out a similar idea. it's called rear door alert. the company says the technology monitors the number of times doors are opened and closed. the alert system is available on the 2018 pathfinder , which goes on sale net month. >> so you know flying comes with percs, but the question is at what cost? tonight we're getting some new ideas about what's important to airline passengers. plus it's an airport vending machine that's serving up more than food. how you can get more clothing with just a push of a button. we'll be right back.
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a boy? oh, on the bed? you never told your dad and i about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag. >> when it comes to flying
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passengers could do without perc pes like in-flight cocktails and wi-fi if that means paying less for a ticket. a new survey found that 83 percent of americans want to save on airfare rather than being lured by the percs. i'm surprised about that wi-fi part. vending machines are dispensing more than just snacks these days, a japanese clothing now is now lit ing you buy quloats from a vending machine. they sell shirts annual tra light down jackets. new york, houston and oakland is just a few of the places you'll see them in shopping malls soon. i was in japan 28 years ago and their vending machine you could buy anything. >> twenty-eight years ago you could. >> yes. >> really. >> back then you could buy cameras and stuff, which is crazy. we're a little bit behind. fox5 news at 10:30 is coming up next. i'm holding out hope for the sue vending machine . tech
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make your commute supersede did i a reality. >> the hyper link. how long before it's up and running before the general public? the marijuana try is pulling in some big profits but there's one big problem for people in the pot business. they can't take their cash to the bank. maybe under the mattress would be a good spot. jim and sarah we've been tracking some thunderstorm as you well know late this afternoon and evening some of which produced an awful of damage. there's still a few lingering showers, but do we have to do this again tomorrow? we'll have your friday forecast and a peak at the weekend. the news at 10678. thirty is next. what made two guys build race car engines in their own shop?
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>> this is fox5 local news at ten:30 right now at ten. thirty a virginia deputy finds himself in harm's way. how just handling crime scene evidence landed him in the hospital. plus congress is
10:30 pm
august recess with a lot of work left to do. we'll break down all the important issues still left on the agenda. and how do high speed commutes from city to city sound? the big step forward that's bringing that technology closer to reality. the news continues right now. i'm jim lokay and i'm sarah simmons. up first here tonight a sheriff's deputy accidentally overdoses after collecting evidence in a drug case. lauren demarco with the latest from stafford. >> a stafford's county sheriff's deputy is recovering tonight after epa accidental overdose. he was responding to a scene a long high point boulevard here in stafford yesterday morning two people in raised tonight van . it appeared they had overdosed. one of them still a syringe in their arm. he collected evidence and accompan ied one of the victims to the hospital where medical personnel realized that he was swaying and sleurg his speech. he had been overdosing as well. he accidentally inhaled or had touched some of what is believed to be fent nal. now he was tret
10:31 pm
which stops the overdose and he he has been release from the hospital tonight. now to yiernd where a young girl and her grandfather both ground in a swimming pool. marina maracco with more. >>reporter: a fewer year old and her grandfather dead after drowning in their antibody os pool. the child and her 51 grandfather had permission to be here. the grandfather jumped in to save the little girl who had jumped into the deepened but neither of them knew how to swim . a maybor tried to save them and was unsuccessful and called 911. the victims were transported to area hospitals where they died. they are following developing news in the district right now. one person& is dead and three others have been injured in a shooting. these are live pictures right here. it all happened along 18th street northeast. the three victims who survived were taken to the hospital conscious and breathing. police so far have not m
10:32 pm
you were outside earlier tonight you know we got a gully washer, a lot of rain through the area. it's calmed down a bit but sushis going to take a look at what we have tonight and tomorrow. it was a gully woc work. tomorrow i think we may not have to deal with the daytime thunder activity. we do have one more muggy day coming. we'll probably be close to 90- degrees. it's a big change coming in tomorrow night and the first part of saturday morning. if we see a stormy think it will be pretty spotty. i think all the action will hold off until late tomorrow likely overnight and into the first part of saturday morning if the front slows down. the better chance of storms tomorrow may be as late as ten, 11:00 and into two, 3:00, but we can't rule out a spotty daytime storm because we've seen them pretty much every
10:33 pm
let you know the weekend is still on track to be really fantastic t. the front that comes through night is also bringing dryer air. a sunny weekend and he yes, even a storm free weekend. here's a look at temperatures right now. at 10:00 we're 70 in gaithersburg, washington, 75, dulles 72, still tracking a few showers up towards frederick and hagerstown , but mog with any lit evening at this point. a closer look at the weekend and timing for the storms tomorrow night. >> we have new developments tonight in a story we told you about first on fox5. there is another police department dealing with cruisers potentially officers with carbon monoxide. it's happening in auburn, massachusetts. three officer were treated for exposure to the toxic gas. that police department has pulled its fleet of suvs. and it comes
10:34 pm
suvs. montgomery county tested its fleet today and they found several vehicles with cracked manifests and that means there is potential for carbon monoxide exposure. over of zero perhaps up to 80 percent of our fleet of ford explorers have cracked manifolds. some are quite severe. if someone is in the vehicle using an air intake from outside air, the exhaust fumes are coming from the crack in the manifold and immediately enter ing into the driver compartment. here at fox a we reached out to other departments including d.c., fairfax, prince william and prince george'sm ans issue and encouraging officers to report any concerns they have . the counterparts in the house are already gone for the august recess. but as congress correspondence event mike emmanuel tells us they leave a ma
10:35 pm
done after a flowery of activity on the senate floor. that included confirming more than 75 nominations today before lawmakers left for recess. they have confirmed. this was an important step toward filling critical rolls lot the administration. lawmakers were leaving town without tackling the debt ceiling which mcconnell hoped to finish before recess. if congress fails to dislifer some government services will shutdown interest rates will sore and interest rates could drop due to the lack of confidence. another top priority passing \tax\tacks re form with just 351 votes needed. the senate democratic leader fired this warning shot. the republican leader has said the next big issue this body will take up is taxes. democrat s were secluded from even participated in healthcare discussions from the very first day of congress, a
10:36 pm
ultimately ended in failure. so we've made the first over tour this time to show our republican friends we're serious about bipartisan process on tax reform >> when senators return after labor day the health committee is expected to hold bipartisan hearings to at least stabilizing the health insurance markets. there will be a need to pass a government funding package by october 1. today the senate gop p whip was asked if funding for a border wall could threaten a government shutdown. we have a the lot of things to do before the end of the fiscal year so i don't want to put the cart ahead of the horse. what we need to do i believe in congress is not be distracted by the stories of the day. >> and there are only 12 legislative days when the house and senate are due to be in session before the end of the fiscal year. that may explain some of the urgency in senator correspond's voice. on capital hill. >> the supreme court i finally going digital.
10:37 pm
court announcing today itself it's launching an electronic filing system in the fall. the plan is to make case documents available for free and this whole move towards public access comes after the high court revealed a new website. a push to ban pesticides has come to a screeching halt. a county judge struck down the law which would have banned residents from using certain pes ticketed event pesticides on private rot. it can also harm the environment. pesticide use is already regulated by state and federal governments. next here at 10:30 a faster way to he get from city to city. a loop of the hyper loop. new york to d.c. in 30 minutes. i hope it's here. as we head to break, how does the sky high view of the solar he eclipse sound? fifty-five teams are participating in a n
10:38 pm
program that plans on launching balloons and carrying camerases into the air to life extreme the eclipse. it is to receive signals to the balloon 100,000 feet above the ground. the dish has its own tracking equipment and a parachute for a safe landing after the eclipse. another record on wall street de spite a bombshell in washington. the do you dipping right before the close. the special council em paneled a grand jury in the russian meddling probe, but making seven record highs in the row. the 33rd so far this still young year. couples are fighting over finances around half of american s are maishyed or living with a partner admit to argue about money. cash letter het couples find because one person expense too much. buying homes won't
10:39 pm
mortgage rates ticked up. the 30 year fixed rate mortgage now just shy of 4 percent. santa sleigh might want p to skip the sleigh and ship presence. fed ex says it won't charge extra that they deliver during the busy holiday season. only those that need a little extra handling will be charged tra. their competitor ups is planning to impose a new charge for holiday delivery. that's business, i'm neil cavuto.
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the future of travel is on the fast track to becoming reality. it is called the hyper loop and fox's business
10:43 pm
juan shows us what it's all about. >>reporter: your commute could be getting a lot shorter. the high speed high tech transportation startup hyper link one hits a milestone. the test run was a success and now they're ready to build. we awkd with hyper loop one ceo rob lloyd and he tells me the next step is commercialization and that means they could be breaking ground on a project in the us as early as next year. lloyd says they could have a shovel ready project approved in just a few months. the company leading the charge to deliver passengers from point a to point b at supersede says they've accomplished their goal in record time. we've proved the technology works. that's a big deal because a lot of people said this isn'ting going to happen. now we've done that we need to prove where will it work . we need to work with governments and states. the hyper link technology was creat ed here in the us and manufactured here and now hyper link
10:44 pm
build it, states like colorado, texas, florida and ohio are all on a campaign to convince hyper link one their state is the fit we're looking at all of those and beginning a deeper discussion as to where could we build the financial case, where could we start building the first hyper loop here in the united states. the hyper loop can transport people or cargo. lloyd says the first big step could be used it hyper rate for freight first. hyper link says it's the future of transportation, but with the pod s stopping speeds of 760 miles per hour they'll need to convince people not just cargo to go for a ride. in los angeles, hillary juan, fox news. >> the technology is very similar to when you go to the bank and you put your stuff in a tube and it sends it up. the it's almost like that. that's a little freaky. >> it
10:45 pm
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paying the big bucks to the irs can't put their cash in banks because the druggies still illegal under federal law. the regulation forces many owners to handle transactions in cash. one guy who owns a dispense i in la says he feels he'sville phid by the feds. i'm always looking in my rearview mirror to make sure somebody didn't follow me from my dispensary. i did a pre cursory search of the kind of cars that were in the neighborhood. it is not normal for people to walk around with millions of dollars of cash. we've got to deal with this reality and figure out a way to address that concern. >> and it's going to get even harder next year because recreational marijuana will be legal in california and it's still unclear if banks will allow d
10:50 pm
banks. >> healthy food shopping getting easier for parents. target is making some big changes to offer more nutrition food. it's cut ting sweaters and artificial column oozier from its brand food. arg get hopes to finish the switch by the end of next year. >> excellent. it's a soaker out there. it was a bad one today. especially coming right through the main corridor in d.c. terrible damage up in baltimore with a lot of res down which we're going to talk about at the beginning of our 11:00 news. what's left tonight is mainly some light showers. we can't rule out a couple more thunderstorms during the day tomorrow. there could be two rounds tomorrow. if we pop up a few during the day why wouldn't we because we've been doing it all this week without a big trigger. they develop to
10:51 pm
higher terrain to our west and then have a bigger region. i wanted to also mention that it wasn't all bad stuff today. we did get some rainbows in. vinnie saw this one over the chinatown area and it was a double rainbow so a lot of you saw that after that big storm moved through the district about 6:00 tonight. bee had a lot of severe thunderstorm warnings. we had a lot of hail. here is what is left tonight diminishing showers up through frederick county, whens minister. as i put these in motion and they continue to move away to the northeast i wanted to mention that these are healthier around the martinsburg area. they should diminish as they move toward the northeast. i'm not expecting any activity tonight although i wanted to point out tomorrow's beater tonight. it's a frontal boundary pushing just east of chicago. that will be getting closer tonight bringing in a really great change just in time for the weekend. meanwhile i think
10:52 pm
will be our last days at 90 here in the district and then we're going to drop back into the low 80s next week. bwi87-degrees and a check of temperatures at 10:00. we're in the mid 70s in the city. dulles 72, frederick you're 75. fredericksburg 76. culpeper 71, winchester one of the more comfortable readings on the map, six # six. to be sure it's still humid out there and tomorrow we'll have the front getting ready to approach. more of the severe weather will be up to our north. the severe weather tends to occur more in the daytime areas. because our front is coming at night i think the better chance of storms will be north of d.c. and hopefully they won't be too severe when the front crosses. i'm expecting some the scattered storms with heavy. it will be humid as we're near 90 if the not 91. the front moves through by saturday morning. if there
10:53 pm
will likely be east of 95. we clear out in the afternoon and we bring in not just cooler air, but less humid air. we should keep that going into sunday night before more changes are ahead. we'll show you not a lot developing during the day but i think there will likely be a few more than the futurecast is showing. what you see at 6:00 here is our line getting closer and by midnight maybe a pretty good line along interstate 81 that tries to move through northern suburbs about two in the mornlg clearing out by the time you wake up saturday morning. upper 80s, suburbs, low 90 south and west of town and as the front swings on through we bring in a refreshing change for saturday and sun. your fox5 seven day forecast, how about 85-degrees on saturday and sunday? if there are any clouds left over pretty early
10:54 pm
the weekend is looking good. monday a rainy day, certainly un settled, but notice as we look at next week everything is either low to mid 90s and not looking for any rain in the tuesday, wednesday, thursday timeframe at this point. we kind of need to dry out that is for sure. >> back to you? a. a couple in pennsylvania has turned a home into a multiple shots ' up filled with some strange artifacts. fox's maish michelle takes us inside for a look at what they believe is. >> even though we're sturned by desginate and strange things. nothing is too out of the ordinary. i decided to make our largest death ray. mr. arm has been collecting strange artifact s since he was a chievmentd one item led to another and pretty soon with the help of his wife, their home turned into this. we like to keep the way it is because it
10:55 pm
taxi determine i used to be done . this is an antique gynecological examining chair we think from the turn of century but now it's our kitchen island i make cakes on it. we're obviously going to be the center of the zomby \he\e pock lips. >> in pits pittsburgh. >> i have no idea what just happened there. nope. never eating cake again, he though. up next is fox5 news at 11. it was a very strange story. we're going to switch gears and tell you more. we're following the breaking news in the district. one person is dead, three others are in the hospital following a shooting at a gas station. it is still an active crime scene. we have new details coming up about what happened coming up in a few minutes. a deputy responding to
10:56 pm
ended up overdosing himself. it's all coming up right here at 11. i need the phone that's where i happen to be... to be the one that rings. i need not to be missed phone calls... to not be missed. i need seamless handoff... canyon software. from reception, to landline, to mobile. i need one number... not two. i'm always moving forward... because i can't afford to get stuck in the past. comcast business. built for business.
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>> a group of bikers in indiana are fighting back by rallying one boy who was bullied at school. they escorted him to his first day of school. next month they're holding a fun raid to race awareness. i'll see you more coming up at the final five at 11:30. fox5 news at 11 starts right now. this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11, the dangers of responding to drug calls. a local deputy
11:00 pm
uch ting the evidence. >> and heart break-in maryland. a man drowned while trying to save his four year old granddaughter. what we've learned about the tragic accident. a woman and her two children held in this house for two years. new details about her boyfriend who is accused of holding them captive t. plus a towrg inferno, a local woman made history and why zac for shooting free throws at a maryland casino. your news starts right now. we are continuing to follow breaking news out of northeast d.c. tonight. four people shot, one of those victims has died. i'm tch and i'm shawn yancy. it happened in the 3400 block ever sth street. brody logan is live on the scene tonight with the very latest. >>reporter: it's still a very active scene here at the 3400 block of 18th street in northeast. i'm going to show you the scene. it's at this


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