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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  August 4, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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cleanup continues at this hour following a round of severe storms in the d.c. region and in baltimore the bad weather turned deadly. >> also the president fired up in a campaign style rally in west virginia last night. new details emerging about that russia probe all as the commander-in-chief plans to take his first vacation since taking office. >> live look outside. it is zip trip friday. that's leesburg, virginia. that's where we will be on this friday august 4th. >> how pretty is that. >> isn't that gorgeous? is that a fire pit on top. >> it is on top of a fountain. they're multi tasking out there. >> weather and traffic. tucker is out there already. coming up on the 5s at 6:05. hey, tuck. good morning, i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning. let's catch you up on the top stories in d.c. right now. police searching for several gunmen who opened fire on a group of people in northeast d.c. last night. one person was killed. three others were injured in the shooting. happened outside of an exxon gas station in the 3400 block of 18th street northeast. investigators have not said if they know who they're looking
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that they know of in this case. >> a 14-year-old girl in maryland is dead and three other teens hurt after a huge tree fell on their moving car last night. this happened in the area north of baltimore. that tree came down during those massive storms that moved through the area. closer to d.c. storm damage in the annandale and falls church areas has cut power to about 1200 customers this morning. >> also this morning the president not mincing words when it comes to the investigation into that russian meddling during last night's valley in west virginia the president took aim at democrats. >> fox5's melanie alnwick is live at the white house this morning with the latest. good morning, mel. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. so president trump is going to leave this afternoon for a 17-day working vacation getting out of washington for a little while heading for his golf club in new jersey while the white house is undergoing renovations but the shadow of the russia investigation is always nearby. the russia investigation ente
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president trump telling a rally in west virginia that it's a fake story. >> they're trying to cheat you out of the leadership you want with a fake story that is demeaning to all of us and most importantly did he mean meaning to our country. >> reporter: the president addressing supporters in huntington thursday night not long after it was reported that the special counsel investigating russian meddling has tapped a grand jury. the move opens the door to subpoenaes, witness testimony and documents but is that unusual? >> this is not a surprise because the impaneling of a grand jury in situations like this when you have an investigation is typically how they move forward. it is standard operating procedure when you've got a situation like this. >> reporter: analysts say bringing in a grand jury is a sign of the probe's forward momentum. >> if i were in the white house i would be concerned that the investigation has gone up another notch. >> reporter: any actual indictments could still be
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months away. until then the president is unlikely to change his tune on the issue. >> the russia story is a total fabrication. it's just an excuse for the greatest loss in the history of american politics. that's all it is. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: now, before leaving town for august recess congress did a little bit of work. senators introduced bipartisan legislation two bills that would prevent special prosecutor robert mueller from being fired by president trump. live outside the white house i'm mel i w i melanie alnwick. >> jeff sessions will crackdown on people who leak classified information a day after the washington post reported on leaked transcripts of phone conversations between the president and the leaders of mexico and australia. on thursday sessions said nt
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information are a threat to national security. the president blasted sessions on twitter implying he has been leak in pursuing leakers within the administration. >> a major political switch today. west virginia's democratic governor jim justice will file paperwork to flip sides to the gop. governor justice made the announcement during the president's rally last night. west virginia has three u.s. representatives, all are republicans and one republican senator. the switch could also and affect the reelection chances cs manchin in the state. >> back here locally and in stafford county a sheriff's deputy responding to an overdose call ended up overdosing himself. investigators believe he accidentally came into contact with fentanyl while responding to a scene where two suspected drug users were passed out in a van. after taking them to the hospital, he began experiencing symptoms. it was determined to be an overdose. the deputy was treated and both the people in the van are now behind bars. >> school starts next month in montgomery county. every school in the county will be stocked with
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that can save someone's life in the event of an opioid overdose it's called naloxone and it will be sprayed into a person's nose or injected with a needle. a new state law requires public schools to teach all staff members how to administer this drug. >> it is friday and that means cue the zip trip music because it is time for another fox5 zip trip and this morning heading west out to leesburg, virginia. >> and as always, our tucker barnes getting the party started. good morning, tucker barnes. >> yay! allison is back. allison, i found the perfect thing for your backyard. check it out. >> i love it. >> we have water and fire going at the same time. >> i love it. you know, i want a fire pit. >> that would look great in your backyard. >> wouldn't it? it would be a showstopper. >> it's a total showstopper. >> yes. >> we are at the village here in leesburg. yes, we're out here for zip trip. very excited for a big morning out here. we've got a lot of exciting activities. i'm going to a trampoline park, going to try that rocket candy. all
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here over the next several hours. maureen and annie are on their way. they're going to come out and join me as well. if you're in the neighborhood, apparently we're literally in a neighborhood, there's over 300 units here at the village come down and say hi to us as we're looking forward to a nice morning. a little fog as i was driving tout this morning but all in all should be a nice start to our day. there's the information on where you can find us and looks like a phone number if you would like to call them. don't know why we're showing phone numbers. but give them a call. let's do temperatures and satellite and radar. nice quiet start to the day. we are looking at again a little fog across the area. sunshine to start the day and then late today some thunderstorms ahead of a cold front which will bring us a big change in air mass for the weekend so about 90 today. currently 75 in washington. you can see your 60's off to the north and to the west. 66 out at dulles. really not too bad out here in leesburg. we're 68 degrees in leesburg, 68 in gaithersburg, 72 in leonardtown. 92 this afterno
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look for some late day thunderstorms. i think they'll be later, more like four, five, 6:00 p.m. as a cold front gets a little closer an few of those storms could be on the strong side this afternoon as well just like the last couple afternoons. coming up the weekend forecast. plenty more from leesburg. having a great morning already. i'm going have a cup of coffee and i'll be ready to go. let's toss it in the to caitlin. >> good morning. i like seeing the fire behind you. it's a warm morning but who doesn't like a little camp fire to start the day t metro update. silver line -- we have a lot of metro stuff to talk about this morning just because there's a lot of track work going on this weekend. this morning there was an earlier train malfunction in the mclean station impacting the silver line. expect delays to largo town center in that direction from mclean. red line closures at bethesda and medical center. this has been ongoing. i feel like most weekends we've been seeing this. shuttle buses will be your alternative and you will also need shuttle buses on this portion of the green line where scheduled track work wi
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this is going to last through the 20th so not just the weekend but running continually. branch avenue in suitland stations will be closed. shuttle buses replace the trains or use anacostia or southern avenue as your work around. back to your roads. key bridge sidewalks closed sunday the sixth lasting for two months. it will alternate and it will be during the evening hours so overnight but keep that in mind for pedestrians who use the key bridge. eleventh street northwest remains closed. it's been closed all night really, a president struck and 11th street between g and h is not accessible. let's check the commute as we take a wide view of the roads. the beltway looks fine. delays on 295 already jammed but if you're coming out of northern virginia no problem fredericksburg through dale city. maybe you're tapping the brakes from the occoquan. first major delay of the morning. 295 southbound has per usual there's a lot of
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route 50 to pennsylvania avenue going to take some time. maryland commute looks good on 95 route one baltimore-washington parkway and the top side of the beltway. finally 270, 70 straight down to 109 you're looking real clear and really all the way to the spur. no delays on 270 yet. that's a look at traffic. steve and allison, good morning. >> good news friday. thanks caitlin. coming up next, good news for the tourism season in the outer banks after a week long power outage is finally fixed. >> when it rains might as well have some fun. that's what they did at wrigley field last night. some players enjoying it a little bit. we'll tell you what they were doing out there. back in just 30 seconds. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service
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and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to >> now we know the names of the two american soldiers who were killed in action this week while serving in afghanistan. sergeant jonathan hunter of indiana and specialist christopher harris of north carolina were killed when an explosive device detonated near their convoy. it was the first deployment for both men. news of their deaths comes as the trump administration decides whether to send an additional 4,000 troops to that country to help in the fight against the at a. >>taliban. >> two men charged in australia for plotting to bring down an area plane. the men tried to bring an improvised chemical device on a flight out of sydney last month but they were unable to get the luggage through check in because it was too heavy. this failed
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raids across sydney. >> a fire is finally under control. it started in the middle of the night just after 1:00 a.m. in the so-called torch tower. that's the name of the building. it's 86 stories tall. people frantically evacuated as ch chunks of debris fell to the ground. everybody made it out safely. second time in two years the same building has caught on fire. >> hm. >> ♪ >> now to an update from the outer banks after a week without power the lights are back on this morning. tourists can return to hatteras and ocracoke islands at noon today. that's when the evacuaion orders will be lifted. last week construction crews accidentally knocked out that power. officials had feared the repairs would take much longer. restaurants on the two islands really took a hit. the outage cost them 10s of thousands of dollars. >> all those vacation homes, too. >> could you imagine folks last week. >> southern california heavy rains caught
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trapping a number of drivers in their vehicles. one driver had to be pulled by helicopter from a pickup truck. a metro link train also came to a screeching halt. 200 people had to be rescued. severe weather in the midwest. rain delay at wrigley field prompted a dance off after some of the workers were finally able to get that tarp down, trying to get that that under control in the winds is never a good thing. but then eventually the players were like, let's have a little fun with it. we had players from the cubs and diamondbacks going at it the entertainment taking place in the bullpen having a little of fun, seeing what we can do. >> that's cute. >> why not? the game finally resumed arizona won 10-eight was the final. [laughter] >> that's what you do during a rain delay. >> oh, that's fun. what is that now. >> i have no idea what's going on there. >> so, that was fun. the bad weather in chicago also forced the first night of louisiana
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the lord took the stage. she was the headliner there. >> live look outside on this friday morning. taking a look at the area. it's 75 degrees already this morning. should be a nice -- another hot and humid one. i don't know whether that's nice or not but that's what we're going to get. weather and traffic on the 5's next. >> ♪ during our made to move 2017 clearance event, you can do endless online research. loui our 2017 models will be moving fast. you can drive a car... or you can drive a cadillac. come in now before the end of our made to move 2017 clearance event and leave with the perfect cadillac xt5 for your next adventure. choose a low mileage lease on this xt5 for around $339 per month.
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>> welcome back on a friday. yes, we made it to friday, folks. it is 6:15 on this friday. i believe it's august 4th. >> uh-huh. >> i know it's 2017. >> well, live look at reagan national airport but why go out of town? >> that's right. >> why not head a few miles west of the district to leesburg because there's a ton of great stuff going on there and we're spotting that great town and communities this morning. hey, tuck. >> hey, steve, good morning, allison. yeah, we're at the village here in leesburg and very excited for another zip
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should be a lot of fun out here today. we already have one pour two ono viewers including our good friend matt. he's one of our loyal followers that comes out to all our zip trips. good to see him and as you can see great looking shots here this morning. nice sunrise. had a little fog driving in but it will just be another typical washington afternoon with daytime highs up about 90. looking for late day thunderstorms. let's go to the forecast and plenty more on what we're going to be doing here in leesburg coming up. i know you're headed out the door. overnight thunderstorms have fallen apart. now we have quiet conditions. regional look at your satellite and radar. a little fog in spot. otherwise a warm and humid start to the day with temperatures right now which are generally in in thely 60, upper 60's and 70's. warm spot as usual this time of year at reagan national 75 degrees. upper 60's in leesburg, 68 degrees. 68 in gaithersburg. let's see;, looks like 68 there at dulles as well. all right, here's what we can ex
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a cold front, and this cold front will really change up our air mass for the weekend so, as that front slides in later today we have to look out for the possibility of some thunderstorms mid to late afternoon, after about 4 o'clock in the immediate washington area. if you're further north and west they'll arrive sooner. the highest risk for severe weather later today will be off to our north and west. much like yesterday it isn't going to take a lot to get gusty winds and hail. we had hail last evening in, what. there's your seven day. notice the change in air mass. low to mid 80's saturday and sunday and less humidity. should be a beautiful weekend. we'll get some clouds tomorrow morning but then by afternoon sunshine and those lower dewpoints, lower humidity really gets to move in by tomorrow afternoon. should be a nice weekend. rain by monday. that's a weather update. that's the latest from leesburg. annie and maureen are coming out. if you're thinking about to come down and see us i strongly encourage
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let's toss in to caitlin. >> good morning tucker. everyone head to leesburg greet our crew. they would love to see you come out there. so if you're in the area it's a beautiful morning but i'm doing traffic. friday morning commute right now, the first issue that we've had so far this morning on the roads outer loop crash right at the dulles toll road. heavy delays back to the american legion bridge. skyfox is over that crash and here it is right now. you can see emergency crews on scene. looks like some fire trucks there and this looks like the nature of the crash although there's a lot of vehicles that are a part of this. this is on the outer loop again in virginia. it is taking out the left most two lanes this crash on the outer loop. it is also kind of taking out the express lanes, too. i believe on the utmost left side, yeah, you can see a car going by. that's the shoulder of the express lanes so if you do take the express lanes on the outer loop you can squeeze by on the soldi shoulder. you can see that delay on the two right most lanes which is going to be very heavy. that will take you all the way back to the american legion brge
6:19 am
as long as it's out there. looks like it involves quite a few vehicles. that's the only accident we've had on the roads so far. metro earlier train malfunction at mclean impacting the silver line. expect delays to largo town center and metro weekend work on the red line closing bethesda and medical center. you'll have to use shuttle buses. you'll have to use shuttle buses tomorrow at branch avenue and suitland if you take the green line. track work begins tomorrow, it lasts through august 20. you can use anacostia or southern to get around that. finally francis scott key bridge or just the key bridge sidewalk closures begin tomorrow. alternating between the north and south side during the overnight hours. that's a look at traffic. steve and allison. >> caitlin thanks. jumbo jackpot both the powerball and the mega millions worth more than a half million dollars this weekend. if you combine them that is. tomorrow's powerball sitting at $286 million. choose whichever or both and good
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>> all righty. a northern have a is a woman making history in the u.s. military. cadet simone askew of fairfax is the first african-american woman to be selected as first captain of the core of cadets at west point. that is the highest position in the cadet chain of command. askew will oversee performance of 4400 cadets. >> good news for her. >> dunkin donuts may be dumping the name. as long as the doughnuts stay. >> coffee is pretty good too. maybe that's what they're capitalizing on. >> oh but the doughnuts. >> maybe they're still sell them. shipping wars what one major company is doing to get your business during the busy holiday season when everyone wants to sends their stuff somewhere. 6:20. we'll talk about that in the business beat.
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>> back now with a preview of the july jobs report and it's ah good thing but first a check of the markets. joining us from the fox business network studio on a friday, we made it hallelujah is lauren simonetti. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning. happy friday. congratulations. >> yes. and congratulations to the dow which continued to soar at closing. >> reporter: i know. >> you know, it's a success story. >> reporter: it's getting hard to keep track. we've seen 33 record closes this year and seven in a row. so, 2226. the nasdaq has been weak lately. the big news will come in 2000 hours. it's the jobs report for july. we have expectations 183,000 jobs with an unemployment rate 16 year low it's expected to go down to 4.3 percent. those are just numbers. what do they mean? is the economy able to create enough jobs which we've seen them
6:24 am
paychecks go up about two and a half percent on an annual basis but some people are looking for more and they and want to see the wage growth go beyond the minimum wage and the lower income workers to all workers so paychecks can get bigger. if the jobs report is too strong the message it sends to the fed is, oh, yeah, continue to hike because the economy ccan handle it. it's like got to be the goldilocks of jobs reports. >> toyota and mazda doing their part. >> reporter: manufacturing jobs coming to the u.s. 4,000 of them. we are expecting that toyota and mazda to announce a joint venture and plans to build a $1.6 billion factory in a u.s. state, we don't know which one to build cars by the year 2021 and that would create like i said 4,000 manufacturing jobs. >> hard to believe but the holidays at least in december under five months away now and we're talking shipping already. >> reporter: well, this is when and actually before now, this
6:25 am
and the other shippers look at the infrastructure and say how are we going to handle all of these customers buying stuff on amazon and everywhere else. let's make sure we have plans in place. we earned -- learned earlier this year that ups said we're going to charge a surcharge on ground items that are shipped during certain days that are going to be our busiest. now fed ex is saying, yeah, we're not doing that. we're not going to charge a surcharge. however, and this is where i think it's all going to equal out, if your item needs additional handling or if it's oversized there will be a surcharge. >> right. >> reporter: so. >> okay. >> reporter: nothing is free any. >> nothing is free. let's finish with a little dunkin donuts news and i was reading the little -- a little of the news blurb sent over with it. sneakily it has been america runs on did y dunkin'. now they might change it
6:26 am
dunkin's. >> reporter: personally affected and outraged by this story. >> you are, why. >> reporter: cause when you guys do the coffee run in studio, do you say dunkin' or starbucks or do you say dunkin' donuts or starbucks. >> we can't really say what we say but we say the name of the first -- of the second company. >> we go to starbucks. >> we can't say that. anyway, we're proudly sponsored by dunkin donuts. >> reporter: dunkin' just doesn't make any sense. dunkin donuts they have great munchkins and every other doughnut and they've been dunkin donuts for quite sometime even though their advertising says they run on dunkin' now they're testing opening new stores that are just called dunkin'. >> look, i say stay in your lane dunkin donuts. you do cough if he well and you do doughnuts well. celebrate. >> reporter: yeah, we know that. keep the doughnuts in the name. you're good at that. it's like calling krispy kreme crispy or just cream. >> i share your outrage.
6:27 am
>> reporter: didn't mean to get in you trouble. >> no. steve is in trouble. i'm good. see you later. >> i feel like i had to speak the truth, al. >> yeah. >> i couldn't keep it inside. >> i understand. >> and let's be honest as much as we love dunkin donuts there's not one down the street from us that we can get to easily. >> i actually like the coffee. >> i agree. >> let's take a live picture. there's the wilson bridge all lit up this morning by daylight, sunshine, 75 degrees already this morning. hot and humid. got to love it. caitlin how are we looking out there. >> we're looking really nice, steve. wonderful job with the forecast by the way . >> [laughter] maybe you can jump in when needed. skyfox over the outer loop crash right where you approach the dulles toll road in virginia takes out the left two most lanes and affecting the express lanes. very heavy delays to take you back to the american legion bridge. again, that's on the outer loop at dulles toll road. more weather and traffic at
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6:35. fox5 will be right back.
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>> ♪ >> you know that music means it's time to zip trip. we're in leesburg virginia this morning. some of our crew right there in the red shirts talking to folks out there and it is looking gorgeous. come out and say hi if you're in the area. why not make it a day trip. stay all day. they're there until 11:00 this morning. welcome back to fox5 news morning. we'll have weather and traffic on the 5s at
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as tucker mentioned earlier the possibility of more storms tonight. the ones that blew through last night left a trail of damage even death. a 14-year-old girl was killed and three others were hurt after a huge tree fell on their moving car last night just north of baltimore. meantime lots of trees and branches came down in the annandale and falls church areas. right now dominion reports about 1600 outages. right now in d.c. police are searching for several gunmen who opened fire on a group of people in northeast last night. night. others were injured in the shooting which happened outside of an exxon gas station in the 3400 block of 18th street northeast. investigators haven't said if they know who they're looking for or if there is a known motive in this case. a rookie d.c. firefighter remains in critical condition this morning. a ladder truck hit dane smothers jr. as he was responding to a house fire yesterday morning. it was on f street in northeast. the truck pinned smothers between two fire vehicles. we're told
6:32 am
traumatic. he was also knocked unconscious. medics revived him with cpr. he's only been on the job for a few months. per protocol the firefighters are being tested for drugs and alcohol. day at a neighbor's pool turned tragic for an anne arrundel county family. a four-year-old jumped into the water and her grandfather jumped in and tried to save her. neither could swim. other children ran to a neighbor's house for help but that neighbor was unable to get the girl and the grandfather out of the pool. they were both transported to baltimore washington medical center where they died. a push to ban pesticides in montgomery county has come to a halt now. a judge struck down the council law which would have banned residents from using certain pesticides on private property. the law was challenged by several lawn care companies who argued pesticide use is already regulated by state and federal governments. and we're tracking metro this morning. the agency tackling the green line taking on major improvement project that will close two stations. branch
6:33 am
those stations will be closed from august 5th through the 20th. a third station at naylor road will also be closed over the weekend august 12 and and 13th and august 19th and 20's. heads up for metro riders. >> thank you very much allison. let's get to the morning line. nationals back at it this afternoon 2:00 p.m. game in chicago taking on the cubs at wrigley field. kyle hendrick for the cubs. the cubs have been surging since the all-star break to take first place in the nl central. the cubs if you remember last year they were pretty good. maybe this is a preview of october. big day for wizards fans as john wall officially will sign his contract extension today. what must that be like al for all that money? >> well, i've signed a contract extension. >> for about. >> -- for about two games worth of pay perhaps. maybe not even that. maybe one. >> happening at verizon
6:34 am
i shudder to do the math. the wizards practice at 11:30 will be the site for it. last month he agreed to a four year 70 million-dollar extension for four years. maybe not even one game. maybe like a minute of a game. >> first quarter. >> it will kick in once the current deal is up in 2019. so he's good until 2023. football fans got the first preseason game last night. starts too early. the hall of fame game the dallas cowboys knocking offer the arizona cardinals in a close one, score-wise. 20 to 18. rookie sam irwin hill hit a pair of field goals including the 43-yarder in the fourth quarter. if the only highlight we're talking about is a pair of field goals you have to wonder why they have preseason football games in august because the best players didn't play. it was on tv. redskins first preseason game a week from thursday baltimore against the ravens. injury update on jam
6:35 am
dealing with a hamstring issue. will be eased back into that practice lineup. we know they need their receivers on the field this year. [cheers and applause] not really known for hitting free throws in his career shaquille o'neill sinking one last night in live casino faced off against the casino owner in a free throw contest and he won. shaq not exactly the best free throw shooter during his career. since he sank his shot that means several casino goers picked at random won big money. brody logan had a chance to talk with him last night. look how big shaq is. isn't that amaze? brody not one of notice who won any money last night. >> shaq is -- >> good to see shaq in the area. >> come on in shaq if you're still in town. tucker barnes is out of town -- he's out of d.c. >> little busy. >> stuck in an old fashioned phone booth. >> is the floor going to drop out. >> maxwell smart, i get it. good morning.
6:36 am
tally hoe. >> top of the morning. >> yes, allison, i know that she thought i was in leesburg but actually i'm in london. no, i'm not i'm in leesburg. and also let me apologize for anybody that might be of english descent for that very poor accent. yes, i'm at the bean bar. i'm going to talk to sonia who is the proprietor here. beautiful place. again out at the village in leesburg and we're going to start exploring in and around all of leesburg here in the next couple hours but we're starting right here with a good cup of coffee. we'll talk about what makes a good cup of coffee here. i can't talk so clearly it's good. conditions which overnight have quieted down. big thunderstorms yesterday. some flooding rain, some hail in the city. we're dealing with a little bit of fog and plenty of sunshine. warm and humid start to the day. much like the last couple days we'll do low 90's this afternoon. look for late day thunderstorms. there's an actual cold front that will come through late this afternoon and when it
6:37 am
arrives we'll have a few strong storms but it will change up the air mass in a big way for the weekend. the weekend forecast looks great. saturday and sunday temps fall back into the 80's and much drier air mass in place. we have a lot to look forward to by saturday and sunday afternoon. look at that 83 tomorrow. okay, again, we're talking coffee. coffee. caitlin having a good morning out here village in leesburg. come see us. >> love it. beautiful part of our area. thank you tucker. great morning in leesburg. a few issues on the roads and metro that we want to keep you aware of. metro update for the silver line earlier train malfunction at mclean but normal service has resumed. friday morning commute the big issue has been a crash on the outer loop right where you hit 267 dulles toll road here in virginia. very heavy delays. you're jammed now back beyond the american legion bridge. almost to the 270 spur on 495 so that's a real heavy stretch and we have skyfox overhead of this crash that takes out the te lane. let me getut
6:38 am
it has cleared. well, excuse me. outer loop crash has now cleared at the dulles toll road so looks like traffic is flowing freely. takes our maps a little while to update from there so maybe those delays will start to ease but just looking at it, it looked like as soon as you got off the two 70's spur you were hitting delays on the outer loop going into virginia but that's good news. back to our maps we go and know other real major delays. just our normal congested areas. let's take a look at your drive times. coming from northern virginia dale city to the beltway 27 minutes with some commuter volume there. 395 so far so good and 66 is free and clear. the inner loop in virginia from 395 to gallows road looks okay. we'll check the maryland commutes coming up at about 6:45. but for now fox5 will be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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[vo] one moment can change a life. intelligent technology can help protect it. the all-new audi q5 is here.
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>> ♪ >> back with what's trending on the web on this friday morning. first up yesterday we told you about an on line event that anthony scaramucci had planned for today and today we're going to tell you that that event is not going to happen. it's been canceled. yesterday afternoon he tweeted no press event tomorrow focusing on family my work in the private sector #moving forward. stay tuned. we'll see. next up the kennedy center announced its 2017 honorees. traditionally honorees attend a white house reception and then sit with the president and first lady during the performances some of the honorees have spoken out against the president in the past. we'll see what happens. producer norman lear
6:42 am
reception because he's not a plan of the president. gloria evident stephan joined other latin stars for a song called we are all mexican. ll cool j among the others honored. a castaway mermaid and sea creatures pals drifting 200 miles across the gulf of mexico. the coast guard said a tiny floating dock with a painted shed broke loose during a tropical storm and then floated away and then kept floating and floating. nobody was on board. authorities are no longer trying to find the owner and they have no plans to tow it ashore so al it could float forever. >> wow. >> a little mermaid. >> very quaint. >> she should put a gps device on it and we could track the mermaid. >> see where it goes. >> thanks steve. >> you're welcome al. >> i love that. kevin is gearing up for an adventurous weekend. he'll tell us what it's all about. bear is going to make him do bad things, right. plus it is movie review friday so
6:43 am
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>> ♪ >> hey hey, welcome back. welcome back. we were at the zip trip we're in leesburg this morning. at the village in leesburg and i'm joined by the proprietor of the bean bar sonia, right. >> yes. >> all right, tell me. >> thanks for being here. >> what's y
6:46 am
hi. >> sonia gupta. >> thanks for getting up early and joining us. >> we help you get your energy every morning. >> i'm feeling a lot of energy this morning. tell me all about your place 'cause this place seems like it's more than just coffee. >> happy to hear you say that yes 'cause that's what i wanted. so this is the bean bar where we create conversations. i really think it's important to create an environment where people get their energy and so when i was thinking about what i thought was missing in the community i wanted a place where people could c congregate and talk. enjoy something good in a cup. we offer everything from coffee you can do coffee so many ways now it's not just about getting it out of a coffeepot. you can extract it so many ways and leveraging tea and we have a lot of local partnerships that i'm proud of. >> wait a minute.
6:47 am
>> yeah. >> i see bottles of wine over there and i see taps. >> that's right. >> do you transition at some point to a club. >> there's a lot of energy in here. there's not any dancing going on but there's a lot of talking. we have local partnerships with all the virginia vineyards. we serve virginia local wine and beer and even some of our coffee comes out of those taps over there. we have a nitro which is a new way to infuse your caffeine. >> i ran into one of those a few weeks ago. tell me about some of these inventive ways you're delivering coffee. is this coffee with a splash of vodka. >> oh, right, no a little bubbly in there. no, it's actually espresso so you get your shot of espresso and then you can use sparkling water to cleanse your palate and it goes down really nicely that way. you feel like into your in europe. >> she lied to me. that's vodka. no, i'm just kidding. that's just water. never seen it presented that way. tell me about some of these awesome looking drinks. >> ou have nitro which is again it creates a nice little foam and brings out some
6:48 am
ci your latte so you can get your milk and your espresso together. a green tea latte so matcha powder is really good for you and you can foam the milk steam it and have a hot way of drinking it so even if you're a tea drinker you can feel like you're having a latte. >> tell me about the beaker. >> science experiment right 'cause that's what our baristas feel like they're doing all the time. this is a pour over and you can pour coffee over -- in different ways. you cn do it through a chem x. it allows the coffee bean's flavor to really get extracted slowly and evenly. >> i love it. all right, well, thank you so much for joining us and thanks for getting up early and presenting such -- >> thank you for being here adding good energy. >> great works of art. come down to the bean bar for conversation, for fun and for family. >> yes, coffee line, bring your friends, your family and your coworkers. >> right. come over here quick. >> oh, my girls. and bring m
6:49 am
>> bring these cute girls over. >> come over here. >> say good morning. say hi everybody. >> hi. >> all right family affair. you guys can't move yet. we're doing the weather. temps in the low 90's look for late day thunderstorm after 4:00 p.m. and then that's a cold front. cooler temperatures for the weekend. saturday and sunday temperatures are going to be in the 80's. less humidity. weekend looks fantastic, right? going to the pool. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> thanks for playing along. let's toss it to caitlin. visit the beep bar. >> hi ladies. love the smile. you look great on tv. thank you guys. let's get back to the roads. outer loop crash has cleared as you approach the dulles toll road but delays remain very heavy stretch from 267. that will take you back to the spur despite the fact that the crash has cleared. that's one long delay. let's go to our cameras show you a couple more if we can. there we go 270 we got reports of a crash 270 southbound at falls road. you can't see it from this camera but you can see the volume back beyond the edge of your screen. we have
6:50 am
road headed back to i think montgomery avenue. this is 395 northbound edsall road to the 14th street bridge just volume right now but as we usually do every day of the week here its very heavy through the arlington stretch here on 395. back to our maps. the metro news we want to pass along for the weekend. track work on the red line forcing closures at the bethesda and medical center stations. so, shuttle buses will replace trains there. also this is a big one metro track work affecting the green line begins tomorrow august 5th. it lasts through the 20th in which branch avenue and suitland stations are closed. you can't access them this whole 15 day stretch. shuttle buses will replace those trains. we'll keep mentioning that as we go through the rest of the morning. that's a look at traffic. steve and allison and kevin, good morning to you, too. >> i think that place was a little fancy for tucker, caitlin. i'm just saying. >> without a doubt. >> but beautiful though. we'll head back out to leesburg in a few minutes. got a vacation planned and nobody to watch the dog. >> i know the pain. >> you'll love this week's fox beat free friday. you could win
6:51 am
to use on with a retail value of $250. >> wow. go to between now and 11:59 p.m. for your chance to win. one winner selected by random drawing on august 7th my dad's birthday. all entrants must be 18 or older. complete rules and on line entry available on >> unfortunately you cannot win. let's take a look ahead to what good day has coming up. it's going to be a great show. >> former vice president al gore is going to join us live this morning. funny man david alan greer will be with us this morning. comedian tony rock in the loft and samantha harris joining us live as she gets to host a new show called culinary genius. it's coming to fox5 plus starting on monday and we'll find out all about it. in the meantime kev is here. it's friday. always a big day but first. >> hello. >> but first this. >> i received a very important message yesterday in
6:52 am
e-mail. >> you did? >> let's take a look. >> hi there. you've been selected to be part of the burt grille survival academy the mountain between us experience. be prepared. this is going to be the adventure of a lifetime. >> how scared are you right now. >> i'm freaked out. >> also said be prepared in lion king and you see what happened. >> i'm going to the cat skills this weekend and i'll be there for 24 hours. they're going to drop me in. i'll be off the grid. no cell service. >> are you serious. >> i'm going to have noplace to sleep. i'm going to be sleeping on the ground no tent whatsoever. >> this is so not you. >> i can't -- here's the thing. i hate -- >> i just got a sinus headache thinking about it. >> i hate spiders. that's why i'm freaking. >> no tweeting for 24 hours. >> no tweeting. >> forget the spiders. >> i bought hiking gear, hiking shoes, hiking pants i'm all ready to go. >> they'll probably take that off of you. >> is bear grills going to be there. >> his team. it's called
6:53 am
survival academy. it's for the mountain between us. idris elba and kate winslet are essentially stranded in the mountains in the snow after a plane crash. that's kind of why they're having us do this. >> sans the plane crash never girl's dream. >> he doesn't know how he's getting there al. >> i am taking plane. >> at some many point they might just say get out. >> i got my bug spray though. i'm really excited about this. >> speaking of idris are you going to review his movie. >> dark tower. >> yes. >> i'm going to get to that shortly. >> okay. >> i'm sitting down with idris in a couple weeks. >> we're also sitting down with idris. >> we are sitting down with idris. lots of films opening up. the first one we'll talk about is a movie called step which is a new film. >> baltimore. >> take place in inner city baltimore. what a beautiful story this is. it's a powerful uplifting inspiring film. it takes place in an all girls school. it's during a senior year while these girls are competing in a step competition but also the goal of the school is to have every
6:54 am
graduate and it takes place during and before the time period of the freddie gray passing and death so it's a very, very powerful film. baltimore is a very big part of the story. but it's also about overcoming adversity. it's a very powerful film. i loved this movie so. i gave it a 4.5 out of five. >> that's great. >> one of the best films of the year. definitely see it. as i mentioned baltimore plays a major character in the film because of what happened with freddie gray during that time period. >> let's go with dark tower. >> idris elba and matthew mcconaughey. >> what. >> i heard the same thing. i didn't want to disappoint you. >> are you serious. >> i love steven king i love idris elba. >> i love matthew mcconaughey as well. >> it takes place after the events of the book of the dark tower series. it feels incomplete. a little bit off balance. i will say this, though. idris is awesome. every time he reloads that gun with the bullets in midair i was geeing outer beyond belief. matthew mcconaughey is great. the script is not good
6:55 am
completely falls off the rails at times. i give it a three only because idris is awesome in it. >> otherwise it would have been less. >> yes, exactly. >> kidnap. >> kidnap surprised me. this movie surprised me. i -- we've seen. >> why because halle berry is nuts. >> no, no, we've seen the story about a kid getting kidnapped and obviously a parent's relentless job to get the kid back. halle berry is awesome in this movie. >> i'm so glad. >> i love her and she sells the movie because she is a bad a. >> i love her. >> if i can say that. she really kills it in this film. she sees her kid get in this car and goes after him and it is really intense. it's only about an hour and 25 minutes long and it really kind of hits you. a really fast very intense gripping edge of your seat. i will say my biggest problem give her some better dialogue. >> see, that's what i think. >> give her some better dialogue. >> like really good actor but it's just
6:56 am
the thing together. >> there are scenes the camera is in her face and she's just reacting emotionally. she kills it and she still looks amazing. >> last but not least what did you give that one. >> three and a half out of five. >> our new best friend kyle. >> grisly bare. >> which looks a little weird but you liked it. >> mark hamil stars in the movie kyle mooney greg kin near. this kid grew up watching this show called bare. he tries to finish the show with a feature length film. kyle mooney from snl beautiful film will make you laugh, will make you cry. one of my favorites of the year. it's a 4.5 out of five. it's not as, its a little creepy the movie but it's very well done. i loved it. i gave it a 4.5 out of five. >> didn't see that coming. >> definitely worth seeing. if you haven't seen dunn kik 70-millimeter imax go now. >> caitlin what did you think about that. >> i saw "dunkirk." i loved it. i thought it was a great
6:57 am
movie. >> kevin listen to you all the time. gris brigsby remains me of ted. >> i give you a lot of credit for going knotweeds by yourself for 24 hours. >> i might not come back. >> i know. >> tucker will be happy about that. >> no, no, we need you back here kevin. how else are we going to know about movies. 270 southbound this is after falls road there was an accident but it has been moved to the shoulder. look at this extensive delay on 270 southbund. you'll hit that at montgomery avenue. it will take you through falls road so very heavy there on 270. we're still following an outer loop delay at dulles toll road. outer loop delayed back to the 270 spur. that's a quick look at traffic. more coming up in the 7:00 a.m. hour. fox5 will be right back.
6:58 am
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> ahead at 7 o'clock this morning, cleanup continues this hour after a round of severe storms here across the d.c. region. while in baltimore the bad weather turned deadly. >> plus, the president fired up at a campaign style rally in west virginia as new details emerge about that russia probe, all this as the commander in chief prepares to take his first vacation since taking office. >> this morning what a beautiful morning it is in northern virginia. you are taking a live look right now at the fountain/fire pit. >> looks like fire. >> at the village in leesburg,


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