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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  August 4, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> right now at 10:00, >> it's disgusting a grown man doing that, that's gross. >> neighbors in shocked after a local daycare worker is arrest for sex assault. and police think there could be more victims. >> plus a search for answers in a deadly shooting in the district. new video out shows the suspects police are looking for tonight. >> and, quick
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police officers saved two people inside this burning home. tonight, we hear from them on the heroic moment. the news at 10 starts now. but right now, "fox5" is on the scene of breaking news out of prince george country. police respond to shots fired at an apartment complex in new carlton. thanks for joining us i'm tony perkins. >> i'm marina marraco in for shawn. police are dealing with a barracaded situation. live on the scene is ihemelu. guys our cameras kept back a quart he of a mile as this situation is active. and i can tell you a choper is above and there's a huge presence from both prince george county police and new carlton police. they currently have apartment building surrounded offer riverdale road where they believe a suspect is armed and
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there. and police say it was around after 7:00 this evening. stay a lessen. so, new carrollton officers were the first to arrive. this happened:30 when they arrived on scene as approaching the building they heard two gun shots them themselves. and then they heard a third gun shot. what they believe was ric ricocheted on the street right next to them. and at that point they took cover. our officers where the prince george country employment arrived on scene as well. everyone took cover and set up a perimeter. at that point, officers witnessed three individuals walk out of the apartment building. those individuals are in custody that point. and in questioning what we're trying to determine right now is whether or not we have anyone else inside that apartment building. >>
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seeing live video now of what appears to be somebody in handcuffs walked away from the scene. again, police say it's still unclear if anyone is still in the apartment. plea people were taken out of of that building earlier and they are currently questioned. it's unclear how that person is related to this. neighbors though in the area are being asked to shelter in place. and i cannot tell you -- i can tell you riverdale a large section of it is blocked off as the situation is still unfolding and we will bring you the latest as we know more -- sorry i wants to bring in a live interview here this is prince george county police spokesperson. what you can tell us? is there an update you can tell us about? >> while you were on tv doing the liver shot we cleared the apartment. no one else is inside the apartment and we located the gun. sourks that is great news for residents who live in this area. we have been able to clear that apartment. locate a weapon, and so our investigation continues. we'll be out here for a little while longer. but for now, we've been able to determine that the threat is over. >>
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excellent work thank you very much. >> again that situation now is going to be cooling down. they have found that nobody -- there is no threat to anybody here and they have found a weapon and nobody else inside the apartment. that's the late nest new carrollton tony sending it back to you. >> this say fluid situation as we saw. do we have any sense of -- do police think this was a domestic situation or did someone go into the building and start firing. do they have a sense of that? at this point we don't know tony. they were unable to gettis information before this all started and you heard the little information we got on that update we're still trying to fur outta out how this all began and how it relates. hopefully we can get that answered you during the next half hour. ihemelu reporting from the scene thank you very much.
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both men accused of sexually assaulting children in their care. daycare owner in virginia and maryland elementary school teacher in under arrest. lambert is live in fairfax. evan. this is an incredibly dis disturbing sorry. >> it is marina, we're learning claudio vargas operated this daycare in fairfax county eye month after the allegations started to surface that he interest appropriately touched children we understand he has a license to care for twelve children out of his fairfax county home. they released a 43-year-old claudio vargas. according to investigators vargas touched two children inappropriately. he's in jail tonight held without bond. we tried knocking on the door to ask anyone living here about the lessallegations. no one answered. this all started on june 20 when police say an 11
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child reported vargas touched the child inappropriately. police identified another victim a 9-year-old after a moran than month-long investigation. they arrested vargas on wednesday afternoon. just told us about his arrest this evening. neighbors say vargas and wife have run the daycare out of their home near chantilly at least four years. vargas's wife has not been charged with a crime. neighbors we spoke with said they were surprised and upset by these allegations. it's hard enough when you are a working parent and you want to trust someone with your child to watch your child because you cannot stay home with them. and just for -- like this allegation for him or everyone is so discomforting. >> i'm shocked i can't believe that. because this is disgusting a grown man doing that. that's gross. it's sickening. and like i seen him around. he doesn't look like a person and especially here it's a quiet neighborhood. i can't imagine
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here. >> and parents say they wish they had been notified towards the beginning of this investigation. it is still unclear tonight why the state allowed vargas to operate the daycare for more than a month after these allegations first began to surface. the state has not answered those questions tonight. fairfax county police asking anyone who believes their children might be victims to come forward and contact them. marina. >> evan. do we know in the owner was in trouble with the law or faced previous violations with this daycare. >> we don't know about any previous criminal record. taking a look at the state records for daycare inspections he's had several semi-annual inspections over the years and there have been violations all minor in na nature. nothing like these crimes that hi is accused of, marina. >> incredibly discovery. evan lambert in fairfax. thank you. >> former cloverly elementary school teacher john
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learned fate he was sentenced to 48 years for sex abuse of multiple girls. it was a very he motional day in montgomery country courtroom. victims and supporters were in court. and they spoke after the hearing. he is not a groomer nor a predator. he has been wrongfully convicted. we will continue to fight until he's vindicated and justice is served. >> that's a very sad case because i'm sure that every person who has a child in montgomery county public school wants that child to be safe. wants every khooild to be wonderful. i'm sure mr. vigna was kind and nice to many of his students. but he also acted imp improperly with at least four that he now stands convicted of after having been repr represented very, very well at trial. >> vigna taught third, fourth and fifth grade over course of 20 years and was convicted in june. >> montgomery county teenage areas caused and cleared of sex assault charges at rockvi
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pleaded guilty to a less serious crime. 17-year-old jose mvrments ontano had a lude photo of minor on his phone. earlier this year montano and an 14-year-old were accused of raping a girl in a bathroom. they said the girl prosecutors later determined there was not enough evidence to support the initial rain allegations. all right. we're tracking some severe weather in both virginia and maryland tonight. although it looks clear in the district. >> let's go owe to gwynn. she has the latest on that, hi there, gwynn. >> a must be of warnings continue to pop up tonight associated with an approaching frontal sim. let's put it altogether and see what's happening 230u. severe thunderstorm warning until 10:30 for carol, frederick, loudoun and washington county. no, i washington county and frederick in maryland loudoun in virginia
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and berkley which is actually in west virginia and you can see we've gotten tire area affecting neighborhoods jefferson, frederick, demass is, liz bone all coming up and being affected by the storms. storms are moving their way rapidly northeast 40 miles an hour. there's a line martinsburg to charlestonton now and damages wings imbedded within the storms. if are you in this area due take heed because definitely these winds can cause trees and large branches to fall and injuries on roadways or walkways. and the like. be careful. also we have a coastal flood advisory in effect. you can see the storms moving their way through. and they've been kind of scattered here and there. and then starting to form a little line. and now we're seeing more reaching more northeast and we had a lot of heavier rainfall and storms near the mason dixon line and now things are affecting areas closer towards us and that's what we're
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coastal flood advisory in effect that and that through until saturday morning for anne arrundel, st. mary and calvert. expected high tide levels to be three-quarters to at least a foot above normal. we'll have more details in the full forecast for you in a b bit, back to you. >> thank you, gwynn. >> metro transit police looking for a man accused of sexual abuse taking up skirt pictures an a number of victims were unaware they were targeted. a woman reported while riding escalate to exit columbia heights metro station she felt someone's hand up her skirt wednesday around 7:30 . investigators say the incidents was caught on surveillance video and the video also shows a suspect committing other instances of up skirting. >> in my time of just commuting to work, focusing on that, that is something else i have to worry b whether or not as i'm wearing a dress today to think oh, my goodness some man may be able to look up my dress. and it makes me feel really
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uncomfortable. >> plain clothed officers are now patrolling the area. if you think you may have been a victim, call police. >> and new tonight, we're hearing from two d.c. police officers who rescued an elderly couple from a fire in northeast. the fire broing out at the couple's hoj early thursday morning along buchanan street. the officers arrived and rushed into the burning home and helped the husband get out saferly. >> we started yelling inside the house to see if anybody was inside and sure enough we could hear someone yelling from the inside. >> we're no hero. window this every day. and it's our job and part of our job. >> both ever the officers were treated for smoke inhalation. >> now to a follow up on deadly shooting in northeast. police just released new video of two persons of interest and a vehicle of interest. that shooting happened exxon gas station on 18 street last night and police say jar vis bell later died at the hospital. and three other men were also shot and their injuries are concerned n
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and police said the man got away in four-door dark colored sedan that could be a lexus. >> congress left washington for summer break without progress on any major legislation. >> approach law makers in taking on healthcare to try to get something done. >> plus hollywood artist. this is not brain surgery but it may help doctors perform it. >> and as we head to break if your weekend plans involve a trip on metro listen up. there's major service changes happening beginning tonight. metro next 24/7 work zone is shutting down the branch avenue and suitland stations on the green lane for two weeks
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[vo] one moment can change a life. intelligent technology can help protect it. the all-new audi q5 is here. >> welcome back. "fox5" on the scene of breaking news out of prince george country. there's live pictures we're sear now shortly after 7:30 this evening these are not live pictures. these were shot earlier. shortly after 7:30 this evening residents at an apartment complex in new carrollton said a man began firing shots off of
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there. our own anjali hemphill is live on the scene where just a short time ago police gave us an update on the barricade situation that followed shots fired. anjali, what's the latest. >> tone yes, i you heard all this come to i aclose on our area. it took police two hours to determine no one else was inside the apartment they surrounded earlier this evening and while the threats to the public is gone several police officers are still on scene here as they are trying to clear the scene it was earlier around 7:30 police say they arrived to the fountain club apartment complex for someone shooting off the balcony. and they approached and said the shooting started coming in towards their direction. so they sue oubdinged building and see haven'tly say three people came out and were taken in custody and questioned. earlier when we were going live we did get video of someone that was walking with a police officer in handcuffs and sources do tell us that is one of the people that police are talking to. again it's
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their relation to the shooting. but around 10:00 police did go into the apartments and did not find anybody else inside. but they did locate a gun. this is all very fluid information. still coming down now. this is the latest we know at this point. and i'll leave it back to you, tony. >> washington a little quieter today. congress left the capitol for august recess but they did not make progress on the most important issue this year healthcare reform. president trump upset the republican led congress could not repeal obamacare and now law makes makers face voteers back home who have cause for frustration following unproductive congress. lindsay gram announces more peace male plan on healthcare that could send money back to the states. >> four states get 40% of money. new york, california, massachusetts and maryland. my block grant approach takes the money we would spend here in washington stendz is back to states in more equitable fashion.
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tax reform and infrastructure bill and annual spending bills needed to keep the light on government. >> and the world of medicine is getting a taste of hollywood. special effects artists are designing a 3 d simulator allowingdoctors to practice brain surgery. surgeonones at john hopkins are taking part in the project and it will be a full scale reproduction of 14-year-old child's head and brain. doctors will eventually use it to practice minimally invasive brain surgey. >> wow. >> incredible stuff. >> really s that's cool. >> and all right. a lot of men don't like to c cry. it's not just because they don't want to show he motion. >> you don't say? science behind guys holding back their tears. >> and here's something that you may not cry about. ice cream that doesn't melt. how scientists have made it possible. we'll be back. ck.
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>> lady if you wish your man showed emotion or more emotion his reason for holding back the tears may be more scientific than you realize. new research finds men have lower levels of the hormone prolactin. i'm amused at the shots we have for this. the hormone prolactin found in tears. women cry 64 times a year compared to 17 times foremen. i'll bet some men don't cry that many times. >> how often do you cry, tony. >> once you have a child you're more emotional about things. >> is is that the so. >> i cry every now and then for good reasons mostly. >> only associated with the child? >> i agree -- i refuse to answer more questions. >> he pleads the fifth. all right. need to kick recent battle of depression practicing yoga may be the secret. linking yo
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depression symptoms. one study analyzed veterans taking yoga and others was hot yoga ranging age from 20s to 40s after eight weeks both groups saw depression symptoms drop. concept is to promising that military is creating own yoga treatment plans. >> dunk ib donut think about a name change. it's considering dropping donuts from his name. they want people to think of it as place to grab coffee. the plan to test the name change will happen at a store in pasadena, california. the company is not expected to make a final decision on the name until sometime next year. >> they would be dunkin. that's seems odd. >> get your dunkin. >> 9 yeerld boy make going on his promise to deliver sweet treats law enforcement officers across the country. tyler was in hartford county handing out donuts to maryland state police and nine other area police. it's all part
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week road trip to thank police officers for their service. in return, maryland state police presented tyler with a honorary trooper certificate, police patch and tee shirt. so far, get this they delivered more than 22,000 donuts to police necessary 16 states. pretty incredible. there's no reason to let your ice cream drip down our handymore, japanese scientists invented ice cream that doesn't melt. basically used extract from strawberries to slow down melting and treats will even stay cool after exposed to hot air from a drier. >> are we taking the fun out of everything nowadays. >> that doesn't seem natural nowadays. >>. >> that doesn't melt, that's right. from the 80s. ice cream of the future. since the 80s. thanks, guys. >> when i join marina 10:30 "fox5" exclusive a woman was acall sawmeed
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ebb while working in northeast d.c.. tonight she shared her story in he hopes of getting her dog back. hurricane season kicking into high gear. we breakdown what experts are predicting and how fema is gearing up. speaking of weather, gwynn. >> deeping an eye on ray davrment firing up across the area and still tracking severe storm warnings. we'll have more details for you and that full 7 day korming up in a bit. we'll be back after the break test test test
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>> right now at 10:30 a local daycare work ago caused of sexually assault tion kids and now police believe there could be more victims. >> then a woman assaulted an a dog snatched right ought of her hands. tonight she's talking only to "fox5" about the attack in mopes of getting her nei neighbor's dog back. >> and plus how fema is gearing up as hurricane
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experts are predicting more storms than usual. news continues right now. and it's 10:30 i'm jim lokay. >> i'm marine 'marraco. a barricade situation in prince george county. >> anjali hemphill has the latest now. >> reporter: guys you can see behind me police pulling away from the scene as barricade situation is over. the apartment is cleared and a gun was recovered inside. it was around 7:30 when police arrived to fountain club apartment come mrexz and balcony. and shooting happening in their direction and surrounded apartment building. eventually three people came out and were nine custody and questioned it was about 10:00 after that when police went in and they say no one else was inside that apartment and they did locate a gun. guys. >> and now to fairfax where a local daycare worker is accused of sexually abusing children. >> evan lambert live you on the investigation. avenue a
10:31 pm
is in jail tonight without bobd. he's accused of inappr inappropriately touching two children and investigators say this all started on june 20 when an 11-year-old reported being inappropriately touched. the investigator about a month found a second victim a 9-year-old. now police are asking any parents who believe their children are victims to come forward. >> and metro transit police are looking for a man who is accused of taking up skirt pictures and investigators believe a number of victims were unaware they were ta targeted and woman at the columbia heights metro station reported incidents to police and it happened wednesday night around 7:30. investigators say the incident was caught on camera surveillance video and video shoez showed the suspect committing other incidences of up skirting. >> it is another active weather night. we had storm problems last night that caused major amage out towards baltimore and also in parts of maryland and looks like tonight, gwynn, a little bit of the same. >> we have pretty active storms kick
10:32 pm
the evening hours on radar and right now, let's take a look at where the warnings are situated. severe thunderstorm warning until 11:15 just extend i want to you know for quar ol, frederick and washington counties in maryland and loudoun county just got cancelled. and so in the pam of those storms, johnsville, woodboro, walkers villas well as frederick and braddock. if are you in the vicinities at all do take heed and just be very careful out there and be aware these storms are moving through they have potential for wind gusts of up to 60 miles an hour and lots of heavy rain fall with them adds well. these are firing up all night. we also have a coastal flood advisory in effect. at high tide areas here would be affected as well anywhere from half a foot to even a foot above normal tide levels. and what's happening as we got this line of storms that continue to move up and you can see they're firing up quite a bit. most of this has been quite heavy near the mason dixon line. hagerstown is in the range of all that along the i 81 corridor
10:33 pm
all associated with a front moving in from the central portions of kupty and it will move its way straight across the mid atlantic into tonight. i can't rule out we won't have more storms or more heavy rainfall of course with this before the night it over and i do and seeing a few more of those warnings and watches firing up. i'll have more details a little later in the 7 day forecast as well. back to you. >> and "fox5" anne arrundel county we know the names of two victims that drownededs yesterday in a neighbor's p pool. victims 51-year-old cane and granddaughter 4-year-old arianna woo! ton along a drive in save earn part. her grandfather jumped into to save her and timer new how to swim. >> and maryland state police helicopter coot respokened to a farm in brookville to assist a woman seriously injured after thrown and kicked by a horse. she was air-lifted to med star washington hosta
10:34 pm
treatment. new tonight a startling find in hagerstown maryland. someone found iedss in a car. police say they belonged to this man. robert schultz and additional explosive materials was also found in his home. the discovery was made after a man found the ieds fdz hi car he bought and traced back to shulze and they believe the device koz have been live. the bomb squad had to come in and evacuate nearby homes as a precaution. >> ai poodle snatched off the street in southeast after assault on woman taking this dog for a walk. the dog's owner reached out to "fox5" in hopes of finding a pet named diva and catching those that took her yesterday morning. "fox5" matt ackland has details about the exclusive. >> here's a picture of diva her owner tells us they had her since a puppy and are frantic to get her back. yesterday next door neighbor
10:35 pm
edweana took her dogs on a walk together and even snapped this picture of them. well, not long after that picture was taken edweena says she was attacked. >> as they started to beat me unand stomp me and hit me in the face they took diva. >> ed weena shows us the injuries they sustained nat tack. bruised eye, swollen mouth and that's not all. >> they cshed my knee and i went to the emergency ward and i was told that i'm going to need surgery. >> edweena says a woman and her daughter drove up and asked if all of of the dogs were hers. then she heard the mother gave her daughter an order. >> she told her daughter go get one of the dogs she doesn't need them. >> she held on to diva as the girl tried to tear her away and mom got out of the car. >> i don't understand what this world is coming to that a person has to beat up a person and take
10:36 pm
>> matt ackland, "fox5 local news". >> we certainly hoped they find diva soon. >> absolutely. lost luggage is unfortunate risk when you fly. >> if you worry the airlines could lose bags it could be worse. wait until you hear what happened to luggage of hundreds of passengers flying out of nashville. >> that stinks. >> did you have to give it away already. >> hey, remember that massive sinkhole in florida they get a lot of this one is getting bigger. this is is what is it not a foot it's 80 foot long section of sink hole collapsed overnight by morning several more pieces of land caved in, all septic tandz and contents of two houses and car and boats fell into the sink hole. homeowners were told about the developments and nobody is asked to evaluation yet. what we're back . another day another record on wall street. the dow closing at all time high for the 8 plg straight session. and it is the 51
10:37 pm
seen since president trump's election. and a big reason for today's rally jobs a lot of them the economy creating 209,000 jobs last month and a little more than expected and hourly wage as rizing and leash you're and hospitality companies adding the most workers and toy oat and mazda are teaming up to send 1.6 billion on new u.s. factory and plan makes electric cars and create 4,000 new jobs and no word yet on where the factory will be build and weekend road trainer will need extra cash. national average for unleded gasoline rising again this week. it's now hovering 2.34 a gallon and that's 25 cents higher than this time last year. that's business i'm neal passs'passs'
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>> we were talking about the story. passengers out of a flight in nashville weathers win he did not miss their lus allege. >> it was sprayed with sue annual an toilet water. narcoticville international said toilets overflowed and sewage leaked on to the floor and to a sewage conveyor one floor below. >> disgusting i would never wan that to happen to myy b bags. >> accident happenen but that's a big accident. >> and airport says the bags were san tised before put on the plane. i'm sure that's good? >> i mean tony was asking earlier how do you sanitize that. >> similar thing happened last year. the airport is making structural changes to make sure sure it never happens again. >>
10:42 pm
you. >> want money back your ware and stuff has crap all over it crappy situation. >> literally. literally. >> speaking of things to complain about yelp opening a districts in the office. it will be located in the heart of downtown in pep quarter next to verizon ce center. by the way i'm look agent these how do you write a review of lincoln memorial and give it less than five starts. yelp plans on hiring 500 employees and vows half positions will go to d.c. residents. yelp has 2,000 people working worldwide and 130 million reviews on the web site. >> jobs, jobs, jobs. >> i'm saying what you go on yelp you can review everything. >> people want to complain about everything. i'm smur you have fan fantic reviews on yell m. >> me personally. >> i never looked you can review news anchors on yelp thanks for giving people ideas at home. >> up next, sure cape surprise heating up. >>
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doing to prepare and why experts are expecting more storms this
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[vo] one moment can change a life. intelligent technology can help protect it. the all-new audi q5 is here.
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snv as hurricane season kicks into high gear president trump surprise learning more dwt government's efforts to prepare. >> phil keiting has the details. >> 2017 hurricane season officially started back in june with experts predicting more storms than usual. thanks in part to warmer waters in the southern atlantic. now president trump is getting update on the government's response capabilities touring the federal emergency management agency on friday ahead of briefing on fema preparations so far. >> we're very strong on homeland security and very strong with respect fema. >> after update the president was given a tour of fema national response coordination center which will become the focal point of any
10:47 pm
president says fema is already gearing up after his pick to head the agency brock long was confirmed last month. >> we take care of many situations that really needed emergency fund. we do to quickly and effe effectively. >> forecasters are predicting a 70% chance that 11 to 17 named storms could form this season and in some areas it's already starting. tropical storm than depression emily causing widespread n noting in the miami area this week leaving local officials to call in the federal government for support. >> population grows and shelter capacity or shelter demand grows. >> because of the sandbags we kept the water out of the house. >> there have already been five named stornlz this hurricane season and none of the five became hurricanes. peak season is august, september and october. in
10:48 pm
news. >> today tourists were allowed back in outer banks after a week long pouter outage. roy cooper issued a state of emergency after construction crew cut two power lines. residents were allowed to say on hat ar as and okacoke. this threw many vacations into chaos. >> we had a beautiful place and the place we found out there is not nice at all it was the last available everything was taken. and we stayed at hotel. we paid a lot of money to stay at a hotel and didn't know what was going on. power outage at the hight of the summer vacation season cost small businesses thousands of dollars beaches were also nearly empty. >> i can only imagine so many people going down for vacations. >> plan ago head. >> and this happening. >> exactly. >> uh-huh. >> power out at some homes yesterday with severe thunderstorms and tonight
10:49 pm
we're seeing some in both virginia and maryland right? >> that's correct and actually washington county maryland i got a report they had fair amount of trees blown down from the storms tracking tonight. and so we still have warnings to talk about. we'll get right to it things calm in the district however at least for now. i cannot say it will be that way throughout the entire night and that's because the line of storms i amtraking are expected to move their way through to the east. all associated with a frontal system that is really caused a lot of activity in the central portion of country. and causing problems for us as well. right now severe thunderstorm warning until 11:15 and this is carol and frederick counties. and so if are you in the path of this and here's some of the neighborhoods that will get pretty hit with this fairly shortly we have kemp stayed and westminster as well as uniontown. so winds in this could reach up to 60 miles an hour. also hail. as i mentioned we had reports in washington county maryland of the same storm system knocking trees down. so
10:50 pm
see some of that as well. so this is moving its way through northeast roughly 35 smiles an hour. moving fairly quickly and i would not be surprised if the next half hour or 45 minute or so we see a warning move a little more towards east as those storms move through. coastal flowed advisory at high tide talking a quarter to foot above tide normal tide levels along these coastal areas and does include annapolis naval academy along with chesapeake. be careful if you're in any of these areas. we don't want you to be af affected in any way. here's a look at storms. this plowing their way through here. this is why we had the warning in effect moving off northeast of hagerstown. and take a look you can see how the long line. storms continues well out to the west this is all ahead of the cold front. we had hot, humid air mass in place. it's sticky, uncomfortable and today's high
10:51 pm
national airport. what we have happening is cold front coming right into this atmosphere and that's hot and sticky and humid. lots of instability. it kind of really fires up. and a storm prediction center having us under risk of severe weather for just about all of this evening. but once that dpront moves through we'll see a big difference in this humidity will finally get pushed out and we'll start to see some cooler air as we get a pretty good northwesterly breeze kicking n tomorrow will be a day filled with sunshine. cooler, it will also be windy. future cast bringing storms right across hirp into tonight. by the time we get to early morning hours of saturday still seeing some through 3 a.m. baltimore and pretty much fizzles out by the time we get to the 6, 7:00 in the morning. here's a look at current temperatures. into the low80s. upper 70s across the board and beaches if you head to ocean city tomorrow, can't rule out maybe a little early morning shower from the system heading through and after that 85 degrees and sun
10:52 pm
sunday and it's going to be a great day. just enjoy yourself if are you headed to the beaches. >> so wrapping it up for you then. 70 for tonight. look ago the showers and storms. as i said i can not rule out and won't start to move more towards the i 95 corridor. 8 for tomorrow. look at winds. picking up northwest gusting 25 miles an hour. boy sun for you in the afternoon. here's a look at "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast. storm jury day on monday, however, but into the week temperatures will actually be below seasonal. not bad at all. fairly comfortable and as i said the weekend is shaping up to be absolutely spectacular for you. hopefully you will enjoy it let's check in with sports guy. here's our brody. >> thanks, gwynn. nationals do have statistically the worst bullpen in majors and any nats fan will tell you they're terrible. but i don't want to jinx it. but i have to mention okay they're only three teams without a blown save in the last 30 days. and one of them
10:53 pm
>> okay i know i might have jinxed it i'm i had to mention it windy city mat nay. nats danny mur fay putting on a show. first inning one on. one is left hanging don't want to do that against mur. . one hung out to fly. two run shot danny boy not done there. sixth inning. this is out over the plate. danny murphy sends it. opposite way. second homer of the day. nats bullpen yes shut down he defending champ from there keeping blown save streakith tact win 4-2. >> there was worry among wizards fans when john wall didn't sign offer extension of 170 million. why wouldn't you it's 170 million dollars. just go sign it. so after a week of wondering wall signed extension and did so out of love for d.c. and its fans. >> definitely want to thank all the amazing fans in d.c. and every year has not been great for us
10:54 pm
got better and we definitely have a lot of unfinished business here and we strive to get that and i'm not going to stop until i get here. that's why i committed to come back. >> soccer club brock a world record paying 260 million for namar doubling the record of 123 million that's ab suburb before factoring in his sally, 55 million a year. that got me think being. what could they have spent that money on. 250 million could have quoten america's most expensive home 8,000 square foot twelve bedroom house, 21 bathrooms in bell air, california. they could have pocketed 100 mill and purchased the world's biggest lot. heliport and movie theater. it was bought on ebay. that's true. and they could have gotten the card player the second most expensive art ever sold or liz bone island
10:55 pm
the coast of portugal. >> instead namar. >> and hopefully a lot of goals. >> they saw namar and 6-1 loss in bars loan aand they're like buy him, get that man. >> they cohave bought john wall. >> you could have had a couple john walls. >> namar, two john wall. >> where are the titles for him too. >> that's true. >> turning up the heat. >> thank you, brody. >> it's about time. >> he does. >> coming up next "fox 5 news" at 11. >> hey, tony. >> glad i'm in the other studio. coming up at 11 continuing to follow breaking news tonight barricade swraition in maryland is now over. but we're learning new details about how it all played out. we're live. and our first look at a pilot split second decision that saved 161 lives. those stories and more coming up in just a few minutes at 11. 11.
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>> lack become. we told you about the latest challenge on social media talking about the drive by dunk college. you drive by a basketball h hoot, get out, dunk and leave. >> all right. so arlington county fire department is getting it on with t rex and result a five alarm fail of dunk attempt. t rex little arms didn't make the dunk and challenge is spreading nationally challenges and players getting in on the action. >> and i'll see you at 11:0 for final five. fox news at 11 starts now. >> this is "fox5 local news at 11". >>
11:00 pm
daycare worker accused of sexually assaulting children. could there be more victims? >> and dramatic new video after i gas station shooting that left one man dead and injured three others. >> for the first time we're hearing from two police officers who rescued an elderly couple. >> and our first look the a pilot's split second decision that saved 161 lives. your news starts now. >>. >> we're getting new cellphone video of a barricade situation in prince george county tonight. that standoff is over. >> it began with firing several gun shots off a new carrollton apartment complex and police and swat teams swarmed the area. live on the scene with more details. anjali. >> guys the


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