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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  August 7, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> ahead at 7 o'clock this morning a shooting on board the red line train and this morning the search is on for three suspects considered armed and dangerous. some key clues that we may get this morning. >> well, call it very, very early speculation but, yes, we are talking about the race for the white house. and the vice president firing back at a bombshell report about a possible run in 2020. this morning president trump is weighing in. >> and a weather alert this monday morning. going to be wet out there today. many of you already waking up to rain. this as we track a line of severe thunderstorms popping up throughout the day. a flash flood watch for the d.c. region that starts at 9 o'clock this morning. >> good morning, i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. thanks for being with us. here's a live look outside this morning and we'll take a look and see how things are so far at reagan national airport
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of that heavy air moving in right now and there are scattered rain showers throughout the area. 71 de71 degrees right now. let's get a quick check at weather and traffic. what's up tuck. >> steve rain has been light overnight and it will pick up in intensity throughout the day. i'll have all the details on the weather but potentially we could get a couple inches of rain today. erin how are the roads. >> roads are damp but i'm more concerned about the ride home once that heavier rain moves in. right now we still have a crash out on fairfax county parkway by huntsman lane that's causing delays even though some lanes have reopened. if you're take, metro green line delays and that is becabecause of track work. branch avenue and suitland stations closed. a full look at traffic and other delays on our virginia and maryland roads. >> we're following developing news. three people shot in southeast d.c., two men and one woman hit by gun around 2:00 this morning in the 3700 block of first street. all three were taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. no word this
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reason behind that shooting. >> also in the district police are searching for two men involved in an armed carjacking in northwest. officers say they took off from the unit block of u street in a dark blue 2015 nissan altima with maryland tags. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> and this morning d.c. police looking for these three men. they are suspects in the shooting of a teenager on board a metro train yesterday. >> the shooting happened on the red line. fox5's melanie alnwick is live from the takoma station with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, steve and allison. the teen who was shot is said to be in stable condition. metro police are calling the man who shot him art armed and dangerous. the shooting happened on board a red line train as it pulled up to the station around 3:00 in the afternoon. the teen was shot in the stomach. metro transit police called
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arrived. this is the second shooting on board a train in 18 months. it's still exceptionally rare but upsetting to riders nonetheless. >> i feel really bad for anybody who was on the train when it happened. >> you just hope to ride the metro safely every day. >> i mean of course i'm going to still ride metro in the future but it's like -- it's really not a good feeling. >> reporter: now, let's give you another look at those ththree suspects. the video captured as they were leaving the silver spring station. they got off at the takoma station and got on a train going the opposite direction. police have not said if the victim and the suspects knew each other. really interesting, this crime happened aboard a 7000 series train which we're told is equipped with new hd cameras so metro transit police believe that they'll be able to get some pretty good images of the crime and the suspects and it is possible that we could get some of those
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pictures later today. live in northwest d.c., i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> 7:03 right now. thank you melanie. an arlington man behind bars held without bond after police say he set fire to an apartment and pushed an infant in a stroller toward the flames. investigators say on saturday demetrius taylor got into a fight with a woman inside an eighth floor unit on columbia pike. they say he assaulted her lit a floor mat on fire and then tried to hurt that baby. the infant was not injured. taylor faces several charges including arson and child endangerment. >> time right now is four minutes past the hour. breaking from australia this morning a u.s. military osprey aircraft that crashed saturday has been located. australia's defense ministry says the wreckage was that found after a navy survey shipped arrived at the crash scene. three marines were killed in the crash when the aircraft went down. we know one of those deceased is from maine. another from kansas. 23 service members
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>> a severe weather system that caused major damage is on the move this morning. it's headed our way. over the weekend in oklahoma, up to 30 people were occurred when a tornado touched down in tulsa. the storm was moving so fast and changing direction that sirens didn't even go off catching a lot of people by surprise. further south parts of new orleans cleaning up after torrential downpours dumped up to 10-inches of rain in some spots. >> 7:05. let's get a check on what's happening here today. tuck, good morning. >> potentially flooding rain later today as, yeah, pattern's changing up. it's been pretty active around here. >> right. >> typically we go like 90, 95. last couple days -- >> it puts it into perspective, the big easy gets 10-inches, we're looking at 1 inch today. >> one to two. we already had some pretty good rains the last couple weeks. that stays in the soil and so the soil is still pretty saturated. it's not going to take a lot for us to get
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going. one to 2 inches is pretty good rain for a one day event. flash flood watch in effect 9 o'clock this morning, counties here in washington, right along the bay, southern maryland, eastern shore all under that flash flood watch. currently 72 in washington. upper 60's dulles and bwi marshall. we are going to be cool today. only in the mid to upper 70's for daytime highs. so, if you're sensitive like my friend, steve, might want to consider a light jacket this afternoon. >> tender vegetation is what we call him. >> we do, we call him tender vegetation 'cause he is. all right, there we go. satellite and radar rain showers moving through. most of this will be pretty light but when i open up for you you're going to see the bulk of our rain showers on the way out into west virginia and it's a warm front stuck across the area with a little area of low pressure riding along it and that combination will give us a wet day today. potentially there could be some thunderstorm activity as well today and when we wrap things up a inch or two of rain is possible for parts of the area and there could be some localized flooding so, you know,us
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you're driving later today, there might be ponding on the roadways. seven day in a minute. >> thank you tucker. >> check in with erin see how the roads are. >> 7:06 and we're starting to see some heavier rain. we're seeing big problems on fairfax county parkway out by huntsman boulevard. we have a crash blocking the right shoulder right lane. previously all lanes blocked. watch out for those big delays. again fairfax county parkway had been closed but traffic is getting by in both directions. we do have delays. we'll switch to our other cameras on 395. you can see the rainy commute there will pretty soggy and as you pass duke street after edsall road, we're seeing some slow traffic. it's about a 15 minute delay from the beltway to the 14th 14thstreet bridge. hov lane heavy as well. other issues on the green line as we have been telling outrock work closing the green line stations of branch avenue and suitland through august 20th. shuttle buses replacing trains between naylor road and branch avenue so be prepared for that way. beltwasp
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place. use caution as you pass by suitland road slow it down. outer loop 15 minute delay. 95 over to georgia avenue as usual an closer look at 395 you can see all that red. give yourself extra time on 295. we're all jammed up. more traffic in a few. back to you guys. >> erin thanks very much. overseas tillerson giving strong message to north korea. tillerson put renewed pressure on china and russia two of north korea's few allies. >> but i think the world is also expressing a view to china and russia that we do have an expectation that you will do everything you possibly can to help north korea understand the reality of the future as well and bring them to the negotiating table. >> both china and russia voted to support new sanctions against north korea that were approved in the united nations over the weekend. the new restrictions ban the
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iron, lead and seafood. they also prohibit countries from increasing the number of north koreans working abroad. vice president pence fighting back against a report he's thinking about running for president in three years. >> the the white house also working to shut down these rumors of a pence presidential run. holly is standing by with the latest. holly, any truth to this report. >> reporter: who knows. it all comes at a time, though, where it seems to never be too early, right, to talk about the next election. pence has spoken out denying a possible 2020 run. so, for now, it really is just all speculation. >> all that i'm preparing for every day is to do everything i can to see president donald trump re-elected in 2020. >> reporter: but is vice president mike pence quietly hedging his bets and actually thinking about mounting his own bid for the white house in three years. he says no. and calls a new york times piece filled with that kind of speculation offensive and white house counselor kellyanne conway
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it down. >> zero concerned. that is complete fiction. that is complete fabrication. >> reporter: but the report says it's not just pence, that other ambitious republicans are getting their ducks in a row in case president trump for whatever reason doesn't seek reelection for a second term. and a lot of this may have to do with the ongoing probes into possible ties between the trump campaign and the russia. on the other hand, with presidential campaigns getting longer and longer, some see this as simply a run up for 2024, not necessarily 2020. >> i think it would be political suicide for the vice president to be looking at 2020. so that's why i don't buy thissism i think this is a look towards 2024. >> reporter: the president himself is already working behind the scenes to prepare for his own reelection effort and democrats are going through their own early just ling to field an opponent. the president is weighing in on this one of course. he tweeted jt
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the failing new york times which has made every wrong prediction about me including my big election win is totally inept. as for the democrats, only one person has already officially thrown his hat in the ring for 2020 and that's maryland congressman john delaney who has already been on our show. steve. >> holly thanks. alarming report on troops who may be at risk for suicide today. the report from the rand corp says only 30 percent of soldiers with depression received appropriate care. about 54 percent of those with ptsd got the care they needed. >> the city of chicago is set to file a lawsuit against the justice department today over the doj's plan to withhold grant money from so-called sanctuary cities for immigrants. chicago's mayor rahm emanuel says the policy forces the city to choose between its commitment to being a sanctuary city and its need for federal grants. city leaders say new qualifications for public safety grants that r
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cities to share information with federal immigration officials are unconstitutional. emanuel says the city won't be "blackmailed into changing our values and we are and will remain a welcoming city." >> another update on today's severe weather across the d.c. region. >> a traffic alert to anyone watching this morning with a lead foot. details about the new speed camera on the beltway that starts issuing those $40 tickets today. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> that tells the story any time there's that much green on the map it's going to be a long day. >> ♪ >> tuck. >> yeah, hi. >> hi. [laughter] >> you were waiting for steve's forecast. >> i didn't rli
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handing it off to me. >> that's what we do when we go to weather. >> currently it's going to rain for much of the day today. we have a flash flood match effect. >> it's monday. >> he got lost in something. it's okay. >> i was looking at the capitol. >> uh-huh. >> having a deep thought. >> i know. >> okay. >> yes. >> actually the thought wasn't that deep but i was thinking about something. okay, let's gro go to the forecast. >> at least he's honest. >> inch or two of range potentially right along the bay out to about 95 under the flash flood watch. southern maryland, eastern shore you guys are included and again it's going to be a cool day today for this time of year, mid to upper 70's and rain for much of the day. not going the rain every minute today but kind of on and off. warm front coming through and you can see all that rain back out into western virginia approaching the region so definitely take an umbrella. be ready for a wet one much of the day t late
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evening things should taper off. okay, quickly want to get you down to the tropics because we have yet another storm franklin not expected to become terribly intense but as it crosses into mexico, cancun, senior frog's will likely get some heavy rain. >> man, did you have a good time at senior frog's. >> never went to senior frog's. always wished i had gone when i was 21. this will not impact the united states but there you go. that's storm number six, seven. yeah, for the year. so, you know, we're just starting to ramp up into the most intense of our hurricane season second half of august into september so just keep that in mind that we'll have to start to look out along the eastern seaboard as well. 77 today. rain showers much of the day. could be thunderstorms as well. sunny and bright 83, less humidity tomorrow. tomorrow back into a nice summertime feel.
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>> all right. thanks tucker. >> uh-huh. >> hi, erin. good morning. >> so, i've never made it to senior frog's either but ocean city maryland has secrets and it's a lot closer. >> no, i've been to secrets. >> just checking. >> yeah. >> it's worth a stop. >> where you stand out back in the water that you're a little concerned -- >> yes. i just stood in the sand. i never went into the bay. >> okay. >> right now fairfax county parkway southbound at huntsman boulevard a crash. big delays there. give yourself extra time to get through that area. northbound backing up as well. nasty gloomy morning. i need that second cup of coffee. we have another problems, other slowdowns this morning. 395 by edsall road it's just gloomy gray rainy. watch for slick spots. rain will get worse throughout the day. please be extra careful especially on your ride home as heavier rain moves through. let's take a look at our maps. we also have a vehicle fire right now this is new. 295 on the northbound side. first i want to get to this. metroor
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suitland station closed. shuttle service replacing trains. 395 we talked about that delay. 295 vehicle fire at laboratory road. those yellow zones are going to quickly turn red as that scene lingers. please use caution. just popped up inner loop from branch avenue to cross the wilson bridge. supposed under 15 miles an hour, ton of heavy volume there. constitution avenue lights on flash at 15th street. give yourself extra time. treat that intersection as though you would a stop sign. just a sad gloomy start to this monday morning. back to you guys full of joy. >> thanks so much. >> metro replacing all four escalators the the noma-gallaudet u metro station. project will take about 10 months to complete. two escalators will be taken out of service at a time. riders still will be able to access the platform by using one escalator at each entrance or stairs or elevators. anybody watching this morning with a lead foot if you hit the beltway you are going to want to hit the brakes as well. >> the grace period is over for drivers. if you're caught speed
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work zone on the inner loop and outer loops of the beltway you'll get a ticket. our bob barnard is live this morning along the beltway in prince george's county with the latest. this story has come full circle. you reported and you let us know we had a grace period and now it's over, bob. good morning. >> reporte: that's right, good morning, allison and steve, yes, that was three weeks ago. this three-week grace period is over and i don't know if you've just seen it here, this sucker is flashing even though it's not a beautiful day its raining out here, you would think people would be slowing down but we've seen tickets being issued already this morning. we are along the outer loop at allentown road. no more warnings starting today. these will be 40-dollar citations going out, anyone going at least 12 miles over the 55 miles per hour speed limit here. 187,000 cars a day roughly are passing this area. the mobile speed cameras will only be in construction zones and this one that we're along right now is for the suitland bridge replacement project whh
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going to take about three years. and so this particular mobile camera affixed to an suv will at some points be here along the outer loop, sometimes along the inner loop before and just after the construction zone. basically what they're saying is it's for the safety of drivers and passengers as well as construction workers. the last two years along maryland highways, six people both in 2015 and 2016 have been killed in construction zones because of highway accidents. we're told, though, that since they began this mobile speed camera program along the beltway here in maryland, about seven years ago, those deaths have been cut in half and that's what it's all about, saving your life the construction worker's life and so starting today for about the next three years they're saying this mobile speed camera will be bopping along the inner loop, outer loop and not just a warning guys
7:21 am
$40 citation. >> it can differentiate between lanes. >> reporter: anywhere, any of -- there are three lanes right here right now. so, as you look up this way toward the suitland bridge, anybody in any of these lanes who is going at least 12 miles over the speed limit can get flashed zapped and will get that ticket in the mail. >> all right. you have been warned. bob barnard thanks very much. >> all right, bob. >> still ahead tackling the opioid crisis and the hazard that police officers now face. >> current problem all over the place where responding officers to drug scenes including fentanyl, that's the most recent incident that happened in stafford county. coming up at 7:30 we'll get some safety steps find out what officers are doing to protect themselves and others. it's 7:21 now.
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>> ♪ >> steve, are you feeling lucky. >> he is. >> now is the time to play lotto. the jackpots for the mega millions and powerball getting big. since there were no winners over the weekend the jackpot for both is worth a combined $653 million. nice to dream. memega millions jackpot stands at $346 million. the winner could take home 216 million bucks. the powerball jackpot now at $307 million. that's it, i'm starting to play. >> there you go. good time to get in right. you and everybody else. >> w
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bought a couple of lottery tickets. >> really. >> 'cause you always hear of like the small towns winning. >> sure. >> i've got to check and see. >> hopefully you didn't get a five dollars ticket you got to go back to south carolina to cash it in. >> if i got to go i got to go. >> hi tuck good morning. >> i'm only one but i don't want to win that. >> what. >> you are the only one. >> i don't want to win. >> tucker has this crazy messed up theory that his life will be worse in people know he has money. >> don't tell anybody. >> here's my problem. i would be worried all the time about losing all that money once i had it. this way i spend all my time and energy worrying about making money. >> you could lose 99 percent of it and still be better off than you are now. >> i see a lot of tv shows. people lose all that money and then some and they're way in debt. >> you're just not responsible then. >> that's right. come on. >> m.c. hammer. >> where is the money tucker. >> i know i would lose it. then it would be a sad story. i don't want that story. winds are calm. rain out there today. heavy at
7:26 am
a flash flood watch in effect at 9 o'clock this morning. you can see all the rain off to our west. all of that is headed in our direction over the course of the day today. we may get some thunderstorms going as well. so, just be on the lookout for some ponding on the roadways. could be some streets and rivers that start to have some issues as well if the rain sticks around long enough today. rain will taper off tonight and back into sunshine and less humidity. tuesday, wednesday look fantastic. look at the. 83, 84, sunny bright and beautiful around here. that is a weather update. erin is back with traffic. >> ♪ >> dramatic pause. >> okay, 'cause it's time for jam cam. that doesn't look good. >> no. you know what it is tucker it's monday and it's rainy so 395 hov lanes and main lanes crowded out by washington boulevard. basically coming up from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. need about 20 extra minutes. southbound side not so bad but mix in the rain with the heavy flow of volume at this hour and that's what you're up against. traffic is also really heavy as you make your way out on the b this
7:27 am
this is the inner loop from the springfield interchange towards the legion bridge. slow roll there. 270 southbound also parking lot. lighter rain here coming down from montgomery county toward the top side of the beltway. basically from urbana down to the spur you're in for a 35 minute slowdown. local lanes, main lanes, it's just a heavy volume look there. more traffic in few. just some nasty jam cams for you. back to you guys. >> erin thanks. safety measures that police officers are now having to take at certain overdose scenes. next we'll talk to two members of a special group taking action down at stafford county. >> plus the president back on twitter within the last hour blasting the new york times. we'll have more on that next. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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♪ it is
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it is going to be a rainy monday just brace yourself for the rain out there. tucker says up to an inch and half or so but the ground is already wet. all the green on the radar means we're in for a soggy day today. it's 7:30. let's take a look at top stories d.c. police searching for three people involved in shooting on board a metro train. a teenaged boy was shot in the stomach on sunday afternoon at the tacoma station. police say the suspects then boarded a train going the opposite direction. they got off in silver spring. the president weighing in on speculation this morning that vice-president mike pence may be looking for run at the oval office in 2020. the new york times published report saying that vice-president pence was working on presidential campaign. this morning, president trump responded saying "the failing new york times which has made every wrong prediction about me including my big election win is totally inept. pence has also denied the
7:31 am
president trump re-elected in 2020. in australia overnight, u.s. military osprey aircraft that crashed on saturday has been found. the wreckage located after a navy survey ship arrived at the crash scene overnight. three marines were killed when the aircraft went down. we know one is from maine. another from kansas 23 service members survived that crash. 7:31 right now. we all know police officers and first responders have dangerous jobs it is relatively recent development that they are increasingly in danger from the drugs that they handle when they make arrests. last week sheriffs deputy in stafford county arrested two suspect who apparently overdosed near a school. the officer seemed disoriented and treated for possible exposure to the opioid fentanyl. the case put a spotlight on sheriff's department unit called the clandestine laboratory operational group. we asked some of the sheriffs departments and fire marshals offices to tell us more. joining nouse from the
7:32 am
county sheriffs office master detect tj and sutherland with the county fir marshals office g to see both of you this morning. detective i want to start with you. how is the deputy doing who had to go to the hospital because of the exposure? >> he's doing well. he's very lucky. serious incident and he's very lucky to be on the mend right now. he's back at work today. >> i'm glad to hear he's back at work but it had to be a little scary for everybody else who was close to him and people like yourself who deal with these things all the time as to realize when do you have exposure or when you don't. had to be a few nervous members when you found out did he have exposure. >> it definitely was. we nude to say around the office it's not if it's when and actually when became now and in his situation. so it's a first for us here for having somebody exposed like that. but we handled it. he's doing well
7:33 am
team behind us that capable of dealing with this type of situation. >> that's what i wanted to talk about. mr. sutherland i'll bring you in on this as well. the folks standing behind you right now, tell me about that. what they're wearing and what that does to help protect any responders. >> okay. what you're seeing behind me right here you're seeing everybody dressed from a level a to the right of us. this person would be here somebody if we had a gross couldn't tom nation of fentanyl. this is what they would look like as they went in. totally protects them. totally encapsulated. they have a breathing apparatus inside of that end cap sewell laying as you can see. then we can move oh our left. we have our level b. we actually have two level b here one in more of a flam ex type suit the one suit to the left and then more of impermeable membrane suit to the right. they're all beeping, that's a pass alarm
7:34 am
they should have to go down. we would know where to locate them. but notice everything is taped off. they're wearing self-contained breathing apparatus for fresh air so they don't inhale any of the contaminants. then i'll let detective nosal talk about the tactical pouring. if we come down to our last two operators down here as far as our unit, our unit is trained to respond to these dangerous drug hazmat type situations but we also have a tactical side of the unit, too. so the initial entry in most type situations should there be a bad guy inside would be in a tactical type uniform. so our two last operators here are obviously suited up with rifles, with their tactical vests and they're wearing an apr which is air purifying respirator. >> this is -- i tell was detective this is scary next level looking stuff. intimidating just to see thumbs i know it's part of the job, but what do we use this for? is this typically for entering drug labs and
7:35 am
where this came about from the meth lab days. i know it still exists. but now it seems to be changing much latest expose shower was in a vehicle. so when would you break out these suits typically? >> it actually did start, you know, with the clandestine labs from the '70's and '80s and law enforcement started to protect themselves. we do have a situation. we are trained to go into meth labs but we're also trained to go into other labs too, you k know, basic labs such as fentanyl such as pcp, such as lsd, any type of conversion lab, even marijuana is being con converted thc conversion labs. so we have varying degrees of suits. it would depend on what lab or what hazmat environment we're going into what we would suit up in. the fully encapsulated suit at the end is for fentanyl. that's the only suit that we
7:36 am
emergency. when we hit our deputies car the other day we used the one to the left the gray suit to the left that's a level b suit. our guys were all taped up and on air for that when we recover the evidence out of that veh vehicle. >> guys, we'll have to let it go. it's a mazing to see this. last question for you, though, when you talk about fentanyl and that suit on the right which is pretty intimidating, it's intimidating in the fact your oficers have the opportunity to use that but the people that were in that vehicle with the drug had nothing to protect themselves from the exposure. do people even realize how dangerous these drugs are? >> as far as our officers, our officers do. >> i understand your officers. but i'm just saying people that you are using them. do they even have any idea how potent these drugs may be? >> i think the average user does. i think the average user willing to take the risk, tomorrow that's the scary they know out there. >> you're doing great job of protecting your folks who are
7:37 am
gog eliminate that risk to others. detective, thank you so much for joining us, chief, appreciate you joining us as well this morning. >> appreciate it. >> down from stafford county. >> appreciate it. thank you. >> absolutely welcome. thanks thanks oh lot. 7:37. let's check in with tucker barnes. >> steve, rainy monday. flash flood watch in effect. let's get to the maps and show you what's happening here i want to show you radar as well. we'll be in for a wet one for. of the day today. potential for thunderstorms. flood watch in effect 9:00 o'clock all the counties here in green including here in washington flood watch at 9am. 70 very cool degrees out there early this morning many of look at the 50's and low 60s up in pittsburgh. 70 in new york city. 51 this morning in pittsburgh. warm front stuck across the region little area of low pressure rolling along will give us good soaking rain around here today and again the potential is there we could have few rumbles of thunder that drop heavy rain as well. perhaps 1 inch of rain in a few spots up to 2-inches of rain and we already have saturated soils
7:38 am
perhaps create a situation we could have flash flooding look out for that. 77 today. sunny and bright. less humidity by tuesday and wednesday. plenty more weather in just a minute. let's get back to erin who's back from a beach vacation. >> got lucky sunny every day last week. >> really? >> yeah. little rain in the afternoon on wednesday but that was it. >> wow. >> right now we have some rain right now causing slow traffic 395 hov lanes main lanes at a crawl earlier issue with 14th street bridge as well. right now because of the rainy ride and the congestion earlier issues 395 northbound dealing with about 25 minute delay from the beltway to the bridge. and as you can see this is a look at the inner loop right now. rainy commute as well out by 210. and we're slow from branch avenue all the way to 295 especially. and then you're sluggish again across the wilson bridge. traffic slow through tysons and across the legion bridge. some other slow downs problems witness rails don't forget this track work still in place. branch avenue and suitland stations closed through the 20th
7:39 am
shuttle buses replacing trains between naylor road and branch avenue. and then as you make your way out for the rest of your monday morning commute, college park the outer loop 95 to georgia avenue about a 15 minute delay. keep it to fox5 news morning. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪♪
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♪ gm is recalling nearly 800,000 vehicles because of a possible steering problem. the affected models under recall are the
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and gmc sierra trucks. the problem could lead to an accident. the vehicles should be taken to dealer for a free fix. heated debate at google over the weekend after an engineer released internal memo criticize the the company's diversity initiative. getting most attention his argument that the lack of women in top tech jobs was due to biological differences between men and women. the company released a statement of its own denouncing the claims saying the engineer's essay quote advanced incorrect assumptions about gender and said the article was not a viewpoint the company endorses, promotes or encourages. starbucks shutting down rumors the company will give undocumented workers discounts this friday. fake advertisements online say that the company would give them 40% of any menu, off any menu item for so-called dreamer day. the starbucks official says the rumor more is quote 100% fake much the company also taking to twitter to fight the bogus ads. asking users to stop spreading fa
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kevin had a chance over the week toned spent a night in the wilderness with bear grills team and sharing his survival skills he just learn. >> i give it up to kev. i couldn't do it nor would i want to. >> you could do it but you wouldn't want to. yes. date night for beyonce' and jay-z taking a break from their twins no doubt kept them very busy. the fox beat is next. ♪ when people come to d.c., they think they know what it's about, but they don't know. you have to live here to know, to feel the people, to feel the places, and most of all, to feel the rhythm of our city. we're pirates, painters, poets, and partier,
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the same time. we embrace the old and welcome the new. we like to experiment and defy the norm. we all love to sing, but we dance to different drummers. they say d.c. has no soul. well, we not only have soul, we have heart, and we show it every day. this is our town. these are our neighborhoods. and we love this place as much as you do. ♪♪
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>> 7:45 now. and let's look ahead to what's coming up on good day d.c. going to be a great morning. >> before you go on let me say quickly i warned steve about this one on the left. >> makeup dangers. >> i never see steve wash his brushes. >> right? >> yeah. >> i'm supposed to use brushes? >> coming up hidden makeup dangers. you could be applying a lot more than foundation. lipstick and mascara steve. how about dangerous bacteria. >> that's deadly. >> you will not believe the pictures we have to show you and we'll share ways that you'll make sure your make up kit is clean to avoid nasty bacteria. >> one fact fact. we do our own make cup. if it's wrong it's on me. >> i'm not an expert. >> you look sharp. >> thank you. >> may have seen the trailer for the movie patti cakes a movie about an aspiring rapper trying to break into the music business as quite the outsider. this morning actress danielle mcdonald who plays patti cakes is live with us. >> kevin will go one-on-one with
7:47 am
actor william h. macy about his latest movie project behind the scenes on this one. speaking of movies movies coming out called the glass castle that has brie larson in it and some other big names. any way, going to be with us the woman who wrote the book. whole movie is based on will join us at 8:30 this morning. >> awesome. >> supposed to be great book. >> best seller for a long long long time. >> it is increasingly hard for me to read any books. >> you need more vacation but solo. vacation where you just have time at the pool or the beach or -- >> exactly. >> sitting on a couch or something. >> i start reading a book and i sleep. >> any way, yeah. >> good day to read a book today. rain showers in the forecast for much of the day. perhaps thunderstorm as well. work week starting off soggy. as the rain out there this morning has been pretty light but it will be moderate maybe even heavy at times later this morning. cool. yeah, cloud cover is keeping temps nice and cool today. our daytime highs won't really get out of the mid to upper 70s is he about 10 degrees below seasonal averages here.
7:48 am
73 leonardtown. annapolis 72. culpeper see you friday for zip trip come out and see us, 69 degrees. 67 up in hagerstown this morning. there's your rain shower activity most of it's been pretty light but starting to ppick upper sift tense in intensity here and we're going to have cloud cover throughout the day and for much of the day rain shower activity you can see all of that kind of on our doorstep here just out to the west back into southwest virginia and west virginia and all of that is being pushed into our area. what's happening we have a warm front and then a little area of low pressure that's rolling along it so the warm front won't budge a lot today. potentially could be thunderstorm activity as well. we'll have to look out for that, and before we wrap things up maybe an inch or two of rain by late this afternoon much there's future cast for you. you can see getting rain at ten. check back in at 2:00 their, 3:00 i think the rain will lighten up as we get into the mid to late afternoon still some showers and potential al thunderstorm around at 6:00, 7:00 o'clock tonight maybe get a thunderstorm going. so just, you know, keep rain or plan on rain showers in the forecast for much of
7:49 am
much more pleasant by tomorrow. not pleasant down in the caribbean that is franklin. our latest tropical storm got going last night. winds now 50 miles an hour pushing off to the west northwest at 13. up towards cancun, cancun on the northern edge of it perhaps they'll get some rain it looks like it gets into the bay of campise and back into mexico this won't impact the united states we're starting to ramp up hurricane season kind of prime time end of august early september for hurricanings. watch for one along the eastern seaboard here shortly. over the next couple of weeks. nothing on the horizon. 76 this afternoon with rain showers. back in the sunshine by tuesday and wednesday. daytime highs in the local to mid 80s. seven day forecast in august with no 90s on it that's extraordinary around here. that's all i got to say i'm wrapping up that. >> you know what, i have to tell you instagram videos you've been doing for the forecast i really like them. >> you like those. >> um-hmm. >> check out the fox5 instagram. right now the inner
7:50 am
telegraph road crash moved over to the lester shoulder. rainy commute we're seeing big delays past telegraph road. slow flow of traffic. we do have some other problems. from arlington fire at the east falls church metro parking lot there's an overturned vehicle crash. we'll get to a picture of that with our neck report but just want to point it out to use caution headed out to the east falls church metro parking lot. right now 50 inbound through cheverly very slow. seeing delays on 395 northbound stack the entire stretch. key bridge from rosland into georgetown very jammed up as well closer look at the 395 delay. sluggish in alexandria on the inner and outer loop and then things get really heavy through annandale from the mixing bowl up to 66. inner loop super jammed up slow again to the legion bridge. 295 northbound earlier vehicle fire blocking the left lane. some delays lingering there. southbound side really heavy from 50 to the 11th street bridge. out by falls road 270 southbound in the local lanes we have a crash. and that's causing big delays comig down to the beltway. also you can see5
7:51 am
to the inner loop jams. bw parkway a little sluggish in both dresses and outer loop usual delay 95 over to basically connecticut avenue. 25 minute delay right now. green line still dealing with track work slowing things down. close sr. look at metro next. back to you guys. >> erin, thanks very much. 7:51. music means it's time for the fox beat with kevin. >> steve and allison good morning to you. >> i was in the catskills this weekend had the chance -- >> vacationing. >> no not vacation aght all i was eating raw fish eyes -- i loved it an amazing experience. it was not an easy experience. >> right. >> whole idea this movie call the mountain between us is that these couple kate winslet and idris alba are they a couple in the movie. >> they become a couple. >> they're plain crashes in the snowy mountains they have to fall in love search toll sur survive. so the point of us going out to the catskills -- >> survive together and fall in love. one of those two things happen. >> the point of going out to the catskills trying to survive with
7:52 am
rely on somebody. >> did you fall in love. >> i did not fall in love. >> that would be awkward. here's bare grills telling me what we're doing. >> selected to be part of the bear grills survive academy. the mountain between us experience. be prepared this will be the adventure of a lifetime. >> i got that message in my e-mail on thursday evening. >> delete. >> right. >> that's what i would have d done. >> must have have gone to my junk folder. >> wouldn't you wanted to something like this. absolutely. >> heck no. >> i have photos from the weekend. crazy weekend but i -- i will say i learned how to make fire, learned how to make shelter. i repelled off of 100-foot waterfall. >> that's very cool. >> which was mazing. that there when i was learning how to make fire. a smoke grenade the point of that we were making a fire to signal plane that could possibly be flying over. these bare grills knives were insane because you were able to spark fire with the five. had a spark kerr on it and i learned -- i
7:53 am
not believe what items i can get into them now because it's a little not r rated for television we used very particular items to create fire and to get water. and you'll never believe what items we used. once we get to later hours of the show, i'll show videos of the that but just think about what somebody would have in their purse or their pocket that could be used to help them create fire. >> like a lighter? >> no. >> things that you're setting on fire basically. >> yeah. >> i'll get to those. here's the video of me eating a rhino beetle. >> delicious. >> yes! >> oh! [ applause ] >> yes. how does taste. >> pretty good actually. >> honestly -- >> that's -- he was alone in the woods and then he got saved by all these people. >> let me explain what happened here. bear grills has survival academy where they basically take a group of people and they put them into the woods in the catskills and you're paired up with somebody but there were 16 tota
7:54 am
>> okay. >> you're seeing in that video were the instructors and also the other people who did it with me. >> you're learning how to survive if you happen to be alone. >> exactly. >> if you're ever trapped in the woods you feel like you can survive now 100%. i was cooking fish, i ate my own fish. i went down to the river got my own water. i made pine tea. it was crazy. >> how does it taste, pain tea. >> the fish was good. pine tea was a hemlock tree that i put into water and boiled. >> watch this. >> what was harder, kevin, surviving eating rhino beatles or not being able to text or tweet for 24 hours. >> off the grid. it's pretty crazy. i think the eating. buddy of mine ain't a tarantula during the video. it was crazy. >> beyonce' and jay-z had date night. i don't know if you saw this on instagram. these videos and also pictures received over three to foursome of them 6 million views. they had date night obviously away from the twins. the twins were born in
7:55 am
it was just interesting to see this is kind of the reason why i love social media just to kin of see these behind the scenes type photos if you watch her videos, it seemed like she was showing off brands and certain clothes she was wearing obviously. but this is a date night that jay-z and beyonce' had recently if you go to her instagram page you'll see but they had a ton of views. one of them had 6 million views. just a collage of all her photos. some people were saying date night happened in hollywood at sushi place. based on the pictures you can see. >> okay. >> but no one knows for sure. >> we did a report they went roller skating. >> yeah. and. >> everybody had to go. >> yeah. >> that sounds right. >> but it's 68 night, mom? >> beyonce' is here. we have to leave, oh. >> thanks kev. we're proud of you. >> thank you. >> i got a certificate. >> i feel like we deserve something because we survived with tucker every day. >> would it be funny if we got dropped into the wilderness and see how well we worked as a team. i predict i will kill you. >> we probably wouldn't survive. >> sorry. >> tuck, what do you think? >> we're strong minded.
7:56 am
and steve in the wilderness. would we both come out? >> no, steve would fold quick. don't you think? >> i'm afraid i would kill steve is what i said. >> i'm not going to fold. i might be forced out. >> right. >> i don't think i would fold. >> i would be so sad if i ended up killing you. just know that. >> we would know to find tucker in the shade of the trees somewhere. [ laughter ] >> they shall do that. >> i could totally survive. 71 in washington. >> you can survive. >> did you bring cheetos. >> could not. if it was like 45 degrees out he would survive. if it was anything over 70, no. hmm. >> i don't know. >> maybe this could become a fox5 challenge. rain out to the west lot of it on the way. flash flood watch in effect 9:0. we got a day of rain. temperatures don't get out of the 70 today's. so not a great day to be in the woods, kev. not a great day to be in the woods. 77 today. sunshine is back tuesday, wednesday temps in the 80s. >> all right. erin take it away. >> all right. walking in right now with breaking news off the top. we are dealing
7:57 am
nasty crash scene in the parking lot of the east falls church metro get to in in just a second. first take look at the rainy beltway. crash blocking the left shoulder. this is the inner loop telegraph road sluggish traffic on the inner loop. outer loop a little slow as well because of the rain. moving over to our maps right now, as i mentioned, we're also dealing with these problems over turned vehicle. east falls church metro station you can see it there on its side completely flipped over. fire department at that location please use caution as you head out there. keep to the fox5 news morning. we'll have more in just a few moments. moments.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. good morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey.& thanks so much for joining us this morning. it is 8:00 a.m. this monday august 7th, 2017. here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu. >> first up armed and dangerous much the search continues for three suspects after a shooting on board red line train. the details straight ahead in live report. plus, hitting the brakes on beltway. details about new speed camera that starts issuing tickets today. >> and they total solar eclipse now two weeks away. nasa scientists gearing up for it and they say they need your help on collecting information during this once in lifetime event. first though live look outside. weather alert this morning. ren already coming down, and there's a flash flood watch for most of the d.c. region beginning i
8:01 am
tucker has all the details for you coming up in just a few minutes. >> first though let's get to breaking news from overnight and overseas this morning. australia u.s. military osprey aircraft crashed on saturday. word that wreckage has been found much us a strahle's defense ministry says that wreckage was located after a navy survey ship arrived on the crash scene overnight. three marines were killed when aircraft went down one from maine one from kansas. 23 service members survived that crash. australian crews are now sending under water weeks to the wreckage to is he whether it's safe for divers to go down there were also breaking closer to home the scene at the east falls church metro station. take look at this. arlington fire crews tweeting pictures of a car that flipped over. this is in the parking lot of the metro station. it happened within the last hour. we're told the person in the car was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. and developing overnight in the district police searching for the gunman behind a triple shooting in southeast dc. police say two men and a woman were shot about 2:25 this morning. this was in the 3700 block
8:02 am
all three taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. no word on what led to the shooting. anybody with information is asked to call police. also, in the district overnight, police are searching for two men involved in an armed carjacking in northwest. officers say they took off from u street in dark blue 2015 nissan ultima it has maryland tags anyone with information is asked to call police. and developing this morning as well dc police still searching for the three men after a teenager was shot while riding metro yesterday. >> the shooting happened on red line strain just before it pulled into tacoma station in northwest. fox5's melanie alnwick live from the tacoma station now with the latest. mel? >> reporter: good morning, guys. yeah that teen is said to be in stable condition and metro transit police are calling the trio of suspects armed and dangerous. now, medics and police rushed toward the tacoma station in northwest d.c. sunday afternoon. the shooting happened on board a red line train as it pulled up to the station around 3:00 p.m.
8:03 am
stomach. metro transit police were quick to help. >> when the train arrived at the platform there was metro transit police officer who was here who met with the victim and called for medics. >> reporter: and another look at the suspects here as they were leaving the train. they got on board a train going in the opposite direction and were last seen skiting the silver spring stop much these pictures here taken from those platform cameras now police have not said if the victim and the suspects new each other but one thing here that we are learning is that this happened aboard a 7,000 series train. and those trains are new. they're equipped with hd cameras and so metro transit police believe that they will be able to have some pretty good pictures better pictures today of the crime and perhaps even of the suspects that they can show to us much this is the second shooting on board metro train in the last 18 months. as you can imagine, very upsetting to a number of riders. live in takoma
8:04 am
alnwick, fox5 local news. >> tuck, question question before we get to weather. i know you have a lot of rain to talk about much this eclipse coming up in two week. is there any chance this could be bust or is this a like nature definitively this will happen this is going to be this huge ordeal. >> 100% chance it's going to happen. it's not 100% chance it will be sunny and bright and beautiful. >> if it's cloudy. >> we won't see it. >> we won't see anything. >> it will get twilight. >> okay. >> little darker. >> we just need to keep an eye on sunny forecast that day. >> all. about weather conditions. we need sunshine. >> i plan to do a little ritual of some sort. >> a sun ritual, right. >> yeah. >> fertility chance or something? >> maybe not that. [ laughter ] >> sun ritual. let's leave it there. >> let's do the forecast. something else. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> 9:00 a.m. today the plash thh through the late hours of this afternoon ton night. inch
8:05 am
reagan national 71. we are forecasting cloud cover. cool conditions. hey we don't get out of the 70's today and look at the rain moving in here from the south and west. it's going to be wet one today and again potential there could be thunderstorm activity. and we've already had a lot of recent rain so it's not going to take lot to kind of get some flash flooding going. just remember that if you're near creeks, near rivers. and you get a heavy downpour the rain, the water could rise on the roadways pretty quickly. so remember the old addage. what is it, erin. >> turn around don't drown. >> yes. >> remember that later today. 77 degrees this afternoon. could be a thunderstorm. >> thank you tucker. >> my pleasure. >> keep an eye on it. >> that old addage about mondays. something about mondays. >> or is it rainy days and mondays or all of the above. >> all of the above. >> it's a good day to stay in. except -- >> it really is it's my dad's birthday. >> hap
8:06 am
>> there will be cake and celebration. >> huge celebration. the rain can't keep us back. >> that's exactly right. >> right now the inner loop unfortunately crash at telegraph road. rain into commute there. use caution it's slowing us down a built you can see it blocking the shoulder involving several cars. want to switch it over to a live look outside at our metro station at branch avenue. green line closures right now you can see branch of a shuttle bus lines aren't too long much things moving along just fine you can see ponchos tucker and umbrellas for workers staying dry out there. making sure everyone safely boards those buses. let's take look at our maps get you some more information oh and that. the track work in place through the 20th branch avenue as well as suitland stations closed and shuttle service will be replacing trains between naylor road and branch avenue. aside from that, caution as you make your way out at the east falls church metro station overturned vehicle crash unfortunately in the parking lot. and then 66 heavy delays inside the beltway through falls church as well extra time needed from rosland foo into georgetown on the key bridge. we'll keep updated. rainy, sluggish mon
8:07 am
back to you. anybody watching this morning with a lead food if you hit the beltway starting think morning, you're going to want to keep 1 foot on the brakes, too. >> exactly. grace period, it's over for drivers. if you're caught speeding in work zone on the inner and outer loops of the beltway you're going to get a ticket. our bob barnard is live along the beltway in prince george's county with the latest now. this thing is life. good morning. >> reporter: that's right. good morning allison and steve. yes, after three-week warning period, when this sucker flashes and your license plate is identified by the camera here, you will be getting a $40 ti ticket. so the three-week warning period is over but there are a lot of signs out here warning you that if you travel, this is the outer loop of the beltway nearly a len town road. that if you're going at least 1n hour speed limit, you face the risk of a ticket. a $40 ticket basically to try to keep not only construction workers but also motorists safe over the last couplef
8:08 am
roadway in construction zones on maryland highways has basically been cut in half to six last year, six in 2015. it was almost a dozen a year leading up to that. so that's what state hoy way folks are saying is that the speed cameras in the construction zones here along the beltway are to save lives. this one is as you approach the suitland bridge reconstruction project which is going to go op for the next three years. so starting today, for the next 36 months, anybody traveling in this part of the beltway in prince george's county is if you're speeding, through the construction zone, no more warnings. you face a ticket and guys this is the light that flashes when people are speeding and we've seen it bob off a few times here even though the road is wet and it's rainy and people are going a little slower than i think they normally would, people,/people are still going well over the speed limit and getting a $40 ticket.
8:09 am
you've been warned. you were warned three weeks ago but now it's the real deal. thanks so much, bob. other news now. let's head overseas. north korea lashing out against the new un sanctions in response to nuclear missile testing today north korea vowed revenge aainst the united states for those sanctions. this comes as secretary of state rex tillerson spoke at a summit in the philippines with a strong message to north korea. stop millages immediately. he says that's the only way to know that north korea would be serious about holding talks on its nuclear future. >> not give me 30 days and we're ready to talk. it's not quite that simple. so it is all about how do we see their attitude. >> rex tillerson now. both china and russia voted to support new sanctions against north korea that were approved at the un this weekend. the new restrictions ban the north from exporting cole, iron, lead and seafood. they also prohibit countries
8:10 am
north koreans working abroad. alarming new report released today about suicide into our troops. it says pentagon health care providers failed to perform follow-up care for troops with depression and ptsd. the rand corp. said 30% of the soldiers with depression received appropriate care. just 30%. about 54% of those with ptsd got the care they needed. vice-president mike pence wrapping up a trip overseas this week. rumors though rampant that he is ready for bigger things here at home. the vice-president is slamming a new york times report that suggests that he's getting ready for a possible run for the white house in 2020. the vice-president says the report is quote disgraceful and offensive. the vice-president also said his team will focus all efforts to advance the president's agenda to see him president trump re-elected. >> all i'm preparing for every day is to do everything i can to see president donald trump re-elected in
8:11 am
>> the new york times pushed back with a statement expressing confidence in the accuracy of their reporting and said they will let the story speak for itself. meantime the president taking to twitter about all of this just over an hour ago. saying "the failing new york times which has made -- which has made every wrong prediction about me including my big election win is totally inept". >> ♪ 8:11. breaking news. what melanie was just telling us about with the metro situation and the shooting yesterday on metro on the red line train, we are just getting word from metro transit police they did make one arrest overnight in that shooting on the red line train near the tacoma station yesterday it's still unclear which of these three suspects was arrested. metro police say that one suspect was picked up overnight in prince george's counsel too. we are working to get more information right now and we'll share that as soon as we can. but it looks like one arrest so far. two suspect that is they are still looking for in connect with the shooting on the red line train yesterday. also, coming up a local little league team disqu
8:12 am
for paying in nationally televised short ball tournament because of a picture posted on snap chat. >> bad for your back. a warning parents need to hear before heading out to do your child's school shopping. it's 8:12. stay with us much
8:13 am
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all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of you contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to ♪ ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. this august visit your local volvo dealer to receive sommar savings of up to $4,500. ♪ 8:14 right now. hey, let's beat the rainy conditions today with something cute. >> yes. let's do it. >> cuteness trumps rain. >> c
8:15 am
>> look at those eyes, al. >> look at the little hairdo already. >> look at everything. >> that is beautiful. >> the shirt says it all. adorable. >> adorbs. >> the thoughtful look there. this is carmen everybody. eight months old. >> looks like a doll baby. >> and is already a huge fox5 fan! >> she is so cute. hi, carmen f you're watching. hello. >> okay much this is the deal. carmen gets up every morning faithfully watches in the mornings with her grammy. >> aww. >> okay. and you know what her favor it part? >> what is it? >> the weather makes her clap. >> that's so cute. >> maybe not today, though. >> not so much today. >> she's so adorable. >> carmen, we love your picture. >> oh, my goodness. >> we hope you're having great morning with your grammy right now. >> maybe car len likes the rain. >> it won't be long before you get to be a grammy allison. >> i know. i know i'm thinking, what, 12, 15 years maybe. >> send us pictures. >> okay. >> right. >> from wherever you are then. >> steve and i -- >> what do you mean uncle steve. you'll there be. >> steve and i will be on tropical island. >> not together. >> had ne?
8:16 am
cute. >> oh, my goodness. i can't even do it. >> carmen, we love it. >> to send us your child's picture go to our facebook page fox5 dc. >> steve, we could be like the old couple. >> we could be. >> right. >> who is felix. >> it definitely would be. >> we already know i'm ernie and he's bert. [ laughter ] >> we would never be on tropical island. you might be in alaska. >> 71 in washington. new york city 71 degrees. all right. so we keep it cool today. only in the 70s and keep rain in the forecast for much of the day potentially thunderstorm activity as well, and look at all that rain streaming in from the south and west. it will be a wet one for much of the day, plan accordingly little extra time on the roadways. potential is there that we can get flash flooding if some of this rain arrives from the heavy fashion which it looks like it will. you can see it back in west virginia. see the darker greens and yellows all of that is on our doorstep. periods of heavy rain today and potential for flooding, flash flood watch goes into effect at 9:00 a.m. we clear it out late tonight. tomorrow looks fantastic. clouds to
8:17 am
and really nice afternoon tomorrow. wednesday looks fantastic lower humidity. temps in the low to mid 80s. seven day forecast in august with no 90s on it. >> hard to believe. >> amazing. >> maybe summer is over, tuck. >> i didn't pass judgment i just said amazing. like couple it? >> fall is coming. >> i guess. >> all right. erin, good morning. >> always near. >> i feel like the summer goes by way too quickly. >> so fast. >> and then the neck thing you know you're in cute fall clothes and next thing you're covering snow. live look outside at the branch of a metro station. metro station is closed shuttle service replacing trains because of track work in place through the 20th. suitland station also closed. you can see metro workers out there in poncho keeping everyone safe and on the right track to those buses no major delays right now. let's switch it over for look at our cameras right now. we'll show what else you're up against. icc dealing with a crash. let me get out of the way. it's on the westbound side blocking the right -- the right shoulder right lane near columbia pike 29. so again westbound slow downs approaching 29. keep it to to the left to get around that. swit
8:18 am
you our maps and some other issues that we are dealing with. like i mentioned branch of a suitland stations closed shuttle service replacing trains between naylor road and branch avenue. rest of your metro rail lines have been pleasant all morning. crash scene in the parking lot east falls metro station. use caution. >> 66645 minutes from gainsville to the beltway inside you slow down through branch avenue. make your way out in maryland, 50 issue crash at bw parkway. heavy delays coming inside the beltway on through. and then southbound side of 295 slows from 50 down to the 11th street bridge. it's a rainy yukky monday. back to you guys. >> lovely. >> thanks, erin. 8:18 right now. new details about what caused that deadly accident involving an mews many park ride at the ohio state fair. kmg international says excessive corrosion on a support beam led to the catastrophic failure of the ride called the fire ball last month. now 18-year-old
8:19 am
died after being tossed into the air when the ride broke apart. seven other riders were hurt. four remain hospitalized. that ride was 18-year-old. >> the city of chicago is set to file a lawsuit against the justice department. the city will file that suit over the department's plan to with hold grant money from sanctuary cities. chicago mayor r rahm emmanuel ss the policy forces the city to commitment to being a sanctuary city and it's need for grants. jury selection begins today in taylor swift's sexual assault trial. the pop star claims former denver radio dj david miller groped her during a back stage photo. swift told the radio station and miller was fire. he filed a lawsuit seek throwing million dollars in damages. claiming he was falls al accused. swift then counter sued for sexual assault. only seeking one dollar but hoping to hold him responsible as an example of harassment. >> her
8:20 am
and that she would get on the witness stand and graphically describe the sexual touching, the unwanted uncouldn't zenned to sexual touching. and so that is going to be dramatic interesting testimony and this case is going to turn on how credible she is. >> swift is due in court tomorrow. disney is getting sued and it's all because of your kids personal information. the class action lawsuit claims its mobile games and collect data later used for commercial purposes without the consent of a parent. it claims that violates the children's online privacy protection act. the suit named after apps including disney princess, palace bets. little league softball team from mechanicsville virginia diss ya'll from playing in nationally televised tournament because of a photo posted on snap chat. not this one but a different photo. six members of the team posted a picture of themselves showing their middle fingers directed at the
8:21 am
the league president put out a statement saying the incident is under investigation and he takes the value of good sportsmanship very seriously picture has since been deleted and member of the teams issued an apology. here's something you should do as your kids get ready to head back to school. check their backpacks. physical therapists say heavy backpacks could change the shape of your child's spine leading to injury. they say backpack shows weigh between ten and 15% of your child's body weight and have three straps. two on the shoulders and they need to use that one around the waist too this has become like a huge petpeve. >> i know. >> huge pete peeve. in this time like when we have all of our scripts and pad like this, can we not do something with the school books and the paper work. >> how many books are still around. >> so many things are digital. >> my kids walk to school and these backpacks are so incredibly heavy and they have no lockers in the day so they walk around with them all day because the school is crowded and this much time between cl classes. no b
8:22 am
>> if only i had some pull. rough waters in california over the weekend. man's best friend hit the beach to catch some waves and the world dog surfing championships. yes, there's such a thing. >> i know. i actually like watching it. not your typical bounce house. we'll take you inside a record brebreaking inn flightable. it looks like a bounce mansion much it's 8:22.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> check it it. i love it. >> there you go. as long as they want to do it i love it. surfing went to the dogs in california over the weekend. hundreds of furry friends got together in pacifica for the second annual world dog surfing championships. the brave pups went head to head riding the waves. there are also awards given out for ball fetching and dog beach bashing. okay. do we think they like this. >> i'm really being serious. >> i think some of them. >> what about the other ones who don't? >> i don't know. they're doing great job. if they don't, they're pulling it off. i looked up to see which dog breed is best surfing. there is no best breed. look at them. all different breeds out there. >> i don't know if if they like it. i don't know. i hate to be debbie downer. >> and yu are. >> but it's just -- >> i think it's amazing. >> okay. >> well, all right. >> i think that dog right there wants to set the record. >> he's all
8:26 am
>> have you ever seen me on surfboard a far far worse look than that. i'll tell that you if you need a break from adulting give the kids the best day check out the world's largest bounce house. >> wow. >> l bounce palace. made its debut in milwaukee over the weekend.úwould you like to r your house house. 10,000 square feet, three stories everything from music and dance floor to basketball hoops and obstacle course and giant slide and there has to be a ball pitt in the bounce house which there is. so there you go. big ghost bounce house in the world. >> just a short flight away to milwaukee. >> hopefully they died it down. those seems to fly when the whipped goes over 5 miles an hour. >> now me and tucker are debbie downers. >> both debbie downers. >> erin please save us good all i thought about that ball pitt is germ pitt. >> i thought the same thing. the last time i got in there somebody jump on the other side and i sprung up into the wall. >> right. >> when was last time you were in bounce house. >> recently. >> in poolesville. >> like a party or
8:27 am
>> flash flood watch. hey, flash flood watch in effect. we're already had rain over overnight. we'll get plenty more today. 71. cool day today. cloud cover and look at all that rain moving in from the south and west. heavy at times here see the yellow and darker greens all that will be moving in over the next couple of hours. rain heavy this morning and during the afternoon hours. sunny and bright by tomorrow, 83 but wet one today. okay. erin is back with roads. >> ♪ >> all right. and roads are also wet and dealing with lot of heavy traffic. right now westbound icc is dealing with a crash blocking right lane after 29 causing slow downs. as we forward things along again overturned vehicle this is in the parking lot of the east falls church metro station. they need to clear that out of the way you can see the red line 66 jammed up 45 minute delay from gainsville to the beltway. keep it to fox5 news morning. at least an inner loop near telegraph road cleared. we'll
8:28 am
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8:30 am
>> welcome back. it is 8:30 that. music sounds a little ominous. all that green on the radar. rain is coming through the d.c. area. you see the capital dome there looking cloudy already. grab that umbrella as you head out the door. steve, over to you. allison thanks very much. 8:30. and it is time for the fox beat right now. kevin will join us right now as we have an opportunity right now to talk with someone who is very much involved in the film industry right now because of the glass castle which
8:31 am
book now a blockbuster book soon to be blockbuster movie. seven years on best seller lists memoir that takes us on journey with the family of author jenn net walls and she and her siblings that most unusual child mood and decidedly unconventional parents. >> long awaited movie version of the book opens this week i saw the film it stars brie larson naomi watts and woody harrelson and jenn net walls joins us now. good morning to you. i saw the film. i spoke to you in la recently. >> uh-huh. >> for our audience if you can give a basic scope of what this movie is covering because you had a very unconventional childhood. >> i did. i did. i used to write about celebrities for living, and one day i was going to some fabulous celebrity party i saw homeless woman rooting through the garbage i realized it was my mom. i asked a couple days later. mom what the heck am i supposed to tell people about you. tell the truth. we were raised in great poverty but threw our poverty there was hope and love and dreams and that's what this movie is about. >> for so long, you were working -- working the gossip scene in new york.
8:32 am
>> yeah. >> amongst celebrities all the time. appearing on national television writing national columns. behind the scenes did you tell people about your up bringing or was that smug always kept as a secret. >> i kept it as secret. >> why? >> it was ironic here i was chasing other people's secrets and hiding my own. i didn't think people would get it. it's so weird and so compl complicated. the amazing thing is people really get it sometimes they get it better than i do. since my book has come people come and talk to me about their lives and that's one of the neat things lot of people like me out there hiding their pasts. >> when the film came to close and i saw photo of your real dad rex i was so blown away how close woody harrelson looked like him in the younger years. can you talk about how woody harrelson captured your father and what the experience is like for to you watch someone playing your father and you. >> yeah. >> on screen? >> you know woody didn't just capture the way he look it was erie. the degree he captured his personality i talked to him couple of times. he studied a tape. i thought he'd be good. i was completely unprepare
8:33 am
how fantastic he was. i was on the set, and i was watching the scene in which brie larson who plays me is telling wood doo who plays my father she's living west virginia, and the first time i saw it oh, my god i started tripling. i started crying he had the body language down. then they did it on script on the first take they went off script. and woody started saying things that my father had said that i hadn't told him. that's how good he was. that is the degree to which he went inside this man's head. i asked him. how could you do that? how did you know these things? he said i studied the tape and i stopped stitt studying. i didn't want to impersonate i wanted to become him he kind of did. >> the book and now the movie detail about how you grew up in those early years and then you eventually left you went to new york and started this wonderful career on your own. >> um-hmm. >> i know there was a moment in the film where your character is leaving that you said was very emotional for you when you watched that. yeah. why was
8:34 am
>> as much as my fodder father was a no count drunk scoundrel i loved him. i never doubted that he loved me. i felt i had to get away from him. when i left and he beg me to stay, you know, i needed him so much but he needed me. to it was one of those complicated relationships. i was his audience. i felt i was kind of betraying him on some level. >> now when i saw the film and movie and my wife left the theater and having this discussion of good versus bad parking,. >> yeah. >> the movie does put you in that regard as you're watching the film you go, okay, those are some really bad things he's doing much he's an alcoholic. he's doing terrible things at times. >> yeah. >> there are moments where he really pushes you and you are here today because of the way your father raised you. there's a specific scene and i believe we have it right here you're being pushed into the water and there's a dialogue there where your father says, you were born to change the& world and not just add to the noise and also about clinging to the side of the pool. talk about that scene for you. what that swimming moment meant for you. tell our audience briefly what ha
8:35 am
>> well, i was afraid of the water. i was always clinging to the side of the pool, and one day my father called me over and he threw me in the water i thought i was going oh drown. and then he pulled me out, and threw me back in. and i was -- it happened multiple times i thought i was going to drown until i tried to get away from him. and i learn to swim. and i didn't know what the heck was going on. he said sing or swim. you can't cling to the side your whole life. you've got to learn to be independent. and it was an exercise for me in, you know, not trusting hip but trusting myself. little ella anderson who plays me so phenomenally at that age she called me and she said via dumb question. [ laughter ] >> in her little tiny voice. when your father through you in the pool, did you trust him? i thought that's not really a dumb question that's what the whole scene is about the whole movie is about. >> yeah. >> it's, you know, stop trusting me. you've got to be able to trust yourself is what it's about. >> let me ask you this because when the book came out and you said earlier that you really didn't tell a lot
8:36 am
what really happened in your life. when the book came out everybody new. people are looking at you differently they're thinking about your up bringing. that was over decade ago. we're starting that process all over again now with the movie. do you look at your own life differently now? >> you know, it's a funny thing because now that people know the truth about me i thought it would be weird and creepy it's the opposite. complete strangers come up to me say girlfriend you and i could be sisters. [ laughter ] >> they tell me they're stories and it's funny sometimes per perfectly coiffed and they look gorgeous. upon seeing them this person and i have nothing in common that's the great thing about story telling. if you let down your barrier other people will as well unmake these emotional connections and i think that's what story telling is all about. i believe this movie will do that as well. >> we have to wrap this up. when you see the film it's very interesting to watch the journey they were living house to house to house to house and car to car to car and you go back and forth as you feel about your father and your parents. and the film opens up on friday. my wife is hosting a q and a with you tonight in d.c. doing a q and a
8:37 am
tonight. very cool after the film is over. make sure you go. if you're there say hi to jenn net. it's an honor to see you this morning. >> thank you. >> thank you for sharing your story. >> thank you very much. >> i know you live not far from d.c. now as well. >> you're pretty close. one of our future zip trip locations. >> this week. >> speak of tucker barnes let's check to find out what's happening with the weather it there. good morning, tuck. >> hey, steve, culpeper this friday. someone in washington reagan national 69 dulles. 67bwi marshall. rain. that's the theme today. cloud cover we'll keep it cloudy all day and rain for much of the day as mentioned that flash flood watch in effect at 9:00 o'clock this morning. heaviest of the rape off to our west moving in shortly here. late morning after earl afternoon a lot of that darker green and yellow that you see on the map will start to move on in. and rain will be heavy at times around here poe tennessee shallly thunderstorms as well later this afternoon. 77 daytime high. mentioned the rain and storms heavy at times. flash flood watch in effect at 9am. seven day has got lots of sunshine and nice
8:38 am
this week erin. >> i'm happy about that. welcome back by the way. >> so nice to be back from vacation. 8:37. high standing water take look at this tucker 16th street northwest near scott circle give yourself extra time to get through that area. right now the road isn't closed. remember practice turn around don't drown if you need to choose an another until the keep it to the lanes not dealing with high standing water. definitely slowing things down in northwest. icc westbound right lane block after 29. minor delays right now earlier delays or clearing. overturned vehicle in the east falls church metro station parparking lot causing slow dows they need to get that cleared out of the way you can see that red line 66 on the eastbound side from gainsville over through the beltway into falls church dealing with about 45 minute delay. 50 issue on the other side in maryland there's a crash at bw parkway and heavy delays through cheverly this morning. also just wet roads it's going to get heavier in terms of rain this afternoon. grab your umbrella and your patience. keep it to fox5. we'll be right back.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
now we're not going to continue this conversation on television. [ laughter ] >> i think we just did. >> i still say they might not want to do it. >> i say they might want to do it. >> we'll meet in the middle. >> listen hopefully nobody out surfing today. it will be raining throughout the day. there's live look at the wilson bridge right now f you're feeling sluggish this morning, you're not alone. >> no doubt abo
8:42 am
new study finds more than 50% of americans more than half are sleep deprived. this morning probably because you were watching game of thrones like last night like everybody in the world except for us. they found 43% of americans, four out of ten, are getting less than seven hours of sleep a night. 97% say they're exhaustion made it hard for them to concentrate on the job. that's almost every single person. nearly half admitted to falling asleep at work at least once in the past year. health experts believe demanding jobs, long commuter hours, are to blame for the increased exhaustion. well if you want your kids to eat healthy the work starts before they ever get to solid food that's according to new study in the american journal of clinical nutrition. researchers found that foods that mothers eat while breast feeding can impact what their babies want to eat later in life. the study had some mothers drink veggie juices just before breast feeding. little ones were more likely to
8:43 am
life. speaking of later on a few minutes away from good day d.c. let's check in with wisdom and holly find out what's coming dawn. >> good morning gang much we continue to be all over the big local story, the rain. >> yeah. it's forecast to get even stronger throughout the morning and afternoon even the chance for severe storms and flooding. we'll keep you updated all throughout good day. plus metro crime alert. the search continues for two of these three suspects who opened fire aboard metro train yesterday. one was arrested overnight. melanie alnwick staying on top of this one for us with possible new clues coming in the case today. >> all right. let's get a check of what else is ahead on good day. hidden makeup dangers. you can be applying a lot more than just foundation lipstick and mascara. how about dangerous bacteria? you won't believe the pictures that we're going to show you. we'll share some ways to make sure your make up kit is clean. >> not sure i want to see those pictures. >> you may have seen the trailer for patti cakes a movie about aspiring rapper who is trying to break into the music business as quote the outsider. well
8:44 am
danielle mcdonald who plays patti cakes is with us live. >> kevin mccarthy is also here. he's going one-on-one with actor william m. macy. >> the world learned overnight of a another hollywood calling it quits. we'll dish all about that and -- no. you're -- wisdom will step into the ring. >> oh really. >> yes you are. for fight night. it's coming up howard theater in case you didn't know. i'll just be getting you ready. >> okay. all right. i'm ready. hold on much this is like my warm up when they come out. i need theme music. mack, you in the back give me theme music. >> i got the smelling salts for when you get knock out. >> no theme music. >> good day just 16 minutes a away. >> all right. thank you guys. look forward to it. still ahead, skating in style. social media going crazy this morning over an upscale designer's release of roller 68 stilettos. >> we'll show them to you. and we'll also tell you the price tag. >> yeah. >> calling all amateur scientists. nasa gearing up for the coast t
8:45 am
1918. they want your help to collect the data during the process. we'll tell was to do if you really want to get involve. it's time, america. there's work to be done. it's not going to be easy but there's grit inside of you. and if you need extra motivation the grad fund at strayer university can help push you forward. because up to your last year of classes could be on us. that's right. on us. today is the day. strayer university. let's get it, america.
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♪ i'll let you take this one, al. >> all righty. welcome back everybody. 71 degrees which seems really weird for august 7th. i just really said august 7th because it's an opportunity for me to say happy birthday papa. >> happy birthday dad. >> i saw the cute
8:48 am
put up. >> isn't he cute? he's the cutest thing. >> he's really sweet. >> um-hmm. >> i wish i can give him better weather for his birthday. >> it's okay. >> it's 71 but it doesn't feel chilly because of the humidity. plenty humidity out this morning. let's start with flash flood watch in effect starting at 9:0. potential is there for an inch or two of rain. the rain we've had the last couple of weeks. throwing this rain on top of saturated soil. it's certainly a possibility we could have problems with trees that fall or some ponding on the roadways little later today. just keep that in mind as you're out and about later. 71 now in washington. leonardtown 73. 71 annapolis still doing 60s off to the north and we have. it is a cool morning. look at winchester he 63 and up in hagerstown 67. there's your rain shower activity most of it's been pretty light early this morning although we are expecting the heaviest of the rain late this morning and during the early afternoon hours. poe tone shall is there there could be a few rumbles thunder or thunderstorms that drop locally heavy rain as well. look out to the west in west virginia and southwest virginia all of this will be dealing with over the next couple of
8:49 am
see develop right there a nice little intens band of rain that will lift through our region later. for period of time here, the rain will be heavy and that's when we have the best chance for some flooding conditions to develop later this morning during the afternoon. there's future cast. there we are at 11. look at all that rain moving in from the south and west and it will be with us for much of the day. there we are at 3:30. even possible that late this afternoon for the evening rush hour into the evening hours there could be a few showers around. if outside later tonight, you get home from work take the dog for a walk the rain will be tapering off. a few showers around. we shall start to clear it out gradually tomorrow morning and we'll be looking at less humid conditions around here and temperatures in the 80s for the day tomorrow. hey this is franklin our latest tropical storm. not expected to become terribly powerful storm it will bring heavy rain to parts of mexico not once but twice. first right here yucatan peninsula and hit portions of mainland mexico there i guess that's mainland, too. let's see e
8:50 am
thursday as strong tropical storm. so we'll keep an on franklin over the next couple of days as we start to ramp towards the hurricane season late august early september our most active time of the year tropic klee. all right. 77 today. rain and thunder. 83 tomorrow. get afternoon sunshine and less humidity. wednesday looks great. thursday not bad and then perhaps more showers by next weekend. all right. i'm wrapping it up. allison over to you. >> thank you very much tucker. turning now to a highly anticipated event it happens on august 21st a phenomenon will take place in the skies of the united states a rare total solar eclipse can be seen by americans across the cup tree. it's the first total eclipse exclusively visible in the united states since 1776. >> what? >> before the united states gained independence. now i'm a little freak out. but nasa wants your help to better understand this phenomenon
8:51 am
>> this will be the first coast to coast total solar eclipse since 1918 when it crossed from washington state to florida. the path of this one will be similar going from the pacific to the atlantic. >> a total eclipse of the sun happens when the sun, the moon and the earth all line upper if he cannily. and the moon is able to cast a shadow down on to the earth. now there's about 70-mile wide strip across the entire united states starts in portland, oregon goes out to charleston, south carolina. everywhere you are in north america you'll see a partial eclipse where a little bit of the sun going to be blocked out. >> nasa scientists will have 11 different spacecraft observing from space. but they're also observers on land to enter data about how the event affects their weather conditions. the information you collect can help scientists understand the way sunlight inter acts with the earth's atmosphere. >> we're asking people all over the country to help us observe how the eclipse changes the atmosphere of the earth.
8:52 am
that's happening. we know the shadow will pass by and that's going to change things like temperature levels, the humidity, clouds. so in fact the only thing that people need to be involved in this experiment is a very simple cheap thermometer and also an app that you can download for free. >> but even if you don't want to be an amateur scientist that day, just go out and see it. >> the entire process of the eclipse for the moon to go all the way across the sun actually lasts a couple of hours. in most places if you're lucky enough for the moon to entirely cover the sun, it's going to last for about two and a half minutes of total darkness. so the whole thing start to finish a couple hours. the most dramatic part a couple of minutes. >> wherever you are in the united states you're at least going to see a partial eclipse, and this is something that does not happen very often. don't pass this up even if it just means getting eclipse glasses or making a camera go out and see it. >> i'm totally freak out and in on this now. we
8:53 am
solar eclipse on our website including tips for the say the feast ways to view it and where you can go to see it best. although this is what makes it special. it's all across the united states, right? since 1776. >> part of it is all across the united states. if you want to see the complete blackout darkness you have to be in that path. >> okay. >> are we in that path. >> no. >> for more on all of this just head to >> nashville, charlestown. >> south carolina or west virginia. >> south carolina. got to take a trip. i would rarely say charleston around you specifically. >> without taking a trip. >> without being south carolina. >> so awesome. amazing. we've all heard the saying shoot for the stars when following your dreams. nine-year-old boy named jack took that to heart literally. he wants to work for nasa. he applied hoping to fighting aliens i hield like to apply for the planetary protection officer jobs. his sister says he's an alien that's why he would be great at
8:54 am
job. got to know what you got to protect. jack has seen every space alien movie he can see and guess what, jack,? nasa wrote back. they didn't offer him the job because he's nine right now, but they did commend him for his interest nasa planetary research director as you see here that gentleman right there even gave jack a call. he said, jack, we hope you will study hard don well in school and you never know maybe one day you'll be working with us. >> that's pretty awesome. >> right. >> little inspiration there. a lot of inspiration much ladies are you ready for this? fashion house eaves saint lauren is rolling out a new shoe design that has social media users doing a double take. it is a roller 68 stiletto complete with it's own brake pad on the front there. yeah, there it is. twitter users calling the shoes bizarre saying regular heels are hard enough to walk n the shoes will cost you $2,600 and come in four different variations. this is not the first time the brand has experimented with roller skates. in 2013, they launched star
8:55 am
wheels. >> if you can avenue for those you can afford to rent out the exiting ring with beyonce' and jay-z. >> that's a broken leg waiting to happen. i'll sorry. >> probable toll. >> okay. >> all right. before we head to break we want to remind our next fox5 zip trip is four days away of course comes up on friday morning and guess what, folks out to the west we're coming to you this week. we'll be in culpeper vac have a. come on out and join in the fun between 6:00 an 11am as we spotlight all the great things and activity in around culpeper v have a. >> all righty. so maureen will be there along with tucker and kevin and we would love to see you, too. time right now 8:55. we're back in just 30 seconds. ♪
8:56 am
>> ♪ we are getting burned today on these cues. >> should you hot are these breaks. >> time to say hello to our facebook fan of the day. don't worry did you not curse, steve, which is always my concern. good morning to amber an man today. lovely ladies. >> i love the shades. >> they work at the hillendale spiel dentist office in silver spring. >> yeah. >> i would have guessed that by the smiles. >> of course. amber says the dental staff watches fox5 every morning. while accommodating patients good morning to everybody there and to shows of you preparing to go to the dentist office today, i'm right there with you. i have to go later today. >> do you. >> i do. hess tans you have the morning of the den any of the. we love hearing that amber thank you very much. if you'd like to be our fan of the day post a photo below there's. >> beautiful ladies. one more check of weather and traffic. >> start with me. >> okay.
8:57 am
>> giving me the look. it's rainy out please use caution space afternoon heavier rain moves through roads will be really dicey. tucker you take it a way. >> i thought she was going to give your weather report. >> steve, general dentist tee or you have issues. >> i have no issues. >> i do. >> i got issues, too. >> look at his pearly whites. >> i may find out in a few hours i have issues. >> 71 right now. rain and thunderstorms today. flash flood watch in effect at 9:00. i'll show you maps in just a minute. good day d.c. is coming up next. >> if you must know it's just cleaning. >> if you must know. >> they'll be perfect then. ♪ ♪♪ grit. some have it, some don't. when the odds are stacked against you,
8:58 am
at strayer university we've seen it in our students for 125 years. and if you ever think of quitting, our success coaches will be there to pick you up and work with you every day to put you on the right path. it's time. strayer university. let's get it, america.
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♪ straight ahead a flash flood watch in effect for parts of the confident c region as we wake up to another morning of heavy rain and we're in the the only ones dealing with severe weather. we'll show you the damage that mother nature left behind as she made her way through the mid midwest. a teen is shot on a metro train. i'm melanie alnwick at the tacoma station with police are hoping to put out to the public later today. all i'm preparing for every day is to do everything i can to see president donald trump re-elected in 2020. the vice-president firing back aft a bombshell report claims he might mount white house challenge in 2020. now this morning the president weighing in from his home office in new jersey. we'll have a live report. ♪ and later tailo


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