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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  August 9, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox5 local news at ten. first at ten, this case is not over. this case is not over by a long shot. fox5 was the first to report no imnal charges will be filed against the d.c. officer who shot and killed an unarmed man. tonight, terrence sterling's family says they're still seeking justice. plus, fired and now rehired, a report found
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medical hospital sent sensitive information to personal e-mails and mismanaged the hospital used by thousands of vets. and lives es lost and families destroyed, the battle to over come the opioid epidemic in maryland. the news at ten starts right now. fox5 was the if irs to break the newses that the d.c. police officer who shot and killed an unarmed man will not face a criminal charges. thanks for joining us tonight, i'm shawn yancy and i'm tony perkins. the officer shot and killed terrence sterling last september in northwest d credit the shooting prompted questions that still haven't been answered . fox5's marina maracco has more. >>reporter: and we're than is it aing at third and m here in northwest and this is where terrence sterling was shot just behind me about an hour ago there was a small canned light vigil that happened past the d.c. cruiser came to a rest as well as sterling'
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tonight a although a dy police officer brian trainer will not face crime malcharges, we have learned that mayor bowser as well as the d.c. police officer are calling for that officer's resignation. in the meantime the sterling family as well as their attorney they say this fight is not over. i can say that this should not come as a surprise, but it does. it hurts every time. it's been nearly a year since 31 year old terrence sterling was shot to death by a d.c. police officer. this is yet another unarmed black man killed by a white police officer , to ignore race would be to ignore the facts and the sterling family is not going to ignore the facts. i suspect that the public will not ignore the facts. the facts show definitively that terrence was unarmed, that he was shot in the back and that there was a camera that was nearby and none of us have been given access to that camera. four year d.c. police veteran brian trainer was the
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passenger in a police cruiser that was l following sterling's motorcycle in the early morning hours of september 11. trainer and the officer driving the cruiser told investigators sterling had been driving his motorcycle erratically through parts of the city. witnesses corroborated those statements. but the events that unfolded immediately after were put into question when d.c. police revealed officer trainer did not turn on his body worn camera until after shooting sterling twice, including the neck. the united states attorney's office maintains a grand jury was presented with extensive evidence that included 911 1 # one calls, radio runs, dean dod video and pd ray czar footage and body cam footage. despite that prosecutors announced there was insufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt thats of oner trainer, quote willfully used unreasonable force
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self-defense when he discharged his service wep objection to the form. we are now going to pursue justice in the civil arena and the sterling family is hopeful and fateful that we will be able to achieve some level of just is t. unfortunately the criminal justice system hazlet us down yet again. and the us attorney's office said that terrence sterling lad dhc in his system. that's the active ingredient that's found in marijuana. his blood alcohol content was .16. that's nearly twice the legal limit here in the district. as for that second police officer, the driver of that police cruiser, jordan palmer we understand through police sources he was suspended for 20 dayses. he's already served out that suspension. live tonight in northwest d.c., marina maracco, fox a five local news. >> the embattled director of the d.c. veterans affairses hospital is back on the job after he was fired for mismanagement last month. the order to rehigher
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appealed his termination to the federal merit systems board. evan lambert is live with the latest details. >>reporter: tony, veterans affairs secretary david sul kin made it clear he doesn't want brian hawkins back, but essentially he was forced into that he decision when hawkins appealed his firing essentially calling it unjust and while that is being reviewed, a judge order ed that he be reinstated. now, that ruling came out on august 2, but the v.a. is now telling us about it tonight. they say that hawkins is in an administrative role, not his hospital role right now and he he was fired, if you'll remember , on july 28 for mismanagement, allegations of missing equipment and dirty conditions at the d.c. va hospital. also hawkins is alleged to have sent secure information, v.a. information, to private e-mail for himself and his wife.
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signed a billion making it easier to get rid of incumbent v.a. employees, but this appeal, it could go on for months. tone any tony. all right, evan, thank you very much. epa update on a story you saw first on fox5 . the obstetric unit at united medical center in southeast was forced to shut down when the d.c. department of health suspended its license for 90 days. a mother who saw our story sent us an e-mail about the terrible experience she says she had at uumc when she went in recently for tooth pain. emily pray low doesn't want her face shown on tv. the care she received at uc was so bad when she went into labor she didn't want to go back so she was brought across town to washington medical center, ate miles from her home. the way the nurses treat you is like a
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nurse that was dealing with me i feel she didn't want to deal with me so she pushed me off to go into another hospital. in a statement umc said it's address ing deficiencies in screening, clinical assessment and delivery protocols. it's important to note we spoke to several people yesterday who praised the care at umc. the american civil liberties union is suing metro. this comes after metro took downs controversial ads from various political groups some of the ads were from groups like women 's healthcare collective, pit a and milo he and lop sus. they were removed after riders complained. earlier we spoke with fox5 contributor and wa ac transportation reporter who explained how this band started h was a tactic that other trans it systems have used across the country with mixed results. we mentioned, 2015, what happened
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bore at that point was trying to pretend ads from the pamela geller from he getting on business and inside rail station s. you'll remember those were the cartoon of the profit ham add ads. metro said they've had these policies since 2015. they say they intend to vigorous ly defense their advertising guidelines which they say are reasonable and viewpoint neutral. virginia broke ground on a $500 million expansion of the 395 express lanes today. governor terry mcauliffe presided over the ceremony. it will use lanes normally reserved for car pooler s in arlington county. the expansion covers an ate- million stretch all the way to the d.c. border. the work is expected to be finished by 2019 coming up, a spike in deportation orders. are president trump's changes immigration rules having an actual impact on deportations. major developments in the russia
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er trump campaign manager's home. we'll have the details coming up next. xt.
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>> two essential components, but we must also crack down on the criminals who are trafficking these dangerous substances and dealing in death. maryland governor larry hogan today praised police and prosecutors in saint pairy's county for indicting six people link the to multiple deaths in the county. the opioid crisis is a nationwide problem even though president trump declined to declare it a national emergency it is still a priority for his administration. lauren demarco joins us now with what the dea is doing to combat the crisis. >>reporter: shawn, in ohio the morgues are filling up so fast that one corner had to bring in a trailer to store bodies. here in our area along with
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public schools are being outfitted with narcan which is a drug that stops overdoses in an emergency. we all know that heroin is a huge problem. it's extremely adickive, but an even bigger issue is fentanyl. tonight we wanted to take a look at what exactly is this stuff, where is it coming from and what is the dea doing about it. watching all these people walk right off a cliff and you walk behind them and do the same thing. you cannot rationalize with someone that is addicted. special agent melvin paterson while the pain reliever used for cancer patients provides them with a stronger sense of you for yeah and there's something on the market called car fentanyl that's 100 times stronger. packaged death. has ' how strong and potent i find those substances. usually when she lots of fatal
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my first assumption is i'll bet you there's car fentanyl in that . take a look at the lethal amount of the different drugs. just two milligrams similar to one shake of a salt shake of fentanyl can be deadly. with car fentanyl, a trangly wiser meant to be used on elephants it's even less. it didn't get in the map with the ea until 1991 when there were 126 fatal overdoses in kansas. from 2001 to 2005 there were about a thousand overdoses traced to a lab in mexico. fast forward to the latest data, 2015, 53,000 american lives lost to drug overdoses, 63 percent from opioids. heroin and fentanyl, largely to blame and that is about 144 people dying every day . the internet could be playing a huge role. fentanyl has to be produced in a sterile lab, much of it comes from
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to mexico where cartels then bring it to the us. but many dealers here are also ordering it straight from china a through the dark web. here's the the good news, last month in a joint venture, the dea and fbi shutdown a alpha bay, one of the dark webs biggest marketplace he . i can't talk much about it because it's very active. i can just tell you they arrested the primary administrator of the website. earlier this year agentses working with china convinced the government they are to control fentanyl and its key ingredients, finally making them illegal to manufacture. towards the end of this year we're going to see that was huge and significant. my hat goes off to our colleagues, fellow de agents that are working over there in china a. we asked paterson about comparing the crack especially disemmic to the current opioid crisis and he said while there's the the same issues with he so many people needing rehab and also crime that rightow
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many overdoses, people dying from this. and the other problem is first responders. this is a new thing that's been arising and it's the problem of coming in contact with fentanyl even through touch or getting it on your hands and then getting it secondly into your eyes or ingesting it, even breathing it in if it's in the air is extremely dangerous. just last week we learned about a sheriff 's accident ticketed event who was out responding to a case he came in contact with fentanyl and accidentally overdosed. he was treated with narcan at the hospital and he is doing okay. today in pittsburgh , 18 ice officers had to be treated at the hospital for exposure to fentanyl while out on a call. so a big problem there, first responders looking into how to deal with that those specialty suits, teams that can be brought in and again carrying that narcan or naloxone which is a drug that can stop an overdose while it's happening, but it's a very expensive drug that's an issue as wel
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est here in arlington, lauren demarco, fox5 local news. >> well, today was simply beautiful. just a beautiful day of weather. the question is how long will the nice weather last let's check in now with sue palka and find out what we can expect. we're going to squeeze out one more. yea. tomorrow i think the difference is there will be a little bit more cloud cover in the afternoon, but no drops quomg out of those clouds we don't think and what a cool night we had last night. so another day expected tomorrow, more sunshine in the morning than in the afternoon, high clouds will start to role into town. tomorrow afternoon and we'll see some kuala lumpur lose clouds in the afternoon as well temperatures tomorrow very similar to these. we'll probably head for 85, eight # 6- degrees at reagan. dulles 84, bwi83 greece and a check of temperatures now, winchester you're already down to 61-degree s, manassas you're at 61. still rather toasty in the city at 76-degrees, but the air is very
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and that means we're likely headed for the mid and upper 50s again in the suburbs. last night dulles drpped to five a degrees, bwi was 58. we stayed about 65 in city. we'll be close to 65 and 67 in the city those upper 50s feeling fantastic as you keep the windows open. what changes tomorrow, though, is high pressure is going to slip off the coast and will while that begins we'll have a warmer day coming on friday and very isolated showers will be possible well to the west of d.c. torp as those clouds increase and this just in, too, at about 5:00 today hurricane franklin was born and that is moving into veer queues, mexico later tonight. we'll have more on franklin's path and something else we're watching in the rop california atlantic. back to you. thank you, sue. the justice department is upping the number of illegal immigrants de ported from the us. president trump made it clear it was one of his top priorities.
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first six months in office, 57,000 immigrants have been ordered to leave the us. that's a 31 percent increase from last year. the number of illegal immigrants allow to stay in the country has decreased by more than 20 percent. this results in much quicker deportation after these crime flals serve out their prison sentences here in the united states. even though deportation orders are up , the number of actual deportations are moving at a slower pace than during the obama administration. the major development tonight in the russia investigation. the washington post reporting today that the home of president trump 's former campaign manager paul man forth was raided. the raid happened back on july 26, the same day man forth was set to testify before the senate judiciary committee. the fbi re moved tax and banging documents from the home. a judge signed off on the warrant indicating there was probable cause that a crime add been committed. legal experts say the raids suggest that investigators did not have all of the records that they had requested. i'm sure that the
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were missing documents, things that just didn't fit, holes that they wanted to fill and that's why they conducted the search because they didn't feel they could trust man forth to voluntarily give them what they needed. the search warrant is something you you do when you have someone who you think is going to destroy evidence or flee the jurisdiction and there's been no evidence produced that that's the case. last week the trump campaign turned over more than 20,000 pages of documents to congressional investigators look ing into russia's efforts to influence the 2016 election. sill ahead, could students at one college soon be able to choose their own grades? f or a ? i'll take the a, please. we're going to tell you all about one professor's stress reduction policy. and frequent flyers, listen up, one dreaded airline package is becoming less commonment just how likely you are to get bumped on your next trip. tomorrow on fox5 news
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representing terrence sterling's family for their push for justice even though the police officer who shot and killed him will not face criminal chargeses ment we'll take a look at what's next for expectant mothers now that the united obstetric unit is closed for at least 90 days, smartphone sad ness, a psychiatrist will break down how your kids' cellphone could be bringing them the blues. it's all starting tomorrow at four. 25 a.m.
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>> a plan to let college students choose their own grades has been given an f. it even sounds quiend of ridiculous. what are you going to choose, the f or the a, of course. a professor exposed his syllabus online. it included his plan to let students choose and
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if they were stressed out about the grade. oh, my goodness, i got an f \he\e so i think i de serve an a. his reduction stress allow open book and open note tests. the dean of the school says not a chance. the policy doesn't comply with the school's academic standards. good news for airline passengers , your chances of getting bumped on your next flight are actually pretty slim a new government report finds us airlines finds everyone out of 19,000 passengers, that is the lowest rate since 1995. this comes after congress held a hearing on airline customer service after a viral video showed a man being dragged off of a united airlines flight. fox5 news at ten:30 is coming up next. straight ahead at ten. thirty a warning you need to hear before you buy a home. we'll tell you how a d.c. couple is scammed out of hundreds of thousands of doll dollars.
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new lawsuit asking the fda to. >> the interpreter: convenient. .
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on all chevy malibu lt models. that's over fifty-three hundred dollars on this chevy malibu. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >> this is fox5 local news at ten:30. right now at ten. thirty, no charges for the d.c. police officer who shot and killed terrence sterling, but does that mean he'll be back on the force. then they bought a dream home in the district in cash or so they thought. how one couple was scammed out of one and a half million bucks. you may love the way your hair looks after a brazil and blowout
10:30 pm
lawsuit is claiming about one of the products used in the the treatment. i'm jim lokay and a i'm sarah simmons. up first here, the officer involved in the deadly shooting of an up armed man in the district will not be charged. fox5's marina maracco live with more on that decision tonight. >>reporter: has ' right and that announcement came roughly 5:00 this afternoon from the united states attorney's office and the decision is to not imnal ly charge that four-year veteran of the d.c. police department, officer brian train er. he he fatally shot 31 year old terrence sterling. you're looking at that man on the the screen there an unarmed man who witnesses and officers on the scene say was driving his motorcycle erratically through parts of d.c. back in september of 2016. now prosecutors found there was insufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that officer trainer willfully used unreasonable force and/or was not acting in
10:31 pm
his weapon. a judge is forcing the d.c. veterans affairs hospital to rehigher their form er director brian hawkins a after being fired for mismanagement last month. hawkins appealed to the federal merit systems protection board. under hawkins leadership, the v.a. was accused of missing equipment, dirty conditions and sending out private information tensions between the us and north korea continue to escalate and tonight the rogue nation mocked president trump and issu ed a new response to his threats. the military called the president's warning quote, a load of nonsense, it also claimed it will finish a claim to attack the us territory of guam with missiles by mid august . let's switch gears, p 75-degrees out here. beautiful day. let's just loan it stays around. here's sue pal contact with the latest. i think tomorrow is going to be a very nice day. will it be aspect
10:32 pm
about a half a degree of it. we're looking at a very similar today and humidity wise it's also looking terrific. we get off to a comfortable tonight as temperatures once again tonight are likely going to head for the upper 50s to mid 60s closer to the city centers. last night dulles dropped to 55 greece. this is august, it doesn't happen very often so enjoy it while you can because more heat and humidity will be back in the forecast. we'll have a mix of sun and clouds, clouds begin to build in the afternoon and evening and that leads us into friday. rain chances are going to begin by friday as a frontal boundary approaches and unfortunately that especially west will stall over our area this weekend and that means the weekend looks a little bit un settled. it also looks a bit warmer and a bit more humid and it's kind of tough to time the showers and the storms for the weekend because it could depend on waves of energy riding ang
10:33 pm
that's how things are looking, enjoy the dry day that we have ahead and we'll let you know how things are shaping up hour by hour with the seven day forecast coming up in just a few minutes thank you, sue. president trump has spoken out on the nation's opioid crisis. it claimed 2,000 lives in the state of maryland last year, but today governorror larry hogan praised prosecutors and. governor hogan says six people die from overdose essay cross the state. prevention and treatment obviously are two essential components, but we must also crack down on the criminals who are traffickerring these dangerous substances and dealing in death. it is my hope that these actions will serve as an example for prosecutors from one end of the state to the other. >> in saint nairy's county awful the suspects
10:34 pm
murder and face up to 50 years in prison. imagine being scammed out of one and a half million dollars. a lot of people like to have that money to begin with, but it happened to one d.c. couple whos was just trying to buy their dream home. it turns out there was a sufficient kateed hacker who tap ped into their title company and they wired the hands into cyber criminals. here's ef evan lambert with a warning about the scams that are happening. this is a huge deal, evan. >>reporter: it is. sarah, jim, this lawsuit right hearsays the title company in this building right behind me, federal title was negligent in its cyber security allowing he e-mail to be hacked and that d.c. couple to lose $1.5 million. now, according to the lawsuit this all started back in may when the government, both government employees went to purchase their $1.7 million dream home in cleveland park. they were at the closing stage and
10:35 pm
federal title and escrow company a deposit of $200,000. they got an e-mail confirmation that it went through. and then the couple believes after that transaction which actually made it to the tile l company someone hacked federal title's e-mail, the same person, the couple corresponding with e-mailed ask that they send the rest of the money to a separate account. the husband even questioned why it be sent there but the title worker wrote back and assured it fine. seemingly coming from the same company they completed the initial transaction with. the second e-mail was written by a hacker and the second transaction, that $1.5 million went straight to a hacker's account. buying a home is the largest expenditure most people make in their lives. when you higher a reputable title company to assist you with the transaction and you follow their directions that they send you about where to wire the money and then you show up to closing and the money is gone, no home buyer would ever expect that to happen. that'
10:36 pm
suit in this case because we're seeking those responsible accountable for what's happened in this case. and that company federal title isn't disputing that they were hacked. they even say that they reported it to the fbi. they say that in a statement to fox5 that federal title continues to work with the fbi personnel as they complete their investigation and an internal review by federal titles it company has vee vealed that no other customers were affected by this hack. the claim has also reported to federal title's insurer carrier which is also investigating. that couple, they still have not gotten their money back. that is why they're suing. they also want to let people know that this can happen to anyone and the national realtor's association and the federal trade commission, they have been warning about these kind of fish ing schemes. so this is definitely happening all across the nation, so it's really better to paying those kinds of transactions in person. live in northwest, evan lambert, fox5 local
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ten. thirty, concerns about the chemicals used in a popular salon treatments. a new lawsuit is demanding the fda interview when it comes to the formaldehyde when it comes to some brazil and broouts. wall street and main street keeping a close eye on rising tensions with north korea. worries about a possible show down helping push stocks lower on wednesday, all three major markets finishing in the red. meanwhile , the former queen of daytime is making another venture into the food business, oprah winfrey is teaming up with craft heinz on a new line of comfort foods with a healthy twist. the new products, which are named oh, that's good, will start hitting store shelves this week. and chris pi cream trying to eclipse itself its rivals with this. for the first time of the company will be making a chocolate glazed donut to coincide with the solar eclipse on august 21. customers can start buying the new flare two days before, butik
10:38 pm
event they go away after that. attention passengers, alaska airlines has just been named the airline with the the best re wards program. a stud study by u s s news a and reports redeeming the points. that's a look at business, i'm david asman. asman.
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>> welcome back, when it comes to strokes, the number of men having them is going down, but strokes are appearing in more women. researchers collected data on more than a million people in ohio and kentucky, finding of the 7700 people who lad a stroke nearly 66 percent of them were women. now to a health alert about a popular hair straightening
10:42 pm
that many women get faithfully. the chemical used in brazil and blowouts is at at the center of a lawsuit. they are flaming the formaldehyde causes cancer and they're demanding it be band. salons could soon be forced to go green. the organizationses filed a lawsuit demanding the drug and administration a for formaldehyde ban. some women have suffered hair loss, rashes on the head and neck, bleeding glums, loss of smell. there is also a cancer risk with formaldehyde. the chemical is often used in products that straighten, soften and relax hair. linda a any jay says being a formaldehyde free zone is personal for her. my mom was
10:43 pm
diagnosed with cancer in 2008 and from that point on i kind of knew that i wanted to go ahead and live a more holistic lifestyle. the ker continue tin treatment usually has the formaldehyde in it. hair products should undergo the same scrutiny as products ingested. in order to love your hair you have to put the the right ingredients in, natural ingredients in it. we filed a suit in december telling the fda that they need to take action and what fda said in response is we're looking into it. we're taking action. we just think that's a really inadequate response. teisha lewis, fox5 local news. >> well, a lot of people were talking about this one today. you may have seen it online or on fox a a passive anti trump demonstration, the president, if he were in d.c. could see right outside of his window. act activists put up a 30-foot inflatable golden chicken similar to the president 's locks. the pres
10:44 pm
at his golf course in new jersey , but we did talk to the organizer about the message he's thrieg to send. it means that the president is too afraid to release his tax returns, he's too afraid to stand up to put in , and he's playing a game with north korea and yet he wants a military parade in washington, d.c. it sounds kind of bizarre this isn't the chicken's first appearance. according to the d.c. the chicken appeared before during the big tax rally and there it is. keeps reappearing it pops up every where. >> next at ten:30, pap a john's is warning customers about it's glue ten free pizza. why it might not be so gluten free after all. we're back after this.
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>> hey chit owes fans, you're in luck. a chit os themed restaurant is now opening
10:48 pm
chit owes tacos, chit owes fried pickle and cheetos cheese cake. food network chef you saw right there, here is the catch, the restaurant, it must be a popup because it's only open present august 15 to the 17, so you only have so much time to get the wonderful orange goodness caked onto your fingers at a restaurant. yes. so pap a john 's new gluten free pizza crust not for those with a glut en intolerance much that's the word on the fast food chain the gluten free crust could be exposed to ordinary crust curing preparationses, according to the journal of american medicine nearly 2 percent of the population follows a jeuten free diet. is that something that thisser ' going to address. there are people that aif celiac , but i guess they're trying to do it for those that do it for
10:49 pm
anxious are the grains? that's my next question. you know how many times i've bitten into a pizza and i said you know what would make this better, ancient grains. this is a perfect day. if it was a piss pizza a it couldn't be rated any higher than a ten. we're going to have another decent day tomorrow with more clouds tomorrow coming in and late day and then back to some unsettled weatherfully, saturday and sunday. tonight is glorious at 75-degrees in the district. boy do we get some nice sunset pictures on twitter thank you for all who sent them in. i love this picture. look at the fire in the water there. beautiful sunset tonight down there. i think you'll have another butt beautiful one much as the clouds come in tonight they'll bring you a lot of reflect tift as well. keep the pictures coming. tomorrow about 84-degrees, a good amount of sunshine in the morning, more late day
10:50 pm
then friday showers and storms developing. i think they'll be mainly west of d.c. but by friday night closing in on the i 95 corridor. more details on friday and the weekend in a moment and what the the setup is going to be there. first the latest on what has become a rather strong hurricane one hurricane. this is franklin. this has gone downhill. winds have increased to 85 miles an hour, found some warm weather in the bay of cam peach i. this is the first hurricane of the 2017 season in the atlantic basin. the pacific has had others. this one will be making a landfall here very soon and then it will race across mexico, but it will fall apart quickly, but it's also going to bring a an awful lot of rain and it will be greatly weekend by the mountains , but the mudsl
10:51 pm
moves assure. we're keeping an eye on a very weak system in the atlantic. we keep an eye on this, doesn't have a name yet, but being watched. our models tonight are seeming like maybe they want to take it more up the east coast and out to see much that's kind of a good sign but we'll watch that because we are getting into prime time here with our hurricane season. in the meantime, how about this, winchester you're already down 59-degrees tonight. you were down last night into the 50s. you'll be there again tonight. sixty-five at dulles. manassas 60-degrees, culpeper 63. these were the lowe's this morning. we dropped to 55 at dulles, bwi 55. reagan dropped to 55. we're going to be close, maybe a couple of degrees warmer, but not much warmer. p you were cool this morning you'll need the jacket again for your thursday morning. fifty-eight for fled ricks bugger, 67 d.c. the city centers always stay a little bit warmer. a
10:52 pm
but high pressure which is still close by will be slipping off the coast tomorrow night and after that happens the clouds come in first and then you start to notice the humidity a little bit on friday and as a frontal boundary approaches we'll have some showers to watch. if you we see any showers tomorrow i think they'd be very isolated and well on the west. low 830s ought to do it for us tomorrow around the region and then friday afternoon here's this frontal boundary that we're going to have to watch. it will be making an approach, as it gets closer there will be some scattered showers and thunderstorms on friday and then the front stalls and as we head on into the weekend with the front around it will get warmer more humid and through the weekend we'll have slow moving showers and thunder thunderstorms that we'll have to dodge. i don't think it will \rain\reign\ all weekend but it's hard to time them because it will depend when the fronts stall and when the enjoy forms that moves along them. that's why we're going to keep you in the scattered
10:53 pm
thunderstorm department friday saturday and sunday. and then we finally think that front tr ies to kick out on monday. still could be some showers around. temperature of 82- degrees. tuesday could be a lingering shower at 83. wednesday about 85-degrees, but hey still no 90s on this seven day forecast. that's a good sign, but we don't really want to see any more rain on the weekend now do we? that's your seven day forecast. tomorrow night at nats park, you know what, i got to do this right. when you wake up tomorrow morning and your alarm goeses you'll know that the nats are about to drive down. tomorrow night at nats park it's all right. okay, tomorrow night. let's go to tonight. tonight's game would be a milestone evening for ryan
10:54 pm
to the fans. makes him all time leader in runs batted in. one- nothing nats. in the third nats up two-nothing. zimmerman goes the other way. harper russelling. he scores, zimmerman again, he adds another homerun, two homers, five rbi, two runs scored for zimmerman, the nats torch the purlins ten- one. major league baseball is letting hate me. instead of their names they have various nicknames on the back. the nats ing going with do and mouse and dirt. my issue with the oral other yals. setting smith is just smith and bily is just wiley. they both must be great at parties. in the past couple of years the
10:55 pm
practice against other nfl teams , but tomorrow they open against the ravens. kirk cousins wish he he had some more chances to go up against a defense other than his home. i'm accustomed to the other side of the ball when you're going against them day in and day out they know our hand cig mals, our cold words, what we like to do better than any defense we're going to play during the season and vice versa so it's not a true representation of what sunday afternoon is going to feel like when i know that rn could erin side and out because i've gone against them every day for three years. i know what their blitz checks are. i already know it before they giveaway the blitz some ims too those are the things you don't want to have the answer before you take the test. you weren't to play it true and honest. what do you have going on prep i ? you both look like you're getting ready to senior pictures . this is hip relatable . i'm here to be your friend. i don't know what that
10:56 pm
teacher that doesn't play by the rules. you are rod belling. saved by the bell. in case anybody out there is saying what is going on. it's '90s night. i'll bring my fannie pack. >> coming up next at 11 tonight we're going to have the very latest on president trump wanting to ban transgender people from serving in the us military. we'll tell you how active duty transgeneral diser troops are fighting back. no winners in the mega a millions drawing last night, but now we're just minutes away from a chance at another big jackpot. get your power ball tickets ready, the winning numbers are ahead at 11.
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>> this is fox5 local news at 11 . right now at 11, we will continue to pursue justice and look for justice for attorneys. fox5 was the first to report a d.c. police officer will not face criminal charges for the shooting death of an unarmed man , but there are still many un answered questions. plus, he was fired for e-mailing sensitive information, but now the man hired to lead d.c.'s va hospital for years is back on the job. we have the late breaking details. and active duty transgender troops are fighting back against the president's plan to ban hem property military. the news at 11 starts right now. fox5 was first to break the news the d.c. police officer who shot and killed an unarmed man will not face criminal charges. thanks for joining us, i'm tony perkins


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