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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  August 11, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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heading into this evening. thunderstorms approaching dc metro, of course whatever else you have planned for your friday night, check out radar, we've got one severe thunderstorm off toward the west. there is broken line of showers, storms, along the 81 corridor moving east of the mountains and they should be approaching the metro within the next couple of hours. but, here is a severe thunderstorm warning, the yellow box, showing you where it is, for portions of -- extreme sean endo a warren counties, a lot of rain, see plenty of lightning. so damaging winds possible with some trees and large branches to come down, also, large hail is possible within this storm too. we are concerned about the potential with the very heavy rain, had a lot of rain lately, could see localized flashflooding with the storm. if you are headed west on 66 this evening, you will be encountering this thunderstorm. looks like it will
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east across 66, impacting places like the planes within the next ten minute or so, around 5:20, should arrive in gainesville, fairfax count if i it holds together as such. so this is just one severe thunderstorm. also some showers up by martinsburg, hagerstown, pressing owe eastward into northern portions of frederick county most just light rain except for little heavy rain south of bart ands berg, but i don't see any temperatures, temperatures in the 70s, 80s, 82 in washington, but so different from the past couple of afternoons. had such an increase in humidity. we've had a lot of cloud cover today. so it feels like it wants to rain out there. fox future cast showing the showers and storms off toward the north and west, want to move eastward within the next couple of hours, exact placement little up for grabs, but between the 66 and 270 corridors, by about 8:00 p.m., getting close to approaching the belt way between 10:00 and 11:00, still scattered, concerned that any of the storms could be quite strong or maybe have some heavy rain along with them.
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down overnight. that's tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. we will still have some showers, and deal with that saturday forecast coming up. first nats game, thunderstorms around, delays possible, i won't totally call it but headed out this evening be prepared there may be a delay because we've seen some thunder and lightning already off toward our west. so, thunderstorms tonight, little unsettled on saturday. but half of our weekend looks good. all of that still coming up in your full forecast, czar, a jim, back over to you. >> thank you, caitlin. fox5 in the district, teen on her way to college in just over a week hit by gunfire, innocent victim just driving a car. you saw the story breaking this time yesterday. >> at last check she was in critical condition. another man was shot but is expected to recover. >> fox5 news morning chief peter broke the arrest of one suspect police still cher chipping for two other. >> we did very early this morning make one arrest in the case, a suspect, by the name of philip mcdaniel, from northeast dc, has
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into custody. but we are still looking for at least two other individuals that may have been involved in this case. >> now, that shooting happened a block away from busy rhode island avenue in northeast. that's where we find fox5 matt ackland. >> the young woman just graduated high school and heading to college. this is such a sad story. >> sarah, jim, this one really, really is a terrible one. you're right. chief new some said that the young woman had just graduated, and in fact, in ten days was head today college in florida. let me set the scene for you. this is where it happened here along montana avenue, rhode island just a block away. the car came to rest right about here, in this area, we believe that she was shot as she was driving. we are not identifying her because she a victim of a crime. but we also, since we heard the chief talk about it this morning, we wanted to look into this case, tell you a little bit more about this woman tha
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good things about. let's take you to video now and show you the scene from last night. the chief says the teenager was caught in the crossfire and we're told she was hit in the head. this is video of the scene. chief compared the shooting here around 3:00 yesterday to another shoot-out that happened in southeast recently. neighbors tell us the teenage her recently graduated from a local high school, than she and her mother just returned from a trip to florida, to take a look at the campus. both neighbors describe the teen as sweet, and driven. >> i invited myself to her graduation party, because i saw the balloons, everything, and went in, and congratulated her, and i was just really excited for her, and this is a tragedy. sweet girl, sweet girl. you know, you can't even drive down the street and somebody going to be out there shooting, and you get shot innocently, and now this kid is 17 years old. she won't get to
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university that she got into. that's terrible. >> all right, back out live, it happened here at montana and saratoga, in northeast. we're told last time we got a condition, she was list in the critical condition. once again, the chief also is saying that there is one suspect that has been arrested, but they are still searching for two people. we've been here for much of the day, and we've notice add strong police presence in this area. but when we called police, not too long ago, they said there were no new developments in this case. you know we'll stay on top of it. live in northeast, matt ackland, fox5 local news. in prince georges county investigators still looking for a suspect in motive into in a deadly shooting happened, officers called out to the 7,000 block this morning, to check on the welfare after man and when they got there, they found him shot to death. no word on his identity. police did provide more details about where they found the victim. >> there is a series
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neighborhood trails throughout the community that link these clusters of townhomes together. it is a paved asphalt style, like almost bike-style trail, and that's where he was located on one of those path. >> and now there is a reward of up to $25,000 for anyone with information leading to arrest. >> there are calls tonight for the dismissal of at least a dozen dc police officers. critics aligned with the black lives matter movement say the officers are celebrating a culture of death, targeting primarily african-american communities. this after controversial logos, slogans, activist deemed racist were found on t-shirt, and sweatshirts, worn by undercover officers on duty. >> now, these are the police of washington dc. anyone who sees this, any objective observer, would actually see this as a death squad unit. >> i think we have to understanded here that the split second decision after police officer, in a way no other public official can, split second decision, can mean your life, or
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and beyond just strictly life and death, a split second decision on what to do in this situation can mean that your life can go drastically in one direction, or the other. so, people's lives are at steak. >> dc police say they are investigating who created the t-shirt, and they promise to find out how many people were involved in buying and wearing them. if interstate 66 is part of your daily commute, you may be wondering if your walt set getting wacked by the newly installed e-zpass system. >> drivers crews by the e-zpass readers, but the hot lanes don't go live for couple of months. bonn barnard: >> reporter: well, this is a test. only a test, until december. d dot is speer.g with its new toll booths, nine of them between the belt way and rosalynn, as you can see, some drivers are saying what the heck is going on, these things are flashing, it is basically a test of the system
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light of this toll plaza when cars have activated their easy g they have two or more people in their car. the flashing light will eventually let law enforcement know that that car should have two or more people inside of it, and if it doesn't, they could be pursued and ticketed. the hot lanes, which will go into effect early december, between the belt way and rosalynn, will allow you to use the hov lanes for a fee if you're in your car alone. the amount of the tolls will rise and fall depending on traffic at the time. the hot lanes will go into effect from 5:30 to 9:30 a.m. eastbound, and then westbound from 3:00 to 7:00 in the afternoon. it will no longer and free ride if you have a hybrid car. basically, this is part of an overall he can pan sean project, as v dot, northern virginia, transportation officials, widen and add hot
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to gainesville. it is too ease congestion, allow for people in a car alone to use these hov lanes when, right now, you're restricted inside the belt way during the morning and afternoon commutes. the warning for you in the meantime until december don't be fooled by the flashing lights. this is only a test. in arlington county, bob barnard, fox5 local news. >> i was half expecting a horse to come trotting with that music there, very cute, bob. >> all right, coming up: controversy on capitol hill. it is not over a bill, it is over a painting. >> it doesn't belong in a congressman's office. >> why would this insult anybody? >> earlier this week, we told but the demands for congressman to remove statue of lib err i, now firing back and explaining why he won't take it down. >> then, why a judge has ordered the parents after teen who died in a gym at school to pay nearly $300,000. >> and investigating art
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launching criminal investigation, is he running a sex cult? ? >> what's up? from new york city. >> all right, if you haven't been on google's website today, here is what you are missing, an inter-active turn table, but there is a bit of a story behind it, the doodle is marking the 44th anniversary of the birth of hip hop, which first began back in 1973, when the dj who went by the name of cool, through back to school jam in the bronx, and tried something new with his mix, and it soon became a hit and was dubbed hip hop. >> when you click on today's it puts you in the dj blocks, where you can choose records behind them and scratch. google teamed up visual artist and fab five freddie for the animation. back after this.
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>> leaders in fulton county florida calling upon the district attorney to pursue investigation of art kelly, recently holding women against his house at will. they say they uncovered new information surrounding the allegations raising the level of concern. >> because i do believe that questions should be answered, and no stone should be left un turned. and i am speaking on behalf not only of the citizens of fulton county, but specially speaking on behalf of the women, the
5:14 pm
experienced their children who have been edges employed. >> now the singer's scheduled to hold concert in atlanta later this month despite 30,000 people signing a petition demanding it be cancelled. the singer has de mid any wrong-doing. when do we want it? ... >> a judge ruled today, that prosecutors can use the union statements at a chicago police officer made, after shooting and killing la quan mcdonald, 17 year old killed in october 2014. officer jason vandike was the first chicago policeman in 30 years, to be charged with murder for an on duty fatality. vandike initially said he fired after mcdonald's lunged at him, swing ago knife aggressively. more than year later dash cam video showed the teen walking away with the knife and that's when the officer jumped out of his car and unloaded every round from his wept none 15 seconds. protesters gathered athe
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courthouse today. urging the judge to not change the trial venue. >> i don't see them any reason to change the venue, likelihood of him walk something in his favor. we don't want that. the community doesn't want. that i'm sure la kwon's family doesn't want that. >> prosecutors want access to his written statements given to a detective, now himself under indictment for conspiracy,. >> a judge has orders erred parents after teen found dead inside after gym mat to pay legal fees. kenneth and jacqueline filed lawsuit accusing two brother of killing their 17 year olson, kendrick, back in 2013. investigators believe he died in a freak accident, but johnson's parent insisted he was murdered. the judge said the johnson's admitted under oath they had no evidence to support the claim. the cup little have to pay
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almost $300,000 in legal fees for the brothers. >> you may have seen a lot of police and firefighters responding to elementary school in rest continue today. >> we want to tell this was just a drill, and it was not a real emergency. first responders were conducting a training exercise at the elementary school. testing response to active sheeter. number of volunteers pretended to be the victims, police and firefighters carry out these drills periodically so prepared in case after real emergency. coming up: fire in alexandria sends three people to the hospital. >> ang lee at the scene with the very latest for us, ang lee? >> reporter: guys, elderly couple was rescued from their burning apartment, by a plumber who just happened to be working nearby. we'll hear from others who jumped into action, that's coming up. sarah? >> and, if you have a story idea call the fox5 tip line. the number 20289530000. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪
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three people are recovering in the hospital after an apartment fire on valley drive in alex andre a now, this is in the park fairfax community of far link ton. >> investigators crediting alert worker in the area for rushing into the burning build to go save others. live, with more on this story. >> you can see behind me a fire restoration crew, working to clear out, board out this burned off building off valley drive. it was actually a plumber working nearby who first spotted flames, and he and other maintenance workers were not afraid to jump into action. >> cell phone video captures glass, shattering, and black smoke pouring from the third story windows of a park fairfax apartment building friday morning. >> fire started so fast. first it was like a lot of smoke, then all the sudden into flames. >> juan oliver, one of the first people to arrive at the fire. he noticed his
5:21 pm
already rushing out of the burning build wag elderly women who had been trapped inside. >> he got her down the stems, caring in his arms and got her down. >> other staff working in the area rushed to the scene. one called 911. other tried to help panicked neighbors as fire crews pulled up. >> it sounds like a worker was able to notify them, bring them outside, also notify several others residents, alerted them there was a fire. their actions definitely helped people exit the structure. >> says elderly couple living on the third floor was rushed to the hospital, along with the maintenance worker who ran in to rescue them. >> i heard a voice outside yell, there is a dog in there, so i went to investigate it, the front door, found a commotion, and look up and saw heavy smoke and flames. >> lori freedman lives downstairs, and may be out of her home tonight. but she's grateful for the bravery of people like edwin. >> he's that type of person. you know, some people, y
5:22 pm
certain things, even when he's doing a job here, he goes above and beyond. somebody's in the house, try to get them out. i'm pretty sure anybody here would have did the same thing. >> no update yet on the three people that were taken to the hospital. but when they left, they were all alert, and talking, at least four families had been displaced, by this fire, a cause is still unknown. live in alexandria, fox5 local news. >> all right, let's take a live look outside right now. things are just kind of overcast, you can just tell something want to go stir up out there. >> clouds, sun, throughout the day, now in the cloud mode. caitlin standing by, looks like we'll have to worry about some storms. >> looks like it, guys. yes, some showers, some thunderstorms getting organized off toward the west, should be arriving in the metro in the next hour or two. here's what we're looking at, storm tracker, stronger thunderstorms, still, severe thunderstorm warning out over front royal virginia, we zoom in
5:23 pm
extended, very slow moving severe storm coming right out every front royal, moving eason 66, this says until 5:15, it has been extended until 6:00. shenandoah, warren counties in virginia, under the severe thunderstorm damage with potential damaging winds, large hail, lots of rain and plenty of lightning. and this storm is has a history of producing very damaging wind gusts, look at it, big cluster, a lot of rain, a loft lightning, you don't want to be driving westbound on 66 or eastbound for that matter right now. so if in your someplace like center ville, gainesville, head west. wait until it passes, i know moving slowly, but it moved through shenandoah reports of trees down also some fallen on some wires. so power outages will be an issue too of course. here's as we put track on it, you can see, moving fairly slowly, within the next ten minutes or so. it should be approaching gainesville, then by about 5:45, chantilly, will move on across portions of fairfax count if i it holds its strength together, by 6:00 p.m. it should
5:24 pm
encountering the west side of the belt way, that's the only severe thunderstorm that we have. but we have more showers and thunderstorms out there including these showers, right around route 70 north of frederick. looks little stronger out by martinsburg, but as both ofbothf eastward, they might combine to make a stronger more organized area of thunderstorms. there was a pop up storm right over 95. looks like nothing right now, but if you're in laurel, maryland, probably saw the downpour, maybe brief lightning. that was just pop up one that has now popped back down. here is another one, go back to north virginia, just north of hartford, so these are our first storms that have really popped with the heat of the day. also, with the warmfront that's moving through. i do think we'll have several rounds every showers, thunderstorms tonight. fox future cast, here is 9:00 widespread area of rain over dc. the severe threat is not high. but there is the conditional, the condition, chance for some flashflooding, with some of the storms as they come by, just a lot of water and already pretty soak from all of the rain that we've had. notice, from 9:00 p.m. on, you see that rain slowly
5:25 pm
eastward, why the nats game will probably be in jep aired. see how it plays out, even into the overnight hours, you have continual showers along there warmfront, that's not going to be kicked out until cold front comes by late saturday. so for this evening, showers, thunderstorms in the forecast, scattered about, potential to be severe. higher risk of heavy rain and possible flashflooding. now, the weekend does show some improvement, second half of the weekends, i promise the seven day forecast when i next see you at 5:45. jim, sarah? >> all right, thank you, caitlin. coming up: toddler found in in the back seat after suv. police say her mom was unconscious in the drivers seat. we'll have more details coming up. >> fatal tractor-trailer crash on i07. tonight police are now identifying the victim. >> and, mall mayhem. arrest has been made in the brace infight that was caught on camera. we'll have details next. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪
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our 2017 models will be moving fast. you can drive a car... or you can drive a cadillac. come in now before the end of our made to move 2017 clearance event and leave with the perfect cadillac escalade for you. purchase with 0% percent apr for 72 months. >> we're no hero. we do this every day, it is part of our job. >> fox5 is the first to break the news
5:29 pm
shot and killed an unarmed man, will not face criminal charges. charges. >> this is fox5 local news at 5:00. >> now, looking at headlines at the half, we know the name of the tractor-trailer driver killed in a overnight crash in frederick. maryland state police, lionel moser crashed on westbound 70 at mount table road, this happened just before 3:00. but it took a long while to clear. the troopers got there, they found the tractor-trailer and surrounding woods on fire, but still no word on what led to that crash. >> staying in frederck, police made drug arrest in boscov department store parking lot. an officer says he found christina hall unconscious in the drivers seat after suv on wednesday. a toddler was awake, in the back seat. after getting the woman's information, he learned there was a bench warrant for her arrest. >> upon search of her vehicle officers found drugs
5:30 pm
prescribed medication. >> happened 1:00 at pnc bank, 2800 block of jefferson davis highway. the suspect, you see right there, last seen wearing blue shirt and a navy blue hat. howard county police arrested and charged suspect in a robbery in a columbia mall. police identify the suspect here as 22 year oldie laya rockwell, video shows her fight wag merry go around employee at the mall. after she tried to steel some cash from the register. when the employee confronted her video shows grabbing the woman's hair, throwing her to the grounds, she now faces charges for robbery, theft and assault. >> tonight between the us and north korea. >> president trump tweeted the us is quote locked and loaded should peung yang attack the territory of guam. more now from fox's lauren blanchard. >> president trump putting more heat on north korea this morning, tweeting, quote, military solutions are now fully in place. locked and
5:31 pm
korea act un wisely, hopefully kim jong un will finds another path. sparring between the president and the rogue regime, starting with this statement by mr. trump. >> they'll be met with fire and fury. >> the white house, the state and defense department's quick to stand by the president, after backlash from dozens of democrats. calling the comments, wreckless, and saying, the president is unwilling to work with them. >> the governor of guam defending the president. >> i feel more confident that if someone is to make a threat to my people, the people of guam, that my president will say if guam is attacked, then hell and fewerly fall on the attacker. >> and one republican who typically is on good terms, with the president, republican senator mitch mcconnell, on the receiving ends of warning shots. the president going after the senate majority leader for his
5:32 pm
mcconnell, on august recess, has stayed relatively quiet, except to say the president has excessive expectations. >> the president is absolutely right to be impatient, to have it up to here with mitch mcconnell. >> germ nan counseling he will american sell weighing in, rhetoric is the wrong approach, president quick to dismiss the criticism, saying she doesn't speak for the us on north korea. >> just yesterday i was pleased to join the president at bed minister as he directed our entire administration to use to respond, to the crisis, of an opioid epiderm glike vice president mike pence back in his home state of indianna today to talk about the opioid crisis and president trump's commitment to reducing crime. >> the president trump has been working to keep his promise to make america safe again. but our president also knows that we can't
5:33 pm
create opportunities for people. >> the vice president speaking before the ten-point coalition praising the group for its own efforts to reduce crime in the hoosier state. >> we have follow up now on story we told but earlier this week. a paint that features the statue of liberty wear a him and, painting stirred up controversy among some people who say it is inapropriate. tonight the congressman is addressing his critics, we hear more now from fox's maureen. >> large eyes, green lips, and she's wearing an h ijab. >> this is high school art project, we're rewarding kids for their hard work. >> a stant an anna high schooler submitted the painting for this year's congressional art competition it, won fourth place, and a coveted spot on her congressman's wall. >> it doesn't belong in a congressman's office. >> the placement upset members of we the people rising who
5:34 pm
visited the offers recently. >> the district manager. >> demanding it be taken down. >> we can't finds another place to put that picture? >> in this day and age we want to see our elected officials are of the utmost of patriotism. that's not patriotic. >> the video how has over 12,000 views, and the issue now has sarah palin's attention on twitter. >> why would this insult anybody? >> korea says he won't take it down. >> i address issues of terrorism. we're looking at north korea looking at rush a we're looking at our economy today. we're looking at attacks cut. we're looking at healthcare policy. very important public policy issues that i'm addressing right now, but freedom of speech is also very important. >> we the people rising insist they should have the freedom to express herself, just not in a place their tax dollars funds. >> if it was just a beautiful picture of the statue of liberty we wouldn't have one
5:35 pm
but she had to put a hedge -- i don't think that was right. and there is nothing wrong with that per say but it is in a congressman's offers, where it is at. >> that was reporting, congressman says he's seen art depicting jesus at the capitol, no one is explaining about that, spokesperson for we the people rising says the group not familiar with that work but would want that taken down, as well. >> lesson in giving in gratitude for kids at vacation bible count in arlington county today. youngsters part of their morning, as policemen inning kits for needy children. serves 21 counties with the poorest of children not getting free or reduced lunches when they're not in school. >> a lot every kids get breakfast and lunch during school year, not such a problem, but in the summertime that's not available. so a lot of kids are hurt, also, sometimes, harder to raise food, people on vacation, so we depends on the churches and parishes to use the parishioners to gather the food. you're
5:36 pm
the time it is needed. >> catholic char chest help to philmore than 50 food pantries in northern virginia, project today at saint ann's parish in arlington. >> uber passengers were treated to free ice cream in the district today. this is the sixth year the ride sharing app has sponsored that event. all riders had to do was click on the uber app, hit select ice cream for a chance to be matched up with an uber ice cream truck if you had a match you got ice cream delivered to you. uber partnered with scoops to you for today's delicious event, similar promotion was held in nearly dozen cities across the country. and amateur astronomers taking his excitement to a whole new level. >> meeting man who spent nearly half century chasing the celestial events. coming up. >> arling n ton police department, there is a good reason why, i think we should just skip skate lynn, watch there is actually, stay tuned, until after the break, we'll check i
5:37 pm
>> that's a tease, i'm sure they release philadelphia because it is so good. look at that, synchronized, new flood warning out, in virginia, little west of our area, but his is a testament to the heavy rain producing nature of some of these thunderstorms out there. one in specific, right over the front royal area. so there is one flood warning. we still have severe thunderstorm warning out ahead of it, and we've got thunderstorms approaching the metro when they're expected to arrive, how this will impact your friday night, and the weekend. that's all coming up in your seven day forecast whether fox5 news at 5:00 returns right after this. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪
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>> a lot of people are learning by way of video games. >> wssc, hoping to take advantage to reach students in maryland. utility asked it summer interns to create these games, so they can learn about water usage, how people waste water. the video game collection is called water works, some of the games take players underground, inside pipes, and plants. we're told the videos will get used in some stem classes across the state. >> pretty cool. >> yes. >> in less than two weeks, we will be treated to something very rare, very unique, so much we've actually created animation for you, for the total solar eclipse. two minute, eight seconds, day will turn to night. >> eclipse will be visible in most of the united states monday august 21, a day scientists and some people waited nearly 40 years to see. fox's lauren blanchard has more. >> people just go crazy when they see it. i mean, there is hooping, hollering. >> corona files, eclipse o hole innings, all names for
5:42 pm
himself. an eclipse chaser. >> the first one was in north carolina, in 1971. >> half the world, mexico, germany, back here to the u.s. august 21, the day of the total solar eclipse, he'll see his fifth. >> people have seen many more than me, but those are the real experts. >> the self-pronounced amateur astronomer has turned his hob my a lifestyle. >> was this in your family. >> no, no, my father owned a shoe store. >> miller's wife of 54 years does not have the same kegs. >> her philosophy, i've seen one, they're all the same. i don't have to see another one. but, to me, they're not all the same. >> nonetheless, miller says, his family has supported his love for astronomy, which shines through as a volunteer of 28 years, at the national air and space museum in washington, d.c. miller tries pason
5:43 pm
for the sun and the stars, to the younger visitors, to the smithsonian. >> that white part there is called a flare. >> now teaching museum goers. >> do you want to put it on your eyes. >> okay. >> look at the sun. , look away, take the glass off. >> to take videos, but this year? >> i'm almost zero eight. i don't know how many more every these i'm going to see, so, you know, i'd like to just watch, just observe it. just have fun. >> miller says he bought his plane tickets more than a year ago, and plans to head out to casper, wyoming where he'll sit down right in the middle of the path of totality, and enjoy every second. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. >> and what are they saying, like south carolina one of the operate mal place toss check it out? >> charleston, columbia, a but follow the line northwest wards through nashville, tennessee, that's another spot, parts every m
5:44 pm
nebraska, all the way to portland, oregon. >> that much can see. >> path of totality,. >> and narrow stripe, but hits a lot of major cities across the country. so it is really really cool. so that's coming up soon. i mean, i know we'll be able to have some visibility of it in d.c., about 08%, but even when you say 80%, it is like a slight dip outside. nothing like being in the path of totality. so if you're going there, that's awesome. >> path of totality, sounds so dramatic. >> sounds like another planet. >> 8:00 on thursdays on fox. >> well, fox tv show. czar, a i agree, does sounds very important, like somewhere we all need to be. but i won't be, but if you are, please report back, let us know what it is like in the path of totality. all right, we take live look at northwest dc, it is quiet in the metro. no rhawn yet. no thunderstorms, but there are some out there. and, scattered storms are in the forecast for tonight. here's wha
5:45 pm
watching over the past couple of hours on storm tracker radar. pocket of some showers up far along 270, all the way the northern part of frederick county. mostly strong storm that's due west on i66, where we've got a flood warning back behind the storm, heavy rain producer. looks like the severe thunderstorm watch has just been dropped. that tends to happen light before i go on the air. but anyway, we still have that flood warning, until 11:15, part of shenandoah, warren county, saw rain quickly with the storm, also saw damaging winds, reports every trees being toppled over. here's the storm right now. i am thinking it does look little weaker than the past couple of scans, still, very organized rain area of rain, and also still plenty of lightning, as this cluster is moving east out of front royal, and really just down 66, going to encounter the storm, probably bringing traffic to stands still in some spots. look at its
5:46 pm
endo a mountains, severe thunderstorm, damaging winds, possibly some hail. but now it is just tracking very slowly toward gainesville, center ville, chantilly, places like you guys, should all be on alert, moving into portions of fairfax county maybe eastern round end county, rest ton, into the west side of the belt way. so with this storm, here is some of the spots. shortly after six, ann on dale, 6:05, western sections of district by 6:30. inside the belt way between 6:30 and 7:30, maybe start to see some rain, that could last through the evening. you see we've got a lot of scattered showers,red showers, view of satellite, radar, warmfront lifting through. cold front back toward our west, which limb pact us tomorrow. so, 82 in the district right now. we've had a soupy, cloudy, humid day. warmfront is lifting through tonight. that what the trying is her for these thunderstorms that are ongoing. they'll be scattered. they can bring some heavy rain. they can be moving over the district right in prime time for your friday night. this is high resolution model that w
5:47 pm
done, got the placement pretty key between 8:00 and 10:00 p.m., heavy rain possible here, in the metro. really impacting the nats game. then moving slowly eastward out of our area, trailing showers, during the overnight hours, it will be a soggy gloomy saturday morning that we are waking up to, kinds of un settled, clouds, showers, saturday. cold front swing by saturday night, not much after severe threat tomorrow night. cold front looks to clear just far enough toward our south, we get nice dry air in for sunday, sunday looks much better with some sunshine, it should stay dry, nice and warm, definately better day of the weekends. so showers, storms, 83 tomorrow. looks nice sunday, 85. seven day forecast, shows, that after we get nice sunday, the unsettled weather returns monday, just some showers, but that could make for a dreary tuesday. once we clear out, wednesday looks great. thursday not so bad. we've got more showers in the forecast come thursday and friday. we'll keep you posted on the thunderstorms, again up to let you know any
5:48 pm
the evening, guys, back to you. >> coming up: reaction from last night's redskins. >> the team lost more than just meaningless pre-season game. brody logan. >> jim, one rule of pre-season don't get injured. well, someone got injured. badly. we'll tell you how long trent murphy is out ahead in sports. .
5:49 pm
what made two guys build race car engines in their own shop? what made them believe that a two-ton behemoth could compete in a track race? or that they could take on the elite in world motor racing, and win? we may never truly understand what drives mercedes-amg. but here's to another 50 years of it. mercedes-amg. half a century of driving performance.
5:50 pm
5:51 pm
>> if you were able to stay awake during last night's redskins opener, i don't foe if you should be applauded or pit i had. it is pre-season for the refs, too, and two, three and out by the starting offense. key in pre-season is to stay healthy. last night the redskins failed to do that, with the news today of season ending injury to an i
5:52 pm
player. outside linebacker trent murphy, suffered multiple ligament tears in his knee, and will reportedly be out for the season. murphy had nine sacks last year, one of the team pass rushers, said to be suspended because of positive test for performance enhancing drugs, he will is her that far suspension while injured. and will be back next season.& the other ugly side of last night's lost, was the performance by the offense, couldn't get anything going. not the starters, not the thirds teamers, curt cousins and the first unit out on the fields for two series, cousin completed one pass for 5 yards, and the first string offense went three and out in both series. the team knows they have a lot to work on before the regular season starts, in less than one month. >> we still need to put good on the field, regardless, element, that just comes down to excuse, guys doing the details, wasn't one phase of the g
5:53 pm
night tonight. everybody can go back and look and say i could have done this or that better, and, again, good wake-up call for us, i think will give us a sense of urgency as we go to practice and get ready for the next game. >> expect to see steady improvement. didn't play as well, fan they play good, i still expect them to get better. that's what we are looking for, the guys who improve and get better. >> cowboys running back elliot being suspended six games under the league's personal conduct policy after allegations of domestic violence, should be noted elliot was never criminally prosecuted in the matter. elliot may appeal this decision within three days, if he does not appeal, elliot suspension will begin september 2. potential first game back will be october 29, against the redskins. all right, to baseball. check out it play from the other night. yankees third base coach is so excited to wave players around, he takes a tumble, and falls, right here, as they're coming around. but the yankees decide to poke fun at their coach's fall they
5:54 pm
outline with tape on the feel complete with his number, yankees players say they don't know how it got there. it was in place before they started batting practice. >> how convenient. >> i don't know how -- i don't know how it could have got there. >> that's pretty fun. >> i that's a good bit. >> thanks, broked. >> i coming up: making aplasia local police department going viral for their synchronized swim. this is great. i don't know if anybody has seen this, we'll explain their motive behind it, coming up.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
>> police department in northern virginia gearing up for the big block party every year. >> arlington county police department decided the best way to promote the event to post a video of them doing their own synchronized swimming routine. >> why not? >> take a look, it is pretty funny, removing their equipment before diving into the pool with swim caps.
5:58 pm
google's, goggles, whatever, and floaties, routine included swimming, hands stands and several other stunts. posted on facebook, and also har more than 14,000 views. it is really pretty good. so it is a good promotion more their block party. >> which involves the arlington police county and sheriff department, here's what you need to know. it is free, it will be held august 26 from 9:00 to 4:00. ken moore middle school, people who go there can play games, good food, of course, plenty of entertainment. don't know if they're doing live demonstration of their -- >> oh, they should. they should have the whole thing going. i think they'll get more people just than arlington because that far. >> because of that. what do they say, any publicity is good publicity. >> funny stuff. >> standing by with the news at 6:00. that begins right now. >> this is fox5 local news
5:59 pm
6:00. >> seventeen year old girl set to go to college, is fighting for her life life, tonight, one shoot is her behind bars, and the search for two others, is underway. president trump turning up the heat on north korea now warning the us military is locked and loaded. >> plus, three people, including an elderly couple, pulled from a raging fire, in alex andre a the news at 6:00 starts now. we begin tonight in the district, a teenager just days away from beginning college is hit by gunfire. she was innocent victim shot in the head. good evening, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm lauren demarco in for sean. one person is now in custody in connection with the shooting, and the manhunt is on for two more suspect. dc police chief, peter, broke the news on fox5 this morning. >> we did very early t
6:00 pm
morning, we were able to make one arrest in the case. a suspect by the name every philip mcdaniel, from northeast dc, has been taken into custody. but we are still looking for a least two other individuals that may have been involved in this case. >> all right, right now, we want to get right to matt ackland, live in northeast with the latest on this case, matt? >> reporter: high, tony. this really, really is an awful one. chief said that this young woman, just ten days from now, was expected to head to college in florida. this all happened right here on montana, this is just about a block away from busy rhode island avenue, where not identifying this woman, because she is a victim, but we wanted to give you some information about the tragedy, after the chief mentioned it on the air this morning, let's take to you some video taken last night. the chief says the teenager was caught in the crossfire, and we're told she was hit in the head. this is video from the scene,


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