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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  August 16, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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this. baltimore removes a number of confederate statues, live with the latest. president trump facing more black over his reaction to the deadly riots in charlottesville. as his new comments sent off a wave of protests across country. we're waking up to 73 degrees and a lot of fog out
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outside. i'm maureen umeh >> i'm wisdom martin, today is wednesday, august 16th, first day of school for students in fauquier. let's talk about the weather with caitlin roth. you got to help us. let's start with you, caitlin. what you see is what you get with the live electronic dense fog advisory in effect for the whole area, i'll have the forecast and erin will have a look at the roads. downed wires on darnstown road and we'll starting to see how bright that is. >> the whole teamworking for you. let's bring you up to speed on breaking news out of baltimore, in the cover of night, the city removed at least two confederate statues. several cities accelerated removal of the monuments in the wake of the deadly white nationalist rallily angelie hemphill is live in baltimore with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, guy,
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baltimore. we're here in why man park where the 2nd of two confederate statues were removed. it's a little dark but way down there on the street, that is a bronze statue that shows confederate robert e lee and stone wall jackson riding on horseback taken down in last hour around 4:00 this morning under the cloak of darkness and we do have video of it being removed off of its base, so dark in the video, it's a little hard to see, but a iran cable was tied to the statue used to lift it off its base. and even in the video, you can even hear some clapping and cheers from nearby bystanders as it's being lifted and taken down, this is the second to be removed overnight in baltimore, we actually just rode by the roger b taney statue interior baltimore washington monument. that is also down, removed just before they took down this lee jackson sculpture.
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after violence in charlottesville. and with the commission deciding this week to go right ahead and remove at least two of the city's four confederate statues right away. that decision was originally decided back in george of 2016 and background, the jackson lee sculpture was put up back in 1948. here in why man park. the sculpture of it is a woman interestingly enough. supreme court justice roger taney, the other statue that was taken down represent as man who authored the dread scott decision, which said congress could not regulate slavery and black people were not citizens, both representing some hurtful feelings here in the city, both statues have been removed in the middle of the night. it is unclear at this point where they're being taken. but again, some people have got out here, mainly just media for now, but a couple people driven by and shared and how they feel about this. that's the latest here in baltimore. back to you
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reaction pouring in from all over on removal. thank you. time is 5:03. speaking of the removal, it comes as president trump deals latest remarks in the violence.- the president was criticized saturday for blaming many sides for the violence none woman was killed and dozens more hurt after man plowed his car into a crowd of counter protesters, on monday in a carefully worded address, the president denounced the white supremacists and called racism evil then yesterday he was back to blaming both sides. >> what about the alt left that came charging at the alt right, do they have asemblance of guilt? i think there's blame on both sides. you look at both sides. i think there's blame on both sides. and i have no doubt about it and you don't have doubt about it either. >> hundreds of members of congress quickly took to twitter last night to denounce the president's latest comments, includes
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president's own party, paul ryan said we must be clear. white supremacy is repulsive, this bigotry is counter to all this country stands for, there can be no moral ambiguous tea. the woman killed will take place this morning, heather heyer will be remembered at a service at paramount theater in charlottesville. those attending are encouraged to wear purple. we'll we will stream the service on fox 5 dc facebook page. the suspect 20-year-old james james faces multiple charges including second degree murder, currently being held without bond. 05 had 5504 05. you'll notice fog is worse in low lying or rural area, all of our camera shots are picking up on it. be careful as you head out
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use low beams it's still dark as we approach sunrise, that fog will start to burn off but it's really tough to see in many spots right now, thanks to all the rain yesterday, we still got a lot of moisture in place, it is warm, humid, 73 at reagan national, 67 at dulles, 70 at bwi, in fact, it was oppressively humid all day yesterday. still feels that way outside, and that fog just kind of envelopes you when you walk outdoors. satellite and radar not showing rain, and you can't really pick up on the fog but it is thick. high temperatures later, very warm, we'll break out into sunshine by mid morning, plenty of sunshine later, no thunderstorms but the humidity is still in place, it is very warm with high temperatures in the upper 80's. i'll have your seven-day forecast coming up at 5:15. now send it to her erin. on time traffic brought to you by toyota. 506.
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low beams take it slow, use caution as we forward our cameras along, spotty fog around the dmv, we're seeing more pleasant conditions some locations, 395 looks better, elevated fog there, traffic moving on just fine, north and southbound at duke street, we're not seeing major slowdown, little bit more fog 295 by eastern story and top side of the belt beltway as we make our way out by new hamshire. questions earn fox 5 dc on twitter, back to you. coming up, texas controversial bathroom bill defeated. heading to break, live look across the dc region, that's lately better taking a look at the white house with the monument behind it. 73 degrees and 5:07 is your time. back with news, weather and traffic after the break.
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. 508. new to alabama and utah. in alabama. voters were choosing a person to fill the vacated seat by jeff sessions. alabama chief justice array more will fight it out.
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in an election to fill the house seat, curtis will face off against two democrats in the special election november 7th. the texas controversial transgender bathroom bill died. ended abruptly without lawmaker taking action. the bill called for people to use the bathroom associated with gender at birth and not the one they identify with. the texas house speaker said there's no push to bring it bill back during the next session. >> the president of iran issued a direct warning to the united states, claims his country could restart its nuclear program within hours if the u.s. imposes anymore new sanctions and he said the program would be more advanced in 2015 when iran curved its nuclear activities. the move comes in response to u.s. legislation passed earlier this month imposing new sanctions on those involved with iran's ballistic missile program and anyone who does business with
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a desperate search after deadly mud slides in sierra leone. 400 dead and 600 missing, a river you have mud came out of nowhere following heavy rains, entire communities are feared to have been wiped out. many left trap under tons of mud as they slept. others were swept into the sea. some bodies started washing back assure. officials believe the death tolls will rise to more than 500. contingency less thanes are being put in for survivor police are investigating the possible murder suicide in upper marlboro. it happened at a residence in the 1400 block of new indicated dia lane, they to get call around 8:30 for a welfare check and inside the home found a man woman dead from a gunshot wounds. this is in a condo area where a majority of residents are senior citizens. right now, they're working to establish the relationship between the victims. dc police are investigating an accident involving a metrobus near minute
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and 16th street sweet this happened around 9:30 last night. he ran off the road and hit a poll. no passengers were on board. the driver suffered miles an hour injuries and has been taken to the hospital for treatment. former new york city mayor rude dejulieann knee is recovering after being rushed to the hospital sunday. july i can't knee's right leg gave way as he hosted a barbecue. doctors operated on his tendon which had been weakened following years of baseball. his wife judy is in great spirits. a new york woman and three kids are recovering after tree fell on top of them that central park. it happened as the woman walked near her home with her month old baby and two older boys. the mom suffered a head wound and was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. she is expected to survive. the children suffered bruises and scratches but were not seriously
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coming up on fox 5 local news news morning, more celebrities come forward to say they have no plans to attend the kendi center honors. one diner find a surprise in the chick filet sandwich leading to a lawsuit. we're going to break, way live look outside across the region at 5:23. back in a moment. which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. stronger the better. and best of all, this new truck is actually- oh my... the current chevy silverado. it's the chevy summer drive. get a total value of $9,600 or, get 0% financing for 60 months on this silverado all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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. 5:14 with breaking news in baltimore, crews removed at least three city's four confederate statues, this is video of robert e lee and stone wall jackson, it was hoisted off its pedestal around 3:00 a.m. removed a statue of robert taney. the supreme court justice responsible for the dread scott decision who said african-americans could not be considered citizens. baltimore city council decided monday to remove the monuments and the city's mayor said she
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unannounced. >> i think there's blame both sides. you look at. you look at both sides. of i believe there's blame on both sides. of and i have no doubt about it. >> president trump coming under fire for remarks he made about the deadly riots in charlottesville. critics believe he related the reactions. large crowds gather on trump tower on tuesday. the texas controversial transgender bathroom bill died. a special legislative session ended abruptly without lawmakers taking action on the bill. the bill called for people to use the bathroom associated with gender at birth and not the one they identify with. the text house speaker say bill back during the next he - session. has ert will finish the prison sentence after serving a year in prison. hassert was convicted in a hush money case, he allegedly tried to cover up the
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young boys while a high school wrestling coach. land over and m and t bank stadium in baltimore have been named as potential host stadiums for the 2026 world cup. both among 49 stadiums and 44 cities presented by the world cup bid committee looking to bring the tournament to the united states, mexico and canada in a joint bid. 5:16, getting to you late with the weather here. but looking outside. it looks like it's clearing up, am i imagining that >> i think it's just a shot from downtown dc, it's kind of depends where you look. of in the metro itself, it's not as bad as when you get outside dc, outside the beltway, but erin will show you a lot will show you dense fog, morning fog that will give way to sunshine later on this afternoon, rain-free, it will be a nice break because thunderstorm chances return as early as tomorrow afternoon, here's a look at the dense fog advisory, washington, baltimore through pennsylvania most of our area, the only exception being the
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southern maryland calvert and st. mary's, but all of us are waking up to that pea soup feeling, we had a lot of rain and moisture still in place, that collects and forms this fog, dense in spots overnight. you can see visibilities very low, annapolis, baltimore, anywhere north and west of washington, you'll be comprised on that drive in, give yourself extra time if you can. temperatures are in the 60's to low 70, 73 in washington, it is so humidity out there. and it will remain humidity, we've got moisture from rain yesterday, tropical moisture thanks to hurricane gert in the atlantic, not a threat but still comes together to make a very humid air mass overhead. despite the fact sunshine comes out later today, it will be warm. temperatures in the 80's, feeling pretty hot. here's a look at gert. winds sustained at 90 miles an hour in the central atlantic, its path is due northeast ward, good news for iget out of the way, over the next 48 hours, it will stay out to
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impacting us at all. which is good. we don't need a tropical system right now, we've got plenty of rain on the way. fog gives way to sunshine be still humid, warm, then for tonight be 72 degrees, partly cloudy with fog possible. seven-day forecast, thunderstorm chances return thursday, very warm through the weekend, looks like by sunday, dry, stay that way through next monday. that's a look at your forecast, let's get to erin who's seeing the fogs herself. >> right now, volume is light, that's good, this is a look to beltway next to the springfield interchange at the mixing bowl, you can see it's slower than usual. this is 95 at knewing ton, traffic looking ok in both directions, elevated fog at this point. of if you encounter dense patches of fog use low beams take it slow. starting to get an idea of where the fog is now it's getting brighter out especially around the lesion bridge you want to use the low beams, as you move over we're tracking a problem in gaithersburg up in montgomery county maryland, this is darnstown
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directions between muddy branch and quincy orchard road. we're not seeing any slowdowns 70 to the beltway, crash-free on 70. if you have questions erin fox 5 on twitter. 5:19 is the time. we're taking a look at the stories on social media with the real, tomb news tracker. hawaii senator brandy shakes sent a tweet where he reignited his criticism. he tweeted as a jew, as an american, human words cannot express my disgust and disappointment, this is not my president. he wasn't the only lawmaker to fire back. senator elizabeth warren reacted calling his words sick. >> celebrities are backing out of the kennedy center honors because of the current state of affairs, line knolle refuge chopper 3 is set to receive the
5:20 am
interview on the "today" show, he said he might not go, gloria he is fan said if she goes she'll have a sit be down with the president over immigration. l l cooljay are still attending. a warning a suburban philadelphia woman is suing chick filet claiming there was a dead rodent in her sandwich. she said she thought the bun was burned badly and when she threw the sandwich on the table realized it was a small rodent. the woman is seeking more than $50,000 for physical and psychological damages. she said she was treated for unaware at a hospital had to see a therapist >> i need therapy after hearing that. my gosh. singer, housely is dishing all about a new article i
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in a with racial family. she talks about growing up with a black father and white mother, the native said i look like a white girl but i don't feel like one, i'm a black woman. she goes on to talk about being proud of who she is and her hair. the issue hits stands august 26. a magazine will no longer use that term, calling on the entire industry, growing older something that should be embraced and appreciated rather than resisted or talked about as if if it's a condition that drains away beauty. she said whether we know it or not, the term is suddenly reenforcing the message is aging is a condition we need to battle, adding repeat after me, growing older is wonderful because it means we get a chance every day to live a full, happy life. >> i like that. change the mindset getting older is not a disease or condition. coming up on fox 5 news morning, amazon wants
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you with instant orders >> and ups is jumping into the world of virtual reality. >> back after this.
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. baltimore bank put in a bid to buy first mariner for $163 million. the two bank merge over and over lapping branches first closure. ups is taking a new approach to training starting next month, shipping unit will use virtual reality to change drivers, they will experience trips around different cities and environments so they will be able to make mistakes without doing damage. driver training usually lasts about a month. amazon is come
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to beat same-day delivery on tuesday launched instant pickup at the university of california. items like snack, drinks and electronics are available in as little as two minutes after ordering. wow. the program is aimed at college students pick up lockers located on campuses and now you need to be a prime subscriber to get the service and you have to use amazon smart phone ap. there are plans to expand to umv's college park campus free chicken at the college park location between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., you can get a free quarter chicken or a chicken sandwich be dine in only and first in first serve. just a limited number of seats are available. making my way up route 1. . it's a little late. we'll all be asleep >> by then it's wind down time >> it's a dilemma free versus >> the timing is not ideal. >> you got to do what you got to do. what's going on in the weather
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department? >> you know we're ok, better than yesterday. how about the rain we had yesterday? >> and then all afternoon, it was so uncomfortably humid. like, can't >> i know. we still have all that moisture out there have not dense fog advisory is in effect until 9:00 a.m. most of us this afternoon, we'll show you temperatures, warm, humid, along with the fog, 73 reagan national, 65 dulles, 70 at bwi. satellite and radar not showing much but it's foggy out there, we're not going to have rain today, thunderstorm chances return quickly. 11:00 a.m. fog burning off, 79, temperatures jump quickly with that sun coming out. warm and humid with a high temperature of 89. that's a look at your forecast and now let's check the roads at 5:26. 5:26, we're seeing dense fog in places if you want to avoid the roads and take the rails, metro is on time. except for the green line we're dealing with the closures of the stations through august 20th, branch avenue and suitland stations
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available replacing trains. keep that in mind. rest of your metro rail lines on time. we'll take a look at some foggy roads as we continue questions erin@fox5dc on twitter. wisdom and maureen back to you. new developments surrounding a pro confederate rally which had been planned for next month. hell regulators for psychiatric treatment in maryland. live look outside across the region, time is 5:27. 73 is the temp. back in a moment. back in is george
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. baltimore removes a number of its confederate statues president trump facing more black over his reaction to the deadly riots in charlottesville. as his new comments set off a wave of protests across the country. taking a live look outside on this wednesday morning, really looking foggy out there, the weather, not so nice, we'll get you caught up to speed. what to expect as the day goes on, in the meantime we say good morning to you, thank you for joining us, i'm maureen umeh >> i'm wisdom martin. wednesday august 16th. let's talk about the weather, caitlin roth standing by with the details. and erin como got the details on the road. caitlin you first. a lot of fog out there not dense fog advisory in effect until
5:31 am
very warm afternoon. i'll have the details straight ahead. erin >> dense fog impacting traffic and we also have a new water main break in southeast. we'll get you around a road closure there as well. we'll see you in a few. 5:31 is the time if you're just getting up. let's get the stories of the morning, you caught up on those. while you were asleep, several confederate statues in baltimore were removed under the cover of darkness, the decision to take them down made very swiftly in the wake of the weekend violence in charlottesville. angelie hemphill leading our coverage this morning in baltimore. good morning. >> reporter: good morning wisdom. you're looking at all that's left of the confederate women of maryland statue in bishop park in baltimore. it was the third statue so far tonight in the cloak of darkness to be taken down. and i also want to swing you around and show you some of the heavy equipment these crews have been busy using all night long to remove the
5:32 am
their base, that's a large crane that about to pull away that was used to hoist the statues into the air off of their base, lay it on to a flatbed and drive away. again, this is the third statue taken down tonight. take a look at this video of another statue that was dine. of a bronze statue of confederates robert e lee and stone wall jackson, both on horseback over in why man park, again, used rope and cable tied to the statue to lift it off its base and even in the video, you can hear some audible cheers and clapping from some bystanders, as it's removed from where it's been standing several, several years. again, three of four confederate statues in baltimore, so far have been removed overnight. we just rode by another one, the roger b taney statue near the baltimore washington monument. that was taken down before the lee jackson sculpture. these removals come just days after the violence in charlottesville. the comss
5:33 am
immediately this week to go ahead and remove their confederate statues right away, the decision was originally decided back in january, 2016, again with the conflict there, they decided to go ahead and do this and they decided to do it again in the middle of the night when not many people knew what was going on, besides media out here, there is just police presence and maybe a couple people that have stopped that were driving by, again, three statues so far have been removed here in baltimore. it's unclear where they are going at this point. that's the latest here in baltimore. angelie hemphill, fox 5 local news. time is 5:33. the removal of those confederate statuings comes as president trump deals with major contoversy over his latest remarks on the violence in charlottesville. the president was heavily criticized for blaming quote many sides for the violence in charlottesville. one woman was killed, dozens more hurt after a man plowed his car into a crowd of counter protesters. on monday, in a carefully
5:34 am
address, the president denounced the white supremacist and called racism evil but then he was back to blaming both sides. >> what about the alt left that came charging at the alt right, do they have any semblance of guilt? >> i believe there's blame on both sides. you look at -- you look at both sides. i think there's blame on both sides. of and i have no doubt about it and you don't have doubt about it either. both democrats and republics are calling him out. paul ryan and senator marco rubio are a few of hundreds of members of congress who took to twitter last night to tweet about their displeasure. >> a memorial service for the woman killed in saturday's car attack in charlottesville will take place, heather heyer will be remembered at the paramount theater in charlottesville. the service begins at 11:00 a.m. the doors will open at 10:00 a.m. we will stream the service on fox 5 dc facebook page. the suspect meanwhile in that attack
5:35 am
20-year-old james alex fields faces multiple charges including second degree murder, currently being held without bond. we just mentioned the removal of confederate statues a controversial monument will come down in annapolis. maryland governor larry hogan is calling for the remove of roger taney stands on the front lawn of the state house, he was a calvert county native. statue send an inappropriate message in a country that continues to struggle over civil rights and equality. new report said the obama administration may have known russia had plans to interfere with u.s. elections. politico is reporting that the obama administration was warned by national security officials as he should as 2014. a high ranking republicans claims they were dismissed by the obama administration. 5:35. >> good morning >> i'm ordering up better weather, it's been crazy, past few week, august typically d
5:36 am
with the heavy rain, the thunderstorms, it's hard to get a baseball game in. >> that's true. >> or basketball practice. which i couldn't do yesterday. >> hard to drive to work. to and from, i mean, you know, there's just so many issues, we have fog out there this morning, should clear up this afternoon, nats game should go on as scheduled 1:00 this afternoon, fog is dense and that will slow you down, keep that in mind for the early morning commuters, this advisory is until 9:00 a.m. the worse before sunrise, especially north and west of dc, you got the thick fog that's collecting and reducing visibilities less than half a mile in spots. down to quarter mile. frederick back to the mountains, three mile visibility at dulles, carl had -- look up online, had -- there's, does anyone call ahead to the airports? check your flight status if you do have an early one out for bwi, temperatures right now are pretty mild, we're in the 60's and 70's, quick let me show you your forecast later.
5:37 am
sunshine, temperature of 89, that's a look to your forecast. let's check the roads with erin 5:37 as we come up on that number, take a look at the beltway, a lot of fogging use low beams, watch for visibility problems. use caution this morning and getting a early start as caitlin mentioned dense fog advisory through at least 9:00. you can see across the wilson bridge overpasses seeing. use caution around the wilson bridge, the american legion bridge, so far we're crash-free on the beltway and secondaries, we're dealing with a water main break. back to you guys. fox 5 news morning health regulators, the current state of psychiatric treatment in maryland. oprah is finally letting go of an old battle she's been waging all her life. live look outside across the
5:38 am
dmv. 5:33 is the time. 73 is the temp.
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z2fwbz z16fz y2fwby y16fy welcome back. today is wednesday, august 16th. time is 5:40. we start the day look outside. get ready for foggy, foggy, foggy weathe when
5:41 am
and start your commute. humidity and heat this afternoon, caitlin is up in a few minutes with full wednesday forecast >> that song makes me happy. kind of nice little did it tea on this wednesday morning. 5:41. let's bring you up to speed. taking you to baltimore where a baltimore judge considering holding the state of maryland in contempt for not immediately removing immensely ill criminals from jail and putting them into treatment centers. judge said the state failing to follow a court order. secretary dennis schrader is defending the process saying it takes time. he is making some administrative changes and doing shuffling to open up more rooms for patients. to west virginia where an advisory board helping develop the state's first medical marijuana program is meeting for the first time today. members will meet at the univer university of charleston. west virginia is the at one pointh state to allow the use of marijuana for certain mel conditions. of new study found vitamin b 3 may play an important
5:42 am
preventing miscarriages, researchers in australia found two gene to be deficient in a co enzyme called nad. normal organ developments when they tested the mutation in mice they found the defects could be prevented but more research is still needed. oprah opens up about her weight struggles. she is done with obsessing about her weight. in a candid interview for this sent issue of vogue magazine, she said her high profile weight structures. coming u. a founder of netflix wants to make going to the movies affordable again >> heading to break with what we could call outside, yeah, this is kind of
5:43 am
we'll get you through it. 5:42 is the time. 73 is your temperature.
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time now is 5:45. breaking news from baltimore overnight. crews removed three of the city's four confederate statues. this is video of the robert e lee and stone wall jackson monument being removed.
5:46 am
crews removed a statue of roger taney. the supreme court justice responsible for the scott decision which said african-americans could not be citizens of the u.s. baltimore council decided monday to remove the monument, mayor pugh said she would get it done quickly and unannounced. 5:46 is the time. as we take a live look outside. this shot is a lot more clear than the other shots. >> yes. >> hopefully things are getting better in some spots. commute people traffic, bad weather, bad news. wage your way through the fog. >> hello, is that you? >> just make it tougher to get going. >> no rain, we traded the rain for the fog. you mentioned earlier, fauquier county going back today. fog at the bus stop. feels too early for back to school. >> caitlin >> no, no, it's not early enough >> it's not early enough. you're right. >> who are you talking to >> i vote for year around school. >> summer vacation.
5:47 am
>> really. >> maryland school not going back till after labor day. >> i know. >> couple more weeks. >> couple more. let's do weather, we got a lot of fog out there have not get right to it. areas of dense fog and advisory until 9:00 a.m. saw the live shot of the beltway. depends on where you are but the lowest visibles are mainly north and west of the district, 270 be 66 if you're coming in from some more far reaching suburbs you got the denser fog, it's a dry one, but once that sun comes out. there's a lot of humidity in place, it's going to get hot quickly storm chances return by tomorrow. they continue through friday. which looks very active. by the weekend, we should start to quiet down, temperatures 74 at reagan, 65 dulles, 70 at bwi, lot of rain yesterday, mean as lot of left over moisture and that is what is forming all the fog or what did overnight. satellite and radar is fairly quiet. you can't see the fog on satellite and radar. but we still have all of that humidity in place. thanks in part to allhe
5:48 am
yesterday. got tropical moisture from hurricane gert out to the atlantic. but with all the humidity staying in place, it will feel very hot, very quickly as we go into the afternoon. a break from the rain today, sun breaks out. temperatures are in the 80's. gert staying. far off towards our east. category 1 hurricane winds sustained at 90 miles an hour, moving due northeast ward over the next 24 to 48 hour, kind of just skirting by new finland, nova scotia. areas of eastern canada. even though it does strengthening into a category 2 hurricane at some point, it remains well far away. from any land falling situation. not here. gert not going to be our problem. nationals forecast it's a 1:00 game, luckily no rain in the forecast, 84 with hazy sunshine be 87 tomorrow thunderstorm returning in the afternoon, scattered thunderstorms along the cold front friday. then aside from a pop-up storm saturday. we should dry out for the weekend. looks nice
5:49 am
to next monday. that's a look at your seven-day forecast. now let's check the roads. a lot of fog. for sure, taking a look at the top side of the beltway. this is in college park looks like it's elevating a bit good news for this portion of your drive, tail lights making on the outer loop. inner loop looks pretty good as well. we are seeing denser patches of fog elsewhere, please use caution low beams can't make out this camera, this is 50, as you try to make your way to the beltway. again, vehicles definitely slowing down out there. let's switch it over to our map and show you what else you're up against, we have a crash, 295 southbound. we were seeing fog in this area, blocking the right lane and a backup from 50 down to pennsylvania avenue. about ten-minute delay, new york avenue past a blade endsberg seeing delays in the district. use caution. 28 darnstown road gaithersburg, downed wire between muddy branch road, use caution in that area.
5:50 am
270, to the beltway wide open, look at that yellow line, from 70 past urban in a we're seeing about a 15 minute slowdown already, questions for commute, erin@fox5dc on twitter, back to you guys. 5:50 is the time. montgomery county police are searching for man accused of targeting a muslim couple police are calling eight hate crime. on sunday, the couple was attacked taking a walk. the man was put in had a headlock, they believe they were targeted because talking in arabic, the council on islam american relations had this to say. >> it's not part of the ideals of our country. and it's not something that anybody who values the principles that are end trained within our constitution should sit back and turn a blind eye to, unfortunately these incidents are becoming more and more common p>> bias related inp 91% in the first half of this year compared to 2016. anyone with information should
5:51 am
in prince george's county state officials will be spraying for mosquitoes. this is an attempt to prevent the spread of west in a while virus, weather permitting it will begin after 7:30, people should avoid outdoor activities. heads up if you receive a pair of solar eclipse glasses, they handed out glasses and county says it bought the glasss from amazon and amazon recalled them because they're not safe. again, residents should wear the glasses on monday when the solar eclipse hits. it's 5:51, we have what's hot on web you're engaging. the congressional budget office has weighed in on president trump's threat to do away with obama subsidies and the outlook is basilica. premiums for a popular type of individual health plan would rise sharply and more people would be
5:52 am
president carries out his threat. to stop subsidy payments to insurance carriers as early as this month. no decision has been made but timing is important as insurers are locking in their rates for 2018. the white house was quick to dismiss this report espn are under fire for the fantasy sports marathon aired on monday night. some are saying it resembled a slave auction, new england, tom brady and oregon could you see were part of that draft. espn released a statement apologizing for being offensive. oregon governor signed a new law that would expand access to abortions and birth control for women. the reproductive healthy equity act will require health insurers to provide birth control and abortion without charging a co pay. anti-abortion groups are condemning the law saying it will force taxpayers to foot the bill. today 40 years since the death of else
5:53 am
of rock and roll when he died of a heart attack on august 16th, 1977. he sold more than a billion albums and starred in several movie, thousands attended a vigil in grace land and there will be an anniversary concert honoring elvis movie goers can soon see a movie in theaters every day for just $10 but not if amc theaters can stop it. netflix co founder is working on making movie passes cheaper. subscribers can see up to a movie a day, at any theater that accepts debit cards for just $30 a month. they want to lower that price to just 9.95. amc isn't happy threatening legal actions saying it's claiming it will boost y're - attendance by 11%. i was confused about the price lowering it from 30 to 9.95.
5:54 am
labor day is around the corner and experts are predicting an increase in travel, 16.1 million people are expected to fly over labor day, airlines are adding 133,000 seats per day to accommodate the expected increase, the busiest airports are expected to be atlanta, lax and chicago, friday r september 1st is expected to be the busiest travel day. speaking of travel, we're getting ready to travel. now just two days away from the next zip trip, this friday will be in gaithersburg >> come on out this friday, august 18th from 6:00 to 11:00. i'm going to be there, tucker barnes and we would love to see you there as well in gaithersburg >> should be fun. meantime let's say hello to our facebook fan of the day, good morning tracy lewis and tucker barnes, check them out. >> a lot of people take pictures with tucker barnes, pretty popular fellow. >> she was in here yesterday. wasn't she >> that is outside our studio. i just realized that, her son is the one
5:55 am
>> right. looks like tracy paid a visit to fox 5 studios which we just realized. she's number one fan and had the best day ever at the station, thank you tracy we appreciate the loyalty here at fox 5. >> i love that. the whole family came in. they were awesome. 5:55. speaking of awesome, caitlin roth. >> thank you, good morning to you both. not best start out there have not we don't have the heavy rain today, we got plenty humidity and all of that moisture causing a lot of fog out there this morning, dense fog advisory for whole area until 9:00 a.m., this is during your morning commute. going to be tough with reduced visibilities, especially north and west up to 70 in frederick county 66 westbound over towards fauquier county. baltimore there's a lot of fog, be careful, it will burn off by about 10:00, 11:00 a.m. 73 in dc, incredibly humidity. i don't know. i thought it felt like a tropical rain forest yesterday. it does again this morning. temperatures mainly in the 60's and
5:56 am
will get a little drier. but it will still remain warm. so 89 degrees, that's going to be a hot 89 with some of that sunshine coming out and still remaining pretty humid. seven-day forecast, thunderstorms return to the forecast very quickly. thursday, we've got afternoon thunderstorms, scattered thunderstorms along a cold front throughout the day friday. pop-up storm possible and saturday but the weekend does look a lot better. especially there on sunday. stay warm as we go through monday and tuesday. of that is the look at your seven-day forecast. erin, good morning. >> good morning. i just ate half a bagel. carbed up and happy. we want to get an early start. denser patches in some locations could cause visibility problems. 295 southbound earlier crash by east capitol street cleared we do have the left over delay from 50 to pennsylvania avenue about a ten-minute slowdown 28 right now, darnstown road still closed both directions in gaithersburg between muddy branch
5:57 am
metro on time except for the green line, keep it to fox 5 news morning, we'll keep you updated how it's impacting your ride. throughout the morning here on fox 5. earn
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. this is
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breaking right now at 6:00, live in baltimore where just hours ago confederate statues were taken down in the city loaded on the flat beds and hauled away. this comes two days after the city council voted to have them removed. this morning, reaction continues to pour in after the president blamed both sides for the violence in charlottesville. democrats and republicans speaking out. live look outside on this wednesday morning. man, i'm not sure what story is right there. it is wednesday, august 16th. weather and traffic coming up on the 5s at 6:05. welcome to fox 5 news. breaking news coming out of baltimore, while you were sleeping. the city removed at least three confederate statues >> baltimore one of several across the country that have accelerated the removal of these monuments in the wake of that deadly white nationalist rally in charlottesville. angelie hemp


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