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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  August 20, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox5 local news at ten. right now at ten, a mtd couple says they were targeted and attacked because of their religion. tonight they are speaking only to fox5 much then the white house announce \he\es president trump's address to the nation. what he plans to tell the country tomorrow night. and one more day until the solar event of the summer. we've got team coverage tonight with everything that need to know about
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begin with breaking news overnight at least ten sale rs are missing and ten others are missing. a us navy missile has collided. the uss john s mccain sustained damages to ' ' port side and a search and operation is underway. this is the second time a us navy ship has crashed in the private vessel in the pacific over the past two months . to a fox5 exclusive now , for the p first time we are hearing from a maryland couple who i sas they were verbally and physically attacked because they're must i am. thank you for joining us, i'm lauren demarco. the aa ledged assault happened one week ago while they were walking in their rockville neighborhood. evan lambert joins us now with this story. >>reporter: this couple doesn't want to be identified because the alleged attacker is still out there. today i spoke to
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husband who says he was walking with his wife speaking with her in arabic and a the next moment a man had him in a head lock. take a look at scratches and bruiseses the man had around ace neck and around his eyes. the attack happened last sunday not too far from rockville pike. the husband says after a plan heard he and his wife heard them speaking he told them to go back to their country and then he grabd them in a head lock and purkd him into the ground. the muslim man says he now feels unsafe in his neighborhood. i was walking like this and i was talking, speaking in my language and then a voice come from here so when i turn he directly attack me on my face, on my back , on my back at my hips. really now it is scary. it's not saf
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all after this. montgomery county police say they haven't found any surveillance video of the acknowledge that. there weren't any cameras in the immediate area. they're investigating thises as a hate crime. anything with information is asked to call police. the council on american islam relations is offering a thousand dollars reward for information leading to an arrest . thank you, evan, the clinton, maryland man suspected ded of quilling his younger sister and two cousins is expected to appear in a prince george's county courtroom tomorrow. antonio williams is currently behind bars. williams has confessed to the killing. three children were stabbed to death friday home on a brook jane drive. williams is charged with first and second degree murder. to the district, a man is recovering of after someone stabbed him in northwest. this all happened on k street. we're told the victim t is stabbed in the arm, but is expected to recover. police
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out for a suspect. breaking news last night an ate year old boy is recovering avenue was shot outside a recreational center. this happened on the forth davis center on 41st. the bullet graced the bit. thank fully he is expected to make a full recovery. police are looking for the shooter. they're asking for anyone with information to give them a call the world a little bit sadder tonight. jerry lewis has died. his publish list says the 91 year old died of natural causes with his career by his side. his career began when he was five years old and at age 20 e partnered with dean martin. lewis went onto star in movie favorites including the bell boy and the 20 professor and he would take a 20-year break-in the 1990s but returned last yea
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max rose. lose is was much more than a comedian. he hosted the muscular dystrophy i marathon for decades. others in hollywood paying tribute to lewis, william shad inner tweet ing the world is a lot less funnily. i sincerely hope is life is a haven. russell simmons says i watched nutty professor over and over again as a kid. whoop i goldberg saying just so we're clear i lewis pass ed today, mills around the around the world loveds him. gregory also passed away late saturday. he was one of the first black comedians to find mainstream success with white
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audiences. this morning many people stopped behind his mural behind ben's chilly to pay tribute to the man who would tell it like he is. gregory inspired people not just in his work, but in life. he never changedded. he he stayed the same. he was straightforward. he would tell you you what was on his mind. he dished all kind of amazing, amazing information he challenged you. he he was a good dude. he was a really great man. gregory also ran for president in 1968 as the piece and freedom party candidate. the political fallout from deadly clashes in charlottesville continued today fox's bryan llenas joins us with more on that. >>reporter: we should call out of violence of any kind piece fully protesting is a constitutional right. r
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pouring in after massive protest s across the nation in response to a deadly white supremest in charlottesville. tens of you thousands took the streets to racism. part of the debate over removal of confederate statutes. present my house to the white house we must condemn bigotry. strong words being directed at the white house from both sides of the aisle after the president made remarks saying there is blame to share in the violent clashes in charlottesville. a statement many took to. the president tweeted support for anti racist protestors saturday saying quote sometimeses you need protests in order to heal and we will heal and be stronger than ever before. the political fallout playing out on the white
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house play role where steve bannon latest to get the ax. his departure is waiting for the dynamics of the west wing. frankly if john kelly, my friend john kelly or my friend gym mattis came to me and said i'm thinking about resigning from this white house i'd say absolutely not, we need people like john kelly, hr mcmaster to right the ship. ban bannon is returning to his position where he plans on go to war for trump against his opponents. bryan llenas, fox if yous. president trump is set to the address the nation on afghanistan a. the president will deliver a speech from forth meyer military base in arlington. he will provide an update for the path forward for america's engagement in afghanistan and south asian. it
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afghanistan and whether the us should deploy more troops to the middle eastern country. taking a live look outside right now. moving on to the weather. it was a gorgeous day to be out there in the afternoon. i spent sometime at the pool. did you get outside today? >> it was beautiful p. the one big question will it remain for something? will it be overcast wll we see something of the clips. >> i think we will. i wish tomorrow was like today. today was a no brainer, basically nothing but blue sky tomorrow we'll have some clouds and some showers and a couple of thunderstorms developing out there as well. it's not guaranteeded that you'll be able to see the whole thing but i think you'll be able to he see parts of it and hopefully we'll he be able to see in its 81 stoat al eclipse for us in the area. i'll talk more about that fore's cast coming up. today's high temperature beautiful p. i mean we're talking mid to upper 80s really for august and that's really nice and
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humidities were even lower today than they were yesterday so it was super comfortable out there listen, the relative humidities have come up this evening. and so it is feeling more and more humid out there. temperature right now in the city you can see 78-degrees, lots of 70s out there in the suburbs. we do hey a few clouds, but not many clouds right now and i think the trend for overnight will just be for a freu clouds. i want to show you the satellite and radar . we did have a little bit of shower activity. we have a couple of isolated sprinkles back out to the west. towards front royal, but i think front royal is going to stay guys. farther back out on the west there is a disturbance right new and it is producing some showers and thunderstorms out in missouri. that's a long way away. that same disturbance will get here tomorrow afn and bring us a chance for some showers and some thunderstorms. overnight forecast we're dry, a few more c
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overnight. we'll drop down into the lower 70s. solar eclipse forecast details coming up in just a bit. back over to you guys. we are just hours away from the solar eclipse and you thousands of people around the region are getting ready for the big show. many people scrambling to get the special glasses that will protect your eyes from the sun. more on the quest to find these things. >>reporter: warp pi parker here on bethesda avenue is one of the last minute options that we nt whatted on tell t you about. the eyeglasses store will be giving away 100 pairs of free eclipse glasses when it opens its doors tomorrow at 11 a. i wish i could predict what time you're going to have to be here to be among the first 100. the stores have given away glasses prior days and an employee said she has seen the line stretch all the way down this
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nobody is camping out tonight at least. we'll show you some video from earlier today, a ton of people were showing up when the store was open asking for the glasseses. one woman was pleading to get a pair for her 96 year old mother. an employee told her the glasses being given away tomorrow are under lock and key, but then after that woman left an employee decided to give up an extra pair of her own glasses so someone ran after the worm to give her those. most people haven't been trying hard to get glasses until today. they're the last minute kind of people. they're not giving up just yet. out of luck today. what's next? a. i feel like these things you always a find them at the last second. you're going to continue to search. >> yes. i want to get the glass es, but i don't know if they're available. maybe tomorrow mni
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in the morning to keep looking. >> i'll probably do that. a loot of hype, right. >> i think it's cool that people are interested in that, but we'll see how it goes. if it lives up to the expectation? >> yes. >> and if you want to see if this does live up to the hype those protective glasses are a necessity. if you don't use them and look at the sun you can cause permanent burns to the back of your eyes. it cooks your eyes and that happens quickly on a typical day when you're look ago the the sun and it hurts. with the sun partially blocked by the moon you're not going to have that same reaction. here is an eye surgeon explaining what happens and the damage you can do. when you partially obscure the sun with the moon it's not as bright and it's not so painfu to actually look at it. even though it's not painful those harmful rays are still t enter ing your eye
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getting focused right on to the center of your retina and that's where it does the damage a. it definitely causes an ir reversible blind spot right in the middle of your vision. it just takes a full seconds of a full solar blast of light to burn that. once you burn that area, it's gone for good. back here live you've got to get thoses glasses if you want to much what. again, war pi parker here in p bethesda will giveaway a hundred pairs when the store opens tomorrow. that's despite the voice male for the store say s they're completly out of glass he.s that ' some inside information for you. nasa is giving away free glass. check with your local locally bring, 7/eleven stores. head over to our website, fox5 d.c. disument, we have a lot of coverage there where you can check to t see that your glasses
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they're going to protect you. there's a reason i disoapt have any glasses to hold up in this live shot, i don't have mine yet , either. a lot of places that are kind of -- >> we have until 2678. forty-two tomorrow. a lot of places that are hosting the vution will also be giving them out. i know the top of the watergate is going to be having a party. they'll be give them out. that could be a way. bethesda, war pi parker parker. lindsay watts, live tonight, thanks so much. tonight nuisances in a chapper t of world war ii history. how some are finding closure from the pacific ocean 72 years later. two florida police officers are killed in the line of cut are remembered. how their lives are being remembered.
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>> an important quhap ter of world war two history is n
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the uss independent independent yap lays has been found on the floor of the pacific ocean. this comes some 17 years after it was torpedo by the japanese s submarine. >>reporter: two torpedoes from a japanese sub. >> mr. parisi: rin hit the uss indianapolis as it headed from guam to the philippines. nail historians say it only took 12 minutes for the warship to sing twelve minute force a ship that was 610 feet long, thousand one the 96 salors and marines were a board the uss indianapolis. officials say around 800 survived initially because the war ship went down so quickly the crew couldn't send out calls for help. it took days for anyone to find them. historians say hundreds of the initial survivors died from dehydration,
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316 survived. and for 72 years, the ocean kept the ship. no one laid eyes on it until paul allen , the co-founder of microsoft brought together a search team. we tried to do these both as really exciting camp examples of underwater arc ol ji and as tributes to the brave men went down in these ships. the team searched for two years and finally found the recollect rage of a war ship that earned ten battle stars during world world war ii on the floor of of the north pacific ocean handing the greatest generation a little more closure . in the case of this crew that made the ultimate sacrifice. what they did needs to be rememberedded and not just forgetting torpedo and sunked. they were heros. the. the uss indianapolis is staying where it is it is a war grave. they d
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continue searching for more wreakage. in washington, d.c., i'm ellison barber, fox news. how cool is that. an emotional coming in kissimmee, florida for two police officers who were shot and killed in the line of duty. officer maxwell baxter. a church honored the men. fellow officers, family and friends attended the service a long with kissimmee's mayor. there are examples of how our kp d truly is. they care what they do every single day. the suspected shooter, effort miller , made his first court appearance this morning. he is a former marine. police arrest ed him a short time later at a bar. there are reports they recently took
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custody after he posted reports on social media. we're taking a look at some other fun stuff going on this week. stay with us. us.
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you may have heard there's a little thing called a total solar eclipse happening this week. we have you covered on that. we want to check out what else is going on around town. alexandria restaurant week is underway. it runs through next sunday. $35 for a three course dinner or a dinner for two. the participating restaurants are offering lunch specials and it is also d.c. beer week. this is south side pa. this is our lowest bse. this is our check pills inner called horn beau he
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triple called third party. you may want to visit den i son's brewing company. they were earlier here this week. they are just a long line of brewer ies participating at restaurant week. the old ebbitt on saturday. there is also a special beer called solitary receipt ipa that will be on tap at locations a all across the dm v next week. if you were hanging out in the district saturday night you may why you're wondering around seeing groups dressed a all in white. that is because of dinnerren blanch. apparently it sold out. they find out the sheek picnic spot at the last minute and they have a place to have an outdoor dinner. it's quite a spectacular. if the weather hoaltdz up friday w
10:27 pm
great day to spend sometime outdoors at a national park. the park service is starting the second century marking it's 101st birthday on friday. that means entrance fees are waived all day, that includes great falls, shen and don't a, anti up . the list goes on. last but not least, remember these guys, it was basically the guys from arlington police. this video is awesome. they certainly deserve a mention. this last been floating around on social media they have more than a million views of the masterly produced synchronized swimming. it was all to promote an upcoming block party that they're sharing with the fire department. that is sunday at nine to four at ken more middle school. they're urging the arlington community to
10:28 pm
work into this. it's been circulating around. we have to give them props for that. hopefully they get a lot of people out there. hopefully they put on a little show. the big thing, just one more day until that solar eclipse. it seems like hours away from us now. that's a good point. we will be somewhere around the path of totality. mike thomas is going to be in that path. are you in south carolina. there you are. we've made it at least. we've arrived at rock hill, south carolina. coming up after the break we're going to tell you all about what is coming up on fox5.
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>> this is fox5 local news at ten. thank you for joining us tonight, i'm lauren demarco and i'm mp. here are some of the headlines we are following tonight. a s navy missile explorer has collided with a mere chapt ship cease of singapore. at least ten salors are missing. the uss john s mack mccain sustained damage to its port side. a search and rescue operation is underway. this is the first time a us navy ship has crashed over the past two months. seven salors died in june when the uss fitzgerald hit a cargo ship. jerry lewis has passed away. his publish list says lewis died at his
10:33 pm
ned more than 80 years. he also hosted the muscular dystrophy thel thon for decades helping the organization race one and a half biltd. an eight year old boy is recovering after he was shot outside a recollect center northeast. this all happened at 8:00 o41 sst sphreet . on saturday night. we're told the bullet graced the boy and he is expected to make a full recovery. police are still looking for the shooter and are asking anyone for information to give them a call. we are just one day away from the total solar eclipse here in the d.c. region we'll be able to see some of the effect but we won't be in the so-called path of totality. someone from our fox5 yeu who will be in that path is mike thomas. it seems like you finally made it to south carolina. tons of traffic. >> marina, and lauren the it
10:34 pm
the only folks headed down south to catch this tote a al eclipse in totality as you mentioned. what does that mean when we'll be able to see the moon covering the sun. in d.c. it's 81 percent. that's why you'll need these glasses. what you need a for aette to al solar eclipse is you needed to be in the full moon face. actually lots of stars. we were worried we saw a lot of clouds as we headed down. we saw a lot of qulowdz outside. we head into the daytime highs.s glasses, you need these. even down here in totality until the mooneyes totally covered we need to be looking at it through these special glasses. for those of you who think you can go outside with your regular glasses, not going to work. you are still going to do damage to your eyes i know
10:35 pm
problems finding these. the national air and space me sue em will probably have one tomorrow morning. this morning the line was around the block. the national zoo will have them for their event. limite quantity, so you thattive to get there early if you want some. we're going to be life on facebook, the u tube channel, fox five plus. we're going to bring the eclipse to you live from south carolina. really looking forward to bringing this to you, excited to be down here in south carolina a. none of it is going to be happen unless we get some good weather. please, gary, bring me some sunrise sunshine for the. how many miles are you now from the path of totality? >> i think we're about 30 miles or so present the path of totality. we got about an hour dre
10:36 pm
morning. you need to know the number exactly what time are you you leaving in the morning? how early are you going to get going >> we're getting up at five a a.m. and hitting the road at five:30. get up at four:30. i think if you get up at four:30 you'll probably miss most of the traffic. doctor says eight hours of sleep. >> and there's something else, too, shave the beard before you come back to work. listen, mike , you may end up being better off down there than we are up here. that's good news for me. he says to the other viewers that it can't be down there. enjoy yourself, mike, do a good job down there tomorrow. it's a once in a lifetime experience for probably most everybody. some clouds with some pm showers and some thunderstorms. it does look like tomorrow during the eclipse time we will have some clouds around. as we start
10:37 pm
towards the latter part of this we're probably going to end up with a few showers and some thunderstorms developing as well . the whole thing begins after 1:00, one. seventeen expactly. max eclipse for us will happen at 26789. forty-two . that's when 81 percent of the sunnies clips ed for the moon for us. do t not look at it with your naked eye. you you you you need the glasses. after that it moves on . the mooneyes out of here and the sunnies back up. we probably will not notice much. maybe a little shade or something when we're at maximum he eclipse for us tomorrow t the at 81 percent. most of oozy don't think will notice nismght here's what's going on tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. we'll have a few qulowdz around but it will be in pretty good shape, as we get to 1:00 when the eclipse begins some of us will have some clouds. i doesn't mean we're going to have clouds all the time. i don't think we're going to be able to see all three hours. there ill with be some passing clouds. as we
10:38 pm
get to 2:00, 26789. thirty there may be a few showers popping up. we may have a few isolated thunderstorms by then. by four, 5:00 as it ends we'll have more clouds and probably have more showers and then we're going to have some evening thunderstorms popping up there as well. temperature, 78 greece , lots of 60s out in the suburbs, mid 70s, too am we're much whatting this complex. it's trying to form into a complex out here. this is good that it's not happening because these clouds can actually spread in here. but it's that energy that will come across tomorrow afternoon and bring us the threat for showers and thunderstorm. seventy-six at 1 a.m., we're at lower 70s by early tomorrow morning. lowe's overnight generally in the 70s. it's going to be more humid. highs tomorrow up to 91 glees, feels like temperature with more humidity, a feels like temperature of about 94 to 95 with the heat of the day. look at fredericksburg. it will be who
10:39 pm
we have a couple of hot days and then it does look like a nice treat. by the middle and latter part of the week, 96. tuesday looks really hot with thunderstorms. by thursday, friday, lower 830s. next weekend it will be really nice, we're talking about some will only be in the upper 70s for highs. >> nice. i like it hos, but thank you, gary. >> president trump headeding back to washington tonight as he prepares to give an address on the future t of the war in afghanistan. the president's decision on the america's longest running faces growing uncertainty on capital hill. garret ten any with the latest developments. >>reporter: president trump made a lot of promises on the campaign trail and seven months into his administration he has made progress on a number of those items. i am immigration was a hallmark issue of the trump campaigning. in order to
10:40 pm
stop the drugs, traffickers we are building a wall on the southern border. and to get the wall along our southern border started, the president included $1.6 billion in his bunkette for 2018. whether or not the president approves that is the next issue. president trump said he wants to enact the p biggest tax cut since ronald reagan. we want to bring it down to one of the lowest because we want more growth, more jobs and higher pay and that's what's going to p that. getting tax reform through congress will be no owes sigh task similar to another campaign promise, repealing and he re placing obamacare. after several failed attempts in congress to get it done, many lawmakers are anxious to move on .
10:41 pm
leaders think they have a better shot. there are not. americans who defense this tax code. you start with a whole different base. what you didn't see in healthcare was this national healthcare to make the case for reform. you're seeing it now. you'll notice there are things the president can do on his own through executive order but when it comes to the most of the big ticket items that would work with congress when you see healthcare makes it much more difficult to do. i'm garden ten et. no jackpot winner. just how much money is up for grabs now? i have to keep playing. what are the odds of winning? >> we're going to have to take a look at that. and then brody is going to join us with the close five, top five all ahead. ahead.
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>> we're so excited about power ball. we have a full on discussions about chances and odds. what are the odds that the nats are going to win. >> the odds are pretty good. they are in first place. each one of the divisions is its own hopper. it's not worth it. if you buy more tickets can you win more? that's what we've been talking about. to the nats, thanks to litany of injuries, the nats they've been tolding their squad together with a combination of duct tape and. among those out with injuries the last few months. minor leaguers and passed their prime vets have come in and spackled
10:46 pm
the boat floating. with play offs in site, rehab assignments tomorrow. nats in san diego the pad dress it's unfair with the creepy pad descrai looking over the field. can't really make a nice flow. it scores a run. it's hard to concentrate with that looking over your shoulder. today murphy was sunning the padres after tieing the game moif gets one to turn on. the nats take the lead. so interesting marina is yawning. with moif on second , two batters later, add adam line drives one the other way. murphy is going to come around to score. and beat the pad dres four-one. breaking
10:47 pm
news. we are here on the close five, top five team. we want to make sure you're not wasting your time. we bring max number entertainment and squeeze that into a jammed packed ocular feast. the foes five is the exact opposite of tomorrow's eclipse. there it is, you've seen the eclipse and you didn't even need over priced goggles or the risk of lifelong eye damage number five, way better than sky oshes. teams of firemen stand on the back of drag raisers and then climb up a ladder in a race against time. these are firemen in new york. i don't know who thought of this, but this is amazing. >> this is my new favorite sport . it was the 2017 drill team
10:48 pm
record run. well done hoab owes . from long island new york to league one, how do you say league one in french? >> i don't know. mid field, nothing the keeper can do about that. let's take another look here, from mid field. it doesn't even hit the ground until it is in the back of the net. like an is bm from downtown. >> what in. >> like a what? >> struck this with his right foot. a trigger warning for any alabama fans out there. this one will bring up bad memorize. the cards field goal, makes a man miss and he is gone. the kid from bell glaid is a go. one hundred nine yards for the shades of the auburn to beat alabama back in 2013. look at that move.
10:49 pm
is a gaiter. another gaiter let dwown in the protestor pros. in sane trick shots like this. take another look. he throws it off this block. it bounces off the back block. he does a back flip and goes off that block mid air and then he hits the drive. it's in the air. it's one of those how many take situations. the haters are going to say it's fake. >> it's practice. it kind of doesn't matter, though. how does get his hands -- it's not number one. the junior league world series, the pennsylvania center fielder, up and over and he he catches it. that we need to
10:50 pm
. then it was over turned, called a homerun and then over turned again. why would it be a home runcht it was called an out . he had the ball when he was in the field of play, but it doesn't matter chinese tie bay beat them 13-one. at least they had that one play. if you're a 13 year old kid, you're in the close five, top five. we lost, who cares about the score, but did you see that? >> amazing, brody. we'll be right back.
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>> for scientists this is more than just a cool event. by the time the solar eclipse comes and goes tons of data will be collected and researchers hope that i it will give them new atmosphere into our atmosphere, plants and
10:54 pm
american solar eclipse is coming and there is a the lieutenant to learn from it. we have eleven different space craft that are going to going to be observing this eclipse from space. we're asking people all over the country to help us observe how the eclipse changes the atmosphere of the earth. this wonderful natural experiment that's happening. we know the shadow is going to pass by and that's going to change things like temperature levels, the humidity, qulowdz clouds. nasa collects data from space and earth and they're calling on citizen scientist ts for their help. we need people all across the united states to download the app and take measurement of the temperature and clouds and help us make an atmosphere measurement. solar eclipse effect plants and animals. a the lot of plants animals will respond like it's nighttime. the air cools down. some flowers
10:55 pm
call nick tas ton and they close up at night. smart phones will be a game changer. when you have thousands of people outside taking observations to record the eclipse, not only do you get themmen changed in the world 5r7bd them you get the data a that scientists have always wanted to get. a citizen scientist job easier than ever. in new york, david lee miller, fox news. >> and make sure that you're with us tomorrow. we have a special live eclipse show begin ning at 11:30 a.m. on fox5 live. you can see that streaming on our fox5 d.c. facebook page. what are we going to talk about at 26789. forty-three tomor
10:56 pm
>> are you feeling lucky? we're going to look at the growing power ball jackpot. that's right, still no winner. coming up next.
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10:59 pm
q. one of the nation's biggest of lottery jackpots. nobody won last night's power ball drawing which means the jackpot is up to $650 million. the price has gone so big because no one has matched all six balls in more than two months. the next drawing coming up wednesday night. the odds of wins one in
11:00 pm
292.2 million. try and write that out. your odds don't change. you you have more chances of winning if you buy more tickets. >> we have been discussing this all night. we have googled. the news at 11 starts right now this is fox5 lol at 11. we gip from breaking news oversees, at least ten salors are missing and five others are injured. a us navy guided missile destroyer has collided with a merchant ship east of singapore. the uss john s mccain sustained damage to its port side. a search and rescue operation is currently underway for the missing sale ors. this this is the second time a private vessel has crashed with a vessel in the the past two months. >> now to a fox5 exclusive for the first time we're hearing


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