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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  August 21, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> right now at 6:00 a desperate search for 10 navy sailors. they went missing after a collision between a u.s. ship and a tanker near singapore. >> this is the day just hours away from the solar eclipse and millions of americans flocking to the path of totality and it could end up being the worst traffic we've seen in a very long time. hopefully you have your protective eyewear. getting a pair of these glasses proving to be difficult this morning. >> it is monday, august 21st. pretty clear. little muggy out there actually. 75 degrees already. we'll talk about weather and traffic though coming up on the 5s at 6:05. first though we say good morning. i'm holly morris in for allison seymour. >> breaking news from france where medial is reporting at least one woman has been killed after a car rammed into a two bus stops. this happened in the port city of marseilles. the driver of that car has been arrested. it is unclear if this is a
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accident. comes just a few days though after the deadly van attacks in barcelona in spain. >> more breaking news concerning massive search under way for 10 sailors missing after a navy destroyer collides with a merchantship in the waters east of singapore. >> five other sailors on board the u.s.s. john s. mccain were injured most airlifted to a hospital. maureen umeh joins us with the latest. >> good morning. we are getting a look at some of the first images coming in of that accident. happened as the ship was heading to port. right now the navy is using helicopters and the coast guard to search for those missing sailors. the collision of the u.s.s. john s. mccain guided missile destroyer and the mc tappinger a merchant vessel from liberia. happened monday in the strait of malacca. five soldiers were injured, four taken to a hospital. the olynyk is said to be
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destroyer is still said to be determined. >> the ship sustained a hole, a garb at the mid ship and the ship was taking in water. >> reporter: president trump asked to comment on the situation after arriving back at the white house. the commander-in-chief also tweeted thoughts and prayers are with our u.s. navy sailors aboard u.s.s. john s. mccain where search and rescue efforts are under way. the ship is named after senator john mccain's father and grandfather both navy admirals. senator mccain tweeted cindy and i are keeping america's sailors aboard the u.s.s. john s. mccain in our prayers tonight. appreciate the work of search and rescue crews. ." it was only two months ago that another u.s. navy war ship u.s. the "u.s.s. fitzgerald" collided. seven sailors died in that accident. there's no word on the exact
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search for those missing sailors continues. holly. >> thanks maureen. the president is back at the white house this morning and set to make a major announcement on the path forward when it comes to the united states military strategy in afghanistan. president trump discussed his plan with top advisers at camp david on friday. there are currently 8,000 troops stationed in that war torn country. the white house says the president will address the nation in prime time at 9 o'clock tonight from fort meyer in arlington virginia. >> prince george's county sentencing day for a former elementary school aide. deonte carraway worked at judge sylvania woods elementary. he pled guilty to the sexual exploitation of a dozen minors. he faces 270 state charges as well. >> the clinton maryland man accused of killing his younger sister and two cousins is expected to appear in a prince george's county courtroom today. prince george's county detectives charge 25-year-old antonio williams
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counts of murder saturday. it was friday morning when williams' mother came home to find her daughter, six-year-old nadira withers, and two cousins, stabbed to death in a basement bedroom. >> in the district an eight-year-old boy recovering after he was shot outside of the fort davis recreation center in southeast over the weekend. we're told a bullet grazed the boy about 8 o'clock saturday night. he's expected to make a full recovery. police are still looking for the shooter. the total solar eclipse hours away from now. we have a link to where you can find a pair. supplies are not going to last long. >> only 14 states are in the path of totality and our mike thomas is in one of them. he joins us live from rockhill south carolina. good morning, sir. >> reporter: hey, guys, yeah, you're absolutely right, we're headed down south south carolina. just l
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we're heading south on i77 heading towards columbia. so, we're kind of going to bing... we're headed for lake monticello. should have about two minutes or so of totality there. they are calling it the eclipse of the century. they're right. the last time an eclipse took this kind of path where it went from the northwest united states straight across on the mainland u.s. off the eastern coastline was 1918 so this is a once in a century kind of event time ooh. next solar eclipse in the kind of local vicinity will be in 2024 and then after that one we have to wait another 20 years so this is not something that happens all the time. 81 percent coverage. here in south carolina, we're going to get everything. we'll see the full eclipse. we're going to see the sun's atmosphere outlined by the moon which is something you won't be able to see locally because it won't be full coverage. and what we noticed so far, i mean, it's just after 6:00 a.m. here and we're
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down the highway and traffic's moving but there's a lot of cars on the road. and it took us nine and a half hours to get here yesterday so lots of folks headed down. certainly expect to see lots of people. if you're heading out and about today for folks at home and you want to share your eclipse experience with us you encourage you use that #eclipse on fox. we want to see what you're doing, want to share what you're doing on social media and we'll be live all day long facebook, twitter. we're going to be on youtube and we'll be streaming later on fox5 plus and fox5, to, to bring this full event to you. looking forward to this event. it's going to be a heck of an event. hopefully tucker will queue us up some sunshine so we can get at the full view. >> mike you might as well get to charleston. >> the beach has better chance of clouds. we want to stay inland and stay away from that cloud cover. >> smart man. >> good tip. >> fox5 has
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the eclipse. while at work you can watch along with us beginning at 11:30 on our fox5 d.c. youtube channel and facebook page. we'll bring you live coverage beginning in oregon ending in charleston south carolina. five hours straight. >> live coverage on fox5 and fox5 plus at 2:30 this afternoon during the peak eclipse time in our area. right now 6:07. hi, tuck. good morning. >> good morning. remember a couple years ago when the space shuttle was on top of the 747 and everybody ran out on the buildings. >> bridges and everywhere else. >> espousi suspect we'll do that again. >> hopefully it won't be storming. >> it's going to be a close call unfortunately. we'll be kind of partly sunny so -- >> oh, fingers crossed. >> yeah, i mean, fingers crossed. i'll show you on the setup here in just a second. let's get to
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question mark. bottom line is we'll be partly sunny. whether or not over the two-hour period you see some of the clouds intermittently, i pretty much guarantee that it won't be a perfectly sunny day. reagan national 76, warm, 71 dulles, 70 baltimore. looking fine right now. when you step out this morning you'll notice this low overcast. first we got to burn in off and then when we look off to the north and west, we've got some thunderstorms out in ohio and back in illinois and we're afraid we're going to get some of that blowoff later today as some of the cloud cover so shaded. we'll have a few storms around here this afternoon. again not ideal conditions. yesterday would have been perfect. i didn't see a cloud all day yesterday. >> right. >> i must have said 10 times why couldn't today be the day. it won't be a terrible today either. kind of 50-50. we'll have to keep our fingers crossed that we get sunshine when we need it. >> all these years you had to plan these eclipse and you couldn't make it happen. >> what kind of weatherman are you. >> one tip for you and i saw
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don't stop on the side of the road at 2:36 when you're on a busy road or an interstate. >> you can say that all you want steve -- >> you know people will but please don't. it's a huge safety issue. er are.erin good morning. >> we have a great eclipse board for safe tips for driving safety. 270 northbound all lanes previously blocked by 85. in crash cleared and debris cleared. traffic once again moving along fine. let's forward our maps. i brought the wrong clicker in this morning. purcellville eastbound seven earlier vehicle fire still blocking the right lane near berlin turnpike. that's causing some big delays so watch out for in as you head towards 287. talking the rails this morning late clearing track work on the green line. this was supposed to wrap up yesterday. train service suspended between branch avenue and naylor road. shuttle buses established. please use caution through school zones. we have
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tips. don't park on the shoulder. make sure you get to where you need to be first park and get a secure spot this afternoon. exit the highway to a safe location to view and photograph the eclipse. don't try to photograph the eclipse while driving obviously you don't want to use a phone while you're driving. try not to wear the opaque glasses while driving. seep the solar eclipse glasses while you're driving. don't put the glasses on until you're parked and safe and off the road while you're driving. turn your headlights on. that should help with some of the visibility problems and just watch for extra pedestrians and bicyclists because as steve mentioned we tell people to stay off the interstate to watch, they'll still do it. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. want to keep you safe and happy this monday morning. back to you. >> those glasses are so dark there's zero chance you'll be able to see anything behind the wheel. >> i'm concerned we have to tell people not to wear notice while driving. >> be careful and just enjoy. more confederate statues coming down overnight. this time in texas. details
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>> we lost two of the greatest comedians overnight. coming up dick gregory and jerry lewis. >> ♪ >> the university called the mon communities "symbols of modern white supremacy and neo
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the statues expected to be completely gone by the end of the day. this decision comes. baltimore removed its statues last week. duke university got rid of a statue of robert e. lee on saturday. the recording star born and raised in portsmouth. the petition requires 15,000 supporters so far has over 20,000 signatures. >> now to a fox5 exclusive interview with the maryland couple who says they were attacked because they are muslim. the alleged assault happened about a week ago while they were walking in their rockville neighborhood on rowland avenue of the the husband says a man began yelling anti-muslim slurs after he heard them speaking in arabic. he said the attacker put him in a headlock attacked him and started kicking him. the council on american-islamic relio
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offering a thousand dollars reward for information leading to an arrest. >> let's go overseas. military ships seen floating in gaum as the u.s. and south korea between joint military exercises. these the are first since north korea threatened to attack the island. they're the first large scale military test. despite growing tensions the u.s. and south korea confirmed the drills will continue as originally scheduled. >> new details out of barcelona this morning. the scene of last week's deadly terror attack when a van plowed down people on a street popular with tourists. we know the identity of the driver, it is believed to be a 22-year-old moroccan man. he was said to be behind the wheel. he then took off on foot and is still on the run. meanwhile on sunday, the victims were honored at a soccer match. there was a moment of silence and the fc barcelona players wore the city's name on the back of their shirts. >> driving is being blamed for this accident. a man
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there. >> ooh. >> goes right into a sinkhole. footage -- surveillance footage shows the man looking at his mom shortly before he fell into the hole. the man watched the sinkhole first and then the scooter will come along from the right not expecting it obviously and right into the hole. fortunately he was not seriously hurt. >> think he'll think next time before he looks at his phone while driving. >> that road just falls apart. >> do you plan on taking an extra long lunch break to see the eclipse. next, how much companies plan to lose in lost productivity. >> a live look outside as we head to break on this monday morning. now, if it stays like this it would be pretty close to perfect. weather and traffic coming up next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> live look outside on this historical monday morning many are saying thanks to the solar eclipse that's going to happen late today. beautiful
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but tucker saying the clouds and possibly some storms might hinder our ability to see it but we're hoping not. >> yeah, i mean, fingers crossed. it's going to be parts fortunate area, it's not going to be everybody but there will be clouds around and we'll have few storms that develop this afternoon. think about the possibility if you could see the eclipse out of one side of the sky and a thunderstorm in the other. >> my gosh, mind blown. >> right? >> uh-huh. >> hm. don't see that everyone. i don't know why the music continues on and on. there will be clouds around with an afternoon storm. eclipse gets going at 1:17 for us this afternoon much the full eclipse at 2:42 and we'll be 81 percent eclipsed here and then the whole thing should wrap up by about 4 o'clock this afternoon. i think that over that course of a couple hours, there should be some sunny breaks and we'll get a chance to kind of see what's going on so it should be a pretty exciting afternoon for us. here to numbers. 76 sticky degrees early, 74 in
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quantico, 68 in leonardtown. doing 60's off to the north and west. not a terrible start to the day but it's going to be hot today, highs in the low 90's. culpeper 68 so plenty of water if you'll be out for hours this afternoon enjoying the eclipse. there's your satellite and radar. fairly quiet although there's that low cloud deck you saw and there are some high clouds out there as well in the live shot we saw and i kind of see some there off to our north and west. as we look upstream here a little bit unfortunately some of this cloud cover back towards chicago back into ohio is going to kind of get caught up in the jet stream and pushed into our area as well so that combined with the possibility in a rather unstable atmosphere that we pop a few storms this afternoon is going to leave us partly sunny. again, not going to be completely overcast. i think there will be a chance for us to see some of the eclipse here but certainly the possibility of some clouds. there we are at 1:30. notice a little bit of cloudiness around. and i'll fast forward. hit and miss who is going get the sunshine who is going to get the cloudiness. futurecast showing a storm by baltimore at
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a few extra showers and storms later this afternoon. have your umbrella later this afternoon. 9:30 we should start to clear out overnight of course. here's your forecast seven day. 91 today, hot and humid tomorrow 95. a strong cold front tuesday night early wednesday levers us with fall-like conditions around here. by the end of the week beautiful thursday, friday, saturday, sunday perfect for zip trip fredericksburg on friday. all right, i did a lot of talking. erin's turn. >> but it's a big day for you if. it's like the weather olympics. >> i guess so. >> it's more astronomy than meteorology then i'm into it. >> the astronomy olympics. >> don't try to wear the eclipse glasses while driving. use your headlights. watch your visibility problems. caution watch for extra pedestrians. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. you're going to see these signs all over the interstates letting people know to plan ahead and no parking on the highway. right now traffic is pretty quiet. d.c.ub
6:20 am
session. slow it down through those school zones. give the kids extra room to get used to walking to and from the bus stop today. could cause some extra time added to your commute especially through those neighborhoods. right now 270 southbound volume as you head down to clarksburg but the good news is earlier northbound crash by 85 cleared all lanes opened debris cleared. eastbound seven in purcellville earlier vehicle fire still blocking the right lane near berlin turnpike. watch out for delays there. as you skip the roads and take the rails all metro rail lines on time except for the green line. this track work was supposed to wrap up yesterday but train service still suspended between branch avenue and naylor road on the green line. shuttle buses available. it could get busier especially at the 7 o'clock hour. >> erin thanks. summer is over for public school students. they head back to the classroom today. the mayor celebrating at the newly modernized read elementary in adams morgan.
6:21 am
sao your kids' first day of school pictures. use the #fox5 first day and the good luck to everybody in the district going back to school today. >> long lines on sunday at the u.s. botanic garden as one of the three corpse flowers has bloomed. the other two stinky plants expected to reach peak bloom any day now: i feel like the first day of school for d.c. public schools is getting overshadowed by the eclipse. >> i feel so, too. but a great learning experience. >> absolutely. we lost two of the greatest comedians over the weekend and next we'll remember dick gregory and jerry lewis. >> first though a lot of excitement of course over the eclipse. it comes with some not so exciting news for employers, though. with workers pausing and we use in term liberally to watch the phenomenon. unless predicts it will cost employers nearly $700 million in lost productivity today. assuming that everybody takes
6:22 am
>> only 20 minutes. >> and you know some will take four hours. that's based on 20 minutes. it's 6:21. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ coney island has been around for a long, long time. reminds me of how geico has been saving people money for over 75 years. hey, big guy! come on in! let me guess your weight! win a prize! sure, why not. 12 ounces! sorry, mate. four ounces. i've been taking the stairs lately. you win, big guy. sorry, 'scuse me! oh, he looks so much more real on tv. yeah... over 75 years of savings and service. get your rate quote today.
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>> 6:24. back with sad news in the world of comedy. dick gregory who called the district home passed away saturday night after battling a bacterial infection. he was one of the first black comedians to find mainstream success with white audiences in the early 1960's. and also over the weekend the comedy world lost another all time great. >> fox's jane metzler takes a look at jerry lewis' influence and how hollywood is reacting to his death. >> reporter: his humor was legendary. >> there it is. >> reporter: comedian jerry lewis died sunday of natural causes. people have been paying their respects at his star on the hollywood walk of fame. martin scorcese who'll directed lewis
6:25 am
king of comedy remembers him as a master and a giant. his rubber faced antics inspired people like jim carrey to get physical in their comedy. carry tweeted sunday that fool was no dummy. i. because he was. all different kinds of comedy coming out of one man. >> laughter is our safety valve. laughter helps us get through the stupid things politicians do t laughter is our secret most important device is to laugh. >> reporter: jerry lewis is remembered for his humanitarian work almost as much as his comedy having spent decades hosting the muscular dystrophy association telethon. the association put out a statement saying "the mda would not be the organization it is today if it were not for jerry's
6:26 am
his last on stage performance was this past january in florida. jerry lewis was 91. jane metzler, fox news. >> that is a life well lived right there. >> no doubt. 6:26. hey, tuck. >> hi. a lot of pressure here to get the sunshine in the forecast today. it's not going to be perfect that's the bottom line. we're kind of partly sunny. >> okay. >> a few storms around. we're just going to have to kind of wait and see. i wish i could do better than that but the truth is we're going to have some clouds around this afternoon so where exactly they set up or if we get some filtered sunshine, just going to have to now cast it when we get closer. 76 in washington. heads up here. we could have a few showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. there's a live look. not bad. nice sunrise this morning although there are a few clouds out there and we'll be partly sunny this afternoon. we've got a combination of some storms that are going to try to develop and see the clouds back into ohio and back towards chicago. some of that, the blowoff there from a thunderstorm complex will get caught
6:27 am
pushed into our area so we'll have some clouds around but again the not going to be completely overcast. kind of partly sunny. >> okay. >> it is going to be hot. 91. 95 tomorrow and then nice fall-like air mass the end of the week. are you kidding me. >> wow. >> you're right. >> tucker barnes drawn up a perfect forecast. >> pretty much. >> things are changing. maybe for a weekend. >> that's all i got. >> thanks tuck. >> check in with erin get a look at traffic. how you doing. >> 6:27. monday morning,. d.c. schools back in session a crash on the 14th street bridge. big scene blocking the left shoulder. we had an earlier crash there as well. this is causing backups from the pentagon. this is a look at the delay by the pentagon main lanes bumper-to-bumper traffic. hov lanes in a little bit better shape. that's good news there. we'll switch from that live look to a look at our maps. good news for the green line. late clearing track work has cleared. train service resumed so we're back to normal on the green line between branch avenue and naylor road. that earlier shuttle service, you know, is going to go away soou
6:28 am
train service. we'll be back with your total eclipse coverage. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 6:30 is our time. we welcome you back to fox5 news morning on this big monday. everyone excited about the total eclipse. we'll talk traffic on the 5s at 6:35. but right now at 6:30 let's
6:31 am
today the clinton maryland man accused of killing his six-year-old sister and could suspect since is expected to appear in a prince georges county courtroom for a bond review. detectives charged 25-year-old antonio williams with three counts of murder saturday. they say he confessed to stabbing all three while they lay in bed. he's being held without bond. sentencing day for a former prince george's county elementary school aide who ppled guilty to sexually abusing students. deonte carraway pled guilty to sexual exploitation to over a dozen minors. carraway faces 270 state charges. overseas now 10 sailors are missing. five are injured after the u.s.s. john s. mccain collided with a merchantship near singapore. reports indicate the navy destroyer sustained damage to one of its sides. search and rescue operations
6:32 am
are under way. the ship is based at a port in japan and is named after senator john mccain's father and grandfather who were both navy admirals. only a few more hours until mother nature turns out the lights with a solar eclipse. mike thomas joins us live from south carolina. still heading down the road i see, mike. >> reporter: yeah, still heading down the road holly. we're on our way. we have turned you have the main highway now though and we're back in the sticks. we've lost the traffic. no cars really headed this way. which is good. we're headed to lake monticello which is north and west of the city of columbia here in south carolina. we tried to pick a spot that we would be able to see a lot of horizon. what's going to happen around here is once totality occurs the sky is going to dark kind of like at night. we'll see what's called the infinite
6:33 am
you'll be able to see sunset colors. some stars will pop out. we'll be able to see some planets. of course you'll see the gorgeous halo around the moon that you can only kind of see here in total. some weird things will happen as well. animals will start to think it's nighttime and you'll hear things go very quiet as animals start to set in for what they think is bed before the sun comes back out. the whole thing will last about two minutes maybe a little over two minutes where we are because we're not right on that peak line, we're a little north of that peak line so we'll have a few less seconds than anyone who lives right in that center line of totality but still it's going to be an enjoyable experience. the one thing we're hoping for is lack of cloud cover. i've been looking over some stuff for down this way and it looks kind of like tucker is saying up there. it will be hit and miss but it looks like we'll have a decent shot of seeing some sunshine. can't wait to bring it to you. using that #eclipse on fox and hopefully we'll have a pretty good show for you
6:34 am
with the eclipse happening. >> on a scale of one to 10 how excited are you. >> 10 -- kevin mccarthy 11 out of 10, this is a five out of five. go see arrival. [laughter] >> thanks, mike. appreciate it. we'll check back in a few. steve over to you. >> ♪ >> time for the morning line get a quick check on sports. day off for the nationals. not only did gio gonzalez have a good outing the bullpen stepped up. daniel murphy drills one out to right brings a runner in. nats take the lead. adam lynn going to send murphy home. so, we'll fast forward to the bottom of the ninth washington up four-one. she wasn't doolittle gets the save. as for geo he allowed only five singles struck out eight almost got through the seventh. nats head to houston. tough task the astros one of the best records in the majors. one other good note about the nats trea turner and jayson werth b
6:35 am
assignments in syracuse today. neither has played since june. really cool baseball game last night. the pirates the cardinals in williamsport, pennsylvania. capacity 2,036. josh bell drove in four runs to lead pittsburgh over saint louis. they played at a low single a ballpark because it's only 5 miles from where the little league world series is taking place. little leaguers got to chat with the big league stars earlier in the day. skins may have lost their second preseason game against the packers but they showed improvement. starting offense scored its first touchdown of the season. skins won the turnover battle. next up bengals play a visit to fedex field on sunday. good news this morning, jordan read taken offer the physically unable to perform list. that means he can practice. other big nfl news
6:36 am
wide receiver boldin says he'll retire from football. this just two weeks after signing a one year deal with buffalo worth more than $2 million. boldin said football has afforded me a platform throughout my career to have a greater impact on my humanitarian work. at this time i feel drawn to make the larger fight for human rights my purpose. you know him with the baltimore ravens cardinals. after that pirates game josh bell who hit that home run when asked what advice did the kids ask for he said it was more like can you follow me on instagram because that would be really cool. he says it wasn't like a clinic it was more like be my friend. >> kids today. >> steve, help me understand, pittsburgh typically plays in front of 2000 people. >> i think you're thinking about the 80's. i know it's been while for you. >> that was pretty funny. >> let's go go to the f
6:37 am
76 in washington. i'm just kidding you. daytime highs around 90 later this afternoon with partly sunny conditions. all right, partly sunny conditions. that's best we can do. sorry about that. we'll have to keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best as we'll have a few showers and thunderstorms popping up and unfortunately enough low level moisture that we're going to get some convection, we're going to get some clouds that are going to developing during the course of the day. not so bad this morning. you can see we're generally clear. high clouds out there and more of the same this afternoon. it's not goi going to be completely overcast but we'll be partly sunny and a few showers and thunderstorms kind of mid to late afternoon so there may be some shade in addition to the eclipse. hang on. want to show you a beautiful sky. >> gorgeous. >> see. >> yes. >> see there's hope. i think that's kind of what we'll be looking at this afternoon. >> okay. >> we'll make it work. >> it is beautiful. >> good start to the day. thanks tuck. >> let's check on traffic. here's erin. >> having a little par
6:38 am
studio today at 6:37. caitlin's in here, it's great. right now we are tracking earlier crash cleared on the 14th street bridge but we have really big leftover delays about a 20 minute slowdown from the beltway to across the 14th street bridge. you can see by the pentagon bumper-to-bumper traffic eased a bit but it's still pretty slow. hov lanes in better shape. let's show you our maps. new outer loop crash right lane blocked at the 270 spur so coming down if you're trying to get onto the beltway towards the legion bridge onto the outer loop you'll have delays. inner loop looks pretty good. outer loop typical slowdowns from 95 over to georgia avenue. right now it's only about a 10 minute slowdown. heaviest traffic coming from 95. as we forward things along, these are the message boards that you are going to be seeing all throughout the day for the solar eclipse. no parking on the highway traffic. no delays on metro. late clearing track work cleared. green line normal train service
6:39 am
avenue and naylor road. they had earlier shuttle buses established but they won't be needing them now that things are getting back to normal. friendly reminders for you. don't stop along the interstate don't park along the shoulder. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. we'll be right back here on fox5 news morning.
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>> ♪ >> 6:41 now back with what's trending on the web on this monday morning. and first up, the beauty of social media. here she is, a new hampshire woman who got stuck in her pool turned to facebook for help. leslie cotton's pool ladder broke and she didn't have the strength to pull herself out of the pool. after nearly three hours in the pool, she decided to use her ipad to post on facebook for help. a neighbor showed up, saved the day. an oregon dog helping in the fight against drugs. meet kenyan the golden retriever who dug up $85,000 worth of black tar heroin. the dog's owners at first thought kenyan found a time capsule and quickly realized it was drugs. the sheriff in oregon awarded the dog naming him an honorary narcotics dog for life. let's go to the bay area now where this has to be one of the cool left dogs ever. this german shepherd was spotted grocery shopping with its owner. take a look. the
6:43 am
just taking a stroll through the grocery store. now, we don't know a lot about this dog like what's its name or how it learned how to do that trick but we're completely obsessed and we wish our own pets would do errands for us. that is hilarious. >> the woman in the pool -- poo- able to reach the chair drag the chair over to her without the ipad falling off and then got the ipad and was that able to reach out to facebook. >> that's impressive. >> when you're stuck you figure out a way. do you have your protective eye gear ready for today's big cosmic event? if not, you might have a hard time finding a pair of these special glasses. coming up next we'll talk to an ophthalmologist more about exactly what will happen if you don't follow a few safety tips. it's 6:43. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> all right. >> i'm not going to lie. these glasses, they're officially accredited but like -- i'm not going to be able to see the eclipse. i'm not going to be able to see anything. >> isn't that kind of the point. >> you're not supposed to see the bad stuff. i think you'll see the good stuff. >> aren't you supposed to be able to see something? okay, well, hopefully that will get better. all right, here we go. 91 at eclipse time this afternoon. we are going to have some clouds around with the po
6:47 am
out there so we're just going to have to wait and see. that's the bottom line. we'll keep our fingers crossed for the best here as we'll have some clouds around. gets going at 1:17, maximum eclipse 2:42. 81 percent around here. it will be further eclipsed towards totality as you get further south down into south carolina. that's why we have mike thomas down there. hopefully he'll get to see is the total eclipse. i'll show you some of the cloud cover we're concerned about coming up. 76 degrees this morning, 70 leonardtown. north and west we're looking at 60's in frederick, 66 degrees, 64 in winchester and just a few clouds out early. there is -- the satellite is not going a great job picking up the low level clouds we have across the area. we'll burn those off. what we're really concerned about, a, we'll get some convection so a rather humid atmosphere once we get daytime heating we'll start to build some clouds and we'll get some blowoff some of this cloudiness start up in the stream in the
6:48 am
get pushed into our area. we'll have clouds with the possibility of a few showers and thunderstorms as well. here's futurecast. there you go. you can see sort of the hit and miss cloud cover across clos the area. parts of the area are in pretty good shape as well. so, it's really just going to be kind of dependent on exactly where you are and whether or not we're dodging clouds. there we are at 4 o'clock. looks like we could kick up a couple storms. if you'll be out for several hours this afternoon make sure you have an umbrella around two. we'll have showers and storms. we'll be hot tomorrow. tomorrow will be in the mid 90's. hot today as well 91. it gets fall like by the end of the week, temperatures in the upper 70's and low 80's by thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. back to school today, erin. >> back to school. >> d.c. kids shout out. have a great school year. 91. >> i love back to school. you got the new lunch box, new school books, drive sale.
6:49 am
drive safely. outer loop crash at the 270 spur. delays remain as you come down 270 that's causing a little bit of an overflow into rockville. give yourself 15 extra minutes from urbana. congestion past democracy boulevard on the spur. that crash cleared. we're hoping for delays to dissipate shortly. outer loop in college park 95 to georgia avenue typical 15 minute slowdown. monday morning commute you know the drill, the eclipse is taking place this afternoon and all the highway boards letting us know to plan ahead. no parking on the highway. make sure you exit the highway get to where you need to be before you take out those solar eclipse glasses. metro late clearing track work on the green line has cleared up. train service once again running back to normal after weeks of slowdowns on the green line between branch avenue and naylor road. no need for shuttle buses anymore. and here are some great tips for you if you're planning to drive this afternoon. a lot of it is stating the obvious. make sure you're safe and if there's any tips you want to add to that tweet me
6:50 am
fox5 d.c. on twitter. use your headlights, slowly it down, watch for pedestrians, be aware of people on bikes and people walking around. a lot of people out and about this afternoon. anything to add guys? >> nope? >> just waiting for tomorrow's eclipse memes. >> today is the special eclipse edition t let's get to it. time for the morning meme. >> ♪ >> i know holly you're on vacation. i know what you missed most. >> the morning meme. >> the morning meme. >> we put it up on the internet. >> oh, we do. >> uh-huh. >> i'll have to go back. >> okay. there we go. we're ready for our first meme. oh. this one is not, meme related. >> i need reading glasses. >> take it away steve. you're closer to me. >> when you're debating on go to work or turn this light back off and go back to sleep. well, see you t
6:51 am
>> you get your monday started. >> i'm reading off a very, very tiny screen. >> that puppy is really cute if that counts. >> exactly. >> i agree go back to sleep. >> porsche we love it. let's move it on. now we got the eclipse edition. during the eclipse if you find a strange plant do not eat it. >> i heard animals might act weird today. >> next one is for kevin. kevin where are you? switched out his solar eclipse glasses with his 3-d glasses. >> we'll wrap it up. i don't throw shade often but when i do it's an eclipse. >> i like that one. well done. >> solvsolid. i like that one. >> #morning meme. send us your eclipse memes. >> we've got
6:52 am
the solar eclipse like the moon will cover the sun today. we have so much to get you ready including live reports from that cruise ship where bonnie tyler will be singing her hit "total eclipse of the heart." actress ann archer and actor nnamdi asomugha. it will be a great good day d.c. as always. steve, what do you got. >> the big day is finally here. millions of americans will get a glimpse of the solar eclipse. the moon will block about 80 percent of the sun here in the d.c. region this afternoon. we can't stress enough if you'll be outside for this historic event make sure u. protect your eyes and kevin is going to join us now. we'll be heading out to a viewing party a little bit later today. i hope you are prepared as well with your glasses, kev. for more safety tips we're joined by dr. john
6:53 am
good to see you this morning. how are you. >> good morning, steve. i'm fine thank you. >> can you see anything through those glasses right now. >> not a dog gone thing. >> i put these on earlier and i couldn't see a thing either. i'm going to assume that that means it's going to help us out but the importance of the glasses is what? >> well, these glasses are about a hundred thousand times more dense than your standard sunglasses. the purpose of these glasses is to protect your eyes while you're viewing the eclipse. >> now, i do want to ask you one thing, i have two pairs of glasses here, john, and i'm going through the glasses here, i know that one of the items you want to talk about today is the approval of the iso. first of all, can you explain what that means and then i want to get to a question as to why one of my pairs of glasses has it and one doesn't yet one looks darker. can you talk about the iso approval. >> international safety classification for the density of the lens. why one of your pair of glasses has it and why the
6:54 am
did you buy them from a reputable source? >> well, i'm just curious as to why one is darker than the other. the one that's not iso approved i can't see anything through them but the one that is iso approved i can still see lights through that. why is that. >> well, that's a very good question. i can tell you from mine the ones i'm wearing, i can't see anything through them but i can see the sun when it's up quite clearly. distinctly. >> doctor let me ask you this question. if you don't go with the glasses and you try to just use regular sunglasses what risk is there to your eyes. >> the risk is damage to the retina through solar retinopathy. again, these glasses are so dense that they block the majority of the light that could potentially damage your retina. >> so, naturally, and i guess my question what i'm trying to get to here doctor is it seems like naturally if we looked at the sun
6:55 am
today, if we looked at the sun today, our brain would tell me us to look away, it's too bright we don't want to damage our eyes so why would it be any different today. >> exactly. so, we all know innately that it's hard to look at the sun. it's potentially dangerous to look at the sun. today the entice. is the eclipse. so people are more likely to look at the sun even though it's not healthy. >> is there a limit on how long -- i mean, wearing the glasses how long you can actually look at it? i don't know if that's a ridiculous question but is there an element of how much time you're supposed to be staring at the sun during this event. >> no, it's safer to look at the sun for the whole event through the glasses. the whole event should only be about two and a half minutes. >> the other question i have for you doctor off topic a little bit we're talking about worker productivity are you going to get a chance to get out of the office and enjoy this safely with your glasses on. >> i hope so at least briefly, run outside and get a good look. >> if somebody's sitting there getting their eyes worked
6:56 am
ideal for either one of u. >> right. i think they would be offended and so would i. >> at least if you go outside with them, they will have good guidance with them as well. doctor thanks for your time this morning. stay safe out there. appreciate it. >> can i add one more thing. >> you absolutely may. >> when you're out with children looking at the eclipse please be sure that the children look through the glasses and not over them or under them. >> and that is very key, too, and put the glasses on before you look at the sun, take them to off after you look away. easier for us than the kids. great point doctor. thankser. >> quite right. thank you. >> yo got it. dr. john a avalon joining us this morning. kev use the ones that are approved. the others might be 3-d glasses. >> this is what i was referring to this iso approved thing that's what the doctor is saying should be on your glasses. >> keep an eye out for that. you don't have to see it in imax. >> or 3-d its all nature. tuck will be covering it for us later today. right now he h
6:57 am
over here tuck. to your left, month are left. >> i'm not even kidding you. >> these glasses are so incredibly dark you can't even see -- >> we're right in front of you. >> let's go to the forecast. we'll be partly sunny today. fingers crossed we get enough sunshine during prime time that we can really see the eclipse. 75 in washington. quick look at your satellite picture. there you can see we're waking up with partly sunny skies. partly sunny. look for a storm this afternoon. more weather coming up after the break. i'm tossing to break. we'll see you in just a minute. >> ♪
6:58 am
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> right now at 7:00 a desperate search for 10 navy sailors who went missing after a collision between a u.s. war ship and a oil tanker near singapore. it's the navy's second accident at sea this summer. >> hours away from the solar eclipse. millions of americans are flocking to the path of totality. hopefully you have your protectprotective eye gear. mike thomas live in south carolina. >> good morning to you. i'm maureen umeh in for allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. >> if you're just waking inthis morning here's a live look outside. right now things


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