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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  August 21, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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♪ i want a little fire ♪ ♪ now give me the light ♪ ♪ i want a little fire ♪ ♪ now give me the light ♪ ♪ now give me the light ♪ ♪ now give me the light ♪ ♪ i want a little fire ♪ ♪ now give me the light ♪ ♪ i want a little fire ♪ ♪ now give me the light ♪ ♪ i want a little fire ♪ ♪ now give me the light ♪ ♪ now give me the light ♪ ♪ bun up the dance ♪ ♪ bun up the dance ♪ ♪ bun up the dance ♪ ♪ bun up the dance ♪ ♪ bun up the dance ♪ ♪ 1, 2, 3, bu-bu-bun up ♪ ♪ the dance ♪♪ [cheers and applause] >> cat: head on over here. okay, nigel, what did you think? >> nigel: i thought you had an interesting routine. some urban feel along with
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basic samba. so and it was performed well. it was strong, sharp, lovely smiles on your faces but i didn't really feel a spark between you. i didn't feel the flirtatious, sassy. i said you were the couple to beat last week. you have to keep that standard every week because i can't say the same this week. it felt a bit like a damp rocket. nothing took off for me this week. i'm sorry. >> cat: vanessa. >> vanessa: i can say i've never taken a samba class and i know you have not done samba. it was very impressive that you did what you did. that's not easy. i think you faked it until you made it. i could tell you didn't get all of your connections but you played it out. i wouldn't min
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more fire in you. i want to see you get a little angry and i want to see flames in your eyes. i know you have that passion because you're such an amazing performer, but i want to see you leave it out there a little mor more. >> cat: flames in the eyes. >> mary: it's not easy being at the top, taylor. not easy at all. but i will tell you one thing. in the ballroom world, we consider samba the most technically challenging dance we have. people around the world know that to be the truth. was it up to a high technical standard, no. it wasn't really. you had some bright moments where you had a fabulous stationary samba role that's incredibly difficult. it looked easy to everybody else i'm sure but i'm telling you i know how difficult that was. i'm sure it's not very easy
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and to keep your weight to the inside edges but you did a brilliant job as far as doing that. can you do more in the future? you bet. the transference of weight in the dance is incredibly tough. i thought you performed great. i agreed with nigel, could you have had more chemistry, yes. i think a little b bit more. for the fst time out of the gate, well done. >> cat: if you stay another week, can you find more chemistry? >> absolutely. >> 100%. i feel it. >> cat: the where, america. it's in your hands. vote online at or use the fox now app. please
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for robert and taylor. those issues have been killing her all day. now, who's ready for another solo? anybody, anybody? ladies and gentlemen put your hands together for dassy. >> ♪♪ work ♪ ♪ work ♪ ♪ work, work, work ♪ ♪ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ♪ ♪ i saw it flashing ♪ ♪ at the hill, y'all ♪ ♪ i saw it flashing ♪ ♪ at the hill, y'all ♪ ♪ work, work, work ♪ ♪ i saw it flashing ♪ ♪ at the hill, y'all ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪
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>> cat: welcome back to "so you think you can dance." your results are coming up. we'll find out how you voted very soon. now it's time for another solo. it's
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>> ♪♪ fire when the strobe ♪ ♪ hits you ♪ ♪ think that's it, brian? ♪ ♪ yes ♪ ♪ bet you're looking for ♪ ♪ something new ♪ ♪ staring off across the room ♪ ♪ bet i'm a trendsetter too ♪♪ [cheers and applause] >> cat: i don't know how he does it. he is incredible. lex, everybody. let's hear it for lex. next, two ballroom dancers are about to show us what they can do. contemporary choreography. let's see what happened in rehearsals with jenna and kiki.
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me. >> i was so proud of you. i am so excited to be doing contemporary this week. contemporary comes from a more emotional place. >> i want this week to be something very powerful. i would like to show a different side of myself. >> i am excited to see what you can do. >> this piece is about the moment you see someone and that becomes intoxicating. >> like a really great glass of wine. something you just have to have. >> i think i can tap into the romantic side of it. a little wine tasting. >> she is not a bottle of wine. >> i am going to take a sip. >> i am shocked, blown away. >> heels together. >> not the most flexible person. but he's
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him back. >> mandy wants us to go above and beyond every single time we do it. >> bats about 60%. 54%. solid 42. 50.5. >> i think it's going to take work. >> like a 98. >> i know we can reach 100%. >> it would be great if we did that on some of the other moves. ♪ ♪ >> ♪♪ the first time ♪ ♪ ever i saw your face ♪ ♪ i felt the earth ♪ ♪ move in my hands ♪
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♪ like the trembling heart ♪ ♪ of a captive bird ♪ ♪ the first time ever ♪ ♪ i saw your face ♪ ♪ your face ♪♪ [cheers and applause]
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>> cat: i love your reaction more than anything. may i present to you your glasses. you're welcome. is that better? can you see everybody in the front row and their smiling faces? hello, hello. vanessa. >> vanessa: it's amazing. i have the good goals. i'm like a little girl. mandy moore, you are a genius. >> cat: 98%. >> vanessa: kiki and jenna, your chemistry is absolutely insane.
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it's so radiant and it's like a tangible thing. i can touch it. it's so beautiful, so incredible. what you did was so special, i didn't expect to get emotional but i did. everything, it was so beautiful. i loved it. >> cat: mary. >> mary: vanessa, i have to agree with everything you said. holy smokes. kiki, you found yourself and lost yourself all in the same piece. it was really something to watc watch. we were masculine. you are tender. you were loving. i knew that you would be a phenomenal partner without a doubt. but i did not know you had that in you. i always tell reporters all the time that the best part of the show for me is watching people have a magical moment. and that was absolutely one of those times, and you
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them very often in your career. that was amazing. that was the best. i just want to finish. that was the best ballroom dancer doing contemporary, that i've ever seen on this show. >> cat: that is a statement. >> nigel: jenna, i get into trouble sometimes online. you were fabulous. thank you so much. it's your energy that kiki has to feed off. kiki, i am still in shock from last week and your hip-hop. mandy has lifted your contemporary to a different height. a couple weeks ago, you were rubbish at both of those and you have incredibly grown, and that's what this show does.
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dancers, incredible choreographers, and look what happens to you. you were a starch night, a star -- you were a star tonight. >> i kind of blacked out in a couple moments. >> nigel: got to ask, did you really kiss her at the end of that routine? i think you did. oh. choreography, wasn't it? we best leave it, i think. >> cat: we are going to give people the number to text.
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the information. there's a limit of 20 votes per method. they are so darling. let's hear it for jenna and kiki. and now, can the rest of the contestants please join us? really good. okay, it's time. time for some results. after last week's vote, the bottom three in danger tonight are... dassy. step forward, please. sydney.
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>> cat: welcome back to the show. before the break, we revealed the bottom three dancers. dassy, sydney, mark. nigel. >> nigel: mark, step forward. when it was announced you were in the bottom three, did you hear the girls in the audience go "no." you better come down and join them. [cheering] >> cat: you are not going home this week. well done.
10:24 pm
and sydney. this is never an easy situation, especially with the top ten because we don't really get to know you enough before we have to vote. however, that's the situation we're in this evening, and there is one thing, cat, that makes it slightly easier tonight and that was you announcing that there is a tour this year. so we know although we are losing one of these young ladies this evening, we are going to see them on that tour. okay. [applause] sydney, step forward. sydney, you really showed us last week something very special, which is why the two ladies voted for you last week and you were kept in the show. unfortunately tonight, we are
10:25 pm
and see you on the tour. dassy, congratulations, you are staying with us. >> cat: while done, dassy. congratulations. sydney, you have done an amazing job in the time you've been her here. let's take a look at some of those amazing moments. >> dance is my escape, and it's something i rely on daily to keep me going. >> you are like the she devil up there. so much fun to watch. >> you are like a kitten sometimes and i want you to be a lion because i know you can be. >> cat: here is sydney. they went sydney, you are slightly under my radar. i didn't remember you. after tonight's perfor
10:26 pm
will never forget you, darling. >> there was a freedom about the way he moved that was just gorgeous. >> "so you think you can dance" pushed me beyond my limits. i've grown so much as a dancer but also as a person. i feel like i can do anything now. >> cat: ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together one more time for sydney. remember, you've got to vote. for this week only, voting will be open for two full days. here is a recap of tonight's performances. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> cat: this woman is amazing, right? so amazing. one more time for sydney. thanks for watching. we will see you next week.
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this is fox 5 local news at 10:00. a looming deadline, nearly one residents of a maryland complex could be scrambling to find a place to live in the next 24 hours. the condition inside that prompted fire officials to call for the building to be shut down. a teen under arrest for
10:29 pm
a virginia priest with a hate-filled past sharing his story of transformation. >> our post eclipse buzz got interrupted by strong thunderstorms this afternoon, if you thought today was warm, wait till tomorrow. i'll have the sweltering details in my forecast. fox 5 local news at 10:00 starts now time is running out for nearly 100 residents of a prince george's county condo complex, come tomorrow, they may all be scrambling to find a new place to live. thanks for joining us at 10:00 i. shawn yancy >> i'm tony perkins >> dangerous conditions at linden hill condominiums have ready to shut the place down, lindsey watts is live with the story. >> reporter: shawn and tony, it is hard to believe that people are still living here. the prince george's county fire department said these buildings are catastrophe waiting to
10:30 pm
happen. there's trash and combatsibles around the buildings and squatters in abandoned condos, we were out here in october when utilities were shut off. since then it's gotten worse. filthy conditions an smell that hits you as you walk-ins, piles of trash and abandoned toilet, a building in disrepair. residents of lynn hill condominiums say it was worse, people have been cleaning up and trying to remedy fire code violation >> trying to get ready for tomorrow. >> reporter: roger johnson showed us around. he's in the paying rent to stay here. >> it was our choice to stay here or move. >> reporter: official says there are about 100 people total here. most units are abandoned. it's up to the condo owners to collect rent but because conditions are like this. >> mice -- rats, flies >> most feel they shouldn't have to pay. >> it's rd
10:31 pm
this was like perfect, because it was, you know, the rent was perfect. we could manage a little bit. >> reporter: denise richards lives here with her 93-year-old mother and grandkids. >> before august 27th and before december 31st. >> reporter: they've been trying unsuccessfully to buy a house to get away from not only horrible conditions but violence. >> some guys started shooting, shot out the balcony door, bullet holes there >> we had to kind of scoop the kids in hallway and you think, just down in here, and my mom hit the floor. >> reporter: this family has a bags packed and ready to leave if they have to. most here are looking for more time >> all we can say is we have our stuff packed up and we pray and ask the lord to send us something that we can afford to be in while we continue to look for a house. >> reporter: back here live, you can see some people gathered out in front of the condos. at this point, it's really a
10:32 pm
have to leave, not if. we were out here in october and we told you how the utilities had been shut off but then the state told the utility companies they had to turn them back on. i did talk to pep co and at this point, the company has been told it does have permission to permanently shut off the utilities. i briefly spoke to someone in management, was told they're trying to to work sell this land, sell the community at this point, nothing is final. if conditions here are deemed to be unsafe, people will have 24 thunder showers vacate tomorrow morning, lindsey watts fox 5. it is a situation we've reported on at least three times in virginia in the past week. two women and one child attacked in separate incidents on virginia streets. police have no reason to believe these cases are related in any way. but yet another attack in woodbridge is a warning tal
10:33 pm
fox 5 evan lambert joins us where the latest attack happened. police made an arrest and we're told this attacker is just 13? >> reporter: yes, tony, that 13-year-old is charged with felony abduction. police here in prince william's county have been telling us that a woman over the weekend was walking just along this road here, the teen was following her on a bicycle. of he got off and then dragged her toward the middle of the road. fortunately, she was able to get away. again, that woman, 36 years old, this happened off elm farm road near pennington lane, a mobile home park is near the intersection. police tell us they saw police fanned out. they got help from the fairfax county police helicopter to track down the suspect. the woman was not seriously injured. we spoke to neighbors who say the attack has left them shaken. >> i can't even think how
10:34 pm
13-year-old could just drag an older woman who is much older, kind of scares me a bit. because i'm worried about me and my family's safety and everybody in this neighborhood. >> reporter: this attack in prince william's county follows two other abductions and assaults last weekend in fairfax county. police do not believe any of these crimes are connected. i do want to stress that but the brazen abductions are a reminder to be vigilant while walking alone. we spoke with a crowd self-defense teacher who explains what to do if someone comes up and tries to grab you >> i like to give analogy of hitting a deer in the road. it's kind of like a threat. first you sound off your horn make a lot of noise so it doesn't come at you. if it does, what do you do? slow down, go hard run through it and that's what you hav
10:35 pm
do with a threat. >> reporter: and that instructor telling us that screaming making a whole lot of noise can go a long way. i should mention the 13-year-old, he is being held in juvenile detention, evan lambert, fox 5 forgery. president trump unveiled his military strategy to deal with the ongoing conflict in afghanistan. he delivered the prime time address before service members at fort myer in virginia. mr. trump didn't specifically say if he was boosting troop levels but said americans will can't to have a presence in the country and will fight to win a war that the u.s. fault nearly 16 years. >> a hastey withdrawal would create a vacuum including isis and al-qaeda would instantly fill just as happened before september 11th. we will not talk about numbers of troops or our plans for
10:36 pm
further military activities, conditions not arbitrary time tables will guide our strategy from now on >> the president also admonished pakistan said while the united states want to work with them it will no longer be silent if pakistan provides safe havens for terror groups. the solar eclipse clipped up to the hype. it was quite a spectacular show this afternoon, this was what it looked like from nashville, tennessee they were in the pathway to totality. this is the first time in nearly a century we've had a total eclipse of the sun visible across much of the country. >> it was cool to watch. we also had our share of storms out there. i hope everything looks all calm tonight but let check in with sue palka because the heat is the issue the heat will be
10:37 pm
and it was today, helped to cook up those storms as recently at 9:30 we still had a severe thunderstorm warning in frederick county. as we show our radar in motion, you'll be able to see that the concentrated activity was through southern maryland, especially charles county, st. mary's county and central virginia, reports of damage including flooding trees down and strong winds and let me show you a water we got on twitter. he saw what appears to be a funnel cloud in st. mary county near route 234, we were under a tornado warning if about 5:00 to 5:30. i did not hear of damage other than flash flooding and trees down, here is the headline, hot and humid tomorrow. it was bad. we hit 90, felt warmer temperatures tomorrow are forecasting 95 for dc, 94 for
10:38 pm
you may stay in the upper 80's in places like frederick and maybe in hagerstown. but the part you don't see is the humidity making it feel like 100 to 105 and if we do get that humid, don't be surprised if we start seeing heat advisories go into effect. at this hour, it's 78 degrees here in the district. 75 for dulles, 71 in manassas, but when you look at those very strong and high numbers that we call the due point is still in the low 70's to even mid 70's and that's uncomfortable. could be a one or two showers and storms tomorrow as well we'll track those for you coming up later. tony? former prince george's county school aide sentenced to 75 years in prison today for sexually abusing students. of earlier this year, he pleaded guilty to sexually abusing at least a dozen children to produce child pornography. 23-year-old deonte carraway worked at sylvania woods elementary school.
10:39 pm
maryland man. killed of killing three relatives. as tony was brought into court he struggled. yelled seemed disoriented said i'm not the one you're looking for and not going, within minutes the judge stopped the hearing and ordered a mental competency evaluation to be completed by next tuesday >> we're looking forward to having that competency hearing concluded as quickly as possible so that we might continue with the proceedings in this case and continue to prosecute it. it is, as you might imagine, it was just, this has to have been one of the most difficult days we have had so far. >> williams's mother and other family members got into a heated argument after he was taken out of the courtroom. his mother yelled my son needs me. she's the one who discovered her daughter and two nieces in the home. williams is charged with thr
10:40 pm
weekend a virginia priest opens up about his hate, filled past >> his confession 40 years later. a marina >> his words are directed at white supremacists hear from the priest who was once a member of the kkk and is now asking for forgive ness >> the search for ten missing sailors continues, we'll have the latest on the collision between the destroyer and oil tanker in singapore, we'll be right back. right back.
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fox 5 on twitter, follow us at fox 5 dc. get engaged. new tonight a former kkk member now a priest sharing his story of transformation, the hatred and violence in charlottesville prompted him to go public about his past and he's hoping it will help someone else. fox 5 marina marraco joins us with his story. >> reporter: this is priest father william achinson of the did i ceases of arlington.
10:44 pm
charlottesville which he category i'd say that made him come forward. the violence that claimed the life of heather heyer and ultimately that of two law enforcement officers but began as white supremacist rally at the university of virginia campus, it was followed by a counter protest marked by the disturbing pictures of a car mowing down protesters in the middle of a charlottesville street. father penned what was published in the catholic heard. he's directing his words, if there are any white supremacists reading this, i have a message now, you will find no fulfillment in this idealogy, your hate will never be satisfied and your anger will never subside. i encourage you to find peace and mercy in the only place where it is authentic and unending jesus christ. the "washington post" chronicled his hateful past writing in 1977 that achinson was a university of maryland student and was arrested and charged with six cross burnings in
10:45 pm
threats and manufacturing pipe bombs, it cited him as the leader of the robert e lee lodge of maryland knights of the kkk. my actions were despicable when i think back on burning crosses a threatening letter and so on i feel like i'm speaking of somebody else: the 62-year-old priest said although 40 years passed he says he's sorry, no excuse and asks for forgive ness. the catholic hell relayed reports he asked to step away for the well-being of the church and parishioner community. that was approved by the diocese. . a search and rescue operation is underway near singapore. defense secretary james mattis said the chief of naval operations will
10:46 pm
investigation into what happened to the us john s mccain. >> he's going to look at all factors, not just the immediate ones, which will fall rightly under the fleet commander's investigation of what happened to his ship. this is a broad look >> the destroyer suffered significant damage including a gaping hole in its hull, this is the second time in two months a navy vessel collided way commercial ship. in june, seven sailors died aboard the u.s.s. fitzgerald after a collision. tonight more tough talk from north korea has joined u.s. and south korea military drills get underway, it would lead to an uncontrollable phase of nuclear war, the ten-day exercises are perform yearly. south korea president also sounded off. >> north korea should not exaggerate our efforts to keep
10:47 pm
peace nor should they engage in provocation that is would worsen the situation using thes exercise as an excuse >> some cities in japanese are holding evacuation drills. the u.s. warned north korea firing at guam would prompt the u.s. to fire back. ahead, it is moving up the record charts again. >> the down loads of the classic hit total clips of the heart sky rocketed today. even beat out the song summer. >> really? >> yep. could your credit score score you a date? what people find most attractive in a partner >> what's your credit score, baby >> tomorrow morning on fox 5 an army veteran talks about the u.s. future oversees following president trump's plan on the war in afghanistan and the vegas performer thunder from down under will be live doing their thing. and it's a new fest casual restaurant in dc. people behind
10:48 pm
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♪ ♪ total eclipse of the heart. >> i want to hear more of that. total eclipse of the heart was the other coast to coast phenomenonal. the bonnie tyler hit worked its way back and came in at fun on i tunes and spotted a 3,000% increase, bonnie tyler performed it today during the eclipse while on board a cruise ship. >> reminder of how nonsensical the video was. millions of people stopped and watched today's solar eclipse. while this was a once a in a lifetime event for
10:52 pm
businesses weren't too happy when their worker poured out of the offices, companies suffered more than $600 million in lost worker productivity >> where does that come from? while some may have suffered the solar eclipse also generated millions of tourists bills at viewing parties across the country >> i get it when they say they lose a lot of money during march madness because people are watching games for hour >> for the most part people stepped out a few minutes. when it comes to online dating you might the want to replace your profile photo with your credit score >> a study found what singles want is someone who has their finances in check. tinder and is: 50% think a high credit score is more impressive than a job title and 40% good credit over a physically fit body >> that makes sense to me. >> it's great thing, we were
10:53 pm
asked someone out, hi, my name is shawn. what's your credit score >> maybe you shouldn't be that direct. work up to it. >> all right. if you're watching your waist line this may help >> research shows wall nuts may help your brain control your appetite. the sample of people tested was small, researchers believe that what will nuts may have some promising impact on weight loss, patients drank act smooth three that contained wall nuts and they went back to the regular eating patterns. researchers found people who drank it reported feeling less hungry. also appeared to be more active. so rosa catching in, a helloly pop should take a little like watermelon with a hint of peach. the alcohol burns off during the cooking process. if you want to
10:54 pm
rosa. . nothing worse than walking to your car and realizing it has been vandalized. it's happened to several car owners in the district >> straight ahead on fox 5 at 10:30, 33 dozen cars are vandalized in the district, now police are asking for your help to find out who is responsible >> we have detain on house majority whip scalise what he said to lawmakers during his first conference call since the shooting at a congressional baseball practice >> we tracked big thunderstorms this afternoon and evening, especially through southern maryland, most of that activity has diminished but will we do it again? we'll talk with the first look at your forecast, the 10:30 news is next. is next.
10:55 pm
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10:57 pm
this is fox 5 local news at
10:58 pm
10:30. right now at 10:30, president trump gives his first major policy address. his strategy for dealing with america's logic war. three dozen cars vandalized in the same neighborhood. >> an alarming new report about something that could put babies at risk of the warning experts want parents to know about tonight. news starts now. i'm jim lokay >> i'm sarah simmons, we begin in prince george's county where dangerous conditions could shut down a temple hills complex for good >> we told you about big problems before, lynn hill condominium this what we found, the fire department will shut the buildings down if they won't fix code violations. most people left after utilities were shut off in october after management fell behind to the tune of about a million dollars on those bills. now to woodbridge where police say someone tried to back a woman over the weekend. >> the person accused of doing it is 13
10:59 pm
here's fox 5's evan lambert. >> reporter: police in prince william's county say a 13-year-old boy attacked a 36-year-old woman over the weekend, according to investigators, she was walking along elm farm road, that teen was on a bicycle, then he got off the bike and dragged her into the middle of the road. fortunately, she was able to get away. as a result of this attack, and two unrelated similar assaults in fairfax county, we're talking to a self-defense expert and he'll tell us how we can stay safe. president trump unveiled his new military strategy in afghanistan. the president delivered his prime time address before service members at fort myer in virginia. he didn't specifically say if he would boost troop levels but said america will can't to have a presence in the country. the president also admonished pakistan saying the u.s. will no longer be silent if pakistan
11:00 pm
let's take a look at the weather, it was active and scary earlier with the warnings and the watches. sue palka has it calmed down out there >> it sure has, and isn't it amazing all that popped up right after the partial phases of the eclipse finished? can't get over it. what am i going to talk about for the rest of the week by the way now that the eclipse was over. if you were watching and spent any time outside, you know, how hot these numbers felt. we got up to 90 at reagan, but felt so much warmer, dulles, 89, bwi 89, got to get you ready for something tomorrow, it will be warmer feeling tomorrow. now, showers and storms are winding down tonight, there could be a little bit of patchy fog around later and a very warm humid tuesday. really a very hot day, forecasting a high of 95, if the humidity is high enough, it will feel like 100 to maybe as high as 105. if a heat advisory is issued, you'll know that the humidity is getting up in the 105 range. so we can't rule out a pop-up storm the next couple


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