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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  August 22, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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:00 tensions clear. and 1 0 protesters upset about violent protests. blood on your hands. >> plus a local priest with a hate filled past makes say startling confession xing he used to be member of ku klux klan. why hose going pub willic with the story. >> president trump outlining u.s. military next step woudz giving any specifics. one thing for sure u.s. presence in wartorn can'ty not winding down soon. >> good morning to you i'm
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allison seymour. >> here's a wliv look outside now. a nice hot someday for you. >> no doubt about it seeing haze throughout 7:00. let's get a quick check at weather and traffic. >> hot, sued, heat index near 100. tooler air on the way. details and lot of warm to talk b earn erin. >> unfortunately huge problems 395. a crash investigation closing washington boulevard. and look at main lane. hour dray to get from beltway to 14 street bridge. 395 northbound delay spills over as you look at maps on to 95 half our delay from dale city to beltway. and we you have covered. we'll try to bring you better information with your next look at traffic. back to you. let's get to top stories a minute past the hour. breaking news overnight dozens were hurt
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that happened outside philadelphia. after midnight 12:15 inbound train norristown high speed hit unoccupied train. impact injured 42 people including train conductor who went to hospital and was since released. several passenger he's serious injuries and none of the injuries considered life-threatening. >> put a big hole in the wall and i went straight down and blacked out. it was loud it hurt. but i cannot really tell you more than that. >> the cause of crash is still under investigation. >> breaking over nights and closer to home another confederate memorial is taken down. crews remoovtd a statue from the circuit court house in maryland. it took there since 1948. allen kettleman posted on social media he moved tovd do
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process. this comes as many cities removed confederate statues following violence in earlier months. it will be donated to a hugh museum. >> we're going to suspend -- >> in charlottesville tengs were high at the first council meeting since protests earlier they movement mayor and city council members were forced to leave after chaos erupted on the floor criticizing them m once they had a chance to speak they were called out on how they handled that meeting. >> you can drag citizens out of here you're officers and look at the officers versus who is usually here. what kind of statement are you all making as part of demand is that you all need to do self-assessment because you need to -- >> by the end of
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agreed to have a third party review the planning and there will be a town hall charlottesville thursday. >> back in northern vir vr a priest taken a leave of abscess from his church after revealing he was member of kxingt kk. >> hatred and violence prompted him to go public about his past and share his story of transformation. melanie alnwick is live in fair nax now with the story. mrel. >> good morning, guys, i talked to parishioner coming out of morning mass at st. leo the great where the priest was -- has been here since 2014. father william aitcheson and good and honorable man and no doubt his confession shocked many. he's confessing to a dark past. riding in arlington catholic hair old he apollizes for his past saying to anyone subjected to racism or bigotry i'm sorry i have no excuse i
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in article titled moving from thit love and fall from grace. >> when i think back on threatening letter and burring crosses and so on i feel like i'm speaking of someone else it is hard to believe that is me. his past is public record according to washington post archives he was leader recreational vehicle mar kkk lodge charged with cross burnings at north western high school and sin dog and university of maryland adult education center and two private homes. he was also charged with manufacturing pipe bombs that authorities say were planned for five locations including for the immediate and prince george county naacp offices. aitcheson said he was compelled tory the editorial after hate rallies brought back memyes of bleak period. we would like to forget he encouraged him like he
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find piece and murcy from got. >> al, father aitcheso's chaz wiz mess am will reach those that support division. father aitcheon has tape a voluntary leave of absence and will not be available for interviews. during his time in the arlington dioceses that goes back to 1998 there have been no accusations of racism or bigotry on father aitcheson part. melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> 7:06 now a 13-year-old from woodbridge is facing felony abduction charge. prince william county police say over the weekend a 6-year-old woman was walking a long elm farm road when the teenager followed here on a bicycle and sdraingdz her towards the middle of the r road. the woman was able to get away witht
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this attack follows two other abductions and assault an a woman and child last weekend in fairfax county. >> some flights at bwi marshall delayed after a security scare. authorities shut down a and b concourses an hour as they investigated and they say no threat was found and all clear was given 5:30 this morning. bwi marshall warned the flight impact may last longer. >> tuck. >> good morning. >> i'm very happy we got to see much of the eclipse yesterday and parts of eclipse that worked out well. >> and then now we're waking up with hazy, hot and humid conditions. >> i have to admit i was happening out for the reno park. lots of great people out there and they brought their little pupers too. and i was thinking for just one moment lord do not let any ware wolf myths be
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>> but really i didn't want to bring my doxingt ways not sure. >> like something would happen. >> nothing happened. >> it worked out you. >> thankfully. >> so we're pushing on from the day to hot and humid to today, mid 90s and may have late day thunderstorms. we said this over and over in the summer. 76 reagan national. bament more 71. mute out tlut and kind of lingering in our area tomorrow. it may bring us shower or thunderstorm later this afternoon as it approaches and chance of more this evening and then we'll be kind of partly koudy this morning as the front comes through before big change in air mass. 95 today and by end of week we don't get out of of upper 70s and humidity will be
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day in a minute. >> something for everyone. >> try tocontinue happiness. >> thanks, tucker. >> good morning, erin. >> dale city to parkway 35, 40 minutes will. bell over and hour and 'half to get to dale city to the 14 street bridge. if you want to avoid traffic pick alternate this morning. consider vre as option as well coming up from woodbridge area. we'll switch from there and show you look at 66 on eastbound side. good news here. earlier crash fairfax county parkway cleared to shoulder. traffic is moving along long much belter and it's about 20 minute delay 234 principle
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yum to 28 centerville. as you look at 270 problems. there there's a crash at montgomery avenue. you can see it through the overpass there blocking the left lane. there's a lane blocked on the northbound side as well buying police activity aiding in the crash investigation now. local lanes, main lanes moving along okay and building towards montgomery avenue. from urbana to the beltway you'll encounter. as we move to maps now to reiterate the issues on inbound 4 we have a crash lower pinnedle road involving overturned vehicle. big investigation. and i heard on twitter delay continues to suitland parkway. that's a look at traffic. back to you guys. >> time now 7:10 thanks so much erin. new this morning
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search underway for survivors after a deadly earthquake hit resort island off off coast of italy one person was killed and another 9 injured when the magnitude 4.0 quake hit eye rand off maples and intense moments caught on camera. just a miracle here. firefighters were able to pull a 7-month-old baby from rubble under the house nearly 7 hours after this earth quake pits. >> we have breaking news. u.s. naval officials say drivers did locate some remains of ten missing sai sailors. it's believed that war w wereship experienced steering missile. the navy now undertaking a mail or review of specific fleet and all operations are are halted today. >>
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>> wisdom is here to breakdown the president's proposal, wiz. >> white house is not getting into specific numbers in regards to this and pentagon is talking about adding 4,000 u.s. troops to mix in afghanistan with no specific timetable for withdrawal. for president the setting was serious a u.s. military base just outside of washington. speaking to awd yen of u.s. service members. >> i will not say when we are going to attack. but attack we will. >> the president promising to expand u.s. fight in afghanistan and at the same time calling on other naiings to play a more help pull role particularly pakistan and making it clear new approach will have limits. >> our commitment is not unlimited and surprise sport not a blank check. and james mad is and app riffing in baghdad
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and keeping up pressure on islamic state. rep senator ran paul not m menging words saying the mission in after began stan lost its purposes us and i think it's a terrible idea to send any more troopsp into the war and president himself admitted that his thinking on this has changed. >> one way or another these problems will be solved. and in the end we will win. and we may hear more from the president on this particular issue very soon. later today he's headed to arizona for political rally in phoeni
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mayor of phoenix said in statement he owes trez president trumpp will delay his visit. allison and steve. >> one at decision day for the temple hills condominiums. >> will they be forced to leave or stay. a live update next.
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[vo] one moment can change a life. intelligent technology can help protect it. the all-new audi q5 is here. hov lane closed between etsell and 14 street bridge area. sorry to tell you this all main lanes bumper to bumper as you can see. more than an hour delay erin shared with us to get to 14 street bridge and delays 95 northbound coming from dale city. we
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trying to get to city this morning. >> tuck how are we doing in the weather department. >> hot, hazy, humid day. >> yeah. >> honestly we have not done a lot of hot hazy days in august. >> it's been a little different from august's past. >> it's been rainy. >> little cooler than average. >> not like past august when we talked about pep boys of summer. hazy hot and humid. >> big changes in air mass end of week and till be first fall feel but sometimes we don't get it to end of september. >> don't worry the 80s. >> summer is over that's f fine. >> reagan national 76, 71 in baltimore and dulles 71 as well. that is very strong cold front out towards chicago. that fades in our region later today and up ahead of it we have winds out of the south and southwest. we'll
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humidity today. daytime highs mid 90s. heat index near 100 and certainly possibility later this afternoon really late this afternoon. allison is asking about pool time. late this afternoon and this evening thunderstorms working through and that will change up the air mass. 95 today. sunshine. mentioned heat and humidity and i want to show you change in air mass. tomorrow is transition front happenings in our reej yn a little bit gives us cloud cover first part of day and late day sunshine. thus, friday, saturday, sunday want to get married this weekend go for it upper 70s. >> low humidity. j i have a couple that could get married this weekend. >> 78 and sunshine. >> two weeks from the day montgomery county kids you will have to be back in sc school. >> not that you're counting down. >> no, i don't like it when the season is back. >> really. >> no i'm not. running kids around -- no lazy
7:19 am
days of summer bring them on. >> i hear you. >> hi, erin. >> i would like a summer break again. >> summer break. >> doesn't that sound lovely. >> can you imagine having two months off. >> incredible. >> i can imagine it it would be nice. >> let me think, yes, i can. >> unfortunately a lot of frustrated commuters on 395 now and serious crash investigation still closes all the hov lanes northbound between etsell road and where they america. bumper to bumper on main la lanes. over an hour beltway to 14 street brim now. you see you're parked out there. that is hov lane closure right lane gets buy and you're forced to remain on the lanes. you can imagine all the extra vehicles forced into main lanes there this is crash 270 as we switch things over southbound side by montgomery avenue and because of that you can see traffic is much more crowded in the main and local lanes than when we showed you last tile. sun glares
7:20 am
now it's about a 0 minute delay to get from urbana to beltway. be prepared for that one. some police activity was blocking the left shoulder on the northbound side. that cleared. just want to get back to maps now as well. keep in mind 95 northbound it's about a 45 minute delay close to two hours dale city to 14 street bridge. plan alternate and consider vre. and a crash dealing with residual delay 6. 295 northbound jammed up. a lot of folks are bailing out to take 295 noysh rather than continue on beltway to 395 northbound. inbound four crash lower pendle road involving disabled vehicle struck several times by other vehicles and crash investigation underway and traffic getting by. you're still up against a lot of extra congestion as you make your way towards upper moreboro area. 95 northbound that's a
7:21 am
>> prince george county fire department could shut down a kond owe complex if violations were not fixed. lynn hill condos smoke alarms don't work and trash and come bust i believes and trash and row don't issue. temple hills with the latest on this. no way to live, good morning. >> well, good morning, even from the outside the horrible conditions these people are living in are clear. you can see boarded upwind owes and doors and huge chunks of exterior wall missing and time is almost up for management of lynn hill apartments here to take get this building up to code. the fire department is expected to be here shortly to do their inspection and if it does not pass 100 people or so living here will have 2 hours to vacant and at this point it's unclear where they'll g
7:22 am
"fox5" first saw inside of this building back in october when the utilities got shut off for lack of payment they were $1 million behind. and then again last night where residents showed us around they showed us fillthy conditions they're forced to live in piles of trash everywhere and abandoned toilet in hallway and building in total disrepair. fire officials say 100 people live here and most of the un yopz are aboone donned. many dezp dents stopped paying rent do to deplorable conditions. we have spoken with many who have their bags packed and ready to go. >> all we can say and that's something we can afford to be in while we continue to look for a house. a spokesperson for pepco tells "fox5" they also have per nrition state shut off the util
7:23 am
today for good if that inspection does not go well. meanwhile the management also tells us they are working to sell this building. however the deal has not been finalized yet. that's the late nest temple hills. anjali hemphill. "fox5 local news". >> path forward in afghanistan. >> president focusing on needs and conditions instead of time limz. ahead at 7:30 closer look at primetime speech last night. 7:23 now
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winds southwest at 3 and hot one today. expect temperatures topping out in middle 90s. thunderstorma at some time adds actual storm front coming through and wake up tomorrow with cloud cover and wednesday will be a transition day before we get a real big change in air mass. and we -- pretty scored fairy 95 today to temperatures in upper 70s low 80s and quiet conditions around here. thursday, friday, into weekend look fantastic low humidity and nice early fall like weather to look forward to. 95 today. lots of water. hazy hot and humid afternoon. all right. time for jam cam. is
7:27 am
>> i'm here. >> sidetracked and wisdom eating delicious looking breakfast and wanted to do moore. >> moving slower than traffic on 95 north. >> no contest jam cam today. because hov shut down for crash investigation they're all merged to main lanes. over hour delay holding strong beltway to 14 street bridge and delays spilling back to dale city 95 northbound half hour dale city to beltway. we you have covered this morning keep to fox news morning metro on time and vre option to get arounds that
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♪ welcome back. still looking at that mess right there heading into the district the 14th street bridge. they say the backup is at least an hour.
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erin como will be along shortly. it's been a really busy traffic day today. tucker will join her on the fives at 7:35. just be aware that's happening right there. now to the morning's top stories for you. brbreaking news involve that nay destroyer ship that hit tanker early yesterday. u.s. naval officials say divers have located some remains of the missing sailors. ten missing sailors. it's believed the war ship experienced a steering issue right before the crash. >> we're going to suspend -- >> in charlottesville tensions high at the first city council meeting since those violent and deadly protests earlier this month. the mayor and several city council members forced to briefly leave after chaos erupted on the floor. angry residents of the city of charlottesville took over the meeting for about a half criticizing city officials for how they add dreft the white supremacists rally. now most of america was looking up at the solar eclipse yesterday the crew
7:31 am
international space station had some of the best seats for the cosmic show. the astronauts called their view of the eclipse really special. according to reports, monday's phenomenon was the most observed and photographed eclipse in history. steve, over to you. al, thank you very much. 7:31 right now. ♪ >> probably saw last night president trump giving his first national security news conference last night addressing the nation on his strategy fort war in afghanistan. this morning, that country's government is applaud the president's speech for focusing on needs and conditions instead of timelines. >> we will not talk about numbers of troops or our plans for further military activities. conditions on the ground not arbitrary time tables will guide our strategy from now on. america's enemies must never know our plans or believe they can wait us out. i will not say when we are going to
7:32 am
but attack we will. >> joining us now with reaction to the speech jason democracy at the non partisan center for new american security also former special assistant to the joint of chief. >> one of the things the president tried to make clear last night victory will have a clear definition. before we even get to that's correct is this a winnable war in afghanistan? >> it really depends on your definition victory. that's part of the problem what we did not hear last night was any really clear definition of victory. he talked about 20 plus terrorist groups and the fact that we defeat them all and eradicate them, but then he also made statements about the standards and what we needed out of the afghan government but he really didn't say when are we done. >> a lot of the details were not there. he basically said and i think the clip we just heard there is saying let's keep some of this under wraps until we'll decide where we're going from here. good strategy or not good
7:33 am
>> that's one of the fundamental challenges of how we've approached afghanistan is this idea timelines. the everybody wants to talk bout timeline the taliban will wait us out but the challenge s the timeline is also there for the afghan government and so the afghan government will also wait us out if we don't have a timeline. we are pouring billions of dollars in the kabul. we have shown and the president reiterated last night that u.s. military is going to take the lead in fighting enemies of the united states. so long as we stepped that message, what incentive does the afghan government, what incentive does the afghan national security forces have to stand and start taking the fight on their own. >> on the flip side of that, you needed kabul, you need afghanistan to work with you because essentially they're the ones that are going to be doing this. >> right. >> and a lot of the heavy lift there. what do they need from us that we need to make sure we keep that relationship going and don't fracture that relationship? >> well, theodicy need some american military
7:34 am
here in how we give them support and whether or not we're actually training them. these additional three to 4,000 advisers i'll tell will you make no significant difference in standing up a sustainable independent afghan capability. we'll push air power, our intel, and other assets out forward, and that's going to be very effective in beating back the taliban but those forces are not enough to help the afghans in essence replicate the military that we have. >> i think that's the big question with this particular strategy, if you go in, if you eradicate the taliban the best that you can, now the president says he doesn't want nation building, he doesn't want to leave that vacuum where terror groups could come back began like what we saw with isis in iraq. how is that really different from what we've done in the p past? >> if one take away from last night's speech this was really an endorsement of the status quo. it sounded more aggressive but it's really we're here, we're staying, and you really highlighted the key point missing, whic
7:35 am
actually acceptable for us in terms of the structure of the afghan government such that we sake you know, you've got this, you're on your own? >> we haven't really gotten to that at all over the last eight years. we keep saying we want an afghan government that's going got functioning bureaucracy, rule of law, adheres to democratic norms much that's long project it's clear at least i don't think that the president wants to stay there that long but to not do so will require him to be very specific about hard choices about what we're willing to take in the afghan government. >> question comes back around to this is a president whose made it very clear he wants to win. he doesn't want to leave somewhere without winning after 17 years how much longer do you give this before you either declare victory or just you don't? >> it's really hard question. >> do you redefine victory? >> i think, one, you have to define victory such that what's actually achievable. we have been reluctant and even this president has now shown he's reluctant to say
7:36 am
satisfied with something short of permanent piece in afghanistan. so long as we don't have anybody with moral courage to state that, and say this is what we're actually going to live with, then we're there for another generation. >> the one thing that we have seen from this president that people he does seem to listen are the generals and it seems like by some of the statements he is at least telling the american people he's giving these military leaders more room to run essentially. is that different from what we've seen before, we just didn't hear it said that way? >> i don't see it at all. it really is kind of a continuation of the status quo in some ways it puts more responsibility on these military leaders. but it's a tough one, because the military has also fought this many ways if it's a sh short-term fight. we rotate people in and out constantly because we want to protect the military personnel system to fight bigger wars. >> right. >> i guess one thing that might be good out of thi
7:37 am
actually held someone accountable and said, you're in it till you win it and then folks might actual be doing something different. i'm not sure our military leadership will do that. >> going to leave it there but on the final point you've been there boots on the ground and studied it for many years after you've been back, if we left now, if nothing else happened, would this be another situation like iraq, isis grows, it spreads, what happens if we leave. >> yes it would. there's equilibrium there that it's typically -- equilibrium in afghanistan has always been kabul controlled all the outlying region are generally run by local militia, taliban, et cetera, i don't think we can withdrawal. but i also don't think we're on path to success. >> appreciate you joining us this morning. >> thanks. >> thanks for the inn sign. stepped it over to tucker with a check on the forecast. hazy, hot and humid. >> daytime highs mid 90s. heat index near 100. plan accordingly. hot one later today. currently 76 not much cooling
7:38 am
dew point temperatures in the mid 70s. and just not a lot of relief here for about 24 hours time. we do have a cold front north and west. you can see the makings of that out towards chicago see the green showers and thunderstorms early this morning n will make its way into our region late today. really this evening. i think the front really won't pass until overnight tonight but up ahead of it we may get a new few storms. marginal everybody for severe weather later today. forecast for your tuesday, plan on hot temperatures. 95 and again that heat index near 100 later today, so take the heat seriously this afternoon. lots and lots of water. i'll be back with a much, much cooler seven day in just a minute. we got erin with another round of roads. >> you know, it's been not a fun job today, because 395 is just so awful. the hov lanes this crash is in the process of clearing. you can see the big scene is getting moved out of the way. looks like most of the debris cleared but hov lanes still closed from edsall road where they're merging all the traffic on to the main lanes to the 14th street bridge. we are bumper month bumper it's
7:39 am
the beltway. they're moving the camera around to check things over we'll move it over to the delay from the beltway to the 14th street bridge again over an hour delay spilling on to 95. 95 dale city to the beltway is dealing with half hour delay and then the inner loop is also backing up i think a lot of people are bailing off of 395 and taking the beltway instead. this is a look at 270 over pass looks good. earlier crash by montgomery avenue 270 southbound cleared. we're only up against 15 minute delay from 70 in frederick on down to the beltway. let's switch it over and show you a look right now at our m maps. inbound four still dealing with a delay but it's dissipated as you make your way out inbound by lower penndel road there was earlier crash there. all metro r rail lines on time. keep it to fox5. we'll be right back. ♪ now at havertys furniture, our labor day sale is on.
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♪ johnson & johnson plans to appeal california jury's order to pay $417 million to woman who is linked to her ovarian cancer. now according to the lawsuit, the woman claimed that the talc in the talcum powder which she applied regularly for feminine hygiene caused her cancer. she says johnson & johnson failed to warn consumers about the potential cancers risk. the company faces thousands of claims from other women now with similar cases. >> google about to launch sweet new upgrade for its android software. the next version will be known as oreo. the update comes out of the f fall. several new futures like responding to notifications di
7:43 am
accessing apps without installing on and update. earlier nicknames, nugget, marshmallow and lollipop. >> all right. >> i didn't pick the names. maybe you've had birthday party at a chuck e cheese before or if you've celebrated your children's birthday there changes are coming to the iconic kid themed restaurant. the chain is pulling the plug on iconic animatronics. >> it was just a joke after i couldn't say it the first time. yes exactly right. so they're pulling all those creepy animatronics from their new locations. >> why. >> robotic character ban has been a part of the chain's pizza and arcade experience for decades large dance floor where kids can dance around with chuck e cheese character will take the band place. >> we've out grown cheapiness, is that what you're saying. >> that's what i'm saying. animatronics out. >> dance with chuck e che
7:44 am
>> okay. very nice. um-hmm. >> march fallout from what the health. a netflix documentary. maybe you've seen it, maybe you haven't. if did you did you trying to vegan as a result. >> our sarah fraser did. is that why she did. >> i think it really affected her, yeah. that's next in today's tuesday's talkers. today is tuesday's talkers. >> animatronics. >> chuck e cheese.
7:45 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. this august visit your local volvo dealer to receive sommar savings of up to $4,500. ♪ >> back now
7:47 am
real quick before we get to tucker barnes loca towed good day dc of weeks after netflix debut the documentary what the health continues to generate controversy. doctor will join us on good day to debunk the claims he says go so far. we'll talk about that with sarah fraser. feel free to weigh n school teachers by day rocking chicks at night no small children will perform live in the loft. i'll save this one for you al. >> performance of a different kind, hey, ladies, this one you're going to love. thank you scott. you'll want to tune in for this one. i don't care who you are. you'll want to watch thunder from down under. they're back with us once again and our own guys at fox5 will also take part in their little male review. >> you tried that joke an hour ago. there's nothing little about it. >> little male review. >> enough of that. >> what do you guys called ag again? the swirl from the mid -- >> panic from the mid atlantic.
7:48 am
>> we have one performance. >> no small -- nothing small about it. >> tony perkins was one of our performers. let me just say we'll be missing him today. >> you, wisdom and tony? >> yeah. >> great if he came back for a special performance. >> got a ringer right here. >> exactly. missing somebody. clutch player. >> as wisdom would say -- >> you're off the bench. >> get outside the credit card. start the bidding now. >> accept up. >> okay. >> got my body oil right over there. >> hopefully we have the old video. >> let's not watch that. >> panic from the mid atlantic. >> all right. you know what i'm doing the walk today, because i'm on vacation tomorrow. >> we're going to miss you, tuck. >> yup. >> hit the music. go. [ laughter ] >> thank you allison. >> very hot today. we'll be in the mid 90s. index near 100. i think i'm losing it. some storms later did tonight that's very strong cold front that will come through here and give us much more comfortable air by thursday. tomorrow is that transition day but by thursday it will start to feel like early signs of fall around here as
7:49 am
only low humidity overnight lows in the 50s north and west and daytime highs in the 70s but got to get there first and today will be a hot one. already 76 in washington. not much cooling overnight. 75 leonardtown. quantico good morning 76 d 76 degrees. fredericksburg see you friday. i'm not going to be there this friday i wish i can. 74. 70 in frederick and 70 winchester as well. dew points in the mid 70s very very humid air as well. all right. going to be a hot one today. no doubt about it. south and southwest winds will really pump in that the heat and the humidity. this is a very strong cold front out towards chicago and as that pushes in later today, we may get a few storms up ahead of it and then the main event really doesn't get in here until later tonight. ten, 11 color tonight the front will start to move in and i don't know how much shower and thunderstorm activity we'll get when the actual front comes in at leave it's a possibility. there's future cast. it's not loving the idea of late day storms i'll throw it out there we can see a few develop later today and then the front there you go you can see it approaching from the north and west that will come through with a few
7:50 am
morning. we'll have few showers lingering tomorrow morning with cloud cover as the front comes through. officially under march jim risk for severe weather of course we had pretty good storm get going in saint mary's and charles county yesterday and pretty good down bursts there and few other storms we may do that again late today and this evening. 95 today. 85 tomorrow. then here's comes the cool stuff and the dry stuff. bite the end of the week. friday into the weekend just about perfect upper fence. what do you think, erin. >> can i ask a favor. >> sure. when you get back from vacation can we have weather school again. >> the teacher is on summer hey 88 to us. i'm asking if the teacher will come back afterwards. >> after labor day. >> yay! that's all i needed. i needed something to look forward to for the fall. right now 395, okay, look at this. hov lanes still closed. now i can tell that you the scene has cleared but there's still have the cones up and forcing edsall roll of the hov traffic into the main lanes over an hour day from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. i'm hoping
7:51 am
soon. avoid that area if at all possible. 95 northbound dale city to the beltway deal with a 30 minute delay. as we move over to our maps, metro buses also letting us know on twitter that several buses that take 395 are experiencing up to 45 minute delays as they try to navigate any of that stretch of 395. 295 jams up from the bottom of the beltway to lavatory road. inner loop slow from just after branch avenue to across the wilson bridge and inner loop from bail out traffic is heavy through annandale as well. 66 a lot of stop and go traffic about 30 minute delay from 234 to the beltway. and then as we take look at the top side of the beltway, bw parkway southbound is jammed up to and from powder mill road in that area. southbound 95 much better. but sluggish from the icc to the beltway and about 15 minute delay on the outer loop 95 to gaga a avenue. 29 bit slow as you head down towards the beltway. 270 now you can see that yellow line of building volume continues through clarksburg once you get into gaithersburg it's heavier. earlier crash by montgomery
7:52 am
gaithersburg to the beltway 20 minute slow down. 95 northbound delay. you can always park in woodbridge take vre as an option to avoid that traffic or pick one of your secondaries if you want to keep it to the roads. any way you cut it try to get earlier start south at that point in stafford slow by courthouse road. all metro rail lines on time much that's good news that. also slow down through school zones. d.c. public schools back in session. use extra caution through back neighborhoods especially around playgrounds, bus stops and school zones. back to you guys. tuesday morning and that means it's time for some tuesday talkers. our girl sarah fraser joins us with some of the topics hot on social media right now. >> first up continued fallout from the netflix documentary what the health. >> what the health? >> what the health is going on? good i want to talk about is this. i really -- you guys are like -- >> it's still really hot. >> so much debate about it. i went out and interviewed dr. neal bernard one of the doctors in what the health. if you haven't heard about this documentary, it's on
7:53 am
meat, dairy, eggs, cheese that essentially these foods are really bad for us, and that we have these industries have lot of money to market to us and confuse us that essentially it's healthy. >> what the health -- how bad is it? >> we have a little soundbite. i want to you continue but this is how bad and i'm really upset about it. >> okay. >> okay. >> cigarettes cause lung cancer increase your risk of harder disease. now eggs do something different. they don't cause lung cancer but they have more cholesterol than any other food and a big load of saturated fat. although some people have tried to make that go away and say, no, that doesn't really raise your cholesterol, the truth is it does. >> okay. so that was one of the big statements in the film that people had major issue with is one egg is like smoking five cigarettes. and we've been down in the newsroom. we've been doing research about this much it's not really new. this statement was made back in 2012, and i mean, it's hard to really i
7:54 am
research because you have people that are doing this article that say that's not true. that essentially unless you already have a cholesterol issue eggs don't really have an im impact. at least that's what they debunk in 2012. then you have what the health documentary saying of course somebody that has cholesterol then you pile on eggs it's an issue, but even if you don't have cholesterol problem, the truth of the matter is every time you eat an egg your cholesterol does rise a little bit and then over time as we age, that bids up in our arteries and leads to bigger problems. >> right. >> so the whole interview is on our facebook page. fox5 d.c. and we got lots of comments and controversy. >> what do people think. >> they think it's total propaganda meat in moderation and dairy in moderation is okay. and that there is research, you know, that's kind of what the documentary talks about. basically these industries want to confuse us so they keep confusing information coming out so we give up and go you know everything in moderation. >> here's my t
7:55 am
>> what's your take. >> on all of this. i think like any other thing in life, learn as much as you can, read as much as you can. listen to all sides make your own decision what's best for you. i think too often we follow blind leadership and we just do things and do i agree with everything they say on the surface? >> no but i'll soak it in and i'll hear from both sides and then i'll make a decision. >> steve, we need to be plant based. >> what's the harm in it? >> what is -- do you speak to -- >> nothing. >> i was raised vegetarian. now i eat chicken and turkey and fish. >> if that's what works for you do it up. my only problem is, is that if you tell me what's best for me, without me having a say in that decision, that's the only problem i have. >> i think it's good to do your own research. >> nobody is going to do that, steve. >> steve, you and me 21 day plant based challenge. we can go to dr. neal bernard. >> i mean ale taking the cooking lessons. i'm not going to do that for 21 days. >> phrase, don't tell him what to do. >> allison, you can work on him. >> he don't like it. >> all right.
7:56 am
coming in here and having a little male review of our own. >> i'm sticking around. >> kind of like auditions. [ laughter ] >> maybe he's not joining us. i don't know. >> there he is. >> hey. >> allison, what kind of transition was that? [ laughter ] >> a funny one. >> yes exactly. nothing little about our review i'll say it again. quick look at the seven day. hot and humid today. unfortunately that heat index will be near 100. i think we'll keep it dry for most the daytime hours. late this afternoon and this evening there could be a few thunderstorms that develop, and that's our transition into a much cooler and drier air pattern for the end of the week and the weekend. you can see the daytime highs by thursday and friday upper 70s and low 80s and much less humidity around here with overnight lows in the 60s. so one day day special, one day heat wave here, and then we'll get cooler temperatures. not technically heat wave. that's quick look at weather. 95 this afternoon. erin is back with another round of roads. >> joining the weather reports you might be leaving us for thunder down under once t
7:57 am
good day. >> they asked me in past to join. >> you turn them down? >> i'm pretty good performer. i have to admit. >> all right. we'll move on to traffic right now. 270 southbound heavy volume father hurley to the beltway you can see some slower zones through germantown into ro rockville this morning. and then as we move things over maryland commute outer loop 15 minute delay 95 to georgia avenue. 95 backs up from the icc down to the inner loop right now. keep it to fox5 news morning. we're going to take a look at those 395 backups as you try to make your way the entire stretch with your next look at traffic. we'll be right back. back.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning. good morning. i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. thanks so much for joining us this morning. it is 8:00 on this tuesday, august 22 and, 2017. here's what's on the fox5 news menu. >> chaos erupting on the floor as angry residents take over last night's city council me meeting to get their voices heard about those violent clashes two weeks ago. and president donald trump gearing up for a make america great rally in phoenix tonight. after outlining the u.s. military's next step in afghanistan. plus how secure are the online apps that studentings are using? we'll take look at the most popular ones and tell you which of them are not making the grade when it comes to safety. >> first though live look outside. man, what pretty day o
8:01 am
75 degrees. tucker says it is going to be a scorcher. might be the last 90-degree day for awhile, though. enjoy it. ♪ first at 8:00 we begin with breaking news from overseas in the last hour the commander of the us pacific fleet says some remains of navy sailors have unfortunately been found inside of a compartment in the uss john s. mccain. yesterday that navy ship collided with an oil tanker causing significant damage to the ship. initial reports indicated ten sailors were missing. five more injured. this morning we got update from the navy. and here it is. >> the u.s. navy and marine corps divers joined a search today assessing sealed compartments in damage parts of the ship. the divers were able to locate some remains in those sealed compartments during their search today. >> the malaysian navy has reported they have located potential remains as well. the search and rescue efforts continue today by water wine
8:02 am
air. also breaking overnight howard county officials were moving confederate monument from the circuit courthouse in ellicott city maryland. county executive kid its kit tell man he moved to have the statue taken down aft historic review process. many cities removed confederate statues following the violence in charlottesville earlier this month. the statue will be donated to museum. in charlottesville last night the first city council meeting since those violence and deadly protests earlier this morning. angry residents took over the meeting for 30 minutes. at one point the mayor and self city council members were forced to briefly leave by the end of the meeting the council agreed to have third party review the city's planning and reaction to the rally. violence in charlottesville, virginia, has sparked a movement nationwide. as people reflect on how to stop the destructive effects of hate. >> one of those people is a priest in virginia with a
8:03 am
he's suddenly taken a leave of absence from this church after revealing he was a member of the kkk in his past. melanie alnwick live in fairfax with the story. mel. >> reporter: good morning, guys. really somewhat of a shock to parishioners here at saint leo the great parish in fairfax city where father william has been a priest here since 2014. one person i talked to this morning said they know him as a good and honorable man but now he's publicly confessing to a very dark past. writing in the arlington catholic herald father william, apologizes saying quote to anyone subjected to racism or bigotry i'm sorry. i have no excuse but i hope you forgive me. in an article titled moving from hate to love with god's grace he continues, my actions are despicable when i think back on burning crosses, a threatening letter and so on i feel as though i'm speaking of someone else. it is hard to believe that was me. the father writes his past is public record.
8:04 am
archives we found, he was the leader of maryland kkk lodge charged with cross burning at northwestern high school, beth torah synagogue, university of maryland, adult education ce center. and two homes. he was also charged with manufacturing pipe bombs that were planned for five locations including ft. meade and the prince george's county naacp offices. he was compelled to write the editorial after the charlottesville hate rallies brought back what he called memories of a bleak period he preferred to forget. he tells the eight groups you will find no fulfillment in your ideology and encouraging them to find as he did piece and mercy in god. arlington diocese bishop my balance cal burbage telling parishioners while father, past with the kkk is sad and deeply troubling i pray in our political and social climate his message had reach those who support hat
8:05 am
inspire them to a conversion of heart. father, as he wasn't a voluntary leave of absence the diocese says he will not be available for any interviews. the arlington diocese says his time here with the arlington diocese which goes back to 1998 there have been no accusations of racism or bigot free on his part. live in fairfax city, melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> time right now for the morning briefing. the president travels to phoenix make america great rally officials are bracing for angry reception in response to the president's remarks. chaos in charlottesville he blamed both sides for the violence. the mayor of phoenix said in statement he hoped the president will delay his visit. still on. last night the president unveiled his war plan at a speech at fort meyer army base in virginia. the president said he plans to send another 4,000 troops to afghanistan. he also said troops will stay there until isis and al-qaida are both destroyed and went ton say that afghanistan and
8:06 am
terrorist threat to america. >> america's enemies must never know our plans or believe they can wait us out. i will not say when we are going to attack. but attack we will. >> the president also said his original instinct was to pull out of afghanistan but said the withdrawal from iraq has shown that doing so would give isis room to grow. ♪ our first check of the weather in the 8:00 o'clock hour. courtesy of mr. barnes. >> aww. >> um-hmm. >> that was sweet. my friend mr. barnes. >> you making up for the little comments? >> no. but i will say when i was in jury duty yesterday a gentleman asked if you knew where i was. >> at the time i did not know where you were. >> so i said no. >> i was worried about you. >> thank you. >> i'm glad you're back. >> me, too. >> hazy, hot and humid that's the bottom line. fairly straight forward and e easy. but it's going to be hot. heat index near 100 later today. so make sure you have plenty of water. you lim
8:07 am
you can. please check on your pets, your elelderly neighbors one of those days as the heat will turn dangerous here for time this afternoon. 77 reagan national. 74 now at bwi marshall. 73 dulles. we're checking in with kind of a hazy sunshine here early. that's a very strong cold front that's now working through chicago east of chicago, and that will be on our doorstep late this afternoon really this evening. really we'll start to move through this evening. up ahead of it we may get a couple of thunderstorms and then later this evening we may see a few storms as well. so just keep in in mind. generally just sunny and hot today and again humid. heat index near 100 later and we'll look for late day and evening storms as that cold front comes through and then a big big change in air mass. wait until you see what the seven day has in store. i'll give you a hint. lots of 70s and low humidity. >> pretty nice. >> actually gorgeous. weekend will be gorgeous. i'll have it in just a minute. >> thanks tuck. >> let's check in with erin look at the roads that have not been nice so far this morning. >> it's
8:08 am
the delays continue. they're not improved at all. you can see right there the hov lanes still closed for a crash investigation. it's been several hours that the hov lanes haven't been option on 395 northbound. by edsall road you can see the cones set up merging everything into the main lines so at least an hour delay from the beltway to the 14th street bridge holding steady all morning long. buses are dealing with delays obviously as well because the heavy traffic. 95 northbound dale city to the beltway still he can treatmently heavy because of that delay as well. i'll let you know as soon as the hov lanes start moving once again. southbound side really pleasant. as we move it over to look at our maps aside from we're seeing delays elsewhere the metro bus update from twitter. heavy southbound father hurley to the beltway we're in for about 35 minute delay earlier crash southbound by montgomery avenue did clear and we are seeing outer loop delays as usual on college park 95 to georgia avenue about 15 minute slow down. 95 southbound slows to the inner loop and bw parkway slows by powder mill road. 295 and 50 inbound right there that area is dealing with normal morning
8:09 am
all metro rail lines on time all morning. allison and steve. thanks erin. eight minutes past of the hour right now. prince george's county fire department could shut down a condo complex if the code violations have not been fixed. >> we've told you before about the dangerous conditions at lynn hill condominiums in temple hills, maryland. the smoke alarms don't work. there's trash and combustibles around the building. squatters living in the aba abandoned condos. rodent issue. anjali hemphill is live from temple hills now with the la latest. so what's going to happen to these residents, anjali? >> reporter: right now, that is still unclear allison but you can see behind me here the fire department has showed up to begin their inspection on the buildings here at lynn hill apartment complex. here in temple hills. we're told, though, it could be another couple hours until they release the findings. but just a few minutes ago, we did speak to the president of the board of the housing association here as well as an attorney who is here represenng
8:10 am
in this building, and they both tell thus they have confidence that this building will pass today especially with all of the work that the residents put in themselves over the last 24 hours working night and die get this place cleaned and fixed up. many residents here took it upon themselves like i said to try and clean and fix the place up ahead of today's inspection. however, right now, it is still unclear if they'll be able to continue living here. fox5 got a look inside the building last night where we saw pretty deplorable conditions inside there were piles of trash, holes in the ceiling even abandoned toilet. utilities already were shut off once back in the fall when they fell $1 million behind in payments. and many residents even stopped paying rent to their individual apartment owners because of, you know, the deplorable conditions and many of the abandoned units were taken over by squatters we also just spoke to woman who has lived here for ten years. she says she has been left in the dark with
8:11 am
decision making going on between management and the unit owners. and if she gets kick out she has nowhere to go. >> i'm angry. we cry. um, some people are voicing their anger. some people are dancing. some people are singing. some people are like i said crying. everybody is doing whatever emotion. >> how are you feeling? >> i'm going to end up on the streets. that's how i feel. that's my concerns for myself is. >> reporter: she's not alone around 100 people living here will have 24 hours to vacate if this inspection doesn't go well. fire inspectors are expected to meet with county officials around 10:00 o'clock this morning to release their findings. that's the latest in temple hills, anjali hemphill, fox5 local news. still to come this morning desperate search for survivors following a deadly earthquake off the coast of ita
8:12 am
we'll show you dramatic rescues caught on camera as crews pulled a baby from the rubble. major change to the jefferson memorial. details on what is being added to the exhibit. ♪ ♪♪
8:13 am
fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network.
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8:15 am
>> two for we're looking for. >> serious cuteness. bliss and august everybody. got pair of cuteness, yeah. this is bliss with her brand new baby brother august. >> august's eyes are like open -- look how she's cradling his head. his little back. >> bliss just turned five and little august is only three weeks old. >> wow. >> august is the luckiest. >> that's precious. >> you can already see how much bliss will protect him. >> i think we need to whisper so everybody can get their rest. >> the sweetest thing. >> yeah. mom says fox5 is a tradition in their home, and they expect to have plenty of early mornings with us over the next few months as august likes to get up bright and early. >> yeah. >> right? >> it's all love. it goes so quickly. >> so cute. i love that name august. >> let's see. two weeks ago, yeah, august was born in august. >> so cute. bliss what a goo
8:16 am
can already tell. she could have been our cuteness factor of the day all alone look how she's sharing. >> your daughters excited to have additional sisters? good i think they were too little to really know what was going on. >> yeah. i don't remember being excited about having my brother. >> yeah. there's only three years between scaler and spencer schenn was like, we went to the hospital and we said come meet your baby sister spencer she goes who? [ laughter ] >> bliss is a lot more aware of what's going on. >> yeah yeah yeah. >> she's very sweet. all right to send us your child's picture go to our fox book face fox5 d.c. bliss and august i hope orgeat chance to see your picture. >> bout full. super cute. love it. all right. weather not so peaceful today. it will be hot. blazing hot. mid 90s. heat index near 100. currently 77. let's take a spin steve our favorite we look for cooler temperatures on the map. minneapolis 60 this morning. >> minneapolis! >> amarillo texas. >> 40s in montana. >> 40s in montana. look at that. 50
8:17 am
cooler air on the map it's only august. watch texas actually by the end of the week and early next week there might be a hurricane down there. computer models do that. we'll talk more about that. that cold front is what we're concerned about, and that will get in here later tonight and early tomorrow morning and big transition in air masses. hazy, hot and humid today. meet heat index near 100. actual air temperature mid 90s i think we'll keep it dry for most of the daytime hours. there might be a thunderstorm late this afternoon and this evening as that front comes in there may be a few storms later tonight. overnight tonight and early toll morning lingering shower activity with that front but notice the change. 95 today. 85 tomorrow. transition day and then upper 70s and low 80s right into the weekend big area of high pressure builds overhead low humidity and gorgeous weather to look forward to. if you like early fall. >> i do like early fall. i like fall. >> okay. i like winter but then i don't like deep deep winter. >> yeah. >> i get it. we're not doing that. >> like shallow dive into the seasons. >> yeah. >> i like a shall hoe dive. >> erin you know the best w
8:18 am
get into fall spirit. >> what? >> peer one. >> really? >> oh, my gosh. >> do they have the fall decorations out already. >> oh, yes, i love -- i forgot how much i like fall. royal market anything that has the beautiful fall decor. >> i can't wait to go. i went to get throw pillows. really adult this fall. >> with like leafs on them. >> actually decorate. i have light up pumpkin whenever i bring that out it feels like fall. >> it made me feel better about fall. >> i love that. okay. my mom is always good at fall decorations. i need to take page out of the her book, too. all right, guys. look at this. i have horrible things to talk about the roads. 395 parked it's over an hour and a half delay right now from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. hov lanes still forced to merge into the main lanes because of a crash investigation. let's take look at those virginia drive times because bad news continues this morning. we'll move over to our maps. a lot of slow zones. so from dale city to the beltway because of the big backup on 395, it's going to take you just under an hour to get to the beltway. 395 an hour
8:19 am
commute from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. 66 from 234 prince william parkway to the beltway an hour and 20 minute commute and then the inner loop looks really pleasant with 15 minute slow down from the springfield interchange to gallows so that is just not fun. sorry, guys. leave early. maybe take vre or take metro maybe find an alternate. any questions erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. i want you have a better tuesday. back to you guys. >> ♪ dozens of people hurt in a train crash outside of philadelphia just after mid midnight. an inbound train on the norristown high speed rail line hit an unoccupied train that was parked at a terminal in upper darby. now the impact injured 42 people including the train's conductor. the cause of the crash remains under investigation. intense rescue caught on camera on resort island off the coast of italy. firefighters pulled a seven month old baby from rubble underneath a home nearly seven hours after a deadly earthquake. they also rescue the
8:20 am
older brothers from the debris. at least two people were killed. it was a 4.0 quake and rattled island over the coast of naples. another 39 people were injured. 8:20 now. the thomas jefferson memorial is getting a facelift. the national park service says the effort is to dwell a more complete american story through the national monuments. they say changes to the jefferson memorial will reflect the complexity of who he was and stress his slave holding past. the updates come a mid nationwide calls to remove confederate monuments. still ahead the sky wasn't the only place where the moon through some shade at the sun yesterday. >> i get it. i gotcha. >> okay. >> shade. >> shade. we're going to show you the total eclipse twitter battle between two of nasa's accounts. >> musical mystery on a popular california mountain peak has hikers scratching their heads and tickling the ivory. >> i want to you list september you now. fox5 teamed up with eastern
8:21 am
communities who are taking the extra step to pay it forward. so do you know someone who is doing that? paying it forward. giving up themselves to help others. help us recognize them. please go to and search under the morning tab for pay it forward where you can summit a nomination. we're back in a moment. ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ hey, is this our turn?
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♪ all right. 8:24 and a puzzling piano getting a lot of attention in santa barbara, california. it is mysteriously just appeared over the weekend on top of a peak there at the mountains. the santa inez mountains. no one seems to know where it came from. but some musically inclined hikers are flocking to the area to take advantage of hitting the keys and he is tickling the ivories right there. it's a mid the spectacular view. somebody just put it there and here comes the musicians. up right there. that's kind of cool. >> i don't think anybody carried it up on their back. >> what do you think? >> i think they just dropped it in there. >> okay. >> it's nice, though. >> it is nice. >> gives musicians a chance to play little music up there. i like it. how about professional cliff divers jumping into the excitement of the eclipse they met in mc minuteville oregon yesterday where they t
8:25 am
with world renowned sports photographer justin snipes to take pictures to take pictures using the solar spectacular as their background and jumping into tiny little pools, al. that is not something i would ever want to do. a lot of things i might dodge that's not one of them. jumping into a 3-foot pool. >> remember we had story about that bob sellers so he will quo lengthily demonstrated. >> i remember back in that era. [ laughter ] >> you turned your eyes to the school the moon turned to social media to troll the sun on twitter. during the eclipse the nasa moon account tweeted out that it had blocked the nasa sun account. the sun wasn't too happy about that. it responded with, excuse me, but don't worry the moon eventually unblocked the sun. both in the sky and on twitter by posting, let the sun sun sunshine. >> it was definitely an interesting day yesterday. tucker thankfully we had -- >> cute. >> it's cute. >> excuse me, did you block me? >> i mean -- >> really? >> that's the best we
8:26 am
>> well it's very cute. >> sky humor. >> you weather better unblock me. >> sky humor. >> yeah. >> okay. it's fine. >> most people able to see the sun yesterday. that was the big first step. >> you know what, i was very nervous for much of the day we were going to turn mostly cloudy and we did have clouds around but i think most of the area got at least enjoyed some of it as it occurred here yesterday afternoon. all right. let's move on. 77 now in washington. hey, just real quick we'll be hot today. mid 90 force daytime highs and heat index near 100. very hot afternoon expected up ahead of a cold front. winds will be out of the south and west. this cold front could bring us a thunderstorm as early as late this afternoon. little better chance tonight as utmost oh and through between ten and midnight or one in the morning get few showers and thunderstorms. then a transition day tomorrow before a much cooler air pattern here for thursday noon the weekend. look at that. going to be great for the zip trip in fredericksburg this week highs only in the upper 70s. why is it whenever i go it's 98 and humid then the one week i'm not here it will be 79. >> because you bring
8:27 am
>> oh. >> allison, thank you. >> i mean that was good. >> everybody knows that. >> that was great, thank you. >> erin. >> i don't think tucker is going on vacation i think he's joining thunder down under and leaving us. >> to go on the review. >> to go on the male review. good day d.c. segment. stay tuned for that one. >> right now, unfortunately, we do have huge delays over an hour and a half delay on 395 northbound from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. you can see the hov lanes still being forced to merge into the main lanes hair they're shut down because of a crash investigation as we take look at our maps that's not only big problem. we have water main break pennsylvania avenue southeast at potomac avenue caution there. keep it to fox5 news morning. we'll be back in just a few with more news, weather and traffic on tuesday. ♪
8:28 am
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>> live look at the capitol dome this morning much it's great start to the day. it it's going to be humid and sticky later today. 77 degrees right now. you still have little bit of time before the temperatures start bumping up there today. enjoy it while you can. if nothing else, head down to the mall. enjoy that view in person. it's one of the luxuries we have here in the nation's capital. let's check our stop stories at it 30:00. breaking overnight howard county officials removed confederate monument from the circuit courthouse in ellicott city, maryland. this comes as many cities also removed confederate statues following the violence in charlottesville earlier this month. the statue will be donated to a museum. also, overnight security officials had a little scare then gave the all
8:31 am
martial airport. investigation shut down two of the checkpoints there at bwi. officers cleared the area near checkpoints a and b early this morning to investigate with k9 units. got the all clear. a couple of hours ago, they say no threats threat was detected. in d.c. police are looking for vandals who damaged more than 40 vehicles. they the damage included busted out wip dose, flat tires, keyed cars. all seemed to happen in the 1,000 block of rittenhouse street northwest and 6200 block of 12th street northwest. anybody who saw anything or got anything on video cams, any information you're asked to call d.c. police. allison in just a minute. tuck up first with a check of the forecast. >> all right. quick weather update here. we'll be hot and humid today. today is going to be a perhaps hottest august afternoon here for 2017. as we're expecting highs in the mid 90s. heat index 100 to 103 later today. so please make sure you got lots of water
8:32 am
hours. 77 now at reagan national. not much cooling overnight. mid 70s your overnight lows. 73 dulles. 74 at bwi marshall. all right. waking up with generally sunny conditions. a little hazy out there early off to the north and west focused on this cold front which will bring a big change in our air mass around here. start to feel like fall by thursday and into the weekend. i'll show you the weekend forecast in couple of minutes. let me give you heads up could be a few showers or thunderstorm late this afternoon. really this evening. i think this evening later tonight, nine, 10:11 o'clock as that front comes through there could be a few showers as well here's your planner keep in mind we haven't done a lot of 95 in this month, so be ready for hot afternoon 5:00 p.m. 95 degrees with again a few thunderstorms late. okay. i'll show you the weekend forecast and cooler temps in just a minute. >> okay. 8:32. i feel really bad for our virginia commuters, tucker. >> a lot of red. >> see a lot of red right now. 95 dale city to the beltway 54 an
8:33 am
because of the huge delays on 395. it's over an hour and a half delay to get from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. and that is because hov lanes remain shut down. shut down for hours. because of a crash invest investigation. so the main lane is just all the main lanes bumper to bumper try avoid 395 if at at possible. vre is an option if you want to park in woodbridge and avoid getting stuck in that mess. an hour and 20 minutes from two throw he 34 to the beltway and inner loop not so terrible from the springfield interchange to gallows just typical morning congestion there as we take wide view bus metro bus are dealing with delays because of all the congestion on three might have. unfortunately just causing huge problems this morning. 295 is backed up at 395 just getting the worst of it. if you have any questions about how to get around it erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. 50 eastbound coming from from maryland a crash at church road backed up to 301. delays continue as you try to make your way toward the bel beltway. metro all rail lines on time. i'll let you know if that changes.úwe'll toss it
8:34 am
allison. >> all right, erin, thank you very much. well, when your child goes back to school parents can lose a little control over what the children are doing or viewing online. so we talked yesterday morning about an app called yellow that some have described as tinder for teens. and there are some other apps out the kids are using may raise your eyebrows as well. oh and line safety author and lecture are reginald corbett joins us now and the founder of save cyber website and your advice comes from first-hand knowledge, right? >> absolutely. >> give us your back story really quickly about how you got involved with this line of work. >> well i discovered my -- my daughter was 13 at the time. i discovered she was having conversations with people online that i didn't know and she didn't know. so as a father, with background in security, physical security that greatly concerned me. i realized there was another avenue i needed to help keep her secure but at the same time i thought about i'm not the only parent. >> right. >> that needs to teach their child to be safe online
8:35 am
because as we know, kids are constantly connected. we're constant connected. they're dangers and risks involved with that. >> sure are. sometimes parents just don't know what they are. we're here to give real names what now what you need to look out for you brought us several apps and let's start with the bad news first. this house party app. tell us what that is. >> house party app is an app for video chatting. anyone can video chat. anyone can join sort of like be friending someone sort of like facebook or instagram. but you can video chat with anybody anywhere. the bad thing about that is, now with video, um, kids when they have an audience they seemed to more things. >> right. >> so, um, person can screen shot that as well. you know, when they're on the app. and it can be used for extortion and things along that line. >> just by the name of this app, hot or not. >> right. >> i think that we know this is going down a bad path. tell us about it. >> absolutely. it's basically one used for teens and sort of like
8:36 am
that you mentioned on yesterday. works the same way. when you get to the point where somebody is -- when you have a person judge you based on whether you're hot or not he is special physical a teen that could go -- >> my goodness. >> that could really affect the psyche in that way. that alone to me is why it's dangerous. >> this one p personally near and dear to my own heart. sarah had a app. whatever somebody doesn't like about you they can anonymously let you know about it. >> exactly. that gets into, upping, we're going to the psyche piece of things people are looking for validation especially when it comes to teens. so someone says something that they don't approve of, then, you know, it becomes an even bigger issue. avenue for cyber bullying and things of that nature as well. >> okay. so with the bad apps or connectivity what do you tell parents to do? >> well, for one they have to make sure that they are constantly monitoring their child's online life just like you would monitor your child's phic
8:37 am
you have to have that conversation with them it's call the tech talk. it's the other talk. and so have that conversation with them. get involved with them. you can even ask them, hey, what would you do to set security settings on my phone to see where their mine set is. >> right. >> you definitely don't want to close the door when it comes -- you don't want to threaten i'll take your phone. as we know children are connected to these devices. it is like a lifeline. and you see that happen when it's taken away. so you want to make sure that that platform and that conversation is one that's not so, um, subtle during an argument. when you walking the dog or at the kitchen table, hey, how is your online life going? what are kids doing online? ask them what the other kids are doing. >> right. >> you might have an idea into their online live as well. >> let's talk bout good ones. >> okay. >> the good ones aren't going to grab the headlines but good to know. scholy. >> and that app so kids can rhee research for scholarships. you know, being productive online is really
8:38 am
you want to push that and teach that on a regular basis. scholy1 of those apps they can research and go on. >> i love that. be a part of your your experience. >> right. >> get some money for your your sell and mom and dad. thank you yes, ma'am. >> ever note. >> ever note basically you can have all of your devices synched to one platform. >> um-hmm. >> it kind of helps with management and as teens get older that's something we want to teach them. >> projects and papers. >> projects and things of that nature, right, right and papers you sing that all devices in one to kind of, you know, it's a platform where they can easily manage their online life. >> that's awesome. high school becomes very difficult. >> absolutely. >> the last one instruct abdominals for the teen i never was. that inventive engineering mine. >> right. exactly. they can invent and build things on it. do it yourself type of website. sort of like youtube where you be to you will kind of show you thou build things, but in this application in t
8:39 am
ion in this sight you people as well. as your cree yea tift self can come out in this. it's all about being constructive. >> right. sometimes you got to be bad guy, too. >> right. >> take that app off your phone. this is reginald corbett the founder of save cyber and friend to the show. >> let's get to headlines right now. 13 year from old woodbridge facing felony abduction charge. prince william county police say over the weekend end a 36-year-old woman was walking along elm farm road the teen followed her on a bike dragged her toward the middle of the road. the woman was able to get away without serious injury. the attack following two other abductions and assaults a woman and a child last week mend fairfax county. former prince george's county school aid now sentenced to 75 years in prison for sexually abusing students. earlier this year deonte car away plead guilty to federal charges involving a dozen children admitting to producing child pornography. he work at judge sylvania woods elementary. he still faces 270 state cha charges. that sentencing on the federal
8:40 am
charges. >> members. us military will be required to undergo mental health evaluations start egg this month as part of their routine annual physicals. the new rule approved by congress assessment online questionnaire in focuses on issues like quality of sleep and social interaction. still ahead this morning a reason to over share on social media. new research linking picture posts with better brain power. it's ba tock school burt parents, are you ready to pitch in? a surprising number of adults would rather do housework than homework. got the details coming up next. .
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welcome back. it's 8:43 right now. slow going on the beltway. edsall road area coming in to -- technically 395. >> i'm sorry. >> slow going on 395. >> it's been rough all morning. edsall road. >> i've lived here most of my life, and don't ask me roads, don't ask me the beltway going this way or that way. i just know how to get somewhere and now i have -- >> i'm always surprised as a mon-lifer here although it's been well over decade now how many people that grew up in the immediate suburbs the alexandrias, the fairfaxs that either have never been downtown, don't know their way around downtown or don't know the access roads. >> i'm not going that far. i will just tell
8:44 am
495, that whole thing it's all the beltway to me. >> i'm admitting that what i'm saying. that's edsall road slow going. >> mostly it's good idea this time of the morning avoid them if you can. >> reason to snap more photos on your snap phone new study published in psychological science suggests taking pictures for social media can actually improve your memory. >> researchers followed nearly 300 people during a trip to the museum and they found those who took pictures could recall the exhibits better than those who did not take any regardless if -- if they actually went back and look at their photos or not. that's interesting part because otherwise you would say, yeah, of course if you look at the picture you'll remember it. kind of like if you write something down. you don't go back and look eight. it looks like most parents wouldn't mind if the
8:45 am
new study found half of american parents feel comfortable helping their children with their homework include me in that half that don't want to do it. most dreaded subject math. with nearly nip in ten parents saying they would rather do household chore like laundry than try to help solve a math problem. that was true in our household. the math is different from when i was a kid and so i can tell you the answer but i can't tell you thou get there. >> yeah. >> they want to know how to get there. >> instead of laundry i'd give eight shot. >> you were a math major. >> even if it was, you know, pick another topic. >> okay. biology. >> yeah. i would try to get out of doing cleaning, yeah. >> that's what makes us work. >> the i didn't know and the yank. >> got to have good partnership. check with holly wisdom and find out what's coming up on good d day. >> good day d.c. all over the big local stories including a startling confession by a local priest. he used to be a member of the kkk. we are live with all the details at 9a.
8:46 am
maryland condo complex and dangerous conditions for the residents there. well there's update we're live with what is happening out there now. all right, wis. it's been awhile since i said this. control room get ready and roll that good day guest list weeks after netflix debut the documentary what the health? continues to generate controversy. a doctor joins us on good day today to debunk some of the claims he says go too far. >> then schoolteacher by day, rocking chicks by night. the group no small children will perform live in the loft. and performance of let's just say a different kind, ladies, you'll want to tune in for this one. thunder from down under is back with us again so the question is, can our own guys of fox5 also bring the thunder? wisdom. >> uh-huh. >> true or false. earlier in the newsroom did you say to me i'm packing? [ laughter ] >> uh-huh. he said i'm packing. >> i have no clue what you're
8:47 am
>> why he's leading that segment. >> you know what, i am member of frantic from the mid atlantic. with some other people here. but we'll talk about that later. the unpredictable, the unforgettable, good day d.c. just moments away. frantic from mid lab might be making a appearance as. >> tucker is pack fog the vacation he's taking tomorrow when he leaves us for the rest of the week. get him on board with the dance troop. >> coming up next, we'll chat with tucker. also anticipation growing for fox's hot new shows in the fall. >> we have preview for you. some of the biggest stars including queen latifah and andy sandberg coming back next. ♪
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♪ >> let's get into the spirit.. today is one of those days. >> when it looks hot hot hot. >> hot hot hot. >> i always love to see my new favorite d.c. landmark. >> mgm tower. >> oh yeah. >> my new favorite. don't spend nearly enough time there. very hot today. mid 90s. hazy, hot and humid. heat index will get awfully close to 100 later afternoon and this evening. as cold front comes through. much more comfortable tomorrow is the transition day by thursday you're going to feel real change in the air mass it will feel like early fall around here. upper 70s low 80s and low humidity for the end o
8:51 am
and your weekend. 77 sweaty degrees out there early. lots of haze as well. 77 in quantico. 73 dulles. 77 frederick. again mid 90s for us today. mid 90s for air temperature and you mix in the humidity it will feel like 100 here's our relief. a cold front. it will take most of the day to get here late this afternoon we might fire up a storm or two. keep in in mind. a few yesterday including severe one in southern maryland real changes here behind this front were but it will take 24 plus hours to get through here. future cast 7:30 it doesn't love the idea of storms this afternoon i'll throw it out there here comes the front this will pass through during the overnight hours i'm not sure how much we'll squeeze out of we may get a few showers overnight and early tomorrow morning. by tomorrow afternoon we should start to break back out in sunshine and get improvement around here. marginal risk for severe weather we have that yesterday as well and we got couple going. so just throw it out there. 95 today. 85 tomorrow. late day sun tomorrow and look at your weekend. friday, saturday, sunday, monday, thursday, too
8:52 am
low 80s low humidity. going to be really nice around here the end of the week. >> all right. i'm done. bye guys. >> back to you. 8:51 right now. >> anticipation building for the coming fall season of fox's hottest tv shows almost that time for the fall shows. >> absolutely. this morning some of the biggest stars are showing us their playful sides here fox's jonathan hunt. >> i put us together. i did that. >> i owe you another chanel bag. >> did you hear that are you recording? did you pick that up. >> because she fought for me. the stars of fox's biggest shows were in a playful mood talking about the upcoming fall season. including empire's taraji p. henson and terrence howard who claimed they didn't coordinate their outfits. >> i swear by god -- >> we don't even talk to the phone. >> he gets bad because i don't return his calls. he was like i ain't calling you. you don't return my c
8:53 am
>> star leads queen latifah and benjamin bratt wanted to recreate a fight scene between their two characters. >> go ahead and hit me for the camera. his this way. >> anywhere, where were we. i should have done it like but instead i went like this. [ laughter ] >> i mean, i ended up in another state. brooklyn 99 star andy sandberg joke about his comedy getting picked up for its fourth season. >> it has dragged for me. i mean nothing personal but it's because of andre. [ laughter ] i'm kidding. it's a dream job. >> lethal weapon star damien wayans talk about a story line he'd like to see for his character. >> murtaugh tries to stop him. murtaugh goes over. he hits his head. he's in a coma and rigs episode
8:54 am
>> you're just out. >> yeah. >> and you just cut to me because we can film it all in one day. >> turns his wife called during our interview. hey, honey we're in the middle of an interview. the real wife. >> he conveniently hung up before we could ask a few questions. >> they want to ask you a question. >> she hung up. >> in hollywood, jonathan hunt, fox news. >> all right. all those shows coming up this fall 8:54 before we head to break we want to remind you we have a big show coming up three days from now. >> really big show. our second really big. our second to last fox5 zip trip of this 2017 summer season. it goes so fast. sure does. >> this friday august 25th we'll be live in fredericksburg, virginia, we're coming to you between 6:00 and 11am friday. i will be there with maureen and mike thomas and we can't wait. we'll see you then. >> and don't forget, tissue cher auto group of laurel and fox5 are giving away a one year lease
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zip trip next friday -- at the zip trip finale at the finale will be the give away on friday september 1st at national harbor. so to enter go to now through august 27th. click on the contest link and register to be selected as one of five finalists. now finalists must attend the zip trip my finale in person and one lucky viewer will go home a winner with that one year lease. you must be 18 years or older to enter and get ready to ride. complete rules and online entry available at back/contests. time right now 8:55. we're back in just 30 seconds. .
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